German Prosecutor: Most of New Year’s Rape Suspects Are Refugees

Certain lefty media (like Huffpo) spread the ridiculous idea that only three perps of the shocking New Year’s mass sex assaults in Cologne were refugees — as if German women are too stupid to identify foreigners. But now Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer has told the Associated Press that the “overwhelming majority of persons fall into the general category of refugees.”

Germans were furious that their hospitality in welcoming illegal alien Muslims (“refugees”) had been repaid by rape jihad.

Below, in January thousands demonstrated in Cologne against Rapefugees — now a new word with growing usage.

Prosecutor: Most Cologne New Year’s Suspects Are Refugees, Associated Press, February 15, 2016

Most of the suspects identified in connection with a series of robberies and sexual assaults in Cologne during New Year’s celebrations are refugees, prosecutors said Monday.

The crimes, described as unprecedented by authorities, sparked uproar in Germany and a heated debate about the country’s ability to integrate almost 1.1 million people who sought asylum there last year.

Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer said 73 suspects have been identified so far — most of them from North Africa. A total of 1,075 criminal complaints have been filed, including 467 alleging crimes of a sexual nature ranging from insults to rape.

“The overwhelming majority of persons fall into the general category of refugees,” Bremer told The Associated Press, saying recent reports describing only three of the suspects as refugees were “total nonsense.” Continue reading this article

Computer Scientist Warns Automation Is Humanity’s “Greatest Challenge Ever”

Rice University Professor Moshe Vardi not only thinks that smart machines are rapidly making human workers obsolete, but he also believes a future society where work is obsolete won’t be beneficial for human beings.

Automobile production once provided decent jobs for many Americans, but now factories are nearly human-free zones since 80 percent of car manufacturing is done by robots.

“I do not find this a promising future, as I do not find the prospect of leisure-only life appealing. That seems to me a dystopia. I believe that work is essential to human well-being,” he remarked at a recent presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington.

Destroying the entire basis of the economy — jobs paying people to work, who in turn buy products — will be hard enough to sort out. But the adjustment required when billions of lives become unstructured seems a recipe for social disaster. Work has long been a basis of self-worth, and unemployment often leads to a feeling of emptiness which can prompt unhealthy use of drugs and alcohol.

The one-minute video below sums up the situation rather succinctly.

Human labor could be obsolete by 2045, according to a computer scientist at Rice University. Moshe Vardi believes that within the next 30 years, machines will be able to perform almost any task presently performed by humans. Thus, Vardi is posing questions to his colleagues about the necessary response in the event of widespread unemployment. According to Vardi, technological advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics are displacing the need for human labor leading to worldwide unemployment as high as 50 percent within the next 30 years, reports the Guardian. He said, “We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task. I believe that society needs to confront this question before it is upon us. If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do? The question I want to put forward is does the technology we are developing ultimately benefit mankind?”

Vardi is calling for a public discussion about how society should prepare for this fundamental change, but the usual suspects in Washington and the media continue to remain clueless about the shrinking jobs economy. The workplace revolution is well underway and the self-appointed leaders haven’t noticed. Millions of jobs have disappeared forever from the effects of advancing machine technology, but the same old prescriptions are being dragged out — lower regulation from Republicans and more welfare from Democrats — none of which grapple with the real problem.

Plus, top political figures are shockingly silent: see my recent Social Contract article, Presidential Candidates: Why Is Automation’s Job Destruction Not Being Debated?

Finally, America won’t be needing any more immigrants since machines will be doing all the jobs. Automation makes immigration obsolete, like homesteading.

When machines can do any job, what will humans do?, Rice University News, February 14, 2016

Rice computer scientist Moshe Vardi: Human labor may be obsolete by 2045

HOUSTON — (Feb. 14, 2016) — Rice University computer scientist Moshe Vardi expects that within 30 years, machines will be capable of doing almost any job that a human can. In anticipation, he is asking his colleagues to consider the societal implications. Can the global economy adapt to greater than 50 percent unemployment? Will those out of work be content to live a life of leisure?

“We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task,” Vardi said. “I believe that society needs to confront this question before it is upon us: If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?”

Vardi addressed this issue Sunday in a presentation titled “Smart Robots and Their Impact on Society” at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious scientific meetings — the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C.

