New Book: The Grand Jihad

Andrew McCarthy appeared on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Monday morning for a discussion of his recently published book The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America.

Washington Journal, June 7

Andrew McCarthy talked about his book, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Mr. McCarthy believes the real threat to the U.S. is the forces of Islam. He says the forces have collaborated with the American left to undermine U.S. national security and constitutional democracy.

McCarthy is a former New York prosecutor who handled the terrorism case of the blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, an experience which awakened him to the danger of hostile Islam, documented in his previous book, Willful Blindness.

“You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade”

On June 6, 1944, Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower sent a message to the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force about what they faced in the invasion of Normandy and their prospects for victory.

Back then, American military leaders didn’t have to mince words or worry about offending Muslims. (Unlike these twisted times, when General George Casey said regarding the Fort Hood massacre of 13 soldiers that “if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” And he kept his job.)

I still hope that we can fight our way back to sanity from the upside-down world of appeasement toward our enemies, which is why I listen to General Eisenhower’s D-Day remarks every year.

D-Day Message Text

Minneapolis Extols Refugee Diversity

Refugees: they bring culture as well as diversity, so let’s celebrate! That seems to be the loony script for a local Minneapolis puff piece on what must be a slow news day.

World Refugee Day in Minnesota, Fox 9 News, June 5, 2010

The weather didn’t dampen a big gathering of international refugees in Minneapolis on Saturday. Minnesota is home to about 100,000 refugees.

They bring as much diversity as they do culture to this state.

Dozens of refugees gathered near 7th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis to share their culture through song, dance, and storytelling.  The Twin Cities refugee community is resilient, and it’s why many people say the events went on as planned despite the rain Saturday afternoon.

It was an extremely personal celebration for the refugees who gathered.

Twin Cities World Refugee Day celebrates the thousands of refugees living in Minnesota. The state is home to the largest Somali community in North America, and one of the largest Hmong populations in the U.S.

What a curious idea that Minnesotans and Americans don’t have a culture, or enough of one, and must import it from other societies. The traditional American character remains quite robust and unique, despite decades of effort on the part of the left to denigrate the hallmark individualism, fairness and patriotism, qualities which are resurgent in the Tea Party movement.

It’s amazing that even the hopelessly liberal media can cheer the influx of Somalis when they have caused so much trouble in Minneapolis, e.g. gang crime, refugee fraud, FGM (a form of child torture), and a seemingly endless series of stories about terrorist connections. Not only have Somalis promoted sharia-compliant finance to help jihad, they organized a couple dozen young men to return to Somalia and kill those considered insufficiently hard-core Islamic.

(And the Hmong are not exactly desirable either, considering their polygamy, misogyny (e.g. marriage by kidnapping), mass murder (six Wisconsin hunters shot to death in 2004 by Chai Vang), primitive shamanism, demands for their culture to be taught to all and general annoying hmulticulturalism.)

Perhaps it’s a good thing that the MSM are propagandizing the populace into a perpetual pro-diversity froth, since many more are coming:

African influx reshapes immigration to Minnesota, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, May 15, 2010

For the first time ever, the continent is the source of a majority of Minnesota’s legal immigrants, with Somalis topping the list.

The flow of immigrants to Minnesota is quietly reaching record highs amid signs of what could prove to be a profound and lasting shift in their continents of origin.

For the first time ever, African nations are supplying more than half the state’s legal immigrants. Four countries from that continent now stand atop the list.

Arrivals are doubling and quadrupling from countries such as Kenya and Liberia even as numbers are tapering off, for a variety of reasons, from past immigrant taproots such as India, Thailand and Russia, federal data show.

Africans say they are attracted here for the same reasons as others — quality of life, good schools for their kids — with the additional twist of Minnesota’s reputation in parts of that continent as being receptive to immigrants with funny accents.

“Minnesota holds a very prominent place in the minds of Liberians,” said Ahmed Sirleaf, of Advocates for Human Rights, a worldwide nonprofit based in Minneapolis. “I’ve heard people there say that Minnesota is one of the very few states where an immigrant with an accent can be hired to work in his chosen profession. In other places, most people have to stay in odd jobs.

