Hitachi’s Warehouse Robot Picks Out Objects and Loads Them in Boxes

A new robot prototype from a Japanese company looks like another step toward a completely automated warehouse, where no human workers are necessary.

The machine has two arms and can pull items off a shelf and place them into a box.


This robot is an advance over the Kiva warehouse system used by Amazon to speed its order processing. The Kiva machines look like big shoeboxes with wheels that scoot under moveable shelves holding merchandise and transport them automatically to humans who pull the items and pack them for shipment.

Interestingly, my Amazon-shipped copy of Rise of the Robots arrived in a new kind of packaging. The book was enclosed in two pieces of light cardboard glued together around all sides, rather than in a box. It was clearly machine packaged and not touched by human hands.

In fact, Amazon has been a leader in making human workers obsolete, such as CEO Jeff Bezos’ plan to substitute drones for UPS trucks in merchandise delivery. In May, the company showed its interest in expanding its machine use when it sponsored a contest to find a robot that can identify, grasp and pack all sorts of objects.

So jobs are slipping away at an increasing rate as smart machines advance in intelligence and movement. It would be unwise for America to continue importing immigrant workers for a shrinking number of jobs. Oxford University researchers estimated in a 2013 paper (“The Future of Employment”) that 47 percent of US jobs could be done by automation and computers within 20 years. So the idea of a future labor shortage based on boomer retirement, a favorite argument of amnesty hucksters, is a myth. Politicians should instead be concerned about a future job shortage based on automation.

Given the rapid replacement of humans by robots, the correct number of immigrants now and going forward is ZERO.

Driverless Robot From Hitachi May Replace Workers in Warehouses, Bloomberg News, August 24, 2015

In a warehouse in Noda city, east of Tokyo, a robot with wheels zips around to pick up boxes of goods and carries them to a shipping container. It’s Hitachi Ltd.’s vision for the future.

The Japanese maker of bullet trains and power stations on Tuesday unveiled a robot that can pick up products ranging from 500-milliliter (17-ounce) plastic bottles to shoe boxes weighing around 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds).

Such robots would have the potential to replace some workers as companies begin turning to them for repetitive tasks such as collecting items from shelves in Inc. warehouses. These new machines would also extend the use of robots from fixed positions on factory floors, a common sight at automakers from Toyota Motor Corp. to General Motors Co.

“We plan to start using them in our own group companies in two to three years and selling them in around five years,” Toshio Moriya, a general manager at Hitachi’s technology innovation center, said in Noda Tuesday. Companies could use tens of robots to more than 100 in a warehouse, he said. Continue reading this article

Australia: Half of Students Are Pursuing Vanishing Jobs

This report from Down Under probably describes the situation in all first-world societies: colleges and trade schools are cranking out increasingly useless degrees and skills that will not serve the economic interests of those who work for years to get them. The workplace is undergoing fundamental change because of automation, robotics and computers, but hidebound elites in government and education behave as if it’s the same old job market.

Below, robots build Volkswagens in a German factory.

While American young people face record college costs, their efforts sometimes don’t bring hiring, even though the economy is supposed to be improved. Graduates with bachelor’s degrees faced an unemployment level of 14.9 percent last year.

Curiously, most of the news stories about unemployed college grads leave out details of what majors the jobless young people had. A major in art history or ethnic studies may have been interesting to certain people, but they are economically useless.

My suggestion for education relevance is that useful majors should cost less in tuition. Anyone dedicating his academic life to chicano studies should have to pay more for it.

Another suggestion: prune immigration severely. Humans are becoming obsolete in many workplaces, from the factory to the farm.

N.b. TAFE in the following article stands for Technical and Further Education. Apparently Aussie vocational schools are not facing workplace changes any better than academic institutions.

More than half of students chasing dying careers, report warns, ABC News Australia, August 24, 2015

Sixty per cent of Australian students are training for jobs that will not exist in the future or will be transformed by automation, according to a new report by the Foundation for Young Australians.

The not-for-profit group, which works with young Australians to create social change, says the national curriculum is stuck in the past and digital literacy, in particular, needs to be boosted.

Foundation chief executive Jan Owen says young people are not prepared for a working life that could include five career changes and an average of 17 different jobs.

She says today’s students will be affected by three key economic drivers: automation, globalisation and collaboration.

