USCIS Union President: Open Borders Endanger National Security

In the Middle East, Allah’s loyal headchoppers are having great success in taking over large swaths of territory and killing many opponents along the way. They see themselves as being on a roll, progressing rapidly to the much desired world caliphate of sharia law ruled by… them! So convenient.

Below, ISIS jihadists beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in February. They were following directions of the Koran (8.12) to “strike disbelievers on their necks” .

Jihadists would love a redo of 9/11, only bigger with many more American deaths. Yet the administration prefers open borders to import future Democrat voters even though that policy endangers the nation. For example, a recent Texas government report noted that the “Texas-Mexico border is not secure, and this lack of security undermines public safety and homeland security.”

Allah’s choppers may be bloodthirsty savages, but they are not stupid in pursuing their goals. They cruise the internet as much as anyone, and cannot have missed the pathetic state of America’s border security. How many rented a kid and hopped a train during last year’s border surge where foreign moppets were keys to the kingdom? Just exchange those robes and turbans for Mexican duds, learn a little Spanish and jihadists are all set for easy illegal entry.

Responsible officials are worried about the national security threat for good reason. One such knowledgeable fellow is Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council employees union, and his agency vets persons applying for legal status in the US. He remarked in a March 3 statement, “By not scrutinizing each and every applicant to the fullest extent possible to ensure America’s security, we invite an even more catastrophic event than what occurred on 09/11/2001.”

Palinkas appeared on Fox News Monday to explain further.

PALINKAS: To my knowledge, deportations are down, extremely down. because the deportation offices themselves have this program where they just catch and release, unless it’s a heinous crime being committed. . .

Now with these other programs that the president wanted to put through, you’re apt to, they’re not going to be properly vetted because the people who are going to perform the job of vetting these people — remember, it’s on an application. it’s not an interview, so, you’re only going get so much information out of that form. . .

We don’t have a proper accounting whatsoever, and I don’t see it getting any better. When you lessen the requirements, when you lessen the vetting, meaning the background checks, things of that nature, when you push people through, when you just decide that, oh, as long as you only have maybe a misdemeanor or not a bad misdemeanor, whatever that means, I don’t know, you might qualify. So, you have people that came here illegally committing crimes, and then still asking for this benefit. What about the people that filed and went the lawful status way?

Obama Slams Voter ID in Selma Speech

The President engaged in partisan politics Saturday when he participated in the 50-year anniversary of the Selma civil rights march. At one point in his speech, Obama remarked, “Right now, in 2015, 50 years after Selma, there are laws across this country designed to make it harder for people to vote.”

Yes, that’s correct. Our laws prohibit children, felons and illegal aliens from voting. Voter ID helps prevent ineligible persons from skewing elections. It’s important for the nation to have reliable, accurate elections.

The remark was discussed on Fox News Monday morning.

TUCKER CARLSON: What about the real problems facing black America like a massive unemployment rate? . . . Laws designed to make it harder to vote: have those laws made it harder to vote?

CHARLES PAYNE: I know in the last Presidential election, more black people voted than whites, at a higher percentage, so if they were designed to stop people from voting, they were pretty ineffecive. The idea of voter ID is very reasonable and then the idea that somehow that impedes adults from getting ID or getting identification is almost insulting to someone’s intelligence, so it bothers me that this is an issue to begin with and it’s doubly more worrisome that it would have been brought up Saturday at an event that marked 50 years of progress. . .

CARLSON: As an American you hate to think of your President acting like a demagogue but in this case, to address the struggles of black America and not mention the unemployment rate seems a little odd. . .

PAYNE: It’s time for us to look in the mirror. According to one report 47 percent of black males are not graduating from high school. . . We know we are moving into a knowledge-based economy. Listen, voting has given us a lot of power, but . . . the way out of poverty won’t necessarily be the ballot box but individual effort in a knowledge-based economy.

The unemployment rate for black citizens is nearly twice that of the nation as a whole.

Having a strict voter ID doesn’t hurt blacks, it helps them by keeping illegal aliens from voting. It won’t be good for any Americans, but particularly blacks, when Mexicans et al are voting in our elections and gaining more power.

One example: on the Laura Ingraham radio show this morning [LISTEN], she interviewed the President of the Prince George County NAACP, Bob Ross, about special public schools being set up for illegal alien students who don’t speak English. Ross believes that the project takes taxpayers’ dollars away from black citizen students’ education. Laura noted the “huge amount of resources being poured into the immigrant community” particularly the schools.

