DHS Admits Only 13 Percent of Border Is under Operational Control

Well into the 21st century, Washington continues its failure to protect our sovereign borders after decades of broken promises. The feds have spent billions of dollars on failed schemes, and now the result is a miniscule 13 percent operational control.

A score of 13 percent is a failing grade even for government work.

It’s relevant to remember that in 1996, ICE Commissioner Doris Meissner declared that controlling the border “would be a three- to five-year effort,” putting success at 2001 at the latest.

California Border Patrols Busier Than Ever, San Francisco Chronicle, January 31, 1996

Meissner said that controlling the border is going to be a long- term, step-by-step process. “We’ve always said this would be a three- to five-year effort to build up to what would be needed,” she said.

Judicial Watch has the latest failure of border security. It almost makes one think that Washington isn’t serious about protecting America’s perimeter.

“Operational Control” Over 13% Of Border Meets U.S. Goal, Judicial Watch, May 10, 2012

In a chilling revelation, the agency created after 9/11 to protect the United States from another terrorist attack claims it achieved its “goal” by gaining “operational control” over a mere 13% of the nation’s borders.

It gets better. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) took six years to accomplish this great feat that, as simple math indicates, leaves an overwhelming portion of the nation’s foreign borders out of “operational control.” The term is used to describe areas where the DHS agency on the front lines, the U.S. Border Patrol, has the ability to detect and interdict illegal activity.

The operational control goal was set by DHS in 2004 and mission accomplished was reported—and internally celebrated—in the fall of 2010. The American public is only hearing about this now because the information is included in a new federal report that largely focuses on implementation challenges facing the Border Patrol.

With 20,000 officers, the agency is responsible for securing nearly 6,000 miles of Mexican and Canadian international land borders and more than 2,000 miles of coastal waters surrounding Florida and Puerto Rico. The priority mission of the Border Patrol, according to its own website, is preventing terrorists and their weapons—including weapons of mass destruction—from entering the United States.

That makes the celebrated 13% figure even scarier because it means the feds only had the ability to detect and interdict illegal activity in a snippet—1,107-mile range—of the nation’s foreign borders. Previous audits have also documented the serious vulnerabilities that plague the nation’s borders. For instance, a few years ago undercover federal investigators easily smuggled radioactive material and other contraband into the U.S. through Canada. Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien Edwin Ramos Convicted of First Degree Murder in Triple Killings of Bologna Family

One of the worst cases ever of a preventable crime by a previously arrested but not deported illegal alien gangster came to a near-conclusion today in San Francisco. Edwin Ramos was convicted of murdering Tony Bologna and his two sons (pictured below) in a mistaken-identity gang hit nearly four years ago.

There could have been no mistake that Ramos was a dangerous criminal. He was a member of MS-13, known to be one of the most violent gangs, and was an illegal alien. He had been found guilty as a juvenile of two felonies: a gang-related assault on a Muni passenger and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman. But San Francisco coddled rather than deported a very dangerous man, and the Bologna family was the victim of government malfeasance. The city sanctuary policy dictated that the legal system would not concern itself with Ramos’ immigration status, so he has allowed to remain in America and kill.

For more background, see my 2008 article, San Francisco Triple Murder Highlights Immigrant Crime Wave.

Uber-liberal San Francisco doesn’t do death penalties even in the most brutal cases, so Ramos will likely be sentenced to life in state prison, where he will be have plenty of fellow hispanic gangsters for company.

Ramos convicted of killing S.F. man and his sons, San Francisco Chronicle, May 9, 2012

Alleged gang member Edwin Ramos was convicted Wednesday of the slayings of a San Francisco father and his two sons, the culmination of one of the most notorious crimes in the city in recent years.

The San Francisco Superior Court jury returned guilty verdicts to three first-degree murder counts in the killings of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, who were shot to death while driving home in the Excelsior neighborhood on a bright Sunday afternoon June 22, 2008.

The jury heard three months of testimony in the case before beginning deliberations last Wednesday on the 25-year-old Ramos’ fate.