“The question I want to put forward is, Does the technology we are developing ultimately benefit mankind?” Vardi said. He asked the question after presenting a body of evidence suggesting that the pace of advancement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing, even as existing robotic and AI technologies are eliminating a growing number of middle-class jobs and thereby driving up income inequality. Continue reading this article

CIA Director Describes ISIS Threat to America

Sunday’s Sixty Minutes program presented an interview with CIA Director John Brennan, commenting on the national security threat that ISIS presents. He answered questions carefully about potential attacks, allowing that “I believe that their attempts are inevitable.” [Watch.]

Brennan noted, “Paris was a failure of intelligence.” The November 13 attacks killed 130 people in several sites throughout the city.


Another interesting remark from Brennan was an affirmation of ISIS having chemical weapons. It reminded me of the Middle Eastern men arrested near the Mexican border carrying steel cylinders in their backpacks in December. It can’t be easy to run a national security agency when open borders permit enemies to enter at will and bring their jihad stuff.

Security expert Sebastian Gorka appeared on Fox Business News Monday to fill in some gaps in what Director Brennan said.

MARIA BARTIROMO: What is your reaction to John Brennan’s comments last night?

GORKA: A little bit surprised, He gave this long interview in which he said that the threat is maybe out there, and ISIS is trying. This isn’t trying; ISIS has succeeded. If you look at the fact that since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the Caliphate in summer of 2014, we have killed or arrested over 90 people in America with links to ISIS. So you know the threat is real, the threat is here, whether it’s a Malik and Farouk on social media after the attack in San Bernardino, this isn’t a theoretical threat. It is a real threat.

BARTIROMO: From the number of investigations going on within the United States of people who are either joining the fight or are related to the fight, tell us what the status of ISIS in America is right now, Sebastian.

GORKA: Okay, so if you break down the figures, we wrote this report in, so we’ve had almost a hundred people arrested on US soil. If you break that down, half of them are people who want to go and fight jihad in the Middle East, go and fight for ISIS in Syria or Iraq. Twenty percent of those are facilitators, people that are talent spotting, recruiting, buying the plane tickets to Turkey. But the really scary thing — and this is what Brennan really should be talking about — 30 percent of the people we have interdicted have decided the best way to serve ISIS is to kill Americans here on US soil. As you said, the director of the FBI Director Comey, he has said there are ongoing investigations, more than 900 leads right now in all 50 states, and that isn’t jihadi cases, that’s specifically ISIS, Maria. Continue reading this article

Obama Last Year Countdown: His Budget Cuts Funding of Anti-Terror Program by Half

Senator Charles Schumer was angered to learn that the President’s final budget slashed funding for a counterterrorism program the New York Democrat regards as particularly important for his state, which jihadists still consider a favorite target.

Which is odd, because the same budget is rather generous with spending overall (Obama’s Final Budget Proposes $4.1 Trillion In Spending, Breitbart, Feb 9). For example, the White House budget allots $6 billion to help low-income teenagers get jobs, $4 billion for development of self-driving cars and $4 billion for computer coding classes for children (even though that job skill may be automated by the time the kids are old enough for employment).

Democrat Senator Schumer wants to prevent another terror attack on New York City.

Does Obama still have a soft spot for Islam? It’s dangerous for him to hide the truth about hostile Muslims.

Schumer Slams Obama Budget Cuts to Anti-Terror Funds, Associated Press, February 14, 2016

Sen. Charles Schumer is slamming a White House proposal that would reduce funding for counterterrorism programs across the country by nearly $300 million.

The New York Democrat is pushing President Barack Obama to reconsider the cuts.

Schumer notes that the cuts to the Urban Area Security Initiative were included in the proposed 2017 budget released last week by the White House. The initiative helps fund programs in cities across the U.S. to prevent extremist attacks, or respond to and recover from them. The proposed budget would cut the funding from $600 million to $330 million.

