Bay Area Faces Grim Jobs Outlook for Years

It seems like every forecast is worst than the last, and the economy is supposed to be in recovery.

It doesn’t help that California is tremendously unfriendly toward business. A state report released last year found that Sacramento squeezed nearly half a trillion dollars per year in regulation costs for businesses to operate here. Four million jobs have been lost due to excessive regulation, as small businesses pack up and leave for friendlier states. Forbes magazine ranks California #49 in business climate. (See California Businesses Waterboarded By Governmental Overregulation and listen to an audio report on the John and Ken radio show — highly recommended!)

So California is doubly screwed by the national economy and incompetence in Sacramento. Plus, we certainly don’t need additional workers from around the world. An immigration moratorium and universal E-verify would help this state enormously.

Bay Area jobs market won’t recover until 2015, forecast says, San Jose Mercury, April 4, 2010

Battered by the Great Recession, the Bay Area won’t fully recover the jobs it has lost until 2015, according to a forecast prepared for the Mercury News and its sister papers, leaving tens of thousands of workers struggling to find permanent employment.

Such a prolonged slump will take a heavy toll on the region, keeping home sales depressed, squeezing Bay Area retailers and leaving the overall economy jittery for years.

“It does have the potential to be the most durable period of unemployment since World War II,” said Jon Haveman, a founding principal of Beacon Economics, the San Rafael-based firm that prepared the forecast.

And the social costs have civic leaders and others concerned, as the ranks of the unemployed put a strain on tight budgets for job retraining, social services and other safety net programs when the state and cities are already in a financial bind.

From the time employment peaked in early 2008, to the end of 2009, the Bay Area’s core counties — including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara — have lost 251,000 jobs out of a work force of nearly 3 million people.

Beacon’s forecast, which tried to determine when the Bay Area would replace those lost jobs, is in line with the views of a wide range of economists, who say it will take the region years to regain its economic footing, although it will begin to add some jobs this year. Beacon prepared the forecast by modeling how the jobs market had rebounded from previous recessions and factoring in assumptions about how different sectors of the region’s economy will act in the future to arrive at an estimate of the pace of this recovery…

Your Tax Dollars at Work (Census Department)

The Census Bureau is spending an unprecedented $133 million for marketing and outreach for the 2010 enumeration.

That’s a lot of advertising. Ever wonder how they spend all that money?

One cost is renting mariachis.

US Census draws large crowd in Lower Valley

SOCORRO — The U.S. Census Bureau drew a large mass of people on the day it took a snapshot of America.

The bureau gathered dozens of Lower Valley residents, including those living in the colonias, on Thursday in Socorro to answer questions about the 2010 Census and advertise jobs it offers.

Families enjoyed their afternoon hearing mariachis and eating pizza and hot dogs at the Rio Visa Community Center. Women were attracted by the raffles, in which prizes were food.

“It’s sort of like a festive environment where people can learn about census,” said Rebecca Robinson, a bureau’s spokeswoman. “People are into it. They are interested.”

Thursday was Census Day, the day people should use as reference to answer and mail back the 10-question form.

Census workers have visited colonia residents since March 22. In these impoverished areas, the bureau has doubled its efforts because the residents are hard to reach.

Census workers were on horseback conducting personal interviews, and 30 outreach workers called “promotoras” visited residents in March to answer questions.

San Francisco Top Cop Forced to Grovel to Muslims

San Francisco has a new police chief who is experiencing some rough patches in getting used to the curious customs of the place, where diversity ideology is enforced with a Stalinist fervor. Chief George Gascon committed a faux paux about a week ago by making a non-fawning remark about Muslims, namely that they are involved in terrorist acts. Or something like that. He admitted to saying Arabs could park a van in front of the Hall of Justice and blow it up. His actual statement, made at a breakfast meeting regarding an earthquake bond, is somewhat vague, but it did get a lot of turbans riled. He should record everything in the future.