Blacks should wake up and smell the tacos, because the whole immigration diversity rainbow thing is not working out so well.

NAACP Battles Latino Group Over Special Schools For Immigrant Students, Daily Caller, March 4, 2015

A Maryland chapter of the NAACP and the Latino activist group Casa de Maryland are squaring off over a plan to open two new schools to help immigrant students learn English.

The Prince George’s County chapter of the NAACP calls the facilities “separate but unequal,” and its president, Bob Ross, fears that money for the schools will be diverted from black schoolchildren, WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C. reports. Continue reading this article

Selma Plus 50: Politics, Prose and Pictures

A big story this weekend has been the 50th anniversary of the Selma march that marked a turning point in the civil rights movement. The President made himself a big part of the celebrations, giving what passes for a pro-America speech to the assemblage and leading a walk across the iconic bridge. (One might remember his absence from January’s Paris Charlie Hebdo march for free speech, but he couldn’t have been the #1 star in that event which was filled with world leaders.)

Below, the New York Times was criticized for cropping out former President George W Bush who was also in the front line of the march.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times, no friend of Republicans, published a more unifying photo that included both Presidents, their wives and Rep John Lewis, a participant in the 1965 march.

Perhaps more curious was Obama’s use of the Selma celebrations to promote his extra-Constitutional amnesty for millions of foreign invaders. Professional amnesty pests hoped to co-opt the event for their unworthy goals, and BHO was on board with that effort.

Appearing March 6 on the Joe Madison radio show, Obasma pitched rewarding illegals as some sort of civil right — open borders for all!

Obama: Deporting immigrant kids not ‘true to the spirit’ of Selma, The Hill, March 06, 2015

Deporting illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children would violate the spirit of the civil rights movement, President Obama said ahead of his trip to Alabama to mark the 50th anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery.

“The notion that some kid that was brought here when he was two or three years old might somehow be deported at the age of 20 or 25, even though they’ve grown up as American, that’s not who we are,” he said during an interview air Friday on Sirius XM’s “Urban View” with Joe Madison.

“That’s not true to the spirit of what the march on Selma was about.”

Interestingly, Fox New’s Neil Cavuto had a problem with that:

CAVUTO: Selma was about legal Americans denied their rights and it was offensive, it wasn’t about illegal Americans denied their rights: that comparison is what’s offensive. Because there’s a big difference between a nation denying basic rights to all its citizens and denying them to those who who have no such right because they are not citizens.

But when Obama got to Alabama, he must have had second thoughts about pushing an issue that has been so harmful to black Americans, particularly economically, but also in education where black kids as well as other Americans are being pushed aside to service the illegal alien kiddie surge.

In fact, Obama did not call for millions of amnesty work permits during his Selma speech, where many of the audience were black citizens who on average have been worse off during the BHO economy. He did mention immigration, but only as part of the great sweep of American history and its diversity.

Here’s a snippet from the 3600-word transcript of Obama’s speech, which is typical in its snooze-worthy style of vague recycled elements:

We’re the immigrants who stowed away on ships to reach these shores, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free –- Holocaust survivors, Soviet defectors, the Lost Boys of Sudan.  We’re the hopeful strivers who cross the Rio Grande because we want our kids to know a better life.  That’s how we came to be.  (Applause.)

We’re the slaves who built the White House and the economy of the South.  (Applause.)  We’re the ranch hands and cowboys who opened up the West, and countless laborers who laid rail, and raised skyscrapers, and organized for workers’ rights.

We’re the fresh-faced GIs who fought to liberate a continent.  And we’re the Tuskeegee Airmen, and the Navajo code-talkers, and the Japanese Americans who fought for this country even as their own liberty had been denied.

Up with diversity! But somehow the illegal alien amnesty creating millions of legal workers to compete with citizens got shelved for the Selma audience.

Initial Amnesty Costs for Processing Are Toted Up

Judicial Watch has dug up some figures about the immediate costs of Obama’s imperial amnesty and they are high, nearly half a billion dollars annually just for the paper pushing.

You wouldn’t expect government rubber-stampers to work in less-than-deluxe offices would you?

Below, the administration rented this office building in Arlington, Virginia, to process millions of amnesty applications.

