Robots Are Planned for Garbage Pickup

The Volvo company is busy developing robots to replace human garbage collectors, the fellows who move the trash containers from the curb and dump them into the truck.


GarbageCollectorDrawingIt’s another example of creeping technological unemployment. Sorry, human workers!

As usual, the company portrays the proposed machines as quieter and more efficient. What they are is cheaper than paying humans.

It’s hard to sort out whether smart machines are worse for white collar jobs or blue. The replacement of physical labor jobs is more obvious because robots on factory floors are hard to miss. Meanwhile, better software is certain occupations, like accounting, decreases the number of humans required in office jobs, so the reason for the reduced employment is less obvious. The sad fact is that both mental and physical jobs are threatened by robots, automation and computers.

Incidentally, there is plenty of advice online about what college-educated people should do to enhance their skills in a way that will make them better able to withstand the automation onslaught. However there is little discussion about what blue-collar workers can do to remain financially viable in the post-human work environment.

Furthermore, with nearly half of American jobs threatened to be replaced by automation in less than 20 years according to Oxford University researchers, the need for additional immigrant workers is ZERO.

Robots Are Coming for the Garbageman’s Job, Popular Science, September 17, 2015

Let the Machines Do the Heavy Lifting

As long as there are humans, there will be garbage. And, for a long time, it seemed inevitable that there would always be garbagemen, too, to collect that refuse. A new project by carmaker Volvo, recycling company Renova, Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology and Mälardalen University, and Penn State University wants to create robot assistants for garbage trucks. With automation, a human driver can stick to the road, and a robot can do the literal heavy lifting.

Dubbed Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling, or ROAR, the project will feature a robot designed by Mälardalen University, control system designed by Chalmers University, and a control panel designed by Penn State. Combined, these efforts will hopefully yield a robot that can grab trash and toss it on board a Renova waste truck by June 2016. Continue reading this article

Paris Police Evict Tent Encampments of Foreigners

On Thursday, French authorities dismantled two long-standing squatter camps and put the residents on buses for government-approved temporary housing where they can apply for asylum. The policy is a pathetic response to a third-world invasion of illegal aliens looking for handouts. Merely moving the invaders around and planning on plugging them in to the social services system is more misguided liberalism.

Europe is allowing foreign lawlessness to gain footholds and expand. Newbie illegal aliens arrive and pitch tents under a bridge. More established foreigners create neighborhoods hostile to outsiders, known as no-go zones where police fear to tread. The exist in France and Germany. A couple years ago, France considered designating the entire city of Marseilles a no-go zone. It’s no way to run a country, where foreigners can invade and set up mini-states within. With continued immigration and polygamy-aided high birth rates, the hostile zones will expand and squeeze the native population.

Below, photos show most of the squatters to be young African men. Daily Mail has numerous pictures of the Paris campers.


The video following reports that some of the squatters have lived in the camp for two years.

The Local reports that the moochers will be moved to a “designated centre” for a month and after that, who knows? Perhaps many will move along to coastal Calais, a stopping-off place on the way to Britain and its generous welfare programs.

Police clear out two refugee camps in Paris, The Local (France), September 17, 2015

Police and local officials evacuated two refugee camps in Paris early on Thursday as France comes under pressure to do more for the thousands of migrants living in squalid conditions.

The clear out began at around 6am when police joined by social services and aid workers moved in to the camps that had sprung up at Gare d’Austerlitz and outside the Town Hall of the 18th arrondissement.

In all around 500 refugees and migrants have been moved out with the Paris officials promising that they will be guaranteed a place to stay in a designated centre for at least one month.

Around 20 buses were laid on to take the refugees to the various lodgings in and around the Paris region.

The French government has been criticised recently for offering a two speed service to refugees, with new arrivals granted lodging, warm meals and help with the asylum process, while those who have been living for months in camps in Paris, Calais and along the north coast, have been left to fend for themselves.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo recognised the problem.

“It would be abhorrent to say those who arrive will be dealt with quickly and the others we’ll leave outside. I want to reassure them,” said Hidalgo.

Many of the migrants were only too pleased to leave the tents behind them and some had prepared their baggage in advance.

