California Governor Debate on the Radio

On Thursday, concerned Californians can tune in to the John and Ken Show on KFI-640 (which provides online listening) to hear a Republican gubernatorial debate

People near Anaheim can attend in person at the Ayres Hotel.

In addition, the show has a podcast for later listening.

John and Ken’s take-no-prisoners approach of dealing with politicians promises a lively exchange. One of their interests is illegal immigration, so it’s likely that topic will come up.

Governor Jerry Brown has been invited, but he seems intimidated by John and Ken, so it’s likely the debate will be an all-Republican affair with Assemblyman Tim Donnelly and Neel Kashkari.

Come to John and Ken’s Gubernatorial Debate 2014 on May 15 at the Ayres Hotel in Anaheim, KFI-640AM

Join John and Ken as they host the FIRST and ONLY gubernatorial debate ahead of the June 3 primary.

The top candidates will be there including Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly. Current Gov. Jerry Brown is on the list, but let’s see if he will show up.

It all happens on Thursday May 15, 2014! John and Ken will be doing the whole show LIVE at the Ayres Hotel in Anaheim from 3-7 PM. The debate will begin at 5PM.

Come down and decide for yourself who will be the best fit to lead California in the coming years!

The Ayres Hotel is located at 2550 E. Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806

Government Releases 36,000 Illegal Alien Criminals

The Center for Immigration Studies recently published a study “ICE Document Details 36,000 Criminal Alien Releases in 2013″ showing the Administration’s priorities regarding public safety, the government’s #1 job. Many of those set loose are seriously bad guys.

This foreign criminal release should not be confused with a different bunch, 68,000 foreign criminals sprung from incarceration announced in March. Yes, it is hard to keep up with the many ways that the American people are endangered by the crime-friendly policies of today’s Washington.

CIS’s handy list of the crimes committed by non-American bad guys tells the tale. The US has so many diverse opportunities for lawbreaking:

I wondered about how many miscreants in the list were lucky enough to come from nations that won’t receive their homegrown criminal, but the number was only 3,000. As reported here earlier, the Supreme Court’a 2001 ruling of Zadvydas v. Davis, 2001, required foreign criminals could not be jailed indefinitely if the dear homeland wouldn’t take them.

The response to the report was fairly intense — maybe because of midterm elections looming in a few months? Amnesty squish Congressman Goodlatte was quick out of the box to say he was shocked, shocked that bad guys were being loosed on American streets, even suggesting a hearing.

Does public safety oversight happen only when the members are seeing an election in the near future?

Fox News has had a couple segments. The following is decent.

This one also:

The Washington Times gave the story front-page attention.

Feds released hundreds of immigrant murderers, drunk drivers, sex-crimes convicts, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, May 12, 2014

Immigration officials knowingly released dozens of murderers and thousands of drunken drivers back into the U.S. in 2013, according to Obama administration statistics that could undercut the president’s argument that he is trying to focus on the most serious criminals in his immigration enforcement.

Among the 36,000 immigrants whom U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released from custody last year there were 116 with convictions for homicide, 43 for negligent manslaughter, 14 for voluntary manslaughter and one with a conviction classified by ICE as “homicide-willful kill-public official-gun.”

The immigrants were in deportation proceedings, meaning ICE was trying to remove them from the country and could have held them in detention but released them anyway, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which published the numbers Monday. The Washington Times also obtained the data.

“This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “The administration’s actions are outrageous. They willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people.”

The data raised thorny questions about how the government decides which immigrants to detain and which it will release as they await court hearings and final action on deportation.

Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said the numbers undercut the Obama administration’s argument that it is trying to keep its enforcement efforts targeted at dangerous criminals.

“We keep hearing from the administration that they are focused like a laser on enforcement against the worst of the worst, convicted criminals, as their top priority. On the other hand, they are releasing, at a rate of about 100 a day, aliens from their custody with criminal convictions, and many of them are serious criminal convictions,” she said. Continue reading this article

Manufacturing Is Returning to US, but Automation Means Fewer Hires

Tuesday’s LA Times front page featured an employment story with an upbeat headline: “U.S. jobs return as offshoring ebbs.”

But you don’t have to read far to see that the number of returning jobs is seriously reduced. A caption notes one power system company “can now make an alternator with one worker in the time it took four workers in China.” A major difference is increased automation.

