Pope Recommends Europe Should Embrace Islamic Invasion

The pope has always been a little lefty on the migrant invasion topic, but he reached new levels of illogic during recent remarks.

How can I top a Daily Mail headline? From March 4:

The Pope says ‘it is a social fact’ that Europe is seeing an ‘Arab invasion’ — and it’s a GOOD thing

Pope Francis described the influx of migrants into Europe as an ‘Arab invasion’ before explaining that the new arrivals will enhance Europe for the better.

The pontiff was giving a speech to an audience of French Christians when he reflected on Europe’s history of migration and the positive impact it has had on its culture today.

He described the migrant crisis as ‘a social fact’ before explaining the change will help Europe in the future by making it more multi-cultural, according to Bloomberg.

Below, during a papal visit to Istanbul in 2014, the Grand Mufti displayed a koran to the pope. Francis has said that true Islam is not violent and the koran and the Bible are the same.

In earlier times, European leaders like Charles Martel could grasp the concept of “enemy” — particularly when connected to the continuing war of Islam since its inception against western civilization.

Now the idiot tropes of the left — anti-war, anti-“racism” — have turned elite brains to mush. The people have awakened to the danger, though: the initial happy talk of refugee rescue promulgated by the liberal press failed in the face of the criminal behavior of actual newcomers, or “Rapefugees” as they are now often known.

But if the pope doesn’t care about the survival of Europe in a recognizable form, he might think about his personal longevity, since there is a big jihad target painted on his cassock. As Islam scholar Robert Spencer has pointed out, a major goal of Islam, as instructed by Mohammed, is to conquer Rome, meaning the Vatican. In fact, media-hip ISIS hopes to live-stream the beheading of the pope in St. Peter’s Square. Muslims conquered Constantinople (the eastern capital of Christianity) in 1453, and Rome is on jihadis’ to-do list for the near future. For details, see my 2015 blog: Robert Spencer: A Goal of ISIS Is to Conquer Rome in Five Years.

Despite the immediate horrific threat that Islam poses to the West, the pope worries about a shrinking population in Europe even if the empty cradles are filled by Islamic babies rather than Christian, according to DW:

Pope: ‘We can speak of an Arab invasion’ of Europe, Deutsch Welle, March 4, 2016

Europe risks becoming an “empty place” by forgetting its history and neglecting cultural exchange, said Pope Francis. The pontiff lashed out at the rise of populism, saying ideologies are the “poison of politics.”

Pope Francis said Europe must not neglect its historical roots of cultural exchange in reference to the wave of migration from the Middle East to the EU, in comments published on Friday by the Vatican’s official daily Italian-language newspaper “L’Ossevatore Romano.”

“If Europe wants to rejuvenate itself, it must rediscover its cultural roots … But forgetting its own history, Europe weakens itself. And that’s when it risks becoming an empty place,” the pope told Jean-Pierre Denis, editor-in-chief of the French magazine “La Vie.”

“Today, we can speak of an Arab invasion. It is a social fact,” the pope said in response to a question on why he believes Europe risks becoming an “empty place.” He immediately added that anyone looking for a “‘great change’ — those dearest to the far-right — will remain disappointed.” Continue reading this article

An American Victim of the H-1b Visa Scheme Provides an Update

Leo Perrero is becoming the face of the American IT worker fired and then forced to train his foreign replacement or else lose his severance package. A few months after being rudely laid off by Disney Corp, he appeared on a local station in Florida. On Friday, he discussed the issue with Lou Dobbs.

Former Disney employee Leo Perrero after his termination.


Perrero testified at the Senate hearing held last month by Jeff Sessions that investigated the impact of high-skilled immigration on US workers, and his emotional discussion of his experience was memorable.

Despite calls for reform of the “loopholes” of the H-1b visas, the cheap-labor pipeline has remained remarkably stubborn against being fixed. After all, the program is a favorite of powerful tech billionaires.

A year ago, Southern California Edison cut around 500 employees, an action that got some media attention, as well as an earlier Senate hearing — also chaired by America’s Senator Jeff Sessions.

Last week, Leo Perrero discussed the H-1b situation with Lou Dobbs, who is knowledgeable about immigration. Perrero appeared with Sarah Blackwell, his attorney in a class-action suit against Disney over their use of the visa to fire Americans. He sounded upbeat about how events were moving — perhaps unduly so, given the history — but it’s good to be hopeful.

