California: Jerry Brown Vetoes Non-Citizen Juror Bill

Is Jerry practicing his old paddle principle (“a little bit on the left, then you paddle a little bit on the right”) by rejecting non-citizen jurors? This decision comes just days after his approving driver’s licenses for lawbreaking foreigners and signing the TRUST Act which frees criminal aliens from jail.

Of course, Jerry mostly paddles left, and the juror thing is tiny in effect compared with licensing, which will likely lead to increased driving fatalities and is certainly an incentive for criminals and terrorists to get their IDs in the Golden State. The Orwellian TRUST law could have been written by the Mexican Mafia.

Meanwhile, a Rasmussen poll published Monday found that 68 percent of voters oppose DLs for illegal aliens.

But Jerry and his left-coast Democrats think they know better than the rest of America. “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead,” Brown said in a statement about the TRUST Act. “I’m not waiting.”

Brown vetoes bill to allow non-citizens on juries, Associated Press, October 7, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have allowed non-citizens who are legal residents to serve as jurors in California.

“Jury service, like voting, is quintessentially a prerogative and responsibility of citizenship,” Brown said in an announcement Monday accompanying his veto of AB1401. “This bill would permit lawful permanent residents who are not citizens to serve on a jury. I don’t think that’s right.”

The bill by Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, was intended to expand the pool of prospective jurors. Wieckowski said in a statement that lawful immigrants are part of the fabric of communities and should be included in such civic obligations. Continue reading this article

Iconic Brooklyn Bridge Is Abused by Amnesty Demanders

I wasn’t going to report on the gaggle of well financed amnesty rallies over the weekend, but the Brooklyn Bridge display had too many appalling images of foreigner diversity to resist.

Effective political messaging can be harder than it looks, but seriously, the demands of foreign lawbreakers for “respect” (and all the rights and privileges of law-abiding citizens), is way over the top. In American culture, respect is earned, not automatic.

Plus, when the demands are made in a foreign language, Americans are rightly suspicious that assimilation might not be in the border-hoppers’ game plan.

Likewise the display of foreign flags, as demonstrated below:

The foreigners are saying by their actions that they remain loyal and culturally connected to their homelands. They want all the advantages of citizenship with none of the responsibility or normal community association with Americans.

What the heck is this creature? Even one of New York’s finest seems perplexed.

Look, there are several of the characters, diverse but similar. From an arts & crafts perspective, they are very nice, but the Mexican motifs suggest another message of “Screw you, America.” Just a wild guess.

Finally, here’s a cartoon upshot of the amnesty movement: Gimme, gimme!

There’s text also, with the usual leftist anti-sovereignty slant. Rewarding foreign lawbreakers is not “reform.”

Thousands cross Brooklyn Bridge Saturday to protest stoppage to immigration reform due to government shutdown, New York Daily News, October 5, 2013

Thousands of people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday — charging the same congressmen and women who let the government shut down are blocking desperately needed immigration reform.

“We are here today to demand the House take action. Leadership, stop delaying immigration reform,” said Steven Choi of the New York Immigration Coalition. Continue reading this article

Canada: Pan Am Games Diversity Standards Denigrate Regular Business Folks

Canada, with its official policy of multiculturalism, has been half a step ahead of America in terms of the bad craziness attached to believing extreme diversity to be a positive value. However, the faith of the citizens may be drifting away. For example, the quadruple honor killing of four women in the Shafia Afghan immigrant family aroused concerns among the public that perhaps misogynous Muslim culture may not be an appropriate fit with western societies.

But today’s topic is the Pan Am Games taking place in Toronto, which requires all vendors to submit information about their gender, LGBT orientation, aboriginal background and/or disabilities. Many find the questions to be intrusive and insulting, as did the owner of Scooters Catering food service company described in the Toronto Sun article linked below.

Apparently there is a “diversity certification” that businesses can get and an organization to print out the official credentials. There are many opportunities in the diversity field, no doubt about it.

SunTV’s Brian Lilly and columnist John Robson had a discussion about the absurdity of diversity quotas and how the ideology negates basic fairness:

It’s whacky stuff, this Canadian obsession with the trendy god diversity, but the affliction is widespread in liberal communities. For example, the University of California Berkeley has an office for inclusion with a staff of 150 and a budget of $17 million.

So the problem is not just Canada, but the confusion of liberals everywhere who wrongly think that all diversity is equal. It isn’t. The lesser status of women around the world shows the inequality of diversity clearly enough.

