College Freshman Indoctrination Begins with Summer Read of Illegal Alien Saga

It’s been a long time since I attended college, so the idea of a summer book assignment for all incoming freshmen is new to me — which I learned from a cheerful segment on taxpayer-funded NPR.

Not that a required book reading is a bad notion per se, but look at the choice. Out of many [...]

Greece Rounds Up Annoying Illegal Aliens

The social fabric must be getting pretty frayed in Greece, judging by the police making a big show of gathering up hundreds of illegal aliens. It’s hard to judge from afar, of course, but there are signs that the normal society has been shredded by the financial crisis, and order has come unglued as a [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Faces 65,000 DREAMers Transformed into Legal Workers

Local reporter (and friend of illegal aliens) Matt O’Brien is talking up the high number of DREAMer “kids” located in the nine counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay — more than in all of Arizona!

Woo hoo, that’ll show the hateful border defenders — we have more lawbreakers than you! Good times for Democrats and Raza-tarians.

Perhaps [...]

Ever-Helpful McCain Tutors Candidate Romney on Hispanic Strategy

Arizona Senator John McCain must regard himself as the go-to guy on outreach to hispanic voters — even though his own efforts were less than stellar in 2008:

Recall that Presidential candidate (and devoted friend of illegal aliens) McCain promised on the Spanish network Univision that he would work for amnesty starting his “first day” in [...]

North Carolina Sheriff: Revolving Door Is No Deterrent to Illegals

According to Washington suits and the Opravda media, the border is under control and illegal immigration is not a problem any more, That’s not the view of a Wake County (NC) Sheriff Donnie Harrison sees the front line reality — that aliens are prosecuted less harshly than Americans for lawbreaking.

Harrison reports that 10-15 percent of [...]

Obama Immigration Enforcement: Fewest Apprehensions since 1972

As has been known for a while, the alleged tough immigration enforcement as measured by “record” deportations claimed by the current administration was nothing but an accounting trick. Obama himself admitted to a hispanic audience that his high repatriation numbers were “deceptive.”

Now there is evidence that Obama was implementing stealth amnesty from the beginning of [...]

Obama Hypes Comprehensive Amnesty on Independence Day

The relentlessly open-borders President can hardly stand to let an occasion go by without twisting it into an amnesty plug.

On Independence Day, he welcomed a couple dozen immigrants serving in the military in a naturalization ceremony. Nice optics, but he couldn’t resist talking up his unlawful administrative amnesty and pushing for the whole enchilada of [...]

Washington to Arizonans: Drop Dead

Monday’s events are a dreary testament to the friends of sovereignty about the weakened strength of a nation of laws. The Supreme Court told Arizona police they could ask about immigration status during lawful encounters, but the DHS quickly announced that it would no longer pick up those illegal aliens to be deported unless they [...]

Paul Krugman Calls Depression; Press Snoozes

Liberal economist Paul Krugman didn’t make much news with his pronouncement on Saturday that our current downturn is really a Depression. Presumably the Opravda media didn’t think the remark met pre-election guidelines.

Paul Krugman: Economy under Obama in a Depression, Washington Examiner Campaign 2012, June 11, 2012

Economist Paul Krugman had bad news for liberals Netroots Nation [...]

Mainstream Poll Shows Continuing Support for Arizona Immigration Enforcement

It must be disappointing to the anti-border extremists over at la Raza (aka “the Race”) that two years of an intense campaign of lies and propaganda against Arizona’s sensible immigration enforcement law has had little effect. The majority of American citizens want immigration to be a legal and controlled procedure, where the decision of who [...]

California: Feinstein Senate Opponent Selected

In California, we now know the Republican candidate who will run for the US Senate, Elizabeth Emken, whom the LA Times describes as a “Danville autism activist.”

Elizabeth Emken to challenge Dianne Feinstein in November, Sacramento Bee, June 5, 2012

Republican Elizabeth Emken will go head to head with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein on the November ballot.

The [...]

Euroflop Was Predictable Utopian Failure

It’s fascinating to reflect that a number of “experts” immersed in political theory have experimented with various ideologies in the belief that if the right system of governance could be crafted, then wars would end and peace would reign over our troubled planet.

The European Union is one such failed experiment, as political tinkerers following World [...]

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