California Land Subsidence Hits Record Levels

The Golden Brown State’s fourth year of drought has brought massive land sinkage, aka subsidence, caused by continued and deeper drilling of ground water by farmers. The subsidence has been observed for a while, but it is getting worse as more water is pumped out of the ground.

Not only is the subsidence another warning about the limited water supply, but the land sinkage also disturbs the proper functioning of water infrastructure around the state. For example, canals were designed with a precise degree of slope to move water by gravity, and the subsidence has disrupted that.

Around 80 percent of state water use goes for agriculture. Nevertheless, when drought comes, citizen users are exhorted to cut back severely. Responsible Californians have heard the message: in August, cities reduced their water use by nearly 27 percent, slightly better than Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandate in April of a 25 percent cutback.

California is an environmentally overpopulated state at 38.8 million, a sustainability problem exacerbated by unrestricted illegal immigration which has added millions of uninvited residents. Gov. Brown believes himself to be a model environmentalist, but when he visited Mexico (population 120 million) in August 2014, he invited all of them to come to California. The big picture is that the road map of elites to create easy economic expansion via immigration-fueled population growth is not quite the trouble-free path they imagine. California is once again the bad example of the many problems caused by excessive immigration, Nature bats last, as they say.

Below, the depleted Almaden Reservoir near San Jose, California, in February 2014.

We Californians are hopeful, however, because of the El Nino conditions which promise a rainy winter.

The bad news is that big rains could also cause flooding because of the subsidence and its damage to water control infrastructure like the delta levees in the central part of the state. The levees near Sacramento have long been identified as dangerously weak anyway, but the land sinkage has worsened their stability.

(AP caption) This July 23, 2015, photo provided by the California Department of Water Resources shows the Russell Avenue bridge over the Delta Mendota Canal in Firebaugh. The drought has caused the bridge to subside until there’s almost no space between the bottom of the bridge decking and the canal water surface. A NASA scientist says in a report released Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015, that parts of California’s Central Valley are sinking faster than ever as groundwater is being pumped during the state’s historic drought.


The PBS Newshour had a report on the California subsidence problem on Wednesday:

As drought-desperate California sinks, the risk of flood is rising, PBS Newshour, October 7, 2015


HARI SREENIVASAN: California’s drought is resulting in a big drop. The state is sinking, and sinking fast. Some parts of the state are settling lower at a rate of two inches a month, according to a report NASA released last month.

As Nathan Halverson from Reveal shows us, the sinking is increasing the flood risk in one area of the state that is desperate for water.

This story was produced by member station KQED in San Francisco.

MAN: Let’s fire it up. It’s better than nothing.

NATHAN HALVERSON: Johnny Andrews is a third-generation farmer in California’s Central Valley.

JOHNNY ANDREWS, Farmer: My grandpa came out of Texas, and he told me years ago, he said, you know, whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting.

See how it’s changing colors?

NATHAN HALVERSON: Andrews is one of thousands of farmers in the state struggling to keep their crops green during a record drought.

JOHNNY ANDREWS: It’s lifting the water.

NATHAN HALVERSON: He is turning to what he calls a last resort: drilling for groundwater.

JOHNNY ANDREWS: You’re looking at $200,000 to drill a well. You’re looking at the pumping cost every month of about between $2,500 and $3,500 per well.

NATHAN HALVERSON: Farmers like Andrews use about 80 percent of the state’s developed water, growing everything from tomatoes to almonds. With the drought in its fourth year, farmers are drilling deeper and deeper, running pumps day and night. Continue reading this article

German Poll: Support Crashes for Foreigner Flood of Refugees and Illegal Aliens

Chancellor Angela Merkel made it all sound so noble and generous in the beginning — Germany would welcome the suffering Syrians fleeing the civil war as an example of its moral leadership. Then the foreigners started arriving by the boatloads, overwhelming existing infrastructure. As a result of the overwhelming chaos, 80 percent of Germans now want a return to border controls.

The numbers have been crushing. Back in May, Berlin said it expected 300,000 to 500,000 this year, double the number in 2014. Now just a few months later, a major German paper reports that the government projects the 2015 total to be 1.5 million. Earlier this week, an EU official said three million more could leave Syria as refugees.