“These proposed cuts are ill-advised and ill-timed and they must be reversed. End of story,” Schumer said in a statement to The Associated Press. “In light of recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and the vow by our extremist enemies to launch more attacks on our shores, it makes no sense to propose cuts to vital terror-prevention programs like UASI.” Continue reading this article

Minnesota: Bosnian War Criminal to Be Deported

The idea of admitting thousands of unscreenable Syrian Muslims as “refugees” looks even more unwise when Washington has been unwilling or unable to block full-on war criminals from taking up residence in the United States. From Nazi thugs who received millions in Social Security benefits to a jihadist bomber who got a government job and a Guatemalan soldier who took part in the massacre of over a hundred villagers, America has indeed embraced diversity — of foreign criminals.

In fact, the Daily Mail reported a year ago: “Three hundred Bosnian war criminals are living in the US… as feds move to deport at least half of them”.

Why not deport every single one of them? They’re war criminals. What kind of government won’t deport war criminals?

BosnianJakisaWarCriminalRefugeeToday’s subject, Zdenko Jakisa (pictured) was accused of murder back home in Bosnia and lying about his past to enter the US.

Interestingly, Jakisa apparently committed several crimes in this country after being resettled by the helpful friend of foreign lawbreakers, Catholic Charities.

Former refugee who concealed Bosnian war-era crimes will be deported from the U.S. after living in Minnesota for 18 Years, Associated Press, February 11, 2016

A man who came to the United States as a refugee from war-torn Bosnia almost two decades ago will be deported for concealing a long criminal past in his home country, including the killing of an elderly Serbian neighbor, a federal judge said on Thursday.

Zdenko Jakisa, 47, settled in Minnesota in 1998, obtaining permanent residency four years later.

He apologized in court for withholding information when he first came to the United States, saying he felt at the time he had no choice.

‘The reason I was lying was only to save my life and my wife’s life,’ he told Judge Susan Richard Nelson. ‘I did not come here to hurt anyone, or do anything.’

Authorities said in 2014 that when he was filling out refugee and legal permanent resident applications, he didn’t disclose that he had served in the armed forces of the Croatian Defense Council in Bosnia-Herzegovina and had gone to prison. Continue reading this article

Robot Rubio Warns about Automation’s Threat to Jobs

It’s odd that the Gang of Eight amnesty senator who’s running for president is the one to bring up the smart machine danger to employment, albeit with an inaccurate regulation slant.


Robot Rubio apparently thinks that Department of Labor regulations are the cause of mass mechanization, when it’s simply the affordable cost of the machines that makes them appealing to business owners.

The basic Baxter robot costs around $25,000, doesn’t require lunch breaks and can work 24/7.

Naturally, the amnesty senator won’t connect the dots between smart machines and the obsolescence of immigration as a source to fill those mythical “jobs Americans won’t do.” Oxford University researchers predict that nearly half of US jobs are susceptible to automation within the next 20 years, so the citizens will need every remaining job in the approaching mechanized workplace.

Marco Rubio Warns Of Robot Takeover Of American Economy, Breitbart, February 11, 2016

If the Department of Labor continues to make it difficult for companies to hire American workers, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned, robots would take over key jobs in the economy.

During a town hall in Okatie, S.C., Rubio warned that the Department of Labor was too big, too powerful, and turned into “anti-business agency” that hurt the private sector.

Rubio made his remarks after a supporter tried to make light of the recent “robot” criticism of Rubio’s campaign message delivery.

“As far as the robot stuff, just keep in mind the Terminator was elected twice in California,” the supporter joked when he got the microphone. But the questioner quickly turned serious, asking what Rubio what he would do as president to control the Department of Labor.

“You joke about robots, let me tell you what all these rules are going to do, they’re going to accelerate pace of automation,” Rubio said, referring to the increased amount of job losses through automated machines.

“Maybe you can’t do that in a management position … but maybe you can,” he warned. “The more expensive you make people, the faster they’re going to move to a machine or outsourcing. It’s just going to happen.” Continue reading this article

Robot Bellhops Get a Cash Infusion

Some of the automation applied to the lodging industry has been gimmicky to get easy press attention, like the dinosaur robot check-in clerk in a Japanese hotel.

However, basic wheeled robots that deliver items to rooms seem about to expand with the $15 million invested in the Savioke company of Silicon Valley.