Generac Power Systems, which shifted some of its work from abroad, can now make an alternator with one worker in the time it took four workers in China. Above, an employee at its Whitewater, Wis., plant.

The smart machine revolution of computers, robots and automation is well underway, reducing the need for human workers, yet the big brains in Washington think that doubling legal immigration is a swell idea.

No, increased immigration is a bad idea, particularly when the true future needs for workers are considered.

After decades of exodus, companies returning production to the U.S., Los Angeles Times, May 12, 2014

In 2001, Generac Power Systems joined the wave of American companies shifting production to China. The move wiped out 400 jobs in southeast Wisconsin, but few could argue with management’s logic: Chinese companies were offering to make a key component for $100 per unit less than the cost of producing it in the U.S.

Now, however, Generac has brought manufacturing of that component back to its Whitewater plant — creating about 80 jobs in this town of about ‎14,500 people.

The move is part of a sea change in American manufacturing: After three decades of an exodus of production to China and other low-wage countries, companies have sharply curtailed moves abroad. Some, like Generac, have begun to return manufacturing to U.S. shores.

Although no one keeps precise statistics, the retreat from offshoring is clear from various sources, including federal data on assistance to workers hurt by overseas moves.

U.S. factory payrolls have grown for four straight years, with gains totaling about 650,000 jobs. That’s a small fraction of the 6 million lost in the previous decade, but it still marks the biggest and longest stretch of manufacturing increases in a quarter century.

Harry Moser, an MIT-trained engineer who tracks the inflow of jobs, estimates that last year marked the first time since the offshoring trend began that factory jobs returning to the U.S. matched the number lost, at about 40,000 each.

“Offshoring and ‘re-shoring’ were roughly in balance — I call that victory,” said Moser, who traces his interest in manufacturing to his parents’ work at the long-closed Singer Sewing Machine plant in New Jersey. (He once worked there too.)

He now runs the Reshoring Initiative, a Chicago nonprofit that works with companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Several factors lie behind the change.

Over the last decade, Chinese labor and transportation costs have jumped while U.S. wages have stagnated. The average hourly pay for non-supervisory manufacturing workers in the U.S. has barely kept up with inflation, rising on average just 2.3% over the last 10 years and by only half that since 2010, according to Labor Department figures.

Factoring in the rise in value of its currency, China’s base wage, measured in dollars, has risen 17% a year, according to an April report by Boston Consulting Group.

Manufacturing also has become more automated, further reducing labor’s weight in the cost equation. Continue reading this article

New York City Police Criticized for Too Few Interpreters

Funny how when the New York Times decides to report on the topic of immigrants plus crime, the victims are foreigners who don’t speak English.

You wouldn’t expect to see reportage of Americans murdered, raped or stolen from, with the perps being illegal aliens from the queen of liberal media. There’s plenty of crime committed by border-violating foreigners, with many American victims, but the Times has a different agenda.

Besides, who would relocate to a complex, first-world nation without speaking the language at least a little?

Illegal aliens do, because they figure they can mooch American jobs and benefits by residing in a language-balkanized community like LA or Miami, where English is not required in everyday use. Plus the foreigners have the media on their side, plus well-paid ethnic helpers in La Raza and such.

The basic narrative here is immigrant-victim sob stories of foreigners not immediately presented with a police officer speaking their language. But at least there are some interesting facts, e.g. nearly two million English avoiders, plus a fascinating map of language diversity in New York City.

One also notices how many of the language complainers are women who have been beaten up by their culturally misogynous husbands. And no dollar cost is given for all this attention to diversity.

Language Barrier Continues to Thwart Victims of Crimes, New York Times, May 11, 2014

New York City now has more non-English speakers than ever, according to the Census Bureau: nearly two million. In response to this growing population, the city has assembled a host of programs to help it serve not just those who speak Spanish, Chinese and Russian, but also languages like Pashto, Punjabi, Uzbek and Urdu.

The New York Police Department, the largest in the country with almost 35,000 officers, has tried to stay at the forefront of the effort, and has billed its foreign language program as the world’s standard.