Plus, hordes of economic moochers from Africa to Afghanistan have seen the anarchy as an opportunity to reach Europe’s generous welfare offices. In fact, thousands of illegal aliens are camped out in Calais France (shown below) in hopes of reaching Britain, which is seen as being the top freebie state.

The German people must be getting spooked by the behavior of the newbies taking advantage of the open borders. For example, 400 Pakistanis and Albanians rioted on each other in the Calden “refugee” camp in Calden, central Germany earlier this month. Doctors won’t go there without security. The camps have experienced sexual harassment and rapes which authorities have hidden so the public wouldn’t understand the extent of the disaster. Even though the press has focused on sympathy-arousing pictures of children, the great majority of migrants are young military-age men, which is not a refugee demographic. And of course the Syrians are nearly all Muslim, some of whom are suspected of being jihadists.

Following is a video from Sunday of a PEGIDA march of around 3000 participants on the Czech-German border to protest the government’s open-borders policies. RT refers to the groups as “far right” but the marchers are visibly not skinheads. Instead, normal-looking people of all ages took part and brought the kids along with their signs and German flags.

Here’s more detail about the poll showing the German people have had enough diversity anarchy shoved down their throats.

Four-fifths of Germans want border controls, The Local (Germany), October 6, 2015

Four-fifths of respondents told pollsters that they were in favour of border controls in a new survey released on Monday.

The poll, conducted by Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung (Initiative for Market and Social Research) shows a big turnaround in opinion on the migrant crisis in recent weeks.

Well over half – 59 percent – of respondents thought Chancellor Angela Merkel had been wrong to allow Syrian refugees to travel unhindered to Germany from Hungary. Continue reading this article

Deportations Fall to Lowest Level in Nearly a Decade

For some odd reason, after Obama’s re-election, deportations dropped like a rock. The President apparently likes diverse illegal aliens, many of whom are culturally inclined to vote big-government Democrat now or later. Who cares about law or public safety? Nobody in the White House.

Below, Francisco Sanchez (l) will stand trial for murder for the shooting death of Kate Steinle (r) on a San Francisco pier. Sanchez was deported five times but returned once more from Mexico to the sanctuary city, enabling him to shoot the young woman as she strolled with her father by the bay.


Here’s a video of Neil Cavuto discussing the issue with Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu and Sheriff Scott Jones of Sacramento County California.

Graphic shows deportations from the U.S. by year since 2001; 1c x 3 inches; 46.5 mm x 76 mm;

The Associate Press report notes several paragraphs down that criminal deportations have fallen (“a big surprise”), despite DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson’s promises to crack down on unlawful foreigners who pose a threat to public safety.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton criticized Obama’s deportations as being too harsh. In an interview with Telemundo this week, the presidential candidate remarked, “I think we have to go back to being a much less harsh and aggressive enforcer.”

US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade, Associated Press, By Alicia Caldwell, October 6, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration deported fewer immigrants over the past 12 months than at any time since 2006, according to government figures obtained by The Associated Press.

Deportations of criminal immigrants have fallen to the lowest levels since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, despite his pledge to focus on finding and deporting criminals living in the country illegally.

The overall total of 231,000 deportations generally does not include Mexicans who were caught at the border and quickly returned home by the U.S. Border Patrol. The figure does include roughly 136,700 convicted criminals deported in the last 12 months. Total deportations dropped 42 percent since 2012.

The Homeland Security Department has not yet publicly disclosed the new internal figures, which include month-by-month breakdowns and cover the period between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 28. The new numbers emerged as illegal immigration continues to be sharply debated among Republican presidential candidates, especially front-runner Donald Trump. And they come as Obama carries out his pledge from before his 2012 re-election to narrowly focus enforcement and slow deportations after more than a decade of rising figures.

The biggest surprise in the figures was the decline in criminal deportations. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson last year directed immigration authorities anew to focus on finding and deporting immigrants who pose a national security or public safety threat, those who have serious criminal records or those who recently crossed the Mexican border. The decline suggests the administration has been failing to find criminal immigrants in the U.S. interior, or that fewer immigrants living in the U.S. illegally had criminal records serious enough to justify deporting them.