Tom Fitton appeared on Fox News Saturday morning to explain the administration spending that has no authorization in law, including how resources are being shunted from processing legal immigrants to the servicing of foreign lawbreakers.

FITTON: In our experience with the last DREAM Act amnesty which is also illegal, the handing of legal applications for green cards shut down. So if you are a US citizen trying to get your foreign-born wife into the country, you had to wait a year. But if you’re an illegal alien, you’re stamped right through,

TUCKER CARLSON: So the United States is paying half a billion dollars just in direct costs, just directly half a billion dollars to break US law, Why? What’s the purpose of this?

FITTON: The purpose is to enact the President’s prosecutorial discretion and would allow you if you are here a certain period of time to apply for provisional status or legal status and be able to work, and the administration’s encouraging you even if you don’t think you’ll pass and get the application approved, come in and apply anyway and you’ll get the benefit of not being deported. It essentially would allow virtually anyone who’s here illegally to continue to stay here. And as I said, upward of $484 million a year, but that’s just for the first year; they give it every year from here on in, and of course it’s going to draw more illegal aliens and so the cost will just increase over time.

CARLSON: All Democratic voters. This is the same administration that advertises food stamps in Mexico.

Of course, these many millions of dollars are merely the pricetag on processing. When the future Democrats are fast-tracked for citizenship and voting, they will cost trillions of dollars in benefits over their lifetimes according to Heritage scholar Robert Rector. The high cost is because as low-skilled workers, they receive far more welfare than they pay in taxes. The $6.3 trillion cost is for the official total number of 11 million illegal aliens, and Obama is only going for half a loaf now — but he has two years left in office to accommodate those left out.

Here are the details from Judicial Watch:

Obama Amnesty to Cost $484 Mil, Expand Workforce by 3,100 in New Compound,, March 4, 2015

The U.S. government will spend nearly half a billion dollars, expand its workforce by 3,100 and open a 280,000-square-foot compound in Virginia to carry out President Obama’s amnesty order, according to detailed government figures provided to Judicial Watch.

The numbers are breathtaking and include a $647,590 monthly rent bill for a new facility at 2200 Crystal Drive in Arlington Virginia. It will be the processing headquarters for two Obama amnesty plans—Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA)—that will allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. Last month a federal court in Texas blocked the amnesty order, but records show the administration is ready to pull the trigger if it succeeds in appealing the ruling.

In fact a few weeks ago Judicial Watch reported that, despite the court order, the administration continued working behind the scenes to quickly award multi-million-dollar contracts to firms that can expeditiously process millions of illegal immigrants. A Request for Proposal (RFP) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that the population of potential requesters for the president’s deferred action will be “approximately four million people” and that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) anticipates the initial filing of “approximately five to six million forms” related to the amnesty order which also covers the illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens and lawful residents. Continue reading this article

Obama's 'Fundamentally Transformed' America Will Not Be Second-Amendment Friendly

A future Mexicanized and liberally diverse America will likely be different in ways that most citizens have not imagined, beyond the presence of an imported voting block that will vote Democrat no matter what. Hispanics are culturally inclined to big government which makes them perfect liberals, along with their other drawbacks, like disinterest in education, fondness for violence and general corruption.

Hispanic immigrants don’t come from a firearm-positive culture like America’s, where guns are used responsibly by citizens for self-defense and as a firewall against government tyranny. Mexican cartels do like guns well enough for criminal applications, and the Mexico City Catholic church runs yearly disarmament drives to remove weapons.

Many gun rights advocates in this country have ignored the threat posed by the demographic changes forced upon the nation by elite-sponsored immigration. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA) is an exception. In 2013, he remarked, “If you bring a whole bunch of Democrats into the country, most of them are going to vote to take away our guns and in a few years that’s exactly what would happen, so we don’t want the other problems that come with that. Just from a Second Amendment point of view, we have a dog in that fight.” (As posted online by RightWingWatch).

Pratt recently announced in an online radio show that GOA will begin to include politicians’ amnesty position as a part of their Second Amendment ratings.

Gun Owners of America to score amnesty votes in politician gun ratings, Examiner, March 2, 2015

News that can help shape the political landscape of the gun rights advocacy community was broken last night on the nationally-syndicated Armed American Radio program, when Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, announced GOA will begin scoring politicians on their support or opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens.