The case first drew widespread attention for its random brutality. It became a national story when The Chronicle reported that city juvenile-justice officials relying on San Francisco’s sanctuary-city policy had twice shielded Ramos, a suspected illegal immigrant from El Salvador, from possible deportation after he committed gang-related crimes as a minor.

Assistant District Attorney Harry Dorfman, the lead prosecutor on the case, portrayed Ramos as a seemingly charming but cold-blooded killer who shot the Bolognas in a misguided attempt to avenge a compatriot in the MS-13 gang who had been shot and wounded earlier that day.

“You are looking at a murderer, a gang murderer,” Dorfman told the jury in his closing argument, pointing to Ramos. “Hold him responsible for all the sorrow and grief he caused that day.”

With no murder weapon or ballistics tests to link Ramos to the shootings, the prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of Tony Bologna’s son Andrew Bologna, 21, the only survivor of the attack.
He testified that the family had been returning from a gathering in Fairfield when Ramos blocked their car at Congdon and Maynard streets in his Chrysler 300, then rolled alongside and opened fire. Continue reading this article

France: Muslims Figure Largely in Socialist Electoral Victory

The numbers are still a little sketchy, but there is no question that Muslim immigrants were a big factor in Socialist Francois Hollande’s win. A huge majority of Islamic voters wanted an open-borders pro-Islam politician in charge.

The experience of France — of weeks of nationwide rioting in 2005, violent attacks against free speech, Islam-based mass murder, offensive territory-marking street prayer — is another example that unwise immigration diversity has bad consequences. Now we see the results at the ballot box as demographic change increases.

93 Percent Of French Muslims Voted For Hollande, Business Insider, May 8, 2012

According to a survey of 10,000 voters conducted by Opinionway for Le Figaro (not online), 93 percent of French Muslims voted for Francois Hollande in the second round of the French election, La Vie reports.

Another poll put Muslim support for Hollande at 85 percent.

A prior Opinionway survey showed that 59 percent of Muslim voters (numbering about two million in total) voted for Hollande in the first round of the French elections, with Sarkozy only managing four percent. [. . .]

And why wouldn’t Muslim immigrants vote for the Socialist? Hollande targeted them in his campaign by using a rap song that celebrated their presence:

‘N**gas in Paris’ a winning campaign ad or offensive ‘ethnic’ marketing?, CNN, April 27, 2012

Could a song by Jay-Z and Kanye West help improve the image of French presidential candidate Francois Hollande?

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s recent hit “Niggas in Paris” is about them. They rap about being so phenomenally rich, about how they “ball so hard,” buy Rolexes and cars, pop gold bottles with models in Paris nightclubs, that the rest of us slobs couldn’t fathom their lives.

It may seem like an odd choice for a campaign song for a politician trying to appeal to oppressed racial and ethnic minorities.

But it’s apparently working for — or at least not hurting — Francois Hollande. The French Socialist eked out a win last Sunday in the first round of presidential voting to decide who will run France for the next five years. He will face President Nicolas Sarkozy in a run-off May 6.

This month, Hollande appeared in a slickly edited online video featuring West and Jay-Z’s stadium anthem. In the video, Hollande — who has been roundly criticized for his lack of charisma — strides like a rock star amongst his black, Arab and multiethnic supporters in the working-class suburb of Creil.

“Got my niggas in Paris, and they going gorillas,” West raps as Hollande is shown leading discussions between men in suits and then talking to voters of multiple races and ages. Crowds in the street and the subway smile excitedly as Hollande approaches them.

Supporters raise their voter cards to the camera. A man shouts, “To hell with Sarko!” – a common shorthand reference to Sarkozy.

A black woman holds the French flag and exclaims, “François, president! Inshallah, Inshallah!” — Arabic for “God willing.” [. . .]

Galliawatch also concurs that the Muslim vote was decisive:

Is it really the end? Galliawatch, May 08, 2012

As a reader has pointed out, the French did not put Hollande in office, the Muslims did. With the final tally showing that 1,131,067 votes separated the two candidates, and that 93% of the 2 – 3 million Muslim votes went to Hollande, it is fair to say – in a manner of speaking – that Nicolas Sarkozy won. He would have won had there been no Muslims, but since he was one of the major promoters of the Islamization of France, he not only reaped what he sowed, but the whole country will now be forced to pay an incalculable, never-payable price for his stubborn resistance to reality.

