SunTV: Robert Spencer Comments on the Pope's Misunderstanding of Islam

There’s little more infuriating than when non-Muslims take it upon themselves to define the “true” Islam — how it’s a “religion of peace” and all the nasty violence is committed by a small minority of extremists. Why should anyone assume that people like George Bush and Bill Clinton have any expertise in Islamic theology? They don’t.

The latest on the dismal list of ignorance about Islam is Pope Francis. Francis recently wrote in a new paper that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”

ROBERT SPENCER: It’s always delicate to say these kinds of things as Catholics, but we have to remember that papal infallibility covers Catholic doctrine, that he can define on matters of morals that are considered part of the whole church but this is about Islamic doctrine over which he doesn’t have any authority. I don’t hesitate to say that this statement is flatly wrong, it’s misleading and it’s a shame because it gives the Christians who are being persecuted by Muslims in Nigeria, in Egypt, in Syria, in Iraq and elsewhere no support; it doesn’t give them any help to deny and dissemble about the root cause of why they are being persecuted in the first place.

Robert Spencer has written at length about the Koranic basis for Islamic violence, citing chapter and verse. The Pope is not helping to protect Europe from the immigration invasion of hostile Muslims by pretending the problem does not exist. His predecessor, Pope Benedict, was somewhat more realistic about the threat, for example speaking against Turkey’s entrance into the European Union before he became Pope.

Pope Francis may think talking nice about Islam will encourage good behavior, when on the contrary it only convinces Allah’s gangsters that the West is pathetically weak.

In Pope Francis’ first foreign foray, he visited the African-inundated island of Lampedusa in July with words of welcome for “immigrants.”

In addition to analyzing the Pope’s naivete, Spencer and TV host Michaal Coren also discussed the death threats in Denmark against an ex-Muslim poet and British schoolchildren bullied with being branded as racist in their permanent record if they didn’t attend an Islam propaganda session.

Big plus, Spencer used the “Immigration” word: “It shows how desperate the British authorities are even at low levels like these primary schools to indoctrinate people into thinking that there’s no jihad threat, there’s no problem with massive unchecked Muslim immigration.”

Nigeria: Muslim Diversity Includes Destruction of Beer

One of the major points of conflict in areas where Muslims and Christians share nations is the attempt of Allah’s willing slaves to institute sharia law for everyone. That means a mostly low-intensity warfare against the rights of any and all non-Muslims. Sometimes things get violent, as in 2000 when nine people died over home-made beer sales (BBC — Nigeria: Deaths over Drink). A recent flare-up of sharia imposition was a major campaign of Muslims and machines against beer in the city of Kano.

Nigerians Muslims used heavy machinery to destroy the dread infidel liquid.

The video below shows great enthusiasm among some beer smashers for their task.

Regular infidel folks in Africa appreciate their brewskies. When the Islamic jackboot was removed in Mali by French troops, the steins were brought out in celebration (see Beer Returns to Mali after Liberation from Sharia). But no such rescue is in the offing for Kano Christians and animists.

Why would any civilized society allow Muslims to immigrate into their country? The US Census counted the number of Nigerian-born persons at 228,953 as of 2011, but without religious affiliation noted.

240,000 bottles of beer smashed by Islamic police in crackdown on ‘immoral’ behaviour, – Australia, November 28, 2013

IT’S enough to make a grown man cry.

Police enforcing Islamic law in the Nigerian city of Kano have publicly destroyed nearly a quarter of a million bottles of beer as part of a crackdown on “immoral” behaviour.

The banned booze had been confiscated from trucks coming into the city in recent weeks, according to officials from the Hisbah, the patrol tasked with enforcing the strict sharia law.

After destroying some 240,000 bottles, the city’s Hisbah chief Aminu Daurawa said he had “the ardent hope this will bring an end to the consumption of such prohibited substances”.

A large bulldozer was used to smashed the bottles to shouts of “Allahu Ahkbar” (God is Great) from supporters outside the Hisbah headquarters in Kano, the largest city in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north. Continue reading this article

California Rainfall Outlook Is Dreary

Water supply in California is such a serious issue that even journalists report on it.