GOA has been alone among national gun rights groups warning that a “pathway to citizenship” will provide for millions of new anti-gun voters with the electoral clout to undo all hard-won legislative and judicial gains gun owners have enjoyed in recent years. That the administration is working toward that and other agenda goals is corroborated by what Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told the United Conference of Mayors, when he maintained that “the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have ‘earned the right to be citizens.’”

The danger of allowing that to happen was emphasized recently by Oregon’s Rep. Kurt Schrader, who declared immigration “will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.” Plus, Obama’s counting on that. Continue reading this article

Smart Machines Take More White Collar Jobs, So Importing H-1b Workers May Not Be Necessary

Robots have been moving into factories and farms to perform tasks earlier done by human workers.

Below, factory robots weld and assemble cars without a human in sight.

But machines and software are getting smarter at a rapid rate. As automation expert Andrew McAfee notes in the video following, a lot of people now use software to calculate their taxes rather than take their records to a human preparer. It’s one example of how in so many ways, human workers are less needed, yet the economic experts can’t figure out why the recovery has been painfully slow in generating jobs.

Andy McAfee: The median American worker doesn’t do manual labor anymore. The average American worker is not a ditch digger. But they’re also not doing incredibly high-end particle physics or data science. They are what you’d call the somewhat routine knowledge worker. That is right in the sweet spot of where technology is making its greatest inroads. And a good example of that is a tax preparer. That’s someone who has mastered a very complicated American tax code, but they do the same thing over and over. They apply that code to an individual person. That’s recently become fairly easy to automate and automate very well. So now a lot of us find a $40 program like TurboTax completely adequate for our needs. That’s great news for two out of three constituencies.

One of the educational fads of late has been to train youngsters how to code computers so they can get good paying jobs as adults. But wait — smart robots are headed there also.

Watch out, coders — a robot may take your job, too, InfoWorld, Feb 19, 2015

Researchers warn that a glut of code is coming that will depress wages and turn coders into Uber drivers

Chances are you’re not too worried about a robot taking your job. After all, when we picture out-of-control automation, we imagine that the blue-collar folks who work with their hands in the factories or checkout counters will be pushed aside by a collection of chips, software, and servo-motors.

But don’t be smug, techies. An intriguing new research paper from two major universities posits that even software developers, the very people who program those machines, could face a future in which their skills are no longer needed and their incomes drop precipitously as smart machines reduce the need for human-produced software to mere maintenance operations. [. . .]

The world of employment is undergoing a revolution from top to bottom, yet Washington policymakers are sleepwalking off a cliff. Congressman Paul Ryan, who is supposed to be expert on matters of the economy and budget, believes America needs to import millions of immigrant workers to replace the retiring boomer generation. He is dangerously wrong in thinking a labor shortage is looming when the opposite is true. An angry underclass is growing in size from the Ferguson heartland to the coasts because there are no jobs for low-skilled people, but nevertheless the elites want more and cheaper labor.

White-collar occupations are threatened by the same progress that has wiped out millions of low-skilled jobs. Fortune magazine had an informative list of some of them, with fascinating details tucked in, like the entire Fed-ex fleet being flown remotely by a handful of pilots in 2020.

5 white-collar jobs robots already have taken, Fortune, Feb 25, 2015

Artificial intelligence, robotics and new disruptive technology are challenging white-collar professions that previously seemed invulnerable.

For years now, some researchers have been anticipating that robots would take away jobs from humans. In the UK, Deloitte and the University of Oxford predicted that 10 million unskilled jobs could be taken over by robots. University of Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne estimated in 2013 that 47 percent of total U.S. jobs could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033.

Some experts say not to worry because technology has always created new jobs while eliminating old ones ones, displacing but not replacing workers. But lately, as technology has become more sophisticated, the drumbeat of worry has intensified. “What’s different now?” asked Leigh Watson Healy, chief analyst at market research firm Outsell. “The pace of technology advancements plus the big data phenomenon lead to a whole new level of machines to perform higher level cognitive tasks.” Translated: the old formula of creating more demanding jobs that need advanced training may no longer hold true. The number of people needed to oversee the machines, and to create them, is limited. Where do the many whose occupations have become obsolete go?

“I don’t think we have a good handle on this,” said MIT researcher Matt Beane. “The end game scenarios seem kind of severe. From here on in, it’s really, really, really going to change and it’s going to change faster than we can handle.”