The majority of the French people have been fruitlessly voting for what they thought was the “Right”, ever since Jacque Chirac’s first election in 1995. For almost twenty years, concerned French citizens have been trying to elect a government that would steer the country into safer waters, only to find that they put into office a group of impostors. [. . .]

Another Galliawatch post showed a photo of a current T-shirt and used its message as the title: “Before, Africa was yours, now France is ours”.

Cardinal Dolan Preaches Open Borders

Now that Timothy Dolan has been promoted by the Vatican to Cardinal, he has become more welcome on big media. There is a meme going around that the press-savvy New York cleric could become the first American Pope, which makes him something of a hot property as religious figures go.

One of his favorite topics is a mass amnesty for millions of foreign lawbreakers, many of whom are hispanic Catholics, curiously enough. Since one-third of Americans raised in the church no longer describe themselves as Catholic (according to Pew research) the cassock brigade is keen to fill the abandoned churches. Hispanics comprised 32 percent of all U.S. Catholics in 2008, up from 20 percent in 1990. Immigration-fueled demographic change has been very helpful to the Catholic church.

In standing up for his organization, Cardinal Dolan accuses Republican border defenders of being “very tough,” splitting up families and displaying general meanness against lawbreakers. In earlier remarks, he compared Arizona friends of sovereignty to nativists and Know-Nothings of another century.

Interestingly, Dolan has noticed that pro-enforcement candidates get the cheers on the campaign trail. The reason is that citizens want their borders and jobs protected from foreign predation.

The most hurtful attack on America of Dolan and his powerful bishop cronies is their active support of open borders and an unlimited firehose of hispanic workers from south of the border. Catholic teaching approves of poor people crossing borders against the law, and tells them it is their right to do so when the reason is economic gain.

America doesn’t have enough jobs for citizens already here. Four years of a terrible jobs depression has left a real unemployment rate of 14.5 percent, the U-6 number that includes the underemployed and discouraged job-search dropouts. Millions suffer economically in terms of lost jobs and foreclosed homes, yet the Catholic church wants more excess foreign workers. Catholic Charities also gets millions of dollars from the government to help “immigrants.”

Furthermore, it is an odd sort of Christianity that sees fit to take employment from hard-working citizens and redistribute it to lawbreaking foreigners. That idea is more Marx than Jesus.

And the bishops recently recommended that people disobey laws that run counter to Catholic teachings.

Below, a hispanic protested Arizona’s immigration enforcement law in front of the Supreme Court while holding a Mexican religious symbol.

Of course, erasure of borders and sovereignty is the goal of Catholic elites, not of citizen parishioners. A 2009 Zogby poll showed 64 percent of parishioners preferred immigration enforcement rather than the mass amnesty pursued by Catholic leaders.

MSNBC talking head Chris Jansen interviewed Cardinal Timothy Dolan on May 2:

CJ: The New York cardinal being touted as having a shot at being the first American pope, Timothy Dolan, is taking aim at republicans over immigration policy this morning. never shy about wading into controversial political waters like the contraception debate, he has a warning for republicans. i spoke with the charismatic cardinal and asked him about the upcoming supreme court decision on immigration.

TD: Catholics feel — catholic bishops feel very strongly about that immigration needs reform. We’re just upset where the loudest cheers in the campaign trail for whatever candidate can say the most punitive or the most angry things about immigrants. The catholic church is — we call our mother church, and she’s traditionally welcomed the immigrant. we are a church of immigrants, so we’re particularly sensitive to the rights of immigrants.

CJ: But the republicans, you think, have gone too far on the immigration —

TD: I would say if any republican asked my opinion, i’d say you need to get your house together when it comes to immigration because right now, fairly or not, you have the reputation of being very tough on immigrants. If a republican answered me, i’d say you better come up with a much saner, more civil, more just immigration policy . But, boy, when you have a policy that splits up families, when you have a policy that drives people underground, when you have a policy where now the government, whether it be in Arizona or in Alabama, is asking our soup kitchens to ask for documentation before they give people food or housing or clothing or medical care, that’s not right. that’s not catholic. That’s not christian. That’s not religious. And it’s not American. The bishops are pretty adamant on that.

