Mexican Aliens Are Helping Afghan Deserters

This case had a bad smell from the beginning, when the military was claiming “no problema” about dozens of Afghan trainees disappearing from Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio. Some instances can be chalked up to low-rent Muslims taking advantage of being in America to escape their dirtbag homeland, sometimes to Canada where asylum is easy. Not all, however.

Fox News has been investigating, and it turns out the deserters had some help from the local invasion experts on the fine points of underground escape. Apparently the two groups’ shared interest — violating American sovereignty — is enough of a bond to overcome cultural differences.

What remains unknown is whether the activity goes beyond money and extends into Islamic terrorism. Islamic groups have been attracted to the anarchy of the Mexican border area for some time, and have taken advantage of the ease of entrance.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘BMWs’ Help Afghans Go AWOL From Texas Air Base, Fox News, July 20, 2010

A loose network of Mexican-American women, some of whom may be illegal immigrants, have been responsible for helping numerous Afghan military deserters go AWOL from an Air Force Base in Texas, has learned.

Many of the Afghans, with the women’s assistance, have made their way to Canada; the whereabouts of others remain unknown. Some of the men have been schooled by the women in how to move around the U.S. without any documentation.

The Afghan deserters refer to the women as “BMWs” — Big Mexican Women — and they often are the first step in the Afghans’ journey from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, to Canada, a diplomatic official told He requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly during an ongoing investigation by U.S. and international authorities into who helped the Afghans leave the Defense Language Institute’s English Language Center at Lackland.

The official’s account was supported by a source at the Defense Language Institute (DLI), who also requested anonymity. Foreign soldiers attend DLI to learn English before they receive specialized military training at various installations in the U.S.

The Afghan military men usually meet the women at three nightclubs in San Antonio, according to the DLI source, who accompanied some of the men to these locations and has been privy to discussions among them about the establishments and the women. The nightclubs include two military hangouts — Tiffany’s Cocktails and Mirage, located outside Lackland’s main gate — and Graham Central Station, a massive warehouse-like building in downtown San Antonio that houses “six nightclubs under one roof” that host a variety of theme nights. Photos on Graham Central’s website show scantily clad women rolling around in what appears to be Jell-O.

In the past eight years, no fewer than 46 members of the Afghan military have gone absent without leave from DLI.  As most Afghans on the base do not have cars, many of them depended on the women to pick them up at Lackland’s back gate in the middle of the night and help them vanish.

The security angle is considered in this Fox TV clip:

Alien Exporters Join to Annoy Arizona

When Mexico’s irritating Presidente Calderon was made to feel comfortable during his May visit by Obama about bashing Arizona, he responded by laying it on thick. He addressed Congress and proceeded to accuse the state, an important part of America, of racial profiling. Furthermore, the Democrat half of Congress stood and cheered the foreign leader of an unfriendly country as he condemned Arizona.

So it’s no surprise that seven Latin countries have followed the Mexican Big Dog, the expert in mooching from Uncle Sucker, by challenging Arizona in court.

LatAm nations bid to join Mexico in Arizona case, AP, July 19, 2010

Seven other Latin American countries want to join Mexico in supporting a lawsuit challenging Arizona’s immigration enforcement law.

Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru filed separate, nearly identical motions to join Mexico’s legal brief supporting the lawsuit filed by U.S. civil rights and other advocacy groups.

A federal judge formally accepted Mexico’s filing July 1 but did not immediately rule on the latest motions filed late last week.

Mexico says the law would lead to racial profiling and hinder trade, tourism and the fight against drug trafficking.

The ever-astute former UN AmbassadorJohn Bolton noted the connection between Washington weakness and nips from pipsqueaks:

Cheerful Poll Results from Univision

There’s nothing like a softball “poll” to hide cultural dysfunction and promote an open-borders agenda. That’s what would be expected when Univision — the Spanish media company that profits from Mexifornication — is making up the questions. Put them together with the liberal Associated Press and what comes out is a happy-face portrayal of immigration in general and hispanics in particular.

For starters, hispanics profess to LOVE education and hope their kiddies will be college graduates, we read from the poll, but the truth is not so cheerful. In fact, hispanic kids have among the highest school dropout rates of any ethnic group. Talk is cheap; real achievement is harder.