But having services doesn’t ensure they will be used, and some New Yorkers say that in the frantic, often frightening minutes just after a crime has occurred, their pleas for assistance in their native language have been ignored by officers. While help arrived swiftly after a call to 911, they say, officers didn’t summon a bilingual colleague, find an impartial bilingual bystander, or call the interpretation service the city uses for such situations. Domestic violence calls, already fraught with confusion and tension, have been particularly prone to language lapses, according to victim advocates. In interviews, several women said that without an interpreter, their attempts to report crimes were stifled.

A Russian-speaking woman said that after her husband accosted her in a drunken rage at his Coney Island home, she called the police. Officers ignored her requests to tell her story in her native tongue, she said. Instead, an officer scribbled the word “refused” and told her to copy it onto a report meant to contain her testimony. She followed his instructions. Embarrassed by the abuse, she agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity.

A Bengali-speaking woman said that after strangers punched and sexually assaulted her after a break-in at her home in Queens, officers asked her 10-year-old child to interpret. Unwilling to traumatize the child, she did not divulge the sexual attack. And a Spanish-speaking woman, Josefina Ramirez, said that after an argument with her landlord, she called 911 for protection. A pair of officers ignored her request for interpretation, she said, and rifled through her pockets, taking her keys, and then ejected her from the building.

Ms. Ramirez, 57, said she spent the night wandering the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn. “Instead of protecting me, they hurt me,” she said. “I understood nothing of what was going on.” Continue reading this article

Jeb Bush Gets a Semi-Friendly Look from the Washington Post

Is the Washington Post developing a lib-crush on Jeb Bush? The paper featured a curious piece about Bush on Monday’s front page (“For Jeb Bush, a family decision”), celebrating his appeal to diversity via the Mexican wife, but the article brings up ancient history that may have been forgotten by the public. One item: daughter Noelle’s several run-ins with the law concerning drugs, including a famous 2002 mug shot (shown).

Incidentally, the mainstream press exhibited fondness for John McCain whom they characterized as a “maverick” but the affection for the Arizona Senator disappeared when he actually ran for President. The liberal media is not a reliable squeeze.

The media likes liberal Republicans, particularly the ones who support a firehose supply of cheap foreign workers. The scribbler class appreciates inexpensive household help.

Still, the article has too many negative details of the Jeb Bush narrative to be considered a full-on puff piece. We read that Jeb and Mexican wife Columba speak Spanish together; is English not comfortable for her? (At least candidate John Kerry’s immigrant wife, billionaire Teresa Heinz, was an adequate speaker of America’s language.) Plus, there’s the druggie daughter “hiding crack cocaine in her shoe.”

Perhaps if Jeb were to expand on his statement that illegal immigration is an “act of love” then that might get more positive press clips. Too bad for Jeb that the voters are sick of open borders fawning from elites.

As Jeb Bush eyes 2016, key question is how a presidential campaign would affect his family, Washington Post, May 11, 2-14

Jeb Bush can trace some of his most appealing qualities as a potential presidential candidate for a diversifying electorate to his 40-year partnership with his Mexican-born wife, Columba.

The couple speak Spanish to one another, and their lives have been immersed in Hispanic culture and the immigrant experience.

But Columba’s intense distaste for the public arena is one of the issues weighing most heavily on the former Florida governor as he grapples with whether to run for the White House in 2016, according to interviews with friends, former staffers and GOP donors close to the family. These people said Columba may be willing to take on the burdens of a campaign, yet even then the couple would need to find a way to craft a comfortable role for her.

“Columba is not in any way power-ambitious,” said Rafael A. Peñalver Jr., a Miami lawyer who has been friends with the Bush family since the early 1980s. “She is a very private person.” He added: “She’s supportive and will stand by him, even taking roles that are not in her nature.”

Still, another Bush confidante said, “the family issues are Columba, 1, 2 and 3. It’s whether she’s up for it.”

“She’s cognizant of what a campaign would be like, and she would have to come to terms with that. He’s not going to do it over her objections,” said the confidante, who like a number of loyalists, spoke only on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive internal deliberations of the family.

Both Bushes declined to be interviewed, and spokeswoman Kristy Campbell declined to comment on his behalf.

Jeb Bush, 61, has acknowledged that he is thinking about running, indicating he will make a decision later this year. He has repeatedly said he will decide based on whether he believes he can run an optimistic, hopeful campaign — run “joyfully,” as he has put it — as well as whether a campaign would be the right thing for his family.