Of course, scribblers describe the problem in terms of supply only (rainfall, reservoir levels and snowpack), never the growing demand (immigration-fueled population growth).

In recent decades, following a bad state-wide drought in the mid 1970s, Los Angeles installed millions of water-conserving toilets and shower heads, with excellent results. However, conservation can only go so far when endless population growth is the government’s policy.

Another dry year could be bad news for California, Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2013

[. . .] The widespread use of low-flow indoor fixtures helped drive down per capita water use in Southern California in recent decades. The region uses about the same amount of water it did 20 years ago, despite population growth.

Overall, Los Angeles uses less water than it did four decades ago, even though it has added more than 1 million residents during that time. Per person water use in Los Angeles is 123 gallons a day, compared to 187 gallons in the mid 1980s.

Seasonal predictions of rainfall are still unreliable, but the consensus of science prognosticators is not hopeful for overpopulated California.

Weather models say California likely to remain dry this winter, Los Angeles Times, November 28, 2013

Dry conditions are likely to persist this winter across the Southland and most of California, according to a seasonal forecast prepared for the state Department of Water Resources.

But long-term forecasts always come with a big dose of uncertainty, and that is especially true this winter, when neither El Niño nor La Niña is expected to dominate weather patterns.

“We have to take it with a grain of salt,” said Jeanine Jones, DWR’s interstate resources manager. “But it’s a reminder that we should think about being prepared for 2014 being dry.”

The forecast, developed by a University of Colorado scientist, is based on statistical models that look at global weather patterns and compare them with the historical record to see what happened in California under those conditions.

The scientist, Klaus Wolter of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, predicted mostly dry conditions for the state, especially Southern California. But he said there was a slight chance that El Niño conditions could develop in the spring, bringing some late-season wet weather to the Southland.

The outlook for the Colorado River basin, an important Southern California water source that is stuck in a severe, long-term drought, was a bit better. Winter precipitation in the basin could be near normal to drier than normal, according to the forecast.

“It’s heartening to say we may not be quite that dry” on the Colorado, Jones said, adding that the basin has experienced drought conditions in 11 of the last 14 years.

As a result of the drought years, Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the Colorado’s biggest reservoirs, are less than half full.

In California, statewide reservoir storage is about 69% of the norm for the date, thanks in part to record high precipitation in late 2012.

Although this year has thus far been the driest on record in many parts of the state, the calendar year is not what water managers pay attention to. They look at the water year, which runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30. Continue reading this article

Irish Government Pitches Amnesty Again

Does it ever stop? The Irish are back with yet another plea for legalization for their tribe. There’s a new ambassador from the Emerald Isle, and one of the early actions of Anne Anderson for US-Ireland relations has been to endorse amnesty for Irish lawbreakers.

The illegal Irish boosters have the idea that they deserve special consideration because of the immigration history with this country. They have a sense of entitlement second to none, and seem unaware that the US need for labor is quite different compared with a century ago.

What’s squirrelly in the current report is the assertion that Republican House members were “surprised” that some illegals were non-hispanic Irish persons. In fact, the illegal Irish have been persistently lobbying against American sovereignty for years:

Ahern, Bush discuss immigration reform, Associated Press, March 16, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) — Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, at the White House to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, said Friday that he hopes the U.S. Congress will embrace President Bush’s immigration proposal that would affect illegal Irish immigrants in the United States.

“The resolution of this issue would mean enormous amounts to so many Irish men and women,” Ahern said of the 50,000 to 70,000 illegal Irish immigrants in the United States. “I fervently hope that they will, in the not too distant future, be able to step away from the shadows and into the sunshine of this great country.”

The efforts of the Irish Prime Minister was one of numerous campaigns, both governmental and from illegal Irish themselves for amnesty. “We’ve sent busloads of Irish to Washington,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, a Boston-area legalization activist in August.

So it’s rather doubtful that anyone in Congress was unaware about Irish amnesty lobbying. But emphasizing non-hispanic illegal immigration makes for a nice sound bite and allows the Irish to feel special about their lawbreaking.

Irish Government Launches Campaign For New Immigration Law — In The U.S., BuzzFeed, November 2013

Ireland’s new ambassador is actively meeting with House Republicans to try to sway them on immigration reform. “For many of them, they have been surprised. They think of this as a Hispanic issue.”

