European Women Buy Pepper Spray to Defend Themselves from Muslim Men — Geert Wilders Explains

Responding to the Cologne New Years attacks, sensible women are reacting to the New Normal of greatly reduced public safety by purchasing pepper spray — lots of it. An RT video report notes, “One shop in the city of Cologne says it has completely sold out of pepper spray and it is mostly women who are buying it.” Too bad the segment had to end up by showing a Syrian alien whining about the Cologne attacks that “in Syria I don’t know people who could commit anything like that” — while there are clearly many who can.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch member of Parliament and leader of the Freedom Party, has some experience with defense against Islamic violence, having been on the hit list of jihadists since he became outspoken about the danger of Muslim immigration.

Below, Wilders posed with a local SWAT team when he spoke at the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. After Wilders left, the free speech event was attacked by two armed jihadists who were taken out by a Garland police officer with his service revolver.

Along with other words of the Islamist vocabulary we never wanted to learn, along with jihad and hijra, we must now add Taharrush, meaning group sexual assault condoned by allah. Geert Wilders explains the ugly details in a recent opinion piece:

Give Women the Right to Defend Themselves, January 13, 2016

Today, The Post Online published an op-ed piece by Geert Wilders and Machiel de Graaf. Click here to read the piece at (in Dutch)

“Cultural enrichment” has brought us a new word: Taharrush. Remember it well, because we are going to have to deal with it a lot. Taharrush is the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped, raped. After the Cologne taharrush on New Year’s Eve, many German women bought pepper spray. Who can blame them?

A culture that has a specific word for sexual assaults of women by groups of men is a danger to all women. The existence of the word indicates that the phenomenon is widespread. Frau Merkel, Prime Minister Rutte and all the other open-door politicians could and should have known this.

The Islamic world is steeped in misogyny. The Koran explicitly states that a woman is worth only half a man (Suras 2: 228, 2: 282, 4:11), that women are unclean (5:6), and that a man can have sex with his wife whenever he wants (24:31). The Koran even says that men are allowed to have sex slaves (4:24), and that they have the right to rape women whom they have captured (24:31).

The hadiths, the descriptions of the life of Muhammad, the ideal human being whose example all the Islamic faithful must follow, confirm that women are sex objects, that they are inferior beings like dogs and donkeys, and that there is nothing wrong with sexual slavery and raping female prisoners.

Taharrush is quite common in Islamic countries. Women are frequently surrounded by men and subsequently abused. The Egyptian website Jadaliyya points out that it also happens to veiled women. Women are victims simply because they are women and not because they have provoked the men by their conduct or “provocative” clothing. It can happen in the streets, public transport, supermarkets, or during protest demonstrations.

In 2011, the American television journalist Lara Logan had her clothes ripped off and “was raped with the hands” by a group of 200 men on Tahrir Square in Cairo. Two years later, a young Dutch woman became a taharrush victim at the same square. Now, along with the flow of migrants from the Islamic world, the phenomenon also reached Europe. The elite tried to keep it hidden from the people, but they cannot do so anymore. Continue reading this article

Pakistan: Suicide Bomb Kills 15 at Polio Center

In Pakistan, the Taliban’s war against public health efforts to vaccinate against polio has struck again, with the murder of 15 outside of a vaccination center in the city of Quetta. Many of the victims were police, who are often seen near the vaccinators because of the danger from murderous jihadists.

Below, authorities investigate the bombing scene in Quetta on January 13.


Police routinely accompany anti-polio workers to protect them from the Taliban.


A news report about Pakistan polio murders from a year ago stated that “Attacks on immunisation teams have claimed 68 lives since December 2012.” The government of Pakistan instituted an Islam-friendly polio vaccination program in 2014, but it doesn’t seem to have been accepted by the jihadists. As a result, only Pakistan and Afghanistan are still considered polio-endemic nations today after a largely successful worldwide campaign to wipe out the crippling disease. Pakistan recorded more than 300 cases of polio in 2014, which must be counted as more misery caused by backward Islam.

The Taliban brain trust thinks polio shots sterilize children, even though Pakistan has a robust fertility rate of 3.7 children per woman and is the sixth most populous nation in the world with 199 million persons.

Third-world diseases, like polio, are another reason why legal immigration requires newbies to get the standard shots we all got as kids. Hopefully then, we can assume the 304,000 Pakistani immigrants residing in America have met basic public health standards.