Presidential campaigns have come to rely heavily on candidates’ family members playing visible roles such as fundraising, speaking and submitting to media interviews. Spouses have increasingly become full-fledged fill-ins for the candidates. Sons and daughters help the candidate forge ties with younger voters and can soften and humanize a candidate’s image.

The pressure for family participation could be more intense on Bush, who is so widely identified as the scion of a political dynasty and who could find himself facing a campaign by Hillary Rodham Clinton that fully incorporates her husband and daughter Chelsea as political allies.

People close to Bush say the impact a modern presidential campaign would have on his wife and children remains the most important piece of a difficult family decision that goes far beyond a simple political analysis of whether voters want another Bush in the White House. In addition to Columba’s reluctance, he must consider their 36-year-old daughter, Noelle. Her struggles with drug addiction burst into the headlines 12 years ago when she was arrested, but she has since dropped almost entirely from public view. Continue reading this article

Working Age Americans: Population Growth Is Up but Job Creation Is Negative

The following chart is a dismal reminder of the failure of the post-recession “recovery” to grow jobs.

Moreover, the lack of jobs should illustrate the insanity of the Senate’s scheme to double legal immigration in addition to a work permit amnesty for at least 11 million lawbreaking foreigners.

In addition, smart machines are rapidly reducing the need for human workers who insist upon paychecks. One example: Baxter the robot (pictured) costs $22,000, functions 24/7 and replaces humans.

The trends for the American worker are unpromising: a 2013 report from Oxford University estimated that 45 percent of US jobs are “vulnerable to computerization” within the next 20 years.

Economy Not Keeping Up With Population Growth, Washington Free Beacon, May 7, 2014

8 million added to working population, half a million fewer jobs

Despite adding more than 8 million people to the working-age population since 2007, total employment has declined by half a million, according to an analysis by the Senate Budget Committee.

Before President Barack Obama took office 259.7 million people were part of the working-age population, or between ages 16 and 65.  Now, the number has risen to 267.7 million.

However, in the same time period, total employment declined from 146.3 million to 145.7 million.  In other words, 531,000 fewer people have jobs.

“This statistic highlights an alarming trend that has embodied the president’s economic policies: more and more people are leaving the workforce entirely,” according to the analysis, which was released by Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.). “There are 58 million working-age people who are not working, and the labor force participation rate stands at 62.8 percent, the lowest level in 36 years.” Continue reading this article

Boko Haram Jihadists May Not Respond to Hashtags

Over in Hollywood, socially conscious stars have been shocked to learn that the Boko Haram Islamic terrorists were bad guys, having abducted hundreds of schoolgirls for slavery. Actress Angelina Jolie (arguably the leading Hollywood do-gooder with her title of former UN Goodwill Ambassador) said the kidnappings were “Evil.” Other concerned stars shared photos of themselves with signs reading #BringBackOurGirls.

How could liberal entertainers have known? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to classify Boko Haram as a terrorist group, despite urgings of security experts, so the African group could have been misunderstood poor people looking for a better life.

But if the Hollywooders had been paying attention, Boko Haram would been a familiar name, because they have been killing up a storm in Nigeria for years. As the BBC noted February 25 (Nigeria school raid in Yobe state leaves 29 dead):

Thousands of people have been killed since 2009, when Boko Haram launched its campaign to install Islamic law.

CNN recently played a little catch-up, reporting on a Nigerian man in Houston getting medical treatment for a Boko Haram attack in 2012. At that time, a bunch of Allah’s Boko gangsters broke into a church and shot everyone there. Only one man survived out of 14 in the church, and he is still being put back together.

In America we hear almost nothing about the Islam-caused slaughter in Africa, unless it is a media show-stopper like the Nairobi shopping center attack by al-Shabaab last September that killed 76. But Islam is daily conquering by the sword, corpse by infidel corpse, whether the West notices or not.

Boko Haram is a rough bunch, but probably no worse than the al-Shabaab killers in Somalia. And in the Philippines, the Moro Islamic separatists have been waging a war against the non-Muslims for 45 years in which more than 120,000 people in the country’s south have been killed. A peace treaty has recently been signed, where the Muslims get an “autonomous region” in return for their ceasing to kill infidels. For a while at least, but that’s how Islam’s convert-or-die strategy has succeeded over the last 1400 years.

