New Year’s Eve Requires Massive Security to Defend Us from Jihad-Inclined Foreigners

It’s almost New Year’s, and the police who keep us safe are doubling down on jihad prevention measures because of the threat from the unfriendly Muslims the government keeps importing. The media scolds us daily for thinking unkind thoughts about Islamics, yet we see the New Normal that their presence has caused — Paris church-goers having their bags checked at Christmas and American parks like Disneyland adding metal-detector screening for entrance, to name a couple examples.

In Europe, Brussels has already cancelled its fireworks show because of the terror risk. Police arrested two men there a couple days ago for plotting a holiday attack. Six more were detained later. Belgium’s Muslim residents, particularly Sharia4Belgium, impressed Dale Hurd enough with their jihad enthusiasm for him to warn about Belgistan in 2012.

Breitbart has detailed the rollback of New Year’s celebrations all across the continent: The Collapse of Old Europe in 2015: Not with a Bang, but with a Whimper.

Remember, before Muslim immigration, the only drawbacks to a New York New Years Eve were cold weather and crowds. Now America has to deal with immigrants who want to murder us all and institute a totalitarian world caliphate.

Plus, the security measures in New York’s Times Square don’t sound like an evening of fun: no backpacks, no alcohol and no bathrooms inside the security corral. A long freezing night without a bottle of Jack to warm the soul? The extreme safety measures are more examples of how immigration of unfriendlies means less freedom.

Below, New York’s Times Square will have 6,000 city police to help celebrants avoid Muslim diversity.


This extra policing must cost taxpayers a bloody fortune, but media reports normally omit that detail, perhaps so citizens won’t reflect on the expense of unwise immigration.

Security tight as terror threat looms over New York, Los Angeles New Year’s celebrations, Fox News, December 31, 2015

Authorities are stepping up security for New Year’s Eve celebrations across the U.S. as revelers prepare to welcome 2016 amid widespread nervousness after recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif.

In America’s two largest cities, officials assured the public Wednesday that there were no known credible threats against either New York or Los Angeles ahead of three of the most famous New Year’s events on the calendar.

“Leave the worrying to the NYPD,” said James O’Neill, chief of the department. “People should feel safest this New Year’s Eve because we’re there.”

About 1 million people are expected to pack the blocks around Times Square Thursday night to watch the 11,875-pound Waterford crystal ball drop, marking the official start of 2016. Continue reading this article

Jihad-Connected Pakistanis Arrested Crossing U.S. Border

In September, two illegal alien Pakistan residents known to have terror associations were snagged by authorities near San Diego, a fact just being reported now.

It’s not exactly news that foreigners from unfriendly nations (AKA Special Interest Aliens) cross Obama’s welcoming border, but these recent characters have a rap sheet which makes them different. Still, the security threat is huge because of the administration’s willingness to swap safety for future Democrat voters. Earlier this month, several Middle Eastern men were arrested south of Tucson, and two of the group had stainless steel cylinders in their backpacks.

In November, Sharyl Attkisson reported Syrians, Afghanis and Pakistanis were caught crossing the border illegally. Unless foreigners have a pre-existing record, they are given a court date to appear and released. A frustrated Border Patrol agent complained, “The truth is, anyone can get into this country and stay. It’s not possible that we don’t have any ISIS sympathizers here. It’s just too easy for them to get here.”

Below, Osama bin Laden crosses the Rio Grande — no, wait, it’s a concerned filmmaker in a mask showing how easy it is for jihadists to enter the United States.


You have to wonder how many jihadist enemies of America haven’t been caught sneaking in.

Agents nab Pakistanis with terrorist connections crossing U.S. border, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, December 30, 2015

When the U.S. Border Patrol nabbed two Pakistani men with ties to terrorism at the U.S.-Mexico border in September, it marked just the latest instance of illegal immigrants from so-called “special interest countries” using the southern border as a point of entry into the country.

Muhammad Azeem and Mukhtar Ahmad, both in their 20s and from Gujrat, were caught Sept. 20 by agents south of San Diego and just over the international border from Tijuana. When agents checked their identities through databases, they got hits on both of them: Mr. Ahmad popped up as an associate of a known or suspected terrorist, while Mr. Azeem’s information had been shared by a foreign government for intelligence purposes.

Both men had been processed two months earlier by immigration officials in Panama, suggesting they took advantage of smuggling networks or other routes increasingly used by Central American illegal immigrants to sneak into the U.S.