Germany: Salafist Muslims in Bonn Riot against Free Speech

Germany has been very hard hit by hostile Muslim immigration, one measure of which is Berlin and other cities with “no-go zones” which are dangerous areas for non-Muslims to enter.

Bonn was the site of a violent disturbance on Saturday when a few dozen Germans rallied and posted Mohammed cartoons to demonstrate that normal western standards of free speech cannot survive with growing numbers of Muslims and mosques. The Pro NRW party said that it was posting the caricatures as an “election tactic” to raise awareness prior to May 13 voting.

The Bonn confrontation followed similar violence in Solingen on Tuesday where tear gas was used and dozens were arrested.

Below, a Muslim unfriendly was arrested during recent rioting in Germany.

The German press describes the free speech activists as “fringe” as shown repeatedly in the news clip below. This reaction is the well-worn “blame the messenger” strategy. There is no free speech when Islam diversity takes hold, as the French humor magazine Charlie Hebdo learned when its office was firebombed last November prior to an issue with a satirical view of Mohammed. (Video link)

In the video below, police order free speech activists (who are chanting “Deportation! Deportation!”) to pack up and leave (because someone was shooting at officers), at one point saying “This is no game anymore.” As if free speech were a minor non-essential item in a democracy. (Video link)

German police arrest 100 Salafist protesters, Associated Press, May 6, 2012

Clashes erupted in Germany when police tried to separate competing rallies by an ultraconservative Muslim group and a small far-right march, injuring 29 officers, authorities said Sunday. More than 100 Salafist protesters were briefly arrested.

The trouble in the western city of Bonn started late Saturday when hundreds of Muslims protested against the rally of about 30 supporters of the local far-right party Pro NRW, which has angered Muslims by showing unfavorable cartoons depicting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Strict Muslims oppose any depiction of their prophet.

About 110 Salafist protesters were arrested after they started attacking security forces with stones and bottles, police said. Two of the injured police officers were hospitalized with serious wounds after being stabbed.

Most of the protesters who were arrested were released by Sunday, but prosecutors opened criminal investigations against them on suspicion of breach of the peace. A 25-year-old German protester of Turkish origin, who is suspected of having stabbed the two police officers, remained in custody and was investigated on suspicion of attempted homicide, police said. Continue reading this article

Uncommon Knowledge: Pat Buchanan

Here’s an hour-long interview with Pat Buchanan built around his latest book, Suicide of a Superpower. Watch at least the first 12 minutes, which concerns immigration and the failure of the assimilation process.

Jihad Magazine Suggests Arson for Allah

It’s fascinating how diverse communities of Mexican narco-criminals and al Qaeda jihadists have been trading tactics.

The Mexicans have picked up on the terror effect of beheading that they learned from bin Laden’s boys, and now we hear that jihadist big brains recommend that loyal Soldiers of Allah residing in the Great Satan should set forest fires just like narcos.

It’s so easy — just toss a lit match in dry forest, and ka-blooey. A big pain and expense for the hated infidels.

Of course, if Washington hadn’t welcomed millions of Muslim immigrants to America, there wouldn’t be any hostile Arsonists for Allah present in the country to commit acts of fire jihad.

Al Qaeda Magazine Encourages Forest Fire Attacks, CBN, May 4, 2012

In issue No. 9 of al Qaeda’s English language “Inspire” magazine, there’s a section called “Open Source Jihad.”

In it, the author uses pictures and diagrams to show readers how to start forest fires in America using what he calls “ember bombs.”

“I think the scariest thing about this is the extreme detail in which al Qaeda lays these instructions out,” CBN News Terrorism Analyst Erick Stakelbeck said.

“They talk about the correct wind patterns to set a forest fire in,” Stakelbeck explained. “The right season, the right time of year, the correct temperature – all designed to cause the maximum amount of carnage and death.”

