Little Marco Rubio Hopes to Be the Establishment Savior in Convention

Senator Rubio’s “adios” after getting a pathetic 27 percent of primary votes in Florida (his home state) was never going to be the desired permanent farewell to presidential politics, since donors had already invested many millions of dollars in his sorry ass. (See my blog, Amnesty Opportunist Marco Rubio Says “Hasta la Vista, Suckers” — for Now.)

Below, Amnesty Man Rubio was the diverse front man for the evil Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

The oligarch honchos who run the GOP clearly want a dependable open-borders candidate to keep the cheap labor flowing in. Governor John Kasich applied for the position when he has declared his opposition to immigration restriction, in particular promising a “path to legalization” for the illegal alien millions in a February interview with Chris Wallace (Why Can’t Johnny Learn? Considering Governor Kasich as Illegal Immigration Ignoramus).

But Rubio provides a young, demographically correct face for the hispanic voters, and the GOP establishment likes that. His stubborn refusal to let go of the delegates he accumulated now appears to be a long-shot hope that convention shenanigans will crown him with the top position.

Good luck with that strategy, GOP elites. Millions of Republican voters stayed home when Mitt Romney was the candidate, and he was far more acceptable than the Amnesty Man. If elites think the little citizens are angry now, just wait till the suits pick Little Marco as the GOP presidential candidate.

Marco Rubio clings to delegates — and hopes for Republican nomination, Washington Times, April 7, 2016

Sen. Marco Rubio has fought to take the delegates he won to the Republican National Convention in July, leaving him in a position to be a power broker or even, if everything falls into place, to make another run at the top of the party’s presidential ticket.

Under current rules, he doesn’t qualify to be considered for the presidential nomination — only Donald Trump has clearly met the threshold so far — but if the party starts looking beyond the billionaire businessman, Mr. Rubio could be in line.

“You can see absolutely how it could play out,” said Chris Bravacos, who led Mr. Rubio’s operation in Pennsylvania. “Whether that yields Gov. Kasich, or Marco Rubio, or someone who didn’t run, I think that is an open question.”

The senator from Florida and his aides aren’t saying what his goal is — many of them declined to comment or didn’t return messages left this week.

He suspended his campaign last month after a disastrous showing in his home state’s primary. But unlike most other campaigns, in which suspension effectively means an end, Mr. Rubio has insisted that his bid remains alive. Continue reading this article

“Surged” Syrian Refugees Arrive in Missouri for Resettlement after Quickie Vetting

Wait, haven’t we been assured many times that Washington’s screening of refugees takes years so we needn’t worry that headchopper Muslims will be resettled in our neighborhoods? Last year the New York Times compiled a 20-point checklist for Mohammed: Why It Takes Two Years for Syrian Refugees to Enter the U.S.

But orderly examination is so 2015. Now in Obama’s last year, the process has been upclicked into special “Surge” mode to speed things along. The goal is to process 10,000 Syrians into the US by the end of the fiscal year on September 30, not to protect the safety of the American people. To accomplish that objective, the two years of processing have been squeezed into three months, and hundreds of Syrians are being interviewed in a “refugee surge center” in Amman Jordan.

Funny how all the government has to do is say it’s a “surge” and the previous promises magically disappear, poof.

Below, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells, top left, poses for the do-gooder shot with a Syrian family on their way to be resettled in Missouri.


What is never mentioned is how the jihad problems often occur in the second generation or those who arrived as children. Today’s cutesy moppets may become Allah’s mass murderers of tomorrow. A Danish study found that second generation Muslim immigrants are more than twice as criminal than the first.

So the towns targeted for Obama’s Syrian dumping may be looking at trouble for years to come.

First Syrian refugees arrive in U.S. under faster program, CBS News, April 7, 2016

AMMAN, Jordan –The first Syrian family to be resettled in the U.S. under a speeded-up “surge operation” for refugees left Jordan on Wednesday and arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, to start a new life.