Suicide bomber kills at least 15 outside Pakistan polio center, Reuters, January 13, 2016

A suicide bomber killed at least 15 people, most of them police, outside a polio eradication center in the Pakistani city of Quetta on Wednesday, the latest militant attack on the anti-polio campaign in the country.

Two militant groups – the Pakistani Taliban and Jundullah, which has links with the Taliban and has pledged allegiance to Islamic State – separately claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bomb blew up a police van that had just arrived at the center to provide an escort for workers in a drive to immunize all children under five years old in the poor southwestern province of Baluchistan. Continue reading this article

Unwanted Illegal Aliens Become More Appealing “Refugees” in Left’s Redefinition Project

Bill O’Reilly’s Monday show introduction made an important point, that the open-borders left is rebranding the unobstructed flood of Central Americans from illegals to “refugees” which is clearly what’s happening. Keep in mind that a true refugee is a person fleeing political persecution or war, not poverty.

Below, Border Patrol agents welcome illegal aliens into Arizona rather than obstruct them.

The redefinition project is even measurable: A Google News search for Central American illegal immigrants done on January 11 gets 151,000 items; in comparison, a Google News search for Central American refugees generates a stunningly higher 1.23 million results. The mainstream media is so well trained!

Following is a recent example of category rebranding, from the mouth of a top anti-sovereignty anarchist, Rep. Luis Gutierrez:

After immigration raids, Latino leaders ask Obama to show ‘moral leadership’, Washington Post, January 9, 2016

WASHINGTON — Latino advocates and leaders rallied outside the White House Friday morning to demand that President Obama stop a new policy of rounding up and deporting families who entered the United States illegally after fleeing poverty and violence in Central America.

Amid rising concern among Democrats in Congress over the raids that began last week with 121 women and children detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in three states, the group asked that Obama show “moral leadership” and grant temporary protected status to the families, similar to what many Central American war refugees were given in the 1990s. “We have a refugee crisis, not an immigration problem,” said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois, who said he was gathering support in Congress for a letter to the president asking him to stop the raids.

The message seems to be if Germany can have open borders for all or most of Syria (population 23 million), certainly substantially larger United States can absorb much of Central America (around 43 million persons).

But welcoming unscreened millions is admitting not only the unfortunate poor but also the violent gangsters who are propelling many to leave the region. Certainly diverse gangsters recognize the better crime opportunities that a wealthier nation offers and come also. But why relocate Central America’s pathology here? Obama’s open doors invite the entire package.

Central American nations have some of the highest murder rates on earth:


Following are O’Reilly’s remarks in video and text about illegal aliens being transformed into “refugees.”

Talking Points Memo: Here Come the Refugees, January 11, 2016

The worst thing that could happen to the left has happened in Germany.

Hundreds of young male refugees from the Middle East and North Africa are under suspicion for molesting hundreds of women.

The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is under enormous pressure.

You’ll remember Ms. Merkel was the force behind Germany accepting more than one million refugees.

And many on the American left would like to do that here, as well.

In fact there is a campaign underway right now to re-brand illegal immigrants as economic refugees.

According to the polls, Americans do not want amnesty for illegal aliens, but accepting refugees sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? Continue reading this article

Obama SOTU: Diversity Theater of Unlikely Demographics

The cast of characters for Obama’s final (!) State of the Union speech on Tuesday sounds like a Hollywood movie filled with oddball characters thrown together for an improbable adventure.

Diversity looks to be a main course, with an emphasis on the myth that even extreme cultures like hostile Islam enrich us, rather than shred America’s body of shared values. Jihad-motivated immigrants won’t be mentioned, instead we will hear about the good foreigners who evidently do exist in some number away from the crime and terror reports.

So Obama has assembled an un-rogues gallery, including a Syrian scientist, a legal Mexican immigrant and a philanthropic Indian.

One study reports that only six percent of Syrian refugees have a university education, so finding a real scientist (assuming he is one) is a lucky stroke for the White House. As it happened, Refaai Hamo turned up on the Facebook page, Humans of New York, which tells the stories of interesting people who may be down on their luck. A lot of people thought Hamo deserved their financial support, and he and his family have received nearly half a million dollars in donations, some of which will be used to treat his stomach cancer.