A human employee loads up the extra towels or toothbrush the customer wants, and the robot takes it to the correct room without running into any walls or people. Hotel managers have to love the technology that is available 24/7 and doesn’t require a paycheck.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts bellhops together with baggage porters, toting up 44,170 in May 2014. So it’s unclear how many room service jobs will be lost in the long run — likely tens of thousands in this case — but the important thing is the way technological unemployment gradually adds up to get a shrinking unemployment universe. The process has been incremental, but is speeding up now as the machines get smarter, and there’s no end in sight.

Like phone operator, bellhop has been a job that doesn’t require a lot of education. Since 70 percent of Americans do not have a four-year college degree, the loss of millions of these basic jobs has been devastating in communities already battered by outsourcing, and automation is partially responsible for the jobless recovery we are experiencing.

America certainly doesn’t need to import immigrants to be hotel workers or anything else for that matter. The alleged “jobs Americans won’t do” will be done by smart machines.

Robots deliver fun with hotel room service orders, and they don’t expect a tip, Los Angeles Times, February 7, 2016

Your hotel’s newest bellhop may be a robot.

A Santa Clara, Calif., start-up and its “autonomous robot helpers” received $15 million in new financing last month. Savioke’s goal is to put robots in hotels across the country, building on its current stable of 12, including one near Los Angeles International Airport.

“We have lots of robots that are ready to go,” Savioke co-founder Tessa Lau said.

The 100-pound, 3-foot-tall Savioke robot, dubbed Relay, is built primarily to deliver extra towels, toothpaste or other necessities to guest rooms. The hotel staff punches in a room number on the robot’s touch screen and Relay rolls into the elevator and up to the designated room.

The robot doesn’t have arms and can communicate with guests only through typed messages that appear on its display screen. It uses Wi-Fi and 3-D cameras to navigate around the hotel.

The machines are probably the most “Jetsons”-like facet of the hospitality industry’s efforts to up its automation game. Continue reading this article

Pope's Travels Include Appearance on US-Mexico Border

Pope Francis is visiting Mexico this week to check in on some of his Latin American flock, in particular to draw attention to the plight of (illegal) immigrants by holding a well publicized mass on the US border. The purpose? To guilt trip Americans, probably, for being so mean by having borders, sort of.

In 2013, Pope Francis welcomed illegal alien Africans on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa as they made their way to Europe.

The elites of the catholic church think the poor have an intrinsic right to cross borders illegally to take other people’s jobs. “Any family in economic need has a right to immigrate, that’s our posture,” according to a Texas spokespriest.

That’s a funny sort of morality. Robbing Peter to pay Paul was not considered an ethical plus in the Presbyterian church where I grew up. More than 94 million Americans were out of the workforce as of January, the sixth month in a row for that high of a number according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But the pope thinks America needs more Mexican aliens.

Wait, wasn’t the pope poking into American domestic affairs just a few months ago? In fact, it was only last September when he got a red carpet welcome in Washington including a speaking gig before a joint session of Congress, thanks to then-Speaker John Boehner.

Now the pope is coming back, at least to the US border from the Mexican side, to push his Marxist open-borders agenda. He can’t stay away.

(Here’s a little Dan Hicks tribute with a blog-appropriate song. He died on Saturday.)

Even the pro-foreigner LA Times notices the pope visit is fraught with politics.

Pope Francis plans a symbolically freighted trip to Mexico, Los Angeles Times, February 7, 2016

Pope Francis travels to Mexico this week, saying he wants to “live the faith” of the overwhelmingly Catholic country but will not shy away from confronting issues of violence and corruption that could make his governmental hosts quite uncomfortable.

History’s first pontiff from the Americas will also stand on Mexico’s border with the United States and make an impassioned plea for the plight of immigrants. His entire pilgrimage from southern to northern Mexico is meant to represent the perilous route that migrants take to reach the U.S.

This is the Argentine pope’s fourth trip to Latin America, home to Roman Catholic communities that are the largest in the world but have faced challenges from the spread of Protestantism, loss of faith and slowed population growth because of migration, homicide and lower birth rates.

The Mexico that Francis visits, following the well-worn path of his two predecessors, is enduring a decade-old wave of brutal criminal and “narco” warfare, a spate of egregious human rights abuses, an economic slump and official corruption that has helped take President Enrique Peña Nieto’s approval rating to historic lows.