LOU DOBBS: My next guests are embroiled in a battle against the Walt Disney Company, a legal battle, joining us, Leo Perrero, one of about 250 Disney IT workers losing their jobs in Florida replaced by foreign workers with H-1b visas and at lower wages and forced to train his replacement. Also joining us as Mr. Perrero’s attorney, Sarah Blackwell. She’s filed a federal lawsuit against Disney and two global consulting companies. Sarah, great to have you with us.

Leo, I have been covering the issue of outsourcing and offshoring, but IT becomes insourcing, if you will, of firms like these consulting companies that have become shells for the outsourcing of American middle-class jobs. How did you react when you were before Congress and you’ve known this battle has been going for so long and so little has been done?

LEO PERRERO: Well, on one front I’m really excited about the progress has been made over the past year with Sarah and few others that are banding together. IT workers getting together, we are making a difference. We’ve had three bills introduced by Congress; we have a state now that is proposing its own rules.

DOBBS: What state is that?

PERRERO: Maryland.

DOBBS: Which companies have been stopped?

PERRERO: Well, Disney stopped 30 other IT workers from being displaced in New York by ABC. There are also probably countless others that hopefully have been stopped that we just haven’t heard about; and there are some ongoing companies doing this right now as we speak. We have senators that are going after those companies as well. Continue reading this article

Obama Plans Massive Increase of Unscreenable Syrian Refugees

There’s no better way to “fundamentally change” America, as Obama promised, than to open wide the gates to historic enemies, in particular to Muslims who have been at war with Western civilization for a millennium. Why else would he welcome hundreds of thousands of foreigners whom FBI Director Comey says cannot be screened?

The proposed increase is no surprise though: last September Secretary of State Kerry announced the US “will significantly increase our numbers for refugee resettlement in the course of this next year and the year after.”

The experience of Europe over the last little while should be a reminder that admitting Muslims into communities invites violence (particularly against women) and death. ISIS leaders in the Middle East have used the crisis to smuggle their jihadists in among actual war refugees. An earlier time had Charles Martel to protect Europe from the barbarian hordes; today German Chancellor Merkel is encouraging their invasion. On Tuesday, NATO commander and US General Philip Breedlove testified to Congress that ISIS ideology is “spreading like cancer” among refugees.

Below, unfriendlies demand open borders to Europe — or else.

Americans are told by open borders elites that we do immigration better than Europe. But there have been plenty of failures that show the lie of that idea at least where Muslims are involved. Most recently, the two San Bernardino jihadists (half immigrant) showed their gratitude to America by murdering 14 co-workers of the husband. Another failure of assimilation: young Somali men have been leaving Minnesota for years to pursue jihad in their homeland. Plus, there are the honor killings, support for sharia rather than the Constitution, and general increased crime and social dysfunction.

Nevertheless, Obama intends to leave his mark on this country for years into the future by increasing anti-American diversity.

Obama Plans to Bring Thousands More Syrian Refugees into the U.S., Breitbart.com, March 2, 2016

President Barack Obama has been quietly pushing new plans to bring thousands of additional Syrian refugees into the country, despite the concerns of state and county officials and the outrages committed by welfare-dependent migrants in Europe.

Obama’s special assistant to the president for immigration policy, Felicia Escobar, recently announced plans to increase America’s intake of migrants, according to the Washington Examiner.

“We want to make sure that we can increase our numbers of refugees that are able to settle here,” Escobar said. “The need globally is so, so, so massive right now, given all the displacement and conflict around the world, but we also know that we have to do it in a way that’s smart.”

Federal law already allows the administration to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees a year, but many states and local county administrations have complained that once the Obama administration places refugees among them, few resources are available to deal with them.

The influx is very unpopular, according to polls. Also, nearly all immigrants from the Middle East are dependent on welfare. Some migrant and some second-generation Muslim Americans also embrace jihad. Continue reading this article

Research on Robot Garbage Collectors Has Proved the Concept Works

I reported last summer about efforts to replace human garbage collectors with robotic ones.

Things are moving along expeditiously in Sweden. As is often the case, the spin is designed to distract from eventual job destruction. The garbage project is touted as a “fun thought experiment” about the future of automation rather than a long-term scheme to get rid of expensive human workers. The robots will be helpers and make the job easier for the humans! Don’t worry, little workers!