Massacre survivor describes Nigerian terrorists, CNN, May 9, 2014

HOUSTON (CNN) – We’re learning more about the brutal tactics of the Boko Haram terrorist group that abducted 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria on April 14.

A lone survivor from a 2012 shooting massacre carried out by Boko Haram gunmen at a Nigerian church talks about the event.

The scars on his face reveal just a fraction of his pain. And his soft-spoken words cannot hide the urgency of his message.

“Just like al-Qaida, they are very, very destructive,” said Ikenna Nzeribe.

Nzeribe has a warning about the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram and their leader Abubpakar Shekau.

“Everything he says he will do, he does them,” Nzeribe said.

In 2012, Nzeribe was a handsome, ambitious banker, and part of the Christian minority in the northeastern Nigeria town of Mubi. Then masked Boko Haram gunman stormed his church chanting “Allah Hu Akbar” or god is great.

“They started shooting everybody, everybody on sight. They shot everybody in the head,” he said. Continue reading this article

California Governor Jerry Brown Embraces 'Continuity' in His Twilight

Here in California, Jerry Brown is poised to march to an unprecedented fourth term in the Governor’s mansion, albeit split by a couple decades. It helps him that immigration-fueled demographic change has made the state entirely run by Democrats. (Pay attention, Republicans who are urged by consultants to go full-tilt amnesty, the fastest route to GOP national suicide lies in adding 30 million big-government Democrat voters to the mix, as shown by the California example.)

Jerry is 76 now, no longer the young guy in a hurry who ran the state according to his own style in the 1970s. He admits in a PBS Newshour interview that he appreciates continuity these days, that change for change sake no longer appeals as much as it once did.

It’s nice to see that Jerry has gained a little wisdom with the years, although the same stubborn liberalism remains, in particular his fondness for illegal aliens. California has the fourth-worst unemployment in the nation, but Jerry is pleased with his licenses for illegal alien drivers, surely a magnet for more.

Did his extensive education not include the economic principle of supply and demand, which works efficiently in labor markets??

The interview touched briefly on the topic of Google tech worker buses being harassed by San Franciscans angry about increased rents in the city, which is another example of supply and demand. Even success has its costs — not news in the real world! (See my recent article: Liberal Civil War in San Francisco: Immigrants And Hipsters Attack Tech Workers).

I’ve pulled the interesting part of the interview below:

Considering the long view for California’s future, Gov. Jerry Brown embraces continuity, PBS Newshour, May 9, 2014

[. . . ] GOV. JERRY BROWN: So, there’s a lot of change out there, and I’m managing it in a way that I think makes sense to me. But it’s — these are tall hills to climb. But I feel exuberant, excited. And I’m certainly ready to go forward.

JOHN MYERS: Critics, though, say California isn’t going forward, as much as it is stuck. Unemployment remains fourth highest in the nation, and last month Toyota announced it’s moving 3,000 jobs from Southern California to Texas.

Republicans say the state is unfriendly to business. Others say it remains unfriendly to the working poor. Protests in the San Francisco Bay area are frequent and critics see the chartered buses that drive tech workers to their Silicon Valley jobs as a symbol of the growing gap between rich and poor.

What do you make of all of that? Do those protesters have a point?

GOV. JERRY BROWN: They have a point because inequality, the return on assets is better than the return on labor and people’s ability to make salaries. But it also is part of the economy, and part of the prosperity and part of the tax system, so it’s a matter of taking reasonable steps, and I think we’re doing that.

We have raised the minimum wage. We’re giving driver’s licenses to undocumented people. That certainly is going to help. We have the local funding formula which directs significant, billions of dollars to schools to help them cope with low-income families, with non-English-speaking families, with foster care kids, but to try to close the gap. One little state can’t do that. [. . .]

Senator Rand Paul Says GOP Should Forget about Voter ID

As we look ahead to the 2016 Presidential election, the Stupid Party is showing its stuff. Today’s example is Republican Senator Rand Paul, noted here previously for promoting mass legalization for unlawful aliens and making America bilingual Spanish.

Now Paul says preventing election fraud by insisting on voter identification is a bad idea. It seems he met with some black pastors who convinced him that the requirement is offensive to them.

Are the pastors suggesting that black citizens are too lame to acquire the same sort of identification that is ubiquitous in American life today??

The nation has changed, as the diversity cheerleaders like to remind us. As a result of immigration plus technology, America is no longer the free and easy place it once was. One example is the need for government identification to do anything.