The famous “Minnesota nice” reputation is not helpful. Better to be a grouch in some situations, particularly when the Refugee Industrial Complex sees your state as a soft touch for the uber-diverse nobody sane wants.

So Long, Father Pat...

I was very sad to learn today that Father Pat Bascio died recently. He was the author of “On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration” a book which clearly explained the moral argument against border anarchy (see my review: Father Pat Bascio: A Rare Immigration Enforcement Voice in the Catholic Church). The upshot was that harming one group of people (poor American citizens) to improve the lives of a different group (illegal aliens from Mexico and beyond) could not be considered a virtuous social policy.

An obituary in the Dearborn County Register described a long and productive life, dedicated to following scripture and making the world a better place.

Patrick Bascio
Father Patrick Anthony Bascio, 83, of Aurora, Ind., died Sunday, May 30, 2010, in Covington, Ky.

He was born Sunday, Jan. 2, 1927, in Boston, Mass., Son of the late Pasquale Bascio and the late Antoinette Quagliata Bascio.

According to stories published by Regiser Publications, Bascio was a pilot in the United States Air Force toward the end of World War II when he was drawn to the priesthood. Ordained in 1955 by the Holy Ghosts Fathers, Bascio served as a missionary in various countries: Tanzania, Trinidad, and Grenada. In the 1970s, he got involved in the Grenada revolution. He was appointed as Ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations. He is the only Priest to ever be an Ambassador to the United Nations.

Bascio, who originally wanted to work with blacks, also served as pastor for a church in Harlem before being asked to develop a Ph.D. program in humanities for the United States Naval War College at Newport, R.I., in the 1980s. Later, the priest filled in at a Cincinnati parish for a  year, and spent several years in Trinidad and the Bahamas before retiring in February 2006. […]

I’m including the lecture he gave last October, where I met Father Pat, and was so impressed with his honesty, humor and warmth.

Part 1:

In Part 2, Father Pat described how in Harlem the jobs that a few years earlier were held by local black people were being done by foreign workers. He declared, “Illegal immigration has devastated the black community in the United States.” He said that other priests agreed that open borders are bad in many ways, but Father Pat was the guy who stood up and wrote a stirring book that said “the Christian leadership in America is leading us down the wrong path.” Big loss.

Illegal Alien's Hit-and-Run Crash Kills Wisconsin Woman

It’s an all-too-familiar story: a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien has killed another innocent American.

Frank and Dawn Glogovsky (pictured), along with their 13-year-old son, were driving home from a family gathering when their car was struck by Jorge Dominguez after he ran a stop sign. (The obituary noted that Frank and Dawn were childhood sweethearts and married in 1988.)

All three members of the family were taken by emergency medical personnel to a hospital, but Dawn died there.

Burlington man charged in fatal crash is illegal immigrant, the Journal Times, June 3, 2010

A Burlington man who allegedly caused a fatal car crash Monday while intoxicated is an illegal immigrant who was driving with a suspended license and has served jail time in Racine County for several prior offenses, officials said Thursday.

Because the man is an illegal immigrant, he likely should not have had a drivers license at all and should have previously been turned over to U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement officials for possible deportation after completing his sentences in Racine County, officials said.

ICE officials Thursday confirmed that the man, Jorge Dominguez, 38, is an illegal immigrant. Dominguez, of 544 Chestnut Drive in Burlington, was charged Wednesday with seven criminal offenses including homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle for a crash Monday around 11 p.m. when he allegedly ran a stop sign at the intersection of highways 45 and N in the Town of Paris, killing 45-year-old Dawn Glogovsky and injuring her husband and son, all of the Paris area. […]

Dominguez has been in and out of the Racine County Jail since 2008, serving sentences for past criminal offenses including battery, cocaine possession and obstructing an officer. When local police or sheriffs’ departments arrest an illegal immigrant like Dominguez for such criminal charges, they are supposed to inform ICE, which will place a detainer hold on that individual so that when they are released they go to ICE for possible deportation, said Carl Rusnok, ICE spokesman.