The research appears quite serious: it is a partnership of the Volvo company, three universities (including Penn State) and a waste recycling company. The Volvo Group found a fresh young student, Daniel Adolfsson, to explain what’s up with the robot project — so unthreatening:

As it happens, garbage collector can be a well paying job, given the right union representation. CNN reported on February 24 about The $100,000 job: Garbage workers. That’s on the high side, but the job normally pays decently because of its physical unpleasantness, including terrible hours and stinky materials that must be handled. And it doesn’t require graduation from high school.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2014, 115,170 persons were employed as Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors. The mean annual wage is listed as $36,030. A posting on unpleasant jobs puts the average California wage at $16.04/hour but notes that in some places, the overtime can bring a tidy $60K.

Cost-cutters would love to see those wages go away. Automation looks nice on the budgetary side when incoming cash is decreasing and economic growth is slowing, but part of the reason for that shrinkage is because ”Smart machines mean slowing the creation of jobs” according to economist Peter Morici. A robust economy requires a strong market, and that means workers getting paychecks.

The replacement of human workers by robots and improved algorithms is only beginning. A 2013 study from Oxford University researchers estimated that nearly half of US jobs were at risk from automation in the next 20 years. The Gartner tech consulting firm has forecast that one-third of jobs will be done by smart machines by 2025.

There’s not a lot that can be done to forestall the automation juggernaut, but Washington can at least end the importation of millions of immigrant workers. They are not required now or in the future. America needs ZERO immigrant workers, because citizens will want the remaining jobs.

Volvo’s Trash-Emptying Robot Finally Becomes Reality, PSFK.com, March 1 , 2016

We recently wrote about ROAR: RObot-based Autonomous Refuse Handling. The vision for the project is to eliminate the need for humans to perform heavy-lifting during garbage collection. The system has two main parts: robots that can transport trash bins and a connected garbage truck where a garbage man controls the robots on a dashboard.

Now, the results are in: The proof of concept worked. Students from three universities collaborated with the Volvo Group and the waste recycling company, Renova. The company recently unveiled a video testing the project.

Here’s how this system would operate in the real world.

A drone on the roof of the refuse truck scans the area and assists the robot to find the bins:

self_emptying_trash_3_psfk.gifIt picks up your garbage, and it takes it to the truck.

3 roar-truck

The robots don’t look like humanoids, but this is just the prototype testing phase. The purpose of ROAR is to demonstrate how we, in the near future, will use smart machines to assist with a broad range of activities in society. This technology can be applied in many areas. The collection of waste is just one example.

Germany: Iranian Refugees Are Attacked by Muslims in Berlin Rescue Center

The German project of welcoming more than a million Middle Eastern refugees and moocher illegal aliens has been a huge mess and portends a continent-wide disaster in coming years.

As it turns out, Muslims as a group aren’t nice people and they certainly don’t want to assimilate to European values of freedom and order. The latest symptom of Islam’s innate hostility is the attack on Christian Iraqis housed in a refugee center, who were apparently minding their own business when Muslims proceeded to beat them up just for being Christians and reading the Bible.

Do Germans realize what vipers they have brought into their midst? Do Muslims understand that in relocating to Europe, they have placed themselves in societies that are built on Christian history and culture? Even people who don’t go to church and study the Bible still retain the cultural effects of a millennia of society based on practicing Christianity.

This can’t work out well.

NEWSPERSON: Beaten because they read the Bible. Right here in Germany. Hoping for peace, six Christians from Iran fled to Germany. Now they are being attacked here as well for their religion. In their refugee home.

CHRISTIAN MAN: The Muslims came to our room, and they beat us because we are Christians.

CHRISTIAN IN PLAID SHIRT: I wanted to mediate, so they beat me too.

VOICEOVER: Violent conflicts, not an isolated incident in the refugee home in Tempelhof in Berlin. But the fact that it’s not always about waiting in line for food is often being swept under the carpet. More disturbing, this current case. A small group of Iranians are in fear of their lives, when according to their own estimations, about 70 Muslims attack them, all because as Christians they read the Bible and wear a cross around their neck.

CHRISTIAN IN PLAID SHIRT: I was sleeping and suddenly the Muslims were in our room, and they started to beat us.

CHRISTIAN MAN: I was afraid for my life as they pounced on me, and I thought, this is it for me. I thought, how am I going to get out of this here? Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Endorses Trump for President

At the big Trump rally in Madison Alabama on Sunday, Senator Jeff Sessions announced his endorsement on stage in front of a packed stadium.