It comes as lawmakers on Capitol Hill are increasingly worried about potential terrorists gaining entry to the U.S. through the border with Mexico or taking advantage of lax screening elsewhere in the immigration system.

“The southern land border remains vulnerable to intrusion and exists as a point of extreme vulnerability,” Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson last week demanding to know how many people in the FBI’s terrorist screening database have been caught at the border. Continue reading this article

Germany Budgets 17 Billion Euros for Illegal Aliens

Open borders don’t come cheap: the care and feeding of the new mostly Muslim residents will ding the German taxpayers around $18.6 billion in 2016 according to estimates.

Meanwhile, the state of Saxony (the capital of which is Dresden where PEGIDA protests started) reports that “migrant” crime has risen by 47 percent in one year.

Below, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel poses for a selfie with a diverse new resident. A few years ago she declared that multiculturalism had proved to be a failure, but nevertheless threw open the doors of her nation in 2015 and one million foreigners entered Europe this year largely based on her invitation.

As usual, the local governments have to deal with the thoughtless edicts from on high and pass the costs on to taxpayers.

German states to spend around 17 billion euros on refugees in 2016, Reuters, December 29, 2015

Germany’s federal states are planning to spend around 17 billion euros (12.6 billion pounds) on dealing with the refugee crisis in 2016, the newspaper Die Welt said on Tuesday, citing a survey it conducted among their finance ministries.

The sum, bigger than the 15.3 billion euros that the central government planned to allocate to its education and research ministry in 2015, is a measure of the strain that the influx is causing across the country as a whole.

The Association of German Cities called for a large-scale home building programme for refugees many of whom have been sleeping in school gymnasiums, office blocks and tents.

Germany is the favoured destination for many of the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, partly due to the generous benefits that it offers.

The German states have repeatedly complained that they are struggling to cope, and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy has caused tensions within her conservative camp.

Die Welt said that excluding the small city state of Bremen, which did not provide any details, current plans suggested the states’ combined expenditure would be 16.5 billion euros.

The paper said actual costs would probably be even higher because the regional finance ministries had based their budgets on an estimate from the federal government that 800,000 refugees would come to Germany in 2015. In fact, 965,000 asylum seekers had already arrived by the end of November. Continue reading this article

Inside a Totally Modern Lego Factory: Robots!

A lot of Christmas trees probably had Lego presents under them a few days back, but it was not Santa’s elves who produced the popular building blocks.

In fact, neither elves nor humans have much to do with the production of Lego stuff nowadays, because the automation force is strong in this company.

A recent Daily Mail story (Inside the ‘top secret’ Lego factory in Denmark, Dec 26) featured the new toys made for the Star Wars movie and mentioned in passing that the company employs more than 200 designers, but the manufacturing plants are “manned by robots but supervised by two people.”

Below is the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark, where one human worker is visible.


In a related matter, the Denmark is moving toward border controls, as part of a growing rejection of borderless Europe amid the massive illegal alien crisis (one million in 2015!) incited by Germany’s Chancellor Merkel. Like the rest of the first world, European businesses are incorporating automation to streamline manufacturing. Denmark may well see the writing on the wall that immigrant workers are becoming obsolete, and hostile Muslims bring other problems.

Okay, back to the Lego factory, where even the cheerful narrator notices the lack of human workers:

In this hall, there’s over a thousand machines making the bricks 24 hours a day but there’s not a single person in sight. The machines melt the granules at 232 degrees Celsius, shake them, cool them down and then spit them out into the containers below, all in under 10 seconds. This rapid process helps Lego to make 1.7 million bricks every hour. That adds up to an enormous 15 billion a year. The factory is almost completely automated: when a container is full, a robotic car collects it and takes it to the storage hall. In the vast hall another automated system takes each crate to its specified shelf.

Quarter-Mile-Long Container Ship Docks at Los Angeles Port

Here’s a postcard from the expanding globalized economy: outsourced manufacturing requires mega-shipping to transport the cheaply-produced goods back to American consumers.

The latest money-saver for corporations is the biggest container ship ever to land in North America, the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, a French-owned ship, which docked on Saturday at the Port of Los Angeles. Built in Red China, the Franklin can carry up to 18,000 containers, which holds a lot of TVs from Asia.


Below, an aerial photo of the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin. Those boxes that may appear tiny are large: they go straight from ships to the back of semi-trucks. (In later incarnations, some are cleverly turned into housing, as Popular Mechanics has detailed.)

The largest container ship to visit a North American port, the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on Saturday  morning, December 26th.  The ship will leave for Oakland on Wednesday.