Ahmad al-Abboud, who is being resettled with his wife and five children, said he is thankful to Jordan, where he has lived for three years after fleeing Syria’s civil war. But the 45-year-old from Homs, Syria, said he was ready to build a better life in the U.S.

“I’m happy. America is the country of freedom and democracy, there are jobs opportunities, there is good education, and we are looking forward to having a good life over there,” al-Abboud said.

They have been living in Mafraq, north of Amman. Al-Abboud was unable to find work, and the family was surviving on food coupons. Continue reading this article

European Elites Conspired to Lie about the Islamic Enemy

It’s hard to figure exactly how Europe became so dangerously insane. Certainly extreme liberalism has created a cascade of bad ideas, like all diversity is wonderful and mistrust of Islam is evil racism (even though a person of any race can be a Muslim).

Below, more than a million refugees and economic moochers arrived in Europe last year.

However European culture went off the tracks, its survival is dangling by a thread now. Elites and the press conspired to welcome a dangerous enemy tribe inside the gates in huge numbers. The crimes committed by the newbie Islamics were willfully covered up, even as public safety has been destroyed in the unopposed hijrah (conquest by immigration). Hundreds of women were attacked in Cologne and beyond on New Years and the latest response from government is to create gender-segregated trains rather than keep out the feral Muslims. Women are warned to stay home after dark, and swimming pools have become dangerous places for both sexes.

Dale Hurd reports on the depth of the cover-up:

When does globalist liberalism tip over to treason? It’s a question European elites should ask themselves.

Blood on Their Hands: Europe’s Immigration Lie, by Dale Hurd,, April 5, 2016

BRUSSELS — We now know that there has been a cover-up by governments and the media in Western Europe about the potential danger of immigration from the Islamic world. It was a conspiracy involving politicians, police officials, and journalists.

The European public was programmed by a relentless media campaign to believe immigration was good; criticism of immigration was racist.

Six months before the deadly Islamic terror attacks in Belgium, left-wing demonstrators were playing dead in the streets of Brussels, protesting for more immigration from the Middle East and against stronger borders in Europe — stronger borders that might have saved the lives of 34 people killed in Brussels last month.

Sold a Bill Goods?
The Left’s mantra has been “no walls, no borders.” But many Europeans now realize they were sold a bill of goods about open borders and immigration by the political and media class.

Voices who warned about the threat from open immigration were either branded racist or simply ignored. Belgian Jewish leader Joël Rubinfeld warned CBN News a year and a half ago that the Belgian government was too soft on Muslim extremists, and that more attacks were coming.

“We say you need a very long fork to eat with the devil. I think there is no fork long enough to eat with Islamism,” he said.

And the multicultural charade has now clearly crumbled — in Germany when the city of Cologne was caught trying to cover-up massive New Year’s sex attacks, in Sweden where the public learned that the police and media covered up large scale sexual assaults at a summer music festival in Stockholm last year, and in Brussels, which became a home to some of the most dangerous terrorists in Europe.

In cities across Western Europe, women are now afraid to walk alone at night on the street. Muslims make up almost half of Belgium’s prison population, and Jews everywhere live in fear of anti-Semitic attacks.

This didn’t just happen, but in many cases the information has been suppressed.

Immigration Cover-Up
Sweden has been notorious for censoring the problems of immigration. Newspapers obscured the faces and changed the skin tone of crime suspects with immigrant backgrounds, while showing their faces as if they were white native Swedes. Continue reading this article

California’s Increased Minimum Wage Stimulates Automation Businesses

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage gradually to $15 in 2022, even though he admitted, “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense.” Jerry isn’t stupid: he knows how California was among the hardest hit by the great recession in terms of employment returning.

Plus, the governor must be aware that the machines are coming, and when costs of human workers increase then the economics of replacing them are unavoidable. The $15 demanders are literally hastening their own unemployment. Some will survive the cuts, but fewer will have jobs.

Much of the $15 dollar activism has been centered around fast food, where basic automation is already making inroads.