Meanwhile, in the nation as a whole, a voter ID requirement remains enormously popular, as shown by numerous polls. If there is a major issue with more widespread approval, I can’t think of it. Senator Paul is an idiot to blow off such a highly favored topic. He certainly gives libertarians a well-deserved bad name for their open-borders craziness.

● A July 2013 McClatchy poll found 83 percent of persons surveyed thought voter ID was a good thing, including 65 percent of self-identified “very liberal” respondents.

● A 2012 Rasmussen poll determined that 71 percent of voters believe voter ID should be required at elections.

● A 2012 Fox News poll ascertained that 70 percent of those queried thought voter ID laws are necessary.

● A March 2014 Rasmussen poll found that 78 percent of likely voters believe that proof of citizenship should be required in order to register to voter.

As usual, the New York Times likes to promote Democrat-lite Republican pols like Paul, giving this story a front-page spot on Saturday.

Paul Diverges From His Party Over Voter ID, New York Times, MAY 9, 2014

MEMPHIS — Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky broke Friday with fellow Republicans who have pushed for stricter voting laws as a way to crack down on fraud at the polls, saying that the focus on such measures alienates and insults African-Americans and hurts the party.

“Everybody’s gone completely crazy on this voter ID thing,” Mr. Paul said in an interview. “I think it’s wrong for Republicans to go too crazy on this issue because it’s offending people.”

Mr. Paul becomes the most prominent member of his party — and among the very few — to distance himself from the voting restrictions and the campaign for their passage in states under Republican control, including North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin, that can determine presidential elections. Civil rights groups call the laws a transparent effort to depress black turnout. Continue reading this article

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Explains Boko Haram and Its Enslavement of Women

The Wall Street Journal is a mixed bag today. On one hand, the paper printed a piece by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somalia-born defender of women’s rights about the shocking kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria, which has gotten a load of medias attention.

On the other hand, the front page suffered from politically correct photo editing. The Nigerian girls story got top billing shown by the choice of photos:

Note the original photo below. Even average African folks understand the connection between border security and public safety, which is more than you can say for the Wall Street Journal.

But back to Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured). As a young woman, she escaped from an arranged marriage and ended up in the Netherlands where she eventually graduated from college, was elected to Parliament and worked with other Muslim women who were abused.

She is an expert on Islam’s cruelty toward women, and how it is part of the whole jihad package. She wrote the script for the Dutch film Submission about Islam’s oppression of women, which was produced by filmmaker Theo van Gogh (who was later assassinated for insulting Muslims).

Why America continues to allow Muslims to immigrate here shows how completely crippled the culture is from political correctness. Keeping out enemies used to be job #1, but now we don’t want to hurt their feelings.

Boko Haram and the Kidnapped Schoolgirls, Wall Street Journal, By Ayaan Hirsi Ali, May 8, 2014

The Nigerian terror group reflects the general Islamist hatred of women’s rights. When will the West wake up?

Since the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria last month, the meaning of Boko Haram—the name used by the terrorist group that seized the girls—has become more widely known. The translation from the Hausa language is usually given in English-language media as “Western Education Is Forbidden,” though “Non-Muslim Teaching Is Forbidden” might be more accurate.

But little attention has been paid to the group’s formal Arabic name: Jam’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-da’wa wal-Jihad. That roughly translates as “The Fellowship of the People of the Tradition for Preaching and Holy War.” That’s a lot less catchy than Boko Haram but significantly more revealing about the group and its mission. Far from being an aberration among Islamist terror groups, as some observers suggest, Boko Haram in its goals and methods is in fact all too representative.

The kidnapping of the schoolgirls throws into bold relief a central part of what the jihadists are about: the oppression of women. Boko Haram sincerely believes that girls are better off enslaved than educated. The terrorists’ mission is no different from that of the Taliban assassin who shot and nearly killed 15-year-old Pakistani Malala Yousafzai—as she rode a school bus home in 2012—because she advocated girls’ education. As I know from experience, nothing is more anathema to the jihadists than equal and educated women.