The largest container ship to visit a North American port, the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on Saturday morning, December 26th. The ship will leave for Oakland on Wednesday.

Here’s Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti crowing about what a big ship it is and how he saw “one crane operator who’s unloading about 40 boxes in an hour” — a speed made possible because of increased automation in ports these days, a job-killer fact the mayor didn’t mention:

Globalization has caused Americans to lose “six million manufacturing jobs and 55,000 factories” in the first decade of the 21st century as a result of government policies, according to Pat Buchanan.

So it’s pretty dense of politicians like Garcetti to praise an element of America’s economic downfall where millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost while just a couple hundred transportation positions result.

Here are some stats: The ship’s crew numbers 26 and around 150 longshoremen are unloading the ship. The job loss shouldn’t be celebrated, but then lying is what politicians do.

Megaship Arrives at Port of Los Angeles, KABC, December 27, 2015

The largest container ship to ever dock in North America arrived at the Port of Los Angeles Saturday morning.

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is 1,306 feet, which is longer than the Empire State Building, and rises out of water nearly the size of a football field. Its width matches than of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, port officials said.

The French vessel can transport 18,000 containers, which is a third more cargo than most ships at the port. It’s even too big to pass through the Panama Canal.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke at the arrival.

“This ship is called the Benjamin Franklin because it embodies the relationship that has existed between our nation and France…,” said Garcetti. “Here we have this great French ambassador visiting America and repaying the favor.”

The ship was expected to be unloaded at the port over the next four days.

It was scheduled to return to Southern California, docking at the Port of Long Beach sometime in early 2016.

Czech Christmas Message: The Refugees Are an ”Organized Invasion”

Czech President Milos Zeman delivered a Christmas address to his fellow citizens recently that addressed their concerns about events. Unlike the European leaders whose minds have been turned to mush by the false ideology of multiculturalism, Zeman still grasps the concepts of Enemy and National Security. Even though political correctness has sought to pretty up human nature by limiting speech, the old animosities remain in place. He doesn’t accept the narrative of fleeing refugees because so many are healthy young men.

Zeman says his country is to be run for the benefit of its citizens, not to be a social services center for invasive illegal aliens.

Christmas Message from the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman, 2015

And so, in foreign relations, there is just one dark stain: that is the migrant wave. These politicians, who close their eyes to the fact that this migration wave has still not yet spilled over [into Czechia], [who say] that there is nothing to fear, are just a bit reminiscent of one mayor of Prague. This mayor, at the time of floods, stood on the bridge, and said: the situation is more than excellent [safe]. And two hours later the water had flooded the Prague metro.

Sometimes I feel like Cassandra, who gave a warning before the Trojan Horse was dragged into the city, but I am deeply convinced that what we are facing is an organized invasion, and not the spontaneous movement of migrants.

Those who are standing up for migrants speak of empathy and solidarity. Empathy, if possible, with the old, the infirm and primarily with children.

But the vast majority of illegal migrants are young able-boded men without families. And I ask: why do these men not take up arms and fight for the freedom of their own country against the Islamic State? Continue reading this article

Christmas Sob Stories Focus on Syrian Muslim Refugees

The mainstream media sees the holiday season of Christmas and New Years as a perfect time for sob stories about the suffering of diverse immigrants. The articles are easy and formulaic to write, plus they function as a liberal scolding to Americans about how mean-spirited we are to deny the foreigners amnesty and/or our enthusiastic welcome even to potential enemies.

In earlier years, Mexicans have been favored subjects, with sub-topics like taxpayer-funded medical care for invasive job thieves and the culture clash between the first world and the third.

But in 2015, it’s the Syrian refugee influx that is getting big media props. The press clearly thinks just because ISIS purposefully uses immigration as a tool of jihad shouldn’t stop America from welcoming thousands of the unscreenable Syrian Muslims.

Seriously, the threat is getting worse: (At least 60 people charged with terrorism-linked crimes this year — a record, Washington Post, Dec 25). The government should be tightening up, not flinging open the doors to the enemy tribe of 1400 years standing. America is hugely endangered by Washington’s continuing immigration permissiveness toward Muslims, and we citizens are supposed to shut up and take it.