When Senator Sessions appeared with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business on Wednesday, he was careful to speak positively about both Trump and Ted Cruz, his colleague in the Senate: when he said something good about Trump, he then said Cruz was also good on the same issue.

Earlier this month, Politico described the struggle: Jeff Sessions Torn Between Trump, Cruz, noting his comment then: “I don’t have any plans. I have no agenda to make any announcement any time soon.”

But now the Senator from Alabama has made his choice, and unlike most political endorsements, this one counts for something, particularly among people who reject open borders and economic globalization. It is a major rebuff to Ted Cruz, his partner in the Senate on important legislation. Also, I take it to mean Sessions thinks the country is very deep in a hole and needs someone outside to corrupt system of legal bribery, where the wealthy oligarchs buy political representation. Will Rogers called America’s legislature “the best Congress money can buy” and it has only gotten worse in the decades since.

Donald Trump, for all his rough edges, is a free man because he is rich. He doesn’t need to scrounge cash with strings attached from the powerful to finance his political campaign. The elites like the billions of dollars they are making from looting the corpse of the American economy, but the little citizens have had their pockets picked in the process and they are angry about it.

TRUMP: When I talk about illegal immigration and all the problems with crime and everything else, I think of a great man and I want to just introduce you to him for a second. You know who I’m talking about — who am I talking about?

Nobody knows right now because we’ve kept it a surprise. Senator Jeff Sessions!

[Crowds cheers loudly.]

SESSIONS: Wow, what a crowd this is. I told Donald Trump this isn’t a campaign, this is a movement. Look at what’s happening. The American people are not happy with their government. Though some say you just need to let the people calm down a little bit, they’ll forget it then they’ll let it all go. Will you forget it? No, we should not. There is an opportunity this year — Tuesday. And we have the opportunity Tuesday, and it may be the last opportunity we have for the people’s voice to be heard. You have asked for 30 years, and politicians have promised for 30 years to fix illegal immigration. Have they done it?


SESSIONS: Donald Trump will do it. You the American people have known for years these trade agreements have not been working for them. We now will soon have a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama trade and it will damage America. It will create a commission and undermine our sovereignty, and it should not pass. Donald Trump, when he gets elected president, will see that it does not pass.

This movement — it doesn’t take money from political groups and lobbyists he is committed to leading this country in an effective way. You know nobody’s perfect , and we can’t have everything want, Mr. Trump, but this time in my opinion in my best judgement, this time in American history, we need to Make America Great Again. [Sessions puts on Trump hat]


SESSIONS: Thank you all. I am pleased to endorse Donald Trump for the Presidency of the United States. I believe there is a movement afoot that must not fade away. It has the potential to have the American people’s voices heard for a change. The bosses are you. The people in Washington are the public servants; they serve you. And we haven’t had enough of that.

You can watch the whole event on C-SPAN.

In addition, Senator Sessions was interviewed on Breitbart after his endorsement to expand on his thinking about immigration and the needs of American citizens.

Germany: Rapefugee Gang Harasses Teen Girls

Here’s snapshot of the new Germany after it has been invaded by foreign savages: in the northern city of Kiel, three high-school-aged girls were having an early dinner in a harbor-area restaurant and were mobbed by hostile foreign men. Two Afghans had filmed the girls and sent the videos to their like-minded associates via social media, and soon 30 men showed up to threaten the German girls.

Below, in January thousands of Cologne residents demonstrated against the New Year’s sex assaults of Muslim illegal aliens against local women.

Muslim illegal aliens may be enormously barbaric toward women, but they are not stupid when it comes to using technology to navigate their way through Europe. In fact, the smartphone has been an essential for finding resources for the successful invasion. Now the aliens are using social media to press their demands for sharia values in the territory eyed for total conquest.

What’s next? Muslims kidnapping German Christian girls, as happens in Egypt and Pakistan?

30-strong group harasses young girls in north Germany, The Local (Germany), February 26, 2016

A trio of teenage girls in northern Germany were sexually harassed by a large group of men in northern Germany on Thursday, echoing the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

The incident took place between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Thursday evening in Kiel, the capital of Germany’s northernmost state, Schleswig-Holstein.

As the teenagers aged between 15 and 17 went for dinner together, they were followed by two young men, both from Afghanistan, police report.

The two men then started filming the girls with their phones as they sat in a restaurant near the harbour.

According to statements the girls gave police, the men then appeared to send the video or pictures to other people.