“With the resources we have … I’m interested in focusing on criminals and recent illegal arrivals at the border,” Johnson told Congress in April. Continue reading this article

Minnesota Tries Expensive Social Programs to Cool Jihad Ardor among Somali Immigrants

Every time the government takes another look at America-residing Muslims who decamp for jihad back in the homeland, the number gets higher, as shown in a recent House report. And some of the most stubbornly resistant to assimilation are the Somalis, many of whom reside in unlucky Minnesota.

To prevent young Somali immigrants from joining up for jihad, serious money is being invested by the government. In the Fox News interview below, Minneapolis-St. Paul reporter Tom Lyden remarked about local anti-radicalization programs for the Somalis: “We have about $2 1/2 million in the pipeline for Big Brothers, mentoring programs, jobs programs. The expression here is the best way to fight radicalism is to give a young man a job and have him build a life.”

That’s a lot of money to try to housebreak one of the world’s most backward, violent groups. What about American kids? Couldn’t the millions of dollars be more usefully spent on scholarships and such for them?

In 2011, I wrote a blog titled, Somali Immigrants in Minnesota: Import a Problem, Then Pay to Try to Fix It about a House hearing that included what a local police chief was doing to cope with the problems of crime and jihad. Here’s a bit about the dollar cost:

One interesting witness was the St. Paul Chief of Police, Thomas Smith. His testimony was enthusiastic about the wonders of police “outreach” to Somali youth. (Congressional Record pg. 304.) He made the St. Paul police sound more like social workers than crime-fighting cops. Smith described an array of fun athletic programs: “Our Police Athletic League has over 300 Somali American youth participants who compete in soccer, flag football, softball and volleyball games that are organized, coached and refereed by Saint Paul Police Officers.” Kumbaya is alive and well in Minnesota!

Of course, top quality outreach like St. Paul’s does not come cheap. Chief Smith praised the success of AIMCOP (African Immigrant Muslim Community Outreach Program). AIMCOP is a two-year program funded by a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant at a cost of $670,679 to the taxpayers.

In 2006, the St. Paul Police received a grant for $250,000 from the Minnesota Public Safety Department for outreach to the Muslim/Somali community. The program focused on women’s issues and domestic violence, but apparently did not work well enough to prevent prostitution rings in three cities run by Somali gangs which forced girls under the age of 14 into the sex business.

So four years ago the local spending for trying to restrain Somali youth was a little under $921,000; now it is considerably higher with no assurance of success and more indication of failure. Worse, the Somalis keep coming at a rate of 800 per month, despite the group’s distinct inability to adjust as immigrants.

Interestingly, a documentary filmmaker interviewed Somalis on the streets of Minneapolis a few months ago and inquired whether they preferred Islamic sharia law to the American Constitution, and most thought head-choppy sharia was superior.

Below, Somalis prepare to stone a man to death for adultery in Somalia.

The Minnesota reporter sounds a lot more upbeat about assimilating Somalis than the facts warrant.

STEVE DOOCY: According to a shocking new report, 58 Americans have attempted to join ISIS in Syria since 2011. Fifty-eight! Of those, 15 are from the state of Minnesota, more than any other state. With more and more joining the jihad, what is being done to stop them from making it to the battlefield? Joining us right now a Minnesota reporter who’s been on this story for years, KMSP TV’s Tom Lyden. Tom, why is it so many people in Minnesota wind up going jihad?

TOM LYDEN: You know the groundwork for this was really set back in 2007. We have a very large Somali community here, about a hundred thousand people and a very small part of that community was radicalized back in 2007, and we had 24 people leave Minnesota to go fight for the terror group al-Shabaab in Somalia. So that groundwork was already there, and really it was in 2014 we just saw kind of a pivot towards ISIS, and what this new House report brings up, which is why we’re talking about this, is the role of social media. That’s really what’s changed here from 2007 with their young man to 2014. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Says Stop to Mega Immigration-Population Growth

Senator Sessions issued a press release on Monday along with a related chart showing the extreme effect of unrestrained immigration.

The tiny boxed type in the graphic below reads: “A new report from Pew Research projects that, absent new immigration, the U.S. population will grow another 14 million between now and 2065. This 14 million is the net difference between births and deaths. The Pew Research Center further projects that the federal government, exclusively through immigration policy, will add 103 million future residents to the U.S. population (new immigrants and their descendants).”


