NYT: Obama DREAMers Scramble to Reconstruct Life Records

The New York Times is spinning a clever tale with the underlying idea that if illegal alien DREAMers can’t put together all their pertinent papers, then they won’t get their Obama amnesty. That assumption is hard to believe since previous amnesties were rubber-stamp affairs with massive fraud. CIS conservatively estimated that one-quarter of the foreigners [...]

Mexico: Fast and Furious Guns Killed Innocent Victims

One might think that guns going to Mexican cartels would be used to murder rival gangsters in the ongoing regional skirmishes over turf in the country. That supposition is not entirely true, according to a recent investigation by Univision, which discovered gunwalked weapons were used in the terrible 2010 Juarez massacre where 16 people, mostly teens, [...]

Texas Ranchers Say the Border Is a War Zone

The current administration keeps repeating that the border is secure and nobody is crossing illegally any more (despite numerous indications otherwise), so a recent report from Texas is informative.

Ranchers are the first responders in the alien invasion, and they say it’s still violent and dangerous for all concerned.

The Texas Department of Agriculture has recorded a [...]

Judge: Arizona Police May Check IDs for Immigration Status

Apparently Arizona police will finally be allowed to do the job the public wants them to do, namely fully check persons identification during traffic stops, etc. Arizonans and the American public have supported state immigration enforcement, specifically SB 1070, from the beginning, despite a years-long media campaign of Alinsky-style insults.

Raza open-borders extremists like to fake [...]

DREAM Scheme Amnesty Off and Running

The Obama administration is happy to note that its DREAMer work permits for illegal alien scammers are now being doled out.

Here in California (where the June unemployment rate was 10.7%) a local pro-diversity scribbler focused on a couple of recipients now thrust into the legal labor marketplace. The San Francisco Bay Area alone is estimated [...]

Illegal Alien Kiddie Sob Story Outbreak, Just in Time for Republican Conclave

Is it just me, or is there a noticeable uptick in the Opravda media’s illegal alien sob stories, spiced up with children, conveniently coinciding with the Republican convention? The countdown to election day continues apace, and Obama needs his loyal press posse to step up their game with more of the same old crapdoodle: Republicans [...]

College Freshman Indoctrination Begins with Summer Read of Illegal Alien Saga

It’s been a long time since I attended college, so the idea of a summer book assignment for all incoming freshmen is new to me — which I learned from a cheerful segment on taxpayer-funded NPR.

Not that a required book reading is a bad notion per se, but look at the choice. Out of many [...]

Greece Rounds Up Annoying Illegal Aliens

The social fabric must be getting pretty frayed in Greece, judging by the police making a big show of gathering up hundreds of illegal aliens. It’s hard to judge from afar, of course, but there are signs that the normal society has been shredded by the financial crisis, and order has come unglued as a [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Faces 65,000 DREAMers Transformed into Legal Workers

Local reporter (and friend of illegal aliens) Matt O’Brien is talking up the high number of DREAMer “kids” located in the nine counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay — more than in all of Arizona!

Woo hoo, that’ll show the hateful border defenders — we have more lawbreakers than you! Good times for Democrats and Raza-tarians.

Perhaps [...]

Ever-Helpful McCain Tutors Candidate Romney on Hispanic Strategy

Arizona Senator John McCain must regard himself as the go-to guy on outreach to hispanic voters — even though his own efforts were less than stellar in 2008:

Recall that Presidential candidate (and devoted friend of illegal aliens) McCain promised on the Spanish network Univision that he would work for amnesty starting his “first day” in [...]

North Carolina Sheriff: Revolving Door Is No Deterrent to Illegals

According to Washington suits and the Opravda media, the border is under control and illegal immigration is not a problem any more, That’s not the view of a Wake County (NC) Sheriff Donnie Harrison sees the front line reality — that aliens are prosecuted less harshly than Americans for lawbreaking.

Harrison reports that 10-15 percent of [...]

Obama Immigration Enforcement: Fewest Apprehensions since 1972

As has been known for a while, the alleged tough immigration enforcement as measured by “record” deportations claimed by the current administration was nothing but an accounting trick. Obama himself admitted to a hispanic audience that his high repatriation numbers were “deceptive.”

Now there is evidence that Obama was implementing stealth amnesty from the beginning of [...]

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