So Dominguez was clearly a dangerous criminal illegal alien, and was jailed in Racine County with an immigration hold put on him, yet he was released into America rather than deported after time served.

The Fox News report (Illegal Immigrant Charged in Fatal Crash) also questioned why he was free, instead of being repatriated.

Bikers Pedal across America with Message of Population Sustainability

On Thursday, Rick Oltman and I drove out to the Golden Gate Bridge for a friendly bon voyage to Frosty Wooldridge and three biker companions.

It was far too early in the morning for a proper champagne send-off, but Rick (as Media Director for the Californians for Population Stabilization) brought his video cam to record the serious reason for the event: to spread the word that continuing Washington’s immigration/overpopulation policy is bad news for America’s future.

Below, three out of four bike riders: left to right, Denis Lemay, Scott Poindexter and Frosty Wooldridge, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

A press release set out the goals:


Frosty Wooldridge, Colorado teacher and world bicycle traveler, will depart on an epic coast to coast bicycle ride from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, 3,500 miles to Washington, D.C. in the Summer of 2010.[…]

Riders: Denis Lemay of Canada, Scott Poindexter of Colorado, Bob Johannes of Colorado, Frosty Wooldridge of Colorado

He rides with the purpose of alerting the public that America faces adding 100 million people within 25 years if it fails to change its current demographic course. No amount of environmental conservation will afford a viable and sustainable civilization with the current high rate of growth.

Overpopulation issues that will be addressed include:

1. Growing water shortages
2. Accelerating carbon-based energy crisis
3. Accelerating air pollution and acidified oceans
4. Species extinction, and quality of life for Americans
5. Failed stewardship of a nation that will be handed to future generations
6. Solutions to overpopulation and continued population growth

The issue of overpopulation caused by out of control legal and illegal immigration continues to be one of the main issues shaping the future of our country. Please support Frosty and his team. For more information, go to

In the video, Frosty further explains what he has in mind.

Happy trails across America!

Somali Refugee Sentenced in Vermont for Child Rape

Somalis are among the most undesirable, culturally inappropriate immigrants you could find. Yet Washington keeps them coming — more than 83,000 in 25 years as counted by Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Why is that? Fraud was the ticket some used until DNA testing was brought in.

Let’s review some of their behaviors and cultural traits: they are unassimilated Muslims who follow violent sharia law, practice polygamy and slice off the private parts of their little girls (aka FGM, with a prevalence of 98% in Somalia).

Some young men have returned to their homeland to pursue jihad against the impure, and astute members of the Senate have recognized that a Somali fifth column is a terror threat to this country.

With that background in mind, consider the crime committed by Ali Abdi (pictured), that of raping a nine-year-old girl, for which he was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Man sentenced for Burlington assault, Burlington Free Press, June 3, 2010

A Burlington man who jumped bail and fled Vermont the night before a jury found him guilty of aggravated sexual assault on a 9-year-old girl was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years to life in prison for the assault.

Ali Abdi, a Somali Bantu refugee, was sentenced by Vermont District Judge Patricia Zimmerman.

Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan said the sentence responded to a “horrific crime” against a girl who has “really been ostracized from her community.” The conviction is a deportable offense, Donovan said, but his understanding is that Abdi will likely serve his sentence in a U.S. prison before the federal government brings any deportation action.

The comment that the girl has “been been ostracized from her community” indicates the victim was Somali also.

Another report noted how crimes against girls are accorded little importance in Somali society.

Somali refugee leader sentenced, WCAX News, June 2, 2010

Ali Abdi, a leader in the Somal Bantu community in Burlington, was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years to life in prison for sexual assault on a nine year old girl, despite pleas to the judge from two of his children.

Abdi had taken off during his trial, and was captured out of state. The jury was not told he ran away. He was convicted.

Abdi’s lawyer argued that the case has to be viewed as different from others, because Abdi comes from a different cultural background. Erik Smart told the judge that Abdi fled Somalia and spent thirteen years in a refugee camp before arriving in Burlington. Smart says the Somali Bantu community has forgiven Abdi.