The senator also appeared on Breitbart’s satellite radio program Sunday night to discuss that topic: Exclusive – Jeff Sessions: Time to Hit Brakes on ‘Radical’ Pace of Immigration

Listen to the audio clip below:

SESSIONS: “I love America. I believe I’m an elected official. And who puts me in office? […] The people who should benefit from my actions are the American people. That’s who should be first. Some people seem to think they represent groups, they seem to think we represent the whole world, they think we represent business groups, and activist groups and La Raza or the Chamber of Commerce, and we’re losing sight of who we represent. And it’s absolutely clear that too large a flow of [foreign] workers, particularly lower skilled workers, hammer American workers, damage their ability to get a pay raise or even get a job. That’s not disputable. That matter has been settled. And someone needs to be worried about those people… I think that’s been lost sight of in your nation’s capital.”

Clearly the immigration system has grown into a system for destroying the American nation by demographic warfare, which works very well for Democrats who could never convince traditional citizens to give up their traditional values for socialism lite. And too many Republicans have gone along for the short-term financial gain.

Senator Sessions recommends that the extreme level of legal immigration should be decreased for the good of the people. Actually, given the rapidly automating workplace, the appropriate number of immigrants is ZERO.

Subcommittee Chart: For Every 1 New American Added to the Population, Immigration Will Add 7 More, October 4, 2015

Background from the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest:

October 3rd marked the 50th anniversary of the Immigration and Nationality Act. According to Pew Research, in the five decades since the Act’s adoption, 59 million immigrants have entered the United States.  Pew further estimates that, including the descendants of those new arrivals, immigration policy added 72 million people to the population of the United States. In 1970, fewer than 1 in 21 Americans were foreign-born; today, nearly 1 in 7 are foreign-born. The United States has taken in four times more worldwide immigrants than any other nation on Earth. Over the next five decades, Pew projects that new immigration, including the descendants of those new immigrants, will add 103 million to the current U.S. population. The net addition of 103 million new persons is exclusively the result of new immigration of persons not currently in the U.S. The 103 million figure does not include any immigrants currently in the U.S. or their future children.  (As a side note: Pew data shows that new foreign-born arrivals will not lower today’s median U.S. age of 38; Pew estimates the median age of the foreign-born in 2065 will approach 53.) Continue reading this article

Sixty Minutes Promotes Self-Driving Cars

The CBS premier news magazine show included an entirely laudatory segment about self-driving cars on Sunday. That was disappointing, since the show had a very good piece about automation in 2013, “Are Robots Hurting Job Growth?”:

Andrew McAfee: Our economy is bigger than it was before the start of the Great Recession. Corporate profits are back. Business investment in hardware and software is back higher than it’s ever been. What’s not back is the jobs.

Steve Kroft: And you think technology and increased automation is a factor in that?

Erik Brynjolfsson: Absolutely.

But the self-driving car item was a gee-whiz puff piece about the new technology, which admittedly is pretty amazing. Sixty Minutes focused completely on the citizen driver tired of worsening commutes, with no mention of the eventual job loss for millions of professional drivers, from cabbies to long-haul truckers. There are an estimated 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, plus numerous businesses have sprung up along the highways to service the human truckers. The downside of vehicle automation is rather significant.

Naturally, an automated future with far fewer jobs — perhaps half lost in 20 years according to Oxford researchers — requires ZERO immigrants to perform the work Americans allegedly don’t want to do. Smart machines will be doing those jobs.

Google’s self-driving city cars are now being tested on streets in Silicon Valley.

The Mercedes vision of the driverless car is a far more deluxe and comfortable commuter vehicle, designed to be a refuge from the gridlock in America’s overpopulated future.

Hands Off the Wheel, CBS Sixty Minutes, October 4, 2015

Self-driving cars are already on the road in test drives with watchful researchers in them. How soon will the computerized cars become part of our lives?

The following is a script from “Hands Off the Wheel” which aired on October 4, 2015. Bill Whitaker is the correspondent. Marc Lieberman, producer.

Car accidents cost us much more than time and money. They also take a staggering number of lives. Every year on American roads, nearly 33,000 people die, almost all because of driver error. That’s the equivalent of a 747 full of passengers crashing once a week for a year. Self-driving cars could save more than two-thirds of those lives. That’s what the nation’s top auto regulator told us.