Until recently, it was largely blue collar jobs that have felt the brunt, as technologies automated assembly-line work. Now, researchers are beginning to see that artificial intelligence, robotics and new disruptive technology are challenging white-collar professions that previously seemed invulnerable.

Look at FedEx. “They hope that by 2020 they will have a pilot center with three or four pilots that fly the FedEx fleet [of hundreds of planes] around the country,” said Frank Tobe, editor and publisher of The Robot Report, a publication that tracks and analyzes the robot industry. Or there’s education. “I invested in one company that uses robots to teach mathematics in schools,” said Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Russian tech giant Mail.Ru Group and head of robotics VC firm Grishin Robots.

Which raises the question: Will pushing labor onto machines open a new bright future for humanity, or a new variation on the Terminator series: Rule of the Robot Overlords?

Here are five professional jobs already being replaced by computers, robots, and AI.

Financial and Sports Reporters
Gathering information; interviewing people; answering who, what when, where, why, and how; and writing the results. It’s the daily grind for journalists. But make the information machine readable and you have the potential for disruption.

Associated Press has run an experiment of automatically creating corporate earnings reports since June 2014 with software from Automated Insights and data from Zacks Investment Research. After working through problems at the outset, the process is virtually error-free, which likely beats what humans would do. Continue reading this article

New York Mayor De Blasio Orders Islam Holidays for City Schools

How do you tell when your country has too many Muslims? One hint might be when the biggest city starts observing Islam holidays in the public schools.

Below, candidate Bill De Blasio campaigned for the Muslim vote, and as mayor he has weakened country-terrorism according to their wishes.

Can’t policymakers in Washington notice that Muslim immigration has been entirely disastrous for Europe and may destroy civilization there in a few decades? The Muslim population in America increased by 67 percent in the recent decade. Why has this dangerous policy been allowed to continue? What do Muslims bring other than religious supremacy, violence and discord?

New York City lost thousands of its citizens to Muslim jihad on 9/11. The surviving families cannot feel positive about the demographic change.

As the British immigration Cassandra Enoch Powell remarked, “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.”

Too bad Washington is short on statesmen these days. Oh well!

Happy Allah-Days, New York City!

NYC public schools, nation’s biggest district, to close on 2 Muslim holidays, Associated Press, March 4, 2015

NEW YORK — The nation’s largest public school system will observe the two most important Muslim holidays starting next fall, a policy change hailed Wednesday by Islamic leaders in New York City.

Under the new policy, the city’s 1.1 million-pupil public school system will close on Sept. 24 for Eid al-Adha, which is also known as the Festival of Sacrifice. The holiday of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, will be observed during summer school in 2016.

“Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families will no longer have to choose between honoring the most sacred days on their calendar or attending school,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in his announcement.

Muslim leaders welcomed the announcement. Continue reading this article

Illegal Aliens Will Receive Tax 'Refunds' without Paying Taxes

The IRS has announced that Obama amnesty recipients can apply for free money to be dispensed by the imperial potentate in the White House. The idea that illegal alien job thieves will be further rewarded beyond their work permits (the real amnesty) can challenge the imagination of law-abiding citizens.

Fox News’ Greta van Susteren is an old-fashioned good-government enthusiast and she found the arrogant giveaway to be “stunning”:

VAN SUSTEREN: Tonight an update to the stunning news that On the Record reported last month. We told you that millions of illegal immigrants granted amnesty by President Obama’s executive actions are getting free money from the IRS. Many of them did not did not pay taxes. Well, it gets worse. Now IRS chief John Koskinen is writing a letter to Congress, standing by the IRS decision.

Remember, large quantities of free stuff are vital to the Obama plan of creating a permanent Democrat majority using grateful illegal aliens. The millions of newbies must be constantly reminded that the freebies come from their Democrat overlords, and for the benefits to continue, math-competent Republicans cannot be permitted to take office. New freebies must be added, despite the fiscal strain, to keep diverse moocher voters happy.

Curiously, the Republican Party has been a willing helper to its own destruction, most recently Speaker Boehner’s dramatic surrender to Democrats by removing a provision to deny funding for Obama’s amnesty. Apparently a luxurious personal future is more important to Speaker Boehner than preserving his party or a Constitutional America.

And word of free money will reach Moochico and points south, convincing still more to come.

IRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, March 2, 2015

The IRS is defending its decision to let illegal immigrants claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes, telling Congress in a new letter last week that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds.