“Many jobs and careers are disappearing because of automation,” Ms Owen said. Continue reading this article

Germany: Heidenau Resists Migrant Resettlement

Chancellor Angela Merkel has big resettlement plans for Germany, whether the German people want 800,000 mostly Muslim illegal aliens or not. An uprising happened in the town of Heidenau over the weekend because of government plans to deposit 600 foreigners of unspecified origin, although one Afghan newbie was quoted in a press account.

News reports say 30 police were injured in the riot, although there is no mention of any civilians being hurt, which is odd.

Naturally, the press is full of shrieking about neo-nazis, but that characterization is not completely convincing.

A little backstory is in order here. Heidenau is just a few miles from Dresden, which has been the site of peaceful Monday-night marches of the PEGIDA group since last October. The name PEGIDA stands for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes). Photos of marchers all show families, young and old — definitely not a skinhead crowd.

Below, a PEGIDA march in Dresden. The front banner reads “Nonviolent and united against religious wars on German soil.” The sign behind that says, ”For the future of our children.”


So the local people have been peacefully demonstrating for months against the Islamization of Germany caused by legal and illegal immigration, but the government has ignored them completely by its resettlement behavior. A little violence did get the attention of the big suits in Berlin however.

It’s outrageous that European elites intend to welcome historic enemies inside the gates at considerable danger to the people, and do so while castigating anyone who objects. A poll from last January found that 57 percent of Germans believed Islam was a threat, and that survey was taken before the shocking Charlie Hebdo mass murder of a dozen people in Paris by jihadists.

Angela Merkel has admitted that multiculturalism is a failure, but she continues to shove an unrealistic ideology down the throats of the citizens, and it’s hard to see why. Is her aim to preserve the borderless European Union, no matter what? The violence is only beginning, and the newcomers are the ones to fear, not the Europeans.

Merkel, Hollande Blast Anti-Immigrant Riots in Germany, Bloomberg, August 24, 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande condemned anti-immigrant riots in Germany, while pressing all European Union countries to help deal with the continent’s tide of refugees.

Meeting for the first time after the political summer break, the leaders of Europe’s two biggest economies elevated the refugee crisis to a top priority Monday, placing it alongside challenges such as the conflict in Ukraine.

“There are moments in European history when we face exceptional circumstances, and these are exceptional circumstances that will last,” Hollande said alongside Merkel before they met for talks in Berlin. “So rather than wait and then cope on a day-to-day basis, we must get organized and strengthen our policies.”

With Germany expecting as many as 800,000 people fleeing war and poverty to arrive this year, street violence and arson attacks on empty asylum shelters are raising pressure on Merkel to find solutions and take a stand. After police guarding a refugee shelter were attacked by protesters for three consecutive nights, she condemned the outbreak of “anti-immigrant hatred” in the town of Heidenau near Dresden. Continue reading this article

Many of America’s Most Common Jobs Face Obsolescence from Automation

Watching snotty globalist Fareed Zakaria is generally a waste of time, but the segment of his CNN show with writer Derek Thompson was informative because it discussed automation’s threat to ordinary American jobs. Thompson wrote the May Atlantic article about the subject, A World without Work, that got some attention.

The only clip I could find was incomplete, but still contains important points about how people in the Rustbelt city of Youngstown are scrambling to earn a living now, although the piece omits the severe economic restructuring that may face us. That part is a scary future without a roadmap, and the TV segment was only five minutes.

The headline here is that America’s most common jobs are likely to be automated: those are driver (cab and truck), retail salesperson, cashier, food and beverage worker, office clerk.

Below, Bloomberg’s chart of jobs likely to be done by smart machines before too long.

Thompson’s solution is a big government one, namely a universal basic income. If there is a conservative fix, I haven’t heard it. In fact, the right-wing press and politicians have been ignoring the problem. One notable exception is Sen Jeff Sessions who connected automation with a reduced need for immigrants in an op-ed. None of the Presidential candidates of either party have mentioned the automated future, and that is worrisome.

Thompson mentioned the Oxford University study in passing. That was the 2013 report estimating 47 percent of US jobs were susceptible to automation within 20 years. Millions of American jobs are going the way of the buggy whip, so the nation certainly does not need to import millions of immigrant workers to do work that no longer exists. Let’s just avoid that stupid foreseeable mistake.

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS, CNN, August 23, 2015

ZAKARIA: The great economist John Maynard Canes [sic] looked at his crystal ball in 1930 and imaged life 100 years later, in 2030. In a piece entitled “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren,” he envisioned those descendants of his working only 15 hours a week yet producing enough to live happy and fulfilled life with lots of leisure time.