The article even urges would-be terrorists to target the state of Montana.

“In America, there are more houses built in the countryside than in the cities,” the author wrote. “It is difficult to choose a better place than in the valleys of Montana where the population increases rapidly.”

The instructions are so specific that it has fire experts concerned because of the extreme, dry weather conditions in much of the country now. Continue reading this article

Prosecution Testimony in Pedro Espinoza Trial in Murder of Jamiel Shaw

KFI radio reporter Eric Leonard has been attending the trial of illegal alien Mexican Pedro Espinoza for the murder of high school student Jamiel Shaw (pictured) four years ago.

Leonard appeared on the John and Ken radio show during the 3pm hour on Thursday to explain the day’s testimony. (Listen — trial info starts at 1:20.) Of particular interest was Culver City detective Bryan Thompson who described an altercation with Espinoza in a police interrogation room. Espinoza jumped up and flipped the table over, saying something like, “Screw this” and taking a boxing stance against the officer. Thompson knocked him down with one punch and that interview was done.

Espinoza had been arrested earlier for threatening someone with a gun in a Culver City park over gangster stuff. Espinoza quizzed park visitor Sam Duran about his gang affiliation, asking “Where you from?” and Duran was able to escape when the Mexican was slow in pulling his revolver out of his pocket. This weapons possession was the crime that got Espinoza a few months jail time, after which he was let go and shot Shaw the following day.

The point is that Pedro Espinoza acted like a violence-crazed psycho in the presence of police. He was an illegal alien Mexican with a seemingly fanatical allegiance to the 18th Street gang. Even so, Espinoza was not deported, but was released onto the streets of Los Angeles, where he shot down Jamiel Shaw a day later.

The reason is Los Angeles’ own sanctuary city policy, Special Order 40 which protects even the worst illegal alien criminals and endangers American citizens.

In addition, I would like to know whether Espinoza had the BK (“blood killer”) tattoo behind his ear which identified him as a gang enforcer when the LAPD released him instead of sending him for deportation.

Jamiel Shaw Trial, KFI-AM 640, May 03, 2012

Prosecutors have presented evidence of the gang affiliation of the man on trial for the killing of high school athlete Jamiel Shaw, Jr. — as they try to explain the motive.

Pedro Espinoza could face the death penalty if he’s convicted and jurors agree the murder on March 2, 2008, was motivated by his gang ties.

One witness, a former Shaw neighbor, says as part of a police sting days after the killing, Espinoza smiled and said, “B.K. all day,” after being prompted about the murder.

“B.K.,” prosecutors explained, stands for “Blood Killer,” and again pointed out the tattoo with those initials behind Espinoza’s left ear.

Later, a man from Culver City described how he was confronted by Espinoza in a park a few months before the Shaw murder.

After Espinoza asked him ‘where are you from?’ — Samuel Duran said he watched Espinoza ride his bicycle through the park and confront others.

“That’s when he started throwing up his gang signs — eighteenth street,” Duran said.

Minutes later, Espinoza confronted Duran again, asked him if he had a problem, and tried to pull a handgun from his pocket.

“If it wouldn’t have gotten stuck he woulda pulled it out and used it,” Duran told jurors.

Then, the Culver City Police Department detective who interviewed Espinoza after the arrest for the Duran incident, said Espinoza snapped during an interrogation and challenged the detective — who stands at least a foot taller — to a fight.

“He stood up and flipped the table over,” said Det. Bryan Thompson. “He said – ‘man fuck this shit let’s go’ and took a fighting stance.”

“I struck him once in the face with my right fist,” Thompson said, and Espinoza screamed ’18 motherfucker 18′ repeatedly as he and two other officers tackled Espinoza and put on handcuffs. Continue reading this article

Muslim Population Doubles in USA since 9/11

Immigration-fueled diversity is on the march in America!

How crazy can a nation be to welcome the tribe that killed thousands of its own people just ten years ago?

Below, in 2009 thousands of Muslims massed for a pray-in at the US capitol to show their numerical strength.