President Obama’s new deportation amnesty could grant Social Security numbers to as many as 4 million illegal immigrants, making many of them eligible for tax refunds under the Earned Income Tax Credit even for years when they cheated on their taxes, by working off the books and not filing tax returns.

“Section 32 of the Internal Revenue Code requires an SSN on the return, but a taxpayer claiming the EITC is not required to have an SSN before the close of the year for which the EITC is claimed,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wrote in his letter to Sen. Charles E. Grassley on Wednesday.

The IRS’s chief lawyer had reached that conclusion in 2000, and the agency has newly confirmed it, Mr. Koskinen said.

Mr. Grassley called that a mockery of the law and said he will try to write a bill specifically prohibiting it.

“The tax code shouldn’t reward those who broke our immigration laws,” the Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said in a statement.

The tax issue has become one of several flash points over Mr. Obama’s deportation amnesty, which grants tentative legal status, Social Security numbers and work permits to illegal immigrants who qualify. The newly legalized workers would also likely be eligible for driver’s licenses, and could even be more attractive than native-born workers to some employers trying to figure out ways to save money under Obamacare mandates. Continue reading this article

Feds Bust Chinese Birth Tourism in Southern California

Birth tourism to America to acquire US citizenship for junior remains popular among the denizens of Red China for some odd reason. Don’t they know they can just jet in with tourist visas or cross the open border Mexican style? Obama will let them stay. Everybody gets to stay.

Maybe it’s the savings account aspect. Having a baby US citizen provides a ticket out of the glorious People’s Republic at a future date to be determined by the parents.

Also, why is the government cracking down on this practice? Is it to show the DHS still has a function in Obama’s brave new borderless America?

The only other instance of I can remember of a birth tourism bust was in Chino Hills and was based on local complaints about a residence being used as a maternity hotel against zoning regulations.

The reason why the appalling practice of birth tourism persists is because of a fundamental misreading of the 14th Amendment, which was meant to give citizenship to former slaves after the Civil War, not to provide foreign grifters with a freebie scam.

Feds crack down on Chinese ‘birth tourism’, By William La Jeunesse, Fox News, March 03, 2015

Airfare from the U.S. to China and a months-long stay in an Orange County, Calif., apartment: $80,000. A baby born a U.S. citizen: priceless.

In the largest operation of its kind, early Tuesday morning federal officials in Southern California served warrants at “Chinese birthing houses” or “maternity hotels,” where wealthy Chinese nationals paid up to $80,000 for the sole purpose of giving birth in the U.S. to obtain citizenship for their children, earning in-state tuition to U.S. universities for them and permanent U.S. residency for the parents.

“It is essentially citizenship for sale,” said Center for Immigration Studies analyst Jessica Vaughan. “Something U.S. citizens hold very dear and cherish is essentially being purchased by people for their own economic self-interests or potentially more nefarious purposes.”

Birth tourism is big business. An estimated 40,000 babies are born to couples posing as tourists each year. The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world that automatically grants citizenship to any child born here, regardless of the parents’ nationality. While it is not against the law, lying to obtain a visa to enter the U.S. under false pretense is illegal.  Companies offering to help foreign nationals give birth in the U.S. operate openly on the Internet, promising a U.S. passport, birth certificate and Social Security number for their newborn. Prices range from $8,000 to $80,000, depending on the services. Wealthy couples from China, the Middle East, Africa and South Korea predominate the trade. Continue reading this article

Malmo, Sweden: Secondary School Closes because of Violence

Ongoing violence has caused a school in Sweden’s third largest city of Malmo to be shut by safety officers of the teachers’ union.

The location of the school is in the suburb of Rosengaard which has experienced white flight beginning in the ’70s and may by now be majority “immigrant” — meaning Muslim.

As Dale Hurd reported six years ago:

Malmö, Sweden: Growing Muslim Influence, CBN, March 16 2009

[. . . .] Massive immigration has made Malmö today one quarter Muslim, and stands to transform it into a Muslim majority city within just a few decades. One of the most popular baby names is not Sven, but Mohammed. Pork has been taken off some school menus. Want to learn to drive? You can attend Malmö’s own “Jihad Driving School.”

But despite Malmö’s usually placid appearance, this experiment in multiculturalism has not gone well. In the Rosengaard section of Malmö, a housing project made up primarily of immigrants, fire and emergency workers will no longer enter without police protection.

