Terror on the Border Worsens

The teaming up of Mexican drug cartels and Muslims who hate us is surely a marriage made in hell, but Washington’s disinterest in the border has encouraged them to expand their partnership.

The video below from Hannity is an update on the connection between Mexican organized crime and hostile Islam.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

ATF's Project Gunrunner Scandal Gets More Pressure from Congress

The May 3 hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Justice Department Oversight with Attorney General Eric Holder was quite a lively one. (Watch the hearing on C-SPAN.)

Chair Lamar Smith noted the administration’s hypocrisy about immigration being a federal issue, when it attacked Arizona for enforcement but let Utah slide for its amnesty-lite approach. Rep. […]

Rep. Bishop Excoriates Border Bureaucrats

It was great to see Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT), the Chairman of the House Resources Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands, tear into the border suits who defend policies that threaten national security.

The April 15 hearing, titled “The Border: Are Environmental Laws and Regulations Impeding Security and Harming the Environment?,” was an opportunity […]

Senator Pearce: Arizona Update

Politico has a piece written by Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce explaining recent voting (not positive for enforcement) and how long it took to get SB1070 passed. Pearce emphasized how the war for American sovereignty and safety from hostile invasion requires tenacity over years.

As long as Mexico sees exporting its cheap workers north as advantageous, […]

Janet Napolitano Repeats Propaganda That the Border Is Secure

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security angered many Americans when she claimed a year ago that the southern border was “as secure now as it has ever been.”

Now she is back with the same propaganda, despite the border region suffering from “more vandalism, more threats, it was worse,” according to Rep. Ed Royce […]

Arizona: Another Candidate Worm Turns (to Border Enforcement)

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ, with a D+ recent voting grade) has been a long-time friend of illegal alien amnesty for millions, aka “comprehensive reform” in the Orwellian newspeak that is now the norm in Washington.

However, he is “repositioning” himself on border enforcement now that he envisions himself as Arizona’s next Senator, with the retirement of […]

Priorities Considered: Libya vs. U.S. Border Security

The recent Libyan adventure/war unleashed by the President is a fine indicator of Obama values. Even establishing a mere no-fly zone over a camel-filled country is not exactly peanuts, but once BHO had made up his mind, he sent an array of planes and bombs into the fray, in which the “rebels” America is defending […]

Rep. Ted Poe Calls for a Congressional Investigation over Agent Brian Terry’s Murder

The death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in an Arizona gun battle with Mexican drug traffickers started to have the symptoms of cover-up early on. First there were rumors, later verified, that the Border Patrol officers were firing bean bags at dangerous gangsters. Then it was learned that Terry may have been shot with […]

Hearing: Border Security Is a Distant Dream

A billion dollars was spent on the Secure Border Initiative (SBI), but DHS chief Janet Napolitano canceled the program in January. Designed and built by Boeing, the SBInet system was envisioned as a virtual fence, consisting of a single, integrated surveillance system that combined information from multiple sensors on a single display.

Very spiffy from a […]

Border Stand-Up Commentary

Mexican Narcos Pushing Out Texas Border Farmers

It’s getting hard to keep up with the symptoms of the invasion of America by hardcore Mexican criminals (as opposed to the millions of common job thieves).

Let’s review some recent indicators of the worsening Mexican crime incursion:

US citizens have been warned out of border area parks as being too dangerous for a while. Rancher […]

Arizona Honor Killing Verdict Is Second Degree Murder

This is a disappointing outcome. In the spirit of equal justice under the law, one would hope to see the message sent to Islamic immigrants that honor killings in America will be dealt with as harshly as possible. But this jury did not represent that view.

The intent of Iraqi father Faleh Almaleki to murder his […]

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