AP-Univision Poll: US Hispanics mix hopes, strains, AP, July 20, 2010

Hispanics worry more than most Americans about losing jobs and paying bills. But they place a high importance on education and expect their children to go to college — even if most of them don’t expect the United States to elect a Latino president in the next 20 years.

An Associated Press-Univision poll of more than 1,500 Latinos shows them eager to blend into American society while still holding onto their cultural identity. They are likewise torn between hopes for tomorrow and daily doses of financial stress.

They are “eager to blend into American society” — how reassuring.

However, another picture emerges when immigrants are quizzed about self-identification and national loyalty. According to a 2002 Pew poll, only 34% of hispanics (who are American citizens) considered themselves Americans first, while 42% identified with the old country first, and 24% considered themselves as pan-ethnic, as “Latino” or “Hispanic” first.

Back to the article at hand, even the AP had to admit that hispanic admiration for education does not extend to actual performance.

Despite their esteem for school, 37 percent of Hispanics are not high school graduates, compared with 14 percent of the overall population, Census Bureau data show. Twelve percent of Hispanics but 27 percent overall have college degrees or more.

Muslims Bring Sharia Transportation Diversity

Do we need another reminder that Muslim immigration is a very bad idea? This one is particularly vicious — how blind people with guide dogs are denied normal services by Islamists because they hate canines. Mohammed said dogs were “unclean” so Muslim hysteria about Man’s Best Friend verges on the psychotic.

Wherever Muslims immigrate, they demand that their religion take precedence over Western values, such as the right of the handicapped to use public services. If Muslim cabbies are unwilling to take fares with guide dogs, then they should find another line of work. Why is there even a question? Why should we accommodate their 8th century values, which includes cruelty to the blind?

The despicable situation described below occurred in Britain, but the United States has not been much better. When handicapped citizens run into sharia-demanding Muslims, the Islamists usually prevail. Authorities should tell rude sharia warriors to assimilate or leave, but that is not what’s happening.

Muslim bus drivers refuse to let guide dogs on board, Daily Mail, July 19, 2010

Blind passengers are being ordered off buses or refused taxi rides because Muslim drivers or passengers object to their ‘unclean’ guide dogs.

One pensioner, a cancer sufferer, told how had twice been confronted by drivers and asked to get off the bus because of his guide dog, and had also faced hostility at a hospital and in a supermarket over the animal.

The problem to carry guide dogs on religious grounds has become so widespread that the matter was raised in the House of Lords last week, prompting transport minister Norman Baker to warn that a religious objection was not a reason to eject a passenger with a well-behaved guide dog.

While drivers can use their discretion to refuse to carry non-disabled passengers with dogs, they are compelled to accept guide dogs under disability discrimination law.

Yesterday both the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and the National Federation of the Blind confirmed the problem was common, and, according to the latter organisation was ‘getting worse’.

The tension stems from a strand of Islamic teaching which warns against contact with dogs because the animal’s saliva was considered to be impure, the Muslim Council of Britain said.

It urged Muslims to show tolerance and common sense over the issue.

‘We need to be flexible on this,’ a spokesman said.  ‘Muslim drivers should have no hesitation in allowing guide dogs into their bus or car.

‘If a dog does lick you, it’s not the end of the world. Just go home and wash yourself.’

George Herridge [pictured, along with his wife and dog], 73, a retired hospital maintenance manager, told the Daily Mail he was ‘stunned’ to be twice asked by bus drivers to leave their vehicles because of his guide dog Andy, a black Labrador.

Mr Herridge, who lives with wife Janet, 69, in Tilehurst, Reading, said that on the first occasion two years ago, he got off at the request of a Muslim driver because some Muslim children on board were ‘screaming’ because of the dog.

He found himself in a similar scenario in May last year, when a Muslim woman and her children became ‘hysterical’. Mr Herridge this time refused the driver’s request to alight.

He complained to the bus company which launched an investigation. It later informed him the matter had been dealt with ‘internally’.

For more, see Daniel Pipes’ blog and collection of examples over years: Muslim Taxi Drivers vs. Seeing-Eye Dogs.

(Note to Muslims: if forced to choose, many Westerners would prefer our furry canine friends rather than unpleasant Sons of Allah.)