Within a few minutes a group of up to 30 men had arrived at outside the restaurant.

Two of the girls ran from the restaurant at this point and managed to shake off a group of around ten men who followed them.

But when they returned to look for their friend, two men sat next to them and began again to harass them.
Continue reading this article

Senate Hearing Investigates Myth of American STEM Worker Shortage

VisaApprovedSimpleOn Thursday, Senator Jeff Sessions’ Immigration Subcommittee held a hearing titled, The Impact of High-Skilled Immigration on U.S. Workers. The hearing was not that different from a similar one last March, and it indicates the desire of the chairman to enact some meaningful reforms. However, killing the H-1b scam outright seems the appropriate action when only one-third of native-born Americans with an undergraduate STEM degree holding a job actually work in a STEM occupation.

The persons testifying included Leo Perrero, who spoke out last fall about his layoff from Disney after the company replaced its American tech staff with cheaper H-1b foreigners. He decided to leave his career in tech after 20 years experience because he apparently could see no future in it despite earlier success and receiving the “very highest employment performance review” at Disney. His emotional description of the disappointment he felt from being cut was a memorable part of the hearing:

PERRERO: Later that same day [after being laid off] I clearly remember going to the local church pumpkin sale and having to tell the kids I couldn’t buy any that year because my job was being turned over to a foreign worker.

I started to think: what kind of American was I becoming? Was I going to become part of ruining our country by taking severance pay in exchange for training my foreign replacement? How many other American families would be affected by the same foreign worker that I trained? . . .

We all felt extremely humiliated when the foreign worker sat next to us and watched everything we did. The final period of 90 days was the most disgraceful and demoralizing, as we had to watch the foreign workers completely take over our jobs. And we came to grips that the upcoming Disney jobs promise didn’t exist. Then finally on January 31st of 2015, we were ordered to turn in our company badges, laptops and then ushered out the door.

For the record, Americans being forced to train foreign replacements is hardly new. In 1995 Labor Secretary Robert Reich warned Congress about the H-1B program because there were already reports of abuse then.

Attorney John Miano also testified and was full of information, having recently written Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers with co-author Michelle Malkin.

Here’s a clip of Senator Sessions questioning the panel about alleged “opportunities” offered to citizens following their being laid off. He observed that the tech jobs promised following the outsourcing of heavy industry have not materialized, noting that Facebook employs only 7,000.

The text of the Chairman’s opening statement follows:

Sessions Delivers Opening Statement on High-Skilled Immigration: Data Exposes ‘Myth’ of American STEM Worker Shortage, February 25, 2015

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest, today issued the following statement on the impacts of high-skilled immigration on American workers:

“Thank you to everyone for being here today, and thank you Senator Durbin for serving as ranking member. This hearing will focus on the impact of high-skilled immigration on U.S. workers.

Last month, Barron’s reported that financial analysts expect information technology companies will cut at least 330,000 jobs this year – news that has become all too familiar in recent years.

Yet the CEOs and those aligned with the business lobby continue to perpetuate the myth that there is a shortage of talented U.S. workers to fill positions in technology and other high-skilled employment sectors. Continue reading this article

California: Expert-Forecast El Nino Mega-Rains Didn’t Happen

The Golden State has been more golden brown than usual the last few years, as it has suffered a historic drought. We all had our fingers crossed when professional weather wonks forecast a huge rainy season for 2015-16 because of a monster El Nino which normally brings a lot of precipitation.

The good news is the rains came in the fall and early winter, but the faucet went dry in February. The rainfall was decent, but nothing like the biblical stuff forecast that prompted many homeowners to schedule roof repairs in preparation.

Still, there is snow in the Sierras where a lot of water supply is naturally stored. Last year’s snowpack amounted to just 5 percent of its normal water content, the lowest in 500 years according to tree ring data. The situation was dire, with no Plan B forthcoming from Sacramento. But Nature was semi-kind this year, which is good because prolonged drought can be a civilization killer.

Below, a water survey is performed at Echo Summit in the Sierras in February 2016.


Meanwhile, California continues to be a magnet for immigrants, and the foreign-born are the major source of the state’s population growth. Unfortunately, too many people residing in a largely low-rainfall state is a drought disaster waiting to happen. Granted, the majority of water use is for agriculture, but when drought hits, the government hectors average city dwellers to cut their usage.