Pan Am Games diversity push raises questions, Toronto Sun, October 3, 2013

TORONTO - Scott Anders, of Scooters Catering, had hoped to be able to sell his hot dogs, gently smoked pulled pork and St. Louis style ribs at some of the venues during the 2015 Pan Am Games.

Anders thought himself a perfect fit.

After all, events like this are bread and butter for his Milton-based company. When I spoke to him earlier this week, he was just winding down from a busy summer operating his food trailer at the Honda Indy, the Live Nation tour at Ontario Place, as well as a variety of weekend festivals.

But when he went online to the Pan Am website in the spring to register as a supplier with the games’ database, he was shocked to see that he had to declare whether his is a diverse business.

That meant reporting whether it is 51% owned and operated by females, visible minorities, Aboriginals, disabled people or by people who identify as LGBT.

He also had to indicate whether his business actually has a “diversity certification.”

Anders told me he’d never seen anything like it and that the most he’s ever been asked in an application is to send a picture of his booth.

“They never ask what colour you are or whether you are owned by a woman,” he said, noting he’s been in the business for 18 years. “What does this have to do with being a food vendor … I just want to sell hot dogs.”

He decided not to continue with his application figuring his company “would never ever have a chance” of being selected. Continue reading this article

California: Criminal-Friendly TRUST Act Is Signed into Law

In Demorat-run Mexifornia, Governor Jerry Brown is on a roll to shred law enforcement’s ability to protect public safety. After enacting driver’s licenses for illegal aliens a few days ago, he finalized the so-called TRUST Act ending the partnership, known as Secure Communities, in which local police hand over already arrested foreign lawbreakers to the feds.

Liberal advocates for touchy-feely policing claim that illegal immigrants are too shy about their status to report crimes and therefore the foreign invaders should be cut more slack regarding their lawbreaking behaviors, kindly treatment that mere citizens don’t get. Soft enforcement on foreign criminals is a major price we Americans pay for the questionable addition of diversity into our society.

However a September paper from the Center for Immigration Studies (Immigration Enforcement and Community Policing) demonstrates that the “chilling effect” from police cooperation with ICE is a fiction. For example, hispanics are more likely than other groups overall to report crimes, according to Justice Department figures. Local studies are examined in the CIS piece and show similar attitudes toward police among foreigners.

And whatever happened to the idea of “broken windows” policing? The idea was to grab beginning criminals doing minor crimes before they grew into dangerous felons. The new TRUST law turns that policy on its head by instead protecting lesser criminals.

The San Jose Mercury News noted a local murder case that showed the flaws of the squishy liberal view. (The crime victim, Martha Casillas, is pictured at right with her three children, back when she was alive.)

San Jose killing entangled in immigrant policy fight over Trust Act, SJM, September 29, 2013.

SAN JOSE — A month before authorities say he killed his wife, 40-year-old Mario Chavez was in jail after a heated domestic argument that ended with him threatening their 6-year-old son with a knife.

His family got a protective order. He made bail. When a judge later raised the amount, so did Chavez.

In the weeks since the Sept. 7 slaying that left three San Jose children virtually orphaned, some of the sadness gave way to a pointed question: Should Chavez — who was in the country illegally — have been able to post bail in the first place?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials contend they could have kept Chavez off the street, but were stymied by a county policy that severely curtails their access to inmates. But the local leaders who championed that policy say it remains an important protection against federal overreaching, and argue the criminal justice system has plenty of other ways to keep dangerous individuals locked up.

It’s likely that fellow hispanics will be the most frequent crime victims resulting from weakened law enforcement, simply because the illegals swim in the ocean of the Spanish-speaking community.

Of course, life will become more dangerous for all California residents because the state welcome mat is now firmly in place for diverse criminals.

California won’t turn arrested illegal immigrants over to feds, San Jose Mercury News, October 5, 2013

Reversing his position from a year ago, Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a law that shields illegal immigrants arrested on suspicion of many crimes from being turning over to immigration authorities.

Coming on the heels of Brown signing a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, Brown’s signature on the so-called Trust Act signaled a personal turnaround. It also highlighted the dramatic shift in Californians’ views toward illegal immigration since voters in 1994 overwhelming approved Proposition 187, which barred illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits but was ultimately overturned in court.

Brown said that AB4 by Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, “protects public safety and yet also protects immigrants who are basically living upright lives and working hard for the people.”