It’s no wonder the biggest names in the auto industry and high-tech are racing to develop driverless cars powered by a form of artificial intelligence. Six years ago, Google rolled out a prototype that jumpstarted the competition. Today, Apple and Uber are experimenting too. We wanted to see how far the technology has come. So we hit the road in Silicon Valley, the new Detroit for self-driving cars. Continue reading this article

Japan to Begin Testing of Self-Driving Taxis

It’s not surprising to see Japan moving forward with self-driving taxis, since that nation has chosen automation rather than immigration to augment its labor needs. After all, Japan was the first country on earth to have a dinosaur robot desk clerk in a hotel.

Japan is hosting the 2020 Olympics and envisions the event as a goal for having a robot taxi system set up and working.

Back in the USA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics put the number of cab drivers in this country at 233,000 in 2012. Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, thinks we humans are too dangerous behind the wheel, and that smart machines can do a better job of driving to improve safety on the roadways.

In a June SEC filing, Brin stated, “The increasing power of computation extends well beyond the internet. One example close to my heart is our self-driving car project. The goal is to make cars capable of driving themselves entirely without human intervention. We hope to make roadways far safer and transportation far more affordable and accessible to those who can’t drive.”

Tech elites think that smart machines make everything better.


Whatever his motivation, Brin has led the way for industry to create self-driving vehicles that will revolutionize roads and transportation, putting millions out of work if the utopian scheme works out as planned by Silicon Valley. There are 3.5 million Americans employed as truck drivers who will be made jobless by self-driving trucks in the automated future, as well as millions more in the associated transportation economy spread along the nation’s highways.

And given the shrinking employment prospects throughout the economy going forward, America needs exactly ZERO immigrant workers. There won’t be enough jobs for Americans if Oxford University researchers are correct in their 2013 paper predicting that nearly half of US employment is susceptible to being automated within 20 years.

Why is nobody in Washington paying attention to the huge changes that have occurred in the jobs economy over recent years? The suits are still scratching their heads over crappy jobs reports.

Back to Japan then:

Japan to Allow Test of Self-Driving Taxis Ahead of 2020 Olympics, Bloomberg, October 1, 2015

Japan will allow tests of self-driving taxis on public roads with passengers from next year as the country readies itself to showcase the technology by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The government will work with the Japanese social media and gaming company DeNA Co. to test self-driving cabs in the city of Fujisawa, near Tokyo, according to a government statement released Thursday. Japan will recruit about 50 local residents to take rides, the government said.

Japan’s aim to use the summer Olympics to display cutting-edge technologies is attracting local technology companies to join the race with carmakers, Uber Technologies Inc. and Google Inc. to develop autonomous vehicles. Such cars still face legal hurdles as the country’s Road Traffic Act requires occupants in drivers’ seats. Continue reading this article

Germany: Open Borders Experiment Fails Reality Check

What was Chancellor Angela Merkel thinking when she said Germany would accept all asylum-seekers from war-torn Syria? Did it not occur to her that the offer of first-world freebies would prove irresistible to grifters throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East? Why wouldn’t millions come, Camp of the Saints style?

Merkel assured Germans that the government could handle the influx, but since the disastrous reality has become obvious, popularity for the scheme has been dropping precipitously.

The chaos is getting ugly. For example, German doctors refuse to visit the Calden refugee camp without a police escort to protect them from the hostile inhabitants. The camp experienced a battle a week ago where hundreds of Pakistanis and Albanians fought each other. An October 2 headline from RT notes Refugee camps may blow with violence, German police officials warn.

Below, German police were brought in to chill the violence when 400 aliens rioted recently in the Calden camp.


Recent polling showed Merkel has dropped 9 points in favorability over one month regarding her leadership in the illegal alien crisis.

Another sign of the policy failure was the Bundestag debate about restricting asylum laws to cope with the excessive multitudes.

It’s curious that Germans apparently think Middle Eastern Muslims would be acceptable as new workers, according to the article below, while there are plenty of unemployed Europeans in places like Spain (unemployment rate 22.2 percent in August). Surely the cultural stress in bringing in Spaniards, for example, as workers would be less than with Syrian Muslims.