Tablets or kiosks for ordering are an easy first step in restaurant automation, being relatively inexpensive, and have been introduced in McDonalds, as shown below.

Now that a steep rise in labor costs is the law in California, automation developers are rubbing their robot hands in glee.

The article below from Silicon Valley region also observes the other industries that are moving away from human workers, and there are many as machines become more capable of replacing millions of human workers. One business sector mentioned is agriculture. So there is no more need to import immigrant field pickers of varying legality — right? Any mention of that by-product of technology is missing.

Automation makes immigration obsolete — something neither the press nor the national government has yet noticed.

California’s new minimum wage expected to boost Bay Area automation firms, San Jose Mercury News, April 5, 2016

The state’s new minimum wage law, signed into law Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown, is expected to give a boost to Silicon Valley’s burgeoning robot and automation industry as businesses seek to replace increasingly expensive workers.

With wages rising and technology advancing and becoming cheaper, agriculture, restaurants and hotels are expected to turn more to automation. It’s an unintended consequence of a law designed to improve the lives of lower-paid workers struggling in pricey California.

“The higher the compensation, the greater the incentive to replace labor with capital. The other thing to figure in here is the declining cost of automation,” said Mark Muro, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C., think tank. “Likely there will be some greater demand for automation, but meanwhile, others will likely find other solutions using the people they have.”

The law raises the minimum wage incrementally to $15 an hour through 2022.

“Clearly, a large enough minimum wage is good for our business,” said Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke, a Santa Clara company whose Relay service robots deliver items to guests in six Bay Area hotels, including the Holiday Inn Express in Redwood City and the Grand Hotel in Sunnyvale. “Delivery’s the obvious low-hanging fruit, but there’s a lot of possibilities — staging things, or observing things or even just answering questions, as in a mobile kiosk.”

At E la Carte, a Redwood City company started by Lyft ride-booking co-founder Rajat Suri, calls from potential customers of E la Carte’s automated restaurant ordering and payment system began increasing after last week’s wage-hike announcement. “There was demand before but now it’s gone up even higher,” said Suri, an MIT dropout who spent time as a waiter. “Back in the day, restaurants would just have to absorb higher minimum wages. Now they actually have the tools, like ours, to find ways around it.”

News of the wage increase also generated calls to Blue River Technology of Sunnyvale. The firm makes the Lettuce Bot, an automated lettuce-thinning machine that’s operating in the Salinas, Central, and Imperial valleys, as well as in Yuma, Arizona. “Rising wages make automation more palatable, make more sense,” said Blue River vice president of business development Ben Chostner. Continue reading this article

Tennessee Prepares for Loss of 1.4 Million Jobs to Automation

While our hidebound representatives in Washington DC continue to ignore the technological revolution increasing in the nation’s workplaces, the political leaders in Tennessee are stepping up. The state government recognized the problem, studied it and finally created a policy response in the form of an educational program. The nation’s leaders should do half as well.

Below, robots build cars, a job that once provided employment for many thousands of American workers.

First, the bad news: 1.4 million Tennessee jobs, or around half of existing employment, are predicted to be lost to advancing juggernaut of robots, automation and software in the near future. That conclusion was published in the Tennessee Workforce Disruption Index, a project of a state economic research agency.

A Nashville report focused on the sorts of employment facing replacement as well as Tennessee’s skills-based retraining program: Report: Technology Threatens Jobs Of Tennesseans (March 21, 2016):

It’s good to see a state take the automation revolution seriously. In particular, Tennessee has set up its “Drive to 55” initiative which refers to the goal of raising the number of workers with post-secondary degrees from the current 37 percent to 55 percent by 2025.

Below, students learn skills suitable to the modern workplace at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.


Still, the education solution may be only temporary in the coming techno-future as smart machines advance in abilities. Tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa observed in a 2014 Washington Post piece: “. . .at best we have another 10 to 15 years in which there is a role for humans” (We’re heading into a jobless future, no matter what the government does).