“You are living your little piece of war,” Francis said last week in a video message to Mexicans via the semiofficial Notimex news agency.

“The Mexico of violence, the Mexico of corruption, the Mexico of drug trafficking, the Mexico of cartels, is not the Mexico that our mother [the Virgin Mary] wants,” he added. “I, of course, will not cover any of that up. Continue reading this article

Why Can’t Johnny Learn? Considering Governor Kasich as Illegal Immigration Ignoramus

Do modern communications not reach Ohio, where John Kasich is the current governor? His ignorance about the past 30 years of immigration anarchy willfully ignored by the government is truly stunning and inexcusable in a serious Presidential candidate. His uninformed ramblings on national television Sunday were remarkable:

FOX NEWS HOST CHRIS WALLACE: You said comprehensive immigration reform, a path to legalization.

JOHN KASICH: Here’s the deal: finish the wall, have a guest-worker program where people can come work and go home, and then for the 11 1/2 million who are here who have not committed a crime since they’ve been here, then a path to legalization.

WALLACE: What about the argument that you have to fix the border before you even begin to discuss it?

KASICH: You get it all done, you get the border done and do the whole thing. Somebody says we gotta sequence it, I don’t have a problem with that. First we get the border, then in six months, we do this. That’s just a little detail. But we need to get it done. Look, I’ve done a hundred town hall meetings here . . . and the country wants answers.

During the February 6 GOP debate [Transcript], Kasich made a point of saying the resident illegal job thieves would not get citizenship, just “legalization” aka the work permit holy grail.

KASICH: And then for the 11.5 million that are here, if they have not committed a crime since they’ve been here, I believe they ought to pay some back taxes, pay a fine, never get on the path to citizenship, but get legalization. It is not — I couldn’t even imagine how we would even begin to think about taking a mom or a dad out of a house when they have not committed a crime since they’ve been here, leaving their children in the house. I mean, that is not, in my opinion, the kind of values that we believe in.

The promise of American jobs has attracted millions of foreign squatters to this country.

Like a number of immigration ignoramuses, Governor Kasich thinks citizenship is a big deal, but eventual voting only matters to political hacks like Luis Gutierrez who hope to ride open borders to greater power for the hispanic tribe. In the minds of the actual foreign job thieves, the ability to work legally in stupid-generous America is the whole point of their breaking in. Therefore:

Legalization, aka a work permit, is the real amnesty.

In addition, Kasich’s remark that securing the border is “just a little detail” really is stupendously dumb. The promises from Washington for border security at some future date have been a constant, meaningless meme. In 1996, Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner made a rare prediction of a time-definite goal, that border security would be accomplished by 2001 at the latest:

California Border Patrols Busier Than Ever / Illegal immigrants line up despite tightened controls, San Francisco Chronicle, by Louis Freedberg, January 31, 1996

Meissner said that controlling the border is going to be a long- term, step-by-step process. “We’ve always said this would be a three- to five-year effort to build up to what would be needed,” she said.

So here we are, 20 years later and meaningless promises of American national security, border category, still fill the political atmosphere. It’s insulting to citizens when Governor Kasich says he can throw together some border security and then reward millions of foreign lawbreakers with a work permit amnesty. But he’s too clueless to be embarrassed at his stupidity.

Will Machines Replace Humans to Become the New Workforce?

Aside from techies, financial people appear to be the most aware of the fundamental changes now occurring in the workplace caused by automation. People who analyze economic trends, including employment, have to look at the facts and numbers — unlike, say, politicians who are either clueless or hiding under the bed. (See my new Social Contract article, Presidential Candidates: Why Is Automation’s Job Destruction Not Being Debated?)

And, as noted in the following article, some financial analysts now have robo-advisors which utilize algorithms to generate investing advice. Furthermore, the big changes to the workplace are “coming more quickly than you think — in less than a decade.”

In many ways, the transformation is happening now, only Washington and most of the media are in snooze-mode.

McDonald’s restaurants have begun replacing counter clerks with kiosks to save money, a process that has been accelerated by employee demands for higher wages.