Majority of Germans worried about refugees, The Local (Germany), October 2, 2015

Increased numbers of refugees are giving Germans second thoughts about their support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming policies, with more than half now saying they are concerned about the new arrivals in the latest polling.

In the latest “Deutschlandtrend” survey commissioned by public broadcaster ARD, 51 percent of people said they were afraid because of the large numbers of refugees arriving compared with 47 percent saying they were unafraid.

The previous poll, just three weeks ago, put that same number at 38 percent.

The turn in the polls has been reflected in changing rhetoric from mainstream politicians, with Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel telling Der Spiegel on Friday that “we are quickly hitting the limits of our capabilities in Germany.”

While there was no legal limit to the number of asylum seekers Germany might host, Gabriel said, “there are practical limits to the capacity of local communities”.

Refugees hit Merkel popularity
Arrivals sped up following Merkel’s decision to allow Syrian refugees stuck in Hungary into Germany, rather than forcing them to remain in the first EU country where they set foot as the so-called Dublin regulations require. Continue reading this article

No Drivers Need Apply! Automated Transportation Technology Advances

In Greece, (where the unemployment rate in June was 25.2 percent), an experimental program of self-driving buses is being tested. The buses are small, holding about a dozen passengers, and dink around at a safe 12 miles per hour on predetermined routes. The four buses in Trikala are an EU-funded research project to see whether they can navigate daily obstacles and to test public acceptance.

Hey, who needs jobs in Greece anyway?

Elsewhere in Europe, Daimler is moving along with its self-driving big-rig trucks, testing a vehicle in real traffic conditions last week.

Below, Daimler tested a big-rig self-driving truck in May over Hoover Dam in Nevada where automated vehicles are permitted if a driver is present for emergencies.

There are an estimated 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, from local delivery vans to long-haul truckers. Tech prognosticators opine that self-driving rigs could be on a highway near you within 10 years. Hopefully, the big transportation brains will have the hacking problem sorted out by then, so Achmed the terrorist won’t be able to take remote control of a truck weighing 80,000 pounds barreling down the highway.

Furthermore, communities and businesses have grown up around major highways to serve truck drivers. Robot trucks won’t need restaurants, convenience stores and motels to serve non-existent drivers, so many of those businesses will fold in a decade or two, assuming the self-driving vehicle revolution proceeds as planned by tech elites.

In addition, Uber has been investing heavily in self-driving taxis so jobs for that category will be disappearing also.

The good news there is America won’t need demanding and dangerous Muslim immigrant cabbies to drive us around.

The bad news is Washington appears clueless about the severely reduced need to import immigrant workers of any sort given the tech revolution that is now upon us. America lost millions of jobs during the long recession because of smart machines, and most are not coming back because of advances in automation and computer software. The future promises to be worse.

The appropriate number of immigrants is therefore ZERO.

Daimler tests self-driving truck on German highway, AFP, October 2, 2015

Berlin (AFP) – German automaker Daimler said it trialled a self-driving truck under real traffic conditions for the first time Friday, on a motorway in southern Germany.

The truck has smart systems including radars, cameras and active speed regulators and works without a human driver — although one has to be in the driver’s seat and take the wheel if necessary.

The standard Mercedes-Benz Actros, fitted with the intelligent “Highway Pilot” system, travelled 14 kilometres (about nine miles) on the A8 motorway, with a driver in the cabin but his hands off the wheel.

“Today’s premiere is a further important step towards the market maturity of autonomously driving trucks -– and towards the safe, sustainable road freight transport of the future,” said Wolfgang Bernhard, board member responsible for Daimler Trucks and Buses.

“Safe testing in real traffic is absolutely decisive for the development of this technology to market maturity. We are now able to proceed with this,” said Bernhard, who sat in the driver’s seat for the test.

Daimler unveiled the technology in May in the US state of Nevada, on the iconic Hoover Dam, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. Continue reading this article

Robert Spencer: A Goal of ISIS Is to Conquer Rome in Five Years

CBN’s Dale Hurd interviewed JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer last month about jihad plans for the future of Europe and it inhabitants. Rome, and the Vatican in particular, should lock and load because the Pope’s church has a big target on its dome in the minds of Allah’s gangsters.