Martin Ford, the author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future was similarly cautionary about education as the panacea during a September radio interview in Australia:

So these technologies are coming after the skilled jobs, the good jobs, the jobs that college graduates might want to take and really kind of upends this conventional view that the solution to all of this is more education.

You know, the idea that if you lose your low skilled job then we’ll send you back to school and give you some more training so that you can move up the skills ladder. That’s looking like it may not work so well because the technology is also coming after those skilled jobs.

At least Tennessee is engaged and facing the future, which is more than you can say for Washington. That place still can’t find the OFF switch for immigration, even when it’s clear that importing more foreign workers is ill-advised given employment’s shrinking future. Enlarging the angry underclass of poor is unwise and can only lead to more misery.

Remember: Automation makes immigration obsolete.

Here’s a local report of Tennessee’s grappling with the automation behemoth:

Robots taking over? Half of Tennessee jobs at risk due to automation, state report says, Nashville Business Blog, March 21, 2016

About 50 percent of Tennessee jobs, some 1.4 million, could be replaced by robots, automation and advanced technology in the near future, according to a new study from the state’s economic development department.

That’s the crux of a new report by the Center for Economic Research in Tennessee, which explores the impact automation and technological disruption may have on the state’s workforce in the years ahead.

The study notes that 1.4 million workers have a high likelihood of being displaced by automation — a total that represents 37 percent of the wages among Tennessean workers. Continue reading this article

Rasmussen Poll: Support Remains for Trump Muslim Ban

It’s interesting that agreement with Donald Trump’s call for a temporary halt to Muslims entering the country have not been dissuaded by howls of outrage from Islamic pressure groups. Certainly it helped the cause of sanity about security that FBI Director Comey stated clearly that Syrians in particular could not be adequately screened to keep out jihadists.

The energized discussion about who and how many should be allowed to live here has made this presidential campaign unique: verboten immigration topics have been exploding out of the national subconscious after decades of official disapproval. We can almost talk about keeping enemies outside the gate, even though admitting them is administration policy.

Given all the open-borders/rescue propaganda in the air, it is pretty remarkable that 60 percent of likely voters don’t want Syrians refugees in their state and 70 percent regard the resettlement project as a threat to national safety. Seeing Europe blow up with jihad attacks will have that effect on this side of the Atlantic, where Americans don’t want the same stupidly imported misery.

GOP Voters Still Support Trump’s Muslim Ban, Rasmussen Reports, April 4, 2016

Support remains high and unchanged among Republicans for GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% of Likely Republican Voters favor a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States until the federal government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here. Just 23% are opposed, while 10% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

This is unchanged from early December when Trump first made the proposal following the terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, California.

His plan drew the condemnation of President Obama, many in the media, virtually all of his political opponents and even some politicians abroad. Continue reading this article

Rush Limbaugh Interprets Pew Demographic Trends

The self-proclaimed Mayor of Realville has been painfully slow among radio conservative talkers to see the big picture of immigration’s threat to America. While an insightful commenter on some aspects of politics, he avoided the subject of foreign culture overload for far too long. One symptom was Limbaugh’s credulous crush on amnesty quisling Marco Rubio which suggested a curious sentimentality on the central issue. Plus, when he launched his series of books aimed at teaching kids about American history, he also published the books in Spanish — unclear on the subject of assimilation I would say.

So it’s noteworthy that on Friday’s program he examined a recent Pew paper and was more honest than he generally gets about immigration’s long-term weakening of the America’s culture of freedom. At the heart is the influx of left-leaning immigrants whose preference for big government with “a generous safety net” lasts through generations of residing in the United States, as shown by a graph from a 2012 Pew poll:

The current report is a brief series of charts that nevertheless pack a lot of information: 10 demographic trends that are shaping the U.S. and the world (March 31, 2016).