Hamo may be a brilliant scientist and a fine human being, or he might be a talented con artist. All I’m saying is that a Syrian scientist refugee is atypical, and most refugees are economically unskilled and cost the taxpayers a fortune to support.

The largest group of illegal aliens is Mexicans, who are culturally averse to education (only 9.1 percent of those residing in the US have BA degrees), so the appearance of a legal and educated one is something of an oddity. Oscar Vasquez was brought here unlawfully as a kid and got a US education, then re-entered the legal way as an adult. News reports about Oscar include no mention of whether the taxpayers subsidized his college degree with in-state tuition.

Oscar Vazquez, who arrived as a child in the United States before voluntarily returning to Mexico as a young adult and struggling to finally obtain legal status in the United States, will underline Obama’s support for regularizing millions of the undocumented. (JapanTimes)

The philanthropic Indian Satya Nadella is the CEO of Microsoft, so he inherited a connection to the Bill Gates Foundation and big giveaways without much effort. His evil twin might be Indian billionaire Vinod Khosla, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, who is also known for illegally blocking access to a California beach to keep out the annoying little citizens.

The contrived diversity gaggle is bad enough, but arguably the worst theatrical flourish will be the empty chair to symbolize “victims of gun violence” to push Obama’s agenda of firearms confiscation. If missing people should be remembered, I would suggest the victims of the preventable crimes of illegal aliens who were not deported, like Kate Steinle (pictured below), who was fatally shot on a popular San Francisco pier by a career-criminal Mexican.

The SOTU looks like a horror show based on the bad ideas of modern liberalism, particularly the notion that diversity is the highest good.

State of the Union guests reflect Obama’s hopes for legacy, New York Times, January 11, 2016

WASHINGTON — A Syrian refugee, a former illegal immigrant who went on to serve in the US Army, and the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court case last year legalizing same-sex marriage will be among the official guests Tuesday as President Obama delivers his final State of the Union address.

The three men — Refaai Hamo, Oscar Vazquez, and Jim Obergefell — will be joined by almost 20 other armed services members and civilians associated with the issues and initiatives that have defined Obama’s presidency — and that he hopes will become his legacy.

Also among the guests will be Governor Dannel P. Malloy of Connecticut, a Democrat who has led efforts to increase the minimum wage and tighten gun laws after the massacre of 20 elementary school students in Newtown, Conn.

The White House announced Obama’s full guest list on Sunday, two days before he is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress with a speech that officials said would focus more on the issues and challenges that are shaping the future of the country than specific policy proposals.

The guests are intended to illustrate “who we are as Americans: inclusive and compassionate, innovative and courageous,” according to the White House announcement. The invitees — some high profile, most conspicuously not — will sit in the House gallery with Michelle Obama.

Hamo, a scientist who fled his homeland amid civil war, settled with four of his children in Troy, Mich., on Dec. 18. After the Humans of New York, a photo blog, featured his story, readers donated more than $450,000 to support the family, and Obama publicly welcomed him to the country.

Vazquez, who was brought to the United States illegally as a child and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2009, decided to return to his home country of Mexico and re-enter the country legally. When he returned to the United States, Vazquez joined the Army and served one tour of duty in Afghanistan, eventually earning US citizenship. Continue reading this article

Cologne: Fallout Continues after New Year's Eve Jihad against Women

The disturbing New Year’s Muslim mob attacks on women in Cologne has caused the police chief to be suspended. There were police to be seen in photos of events, but they did not appear to be protecting women from theft and groping from large gangs of Muslim men (some number of whom turned out to be Angela Merkel’s new diversity recruits).

More than a week after New Years, reports of migrant mob savagery keep accumulating. As of January 9, “Cologne police said they have now recorded 379 cases of New Year’s Eve violence — ranging from groping to theft to two reported rapes — with asylum seekers and illegal migrants making up the majority of suspects.” (AFP)


Furthermore, Cologne wasn’t the only city experiencing diverse attacks against women; in fact mob sex assaults occurred in several European nations.


The events seemed too massive and spread out not to be planned. The young male illegal aliens are hooked in on the internet, as was noted by the New York Times in “A 21st Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone.”. So it stands to reason that a New Years project of assaulting hundreds of despised western women (whom Muslims regard as whores) would be spread on social media.

Whatever the mode of organization, authorities should regard the attacks as a blueprint for future, even more violent jihad. Imagine the November 13 mass murder in Paris of 130 innocents with hundreds of attackers rather than a handful.