Noteworthy is Spencer’s remark about how the hordes of Muslim illegal aliens flooding into Europe (aka Hijrah) are an opportunity for the Islam tribe to accomplish its task, assigned by Mohammed, to conquer Rome.

SPENCER: Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi who is probably the most influential and popular Muslim sheikh in the world — he’s a TV preacher, actually he has a show on al Jazeera, and he has said that now is the time that the Muslims are going to conquer Rome. He states it as if it’s just an established fact that’s going to happen, and that he thinks it’s going to happen actually through a massive influx of immigrants and that is exactly what we’re seeing in Europe today. Then there are other preachers who are actively calling upon Muslims to conquer Rome, saying that the time is nigh now with so many immigrants in Europe and the European countries being so weak and supine.

When the Pope visited the United States recently, he was surprisingly quiet about the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and the threat to Christians and European civilization generally coming from jihadist Islam. Does he think that his gentle outreach will convince Allah’s psycho-killers to renounce their violence against non-Muslims? Francis appears to believe that liberal pacifism is the correct Christian posture against the monstrous evil that would destroy freedom in the world.

Presumably the Vatican’s security forces are more realistic than their boss, but the weakness of the world’s best known Christian leader is troubling.

ISIS’s First Step: Conquer Rome, Defeat Christianity, By Dale Hurd,, October 01, 2015

ROME — The Islamic State has a plan to conquer Rome. Yes, it might sound crazy, but ISIS believes the conquest of Rome is central to its mission.

They believe it is necessary to fulfill what Islam teaches was the prophecy of Muhammed and to prepare the return of the Muslim messiah: the Mahdi.

“ISIS thinks that Rome is one of its primary goals and is in its timetable,” Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS, said.

“It has a timetable where in the 10 years, by the year 2025, it hopes to bring about Armageddon, the final struggle between good and evil or between the Muslims and the non-Muslims,” he explained. “And that one of the chief stepping stones to that Armageddon battle is the conquest of Rome, which they think they’re going to be able to do with the next five years, by 2020.”

Two Cities, One Mission
Muslim scholars say Muhammed prophesied that the two great Roman cities would be conquered: Constantinople and Rome. Constantinople is now Istanbul, a Muslim city.

Rome remains to be conquered.

“Once Rome is conquered, in this view, within the next five years, then Israel will follow shortly after. They also believe that during this time period they’re also going to conquer Saudi Arabia and Iran,” Spencer said.

Now, before you laugh, consider that phase one of the Islamic State’s plan to take Rome may already be underway: flooding Europe with ISIS fighters under the cover of the current refugee crisis.

“They’re not talking about doing it by conventional armies; they’re talking about doing (it) by overwhelming these lands with sympathizers from within, and in influx of people from outside,” Spencer said.

“And that’s something we see happening right now in Europe. And so it’s not that far outside of the realm of possibility that they could at least make these attempts,” he continued. Continue reading this article

Senate Committee Examines Administration’s Drastic Refugee Increase

C-SPAN carried Senator Jeff Sessions’ Thursday hearing Oversight of the Administration’s FY 2016 Refugee Resettlement Program: Fiscal and Security (video at link). I watched it all, a two-hour-plus wonky discussion about costs and national security following the administration’s announcement that it would admit extra thousands of Syrians refugees in addition to the normal 70,000+ annual assortment of ultra-diverse humanity.

Senator Sessions had one panel of four government officials for the hearing, with no balancing group of critics of the refugee program which would have been a plus. The public needs to see that responsible citizens believe the refugee system is a no-win project for America — big costs, no benefit to the country whatsoever and considerable danger to the people from hostile Muslims like the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers.

A fair amount of time was spent in discussing the difficulty in vetting Muslims from a failed state. Nevertheless, the Obama administration is bullish about its ability to find the bad guys, shown by its acceptance rate of Syrians at over 90 percent.

But keeping out current jihadists is not enough: every Muslim is infected with a dangerous ideology which may go from latent to active with stimulus from the outside, like attending a mosque in America that despises our values. The cutesy kiddies that the press likes for refugee photographs today may become Allah-bot killers when they grow up.

A few years ago, the Wall Street Journal had a piece about going undercover among young jihad aspirants in Brooklyn, noting how quickly they could radicalize from seemingly assimilated immigrants to wanna-be killers.