The Sacramento Bee had a front-page feature article on Friday bemoaning the general disappointment in the highly touted El Nino.

Is this El Niño a dud?, Sacramento Bee, February 25, 2016

Sacramento is in the peak of its rainy season, but there is no substantial rain in the forecast for the next two weeks. The Sierra snowpack has fallen below normal levels for this time of year. The state’s three largest reservoirs remain far below capacity.

Whither El Niño?

SacramentoComparingElNinosThroughout the summer and fall of 2015, California residents waited in anticipation as they heard about the strong El Niño weather pattern brewing in the Pacific Ocean. We remembered the winters of 1997-98 and 1982-83, when such strong El Niños corresponded with deluges. And we hoped for relief from our long, brutal drought.

But through Feb. 20, Sacramento has seen half the precipitation that occurred by this point in 1997-98 and 1982-83.

Bill Patzert, climate expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, said a dry February doesn’t mean El Niño has run its course, however. In the 1983 El Niño winter, “the big show really didn’t happen until March and April. I’m still holding out hope.”

Patzert said the timing of the precipitation varies with the intensity of the El Niño pattern, which is a function of warmer-than-usual water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. In 1998, the water temperatures peaked in November and much of the rain fell in February. In 1983, it peaked in January – as it did this year – and the bulk of the rain came in March and April.

Jan Null, former National Weather Service forecaster, now a private consultant with Golden Gate Weather Services in Saratoga, also isn’t quite ready to label this El Niño a dud.

“It’s possible there’s another shoe to drop. There is still a lot of warm water out in the Pacific,” Null said. Water temperatures are still considerably warmer than normal. Continue reading this article

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions: America’s Economy Needs Fewer Immigrants

Appearing on the Fox Business Network Wednesday, Senator Sessions reasserted his position that immigration must benefit the American people, not wealthy elites. He also allowed that a reduction in legal immigration would be advisable, since “There’s just not enough jobs for people today” as a result of robots, advanced software, outsourcing and immigration. He is the only one in Washington who connects the dots between automation and immigration.

Interestingly, he was careful to speak positively about both candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Senator Sessions’ support could influence voting in the important primary elections coming up in March and he apparently is not ready yet to make a public choice. But Sessions did recognize Trump for focusing on the immigration issue and bringing it to the center of public discourse. Not only that, but Sessions thinks Trump could win in December by attracting Democrats disappointed with their party.

SESSIONS: For thirty years, maybe more, the American people have asked their politicians to end the lawlessness, have immigration system that serves their interests, not the world’s interests, and politicians have promised that but not delivered, and so this is a decisive event. The Gang of Eight bill would not have delivered. And so Donald Trump, as I’ve been suggesting for some time, got out there in front and talked about it, used the image of a wall and has surged to the top. I think the American people are fed up. They want action on this and Donald Trump is symbolizing it. Ted Cruz opposed that bill, and there are others that have opposed it and and have good ideas, but right now it does seem to have helped him, and I think it’s being faithful to what our constituents want.

MARIA BARTIROMO: And you’re saying in terms of the issues, have a clear cap on the number of green cards issued, the number of people coming into the country and understand fully what those numbers are.

SESSIONS: Maria, we admit a million a year lawfully to full-time pathway to citizenship, a green card, every year. That’s the most of any nation in the world. We have 700,000 here on work visas of various kinds in addition to that. We need to ask ourselves: is that number legitimate? Who should be in that one million? Do we need a full million? Maybe at this time of unemployment and low workforce participation, we need to reduce that number. I think so, but we ought to discuss it at any rate, and the test should be: does it benefit Americans? That’s the first test.

BARTIROMO: So are you supporting Donald Trump given that he has brought this up?

SESSIONS: I am real proud that he has. He’s also opposed the Obama trade plan, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Pacific commission that would be created as a part of that. Also Ted Cruz opposes that. I think those are two big issues. I think it’s driving this election and I don’t think a nominee is likely to win who favors the TPP and who favors more immigration. Continue reading this article

Atlas Robot’s Advanced Capability Threatens American Jobs

The video below had more than eight million views in two days, February 23-25. The reason for the interest is certainly the machine’s remarkable balance and ease of movement. “Atlas” walks over a snowy landscape outdoors and regains footing after slipping. It lifts boxes and places them on shelves. When a human moves a box on the floor away from Atlas, the robot follows it around the room.