The chart below is first and is the headliner, containing the essence of demographic change as caused by immigration:


Here’s the audio of Limbaugh’s radio comments:

The text version below is from the Limbaugh archive:

Bye-Bye, Distinct American Culture! The Left’s Massive Demographic Shift,, April 01, 2016

RUSH:  Okay.  The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press put out this massive research product recently: “10 Demographic Trends That Are Shaping the US and the World,” and, if you go into reading these with any kind of a pessimistic attitude, you would be totally within your logical bounds to conclude that the country’s done, as you’ve known it.

There’s always gonna be an America.  But it increasingly looks like it will be less and less like the America that was founded.  There will always be a United States, we think.  It starts out this way.  “Americans are more racially and ethnically diverse than in the past, and the US is projected to be even more diverse in the coming decades. By 2055, the US will not have a single racial or ethnic majority. Much of this change has been (and will be) driven by immigration.”

Can I sum this up for you?  What you’re gonna hear here, I’m gonna tell you why all of this happened.  The Great Society of LBJ in 1964 coincides with Ted Kennedy demanding that immigration be reinstituted in 1965.  And I am here to tell you that the problems we face today are the direct result of the Great Society being used to hide massive numbers of illegal immigration.  The Great Society, of course, was founded with great compassion.  It was founded, part of it, the War on Poverty.  Part of it was to end the great disparities that existed economically from both groups of people, classes of people, what have you. Continue reading this article

Spring Sierra Snowpack Survey: Substantial but Still Substandard

In California, we have a spring ritual that has become increasingly important in recent years of worsening drought: the state’s top water watcher heads to a specified spot in the mountains where he sticks his long pole into the snow to estimate the amount of future runoff into streams and rivers.

Below left, Frank Gehrke, chief of the California Cooperative Snow Surveys Program for the Department of Water Resource, measured snow depth and moisture content on March 30, 2016. The photo on the right shows the dismal sight of no snow to be measured during last year’s evaluation, reflective of the snowpack’s 500-year low in water content in 2015.


Last fall, the experts forecast the monster El Nino in the Pacific would bring California a huge rainy season over the winter. It did rain nicely for a few months, but turned off in February and never came back. This week’s conclusion: the “nearly average” snowpack won’t end the drought.

Around 80 percent of state water use goes for agriculture. But when drought comes, the government leans on citizen users to cut back severely. The state is partially arid and has way too many people for a region historically afflicted by drought — including mega-droughts occurring only a thousand years ago.

California is environmentally overpopulated with a population of more than 39 million, a sustainability problem exacerbated by continued growth fueled by unrestricted immigration of various legality. California should be the golden brown example that unlimited population growth as a strategy for easy economic expansion has serious underlying flaws


So Californians are still on water conservation — we have to save so Pedro in Los Angeles can wash his lowrider.

Critical Sierra survey finds healthy snowpack – but no ‘drought buster’, Sacramento Bee, March 30, 2016

After years of drought and months of speculation about how much precipitation a strong El Niño weather pattern would bring, the results are in:

We’ve had a roughly average year.

On about this date last year, Gov. Jerry Brown stood in a dry field near Lake Tahoe and announced that he would require California’s urban water districts to cut use by 25 percent. Snowpack on that day was roughly 5 percent of normal.

On Wednesday, standing atop several feet of snow in the same spot, state officials announced that snow water content at the site is 97 percent of average. Sensors across the Sierra show statewide snow water content at 87 percent of average. Snowpack historically reaches its peak around April 1; the date serves as a benchmark when comparing one year’s snowfall to another. Continue reading this article

Germany Spends €200 Million to Protect Women and Children in Rapefugee Centers

We can add this item to the file titled Expensive Diversity. Chancellor Merkel has welcomed hordes of Muslim rapefugees into Germany and Europe generally, and the rescue operation has not been a do-gooder success story. The predatory behavior of the Islam males has proved to be hugely problematic in European public spaces (such as the New Year’s Cologne mass sex attacks on German women) but also within foreigner centers which now require expensive remodeling to prevent assaults of feral Muslims on women and children. This is not how rescue is supposed to work.

