Florida Result Shows Failure of Hispander Strategy

Those who think hispanics are one unified tribe with identical open-borders interests should ponder the Florida Republican primary election returns. Mitt Romney, the strongest pro-enforcement candidate we have, won 54 percent of the hispanic vote to the consternation of political leaders who say pandering to latinos about immigration and promising amnesty is required for Republicans [...]

Sheriff Babeu Disapproves of How Obama Has Treated Arizona

Our governance would certainly be improved if more police officers would run for public office — along with teachers, carpenters, doctors, scientists and soldiers. Around 45 percent of the members of Congress are lawyers, and a greater variety of backgrounds would serve the nation well.

Police in particular have a job experience that informs them about [...]

Geraldo: Romney Is a Secret Mexican

We can already see the liberal media’s array of smears forming up against likely Republican candidate Mitt Romney, including dog cruelty! Apparently the Irish Setter traveled in a dog carrier on top of the family car during a trip to Canada. (I’m guessing the car was filled up with Romney kids with no room for [...]

Kris Kobach Endorses Romney

The Republican primary season has been a downer, with way too many awful amnesty hacks like Newt “Americano!” Gingrich and Gov. Rick Perry (shown below with Presidente Vicente Fox), Mexico’s best friend since George W. Bush.

I’ll admit to becoming more kindly disposed to Romney after hearing him questioned on the John and Ken radio show [...]

Sympathetic Press Waves Bye-Bye to Foreign Job Thieves on Their Last Day

The ICE removal of 200 illegal alien workers from Pacific Steel in Berkeley has been an opportunity for the liberal media to show its heartfelt empathy with illegal alien job stealers.

In December, the local ABC affiliate showed up to agree that’s it’s unfair to send the aliens packing right before Christmas: “Kicking these workers to [...]

Mexico’s Recent Deportation Statistics Are Released

Mexico’s idea of utopia would be an open border to the United States, with Mexican moochers having unlimited access to the wealth American citizens have generated.

But when Central Americans move to Mexico, one of the richest Latin nations, Mexicans suddenly remember the importance of national sovereignty. Mexico also doesn’t like other nation’s citizens passing through [...]

GAO Report: Illegal Aliens Cause Some Border Fires

Last June, Senator McCain was surprised at criticism he received from his pals in La Raza for observing the cause of some Arizona wildfires. See Senator McCain Notes Illegal Alien Arsonists for more.

Now the General Accounting Office (GAO) has issued a report which vindicates McCain’s remarks. The study is available online: Federal Agencies Could Better [...]

Rasmussen Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Voters Object to Anchor Baby Citizenship

The pollsters report that this is the highest percentage ever of opposition to jackpot babies getting citizenship, a practice stemming from a misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment.

In June of 2010, Rasmussen found that 58 percent rejected anchor baby citizenship, and the recent survey revealed 65 percent against the policy, so the voters have not forgotten [...]

Congressman Ted Poe Urges Some Surplus Military Equipment Be Sent to the Border

Texas Representative Poe has introduced legislation that a portion of the military equipment coming home from Iraq be transferred to the Mexican border to help with national security closer to home.

The bill is the Send Equipment for National Defense (SEND) Act, H.R. 3422.

Rep. Poe: Use Iraq military equipment to police Mexican border, The Hill, November [...]

Open-Borders Marxicans Must Be Happy with Obama

One of my mottos in life is “You can learn a lot by making a list,” so I appreciate a good one that lays down the facts in a thorough way. The following article is a helpful accounting of what Obama has done to destroy America using his enormous powers as President.

After all, in Obama’s [...]

Obama Non-Enforcement Is Welcomed at the NYTimes

According to the upside-down, evil-is-good New York Times, its beloved Obama administration is a tiny bit “uneven” in its deportation policy, meaning that the paper thinks too many foreign lawbreakers are being given free trips home.

But according to more reliable sources, the Obama-controlled ICE agency has been greatly reined in, perhaps to pump up the [...]

Veterans' Day Thoughts

Patriotic holidays always lead me to reflect on the sacrifices made by members of our armed forces to protect American freedoms.

In 2011, the scorecard shows we civilians have not done very well in protecting the nation that so many thousands died to defend. The borders remain largely open, allowing hostile persons to enter at will, [...]

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