Catholic Elites Spend Millions to Sell Illegal Alien Amnesty

The Catholic church has upped its bankroll to wreck American law and sovereignty. It has added $800,000 to its previous amnesty spending of $3 million, since opening the borders to millions more hispanic Catholics is highly desirable for the bishops.

Not that it’s new for Vaticrats to work to subvert a nation that has been very [...]

Government Releases Thousands of Criminal Aliens

How much does the Obama administration care about the safety of the American people?

Not at all, judging from the illegal release of thousands of criminal aliens, blamed on sequester “budget cuts” which hadn’t even occurred. And the “cuts” are merely reductions in the rate of spending increases. The federal government is still on track to [...]

Congressman Barletta: Don’t Forget Visa Overstayers

Congressman Lou Barletta (R-PA) is one of the more thoughtful friends of national sovereignty in the House, where he usefully brings his experience as mayor of a small Pennsylvania town beset with a flood of illegal aliens.

On Tuesday, the House Homeland Security Subcommittee held a hearing on the topic: Subcommittee Hearing: What Does a Secure [...]

Senators Sessions and Vitter Warn against Repeating 1986 Amnesty

There was no statute of limitations in the promises made in the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, so we citizens are still owed the promises made 27 years ago, namely border and workplace security.

Even so, the open-borders diversity-first faction that rules Washington has rolled out a carbon copy of the 1986 law, and expect foolish Republicans to [...]

ICE Union President Testifies Immigration Enforcement Is Over

Sean Hannity, one of Fox News’ top amnesty enthusiasts, appeared surprised by the testimony of former ICE director Julie Myers Wood and ICE union president Chris Crane about the Obama administration’s non-enforcement of America’s borders and sovereignty. Permissiveness in those areas makes the entry of terrorists easier — who knew?

“It kind of takes my [...]

Is Obama Effectively Misleading Voters about Amnesty?

The administration has done a successful job of spinning its proposed amnesty as focused on citizenship, something the illegal aliens care nothing about. An indication is contained in the video below, in which Rep Trey Gowdy reports that his conservative constituents would be open to an amnesty if the government could institute border and workplace [...]

Obama's Open Door for DREAMers -- a National Security Threat?

Of all the harmful policies Obama has brewed up in the last four years, one of the most concerning from a national security perspective is his catch-and-release amnesty for anybody claiming to be a DREAMer kid. Any semi-young person caught crossing the border illegally merely has to say he is covered by Obama’s administrative amnesty:

“Prosecutorial [...]

Arizona Rancher: Border Is Not Secure

When the Gang of Eight amnesty Senators outlined a framework for their anti-sovereignty scheme, a basic piece was the commission that would decide when the Mexican border was secure. That board would consist of governors, community members, and attorneys general living on the Southwest border.

An inquiring mind might ask whether those community members would include [...]

Border Patrol: Corruption Is a Growing Problem

CBS’ investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson brings more reason to be concerned about our southern border: not only does it remain porous, but cartels and other unfriendlies are bribing Border Patrol agents to admit drugs and illegal aliens.

Arizona rancher John Ladd has an unlucky location: his land fronts the border and the walk to a road [...]

Obama Amnesty Plans Remain Mysterious

The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro mused in the piece below over how Obama’s 2013 amnesty might play out, since King Barak has not released many hints.

Will the President present some amnesty-lite proposals that are acceptable to border-squishy Republicans and might be actually passed in Congress?

Or, will he launch a mega-ton comprehensive package that is designed [...]

NPR Signals That Even Pretend Border Security Standards Are Being Scrapped

A recent NPR report on the border and immigration shows how the Opravda media is helping to rewrite the rules for the upcoming amnesty battle in Washington. The long-accepted liberal framework of border security being the required first step before mass amnesty is now being reworked to a more convenient procedure for the anti-sovereignty crowd. [...]

South Texas: Illegal Aliens Are Coming in Larger Numbers

In Washington, the official narrative from the White House and obsequious media is that the border thing is handled and therefore a mega-millions amnesty can proceed to turn invasive foreigners into Democrats.

NPR asked the question recently: Is The Border Secure Enough To Tackle The Immigration System? Naturally it concluded yes, with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano [...]

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