The bill prohibits placing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds on jail inmates who are otherwise eligible for release. Brown said he now felt comfortable signing the bill because the Legislature had added several provisions to the Trust Act since he vetoed it last year that will allow those charged or convicted with serious and violent felonies to be held for ICE agents. Crimes added to the list that expose immigrants to deportation include child abuse, gang-related crimes, drug trafficking, weapon sales, using children to sell drugs and aggravated federal felonies.

The bill extends statewide what Santa Clara County and some other jurisdictions around the country have already put into practice, sometimes raising controversy when immigrants who might have been deported are later arrested on suspicion of committing serious crimes.

Law enforcement agencies, which opposed the bill, and immigrant advocates both had energetically lobbied Brown on Ammiano’s bill. Continue reading this article

Chair of Republican Conference Says Plenty of Time for Amnesty This Year

The House has lots on its plate these days (even working on Saturday!), but saving us from crazy Obamacare and suicidal overspending hasn’t dissuaded many GOPers from the amnesty project. The Chair of the Republican Conference told the Mexican network Univision this weekend that an immigration bill can be jammed through in the remaining days of the legislative calendar.

In fact, importing more immigrants is a top priority for the already rich. Elites want the doubling of legal immigration found in the Senate bill to keep labor costs low, despite 20 million jobless Americans. Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, has led a cadre of wealthy Silicon Valley businesspeople lobbying for more IT immigration.

And when billionaire campaign-check writers tell their legislature they want something, Congress listens.

Strategy-wise, the timing would be perfect for amnesty because after weeks of Washington dystopian drama over Obamacare and the budget, citizens would be sick to death of the clown capital and want to tune it out.

And unlike previous amnesty pushes, there has been little discussion on conservative radio. Among national radio talk show hosts, Limbaugh is completely useless, and only Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham consistently remind listeners about the amnesty threat.

Plus, the Weekly Standard recently reported that many Republicans favor “legalization” and named names: 84 House Republicans Support Legalizing Undocumented Workers.

The idea of “legalization” is a scam, because it immediately allows illegals to take American jobs, which is what they came for. Therefore:

Legalization IS Amnesty.

And the open-borders squawkers will start complaining about “second class citizenship” within minutes of amnesty being signed into law.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Immigration a ‘priority’ for this year, Politico, October 5, 2013

A top House Republican says in an upcoming interview that the chamber will take up immigration reform in 2013, insisting that “there’s still time” for a comprehensive rewrite despite the rapidly dwindling time left on this year’s calendar.

Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, said during an interview with Univision’s “Al Punto” that top leaders are still discussing when to bring immigration bills to the House floor.

Speaker John Boehner “over the last few weeks has continued to talk about the importance of the House moving forward on immigration reform,” McMorris Rodgers said, according to a transcript provided by Univision. “I believe that we have a window here between now and the end of the year and that this is a priority.” Continue reading this article

SunTV's JihadWatch: All the News about Hostile Muslims That Can Fit in Several Minutes

Unlike Fox News (which is often Argument TV), the Canadian conservative network has expert guests who increase the viewers’ knowledge. Semi-regular interviewee Robert Spencer recently reviewed the latest happenings in the unfriendly Muslim world, news one doesn’t normally see on the pro-diversity liberal networks.

In Edmonton, a sheik harangued Egyptian Coptic Christians, saying, “If you don’t turn the other cheek, the fire will burn you.” In other words, surrender to Islam or else, which is how the entire Middle East was transformed from mostly Christian to nearly completely Muslim over centuries. The Copts are suffering increased violence from sharia types who are angry at the Christians for their opposition to Morsi’s government. But no Canadian authorities seem concerned that such explosive rhetoric is occurring in moderate mosques.

The Muslim polygamy problem came up for discussion, since Canada has asked Muslim immigrants pretty please to bring only one wife. But there will be little enforcement to check on whether the hubbies re-marry the various wives, which Muslim men seem to do frequently anyway. So two standards of legality will likely develop, where multi-wifing will be a crime for traditional western people, but not so much for Muslims. Anyone who complains is a meanie Islamophobe who hates diversity.

Elsewhere, in Pakistan a church was bombed and it has been reported that commercially valuable organs were harvested from the victims.