Atlas shows a considerable advance over the robots competing in the DARPA challenge just last summer, when most of the machines could not complete the difficult course of obstacles and tasks that simulated a situation like Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The Atlas robot navigates snow with apparent ease.


Patriarch Equity CEO Eric Schiffer opined, “Robots are workforce napalm for American workers.” While visiting Fox Business with Stuart Varney on Thursday, he further remarked about such advanced robots, “It is the death of the paycheck for the American worker. . . We really need to begin to think about these things because it’s coming sooner than you think. . . We need a plan for these things to protect the American worker.”

Over at CNBC, a tech commenter declared the machine signaled “the end of manual labor.”

Surely then, America doesn’t need additional millions of third-world immigrants (or any other kind) to do the work, since automation will be doing most of it.

Google robot is ‘the end of manual labor’, CNBC, February 24, 2016

Boston Dynamics’ new “Atlas” robot is a game changer, not just for companies, but for society, Insider.com CEO Jason Calacanis said Wednesday.

“This is really the end of manual labor. When you watch this video, he’s walking through the snow; he’s wobbly, but he gets back up,” the tech investor told CNBC’s “Squawk Alley.”

“Manual labor is going to end in our lifetime, and in this video you can see how close we really are. It’s a huge societal issue with jobs, but it’s going to be a huge lift in terms of efficiency of companies that nobody expected.” Continue reading this article

California Chinese Pol Leland Yee Is Sentenced to Five Years Prison Time

Remember Leland Yee? Straight outa Chinatown, the San Francisco Democrat is going to the big house after being convicted of racketeering last summer.

The oddball corrupto-crat posed as an anti-gun zealot for Democrat campaign events, but was happy to engage in serious weapons trafficking with Philippines Islamic separatists.

Leland first came onto my viewscreen in 2002 when he took immigrant umbrage at local native plant enthusiasts who wanted to restore indigenous foliage to parks and was quoted in the San Jose Mercury:

One supervisor, Leland Yee, took umbrage at the notion that only native species should be kept, and exotic ones eradicated, comparing it to racial cleansing or “xenophobia.”

“Plants and trees without the proper pre-Mayflower lineage are called ‘invasive exotics’ and are wrenched from the soil to die,” Yee wrote in a local newspaper editorial. “How many of us are ‘invasive exotics’ who have taken root in the San Francisco soil, have thrived and flourished here, and now contribute to the diversity of the wonderful mix that constitutes present-day San Francisco?”

That degree of stupid is almost funny in the abstract, although alarming in an elected official. See my 2014 Vdare article that includes more anecdotes of the wacky-strange man who nevertheless managed to become successful in colorful San Francisco, until he wasn’t — California Immigrant Pol Leland Yee Busted For Corruption.

Below, Leland with an array of multilingual campaign signs in happier days (for him). No English is visible, but “Yee Se Puede” is. Diverse!


The Taiwan animators are often Sinophile to the extreme, but they ripped Leland up and down for his gun-grabber hypocrisy when he was arrested a couple years back. So entertaining.

Leland was sentenced in San Francisco on Wednesday. Diversity didn’t save him.

Former state Sen. Leland Yee; ex-SF school board member sentenced, San Francisco Chronicle, February 24, 2016

Former state Sen. Leland Yee, a force in Bay Area politics for a quarter century, was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $20,000 by a federal judge in San Francisco on Wednesday for taking bribes from undercover agents posing as campaign contributors.

After roughly an hour of haggling between Yee and his lawyers, who argued for leniency, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer dressed down Yee in front of the court.

“I have the responsibility of sentencing the whole person,” the judge said. “You’ve done a number of very goods things but I don’t think I should be lenient.”

The judge said Yee’s crimes had undermined public faith in democratic instutitutions.

“We must be accepted by the public as having done an honest job. You abused that trust,” Breyer said.

Yee stood stoically in a dark suit. Just before he was sentenced, and after his lawyers had asked for leniency on his behalf, Yee briefly addressed the judge.

“Nothing will ever take away the pain I have caused to my friends, family, constituents and the institution I represented,” he said. “In the 67 years of my life, I’ve devoted most of it to the people here in San Francisco and in California.”

The judge took particular umbrage to Yee’s admitted participation in a gun-running conspiracy, considering his public position supporting gun control. The judge called Yee’s participation “inexplicable … unfathomable (and) hypocritical.”

“You were willing to go against your stated position for money,” Breyer said. “That’s the most venal thing I’ve seen.” Continue reading this article

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