The Chief has spent the intervening time making an apology tour, meeting with the usual offended parties. The Muslims used the occasion to demand sensitivity training for police officers as well as regular meetings to attend to their community’s special needs. Those cops earn their pay, no doubt about it.

The Chronicle reported on what Gascon surely hopes was the final abasement:

S.F. Chief George Gascón apologizes to Muslims, San Francisco Chronicle, April 3, 2010

Hundreds of Bay Area Muslims cheered San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón as he publicly apologized Friday for comments he made a week earlier referring to the susceptibility of the Hall of Justice to a terrorist attack by local Middle Eastern residents.

Gascón spoke for about five minutes after a Muslim prayer service held in a hotel conference room and attended by Yemeni, Afghan, Pakistani and Middle Eastern community members.

Friday’s event capped a weeklong string of mea culpas offered by Gascón to those communities.

“I’m sorry that I’ve offended you, that I’ve offended the Afghan community and other Middle Eastern communities,” he said to loud applause. “It doesn’t matter where we come from, who we pray to. The responsibility for our safety is a joint effort.”

Yemeni Consul General Mansoor Ismael formally accepted Gascón’s apology to even louder cheers from the men assembled in a large conference room at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness Avenue. Dozens of women listened through speakers set up in another room. Organizers decided to hold the prayer service in the hotel this week to accommodate the expected large turnout for Gascón’s apology.

No hypocrisy here! The Chief of Police was made to grovel because of supposed cultural insensitivity, while the apology demanders are misogynist piggymen who are completely at odds with the culture of gender equality in America.

At least the Chronicle reported on the segregation. KGO/ABC didn’t mention it at all: Gascon apologizes to Middle Eastern community. It’s yet another example of how women are thrown under the bus when their presence gets in the way of diversity ideology.

Chandler Rapist Sentenced

For the Preventable Crimes file: the illegal alien known as the “Chandler Rapist” who terrorized the Arizona town by stalking and raping young teenaged girls, and then threatening them with death if they told police. The sentence is suitable — 168 years.

Illegal Immigrant Gets 168.5 Years for Assault, Fox 10 News, April 2, 2010

PHOENIX – The man dubbed as the “Chandler rapist” was sentenced to 168.5 years behind bars on Friday.

Santana Batiz-Aceves is an illegal alien.  He was arrested in 2008 and admitted to preying on teenage girls, attacking them after their parents left for work.

Aceves plead guilty to a dozen charges last month as part of a plea deal, including child molestation and aggravated assault.  He knew what he was going to get: 168.5 years.

On Friday, the court room was filled with sobs as victims and their families spoke out about Aceves’ reign of terror is the east valley.

He scoped out targets of his fiendish sex crimes, girls between the ages of 12 and 14.  He researched comings and goings painstakingly, until the moment he pounced.  Wielding knives, screwdrivers, anything he could find to intimidate his innocent victims.  Then he threatened to kill them if they breathed a word to anyone.

One of those victims had the courage to stand before the judge and address her attacker. 

Aceves had two prior felonies for drugs and burglary.  He had been deported three times from the United States.

He hung his head the entire time in court, never once making eye contact with his victims or their families.

Santana Batiz-Aceves will be eligible to be released around the year 2178.

Department of Labor against American Workers

These are hard times for many Americans. Fifteen million citizens are jobless, and millions more are under-employed in part-time work when they want and need full-time employment. More than 6.5 million Americans have been unemployed for six months or longer — a record.

According to the Pew Hispanic Foundation, 8 million illegal aliens unlawfully hold US jobs, so the impact of permissive immigration enforcement is not insignificant. If universal identification enforcement in the workplace were enacted using E-verify, then millions of unemployed citizens could get jobs rapidly.

But the Obama administration has a different idea, where protecting foreign workers is more important that serving the citizens. In today’s Washington, supporting Americans is not a priority, not by a long shot. At Hilda Soliz’ Department of Labor, assisting illegal alien day laborers is at the top on the agenda: the agency acts to protect lawbreaking foreigners, while ignoring hard-working citizens and legal immigrants. And of course, we taxpayers foot the bill.