Finally, the video below concerns stubborn Muslims cabbies who refuse passengers carrying liquor, but the principle of their demanding Islamic standards is the same — along with a similar craven response from authorities (Muslim Taxi Drivers Imposed Sharia Law in Minneapolis).

Arizona Republican Senate Debate: the Tucson Go-Round

C-SPAN broadcast the second (and last) Arizona Republican primary debate, where Senator John McCain, JD Hayworth and businessman John Deakin tore into the issues of the day.

Interestingly, John McCain used the forum to clarify his nuanced definition of “amnesty” for illegal aliens. The Senator had recently declared, “No amnesty. Many of them need to be sent back.”

In this debate McCain stated at around 8 minutes in, “Amnesty means no punishment.” Presumably he believes that lawbreaking illegal aliens should be required to pay a small fine to pretend that they are being penalized for national trespassing.

Of course, “amnesty” in an immigration context means a general pardon plus a path to citizenship for invasive foreigners. McCain is playing word games so he can present himself as a tough border enforcer, when he is still the same old amnesty huckster he always was. Yes, he wants improved border enforcement, but only as a precursor to eventual amnesty for many millions. He told Spanish media during his 2008 Presidential campaign that he would work for alien amnesty starting his “first day” in the White House.

Plus McCain sounded more concerned with the suffering of Mexicans both south of the border and moving illegally into this country than with the violent lawlessness his citizen constituents face daily on southern ranches. He made a special point that he would not deport the illegal mother of the wife of a soldier he met in Iraq. That’s our Johnny — always generously thinking about the misery of Mexicans. American citizens are on their own however.

You can watch the embedded video below or click here to see the video from Arizona Public Media or if that doesn’t work, try the C-SPAN link at the beginning:

France: Muslims Riot in Grenoble

This seems to be a pattern: a Muslim dies interacting with police and the whole gang erupts. That sort of incident is what started the 2005 multi-week civil unrest that started in France when a couple Muslim teenagers electrocuted themselves when they were hiding from the police.

Even an arrest of a Muslim which is considered rude can set the Allah bunch off, as in Muslim Taxi Drivers Riot, Shut Down Terminal At DeGaulle Airport.

Anyway, France is burning once again because of unwise immigration diversity. The more Muslims a western country has, the worse the violence and cultural warfare they cause.

America should stop admitting them before it’s too late. It’s not like we haven’t been warned.

France fears widespread rioting as youths rampage after police shoot robber, Daily Mail, July 18, 2010

France was on riot alert yesterday after hundreds of Muslim youths went on the rampage in Grenoble.

Shots were fired at police and dozens of shops and cars were set on fire in the Alpine town.

Trams and buses were also held up by gangs brandishing baseball bats and bars, and a service station was looted.

The violence followed the fatal shooting of Karim Boudouda, a 27-year-old man involved in an attempted robbery at the Uriage-les-Bains casino, near Grenoble.

Locals accused armed officers of overreacting by gunning down Boudouda, allegedly as he tried to give himself up.

A Grenoble police spokesman said: ‘There has been a very fierce reaction. As mourners gathered in a park to hear Muslim prayers for the dead man late on Friday night, trouble broke out. By Saturday morning tear gas was being used on the youths.

‘At about 2.30am a handgun was used to fire shots at the police. A youth was arrested, which seemed to make matters worse. The trouble went on until morning.’

Many fear the trouble will spread to other towns, as it did in 2005 when the death of two youths in Paris led to rioting and a state of emergency being declared across France.

Vladtepes has translated a video from a local news outlet.

Sheriff Arpaio Continues Immigration Sweeps

At a time when most Arizona officials emphasize that under the new law, officers will only check immigration status within the context of another lawful contact, Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t afraid to engage in sweeps — major round-ups of illegal alien bad guys to be held in his famous tent jail.

Not only that, he recently showed the county’s impressive armored assault vehicle, complete with a 50-caliber machine gun, to the local media. He then told the cartels that he is ready for them: “I want to warn everybody, especially in Mexico, if you want to come through Maricopa County, we’re gonna have enough firepower to react to any assaults on our deputy sheriffs.”

Arizona Sheriff Launches Immigration Sweep, Fox News, July 16, 2010

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office launched its 16th crime and immigration sweep in a stretch of desert in the southwestern portion of the county.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says the one-day sweep was prompted by reports of many drug and immigrant smugglers moving through the Vekol Valley.