Unemployment in Rosengaard is reported to be 70 percent. An immigrant-fueled crime wave affects one of every three Malmö families each year. The number of rapes has tripled in 20 years. [. . .]

Here’s the video version of the report, which stands up well for being six years old:

Today’s report from The Local is too politically correct to name the source of the violence in the school, but it can be safely assumed to be the Muslim students.

Muslim immigration is a bad mistake for any first world nation. America should end it immediately.

Malmö school ‘too dangerous’ for students, The Local (Sweden News), March 1, 2015

A secondary school in Malmö has been closed after the teachers’ union declared that it is too dangerous a place for students and teachers to attend due to widespread violence and criminality.

Violence, threats and visits from adult criminals eventually became too much for the teachers’ unions at Varner Rydén School in the Malmö suburb of Rosengård, whose safety officers have now closed the premises.

“Violence, threats and verbal abuse. There has also been trouble with students from other schools,” said Hans Nilsson at the City of Malmö to news agency TT.

The responsibility now lies with the teachers’ employer, the City of Malmö, as the school closure can only be waived by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

The students at the school have been notified of the closure. But it is not yet clear where they will be placed.

“Fighting among the students means that security can’t be guaranteed,” said Catharina Niwhede at the National Union of Teachers in Malmö to the local Sydsvenskan daily. Continue reading this article

Senator Grassley Demands Answers on DREAMer Alien, a Known Gangster, Now Charged with Multiple Murders

News reports inform us that Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez has been charged with murdering four people in Charlotte, NC, during an apparent drug altercation.

Below left, a contestant in the “America’s Next Top Model” TV show, Mirjana Puhar came to America as a refugee at age 5 with her Serbian parents. Emmanuel Rangel-Hernandez (right) has been charged in her murder, along with three others.

On a weekend Fox News show, Tucker Carlson asked Senator Charles Grassley, who is Chair of the Judiciary Committee, what he knew about the accused:

GRASSLEY: I have information from a reliable source that leads me to believe that not only was he a suspected gang member, but as you used the words, a quote-unquote “known gang member.” Why was he left in this country, and then now obviously he’s being held for the murder of these four people, so my request of the Secretary of Homeland Security, I want to know why and what led to this decision. Did he apply? Was he a known gang member, et cetera. And I expect this information and backup documents from the Secretary of Homeland Security. I gave a March 9 deadline and they surely ought to meet it.

I think there’s a bigger problem though, Tucker, and for a long period of time I and my staff have been noting, within the DHS, immigration division, there’s been a great deal of peer pressure among the adjudicators to get to Yes. In other words, if you can’t approve these people and they’re denied, we’re going to send it up the chain of command for approval. The message goes out then that we want these people not deported. . .

The President’s unconstitutional action is leading to murder.

The release of criminal aliens by the current administration is not unusual, such as the 36,000 freed in 2013, which included 116 murderers. Public safety is simply not a priority for the President.

Following is a statement from Senator Grassley concerning the matter:

Suspect Charged with Multiple Murders Allegedly Granted Deferred Action Despite Known Gang Ties Feb 27, 2015

WASHINGTON – ‎Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today is requesting information from the Department of Homeland Security after it allegedly granted an individual with known gang affiliations deferred deportation under the President’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. That individual, Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez, is now charged with first-degree murder in the death of four people in Charlotte, North Carolina, including Mirjana Puhar, a former contestant on “America’s Next Top Model.”

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Grassley asked if U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was aware of Rangel-Hernandez’ gang affiliation, and if so, why the agency approved his application for deferred action. The letter also asked for all Homeland Security files relating to Rangel-Hernandez.

Since DACA’s implementation by the Obama Administration, Grassley has been concerned that adjudicators have been pressured to approve applications.  In a 2012 letter to then Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Grassley said, “the signal being sent to adjudicators who process DACA applicants is clear: if they do not approve an application for DACA, then it will be reviewed by headquarters.  Their decisions will be scrutinized until they get to a yes.” Continue reading this article

Can Minnesota Assimilate Somali Teen Jihadist?

On Sunday’s Fox morning show, Tucker Carlson questioned the idea of rehabilitating a Minnesota-residing Somali teen who had been nabbed at the airport headed for ISIS-stan. Apparently the local diversity dreamers think Abdullahi Mohamud Yusuf can be retrained from wanna-be headchopper to basketball coach for young people. What could possibly go wrong?