Below is an image from the section of the Department of Labor dedicated to assisting illegal alien workers: We Can Help. Interesting Soviet-worker-style art with a touch of la Raza thrown in, don’t you think?

Federal government to day laborers: We’re here to help, Contra Costa Times, April 1, 2010

CONCORD — A crew of federal officials wandering into a day labor hiring zone used to mean one thing: time to leave.

Not the case Thursday morning on Monument Boulevard. Armed with coffee, not handcuffs, investigators from the U.S. Department of Labor chatted warmly with Latino immigrant workers about how to find jobs without being exploited.

“We’re the feds, but the good ones,” said Paul Ramirez, speaking in Spanish inside the Michael Chavez Center, a gathering spot for day laborers. “We’re here to help workers.”

The unprecedented visit was part of a campaign to bring long-established workplace protections to the nation’s most vulnerable and underpaid workers, including those who have no legal right to be living in the United States.

“Documented or not, the law is: If you work certain hours, you are owed certain money,” Ramirez told the small crowd. Met at first with apprehension, the Brentwood native captivated his audience of men from Mexico and Central America as he told of tending tomatoes, onions, asparagus and cucumbers as a young California field hand. Now an enforcer of workplace rules, he advised what to do when contractors skirt the law.

“We already knew some of these things, but now we feel more comfortable, more support,” said laborer Gilberto Villanueva, who came to the East Bay eight years ago from southern Mexico. “It’s good that they came.”

There was nothing new about the standards Ramirez mentioned: minimum wage, overtime, sick leave. But none of the workers had heard this before from a federal agent. “We’ve always been very active in the community, but now we’re becoming more vocal, more transparent,” said Susana Rincon, Bay Area director of the labor agency’s wage and hour division. “Other than that, the message is the same.”

Ramirez made the same speech recently to workers who gather outside a Home Depot in Pittsburg. And it’s not only a message for day laborers; it was delivered Thursday at the Chinese Newcomers Service Center in San Francisco.

The awareness campaign, called “We Can Help,” is being led by Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, a former Southern California congresswoman who joined the Obama administration early last year. Continue reading this article

Long-suffering Ranchers Tell Their Stories of Border Danger

Arizona rancher Rob Krentz was murdered by an illegal alien on Saturday, March 27. On Wednesday, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords heard from her constituents how life on the ranches near the border is becoming increasingly unsafe.

The stories are chilling: no Americans should be forced to live with such threatening violence because of Washington’s shirking of its Constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s perimeter from invasion.

Giffords hears out ranchers after death, Sierra Vista Herald, April 1, 2010

Former rancher Pam DiPeso of Pearce told Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Wednesday that residents in the San Bernardino Valley and along the eastern edge of Cochise County are haunted by the weekend murder of rancher Robert Krentz. […]

Stella Brown of Elfrida came with a sign that read: “Foreign Invasion.” She has dealt firsthand with illegal border crossers at her home. She came home to find two people on her porch, which she called “frightening.” Though the men were not aggressive, she now fears for her safety and packs a firearm.

One family was afraid to give their names, saying the fear of drug cartel retribution is paramount in their minds. One young woman holding her 4-month-old girl told of just such a circumstance. Her neighbor called the Border Patrol on drug runners and his horses were stolen. A local veterinarian who offers services in Mexico said he had found the stud horse that he had tended to over the years in a Sonoran pasture. […]

Rancher Kelly Glenn, a Krentz family friend, told Giffords and Border Patrol representatives: “We have begged for your support. Our home lies the closest to the border. The Border Patrol needs help. They need maps of the terrain, the paths, the roads. They need the power to defend themselves and the support of our legal system. They need to be on the border with the technology to back them up. There needs to be some focus on what’s happening here.”

Third-generation rancher Bill McDonald, another lifelong friend of Krentz, said: “I have heard about the war on drugs and sealing the border for as long as I can remember. I’ve never felt more at risk in my life. This is a bad situation.”