WASHINGTON — Ireland’s new ambassador to the United States is throwing her nation’s weight behind calls for American comprehensive immigration reform.

Anne Anderson, who began her term as ambassador in September, argues changes to the immigration system are needed to reflect “the historical and contemporary relationship” between the two nations.

She has the backing of the Irish parliament and head of government, Taoiseach Enda Kenny — and she’s “spent a considerable amount of that time talking to [House Republicans] about” immigration reform, Anderson said in an interview with BuzzFeed.

Indeed, Anderson has been holding regular meetings with Republican lawmakers, and the embassy is working with a coalition of Irish-American cultural, business, and civic organizations to organize the estimated 40 million Americans who trace at least part of their ethnic heritage to Ireland.

And while Anderson acknowledged the path to reform is difficult, she argued bringing a non-Latino face to the debate is helping win over some House Republicans.

“For many of them, they have been surprised. They think of this as a Hispanic issue, which is not surprising given the numbers,” Anderson said. “There is increasingly a deeper understanding of the complexities of this issue, and that it’s not just one community,” Anderson explained.

Anderson’s emphasis on immigration comes as Irish-American business and civic organizations have increasingly become involved in the push for a comprehensive reform to the nation’s immigration rules.

Part of the push comes in response to “the situation of the Irish undocumented here.” While the estimated 50,000 to 75,000 undocumented Irish make up a relatively small percentage of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, “in a country the size of Ireland … that makes quite an impact,” Anderson said. Continue reading this article

Mexico: Cartel Boy Assassin Is Repatriated to Birth-Nation America

A big story in San Antonio is that a US-born Mexican cartel hit-kid has been deported from a Mexico prison to live in that city. Arrested when he was 14, little Edgar Jimenez Lugo is now 17 and has served his paltry three-year sentence in permissive Mexico for murdering at least four.

What could possibly go wrong? After all, a 2010 headline observed, “Mexico: U.S. teen specialized in beheadings.”

Legally, Lugo has paid his debt to (Mexican) society, but what about the safety of American citizens in Texas? Will his address and current mug shot be available for concerned citizens?

News stories make it sound like the authorities are stuck with a challenging program of rehabilitation. Apparently he will go to a residential care facility and has family in San Antonio. But what are the chances of rehabilitation being successful beyond slim to none? Job skills: throat slitting and drug dealing.

Below, slasher kid Edgar Jimenez Lugo was arrested in Cuernavaca in 2010.

The good news for Lugo is that he will likely feel right at home in San Antonio. The Census reports that the city is 63.2 percent hispanic as of 2010 and 46.1 percent speak a language other than English at home — hmm, what language might that be?

As usual, the Daily Mail has the gritty, non-PC details that inquiring minds want to know:

Teenage drug cartel hit man, who BEHEADED four victims, on his way home to US after serving 3 years in jail, Daily Mail, November 26, 2013

A 17-year-old U.S. citizen and known hit man for a Mexican drug cartel has finished his three-year, juvenile-offender term for homicide, kidnapping, drug and weapons possession and returned to the United States.

The interior secretary of southern Morelos state, Jorge Messeguer, said Edgar Jimenez Lugo had been released today – though he added it wasn’t clear if the teen had been rehabilitated.

‘Being able to say whether he’s been rehabilitated, that would be risky. I wouldn’t really dare say that, because obviously the crimes he committed were so severe,’ Messeguer said.

He said Jimenez flew to San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday where he does not face any charges under U.S. law and is considered a free man.

The U.S. Embassy said it would not publicly discuss the case due to privacy considerations.

The teenager is believed to have family in Texas and apparently will go to a residential support facility there.

The embassy said in a statement that it was ‘closely coordinating with our Mexican counterparts and appropriate authorities in the United States’ regarding the release.

In 2011, at age 14, Jimenez confessed to killing four young men whose beheaded bodies were found suspended from a bridge.