Retired FBI Agent Tim Clemente joined in the conversation.

CLEMENTE: This an 18-year-old kid that needs to be deprogrammed. It’s not just leading him on the right path to becoming a basketball coach but literally, he’s part of an Islamist death cult and he needs to be deprogrammed from the alternative reality they’ve put into his brain.

CARLSON: But also, basketball coach and team mentor? Does no one have a real job anymore? How about becoming a HBC repairman or like something real? Why should taxpayers pay for a guy, why should somebody be rewarded for trying to join ISIS? It is perverse. . .

Maybe we should rethink our immigration policies.

We all want to believe in redemption, but an 18-year-old Somali male raised to be Muslim has been deeply imprinted by prayers to Allah five times a day. Repetition is key to training — ask anyone who advertises cokes for a living.

Plus, a cool gig in hoops won’t stand up to Islam promises of 72 virgins for murdering infidels.

And what American parent would want his son coached in basketball by a young chopper?

Like dozens of Minnesota Somalis, Yusuf planned on a career of Islamic enforcement for Allah.

A couple years back I wrote about the expensive assimilation difficulties in Minnesota: Somali Immigrants in Minnesota: Import a Problem, Then Pay to Try to Fix It. And even with the total failure of Somali immigrant assimilation, Washington continues it by admitting 800 Somali refugees per month according to RefugeeResettlementWatch.

In fact, from a taxpayer viewpoint it would make more sense to let the jihadists leave and then disallow their re-entry. No dollar amount is given for Yusuf’s rehabilitation project and it’s doubtful we will even learn it. But letting him leave to serve Allah costs zero. Win, win.

Here’s more about the Yusuf case, including the basketball scheme:

Eighteen Year Old from Minnesota Pleads Guilty to Supporting ISIS,, Feb 27, 2015

FBI agents intercepted 18-year-old Abdullahi Mohamud Yusuf of Minnesota at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport last May while en route to Syria to join ISIS. He had obtained a passport under false pretenses, claiming that he wanted to visit Istanbul on vacation. He was later formally arrested and charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, and entered a guilty plea on Thursday.  He could spend up to 15 years in prison.

Minnesota has been a trouble spot for terrorist recruiting, most actively involving members of the Somali community joining al-Shabaab, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia. Young Mr. Yusuf’s tastes ran more to the Islamic State, which recruited him out of high school.

That recruitment process is of obvious interest to counter-terrorism agencies, as the Associated Press relates Yusuf’s court testimony that he “attended meetings in Minnesota last March and April in which participants discussed fighting,” received financial assistance to purchase his plane ticket from someone who has not been identified to the public yet, and had plans to join another young Minnesota recruit in Istanbul, 20-year-old Abdi Nur.  (Nur faces charges if he ever returns to the U.S., but he made it to the Islamic State and is currently believed to be fighting for them in Syria.)

Yusuf’s lawyers attempted to argue the rather odd technicality that the Islamic State was only formally classified as a terrorist organization 12 days before he tried to join them; it would not be much of a technicality unless the designation was made after he was stopped at the airport.

He might not serve much prison time at any rate, as he is not in jail now; he has been “allowed to stay at a halfway house while his case has been pending, and is allowed to work with a group that promotes civic involvement as a way to keep youth engaged, with hopes of keeping him on a positive track and reintegrating him into society,” according to the AP.  No matter what sentence he receives, he will continue “working with coaches, and hopes to eventually continue his college studies.”

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) described this halfway house program as “a very big bet on Yusuf” in a February 12 profile, but ventured that he might be “an ideal test case” for the program to pull radicalized Americans “back from the call of terror” and return them to their communities.

A great deal of Yusuf’s supposedly perfect fit for this plan hinges on the perception that he is “closer to being a naive young person than someone who is already engaged in something that might be a threat to our community or people halfway around the world,” as Mary McKinley of the Heartland Democracy group put it.  The goal is to rehabilitate him to the point where he can “coach basketball, mentor other teens,” and “join a peer group of young Somali-Americans who can talk about the challenges of straddling two cultures,” the MPR report explains. Interest in such programs reportedly exists in European countries dealing with their own ISIS recruiting problems, including the looming threat of trained paramilitary fighters returning home after serving in the Islamic State’s armed forces. Continue reading this article

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