Washington Silent on Border Anarchy

Has there been a Washington response to the murder of Arizona rancher Bob Krentz on his own land? If so, I haven’t heard it. The border states have been left to pick up the slack, even though protecting the nation’s borders is the feds’ job.

Of related interest, a March 19 Rasmussen poll found a strong majority favor use of the troops: 72% Say Military Should Be Used Along Mexican Border.

States Boost Border Security as Pleas to Washington Go Unmet,, March 31, 2010

Border states are looking to take matters into their own hands, boosting law enforcement to patrol for illegal immigrants while their pleas for federal assistance go unmet in the wake of the murder of a prominent Arizona rancher.

Local authorities suspect Robert Krentz, found dead on his cattle ranch Saturday night, was killed by an illegal immigrant who fled back across the border into Mexico.

Gov. Jan Brewer told Fox News on Wednesday that after repeatedly calling on the federal government to send in 250 National Guard troops, she hasn’t ruled out making the call herself.

“I can, and I haven’t ruled that out,” she said. Brewer has also offered state law enforcement help to the county where the killing occurred, while the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Department of Corrections are helping to coordinate the search for the suspect, according to her office.

But Brewer stressed that Arizona cannot afford to sustain or maintain the additional National Guard presence. She said border security is a federal responsibility — and she said the administration simply is not stepping up.

“We’ve been talking to the federal government in regards to our borders and it just seems that they don’t want to participate in any shape, form or manner,” she said. “They just don’t even respond.”

Tom Tancredo happened to be in southern Arizona at the time of the murder. He put together these thoughts about the continuing lack of border security…

Napolitano Lied, Rob Krentz Died

Here’s a Fox News video with some interviews with ranchers, including Roger Barnett.

Mexican Immigrants: Feeling Entitled and Bearing Grudges

This thoughtful opinion piece about the cultural danger of admitting millions of Mexicans to America is worth your attention.

Illegal Hispanic immigration is undermining American values, Christian Science Monitor, March 30, 2010

Illegal immigration is causing an influx of Hispanics who don’t embrace American values.

By Walter Rodgers / Santa Barbara, Calif.

Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent city, I chanced upon two Hispanic men rummaging through the trash. Startled at the sight, I stared momentarily. One of them yelled at me, “You look now, but in 50 years we will own all this!” Given the tsunami of illegal immigration and the prolific Hispanic birthrate, I responded, “I believe you will.”

US Census statistics suggest the scavenging man was right. California, now about 37 percent Latino, is expected to be majority Hispanic by 2042. A quarter of all Americans will probably be Latino in 40 years.

This trend has worrisome aspects. Imagine a huge, growing Hispanic underclass in America with a grudge, a burning sense of having been victimized by the “gringos.”

I witnessed this grudge up close a few years ago at Texas A&M International University in Laredo. Hispanic students challenged me, claiming any restriction of illegal immigration across the US southern border with Mexico is a violation of Latinos’ human rights.

Me: “Would you try to reenter Spain without a passport?

Students: “Of course not.”

Me: “What about France, or Britain?”

Students: “No.”

Yet many of these illegal Latino immigrants suffer the illusion they are divinely entitled to colonize the US – and not just the states bordering Mexico, but Chicago and the East Coast as well.

Some Hispanics talk openly of a reconquista, an effort to reclaim the American Southwest that once belonged to Mexico.

Historically, this concept is wide of the mark. Most Hispanic ancestors of immigrants owned no land. Their forebears were serfs of the Roman Catholic Church, once the largest landholder in Latin America and the world. Other ancestors labored as landless peons for Spanish colonial landlords who were later relieved of their lands by 19th-century Anglo-Americans.

Historical entitlement is but one of the myths surrounding illegal Hispanic immigration. Gringos have their own fables, such as ultimate assimilation into a greater English-speaking society.