Most of those living in the camps in Paris are said to be Sudanese and Eritrean, with most using the camps as stop off points on the way to Calais, from where they hope to get to the UK. Continue reading this article

Germany: Beer Culture Clash Looms with Muslim Arrival

The historic Munich Oktoberfest is due to start in a few days, with the first beer barrel to be tapped on September 19. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the country is being invaded by thousands of Muslim unfriendlies who hate alcohol, pork and music, all of which appear in abundance at the Oktoberfest. In fact, 13,000 migrants arrived one day last weekend in Munich, and city authorities say they have reached the limit of what they can handle.

Below, Syrians et al load onto a train in Croatia for Germany. One suggested item for the aliens’ assimilation list: learning to use Doors rather than windows for entering trains:

The Oktoberfest expects six million enthusiastic drinkers, many of whom will pass through the Munich train station. Officials fear a culture clash may develop between Allah’s acolytes and free-spirited European beer drinkers if they cross paths.


I’m betting on the folks in lederhosen and dirndls to defend the beer sector of Western Civilization with great passion.

Weary of refugees, Munich gears up for Oktoberfest, Reuters, September 15, 2015

Germany’s decision to restore border controls to stem a tide of refugees may have stunned Europe, but it is being cheered in Munich as it gears up for a far bigger influx of 6 million beer-swigging visitors to the 182nd Oktoberfest.

The annual festival, known here as the “Wiesn” because it is held on the Theresienwiese, an open space near the city center, is a fun-loving celebration where 7.5 million liters of brew are consumed over a two-week period by locals and tourists alike, many decked out in traditional lederhosen and dirndls.

But this year city officials are working overtime to assure the public it will not turn into a “Krisen-Wiesn”, or Oktoberfest in crisis, amid a flood of over 60,000 refugees into Munich’s train station in the last week alone.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann raised eyebrows at the weekend by suggesting that refugees descending from trains in Munich, after harrowing journeys from the war-torn Middle East, were likely to encounter crowds of violent drunks returning from the festival, which starts on Saturday.

“Refugees from Muslim countries may not be used to seeing extremely drunk people in public,” Herrmann said. “It might seem a bit odd to some of them, if I may say so, but this is the reality.” Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Calls for a Long-Term Strategy to Confront Totalitarian Islam

On Wednesday, Senator Sessions spoke at length concerning what should be done about the horrendous mess in the Middle East. In particular, he said America face militant Islam realistically and understand that Muslims so inclined find plenty of assurance in the Koran that expansion by the sword is religious behavior. Sessions believes success against their aggression may take decades. He cited Cold War diplomat George Kennan and his “containment” strategy regarding the Soviet Union as a model. (Interestingly, Kennan noticed fairly early that excessive diverse immigration was a dangerous influence that could easily turn out badly for America.)

Jihadist Islam, according to Sessions, is a long-term threat to freedom that requires our serious attention. It’s good that he is thinking in terms of containment, because Islam cannot be fixed, it can only be quarantined, and that should include ending Muslim immigration for the safety of Americans.

The following statement from Sessions’ office is an edited version of the Senate speech.

Sessions: Western World Must Develop Long-View Plan for Confronting Islamist Ideology, September 17, 2015

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, today delivered the following remarks:

“This deal – this ‘executive agreement’ – between President Obama and Iran’s leaders (not the Congress, not in the form of a treaty that’s binding over time, but a personal executive agreement) is the predictable end of a poorly-initiated negotiation.  I will vote against it.  It is not the right policy for the United States.  I am not going to attempt to re-state all of the arguments my colleagues have made against it today.

Iran’s drive to acquire nuclear weapons arises out of the Islamic extremism in the Middle East, and I would like to take the opportunity today to discuss that extremism and how we can confront it.

We need to discuss a long term strategy, Republicans and Democrats and our Western world allies, our free world allies, how we are going to deal with, over a long period of time, the problems of extremism in the Middle East. It is clear that we are seeing a resurgence of militant Islam.  This strain of Islam seeks to advance a theological and political approach to the world.  It seeks to unify faith and politics and believes such advances are essential to honor Allah.  This strain that has been in Islam for years that advocates conversion by the sword, in fact, finds much support in the Koran.  Most Muslims are truly people of peace, are faithful people in their daily activities.  But there is a sizable minority that oftentimes seeks dominance and achieves dominance, that finds a basis in the Koran for their violent Jihad against those they describe as infidels.  They see the hedonism in parts of the West, and other actions that occur in the Western world, for example, as totally destructive and contrary to what they believe is right, and they don’t accommodate to it.