In a New York Times sob story, it followed Kamal, a Syrian Muslim, as he picked up cupcakes for his kid’s school Christmas party — he’s become so well adjusted after arriving in January, yet some mean-spirited Americans don’t want Syrians (Thriving in Texas Amid Appeals to Reject Syrian Refugees, Dec 25). Maybe Kamal is a decent guy, but what happens when junior goes through his teen rebellion and perhaps decides America is the problem? The second generation is often where the problems occur.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post tried for a standard sniffler approach for profiling Mostafa Hassoun, a young man struggling to adjust (Isolated Syrian refugee finds support, suspicion, Dec 26). Immigration even in the best circumstances is a highly stressful endeavor, and when cultures are vastly different, adjusting is much harder.


The Washington Post’s Sunday front pager featured the kids as a ploy to highlight a Syrian family’s “apprehensions” and “fear” about entering unfriendly America. Poor long-suffering Muslims! Why would anyone in the United States be suspicious of members of the mass-murdering political cult?


Plus, Louisville has already experienced plenty of refugee diversity. In 2006, Somali refugee Said Biyad murdered his four children, the oldest being eight years old, by slitting their throats.

Nevertheless, Kentucky remains one of the top “welcoming” states for refugees, because why would anyone allow a mass murder as a reason to reconsider a government program?

The newbie Aldobai family with six kids (!) is headed by daddy Sarhan whose work experience is described as “shepherd” and he does not speak English. Furthermore, the family preferred to stay in the Middle East and did not want to live in America at all.

What could possibly go wrong with such stupid and suicidal public policy?

A wary start to Syrian refugees’ new life in Kentucky, Stars & Stripes (WPost), December 27, 2055

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Tribune News Service)- America’s newest family of Syrian refugees flew in late at night, and Sarhan Aldobai, 36, looked down from the plane at the distant lights of his new home. His wife was nursing their baby in the next seat.

His five other children had fallen asleep. Sarhan took out the small world map he had carried since leaving Syria in 2012 and tried to trace the plane’s path.

They were flying over the United States, where polls showed that a majority of residents said they didn’t want more Syrian refugees. They descended into Kentucky, where the new governor had vowed to block arrivals because of “risks to our citizens.” They landed in Louisville, where at that moment in late December a Republican presidential debate was being broadcast live on airport TVs.

“What would you do with these people?” a moderator was asking the candidates about the 2,000 Syrians who had already been admitted into the United States in the past four years, since the war in Syria began. “Do they pose a terror threat? Would you send them back?”

Sarhan walked off the plane and stopped to wash his face and wipe his shoes. His three sons were dressed in winter jackets donated for their trip by the United Nations. His oldest daughter was carrying an American flag she’d been given during a pre-departure cultural orientation for refugees. They had been taught that Americans believed in wearing seat belts, that girls and boys attended school together, and that recent terrorist attacks in Paris and California had caused a backlash against Muslims. They’d been told about Donald Trump, and how his supporters talked of shutting down mosques, banning Arabic and creating a government registry of Muslims. These were some of the things Sarhan knew about the United States.

What the United States knew about him was collected in his refugee case file. “Reason for resettlement: Physical protection needs.” “U.S. ties: none.” “Prior occupation: Shepherd.”

“English ability: Reads none, writes none, speaks none.” “FBI screening: Cleared.” “Department of Homeland Security: Approved.”
Continue reading this article

Puerto Rican Statehood Reappears As an Indestructable Bad Idea

Among the top worst ideas for America is to make Spanish-speaking, welfare-addicted, deeply corrupt Puerto Rico a state. Some Republican Presidential candidates — Marco Rubio, Jeb! Bush and Ben Carson — are strong proponents, as noted in a recent Fox News report about the territory’s money troubles:

MARCO RUBIO: I support statehood if that’s what they determine that they want.

JEB! BUSH: I have long been a supporter of statehood.

BEN CARSON: I would be incredibly honored and delighted for Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.

Marco says it’s up to Puerto Ricans to choose statehood, as if the opinion of the American citizens doesn’t matter. It’s not exactly a hot topic these days, although a 2012 Angus Reid poll found just 21 percent of Americans supported Puerto Rico becoming a state. A 2013 Rasmussen poll determined that only 12 percent of voters believed it would be beneficial for the nation to add ANY new states, including the District of Columbia, and a plurality (44%) had the opinion that it would be harmful to increase the number of states.

Shallow Republican candidates often think support for PR statehood is a way to cop an easy vote from hispanics. Candidate Mitt Romney professed his allegiance to a diverse 51st star.

Newt Gingrich has been one of the worst offenders, since he clearly thought that his promotion of the idea was a brilliant political stroke. In 2009 he set up a two-language website “The Americano” to explain conservative values to hispanics — which no longer exists, for some odd reason.