With such radical change coming down the highway, the least that could be done would be to end immigration, which has become an obsolete institution. America won’t need to import labor when robots and software will do major segments of the work that needs done. Oxford University researchers predicted in 2013 that nearly half of American jobs could be automated within 20 years. The Gartner technology consultants predict that one-third of US jobs will be done by a computer or robot by 2025.

America already has a homegrown underclass, angry about how their prospects for a decent life have been gutted by government policies of outsourcing and excessive immigration. There’s no reason to enlarge the Spanish-speaking one.

Will robots zap the job market? Knowledge-based automation could make machines the new workforce, by Dustin Walsh, Crains Detroit, February 7, 2016

David Sowerby, who has managed investment portfolios for more than 25 years, does not fear the robot revolution.

But should he?

The rapid innovation of automation, largely originating in manufacturing operations, is expanding into new industries, such as the financial sector, and will challenge our concept of the labor force, according to experts. And it’s coming more quickly than you think — in less than a decade.

This quarter, Bank of America Corp.’s Merrill Lynch is serving clients with online robo-advisers, which use algorithms to assess dozens of factors and generate investing advice.

Bank of America, in an extensive study published late last year, predicts advancements in robotics and automation will displace up to 25 million workers globally in the financial and legal services sectors by the end of 2025, with the potential to do the work of more than half the 230 million-person global base of knowledge-based workers in the same timeframe.

Experts are split on the ill effects of automation, but they agree that the labor force must play catch-up, and fast, to face a world where a large portion of current jobs will be done by computers.

At Bank of America, robo-advisers are a win-win for the bottom line. The firm is able to target clients with investable assets below $250,000, who generally don’t get access to its live Merrill Edge advisers, at lower cost to the client.

“Really, we’re targeting the untapped market (with robo-advisers),” said Beijia Ma, strategist on the thematic investing team at Bank of America in London and researcher on automation. “But, as that software gets better, me and my colleagues, the thundering herd of Merrill Lynch, maybe we wouldn’t be as necessary.” Continue reading this article

San Francisco Bay Area Endures Security-Strangled Super Bowl

Major sporting events are a huge magnet for jihad terror attacks, as demonstrated by the bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon by the refugee Tsarnaev brothers that killed three and injured hundreds. It has become very expensive to continue diverse immigration policies in a time of Islamic mass murder: for example, Britain spent $2 billion on security and turned London into an armed camp to stage the 2012 Olympics safely.

Part of the multi-prong jihad attacks on Paris last November included an attempted bombing at a soccer game attended by President Hollande. Had the suicide bomber not been stopped from entering the stadium by a thorough security guard patting him down, the death toll would likely have been even higher than 130.

So authorities know that jihadists are still interested in big sports as targets for mass murdering infidels.

A noticeably increased police presence has been seen in San Francisco and Santa Clara.


For Sunday’s big game, the city of San Francisco is spending around $5 million for various security items around the temporary football amusement park and events — the actual game is being played 45 miles away in Santa Clara. But the city costs are likely dwarfed by the federal presence of dozens of agencies. The FBI opened a command center near the stadium with about 20 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. It’s nice to know that the danger is taken seriously, although we probably will never learn the total dollar cost, which would be very high and make citizens wonder about how we got here.

Nobody in the media mentions that none of this policing and expense were necessary before the government invited historic enemies inside the gates via stupid immigration policies.

Super Bowl 50: Gaggle of Security Forces Unite for Big Game, NBC News, February 4, 2016

Call it a Prevent Defense.

While players, coaches and fans of the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers didn’t know for sure until just last week that they’d be in Santa Clara, California, for Sunday’s Super Bowl, thousands of other people have known they’d be there for three years — the security personnel who’ll be blanketing not just Levi’s Stadium but also the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

For more than a decade, the Super Bowl has been classified as a Level 1 national security event — meaning it’s considered a credible target for terrorists. That’s why the National Football League says it’s hired more than 4,000 private security professionals to bolster the thousands of federal, state and local officers already swarming the area.

A Joint Special Event Threat Assessment this week from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security said there was no information to indicate a specific threat to Super Bowl 50 or its surrounding events.