Finally, the new American Secretary of State, John Kerry, plans to distribute US tax dollars to Muslims so they won’t become terrorists — another misunderstanding of Islamic motivation. Kerry thinks that Muslims want to kill us only because they don’t have jobs, while he disregards the spreading ideology of Islam. In fact, many jihadists are economically well off, like the recently sentenced accountant and sharia supporter, Sabirhan Hasanoff.

California: Governor Moonbeam Licenses Aliens

In California, the Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has done the evil deed of signing into law legislation licensing foreign lawbreakers lurking in the state.

It was expected. California is now a one-party state, run by and for liberal Democrats and their favorite clients. There is no opposition party to block a policy that is clearly contrary to public safety and order.

Protecting public safety is supposed to be a top responsibility of government, but not so much for California liberals.

Libs maintain that licensing lawbreaking foreigners will make roadways safer because the aliens will have to get insurance. Actually in 2003 New Mexico enacted DLs for illegal aliens in the hope that they would become responsible drivers and purchase car insurance. The experiment failed of course, and NM remains one of the most uninsured states.

Also many illegal aliens don’t read English, which makes them more dangerous drivers, obviously. Sure they can recognize a Stop sign, but anything more complex will be a blur to them.

Naturally the AP has an upbeat presentation including a lawbreaking success ending:

California gives immigrants driver’s licenses, Associated Press, October 3, 2013

LOS ANGELES (AP) — California on Thursday joined the growing list of states that allow immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally to obtain driver’s licenses — a measure supported not only by Latino activists but by police chiefs and insurance authorities.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill in front of a cheering crowd of immigrants and their supporters, predicting other parts of the country will follow the example set by the nation’s most populous state.

The licenses, which are expected to become available no later than January 2015, will carry a special designation on the front and a notice stating that the document is not official federal identification and cannot be used to prove eligibility for employment or public benefits.

“This is only the first step,” Brown said outside City Hall in Los Angeles. “When a million people without their documents drive legally and with respect in the state of California, the rest of this country will have to stand up and take notice. No longer are undocumented people in the shadows.”

Ten other states have enacted measures to give driver’s licenses to immigrants in the country illegally, many of them in the past year, according to the National Immigration Law Center. Continue reading this article

Scammer Lebanese Doctor Is Accused of Deaths and Medicare Fraud

Not a few foreigners see the United States as a full refrigerator of available riches, populated by gullible sheep who can’t imagine that some immigrants would steal them blind if given the chance. The generous government system of medical benefits is particularly attractive, such that in 2009, Sixty Minutes reported that Medicare fraud was a “$60 billion crime” and south Florida has been quite the hot spot. One symptom: hundreds of Florida Cubans fled to the homeland to escape the FBI.

In Michigan, authorities are preparing to prosecute a Lebanese doctor who is believed to have mooched $35 million in just two years by engaging in Medicare fraud. His flight risk is judged to be so high that bond was removed altogether.

Cancer specialist Dr. Farid Fata (pictured below) is accused of misdiagnosing patients and using unnecessary treatments so he could enrich himself through Medicare. Prosecutors claim that healthy persons were given dangerous drugs that they didn’t require, thereby endangering them. Some relatives believe Fata killed their loved ones with his unneeded and excessive treatments.

‘Death doctor’ accused of misdiagnosing cancer patients to scam millions out of Medicare a ’serious risk’ to flee the country, Daily Mail, October 2, 2013

A Michigan oncologist charged with intentionally misdiagnosing patients with cancer as part of a major Medicare fraud operation will remain in prison until trial, with court officials scared he will flee to the Middle East.

Dr Farid Fata – who is accused of ordering unnecessary treatments for his patients, such as chemotherapy, to enrich himself through insurance programs – made an application in the federal court to have his bond reduced from $9 million to $500,000 so he could leave prison, where he has been held since August 6.

However the move backfired for the 45-year-old, who works out of metropolitan Detroit, with a judge today removing Fata’s bond completely, based on the ’serious risk’ he would leave America for his native country, Lebanon, if given the chance.

The prosecution successfully claimed that not all of Fata’s considerable assets had been seized since his arrest and that he could fund a trip overseas for himself and his wife.

‘We can’t be sure how much money he has out there,’ prosecutor Catherine Dick said.

It is alleged Fata received about $35 million from Medicare via his insurance scam over a two year period.