“I would venture to say this community views this crime differently than our own community would,” Smart told the court.

Prosecutor Susan Hardin argued that cultural differences do not excuse a crime.

“It is critical that the Somali Bantu community and all the others in Chittenden County be sent a very clear message: if you sexually assault our children, there will be severe consequences,” Hardin said.

One example of the disrespect women and girls face in Somali culture is how rape victims may be executed under sharia law…

Somali Girl Raped and Stoned to Death UN Dispatch, November 12, 2008

It doesn’t get worse than this. Last week, 13-year old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was stoned to death in Somalia by insurgents because she was raped.

Reports indicate that was raped by three men while traveling by foot to visit her grandmother in conflict capital, Mogadishu. When she went to the authorities to report the crime, they accused her of adultery and sentenced her to death. Aisha was forced into a hole in a stadium of 1,000 onlookers as 50 men buried her up to the neck and cast stones at her until she died.

When some of the people at the stadium tried to save her, militia opened fire on the crowd, killing a boy who was a bystander.

So how exactly is Somali diversity supposed to benefit American society? I must be missing something.

Rasmussen Poll: 58% Reject Anchor Baby Citizenship

Do you get the feeling that Americans are sick and tired of being gamed by parasitic illegal aliens? The jackpot baby scam, where a pregnant illegal alien crosses the border to pop out a citizen meal ticket, is rejected by a substantial majority of voters.

A recent poll shows that aliens using even cutesy babies as a prop is falling on deaf ears:

58% Say No to Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants, Rasmussen Reports, June 3, 2010

Fifty-eight percent (58%) of U.S. voters say a child born to an illegal immigrant in this country should not automatically become a citizen of the United States, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree and say if a women enters the United States as an illegal alien and gives birth to a child here, that child should automatically be a U.S. citizen. That’s what the current law allows and many believe it would require a Constitutional Amendment to change the law.

Voter sentiments are basically unchanged from four years ago when the Senate was considering the immigration issue. The Senate was eventually forced to drop its plans and surrender to public opinion on the topic.

On another aspect of the debate, voters overwhelmingly oppose allowing illegal immigrants to be eligible for state and federal government benefits. Just nine percent (9%) say illegals should receive such benefits, but 85% say they should not.

Most voters believe that the availability of government money and services draws illegal immigrants to the United States.

Still, there is a huge distinction in the minds of voters between dealing with illegal immigrants and overall immigration policy. Sixty percent (60%) of voters favor a welcoming immigrant policy that excludes only national security threats, criminals and those who would come here to live off our welfare system. Twenty-six percent (26%) disagree with such a policy, and 14% more are not sure.

These sentiments, too, have remained constant for years. The current support for a welcoming policy is similar to that found shortly after passage of the Arizona immigration law that stirred a national controversy. In fact, support for a welcoming policy has changed little over the past four years. […]

Fifty-two percent (52%) of Democrats think children born to illegal immigrants in this country should automatically become U.S. citizens. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Republicans and 60% of voters not affiliated with either major party disagree.

Most Americans don’t believe Mexico wants to stop the illegal flow of its citizens into this country and think America’s southern neighbor should be asked to compensate U.S. taxpayers for costs incurred by illegal immigration.

Even as legislators in Washington once again are talking about immigration reform, voters across the nation remain skeptical about the federal government’s role in the immigration debate. Three-out-of-four voters believe that the federal government is not doing enough to secure the nation’s borders. Fifty-six percent (56%) believe the policies of the federal government actually encourage illegal immigration.

Among voters who are angry about immigration, 83% are angry at the federal government.  Only 12% direct their anger at the immigrants.

Most voters continue to say as they have for years that gaining control of the border is more important than legalizing the status of undocumented workers. In fact, 67% now say military troops should be sent to the Mexican border to prevent illegal immigration.

Arizona officials say their recent adoption of a tough immigration enforcement law is due to the federal government’s failure to enforce federal immigration policy. While President Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and others have complained that the state’s law could lead to racial profiling, 58% of voters nationwide favor passage of a law like Arizona’s in their own state.