How to explain this phenomenon to baffled Westerners, who these days seem more eager to smear the critics of jihadism as “Islamophobes” than to stand up for women’s most basic rights? Where are the Muslim college-student organizations denouncing Boko Haram? Where is the outrage during Friday prayers? These girls’ lives deserve more than a Twitter hashtag protest. Continue reading this article

California's Illegal Alien Drivers Licenses Are Rejected by Feds

California’s speedy transformation from an American icon to a third-world multicultural dump hit a tiny bump on the road to ruin. It seems the design of the special driving permit/licenses for illegal aliens violates federal law — oops!

This is the Obama administration saying the much desired cards are not up to snuff, so you know they are bad. The LA Times report says the cards are identical to real California DLs “except for a subtle mark on the front and a disclaimer on the back in small print.”

No pictures of the mini-amnesty cards are available, for some odd reason. The “subtle mark” must be invisible without a microscope.

The alien boosters want the driver licenses to be identical to what citizens get, so the cards would be amnesty papers in effect because they would be used for identification. And of course handing out ID cards like peanuts is a serious national security threat, being a terror magnet.

I heard on local TV this morning that the usual raza suspects are begging for the rejected design to be kept.

California design of driver’s license for immigrants rejected, Los Angeles Times, May 7, 2014

Federal authorities have rejected California’s proposed design for a driver’s license for immigrants in the U.S. illegally, saying it is not distinguishable enough for security purposes from permits given to citizens.

The Washington officials want the license to state clearly on its face “that it is not acceptable for official federal purposes” and to have a design or color that differentiates it at a glance from other licenses.

The current design does not differ from other California licenses except for a subtle mark on the front and a disclaimer on the back in small print: “This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes.”

Officials said Tuesday that the decision by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security could delay distribution of the first licenses because immigrant-rights activists have vowed to fight proposals that would make them look significantly different from other licenses.

The activists consider conspicuous markings to be a kind of scarlet letter. They and others say such marks could lead to mistreatment.

“Covering the fronts of licenses with this information that Homeland Security is demanding would subject the holders to unnecessary discrimination and possible harassment,” said state Sen. Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles).

Leaders of the Latino Legislative Caucus called on California’s congressional delegation Tuesday to demand that Homeland Security officials reconsider. Continue reading this article

Vaclav Klaus on Immigration in the European Union

Former Former Czech President Václav Klaus made one of the more noteworthy comments about governance in 2003, quoted in a Washington Times article: “You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state.”

There are others in Europe who think the way to retrieve freedom there is to revive the nation state, like Geert Wilders.

Klaus is still thinking about the appropriate size of government, not surprising since he lives in theEuropean Union superstate. The EU was originally pitched as a trade deal that would make business easier, but somehow it swiftly grew into a government with little oversight by the people.

The Dutch and French peoples voted against the proposed EU constitution in 2005, a rather large statement of no confidence. Nevertheless, the Brussels bureaucrats soldier on.

Europeans are increasingly displeased with the hostile diversity forced upon them by elites.

This following interview was translated from the German version on the BlazingCatfur blog.

Klaus mentions the February Swiss referendum on immigration where voters chose to limit the inflow, a result seen as another snub to the EU.

Q: What worries you most currently about the EU?

A: The deteriorating economic situation, the decreasing respect for Europe by the rest of the world, the rising democratic deficit and increasing frustration that much of the European population are given scarcely any political regard.  That makes me nervous.  This can be seen  in the EU’s handling of the Swiss referendum on immigration.

The top level EU politicians want to impose a continental thinking on us.  They want to suppress the nation state and dissolve the national borders.  In order to weaken the cohesion of the nations today, they encourage massive and unrestricted immigration.

The EU considers the movement of pe ople [within the EU] as one of its fundamental freedoms and that to call yourself a liberal you must agree with this.

Yet one must distinguish between the “freedoms” that the EU promises us, and the freedom for political and cultural values, that I fight for as a liberal.

The migration beyond the borders of sovereign countries has radically increased in recent decades and has systematically undermined the cohesion and governability of countries.

The weakening of individual states could easily amount to an anti-liberal development because it strengthens the European super-state that the EU is turning into. Yet the EU is less democratic than any of its member states.

I have never considered immigrating to any country as my right.  The fact that the Swiss want to retain control over the extent of immigration is understandable.

I consider the results of the [Swiss] referendum not to be taken as an absolute no to immigration, but as a message: “Let us make the immigration careful and slow.”

As it happens, Pat Condell has a few choice comments on the “theft of democracy” that the EU embodies.