It’s not 2030 yet but a not-so surprising survey by Gallup last year found that only 8 percent of American full-time workers work less than 40 hours a week, 42 percent work the standard 40 hours, and the other 50 percent, well, they work more than 40 hours a week. But are we at a turning point? Will the huge advances in robotics and artificial intelligence strip away more and more jobs from us humans until we are all working about 15 hours a week? And will that be the fulfillment of Canes’ dream or a nightmare of part-time work, low wages and job insecurity?

Derek Thompson has written a great long read for “The Atlantic” called “A World Without Work” about all this and much more.

Welcome, Derek.

THOMPSON: Thank you. Good to be here.

ZAKARIA: You start with Youngstown, Ohio. Explain why. What’s the story there?

THOMPSON: Youngstown, Ohio, in many ways, was the American dream of the 20th century. It had one of the highest typical incomes for young people, it had perhaps the highest rate of home ownership of any city in the U.S. in the middle of the 20th century. But then something happened in the next 20 years. The steel industry started to collapse for a variety of reasons, globalization and technology. Continue reading this article

Germany's Chancellor Merkel Is in Denial about Muslim Invasion

It’s disconcerting to see Europe turning up the speed on its self-inflicted destruction by allowing even more Islamic aliens to enter. Muslims keep coming because Europe keeps admitting them, rather than turn them back at the borders or at sea as Australia has sensibly done. Normal warfare in Islam societies is not Europe’s problem and Europeans are creating a deadly precedent.

Zero Muslim immigration should be the top priority of Europe, not adding more dangerous residents. Authorities admit they cannot keep track of likely terrorists now, so adding hundreds of thousands of unidentified strangers is terrible folly. The recent close call on the train should be a reminder as well as the slaughter of Charlie Hebdo staffers.

Germany is a popular destination, judging by the numbers. The country expects to get 800,000 asylum seekers this year, a quadrupling from last year. Given that the citizen population of Germany is around 81 million now, 800K additional residents would be 1 percent of the number of the whole country. Just the sheer number is daunting, even without the unfriendly culture and history of Muslims toward Europeans. Plus, there is the certainty that dedicated jihadists are using the open borders chaos to infiltrate.

A number of the illegal aliens are Syrians (92% Muslim), who may be legitimately called refugees because they are fleeing the war there. However, many are economic opportunists from all over Africa and as far east in Asia as Afghanistan. Syria has a population of 23 million and Africa has around 1.2 billion.

The illegal aliens won’t be treated with the deference they feel due, but it will be better than bombed-out Syria, and many will tell their whole families to come for Europe’s generous freebies. Why won’t tens of millions come? As long as Europe continues its insane policy of welcoming historic enemies rather than repelling them, they will continue to travel thousands of miles in hopes of a free first-world lifestyle.

Here’s a sappy BBC report about Syrians traversing Macedonia, but it gives a hint of the unruly crowds and how needy they are. Some of those kids will grow up to be jihadists in the heart of Europe.

Here’s a Tube showing hordes rushing the Macedonian border:

Below, some of the Syrians heading to northern Europe, who are not happy with the treatment they are getting.


Middle Easterner males in Macedonia jam a train headed to Serbia.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is talking crazy, saying that Germany won’t be overwhelmed by 800,000 demanding Muslims. This could end very badly, particularly with such an unrealistic attitude on the part of Merkel.

Europe migrant crisis: Germany ‘will cope with surge’, BBC, August 19, 2015

The German government has insisted that it will not be overwhelmed by a substantial increase in the number of migrants heading for the country

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that his government would not be fazed by an estimated 800,000 asylum applications by the end of 2015:

“This is a challenge for all of us, [but] Germany is not overwhelmed.”

Germany has seen a wave of migration over the last year from the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa.

It has repeatedly had to raise its projections over the number of people seeking asylum.

Earlier this year it forecast that about 450,000 asylum seekers could arrive in 2015, but on Tuesday it warned that the figure could rise to as many as 750,000 this year – a figure which it again raised to 800,000 people on Wednesday.

Last year all 28 EU states received a total of 626,000 migrants. Continue reading this article

Trump Shoutout to America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Is a Crowd Pleaser

Donald Trump welcomed Senator Sessions to the Mobile, Alabama, podium during Friday’s campaign rally, where the crowd responded with pleasure at the appearance of the hometown hero, who ran unopposed during his last election. Sessions spoke a few words of greeting from Mobile and also appreciation for Trump’s embrace of the vital immigration enforcement issue.