Citizens of terror-supporting countries are no problema to diversity-enthralled bureaucrat suits. In 2007, the GAO reported that nearly 10,000 persons from terror-supporting states were given diversity visas from 2000 to 2006. (Read the GAO’s original report, Fraud Risks Complicate State’s Ability to Manage Diversity Visa Program.)

And jihadist plots have increased sharply in the last few years. As terror analyst Walid Phares noted in 2010, “According to open-source reports, between 2001 and 2008, U.S. agencies stopped one or two terror attempts a year. However, from 2009 until today, the government has been uncovering one or two cases a month, a troubling growth in jihadi activities.”

In addition to national security threats, Muslim immigration has also brought appalling cultural practices like polygamy (which even NPR noticed) and honor killing for young Muslim women who want to be free individuals. When Islamic immigration increases, so does violence against women.

What’s the upside of Muslims? Falafel??

Cost-benefit analysis says no. Muslim immigration should end, for the good of the country.

Number of Muslims in the U.S. doubles since 9/11, New York Daily News, May 3, 2012

A new survey reveals the dramatically changing face of religion in America, with the number of Muslims in the U.S. soaring 67% in the decade since the 9/11 attacks.

Data released Tuesday from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census shows Islam was the fastest growing religion in America in the last 10 years, with 2.6 million living in the U.S. today, up from 1 million in 2000.

Mormonism too saw remarkable growth, with a 45% increase in adherents. It added nearly 2 million members since 2000, bringing their number in the U.S. to 6.1 million.

“Both of these groups entered more than 200 counties that they weren’t in 10 years ago,” said Dale Jones, data analyst and mapping specialist for the Religion Census.

The findings represent religious people who attend services. Census surveyors collected data on congregational adherents of 236 religious groups, including full members, their children and others who regularly attend services, with a 5% margin of error.

In the Midwest and parts of the South there are now more Muslims than Jews for the first time. Immigration from parts of the Muslim world and a small rise in conversions are the driving force behind the growth, researchers said. Jones also speculated that the burst of anti-Islam sentiment after the 9/11 attacks could have done more to grow the religion’s presence in the U.S. than slow it. Those on the fence about converting to Islam may have decided to do so on principle. Continue reading this article

Public Schools Spread Pro-Islam Propaganda

Be sure to watch the 3-minute video below that shows how public schools teach an inaccurate, sanitized and politically correct view of Islam to innocent American kids.

Act for America reviewed popular textbooks from mainstream publishers used in the sixth through twelfth grades, “Education or Indoctrination?” and found the books avoided the unpleasant truth about sharia law’s violence, the treatment of women and the discrimination against non-Muslims in dar al-Islam.

Report: Public School Textbooks Whitewashing Islam, By Erick Stakelbeck, CBN News, May 2, 2012

WASHINGTON — Through the years, American public schools have taught students that Nazism, communism, and other totalitarian ideologies should be opposed.

But when it comes to the current war with Islamic jihadists, public schools are taking a much different course.

According to a new report, students are getting a white-washed version of what our enemies believe, and it could have dangerous implications for America’s future.

Sugar-coating Islam

For students in America’s middle and high schools, 9/11 is a distant memory. Some were still toddlers when the World Trade Center towers fell.

But if they’re looking for answers in their history textbooks about who attacked the United States and why, they may be disappointed.

One 2003 world geography textbook widely used in public schools gives the following explanation for the 9/11 attacks:

“On September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four passenger planes, crashing two of them into New York City’s World Trade Center and the third into the Pentagon. The devastation and loss of so many lives made the United States firmly resolved to rid the world of terrorism.”

Guy Rodgers, a former public school teacher who is now executive director of ACT! for America Education, noted that while the text mentions terrorism or a terrorist attack, it never mentions Islam or that the attackers were Muslim. Continue reading this article

Sean Hannity Interviews Geert Wilders

It’s odd that Hannity started out with a question about immigration but seemed uninterested in the answer about demographic change in Europe. Hannity says he is worried about World War 3 fought against Islam, presumably in reference to a nuclear Iran and its belief in the 12th imam apocalypse.