So we are thus seeing a spasm, an eruption of aggression that has occurred before over the centuries, but it is certainly reaching a high pitch today, exacerbated by the technology of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, and other dangerous weapons.  The nature of this eruption is quite complex.  It is different in every region, country, and area and different among sects, tribes and traditions, and is shaped by economic conditions, security conditions, and tribal and human conditions in the various regions of the Middle East, spanning from Afghanistan, Pakistan on to Syria, to Yemen, to Egypt, to Morocco, and into Africa today.  This crisis, occasioned by Iran’s religious determination to obtain a nuclear weapon, is just one aspect – though a huge one – that has arisen as a result of this extremism.  The world is surely presented with a deep and complex problem that requires the most wise and consistent response over years.  And, the surge of terrorism will not end quickly.  We are most likely talking about decades. Continue reading this article

Eastern Europe: Citizens Rally against Muslim Migrant Invasion

Not all Europeans have been lobotomized through emotional propaganda about suffering Syrians (90 percent Muslim) or the dubious charms of Islamic diversity. Over the weekend, a number of cities saw protests against the flood of Muslim refugees and economic opportunists seeking to plunder the wealthy first world nations.

Citizens marched against the government’s open borders policy in Heidenau Germany, a site of earlier protests against a refugee center.

In Vienna, Identitaire called for a “Future for Syria, Borders for Europe.”


Warsaw had a turnout of an estimated 5000 Islam realists.


Eastern Europeans seem to be a little more realistic about diversity and liberal ideology. Perhaps communism and proximity to Islam, as in the Balkans, have played a part in that attitude. Plus, Eastern Europe is poor, and can’t afford thousands of illegal gimmigrants passing through.

Thousands flock to anti-migrant demos in E.Europe, Samaa TV, September 12, 2015

BRATISLAVA: Thousands of people joined anti-migrant protests in three eastern European capitals on Saturday after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia opposed an EU scheme to fix refugee quotas.

In the Polish capital Warsaw, nearly 5,000 people, many chanting anti-Islamic slogans, marched through the city, an AFP correspondent said. “Islam will be the death of Europe”, one of the banners said.

Organisers claimed the demonstration drew 10,000 people but police refused to confirm the figure.

“We’re here so that the government hears our voice and abandons any plans to welcome Muslims,” shouted one of the organisers after starting the march with prayers which identified the participants as Roman Catholics. Continue reading this article

Two Republican Senators Call for America to Take More Syrian Refugees

What an embarrassment it is for Arizona to have John McCain as its senior senator for all this time. There are the years of promoting permissive immigration and his promising as a presidential candidate to work for amnesty starting “the first day” in that office. Now he is moving on to refugee rescue.

McCain’s latest is using the photo of the dead Syrian kid to demand this country take in more refugees, despite the obvious national security threat from a population that cannot be properly vetted.


Plus the administration changed screening guidelines over a year ago so more Syrians could be admitted, including those with terrorist connections. Another problem is the new popularity of fraudulent Syrian passports so any Middle-Eastern-looking person can claim to be a victim refugee.

Furthermore the story about the drowned boy has unravelled considerably since the media raised a big squawk about it a week or so ago. Apparently the family members weren’t fleeing for their lives from Syria, but left safe Turkey seeking more money and dental implants for the father in Europe. Or something like that.

Senator McCain appeared with his open-borders pal Senator Graham on the Fox News morning show Saturday, where Tucker Carlson asked the questions about the push from elites to force many thousands of Syrian refugees on Americans. Incredibly, Graham twice dragged out the old Statue of Liberty canard to make his point, as if the 19th century work of art (titled Liberty Enlightening the World) has anything to do with immigration or refugee policy.

Both senators maintained they wanted to keep out the jihadists, but had no specifics about how that might be accomplished in a situation of so much chaos and fraud. Not reassuring.