TRUMP: We have a great politician here. We have a man here who really helped me, and he’s the one person I sought his counsel because he’s been spot on, he’s so highly respected. Has anybody ever heard of Senator Jeff Sessions?

(Crowd roars.)

Jeff, come up, where’s Jeff? Get over here, Jeff. Look at him, he’s like 20 years old. Unbelievable guy. Say hello.

SESSIONS: Donald, welcome to my hometown, Mobile, Alabama. The American people, these people, want somebody in the Presidency who stands up for them, defends their interest, and the laws and traditions of this country. We welcome you here. Thank you for the work that you’ve put into the immigration issue. I’m really impressed with your plan. I know it will make a difference. And this crowd shows a lot of people agree with that. Congratulations. Welcome, and God bless.

TRUMP: He was so great, such a help.

In fact, Senator Sessions did help Trump create his position paper on immigration. It is a reassuring sign of Trump’s seriousness about the subject that he consulted such an outstanding expert and leader. Trump’s website includes the paper: Trump Immigration Reform. It’s good to see America’s Senator get some much deserved recognition.

Trump Condemns Anchor-Citizenship; Vitter Legislates

It’s depressing that America is so crippled by liberalism and political correctness that the anchor baby scam of invasion-by-birth continues and is getting worse. Trump’s declaration that as President he would end it has made a number of heads explode because the idea of America as world welfare provider accords with globalist redistribution ideology.


Breitbart reports that ripping off US citizenship is now big business, costing $99,000 for wealthy persons from Russia and Red China. Birth tourism has been going on for years, but now the internet allows information about grabbing US citizenship to be broadcast worldwide. In 2013, a maternity hotel in southern California with a Chinese clientele was closed down based on the side issue of zoning complaints from neighbors grown tired of traffic, overcrowding and sewage spills. Birth tourism is not illegal, and it shows.

Below is a good report from 2008 produced by CBS and better than anything you see now from the networks: Illegal Immigrant Births – At Your Expense.

After giving birth in south Texas on the US taxpayer’s tab ($4500), moocher Mexican Fabiola says, “I’m glad he was born here. That’s why I came here, so my children, my husband and I could have a better life.”

Geography is so convenient for Mexicans in that they can walk to America and steal all the freebies they can carry. No wonder more than 12 million of them live in the US so they can be close to the welfare office and hospital.

The Constitutional argument about what the 14th Amendment really means has become rather intense, with Bill O’Reilly proclaiming loudly that born here = citizen, period.

On the other side, author, radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin has been discussing the misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment. Here’s a recent radio clip:

Meanwhile, Article 1, Section 8 says that “The Congress shall have the power … To establish a uniform rule of naturalization.”

So Senator Vitter (R-LA) thinks legislation to clarify the citizenship question should suffice. It’s worth a try.

Sen. Vitter: Close loopholes in immigration, USA Today, By David Vitter, August 20, 2015

When people discuss our nation’s immigration policies, what becomes clear is that the system is broken, and tangible solutions are needed. Take birthright citizenship, for example. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants we admit each year, our country must also prepare for the economic, educational, health care and infrastructure responsibilities and consequences of illegal immigrants who cross the border and then have a child in the USA.

The status quo understanding of the 14th Amendment allows for a child born of illegal immigrants on U.S. soil — via birthright citizenship — to be granted full citizenship rights and access to all public and social services our society provides. That’s a lot of services.

Recently, there have been raids of “maternity hotels,” where foreign women paid exorbitant amounts of money to visit the USA in the final few months of pregnancy in order to abuse our government’s misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. While it seems unbelievable, hundreds of thousands of babies each year are the offspring of illegal immigrants. Continue reading this article

Sheriff Babeu Warns of ICE Fostering Illegal Alien Criminality

On Tuesday, I reported about the administration’s negligence regarding foreigner crime: Arizona Sheriff Condemns Feds for Irresponsible Release of Dangerous Aliens into American Communities. Sheriff Paul Babeu held a presser where he explained the increased lawlessness that the government is now promoting by its criminal-friendly policies toward illegal aliens. Citizens should be furious that public safety is being ignored by the Obama administration, and polling suggests many Americans have been paying attention.