The €200 million comes out to $227,740,000 so the cost of hardening refugee centers against internal attacks is a substantial amount.

A recent study found that violence in foreigner camps is normal, a part of everyday life.


For an idea of how much public order has broken down generally, see Gatestone Institute’s long list of  Sexual Assaults and Rapes by Migrants in Germany, January-February 2016.

Berlin invests €200m to fight sex abuse in refugee camps, The Local (Germany), March 31, 2015

Germany’s Ministry for Families is making up to €200 million available to fight sexual abuse of women and children in refugee homes.

The scheme is slated to start on April 1st and will provide funds to remodel refugee camps with protected spaces for women and children, the Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) said in a statement on Thursday. Continue reading this article

Border Patrol Agents Union Endorses Trump

Donald Trump made his first big splash as a presidential candidate by speaking honestly about the crushing problems of immigration, particularly the illegal variety. His pledge to build a big border wall with Mexico paying for it is a hu-u-u-u-ge crowd pleaser during campaign speeches.

His attention to immigration issues convinced the National Border Patrol Council (a union with a membership of nearly 17,000) to recommend Trump for president. A March 30 Breitbart story includes the NBPC’s statement and an audio interview with BB Texas manager Brandon Darby: National Border Patrol Council Endorses Trump for President.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, testified last September during a House hearing that only 40 percent of the border is under operational control. So the physical border is still a sieve that invites drugs and jihadist enemies.

Basic border security remains a challenge.

Brandon Judd appeared on Fox News Thursday morning to discuss his group’s endorsement, a step into politics the NBPC has never taken before:

DONALD TRUMP (campaign clips): I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall — mark my words. . . The Border Patrol’s invited me because it got to do they want to be able to do their job. . . We have thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in our country not only taking jobs but many of them are causing problems beyond belief. . . Many killings, murders, crime, drugs pouring across the border — our money going out and the drugs coming in and I said we need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Now as this race progresses for the Republican nomination it gets down to the wire a group that is never ever before endorsed candidate in a presidential primary is breaking tradition by throwing its support behind Donald Trump. Meet Brandon Judd. He is the president of the National Border Patrol Council which speaks on behalf of nearly 17,000 Border Patrol agents. Brandon how tough was this decision for you to make this unprecedented move?

BRANDON JUDD: It was a very tough decision. We had to look at all candidates, we had to vet candidates thoroughly, we had to look at where their positions were on the border, and frankly Donald Trump has the strongest position on the border and he’s always had the strongest position on the border. Continue reading this article

California Auditor Slams Universities for Favoring Non-Residents by Lowering Standards

The Golden State has been shirking its responsibility to educate young Californians by increasingly relying on non-residents’ higher tuition to keep the university budgets flush. All the major newspapers had front page stories on Wednesday about the State Auditor’s report finding admission standards were lowered for non-residents which kept out better qualified Californians. Auditor Elaine Howle said the University of California system “failed to put the needs of residents first.”

The shrinking percentage of resident students at taxpayer-supported state universities is not news. Parents of rejected students have been complaining for years with little response from Sacramento. Perhaps the recent study will wake up the legislators. (Read the original report: “Straight Talk on Hot-Button Issues: UC Admissions, Finances, and Transparency”)

Much of the reporting has discussed the issue in terms of “non-resident” students which is not exactly wrong, but misses the point: the big numbers are from foreign students. The chart below (from the San Jose News article) shows that in 1994 the out-of-state kids were only 3 percent and “international” (aka foreign) students were 1 percent. By 2015, the out-of-staters had not quite doubled at 5.5 percent, but foreign students had multiplied by a factor of ten to 10 percent. The university suits probably regard the non-Americans as a two-fer win of more money and more diversity.


The issue is money, but there are plenty of ways the university could trim its spending other than rejecting worthy young Californians. Chancellor of the University, Janet Napolitano (the former governor of Arizona) gets a salary of $570,000, while Governor Jerry Brown earns a paltry $169,559 in comparison. Another item that could be cut is UC Berkeley’s diversity program which had a $17 million budget as of 2011. Diversity arguably has been achieved at that campus where the 2015 freshman enrollment was only 24.3 percent white.