Arguably the worst aspect of PR statehood would be the official “bilingual” (aka Spanish) nose shoved even further under the tent. Our culture is fragmented enough already from decades of forced immigration diversity without now pushing the Spanish language as a norm. Many jobs in immigrant-flooded areas require Spanish, so Americans are at a disadvantage.

Below, Puerto Ricans demand “Estadidad Ahora” — “Statehood Now” in Spanish, an example of how not to win friends and influence Americans.


To see how official bilingualism works, watch how a political speech works in Canada: a couple minutes in English, a couple minutes in French — repeat, repeat, repeat. It’s incredibly inefficient, not to mention boring. Canada at least has the excuse of history, unlike America which has failed to defend its territorial integrity and allowed the invasion of a big-government tribe.

How rotten corrupt is Puerto Rico? Expecting a bailout from stupid-generous Washington, it recently handed out $120 million in Christmas bonuses to government employees, despite being more than $70 billion in debt.

That attitude is not surprising. Puerto Ricans believe everything is free in America — Leonard Bernstein told us that:

Christmas in Islamified France Requires Increased Security Measures to Protect Citizens from Immigrants

I happened to click on a French news channel on Friday morning and saw Paris church-goers having their bags checked to enter their cathedral — such is the state of danger in France nowadays emanating from its hostile Muslim residents. Is there any public policy idea in the history of the world worse than Muslim immigration?

Below, seriously armed soldiers guard Notre Dame cathedral to prevent a jihad attack.


France has 120,000 police and soldiers on guard to protect its citizens over the Christmas holiday. This is the sort of new normal we don’t want in America, but Washington seems intent on delivering it nevertheless with its insistence on thousands of unscreenable Syrian refugees and Muslim immigration generally.

France celebrates Christmas under tight security, France24, December 25, 2015

It was a subdued Christmas Eve in Paris on Thursday, with tourist numbers down, security bolstered at shops and churches, and locals still on edge after last month’s jihadist attacks.

Heavily armed soldiers patrolled outside the iconic Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores in the city centre, still doing a brisk last-minute Christmas trade but notably less crowded than usual.

“It’s a lot quieter,” said taxi driver Belkassem. “I feel bad for the hotels and restaurants because there are a lot fewer tourists in town this year and this is a crucial time of year for them.”

The famous “bateaux-mouches” boats that carry millions of tourists each year along the Seine have reported a 15-30 percent drop in business since the attacks of November 13, which left 130 dead and hundreds injured.

It is not only France that is feeling the tension this festive season. Christians around the world are bracing for potential attacks at a symbolic time of year — even in China where the US and British embassies warned of possible violence against Westerners in Beijing. Continue reading this article

Administration Plans Photo-Op of Deporting Families

Perhaps stung by news reports of immigration non-enforcement, the White House has a clever scheme to strike back at the friends of sovereignty: it will deport photogenic sympathy-evoking families with cute kids, rather than violent criminals with gang tattoos. Jose the gangster gets to stay! Then the Obama crew will blame border defenders as meanies for making them deport families.

If the Obama administration wanted to show good faith (!) in immigration enforcement, then it could re-arrest the illegal alien criminals it released in recent years.

Don’t forget the Democrats’ immigration permissiveness has caused terrible human suffering among Americans from the crimes of illegal alien criminals allowed to run wild. The Senate held a hearing in July of families who had lost loved ones to illegal aliens. Senator Jeff Sessions summed up by remarking, “This administration has consistently and steadfastly placed the goal of amnesty above the goal of public safety.”

If career criminal alien Francisco Sanchez (left) had been deported instead of released onto San Francisco streets, he wouldn’t have present to shoot Kate Steinle as she strolled with her father on a bayside pier.

The problem of liberal treatment of dangerous foreigners goes far beyond shocking individual stories: ICE released 30,558 convicted criminal aliens in FY 2014. (See more numbers in the CIS report The Non-Deported: ICE Still Releasing Criminal Aliens at a Rapid Pace, May, 2015.) Wouldn’t repatriating these foreigners be a better place to start enforcing immigration laws?

Anyway, if the government were serious, it wouldn’t warn the perps that it is coming to deport them so they will have time to skedaddle.

Plus, only “hundreds” of families will be given free trips home, while around 100,000 families are believed to have crossed the Mexican border since last year. That doesn’t make much of a dent, does it? It’s a photo-op, not a crackdown.