The stories of women brave enough to speak out shocked the public.

People seemed surprised by the barbaric event, but they shouldn’t have been. The Norwegian blogger Fjordman reported in 2005, Immigrants Rape Wave in Sweden and also noted the official reaction at that time: Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway – Authorities Look the Other Way.

Then, as now, even hostile diversity is preferred by elites over women’s safety.

On Saturday, thousands of Germans turned out on Saturday in Cologne to protest the attacks on women. Funny thing, there were plenty of cops available on that occasion, unlike New Year’s Eve. In fact, Breitbart reports that 143 officers were on duty to protect the peace on New Years, while 1500 were deployed for the anti-rape protest.


ISIS Opens Jihad U. in Syria, Where Bomb Science Is a Top Major

A couple days back, Sky News reported about an ISIS jihad weapons lab which had been discovered from a captured video.

Here’s a discussion on Fox News with a British bomb expert:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: This is terrifying — ISIS University. Sky News uncovering video footage showing a very sophisticated training academy in Syria where terrorists are learning how to make bombs and complex weapons and for one purpose — to wage war on the West and to kill. Former British Army intelligence officer in bomb disposal specialist Major Chris Hunter goes on the record from London. Good evening, sir, and what are your thoughts about this?

MAJOR HUNTER: The first thing, Greta, was that the level of ingenuity, the level of technical sophistication that we’ve seen in these training videos is absolutely unsurpassed. The IRA, for example, were the leaders in bomb-making technology for 30 years when I was a young bomb technician. When I went to Iraq in 2004 with the US-led coalition, the Iraqi insurgents superseded that level of technical sophistication in one year, but these guys, ISIS, are leagues ahead. You know, this is absolutely ground-breaking stuff.

Here’s the original video that Sky News broadcast:

One of the scariest things was that ISIS has figured out how to resurrect old jet missiles with a homemade thermal battery to turn them into working surface-to-air missiles capable of shooting down passenger jets. See an article from Major Hunter on the Sky website, IS Bomb Skills ‘Truly The Stuff Of Nightmares’.

My first thought upon seeing the advanced bomb building was where did they learn such engineering skills? In American universities? When Muslim students come here to study, they don’t major in literature or art; they learn technical subjects. For example, the jihad refugee arrested in Sacramento this week was enrolled as a computer science major.

Below, an ISIS technician works on a missile in Syria.


By the way, why hasn’t this site been bombed to smithereens? It’s known to be located in a former equestrian center in Raqqa — so what’s the holdup in Washington? I simply can’t imagine.

It is highly unwise to be training the bloodthirsty enemies of the West, if that was the case here. At any rate, American universities have been welcoming institutions for the unfriendly diverse for years, from jihad-inclined Saudis to ChiCom spies. Not long after the 9/11 attacks on America, Senator Diane Feinstein suggested a six-month moratorium on student visas, but the university suits came down on her like a ton of transcripts. So it goes in America-hating academia.

US student visa program’s ‘many vulnerabilities’ raise spying, terror fears, Fox News, January 07, 2016

From potential terrorists who enroll at phony schools only to melt into the U.S. population, to foreign scientists who come to study weapons technology at America’s top schools, the student visa program is allowing dangerous enemies into the country, a former top federal official told

Recent attention has been focused on refugee programs and illegal border crossings, but the Achilles heel in America’s immigration system may be the program that invites 1.2 million foreigners into the U.S. each year, according to Claude Arnold, retired special agent in charge for Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Los Angeles bureau of Homeland Security Investigations. Once here on student visas, immigrants are barely monitored and tens of thousands don’t show up for classes and fall off the government radar.

“Our legal immigration system has many vulnerabilities and the student visa program is no different,” Arnold said. “It is only a matter of time before there is either some horrible criminal act, or some act of terrorism, and there is absolutely no information available that would have caused [authorities] to go out and pick that person up.” Continue reading this article

Two America-residing Iraqi Refugees Are Busted for Jihad

Two Iraqi refugees were arrested on Thursday for terror-related charges, one in Sacramento and one in Houston. Keep in mind that the US presence in Iraq over years has given our government plenty of access to information about Iraqis entering this country. Even so, these jihadists were able to slip through any alleged screening — just like earlier Iraqi refugees such as Waad Ramadan Alwan (a former Iraq soldier who planted bombs against Americans) and Abdullatif Aldosary (a convicted felon who was nevertheless allowed to remain in the US and eventually bomb the Casa Grande AZ Social Security office).