On Thursday, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney was appropriately shocked that violent foreign criminals are routinely released into America by the feds. Yes, it is truly appalling that Washington and its liberal cronies at the local level believe importing a future Democrat majority is worth the harm innocent Americans suffer.

VARNEY: Sheriff, have I got this right, that you arrested people for an offense, but you had to release them because they were foreigners — is that accurate?

BABEU: Well not just that. That happens all the time in my county and the state of Arizona and in fact throughout America. When it comes to immigration law, it appears there is no law because there’s no consequences. And what’s happened in the last two years alone, Stuart, that 67,000 of the most violent criminals in the Western Hemisphere, members of the cartels, people who are kidnapping people, raping them, murdering them — hundreds and hundreds of them that are being released into our community. And I pointed out three just this week that were released: one from Sudan, one from Iraq, one from Russia, all tried and convicted of both kidnapping numerous aggravated assaults in numerous states and also two of them were convicted of murder and they were released into my community here in Arizona. Continue reading this article

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Say Deport the Criminals and Build the Wall

It looks like Americans have noticed the shocking and preventable crimes committed by undeported illegal alien offenders over the last little while, like the murders of Kate Steinle and Marilyn Pharis, both residents of enforcement-phobic California.

Kate Steinle was shot dead as she walked with her father on a San Francisco pier by a five-times-deported Mexican criminal.

Interestingly, Rasmussen points to the positive result for “path to citizenship” in a Gallup poll, while noting that the future “requirement” dodge goes unspecified.

Voters Want to Build A Wall, Deport Felon Illegal Immigrants, Rasmussen Resports, August 19, 2015

As far as voters are concerned – and not just Republicans –  Donald Trump has a winning formula for fighting illegal immigration.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 70% of Likely Republican Voters agree with the GOP presidential hopeful that the United States should build a wall along the Mexican border to help stop illegal immigration. Seventeen percent (17%) of GOP voters disagree, while 13% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Ninety-two percent (92%) of Republicans agree that the United States should deport all illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a felony in this country. Only four percent (4%) disagree.

Among all likely voters, 51% favor building a wall on the border; 37% disagree, and 12% are not sure. Eighty percent (80%) support the deportation of all illegal immigrants convicted of a felony; only 11% are opposed.

Trump made both proposals in a policy paper he released this past weekend that calls for getting tough on illegal immigration. He cites a Rasmussen Reports survey to back up his proposal to end automatic citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants in this country. Fifty-four percent (54%) of voters disagree with the current federal policy that says a child born to an illegal immigrant here is automatically a U.S. citizen.

Just 34% favor President Obama’s plan to protect up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation.

Most voters continue to think instead that the United States is not aggressive enough in deporting those who are here illegally.

The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on August 17-18, 2015 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.

Gallup released a new survey last week with the headline, “In U.S., 65% Favor Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants.”  But the actual question shows that 65% of Americans favor a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants “if they meet certain requirements over time.” Unspecified in the question is what those requirements are and the length of time in question. Continue reading this article

Valedictorians! Don’t Deport the Valedictorians!

Failed election consultant Karl Rove is still showing up on Fox News to condemn immigration enforcement. On Wednesday, he was energetic during his Trump bashing, stooping to the la Raza argument that illegal alien valedictorians should not be deported, even though Mexico etc. needs them more than we do.

Below, demanding DREAMer kiddies pretend to be scholarly in graduation outfits, though hispanics are school dropout champs.

So Karl Rove had his little whiteboard, with a poll showing that half of Republicans prefer a system of legalization as long as there are requirements for the illegals. Of course, those prerequisites would never happen; instead, the millions of future Democrats would be rubber-stamped into voter-hood, as has happened previously in Clinton’s Citizenship USA program.

And Rove actually used the Raza meme of alien valedictorians, though hispanic academic achievers are the exception and not the rule.

ROVE: Thirty-one percent said deport them all. Now my suspicion is that 31% would be a smaller number if you attach to it what Mr. Trump also says which is that you take children of illegal aliens who were born in the United States and you ship them out of the country as well with their families — you know, they have constitutional right under the Fourteenth Amendment to US citizenship, having been born on US soil, and I think you know we’d have a lot of stories of, you know, you know, here in Texas there was a series of stories about valedictorians of our high schools who would be forced to leave …

Arizona Sheriff Condemns Feds for Irresponsible Release of Dangerous Aliens into American Communities

On Tuesday, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu held a press event to draw attention to the continuing release of violent illegal aliens onto American streets. He chose three diverse characters as examples to demonstrate how little our government cares about the citizens’ safety.