By late Thursday night, sheriff’s deputies say 11 arrests had been made including seven people being investigated for human smuggling. The other arrests were for outstanding warrants and traffic violations.

Since early 2008, Arpaio has launched patrols that seek out traffic violators and arrest other offenders, such as people accused of human smuggling.

Somali al-Shebab Recruits Are Released in Minneapolis

Sometimes, judges’ decisions are hard to figure, like releasing Somali terrorists onto the streets of America. Maybe the accused men sounded properly repentant, but the judge in question may not know that under the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya, deception in the service of that religion is considered a moral action.

And why were refugees who returned to their home country to take up jihad allowed to re-enter the United States? It seems a repudiation of the contract by which Somali refugees entered this nation.

Suspects free with conditions in Minn. terror case, AP, July 17, 2010

When Minnesota Somalis began traveling to their war-torn homeland to take up arms nearly three years ago, authorities initially feared they might someday return as domestic terrorists.

But recent court activity suggests at least some of the men are not as dangerous as once feared. Five have been allowed to go free with various conditions as their cases work through the court system, including two who admitted spending time in a terrorist training camp. After months in custody, the pair have gradually received more freedom, and are now living with family members.

“Judges tend to err on the side of caution in these cases,” said Stephen Vladeck, an associate law professor at American University in Washington. So for a court to release a terrorism suspect, the judge “found clearly and convincingly that the defendant is not a threat.”

Roughly 20 men — all but one of Somali descent — left Minnesota from December 2007 through October 2009 to join al-Shabab, a violent group that seeks to establish an Islamic state in Somalia. The federal government designated al-Shabab a foreign terrorist organization in March 2008, and said it has ties to al-Qaida.

The threat posed by al-Shabab took on more urgency last week, when the group claimed responsibility for twin bombings in Uganda that killed 76 people during the World Cup final. It was the first time al-Shabab had struck outside Somalia’s borders. In a new audio message released Thursday, the militant group’s leader threatened further attacks.

It’s unclear whether any Minnesota men were involved in the attack. The FBI is assisting the investigation in Uganda.

Federal officials are still seeking some of the Minnesota suspects, and authorities warn the group could still pose a threat in the future.

“These individuals still present a dangerousness because of the ideology involved and the training that they get in camps,” said E.K. Wilson, an FBI spokesman in Minneapolis.

Below, Somali residents of Minnesota who left to pursue jihad in their homeland learned traditional Islam from al-Shabab, perhaps participating in capital punishment by stoning. The accused adulterer pictured was semi-buried and then executed as local villagers were forced to watch.

Border Indicators Show There’s No Let-Up in Drug and People Smuggling

The pundits and political suits have been telling us that fewer aliens are crossing because of better policing and the bad economy. Reporting of border violence is the trumped-up hysteria of crazed conservatives, according to Washington columnists.

But today’s death count shows that aliens are still coming in great numbers despite high unemployment numbers (at least for citizens) and despite the brutal desert heat of mid-summer.

Perhaps the crossers are exhibiting a reasonable response to President Obama’s repeated references to comprehensive amnesty. They may well be hoping to be amnestied if they can get established in America in time.

Immigrant deaths in Arizona desert soaring in July, AP, July 16, 2010

The number of deaths among illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona desert from Mexico is soaring so high this month that the medical examiner’s office that handles the bodies is using a refrigerated truck to store some of them, the chief examiner said Friday.

The bodies of 40 illegal immigrants have been brought to the office of Pima County Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Parks since July 1. At that rate, Parks said the deaths could top the single-month record of 68 in July 2005 since his office began tracking them in 2000.

“Right now, at the halfway point of the month, to have so many is just a very bad sign,” he said. “It’s definitely on course to perhaps be the deadliest month of all time.”

From Jan. 1 to July 15, the office has handled the bodies of 134 illegal immigrants, up from 93 at the same time last year and 102 in 2008. In 2007, when the office recorded the highest annual deaths of illegal immigrants, 140 bodies had been taken there through July 15.

Parks said his office, which handles immigrant bodies from three counties, is currently storing roughly 250 bodies and had to start using a refrigerated truck because of the increase in immigrant deaths this month.