Washington has almost no information about Syrians because of limited relations with the Asad government, yet it is happy to rubber stamp thousands of Obama-surprise Muslims as refugees for America.

Below, Texas Governor Greg Abbott remarked about the arrests, “This is precisely why I called for a halt to refugees entering the U.S. from countries substantially controlled by terrorists.” He has been vocal in his opposition to Syrian refugees, along with at least 29 other governors.


Fox Business’ Stuart Varney observes, “You think ISIS isn’t already in this country? Well, you better think again.”

Iraqi refugees arrested on terrorism charges, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, January 7, 2016

Cases could hurt Obama plans to take Syrians seeking asylum

Authorities arrested two Iraqi refugees on terrorism-related charges Thursday, in a move that undercuts President Obama’s plans to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. this year.

Prosecutors said Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab, a Palestinian born in Iraq who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Syria in October 2012, later traveled back to Syria to train with terrorists, then lied to immigration officials about it later.

Even as he arrived in the U.S., he was plotting to join the fight with terrorists in Syria, according to government documents that said he talked about having killed Syrian security officers.

Investigators also indicted Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, a Palestinian man born in Iraq, on three counts of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State.

The revelations are a major blow to Mr. Obama, who had insisted the Iraqi refugee program was a success and it proved the U.S. could properly screen out would-be bad actors from the Syrian refugee population as well. Continue reading this article

Automation Debate: Will Smart Machines Disrupt the Economic Order or Not?

In the dialogue about increasing workplace automation, a lot of the discussion that occurs online follows the pattern of the following Financial Times discussion, which is aimed largely at educated people who are concerned about their own future employment. The argument typically splits between those who think new jobs will develop to replace the old ones versus Cassandras who believe the new technology really is a step into the unknown territory of extreme unemployment for knowledge workers.

That’s an important discussion to have, but it leaves out a rather large segment of the working population, namely non-college graduates — that’s around 70 percent of Americans. Many of those people have already been economically mauled by decades of outsourcing and immigration and now are further battered by automation. (See my 2014 Social Contract article, Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream: Immigration, outsourcing, and smart machines crush citizen hopes.) The blue-collar middle class has nearly disappeared along with the outsourced factories, except in small examples like bus driving in some locales (an occupation which is also threatened by automation).

Many blue-collar Americans once worked in automobile factories, but now 80 percent of car manufacturing is done by machine.

A 2013 Oxford University study about the future of employment estimated that 47 percent of American jobs could be taken by automation within 20 years. The Gartner tech consulting firm has forecast that one-third of jobs will be performed by smart machines in 2025, just 9 years from now.

These are disturbing predictions, and should certainly be a part of the political debate occurring now, but aren’t. Certainly the government shouldn’t be importing millions of third-world immigrant workers when jobs like strawberry picker, restaurant employee and driver are being rapidly automated. Otherwise, a future Ferguson-style riot may take place in Spanish.

The Financial Times video following presents both sides of the automation debate about whether the roboticized future will be wonderful or a horror. Representing the Cassandra side is Martin Ford, author of the important Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future. An Indian named Guruduth Banavar represents the positive view that robots will help, not replace, humans because new professions will arise to manage the automated workplace, or something like that. The problem is the math doesn’t work for the millions of people who aren’t robot scientists.

ANDREW HILL: Humans vs machines is a story as old as the history of automation; whether in the fields or the factories, with the invention of new technology always comes the promise of a revolution in the way we work and just as surely fears that jobs that can now be done by machines will not be replaced. After an unsettling transition period, new jobs have always evolved. Is it different this time?

MARTIN FORD: I believe we are now at the moment where the technology is finally there, when the disruption is going to happen and the fact that we’ve had these false alarms so many times in the past really makes it difficult for people to accept it, and so that’s where a lot of the resistance comes from I think.

HILL: Martin Ford’s book the Rise of the Robots, winner of this year’s Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book of the Year award, paints a bleak picture of a future in which machines displace humans in all but a few high-end roles. He prescribes radical economic solutions including a universal citizens dividend but warns that disruption will extend to professionals who may previously have considered themselves immune. Continue reading this article

Mexico: Violence Lowers Male Life Expectancy

We know that Mexico is a very violent place, where wars among drug cartels take out thousands annually. Interestingly, there are so many murders that the average lifetimes of Mexican men have been reduced by several months, according to a new study. That’s a lot of dead bodies to affect such a major demographic factor.