Professor Lawrence Harrison of Tufts University in Medford, Mass., notes that “In California, fourth- and fifth-generation Mexican immigrants are still speaking only Spanish and resisting assimilation.” He says there are serious cultural barriers to the old melting-pot concept. “Words like compromise and dissent, crucial concepts to American democracy, have radically different meanings in Spanish.” Dissent, for example, translates into “heresy.”

Most alarming, today’s influx of poor Latin American immigrants comes from countries less than congenial to democracy, a law-based society, or public education. Many experts look with alarm on the fact that, unlike earlier European and Asian immigrants, the tsunami from the south too often undervalues educating children because many Hispanic parents resent the idea that their children will have more education than they have. In 2000, only 25 percent of working-age male Mexican immigrants had graduated high school, a sad fact that contributes to an increasingly volatile underclass. Continue reading this article

Arizona Rancher Murdered

Rancher Robert Krentz was found shot to death late Saturday on his own land a few hours after phoning his brother that he was going to help an illegal alien who required medical assistance.

The crime highlighted the worsening danger near the border, particularly out in the country where everyone carries a gun for protection from the aliens and drug smugglers who pass through in large numbers every day. The Washington spin that substantially fewer are crossing the border illegally is not true, at least in Arizona. The ranchers say the violence is getting worse, and the murder of Bob Krentz shows that.

Fox News sent William La Jeunnesse to Douglas to report on the murder (Video Link)

Naturally, the local people are disturbed and want Washington to get serious about border security.

Neighbors in Fear Following Killing of Well-Liked Arizona Rancher, Fox, March 30, 2010

Wendy Glenn says she heard Robert Krentz communicating with his brother on the radio Saturday before he was shot dead. Authorities said Krentz, 58, was tending to water lines and fencing on his family’s ranch in the known smuggling corridor when he was heard saying “illegal alien” on the radio.

“That’s the last we heard from him,” said Glenn, who lives on the nearby Malpai Ranch.

Krentz, whose family has owned Krentz Ranch, about 35 miles northeast of Douglas, since 1907, was found fatally shot just hours later.

“We have all been carrying guns for several years,” said Glenn, referring to her fellow ranchers in the region. “But now we’re going to be much more and pay more attention. We have an element of people coming up here who are not the normal league of aliens from 10 years ago.”

Glenn said there’s been a “flood” of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country in the area since amnesty started being discussed as a potential answer to the country’s immigration crisis.

“It makes us feel really bad, they’re trashing the land, they’re leaving garbage,” she told “But we tolerate it because we have no choice.”

She called for U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to increase their presence in the area in the wake of a murder she said has “devastated” the close-knit community 35 miles from the Mexican border.

“This is a senseless, stupid killing,” Glenn said. “It would’ve been different if he was attacking someone.”

Glenn said Krentz was “gentle giant” who often helped illegal immigrants crossing into the United States on his 35,000-acre ranch.

“We all have,” she said. “They’re having babies in our pastures, they’re breaking their legs … It’s a tough deal because these people are here illegally but they are human beings.”

Krentz, a devout Catholic, would “help anyone” in need, she said.

Cartel Anarchy Follows Mexicans to Texas

When Washington allows millions of Mexicans the enter this country (mostly illegally), it is unreasonable to expect only the “nice” Mexes, the ones who “only come to work” to avail themselves of open borders and permissive workplaces.

No, open borders permit the very worst of Mexican criminals to pour into America, as illustrated by the drug cartels’ presence in 230 US cities and our national parks.

The following item illustrates how when “good” Mexicans come, the “bad” ones are not far behind, importing the Mexican way of crime, including ransom kidnapping and drug murders, along with enchiladas and tacos.

In addition, the AP article continues the fantasy that Mexicans can “move” to the United States with the same ease that I might move to Peoria. The people are at best using tourist visas, which they presumably intend to overstay, at which point they will be illegal aliens. Yes, they have suffered and are afraid, but their presence endangers innocent Americans — that’s the point of the article.