But San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told NBC News that “the events that happened in San Bernardino and in Paris” illustrate how quickly threats have been escalating “in an uncertain world.” Continue reading this article

House Immigration Hearing Observes Worsened Border Chaos

There were two trend lines noticeable in Thursday’s hearing (full video), which was titled Another Surge of Illegal Immigrants along the Southwest Border: Is This the Obama Administration’s New Normal?. On one hand, the House Republicans are trying to look busy, with the November elections breathing down their necks. For example, Chairman Trey Gowdy gave a reasonably tough opening statement, unlike his periodic backsliding into immigration enforcement squish, also shown by his endorsement of the Gang of Eight amnesty candidate for President, Marco Rubio.

The other trend that showed up in the hearing was the administration’s growing intention to insult and endanger Americans in every way possible during its final year, in this instance creating an even more chaotic, dangerous border. Welcome ISIS and other enemies!

Fox News interviewed House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte on Thursday to sort out what the subcommittee learned:

JENNA LEE: The immigration issue is a big one on the campaign trail and was also the subject of a subcommittee hearing today on Capitol Hill: lawmakers examining illegal immigration into the United States, specifically along the southwest border. More than 100,000 families making that journey since 2014 and despite a dip in January, some say the United States isn’t doing enough to get the numbers under control for good.

BRANDON JUDD (President of the National Border Patrol Council): Immigration laws today appear to be mere suggestions. There are little to no consequences for breaking the laws, and that fact is well known in other countries. If government agencies like DHS or CBP are allowed to bypass Congress by legislating through policy, we might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether.

LEE: A person who was there today joining us is House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte — it’s great to have you on the program . . . what do you think is the big headline that came out of the subcommittee today?

BOB GOODLATTE: I think the big headline that came out of the subcommittee should be that as we watch Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond, we need a President of the United States who is committed to enforcing our immigration laws, because this hearing made it very plain that this president is not enforcing the laws. Remember the great border surge of two summers ago? Well guess what — it never stopped. . . .

The projections for this entire fiscal year are higher than they were in 2014, and there’s a reason for that. The word has spread back to Central America and other places in the world for that matter that we’re not enforcing immigration laws, and that’s exactly what we heard from the Border Patrol agent that you just showed a clip of, and in fact he told us today — this was the real blockbuster news — that because the administration has been embarrassed by the number of people who do not return for their hearings after they’re so-called caught and then released into the interior of the country, they’ve ordered the Border Patrol agents to stop arresting them in the first place. Instead of enforcing the law they said, well stop even detaining them, then we won’t have this problem of them not coming back to the hearing because there’s hearing to begin with. Unbelievable. . .

The president of the United States needs to enforce the laws. He needs to announce very clearly here and in Central America that the laws are going to be enforced and that people should not be encouraged to make this long dangerous trip.

Sternly worded memo on official House of Representatives stationery to follow.

Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, February 4, 2016

The Obama administration has revived the maligned illegal immigrant “catch-and-release” policy of the Bush years, ordering Border Patrol agents not to even bother arresting and deporting many new illegal immigrants, the head of the agents’ labor union told Congress on Thursday.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said Homeland Security was embarrassed by the number of illegal immigrants not showing up for their deportation hearings, but instead of cracking down on the immigrants, the department ordered agents not to arrest them in the first place — meaning they no longer need to show up in court in the first place.

Mr. Judd said the releases are part of President Obama’s “priorities” program, which says he’s only worried about illegal immigrants who came across after Jan. 1, 2014. Mr. Judd said illegal immigrants without serious criminal convictions on their record only have to claim they came before 2014 — without even needing to show proof — in order to be released without ever being arrested.

“Immigration laws today appear to be mere suggestions,” Mr. Judd testified to the House Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee. “That fact is well known in other countries.”

Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the Border Patrol, did not have an immediate comment on Mr. Judd’s testimony. The White House also declined to comment, with spokesman Josh Earnest saying he hadn’t seen the testimony.

Mr. Judd and Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said criminal cartels are particularly astute at exploiting the Obama administration’s policies, and have specifically recruited and sent tens of thousands of children to flood the border in order to distract agents and create new chances to smuggle drugs across.

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children from Central America, and tens of thousands more families traveling together, have surged to the southwestern border in the last few years, overwhelming the administration’s ability to handle them. Continue reading this article

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