He said many of the bodies seem to be coming from the desert southwest of Tucson, where it tends to be hotter than eastern parts of the border or the Tucson metro area.

Authorities believe the high number of deaths are likely due to above-average and unrelenting heat in southern Arizona this month and ongoing tighter border security that pushes immigrants to more remote, rugged and dangerous terrain.

Another recent measure of the continuing invasion is CIS’ film compilation of illegals trooping by concealed cameras within the United States:

Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns and 850 Illegal Aliens

The hidden camera footage, acquired from a variety of sources, indicates that there is an unfortunate lack of federal law enforcement presence on Arizona’s federal land on the border in Nogales, in the Coronado National Forest (15 miles inside the border), and the Casa Grande Sector (80 miles inside the border). Also significant to the story are responses received as part of Freedom of Information Act requests made by Janice Kephart, the Center’s Director of National Security Studies, in August 2009. Featured in the film is a 2004 federal government PowerPoint showing the near-complete devastation of a borderland national park due to illegal-alien activity, highlighting the disconnect between the situation on the ground in Arizona and Washington rhetoric.

Victim Visas Are Ba-a-a-a-ck

In 2007, I wrote about one of Washington’s more idiotic immigration programs: Victim Visas—How America Stupidly Rewards Misfortune and Fraud.

The policy is yet another example of how immigration is an upside-down universe of reversed values, rules and behavior; where lawbreaking is rewarded and citizens who demand laws be enforced are accused of racism. The government will not protect citizens from foreign predators who enter our open borders by the thousands, but illegal alien victims get the red carpet treatment.

Now the Victim Visa program has re-awakened under the Obama administration after a few years of relative somnolence: this year’s quota has been filled, and immigration lawyers are demanding an unlimited number of Victim Visas because the attorneys sense another strategy to ship mass numbers of lawbreaking aliens into American communities.

All 10,000 crime victim visas issued, AP, July 15, 2010

The government has issued all 10,000 visas available this year for immigrant crime victims who help authorities investigate and prosecute perpetrators.

The last of this fiscal year’s supply of visas was approved Thursday morning, marking the first time the government has hit the statutory “U” visa limit since the program became active two years ago.

The visas were created as part of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. They are given to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other crimes in exchange for cooperation with law enforcement.

In 2007, attorneys for immigrants who had been victims of crime sued the federal government for failing to issue any visas. Only 52 were issued in 2008. About 6,000 applications were approved last fiscal year.

Alejandro Mayorkas, director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, said that an increased focus on U visa processing, as well as increased outreach and resources to crime victims groups and law enforcement, have contributed to increased applications.

“We will not turn our attention away from victims of crime,” Mayorkas said.

Another 10,000 visas will be available in October, when the 2011 fiscal year begins. Until then, the federal government can grant interim legal status to non-citizens whose applications are approved for the visas so they can work.

Most visas are given to people not allowed to be in the country, but some are given to people with some sort of permission to be in the U.S.

Crystal Williams, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said she is pleased the government “has turned its own situation on U visas around so thoroughly.”

“I hope this shows that the years of benign neglect of this visa are behind us,” she said.

The milestone highlights challenges law enforcement officers face in investigating and prosecuting crimes involving mostly illegal immigrants. Many are too afraid of deportation to report crimes. Critics of a new Arizona immigration law fear the law may affect immigrants’ willingness to assist law enforcement.

The use of all 10,000 visas indicates the visa’s efficacy to law enforcement, said Gail Pendleton, co-director for ASISTA, a group that advises the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women.

The next step is for Congress to eliminate the 10,000 limit, which Williams called a self-defeating quota.

The re-energizing of this portal for illegal aliens (“Most visas are given to people not allowed to be in the country”) is an indicator of the left’s infatuation with victimhood, particularly of third world persons (although the activists’ concern does not extend to the the crime victims of illegal aliens). Immigration lawyers get to feel generous, but the program adds thousands more onto the welfare rolls at a time when states can hardly afford to import more poverty.

There are no statistics given for the home countries or educational levels of those receiving Victim Visas, but it is likely they are mostly young and uneducated. The number of sex workers is not mentioned, but the program is part of an anti-trafficking law, so the skill set of some recipients was learned at massage parlors.