Boston and Los Angeles were among the first to announce boycotts of Arizona, but 68% of Americans say it’s a bad idea for other cities or states to boycott Arizona over its new immigration law.

Below, a jackpot baby brigade at a May Day amnesty parade.

Criminal Aliens Doing More Than Their Share of Mayhem in Washington State

How prevalent is illegal alien crime away from the Southwest? You might think that places like Washington state, located far from Mexico, would see little of it.

On the contrary, the Evergreen State is no stranger to crime diversity, particularly with the flavor of Mexico. One recent heads-up was the story of Jose Lopez Madrigal: Dangerous Mexican Criminal Was Deported 9 Times (but Never Imprisoned).

Apparently he was indicative of a larger problem:

Illegal Immigrants Crime Spree in WA., Fox News, June 1, 2010

One woman is dead and two others were raped recently and police say each crime was committed by a different illegal immigrant. One of the sexual assaults happened just hours before the Seattle city council passed an ordinance boycotting Arizona over its new immigration law.

Gregorio Luna Luna had a history of beating up his live-in girlfriend Griselda Ocampo Meza. He was also in the U.S. illegally. On May 1, Luna Luna was deported to Mexico. Three weeks later Meza was murdered in her apartment in a violent knife attack.

Franklin County prosecutors say Luna Luna slipped past the border again and killed Meza in front of their five year old son.  He’s in the county jail awaiting trial.

A suspected rapist in Edmonds, Washington has been deported at least 4 times according to Snohomish County prosecutors. Jose Lopez Madrigal has been charged with raping a woman next to a dumpster behind a Safeway store. A witness to the attack alerted police and Madrigal was taken into custody.

An illegal immigrant just convicted of his possible 3rd strike in Whatcom county — a rape of a homeless woman — has been deported to Mexico five times.

Washington State ranks 11th in the nation in the number of illegal immigrants with an estimated 150,000. They make up 2% of the state’s population, but account for 4.5% of those in Washington prisons. In Franklin county, 14% of the jail bookings are illegal immigrants.

Currently, over half of the individuals on the Washington State Patrol’s Most Wanted List are suspected illegal immigrants. 18 of the 26 on the list are Hispanic with no place of birth identified. Most are wanted for vehicular homicide and they have languished on the Most Wanted list for several years.

There are about 50,000 felony warrants currently issued in Washington State and according to a source in the U.S. Marshall’s office between 30-40 percent are believed to be illegal immigrants.

Foreigner Fantasy Run Off the Tracks

While mousing around earlier, I came across this bizarre pro-invasion item in Foreign Policy, celebrating the “contributions” that “migrants” make. The piece consists of 14 photos of foreigners dressed up in super-hero outfits, with the name of each and how much they regularly send home in remittances. Obviously the “contribution” is not to America, except to the exploitive employers who profit enormously from slave-cheap labor.

The opening includes a description of the photographer, who complains at length about the difficulty of being a “migrant.” She is clearly loyal to Mexico and Mexicans, indicated by how she uses the word “we.”

The Magnificent Migrants, Foreign Policy, by Dulce Pinzon, May 28, 2010

I was born in Mexico City in 1974. After college at the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico, I moved to New York to become a photographer in 1995. I’d grown up in a middle-class household; my dad owned a construction business. But after my savings ran out in New York, I had to do service work to get by: I worked as a waitress and a nanny, and realized how difficult it was to be an immigrant. Initially I had a student visa. Before I got my green card, I also had to go back and forth across the border every six months. It was a very humbling experience.

Meanwhile, I worked as an English teacher and a union organizer, helping Mexican immigrants with various issues, like landlord-tenant disputes. Through this work, I got to know many Latino workers in New York. I wanted to share their experiences, but not the story we usually hear, if we hear of them at all. In a sense, Latino workers in New York are hidden — hidden in kitchens, hidden inside houses. Most of the U.S. national news about immigration is very sad: bitter political disputes in Arizona, or images of desperate immigrants trying to cross the border. So much pain numbs you.