“Obviously there is a presumption of innocence … but the court feels there is a serious risk of flight,’ U.S. District Judge, Paul Borman, said. Continue reading this article

New York: Muslim Accountant Is Sentenced to 18 Years for al Qaeda Support

The concerned citizen has to watch closely for terror trials occurring in America because they often get minimal news coverage, just small notices on the day of conviction and sentencing if that. It’s easy to miss the pattern that there are a number of Muslims, usually immigrants, who plot to kill Americans here or aid our enemies abroad.

Today’s terror trial has an interesting backstory of multiple diversity: convicted perp Sabirhan Hasanoff was born in China of Uzbek parents who moved to Australia when he was a baby, later relocating in Brooklyn. After years of a successful career as an accountant, he decided that the Islam in his life needed to be ramped up to a more extreme expression by helping provide al Qaeda with money and equipment.

Another curious feature is how he was guilt-tripped into jihad by recruiters like the late Anwar al-Awlaki who convinced Hasanoff that it was wrong to live in infidel luxury when Muslims were suffering somewhere in the world.

Hasanoff certainly doesn’t conform to the popular view that jihad is caused by poverty. In fact, he shows that even apparently well assimilated Muslims in suits are not to be trusted. (He is somewhat similar in this regard to Faisal Shahzad, the failed Times Square bomber, who appeared to be a well integrated suburbanite with an MBA.)

Below, a courtroom sketch of Sabirhan Hasanoff with Judge Kimba Wood. (Remember Kimba Wood? In 1993, she was forced to withdraw from an appointment by President Bill Clinton to be Attorney General because she had hired an illegal alien nanny.)

Adelaide-raised Sabirhan Hasanoff jailed in the US for 18 years for supporting al-Qaeda, The Australian, October 1, 2013

ON the surface it seemed like Adelaide-raised Sabirhan Hasanoff had it all – an US college education, a rewarding career family, travel and money.

Yesterday in Manhattan Federal Court he was sentenced to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty last year to supporting al-Qaeda with cash and supplies .

Prosecutors said Hasanoff, 37, provided extensive support to al-Qaeda from 2007 to 2010, even purchasing an advanced remote control for explosives attacks and reporting information about the New York Stock Exchange. They said he also made regular cash donations to people he thought were affiliated with al-Qaeda.

US District Judge Kimba Wood said the “most important factor” in deciding Hasanoff’s sentence was the need to deter others from similar conduct.

In a letter to the judge, Hasanoff expressed regret for abandoning his life in America, where he lived in Brooklyn with his wife and three children after graduating from Baruch College in Manhattan and obtaining a job as a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He was working as the chief financial officer for a large company based in Dubai when he was arrested in 2010 and brought to the US to face charges. “I made a good living and my family and I enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle,” he wrote. “And then, for reasons that I still have trouble confronting, I threw that all away.”

Inspired by radical clerics, he said his desire to strengthen his Muslim faith and fight atrocities against Muslims were mixed with guilt about a life lived in comfort. Continue reading this article

House Republicans Multitask for Amnesty

In recent days, Washington has looked pretty busy with Congress persons chattering excitedly about whether to pass a CR, shut the government or whatever deal they can squeeze through the sausage machine.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to tuck in a little amnesty for 30 million foreign lawbreakers during Congress’ spare moments.

Because in the big capitol, it’s all about priorities, and when billionaires phone with plaintive cries for more and cheaper workers, representatives listen.

One example was the House Majority Leader making time for legalization hacks, as reported by Breitbart on September 27: As Government Shutdown Looms, Eric Cantor Holds Meeting on Amnesty.

Unfortunately, the powerful chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, favors legalization, the big reward that all illegals crave (unlike citizenship, desired only by raza types and Democrats to gain political clout).


Legalization IS Amnesty

because it provides nearly instant access to all American jobs, and employment is the reason illegals come here in the first place.

Senator Jeff Sessions observed how amnesty would advantage illegal aliens: “They’ll be able to immediately apply for much better jobs than they currently have. Maybe they were working at a restaurant part time. Now they’re going to be truck drivers, heavy-equipment operators competing at the factories and plants and we’ve got an unemployment rate that’s very high.”

Amnesty means job displacement for Americans by cheaper foreigners who are already used to working for less. But Republicans like Goodlatte (Phone: 202-225-5431) and Cantor (Phone: 202-225-4000) have concerns other than American unemployment during a five-year jobless “recovery.”

House Republicans Work Immigration Behind Scenes, Associated Press, September 30, 2013

Immigration overhaul legislation has been dormant in the House for months, but a few Republicans are working behind the scenes to advance it at a time the Capitol is immersed in a partisan brawl over government spending and President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, has been discussing possible legal status for the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. He’s also been working with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a fellow Virginia Republican, on a bill offering citizenship to immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as children.