For an actual case study, see the San Francisco Chronicle‘s 2006 series Diary of a Sex Slave which ends “happily” with the victim remaining in the city on a T-1 trafficking visa rather than being deported home to Korea. Such is the diversity we are supposed to celebrate uncritically.

Shahzad's Terrorist Video (Sleeper Agent or Failed Assimilation?)

When Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was first arrested by law enforcement, the press did its usual bang-up job of reporting, using its favored narrative of just another Muslim in the neighborhood, nothing to worry about; the neighbors were shocked, shocked that such a nice family could be connected with terrorist activity, etc.

Neighbors Recall Faisal Shahzad as Quiet, Normal, NBC Connecticut, May 5, 2010

Many people who knew Faisal Shahzad said they are surprised he is accused in the Times Square attempted bombing.

The 30-year-old son of a retired official in Pakistan’s air force had a master’s degree from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, a job as a budget analyst for a marketing firm in Norwalk, two children and a well-educated wife who posted his smiling picture and lovingly called him “my everything” on a social networking website.

But shortly after becoming a U.S. citizen a year ago, he gave up his job, stopped paying his mortgage and told a real estate agent to let the bank take the house because he was returning to Pakistan.

Shahzad was charged Tuesday with trying to blow up a crude gasoline and propane device inside a parked SUV amid tourists and Broadway theatergoers. Some say he seemed quiet, but normal. Others say that, as they look back, there were some red flags.

However, at some point before he built his failed bomb, he filmed an explanatory video about the joy of jihad for Allah, which appeared recently.

It’s possible that the guy could have gone Islamo-wacko after he arrived as an immigrant. Such things do happen, as was pointed out in a Wall Street Journal article (Infiltrating Jihadis’ World) about an undercover operation that noted, “At times, [the radicalization process] was so rapid that a year or two could separate clubbing in Miami from prayer five times a day.”

More details in my blog item, Jihadists Grow in Brooklyn.

But either way — sleeper agent or radicalized here — Faisal Shahzad illustrates what a dumb idea Muslim immigration is. Muslims can go off the deep end into violent jihad anywhere, including nice American suburbs, so let’s not admit them in the first place.

Rasmussen Poll: Majority Say Political Class Ignores Voter Opinion

The Rasmussen quiz-masters tend to ask more interesting questions than some polling organizations, and today’s item is enormously fascinating: a great majority of voters believe the country’s rulers don’t give a rat’s ass about the opinions of the electorate.

And — no surprise — one of the most indicative issues in this regard is immigration.

68% Say Political Class Doesn’t Care What Most Americans Think, Rasmussen Reports, July 14, 2010

The frustration that voters are expressing in 2010 goes much deeper than specific policies. At a more fundamental level, voters just don’t believe politicians are interested in the opinions of ordinary Americans.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 68% believe the nation’s Political Class doesn’t “care what most Americans think.” Only 15% believe the Political Class is interested in the views of those they are supposed to serve. Another 17% are not sure.

Skepticism about the Political Class interest in voters is found across just about all demographic and partisan groups. However, self-identified liberals are evenly divided on the question.  Eighty-eight percent (88%) of conservatives and 64% of moderates reject the notion that the Political Class cares. […]

Over the past couple of years, most Americans have opposed, in many cases strongly, initiatives by the Political Class including the bailouts of the auto and financial industries. Most voters still favor repeal of the national health care plan and by a two-to-one margin disagree with the Justice Department’s decision to challenge Arizona’s new immigration law in court. Sixty-four percent (64%) believe the federal government by failing to enforce immigration law is more to blame for the controversy over Arizona’s law than state officials are for passing it.

Washington Post political columnist Dana Milbank recently wrote a column about Arizona’s response to illegal immigration and called it a “pariah state.” However, voters nationwide are far more embarrassed by the Political Class and its behavior than by Arizona’s response to illegal immigration.

In fact, 55% don’t even think most members of Congress pay all the taxes they owe.

One reason for skepticism about the Political Class is that 70% believe Big Government and Big Business are on the same team working together against the rest of us.

Below, the joy of treason — From left, Senators Mel Martinez (R-FL), Lindsey O. Graham (R-SC), and Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) enjoyed a bipartisan yuck in 2007, probably about destroying America with their illegal alien amnesty bill — which failed due to the outrage of the citizens.

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