CARLSON: Is allowing any refugees at all into this country in the best interest of Americans? Well, joining us now Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, also a Republican presidential hopeful, as well as Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain. Welcome to both senators, good to see you. Senator McCain, first to you. It sounds like the overwhelming majority of these refugees, at least the ones fleeing Syria, are men. Probably a lot of them are combatants, that makes sense. Why is it in the interest of Americans to have them come here?

McCAIN: Well, we have always welcomed refugees under certain circumstances, but Tucker you raised the salient question here is you gotta know who these people are and to be screened. They have to be carefully examined before they would have any chance of entering the United States. If I were Mr Baghdadi I might be sending a few of my recruits as refugees to be able to come to United States.

So before we do anything I want to be sure that there is a process that makes sure that they should not going to be people that endanger the country but one other point, Tucker, this is the result of a failure of leadership. This is a result of the failure of a feckless foreign policy that has caused the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War Two. I want the problem solved and that means destroying ISIS, that means unseating Bashar Assad and that means getting up a foreign policy and strategy that would defeat the cause of this problem.

CARLSON: Right let’s that makes absolute sense. Senator Gramm to you, of course the US has let in more refugees than any other country over the past 100 years, but if you’re an American whose kids go to school that’s not that good, you pay too much in taxes, why will allowing refugees from this crisis into US to settle, how will it improve your life? Why should you be in favor of that? Continue reading this article

Syrian Refugees Are Happy in Turkish Camp

Turkey may wish that the resident hordes of Syrians would go to Europe and relieve it of the trouble of caring for them. Nevertheless, Syrians living in the Nizip Refugee Camp report that they have been treated very well and aren’t pining for the attractions of Europe. The camp illustrates how Syrian war refugees and economic migrants can be successfully housed in the region.

Below, Turkey’s Nizip Refugee Camp where little children can play safely.


Somebody should tell German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other do-gooders that it isn’t Europe’s or America’s responsibility to rescue the collateral damage from Islam’s latest intramural scrap. The whole Middle East mess is just Muslims being Muslims. Islam was spread by the sword throughout its history, and when Muslims aren’t killing infidels, they concentrate on each other. For example, during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, some estimate a million may have been killed in the Sunni-Shia dustup. Muslims should be quarantined in dar al Islam, not imported into western communities.

For this reason and others, America’s Senator Jeff Sessions recently remarked, “Middle Eastern nations should assume the primary task of absorbing this wave of refugees.  Our guiding principle should be to help assist in the placement of refugees as close to their homes as possible, and to take such action as we are able to aid their return home in a stable situation.”

Here’s more about the Turkish refugee camp:

Turkish refugee camps for Syrians set high standard, Euronews, September 9, 2015

Syrians in the Nizip Refugee Camp are thankful for Turkey’s open-handed hospitality. For one thing, the 10,500 people in Nizip, around 50km from the Syrian border, don’t feel so far from the war-rocked homes they fled, mostly in 2012.

A young man told us confidently: “We are staying here temporarily, until the crisis in Syria is resolved, and then we will go home. There are no problems here. We are safe here.”

The Turkish government, which manages Nizip, gives families a debit card they can use to buy market goods inside the camp. All the refugees are registered, and are authorised to leave the camp from 3-7pm each day, and may work outside it. There are also two schools and an infirmary.

Resident Taha Mendu told us: “Some of my friends left just after Ramadan. There were also some young people who wanted to follow them, but then they realised that there was a conspiracy to empty Syria of its population.”

We asked Mendu, who is originally from Idlib, a key battle ground in Syria, what he thought of fellow Syrians heading off for the uncertainties of Europe.

He said: “Instead of leaving for Europe, we need to return to Syria to defend our land and our sacred places.” Continue reading this article

High Welfare Use Means Rescuing Middle East Refugees Is an Expensive Hobby

TerroristsWelcomeLikeMexicanSignThe lawless President announced recently that the US would admit at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees” in 2016, although he left the door open for a much higher number.

Naturally the big fear is that jihadists will be included, just like the Boston Marathon bombing Tsarnaev brothers and the al Qaeda Iraq pair who were resettled as refugees in Kentucky and later sentenced to hard time for terrorist activities.