Reps. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, and Ted Poe, R-Texas, are working on a plan to create a visa program allowing more lower-skilled workers into the country.

Goodlatte and the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, hold out hopes for floor action by late October on a series of immigration bills that already have passed their committees.

“I would think that would be the next agenda item in the queue after we’re done with this mess,” McCaul said this past week, referring to bitter divisions over the health law, the level of government spending and the growing federal debt.

The attention of House GOP leaders seems certain to remain squarely focused on the fiscal disputes until they are resolved, leaving immigration on a back burner for some time to come. But lawmakers and outside advocates insist that three months after the Democratic-led Senate passed a sweeping immigration bill, the issue is showing signs of life in the Republican-run House.

“Despite the appearance that would suggest everyone in Washington is focused on one thing, work is going on on other issues beneath the radar,” said Tamar Jacoby, head of ImmigrationWorks USA, a coalition of small businesses that supports comprehensive immigration legislation.

Goodlatte has made it clear he wants to see the issue solved. Continue reading this article

Media: It’s “Far Right” for Europeans to Support National Sovereignty

It’s interesting the topics the media considers “far right” which are actually quite mainstream. In the video report below from RT (Russian TV), political scientist Sylvia Kritzinger of the University of Vienna remarks, “A lot of people from the working class, blue-collar workers, less educated people are voting for the extreme right or the radical right because of the policies they put forward, like immigration, anti-European integration, corruption against the political system as such.”

The difference happens when elite opinion differs from that of average folks; then the powerful use their media to disparage the beliefs of the little citizens by using insulting words like “xenophobe” to shut down the public debate.

Elites like open borders and economic globalization schemes — which are opposite sides of the same coin — because the rich get richer when the citizen control of government is whittled away. And one thing the voters want is for their immigration laws and national sovereignty to be enforced, yet governments are strangely reluctant to enforce such basics.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus had it right when he remarked in 2003, “You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state.”

The chart included here comes from the 2007 Pew report World Publics Welcome Global Trade — But Not Immigration. The polling showed the universality of preference for one’s own language and culture, a principle that has likely increased in the intervening years given the many negatives engendered by diverse immigration.

French Diversity: Roma Are Spotlighted in Trial

Over in France, Muslim immigrants have been a disastrous addition to society, and have caused disturbances from weeks-long periods of “civil unrest” to burqa riots. But perpetually cranky Islamists are not the only diversity problem facing the French, who were recently polled as disapproving of the gypsies, er Roma who reside there.

Majority of French believe Roma should leave France, France 24, September 28, 2013

A new poll published on Saturday finds a whopping 77 percent of French people agreeing with a recent statement by Socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who said that Roma immigrants are inherently “different” and “will have to return to Bulgaria and Romania” . [. . .]

You know things are bad when a Socialist minister agrees that multicultural immigration has been a mistake. When Socialist François Holland won election as President in 2012, Muslim voters were a big part of the coalition and were actively courted.

In addition, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has declared Romania and Bulgaria should not be allowed into the passport-free Schengen zone due to security fears about increased numbers of Roma, 20,000 of whom already park their vans outside of French cities.

Why aren’t American Socialists this sensible?

Below, police ejected Roma squatters from Villeneuve-d’Ascq in northern France last year.

Pro-diversity sentiments will probably suffer a setback due to a current trial that shines a light on Roma cultural practices, which are objectionable and illegal. Roma apparently value skills in thievery — who knew?

Not all diversity is equal. What a surprise.

Roma gypsy gang sold their women for stealing skills and children were used like conscripts in a criminal army, French court told at start trial, Daily Mail, September 30, 2013

Three Croatian Roma families traded women on the strength of their stealing skills and used children like conscripts to a criminal army, a French court was told Monday.

A total of 27 people aged between 19 and 55 are charged by the court in Nancy, eastern France, with offences ranging from criminal association to people trafficking in a trial taking place against the background of a highly charged debate over the treatment of Roma migrants from eastern Europe.

Gilles Weintz, the police officer who took charge of a complex probe into the families’ activities, said they were behind more than 100 robberies carried out in 2011 alone, in France and neighbouring parts of Belgium and Germany.

Most of them were allegedly carried out by children as young as 10. Continue reading this article