Geert Wilders

I’m more concerned about civil wars within nations where Muslims establish their own enclaves, specifically “no-go zones” unfriendly to police and non-Muslims, and expand their Islo-territory from there. That process is already underway. The strength of nation-states is their cultural unity, and if that cohesion disappears then countries cannot defend themselves from international threats.

Inviting a fifth column through immigration of a historic enemy of the West has been one of the worst public policies ever.

Bosnian Muslim Immigrant Found Guilty in New York Subway Bomb Plot

Adis Medunjanin (pictured), a confederate of Najibullah Zazi, was convicted Tuesday on all counts of scheming to set off suicide bombs in crowded subways. Medunjanin had travelled to Pakistan to learn the techniques of mass murder and hoped to kill US soldiers, but the jihad bosses wanted him and his high school classmates (who also had American passports) to create havoc in the US homeland.

The 28-year-old Bosnian native was a graduate of Flushing High School who certainly has experienced American freedoms, but thought it would be better to murder the people who had foolishly opened their country to him.

Bosnian Muslims are supposed to be the elusive “moderates” we hear about but rarely see. But the country has been represented previously in hostile Muslim activities, like the Salt Lake rampage of refugee Sulejman Talovic who murdered six people in a shopping center. Another is Anes Subasic, an immigrant Bosnian who is awaiting trial for involvement in a plot to attack a Marine base and other targets.

This terror plot targeted New York City, so it has gotten a fair amount of media attention. When jihadist attacks happen in middle America (like Portland and Little Rock), the arrests and trials usually get little coverage, even though they have occurred with increasing frequency in the last few years.

Not every Muslim immigrant is a jihadist dedicated to killing Americans, but some are friendly to America’s enemies. More than 3/4 of mosques in America promote jihad, according to a Freedom House report titled “Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques” (Read). The Hamas-supporting Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has instructed Muslims on how to avoid speaking to the FBI, a campaign called “Build a Wall of Resistance.” Is that behavior supposed to represent assimilation these days?

Today we see a convicted Muslim immigrant who plotted to blow up a subway, a scheme that was thwarted. Let’s hope we don’t next see a city nuked by another unfriendly immigrant, one who wasn’t caught before the act. Muslim immigration is a threat to national security, and America should learn from Europe’s bad experience with Islamic diversity.

Terror Defendant Convicted in Plot to Bomb New York Subways, New York Times, May 1, 2012

A Queens man was convicted of a host of terrorism charges on Tuesday for participating in a plot led by Al Qaeda to stage suicide attacks in the New York subways, an effort that prosecutors said was stopped just days before three former high school classmates planned to set off a series of homemade bombs during rush hour.

The two-week trial offered a rare look at the evolution of a terrorist plot and the workings of Qaeda training camps where the former classmates received their orders. Two of the classmates and two other convicted terrorists testifying for the government described the plot, sharing their secrets from the witness stand in a packed public courtroom.

The plot began after the defendant, Adis Medunjanin, traveled to Pakistan with two friends with the intention of fighting American troops in Afghanistan. The friends testified that they were instead recruited to a Qaeda training camp, where they were told that they would be far more valuable to their cause by returning to the United States to carry out an act of terrorism.

A lawyer for Mr. Medunjanin, 28, a naturalized citizen born in Bosnia, argued that Mr. Medunjanin had dropped out of the plot after falling out with the friends, Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay.

The trial, in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, put on full display the government’s efforts to prosecute terrorists in criminal court, which has been the subject of controversy in recent years, with critics arguing that security risks make military tribunals a more appropriate venue.

Federal authorities have called the subway plot one of the most serious threats to national security since the Sept. 11 attacks, but the trial concluded without incident. The courthouse, which sits alongside a public park, had no noticeable increase in security.

The jury deliberated for nearly a day, sending several notes to the Judge John Gleeson to seek clarification of the charges, before finding Mr. Medunjanin guilty on all counts. When the foreman read the verdict on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Medunjanin, who rarely showed emotion during the trial, raised his palms upward and said a prayer. He faces life in prison at his sentencing, which is scheduled for Sept. 7. Continue reading this article

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