Aside from all that explosive stuff, third world Muslims are not very employable, or maybe they are just talented at avoiding work, at least according to government research reported by Senator Jeff Sessions:

Chart: More Than 90% of Recent Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps, Almost 70% on Cash Welfare


Immigration Subcommittee Background:
The statistics in the chart are provided by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The ORR figures defined refugees from the “Middle East” as being from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen.  During the time period referenced in the chart (FY2008 to FY2013), the United States admitted 115,617 refugees from the Middle East and granted asylum to another 10,026.  Also during this 5-year time frame, according to the Department of Homeland Security, the United States granted permanent admission to a total of 308,805 individuals from the Middle East through the issuance of green cards.  Those with green cards are Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) of the United States who may apply for citizenship after 5 years and bring their foreign relatives into the U.S. on green cards as well.  Refugees are required to apply to adjust to LPR status within 1 year of their admission to the United States.  The DHS 2013 report on Refugees and Asylees list the top ten countries, numerically, for refugee admission into the United States as: Iraq, Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Cuba, Iran, Congo, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.  More broadly, concerning all immigration, the Migration Policy Institute notes that the U.S. has taken in “about 20 percent of the world’s international migrants, even as it represents less than 5 percent of the global population,” and that 1 in 4 U.S. residents is now either an immigrant or born to immigrant parents.  The Census projects that another 14 million immigrants will arrive in the United States between now and 2025, easily eclipsing the highest previous historical watermark for foreign-born population share.

On September 11, Newspapers Celebrate Islamic Transformation of Europe

How clueless are major news organizations about the jihad threat? On the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 Islam terror attacks, two major newspapers had front-page articles lauding Germany for accepting many thousands of Muslim refugees and economic migrants because doing so is a demographic benefit. Or so the press argues.

The Washington Post at least had a photo of the Shanksville, Pennsylvania memorial as its above-the-fold front page picture, but nearby was a headline about Obama admitting 10,000 Syrians.


The demographic story was below the fold, where the newsprint title was “For graying Germany, wave of migrants may be blessing”, while online was slightly different:

The refugee crisis could actually be a boon for Germany, Washington Post, September 11, 2015

BERLIN — The rest of Europe may see a crisis as a record number of asylum seekers flood the continent from Syria and other pockets of conflict and poverty. But Germany — the region’s economic powerhouse — is also sensing a golden opportunity.

This fast-graying nation of 81 million is facing a demographic time bomb. With a morbidly low birthrate and a flat-lining population, hundreds of schools have ­already been shuttered. Some neighborhoods, particularly in the increasingly vacant east, have become ghost towns. For Germans, it has raised a serious question: Who will build the Volkswagens and Mercedes of tomorrow?

Enter a record wave of migrants.

Offering some of the most generous terms of asylum, Germany has become by far the biggest host in Europe for those fleeing dangerous and deteriorating conditions, with more than 800,000 applications expected this year alone. With no sign of the crisis abating as war rages in Syria and Iraq, German leaders are saying they “can cope” with 500,000 more newcomers a year for “several years.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel, meanwhile, is preparing her public for a period of transformation that may alter the very definition of what it means to be a German. Some leaders in the region are sounding the alarm over the threat to national identities posed by the mostly Muslim newcomers. But Merkel is cajoling Germans to embrace a new vision of their country that, in the future, may not be as white or Christian as it is today.

In a now-viral video, Merkel last week addressed a woman who expressed fear that refugees would bring more Islamist terror. Merkel took a deep breath before replying, “Fear is a bad adviser.”

Actually, Angela, the history of Islamic conquest is a very good adviser.

When Islam moves into a country, even a small minority begins to make its demands for the majority population to behave according to sharia. A Russian woman told CBN what’s happened with more Muslims in Moscow, “They come into a neighborhood and begin to tells us things we can and cannot do. We like to walk our dogs here and have outdoor barbecues. But the Muslims can say you can’t cook pork or you cannot walk your dog around here.”

In Syria last year, Christians were made to pay jizya, the Islamic tax required of infidels who want to continue living. But now, Syrians are sympathetic victims with adorable photogenic kiddies, as the media lectures us daily.

Do Germans want their nation to be transformed into an Islamic one? Did they vote for that? If there is one thing that Muslims do well, it is breed. Polygamy is efficient that way. High birth rates will hasten an Islamic majority, along with a foolish immigration policy.

