Some Lessons about Intimidation

I’ve been thinking about Pim Fortuyn (pictured) the last few days since the Tucson shooting and the liberal media’s shameful response of blaming conservatives. Fortuyn was the Dutch columnist and politician who warned about the dangers of Muslim immigration and was assassinated in 2002 for telling that controversial truth.

Killer Volkert van der Graaf, initially characterized [...]

UC Berkeley Chancellor Blames Sovereignty Defenders for Tucson Massacre

Far left loons from far and wide have been invecting upon Saturday’s shooting in Arizona to blame free speech from conservatives as the cause, even though the perp appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic with a long rap sheet of anti-social behavior and no political affiliation.

In California, Robert J. Birgeneau, the Chancellor of the University [...]

Safety Considered for Citizens and Members of Congress

After the Arizona shooting of Rep Giffords, members of the House plus their families and staff participated in a conference call to discuss improving safety precautions. And who can blame them? Everyone deserves a reasonable expectation of safety.

In other related media news, the left’s talking points immediately focused on accusing conservatives of causing likely schizophrenic [...]

Honor Killer Almaleki May Get Plea Deal

The Maricopa County prosecutor’s decision to offer a plea deal to an Iraqi immigrant who murdered his daughter for becoming too westernized is outrageous.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki used his Jeep to run down his daughter Noor and the mother of her boyfriend in a Peoria, Arizona, parking lot. Noor died after two weeks in a coma, [...]

Arizona Prohibition of Seditious Ethnic Studies Takes Effect

January 1 often brings the implementation of laws passed during the previous year. One that bears watching is the Arizona law that ended seditious extremist ethnic studies in public schools. Since so many hispanic kids drop out of high school they miss the opportunity to be brainwashed in collegiate Chicano studies.

Tucson High School has had [...]

DHS Secretary Napolitano Advising Afghanistan on Border Security

It’s good to hear experts describe how open borders completely undermine national security. Major General Bob Scales in the video below refers to “this running sore, this open border. . .”

Watch the latest video at

How nice that Janet Napolitano is paying attention to. . . oh wait, it’s the Afghanistan-Pakistan border that the [...]

Terry Family Criticizes Napolitano for Border Anarchy

The family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry agrees with the majority of Americans that the border is dangerously insecure, despite the bleatings of the administration. Agent Terry was killed in an Arizona gun battle with Mexican bandits earlier this month.

Terry’s funeral was held on Wednesday, and his family gathered to say good-bye and [...]

Another Death from Open Borders: Agent Brian Terry

So much is infuriating about the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry (pictured) by Mexican gangsters in Arizona that it’s hard to know where to start. First, surely is the killing of a fine and dedicated man. He was a former marine and policeman, who cared deeply about his job.

Next, his murder in a [...]

Wikileaks Leaks Have Not Been Entirely Evil

The wikileaks leaks, though clearly harmful to America’s national security, have nevertheless revealed some welcome information on vexing topics.

One non-surprise background item was the how Washington was not as clueless as it has appeared regarding the Mexico meltdown into anarchy in the government’s failing drug war. Perhaps the arrogant Presidente Calderon would not have gotten [...]

Arizona’s 2007 Employment Law Goes to Supreme Court

The Obama administration’s hypocrisy regarding workplace enforcement is nicely laid out in an article by la Times’ legal analyst David Savage. Candidate Obama favored a crackdown on employers of illegals (since employers are a favorite target for the left), but President Obama has fought any sort of workplace enforcement, particularly when the states take charge.

The [...]

Hispanics in Nevada Consider Forming a Tequila Party

The “Tequila Party” is meant to be a knock-off brand of the Tea Party, which of course refers to a historic event from the American Revolution. Many Americans who identify with the Tea Party correspondingly want the government to return to its fundamental Constitutional principles.

The principles of the Tequila Party are less clear, except Mexicans [...]

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Illegal Aliens’ Luxurious Jails More Like Hotels

Last June, I wrote about DHS’ plans to upgrade jail accommodations for illegal alien prisoners to become rather cushy: Coming Soon from Obama: Alien Detention Center with Continental Breakfasts.

Now, we see the plan in action, in Arizona no less:

‘Deluxe’ Immigration Jail in Florence Takes Heat, Fox News Phoenix, November 17, 2010

Whether you are in favor [...]

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