Infiltrating Jihadis’ World, WSJ, May 6, 2010

. . . The officer said he fit the profile of the young men he sought to meet: middle-class, first- or second-generation Americans in their late teens or early 20s. He said he watched the radicalization process of dozens.

At times, it was so rapid that a year or two could separate clubbing in Miami from prayer five times a day. . .

It was the same deal with Somali immigrant kid Shirwa Ahmed, who graduated from a Minneapolis high school and was assimilated enough to play basketball and go to the school prom. But in 2008 he went back to Mogadishu and killed dozens as the first suicide bomber from the US.

America should not admit Muslims as immigrants at all. Some or even many may not actually follow the Koran’s instructions to smite the infidels, but you never know which ones will work to nuke a city. The United States did not admit German or Japanese immigrants in WWII though not every person of those nationalities was a combatant. Islamic theology believes in world conquest, and immigration is part of the strategy, known as hijrah. Our government is too naive or stubborn or subverted to act with the knowledge that Islam is our enemy, yet it is.

Muslims must be rescued by other Islamics because the Syria mess is an intramural affair and not the problem of the West. Welcoming thousands of the historic antagonist of 1400 years standing can only end in disaster and death.

Anyway, here is the opening statement of Senator Sessions:

Sessions Delivers Opening Remarks at Oversight Hearing on Refugee Surge, October 1, 2015

WASHINGTON— Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, delivered the following remarks at the Subcommittee’s hearing to investigate the Administration’s controversial plan to admit nearly 200,000 refugees over the next two fiscal years, including a large increase in Syrian refugees, on top of the existing annual admittance of 1 million permanent residents.

“I would like to thank you all for being here today and thank Senator Durbin for joining us to serve as Ranking Member.

This hearing will focus on the administration’s proposed refugee resettlement program for Fiscal Year 2016.  In particular, we will examine the economic and security implications of the Administration’s plan to boost the admission of refugees to nearly 200,000 in two years, including a large increase in Syrian resettlement.

Too often, discussions of any one particular immigration program lack broader numerical context.  Refugee admissions, asylees, and parolees are all additional to our huge annual intake of 1 million green card holders, the 700,000 foreign workers and the 500,000 foreign students. So before addressing the policy question of whether or not to admit additional groups of refugees, we should first consider our broader immigration situation. Continue reading this article

Raymond Ibrahim Explains the World’s Most Dangerous Ideology

Prager University is a fascinating collection of brief videos on a variety of subjects from politics to history and philosophy.

Prager U has published a good five-minute explanation of radical Islam, currently the world’s most poisonous ideology, comparable to the extremist beliefs that roiled the 20th century. The speaker is Raymond Ibrahim, a researcher and author focused on the Middle East and Islam.

There’s no more dangerous, hostile ideology on earth. Why then do western nations admit believers as immigrants inside the gates?

RAYMOND IBRAHIM: What is the world’s most dangerous ideology?

RaymondIbrahimBookIn the first part of the 20th century, the answer was Fascism; first manifest in Italy in the 1920’s, and then in Nazi Germany and in Imperial Japan. It took a world war and 50 million dead to stamp it out. In the second half of the 20th century, the answer was Communism. Between the Soviet Union, Mao’s China and their client states, at least 100 million people were killed in its wake.

Today, the answer is Islamism, a radical, and often violent, form of Islam. Like Fascism and Communism, Islamism is totalitarian in nature: the state controls everything. Also like Fascism and Communism, Islamism is inherently expansionist. It always seeks to get bigger, cross borders, and bring as many peoples as possible under its control. And, like Fascism and communism, many of Islamism’s adherents are prepared to kill to achieve its aims.

Those aims are antithetical to everything Western and other free societies stand for: free speech, free enterprise, freedom to practice, or not to practice, any religion, freedom of assembly, a free press and, of course, fundamental human and civil rights for all their citizens.

Islamism completely rejects the Western principle of separating religion from government. In its view, governments are legitimate only if they rule according to religious law — in Islamism’s case, Sharia, Islam’s extensive body of sacred laws. Sharia is based on the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. The Quran is believed to be the literal words of Allah, as revealed to his prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. And the Sunna consists of the words and deeds attributed to Muhammad. Continue reading this article

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