Daniel Greenfield recently wrote, “Those 800,000 ‘Refugees’ Will Make muslims 10% of Germany’s Young Male Population.” And there’s no reason to think this year’s crop of 800K will be the end of it.

Many of the young men who are flocking to Europe will be disappointed with the opportunities. Like other first-world economies, Germany is turning to automation to make its manufacturing more efficient, which means fewer jobs are available overall, a trend that will only worsen. The mosques will tell those disaffected young men that the infidels are to blame for their unhappiness and Islam is the answer to all problems.


The Los Angeles Times went for the warm and fuzzy personal portrait of a young man who doesn’t seem like a headchopper at all. Let’s hope he and his fellows stay that way, but it’s a certainty that not all will be grateful for a better life in Europe.

How long until one or several of the diverse refugees execute a jihad attack on Germany? A year? Longer? Will the jihadists hold off until more of their tribe can arrive and become established? It’s only a matter of time.

For Germany, refugees are a demographic blessing as well as a burden, Los Angeles Times, September 11, 2015

After only a month of language lessons, Samer Alkhamran can already say this in German: “I will open my own cellphone repair shop.”

He speaks with an accent, and his syntax is a little shaky. But it’s music to the ears of officials in Germany who see Alkhamran, a 30-year-old who fled the civil war in distant Syria, as part of the solution to a looming problem right here at home.

International leaders and human rights organizations have lined up to praise Germany for its magnanimous response to Europe’s overwhelming migrant crisis. Calling it a moral duty, the government in Berlin has pledged to accept as many as 800,000 refugees this year from violence-racked countries, and potentially half a million more annually for several years to come.

Besides altruism, there’s a starkly practical reason for Germany to put out the welcome mat: The nation’s population is shrinking at an alarming rate, and it desperately needs skilled, motivated and industrious folks like Alkhamran to replenish its workforce and keep its powerhouse economy humming.

In other words, helping to alleviate Europe’s refugee crisis could help defuse Germany’s demographic one.

“We need people. We need young people. We need immigrants,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere declared recently. “All of you know that, because we have too few children.”

Germany’s birthrate is the lowest in the world, with 8.2 babies born each year per 1,000 people, according to a study released by a German think tank this year. When it comes to reproducing, Germans now even underperform the Japanese, whose notoriously low fertility rate has long been the source of official hand-wringing. Continue reading this article

House Hearing: Mexican Border Remains Open and Unsafe

Congress is back in the big capital city, and that means the occasional important hearing. On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee met to discuss Violence on the Border: Keeping U.S. Personnel Safe.

One important point: only 40 percent of U.S.-Mexico border is considered under operational control.

The testimony of Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, got some attention for his description of worsened border violence and details like “one in every five arrests last year by the Border Patrol was a criminal alien.” (Text version.)

Here we are, one day from the anniversary of 9/11, and the border remains wide open, welcoming jihadists as well as Mexican drug thugs.

Agents say just 40 percent of U.S.-Mexico border under control, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, September 9, 2015

20 percent of illegals caught at border have criminal records

Less than half of the U.S.-Mexico border is under “operational control,” and one out of every five illegal immigrants caught there has a criminal record, the chief of Border Patrol agents’ labor union told Congress Wednesday when detailing violence that increasingly spills over the international boundary.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said the level of criminal activity belies claims that because fewer illegal immigrants are being caught, the border has improved in recent years.

“This is the challenge we are facing at the border today,” he said. “There are those who will point to lower apprehension rates and tell you the border is secure. Border Patrol agents, however, throughout this nation will tell you the border is not secure, and the southwest border certainly is not safe.”

The dangers were highlighted earlier this year when a Customs and Border Protection helicopter was fired upon while flying near Laredo, Texas, forcing it to make an emergency landing — though nobody was injured. Officials have blamed the Zetas cartel for the incident.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who called for Wednesday’s hearing, said the deteriorating security contrasts with the Obama administration’s picture of an improving situation. Continue reading this article

Trump Meets with America’s Senator Jeff Sessions to Discuss Immigration

On Wednesday, Donald Trump spoke at the rally against the Iran nuke deal which took place on the west lawn of the Capitol. Following that appearance, Trump met with Senator Jeff Sessions to strategize about immigration policy. The presidential candidate could have met with anyone in Congress, so it is an encouraging sign that he prioritizes the issue enough to meet with the leading exponent of immigration enforcement in the Senate.