Below, a Sudanese, a Russian and an Iraqi walk out of a prison — that would be (l-r) Musa Salah Abdelaziz Abdalla, Dennis Valerievitch Tsoukanov and Nasser Hanna Hermez. All have lengthy criminal histories but were released by ICE anyway.


Terrible crimes are occurring because of liberal weakness toward illegal alien criminals. On July 1, Kate Steinle was shot to death in San Francisco by a five-times-deported Mexican drug dealer who had not been repatriated. Marilyn Pharis, an Air Force veteran, was attacked in her Santa Maria CA apartment on Jul 24 by two men, one of which was an illegal who had been released rather than deported.

Yesterday I reported on illegal alien Francisco Chavez who beat a two-year-old girl nearly to death, who nevertheless was released by San Luis Obispo authorities on bond and unsurprisingly didn’t show up for his court date.

Americans pay billions of dollars in taxes to support a system of police, border security, courts and prisons. It’s therefore reasonable for us to expect a first-world level of public safety, but we’re not getting it. Why are illegal alien criminals treated with such deference?

Sheriff Babeu had two crime victim relatives with him to speak, the mother of Brandon Mendoza and the father of Grant Ronnebeck.

Here’s a local news report from Fox 10 in Phoenix:

Arizona sheriff blasts Feds for releasing violent immigrants into communities, Fox News, August 18, 2015

An Arizona lawman blasted the federal government Tuesday over an Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy he said sprang criminal immigrants on the law-abiding public.

With the loved ones of crime victims at his side, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu spotlighted three criminals, including a Russian national who set a police informant on fire, an Iraqi who killed his two-year-old daughter and an illegal immigrant from Sudan who has committed multiple assaults in two states. Babeu said ICE set all three and hundreds like them free in communities such as his, and that even its new “Law Enforcement Notification System,” designed to let local authorities know of pending releases, is too little, too late.

“You don’t have to be a sheriff to realize that this is going to end very badly for people,” Babeu said. “You don’t release murderers into the state of Arizona and somehow think that they are just going to go about their business and try to find a job.”

Babeu said immigrant criminals should be deported after completing prison sentences, especially when they have shown a propensity for violence. The three criminals, who Babeu pointedly noted were not from Mexico, were all released in Arizona in the last week. Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien Child Beater Fails to Appear in Court

FranciscoChavezChildAbuserA violent illegal alien who was released from jail for a charge of bone-breaking assault did not show up for his court date. Whatever did authorities have in mind when they allowed bail for a man who was definitely a flight risk?

That’s a rhetorical question in California, where the most dangerous foreigners like to reside because no other state is so criminal friendly.

The alien in question is Francisco Chavez (pictured), who was arrested a couple weeks ago for beating a toddler nearly to death, yet he was allowed bail. He has a local record too, so San Luis Obispo authorities cannot claim ignorance about him:

Mexican national accused of abusing toddler is freed despite request from immigration officials, San Luis Obispo, August 4, 2015

. . . Chavez similarly has a criminal history in San Luis Obispo dating back to 2006, when he was convicted of felony assault and served about 180 days in County Jail. Court records show he had been arrested at least four other times on suspicion of various offenses, including a 2011 felony conviction for possessing a controlled substance for sale.

According to ICE, Chavez was previously deported in February 2014 following a San Luis Obispo County conviction for drunken driving.

Apparently the Mexican could have been kept in jail if he had been charged with a worse crime. Does this screw-up reveal Chicago-level corruption or California stupidity? Chavez is likely back in Mexico now.

It’s not like the citizens have a right to expect some semblance of public safety for all the taxes we pay.

Illegal immigrant a no-show in court, Cal Coast News, August 17 ,2015

An illegal immigrant whom the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office recently let out of jail did not appear Thursday at his first court appearance for the alleged near-fatal beating of a 2-year-old girl.

Francisco Chavez, 27, is accused of nearly beating to death the young daughter of his live-in girlfriend. The two-year-old reportedly suffered a broken leg, two broken arms, a compressed spine, bruises and a urinary tract infection. She was in the hospital with a 107-degree fever days following the beating.

On Thursday, after Chavez failed to appear, Judge Dodie Harman ordered a warrant for his arrest with bail set at $600,000. Continue reading this article

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