U.S. plans to deport some immigrant families who crossed southern border, CBS News, December 24, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security is planning a large-scale effort to detain and deport hundreds of immigrant families who have illegally crossed the southern border of the U.S. since the start of 2014, sources confirmed to CBS News.

The plan was first reported by the Washington Post, which cited people familiar with the operation as saying it could begin as soon as early January, though final DHS approval was still pending.

The raids would be carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and target adults and children already ordered to leave the U.S. by an immigration judge, the newspaper said.

Sources confirmed the information contained in the Post article to CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

A DHS spokesperson said in a statement to CBS News that the deportations would be consistent with Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s emphasis on “individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security.”

“As Secretary Johnson has consistently said, our border is not open to illegal immigration, and if individuals come here illegally, do not qualify for asylum or other relief, and have final orders of removal, they will be sent back consistent with our laws and our values,” the spokesperson said. Continue reading this article

Year-End DHS Memo: Deportations Plummet in 2015

It’s not exactly news that deportation is a lost art under the open-borders Obasma regime. But the Washington Times had an interesting stat-fact in its front-page story on Wednesday: the chance that an illegal alien gets deported is just one is 164. How does that compare with getting struck by lightning, I wonder…


A Rasmussen poll from August showed a majority of voters favor deporting lawbreakers, but the White House doesn’t notice surveys that disagree with its priority of amassing more future Democrats.

You can read the wonky bureaucratese of the memo here: DHS Releases End of Fiscal Year 2015 Statistics.

U.S. deports fewer illegals, criminals as Obama amnesty kicks in, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, December 22, 2015

Chance of illegal immigrant being deported is 1 in 164

President Obama slashed the number of deportations in 2015, the administration announced Tuesday, removing out only about 235,000 aliens from the U.S. as his amnesty kicked into full gear, putting most illegal immigrants out of reach of agents.

Overall deportations dropped by 32 percent, and even deportations of criminals — whom Mr. Obama had said he wanted to focus on — dropped by 27 percent compared to fiscal year 2014, according to year-end statistics released by Homeland Security. Continue reading this article

Saudi Shopkeeper Busted for Selling Fake Camel Urine

The prophet Mohammed recommended camel piss as a beneficial drink for the faithful, and apparently some do, judging from a recent news story from The Kingdom. A store owner had his shop shut down by authorities when it was discovered the liquid advertised as camel urine was actually his own. Imagine the outrage! Is there a fatwa for this?

The famous Islam Comic: Mohammed’s Believe It or Else! highlighted the practice:


In fact, Mohammed recommended imbibing camel urine on numerous occasions, according to JihadWatch in its discussion of the news:

Some hadiths depict Muhammad touting the medicinal benefits of drinking camel urine. This one also shows him in his full compassionate, merciful glory: “The climate of Medina did not suit some people, so the Prophet ordered them to follow his shepherd, i.e. his camels, and drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they followed the shepherd that is the camels and drank their milk and urine till their bodies became healthy. Then they killed the shepherd and drove away the camels. When the news reached the Prophet he sent some people in their pursuit. When they were brought, he cut their hands and feet and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron.” (Bukhari 9.76.5686)

And so drinking camel urine is just as much a matter of obeying Muhammad (as the Qur’an repeatedly exhorts Muslims to do; see 3:32; 3:132; 4:13; 4:59; 4:69; 4:80; 5:92; 8:1; 8:20; 8:46; 9:71; 24:47; 24:51; 24:52; 24:54; 24:56; 33:33; 47:33; 49:14; 58:13; 64:12) as is waging jihad and subjugating Infidels (see Qur’an 9:29).

Saudis are known to love camels, and they still enjoy camel races as a celebration of heritage and appreciate a good-looking animal.

Nearly 81,000 young Saudis currently attend American colleges. Do they send home for beverages? We wouldn’t want them to suffer any cultural deprivation while residing in the land of the infidel.

Here’s the story from Saudi Arabia — truth in packaging matters everywhere, it seems.

Saudi authorities close down shop selling traditional camel urine drinks… after discovering the owner had been filling the bottles with his own bodily waste, Daily Mail, December 22, 2015

Saudi authorities have closed down a shop selling traditional camel urine drinks after discovering the owner had been filling the bottles with his own bodily waste.

Health inspectors swooped on a vendor in the port city of Al Qunfudhah, in south-western Saudi Arabia, and confiscated more than 70 full bottles.

The practice of drinking camel’s urine mixed with milk is believed to date back centuries while some insist it has health benefits. Continue reading this article

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