Below, Donald Trump conferred with Senator Sessions in the Capitol.


Remember that Trump invited Senator Sessions to speak at his campaign rally in Mobile a few weeks back, and proceeded to give him a well-deserved shout out as a “highly respected. . . unbelievable guy.”

Before that, Trump consulted with Sessions in the preparation of a policy paper on immigration, which is now posted on Trump’s campaign website.

It’s a good to see that Trump’s interest in immigration enforcement has staying power.

Donald Trump Huddles with Jeff Sessions to Push Immigration Reform,, September 9, 2015

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump met again with Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the leader on immigration reform, symbolically underlining the candidate’s determination to shake off cheap-labor advocates in the Democratic Party and business groups.

“The Senator has just been amazing on the issue,” Trump told reporters as he met with Sessions, shortly after Trump had spoken at a rally against President Barack Obama’s Iran deal.

The two met on the Capitol steps and walked inside for a confidential, unannounced meeting.

It’s time to “restore a lawful system [of immigration] we can be proud of… that’s essential, I think, at this point in history,” Sessions added.

Last month, Trump shattered the D.C.’s pro-immigration regime by meeting with Sessions, and issuing a policy paper that closely matched Sessions’s low-immigration, high-wage goals. Continue reading this article

McCaul Warns against Syrian ‘Refugees’ but Catholic Resettlement Professionals Want 100,000

Mike McCaul, the Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, appeared on Fox News Monday morning for an interview about the big “refugee” mess in Europe that threatens to spill into America. President Obama is on the home stretch of his lawless reign, and he may get generous with admitting thousands of sketchy Syrians to align with his European values of naivete toward historic enemies of the West. Despite the obvious dangers of mass resettlement of Syrians, Democrats and Catholic resettlers want lots of them.

REPORTER GREG JARRETT: You’ve actually been warning about this for quite some time. This in your mind is an opportunity for terrorists

McCAUL: As you know I’ve been over to Jordan to see the refugee camps. We’re a compassionate nation. This is very tragic situation but also I have to have be concerned as Chairman of Homeland Security about the safety of Americans in this country, and the concern that I have is the FBI testified to is that we don’t really have the proper databases on these individuals to get them passed to ensure that we are not allowing terrorists to come into this country. And until I have that assurance I cannot support a program that could potentially bring jihadists into see United States.

JARRETT: We don’t have the intel on the ground, we don’t have the biometric abilities the databases that’s really required to vet these people, and in point of fact I read a letter from you recently to President Obama about this very subject. You pointed out al Qaida successfully exploited the refugee resettlement program a few years ago.

McCAUL: When we had Iraqis come in we had better intelligence on the ground. An Iraqi came into the United States who had killed Americans in the Iraq war. In Syria we have very little human intelligence, if any, so we don’t know who these people are, and I think that’s the bottom line here. Until we know who they are, we cannot responsibly bring them into the United States

JARRETT: Do we know that ISIS has already been able to infiltrate and in fact see some refugee camps in Syria?

McCAUL: We have intelligence reports that the terrorists want to exploit the refugee process to get not only into Europe but also into the United States. In light of that evidence that I have before me, I can’t in good faith support a program that could endanger Americans

JARRETT: As I mentioned you been raising alarms for months. You wrote a letter to President Obama in February asking for concrete answers to your legitimate request you sent another one and did you ever hear from the President?

McCAUL: Absolutely no response and I think that’s very disrespectful to the process. Look, if they want to support this program they have to justify it before Congress will accept this, and I think the state of play right now — again, it’s a very tragic situation playing out — we’re a compassionate nation, but we need assurances were not gonna bring in terrorists into the United States.

JARRETT: Are you happy with the Department of Homeland Security as it’s currently being operated?

McCAUL: I have a lot of concerns. I think in this case, both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI told me privately that they don’t support bringing in Syrian refugees because of the threat they pose to Americans. I think the State Department obviously wants to bring them in.

Continue reading this article

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