It is easy to overlook the practical contribution of immigrants to American society, as well as the enormous financial contribution they make in sending remittances home. A lot of Latino communities survive on that money; some say the sum of remittances even surpasses the income we get from selling oil, in the case on Mexico.

Photo below: ERNESTO MENDEZ from Mexico City works as a gigolo in Times Square New York. He sends home $200 a week.

Finally, a poster identified as WYCOFF made an interesting comment:

This pictoral seems to be trying to infantalize the Latino immigrants. It’s dressing them up in children’s costumes in order to make those opposed to illegal immigration look like bullies picking on child-like innocents. It touches on the weirdly paternalistic racial undertones that are inherent in the socially left-wing pro-illegal immigration arguments.

Watch Out for Somalis in South Texas

Apparently even far-off Somalia has heard that the US-Mexican border remains porous and is therefore a welcoming place for hostiles to enter. Somalis with unfriendly intent may have noticed how Obama assured Mexico’s Presidente Calderon that America is beyond all that national border stuff, while performing a pretend-enforcement tap dance (sending a handful of troops to be stationed at desks) to fool American voters.

Of interest on the Somali topic are the remarks of journalist Sara Carter, who is thorough and appears well connected to sources. She reported a few days ago about how the huge pool of Somali refugees in Yemen is a handy source of young snarly Muslims for terror recruiters:

Al Qaeda reaps recruits from Somali refugees in Yemen, Washington Examiner, May 25, 2010

Approximately 700,000 Somali refugees have made Yemen their home, and that population is expected to continue to grow in the face of the collapse of the East African nation, Yemeni and intelligence officials told The Washington Examiner. A significant number of those Somali refugees are believed to be members of Al-Shabaab Mujahideen, an Islamist insurgency group with strong ties to al Qaeda. […]

In April, The Examiner reported that 23 Somalis who entered Mexico illegally earlier in the year were believed headed for the U.S. after being released by Mexican authorities. Of the 23 Somalis, several were directly connected to Al-Shabaab, according to the law enforcement documents.

Intelligence suggested some were attempting to cross the southern border into the U.S. Intelligence officials say they have not been located.

Carter further suggested in the Tube below that American intelligence cannot rely on Mexican law enforcement as a helpful partner, with the release of the 23 Somalis cited as an example. Interestingly, she also noted that Mexican officials with whom she spoke are concerned that Presidente Calderon is too concerned with bashing Arizona and is not sufficiently focused on what is going on within Mexico.

Open-Borders Communists Harass Baseball Fans in the Capital of the Left Coast

On Saturday, I attended a San Francisco Giants home game with friends on a perfect evening for baseball by the Bay. The opposing team was the Diamondbacks, which attracted a couple hundred loud leftists to descend on the ballpark to march and shriek against border protection, in response to the tougher law recently passed in Arizona.

The photos I took, posted below, don’t begin to convey the headache-inducing decibel level of the obnoxious protesters.

Pink hair, tatts claiming counter-culture coolness, anti-sovereignty politics, demands/complaints in Spanish — yep, that covers it.

This fellow’s T-shirt celebrates the 40-year anniversary of Che Guevara’s death. Che was a popular symbol among this bunch.

It’s hard to imagine that Mexicans believe their dirtbag homeland to be a shining pueblo on a hill while they are struggling to escape it, but some do. Then-Presidente Vicente Fox remarked in 2006, “We are already a step ahead, having been born in Mexico. Imagine being born in the United States, oof!”

This guy pictured exhibits a historic swath of the Mexican supremacist/victim mentality — from Emilio Zapata (on the t-shirt, who is a figure from Mexico’s revolution) all the way to claiming PBS’ Dora the Explorer as a victim of police state brutality. If America is really Nazi Germany, then why would anyone want to raise their children here? Returning to gentle Mexico seems a no-brainer for persons with those beliefs. Instead, they demand to be given all the rights of citizenship.

Because this is San Francisco, expression of looniness is a given, such as the pink Stop Racism crown on this person.

Another day behind the lines, residing in post-America!

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