In Texas, fear follows Mexicans who flee drug war

Fort Hancock, Texas (AP) — When black SUVs trail school buses around here, no one dismisses it as routine traffic. And when three tough-looking Mexican men pace around the high school gym during a basketball game, no one assumes they’re just fans.

Fear has settled over this border town of 1,700, about 50 miles southeast of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, epicenter of that country’s bloody drug war. Mexican families fleeing the violence have moved here or just sent their children, and authorities and residents say gangsters have followed them across the Rio Grande to apply terrifying, though so far subtle, intimidation.

The message: We know where you are.

At schools in Fort Hancock and nearby Texas towns, new security measures and counseling for young children of murdered parents have become a troubling part of the day.

“I have friends with fathers who’ve been annihilated,” said Israel Morales, a junior at Fort Hancock High School. “They just hug you and start crying. It just traumatizes you.”

He said school doesn’t always feel safe.

“I try to be stoic,” Morales said. “But it still worries the heck out of me.”

Mexican drug gangs have not fired a single shot in Fort Hancock, and no one has disappeared. But as drug violence continues unabated in and around Ciudad Juarez, residents of Texas border towns fear it will spread their way. Continue reading this article

Obama NLRB Appointee Supports Illegal Foreign Workers

When he campaigned for the Presidency, Obama portrayed himself as the friend of the American worker. But now that he’s in office, BHO’s one-worlder tendencies are becoming more obvious.

His recess appointment for the Labor Relations Board, Craig Becker, believes that punitive measures against employers of illegal aliens have had a “discriminatory effect” against those workers.

Of course, holding employers accountable is how the government protects citizen workers.

Obama’s Labor Relations Appointee Is For Illegal Workers

Aliens' Spring Offensive

The unfriendlies appear to be riled up and active since they gaggled en masse upon Washington last week.

The degree of entitlement exhibited is remarkably extreme in how they demand full rights to something they essentially stole. But when Washington allows foreigners to squat here for decades (and even caters to them in many cases), the Mexicans et al begin to think this is their country, and they belong here. They further have been trained to believe that if they complain enough, then they will get what they want.

Let’s review a few recent demand-a-thons, where the gimme brigade was in full squawk mode…

Immigrants march on Feinstein office for reform San Francisco Chronicle, 3/25/10

Hundreds of immigrants and their advocates rallied in front of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s downtown San Francisco office Wednesday to urge her to push for legislation that would give legal status and other relief to those who came to this country without documentation. […]

“Feinstein listen, we’re in the struggle,” the crowd shouted in Spanish while more than a dozen speakers ascended a makeshift podium to call for Feinstein, her Senate colleague Barbara Boxer and President Obama to take up immigration reform as their next big legislative push.

On Saturday, a large crowd of Raza types swarmed Lost Angeles with their clamoring.

Thousands rally for immigration reform, CNN, 3/27/10

Thousands of people rallying for immigration reform poured through several downtown blocks in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, many waving flags or carrying signs.

“Stop prosecuting our race,” one sign read. “Reform not raids,” said a banner held by several people as they stretched across a large portion of a road. Some banged drums, and the sound of noisemakers pervaded. American and Mexican flags were common.

It’s gotten to the point where normal law enforcement is something aliens want removed when it inconveniences them, as the item below illustrates. Public safety is not high on their values, apparently.

ESCONDIDO: Protesters again call for the removal of police chief, North County Times, 3/26/10

Critics of Escondido’s driver’s license checkpoints on Friday once again called on police Chief Jim Maher to end the crackdowns and to step down if he refuses to do so.

Police checkpoints have long been criticized by Latino activists who say they disproportionately affect their community. That is because illegal immigrants, many of whom are Latinos, are barred by state law from having driver’s licenses.

“It’s depressing, sad and humiliating,” said Enedina, an Escondido resident who joined more than 50 other people at a demonstration in front of City Hall.

The woman, who did not want her full name used because she is an illegal immigrant, said her car has been impounded twice because she does not have a driver’s license.

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