Unfortunately for America, Mexicans are the most numerous group of immigrants, numbering over 12 million and in fact they have been the largest immigrant tribe since 1980.

Below, Mexican cartels have established themselves in over 200 American cities.

New study suggests Mexico’s drug violence got so bad it caused male life expectancy to drop, Associated Press, January 6, 2016

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A new study suggests that Mexico’s drug violence was so bad at its peak that it apparently caused the nation’s male life expectancy to drop by several months.

Experts say the violence from 2005-2010 partly reversed decades of steady gains, noting that homicide rates increased from 9.5 homicides per 100,000 people in 2005 to more than 22 in 2010. That has since declined to about 16 per 100,000 in 2014.

The study published Tuesday in the American journal Health Affairs says “the increase in homicides is at the heart” of the phenomenon, though deaths due to diabetes may have also played a role.

“The unprecedented rise in homicides after 2005 led to a reversal in life expectancy increases among males and a slowdown among females in most states,” according to the study, published by Jose Manuel Aburto of the European Doctoral School of Demography, UCLA’s Hiram Beltran-Sanchez and two other authors. Continue reading this article

Immigrant Population to Nearly Double from Today to 78 Million in 2060

There’s nothing like a good chart to help visualize the government-imposed population replacement project where the historic people are being pushed out for a more diverse clientele. Elites of both parties apparently regard the European-descended traditional Americans to be more independent-minded than is preferred by the powerful, and Mexicans just seem so agreeably hard working.  If immigration laws remains unchanged, the immigrant population will reach 78.2 million by 2060, nearly twice that of 2015, which reached a record high of 42.4 million.


Expanding the population through excessive immigration is nothing but a scheme to lower wages, increase shoppers and add Democrat voters. Immigration may have been helpful to settle the frontier, but it’s all negative for America going forward. Today’s Census clock show 322.8 million US residents, and that is too many for numerous reasons.

America doesn’t need additional workers because automation is taking more jobs every day. If nearly half of jobs disappear by 2033, as two Oxford Researchers have forecast, citizens will need that employment. The angry unemployed underclass is large enough already.

Not that long ago, America was a food-exporting nation, but no longer because so much farmland has been paved over for new housing. Progress!

Here is California we hope that the winter rains continue and fill our depleted reservoirs after a terrible four-year drought, exacerbated by an immigration-fueled population of nearly 40 million water users.

The costs of admitting unskilled third-worlders are immense. More immigrants use welfare. Illegal immigrants commit more crime than US citizens. If a future administration manages to amnesty the millions of illegal aliens, the dollar cost will reach beyond $6 trillion according to research from Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation. The cost of cheaper imported labor falls hardest on poor Americans.

Americans who recall the nation before the foreigner onslaught often miss the common cultural values, e.g. English being spoken by nearly everyone. The late Sam Huntington’s book Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity examined the loss (see John O’Sullivan’s review).

Here’s the text explanation to accompany the chart shown above:

Immigration Subcommittee Chart: Immigrant Population to Grow More than 700 Percent from 1970 Levels, January 4, 2016

Background From  Subcommittee On Immigration And The National Interest:

After the 1880-1920 immigration wave, Congress reduced immigration. There was zero net growth in the immigrant population from 1920 through 1970 – in fact, the immigrant population shrank considerably over this time – even as the total population of the United States roughly doubled. Covering the entire time period from 1880-1970, the foreign-born population grew roughly 40 percent. By comparison, from 1970 through 2060, Census data shows the immigrant population will increase an unprecedented 715 percent – unless Congress reduces visa allocations.

Today, the foreign-born population is already at an all-time high of 42.4 million. Measured as a percentage of total national population, it is set to soon surpass the highest levels ever recorded and continue rising to new unseen records every year and decade to follow. Continue reading this article

GM Invests $500 Million in Lyft to Develop Self-Driving Cabs

Last June I reported on the Uber ride-sharing service planning to move into self-driving taxis. Now there is news that a competitor is being pumped up by a serious cash injection from General Motors.

Below, Google self-driving prototype cars have been scooting around Silicon Valley during the testing program.