Plus, in these dangerous times, it makes little sense to educate our enemies like the Chinese and Saudis in advanced engineering and chemistry to create better bomb builders. Breitbart reported in January: 100,000 Muslim Foreign Students, Not Vetted for Jihadist Sympathies.

State audit: University of California lowered admission standards for out-of-state students, San Jose Mercury News, March 29, 2016

SACRAMENTO — As high school seniors endure the grueling springtime ritual of college admission decisions, the state auditor on Tuesday released a report affirming the frustrations of many California families: The University of California softened admissions standards for out-of-state students, who pay triple the fees, even as it turned away record numbers of in-state applicants.

The finding — vehemently disputed by UC President Janet Napolitano — adds fuel to an already red-hot debate over which students are admitted to the highly competitive university system, especially at prestigious campuses such as UC Berkeley and UCLA. In the past five years, as their in-state admission rates fell to record lows, the proportion of out-of-state undergraduates at both schools doubled, rising to 25 percent and 23 percent, respectively.

“This is horrific,” said Rohini Ashok, a San Jose parent whose son was rejected from his three top UC campuses last year and enrolled at the University of Michigan. “Someone has to go in there and figure out who is responsible.”

Enrollment of out-of-state students skyrocketed after 2011, when the cash-strapped university system, reeling from state budget cuts, relaxed a policy requiring the scores of non-California applicants to be as good as the top half of admitted in-state students, the auditor’s report found. Now, the out-of-state students need only “compare favorably.” Continue reading this article

Expensive Diversity Spills into Sports: San Francisco Super Bowl Cost $3 Million Just for Local Police Overtime

High profile sports events make enticing targets for jihad-minded barbarians, a fact highlighted by the bombings of the 2013 Boston Marathon in which three were killed and hundreds injured.

As a result of sensible caution, the price tag for policing big sports is flying off the charts. A real jaw-dropper was the $2 billion cost to protect the 2012 London Olympics, where a serious military presence was needed to guard against hostile Muslims in the city. Interestingly white Britons are now a minority in the capital city of England because of unwise immigration. So turning London into an armed camp was necessary to hold the formerly peaceful sports celebration.

Today’s money story from San Francisco is not even close to a complete accounting. The $3 million in cop overtime pay is one item in a list that also includes other city services at the local level. But the big costs come from the federal government to keep the event safe.

The FBI set up a command center near the football stadium in Santa Clara (45 miles from San Francisco) where around 20 different federal, state and local law enforcement agencies were centered. They included the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration which sent choppers over the area looking for any spikes in radiation indicating a dirty bomb. The Department of Homeland Security watched for signs of chemical or biological attacks present in the air, using high tech mechanical air sniffers located in downtown San Francisco and presumably elsewhere.

Increased police presence in San Francisco and Santa Clara was evident before the Super Bowl.

The whole event was scrutinized with state-of-the-art surveillance checking water, land and air for possible threats.

The Super Bowl was a preview of the post-privacy snooper state. Below is a video from the time, showing the massive technology brought to bear — a necessity when America continues to have open borders in a dangerous world.

The whole effort must have been very expensive, but we will never see the dollar cost of all this security. Government doesn’t want the bad guys to know what it’s doing, and doesn’t mind keeping the little citizens in the dark either. We will only learn about the local costs, like the $3 million police OT, because it gets political when local taxpayers have to foot the bill.

But we all bear multi-billion-dollar costs of security because diversity with open borders doesn’t come cheap.

Here’s more about today’s story:

Nearly $3 Million Price Tag For Policing SF During Super Bowl 50, CBS San Francisco, By Phil Matier, March 28, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Hosting Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco came with a nearly $3 million price tag to keep police patrolling the streets of the city. Continue reading this article

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