The Wall Street Journal video explained the GM deal to invest in Lyft:

In May, a Barclays analyst predicted that vehicle ownership could fall by forty percent over the next 25 years if shared self-driving cars become common. So it makes sense for the big automotive companies to get in on the robot taxi action.

Driving jobs employ a substantial number of workers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 233,700 taxi driving and chauffeur jobs in 2014. Self-driving 18-wheeler trucks are being tested now and developers hope to have them on the highways within a decade. There are an estimated 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, plus numerous businesses have sprung up along the highways to serve the needs of human truckers.

How are people supposed to support themselves when their work skills have been made obsolete by smart machines?

Certainly the United States should not continue to import huge numbers of immigrant workers when millions of US jobs are disappearing because of automation.

GM Invests $500 Million in Lyft, Bloomberg, January 4, 2016

General Motors Co. will invest $500 million in Lyft Inc., giving the ride-hailing startup a valuation of $5.5 billion and a major ally in the global battle against Uber Technologies Inc.

The investment, part of a $1 billion financing round for Lyft, is the biggest move by an automaker to date when it comes to grappling with the meteoric rise of the ride-hailing industry.

GM and Lyft said they will work together to develop a network of self-driving cars that riders can call up on-demand, a vision of the future shared by the likes of Uber Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick and Google-parent Alphabet Inc. More immediately, America’s largest automaker will offer Lyft drivers vehicles for short-term rent through various hubs in U.S. cities, the companies said in separate statements on Monday.

GM President Dan Ammann, who is joining Lyft’s board as part of the deal, expects the automotive industry to “change more in the next five years than it has in the last 50 and we obviously want to make sure we’re at the forefront of that change.” Continue reading this article

Fox News: Dual Language Learning Is Beneficial for the Kiddies

Here’s some diversity propaganda from the Murdock network to spread the gospel of bilingualism, only now it’s called Dual Language Learning. The idea is that young children are immersed in learning two languages (rather than concentrating on English) and they soak up both easily because young brains function that way. One sees many hispanic faces in news photos of the little students, so it may be a cheap and easy way for immigrant parents to keep their culture alive rather than go for full-tilt assimilation.

It’s a loser strategy for American kids. English has a huge vocabulary and wasting time learning Spanish (a popular second language) means less time to practice their English, a language capable of great precision and expression because of its complexity and multiple linguistic roots.

One approach to dual language learning is to alternate the what is spoken every other day.


Bilingual enthusiasts have claimed for years that learning two languages makes the kiddies smarter — or at least that they score better on standardized tests. There is never a comparison with the advantage of say, studying chess strategy or computer coding. Certainly it’s always better to keep the mind active with stimulating pursuits rather than use it merely as a passive entertainment receptacle. But bilingualists never analyze whether learning a spare language really does something special to the brain that other challenging studies do not.

So you have to conclude that bilingualism remains a political project to increase diversity and decrease the social unifier of having one language in America.

ARTHEL NEVILLE: Several states across the country are stepping up their schools dual language programs, this after a recent study found that students enrolled in these programs perform better than their peers on state testing. Bryan Llenas is here and he’s live in our newsroom to tell us more about these programs.

BRYAN LLENAS: What was once hundreds of kids just a year ago is now thousands learning a language other than their own. That’s what educators say about a trend in schools across the nation giving the next generation a competitive edge on the global stage before they’re even out of the sandbox. Dual language learning programs teach elementary through high school kids all the standard subjects but do so immersed in a second language. The goal: having students fluent in two languages before they don a cap and gown.

PARENT STACEY HALLMARK: In the future, in the job market, like being, that’s it’s a huge benefit, right? Opens up more doors, and I think it’s a good opportunity for them to just be exposed to other cultures and understand that there’s more than what they see in their neighborhood.

LLENAS: New York City now has 182 dual language programs in its schools, 39 new or expanded this school year, 28,000 grade schoolers in Utah and 10% of all K -12 students in Portland Oregon are enrolled. Students at Los Puentes Elementary in Manhattan change the language they speak every other day. Mondays they’ll be learning their ABCs in English, Tuesdays in Spanish, the lessons in the subjects though stay the same. Now according to a federally funded randomized study by the think tank the Rand Corporation which found students who enter immersion programs in kindergarten exceeded reading by the fifth grade and do at least as well as their peers in math and science.

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