He was born in San Diego, California, but was raised in Mexico by his grandmother. Continue reading this article

San Francisco: Tech Success Breeds Diverse Resentment

Monday’s New York Times had a page 1 feature about culture clash in San Francisco. The tech industry has been roaring back in the city and multicultural toes are being trod upon by young IT workers with iPhones full of money.

The Times’ front-page photo focused on the largely hispanic Mission district, where housing costs are going up.

Local hispanics have short memories about the neighborhood’s history. The Mission used to be the home of working-class whites, including European immigrants, who skedaddled when Mexicans moved in en masse.

These days the hispanics think they own the place and dislike the young techies taking up residence, so the diverse groups are struggling for dominance.

Some try to turn the cultural dissonance into a positive, or at least a cool irony. Champ of this category must certainly be the map of the Mission showing gang territory and bakeries.

Guerrilla cartographers map Mission’s unseen world, San Francisco Chronicle Blog, August 2, 2013

Next time you bite into your cinnamon horchata cupcake at Mission Minis you can rest assured you’re slightly outside of gangland, west of the edge of a Sureno-claimed chunk of the Mission. Or that families with fewer children area tend toward microhoods with more doggy stores, boarding and veterinary care. [. . .]

Let me stipulate that young tech workers can be insufferable with their hipster arrogance. However, they have jobs, pay taxes and don’t sell drugs on street corners.

But the whole kerfuffle shows what a mess diversity can be. Far from creating a rainbow paradise, immigration and other rapid movements of tribes merely generate new flavors of conflict.

Backlash by the bay: Tech riches alter San Francisco, New York Times, Nov 25, 2013

[. . .] While the technology boom has bred hostility, it has also brought San Francisco undeniable benefits. Mayor Edwin M Lee credits the technology sector with helping to pull the city out of the recession, creating jobs and nourishing a thriving economy that is the envy of cash-starved cities across the country.

The industry is “not so much taking over but complementing the job creation we want in the city,” Lee said while giving a tour of middle Market Street to show off its “renaissance” from a seedy skid row to a tech district where Twitter, Square and other companies have made their home.

Yet city officials must grapple with the arithmetic of squeezing more people into the limited space afforded by San Francisco’s 49 square miles. And it is the housing shortage that underlies much of the sniping about tech workers. [. . .]

Nowhere are the changes starker than in the Mission District, once a working-class Hispanic neighborhood, now a destination for the tech elite.

Evan Williams of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have bought homes near there.

Longtime residents of the Mission District complain that high-end apartments, expensive restaurants and exclusive boutiques are crowding out the bodegas, bookstores and Mexican bars. They complain about workers who, like residents of a bedroom community, board company buses every morning and return every evening to drink and dine on Valencia Street.

And they grumble about less tangible things: an insensitivity in interactions in stores and on the street, or a seeming disregard for neighborhood traditions. The annual Day of the Dead procession, meant to be solemn, has turned into a rowdy affair that many newcomers seem to view as a kind of Mexican Halloween. Continue reading this article

Illegals Rush Border, Pelt Agents with Rocks

Wait, weren’t we told that nobody was crossing the border illegally any longer and that whole illegal immigration thing was handled? That wasn’t the case on Sunday when a hundred foreigners tried to blow through by throwing rocks at the Border Patrol officers at the San Ysidro crossing.

The violent horde sounds like the banzai charges from the old days:

Alien Crossings, by Glynn Custard,, Oct 1, 2000

[. . .] Throughout the 1980’s and early 90’s the 14-mile stretch of border in San Diego was hostile, violent, and out of control. Border patrol agents use terms like “chaos” and “anarchy” to describe it, saying that they faced riot conditions every night. Crowds would gather on the Tijuana side and pelt border-patrol agents with rocks. Shots were sometimes fired across the border at patrolling agents, and almost daily thousands of Mexicans would gather on the U.S. side, then dash forward en masse in what were known as banzai runs. [. . .]

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

Rock throwing by illegal aliens has been going on for years and can be quite dangerous for officers defending America’s edges. Rocks can kill because the border invaders are not tossing pebbles. David slew Goliath with a rock.

Update 11/26: Sean Moran of the Border Patrol Council appeared on the John and Ken radio show and remarked that known amnesty activists were seen directing the confrontation. Listen online.

Border agents pelted in San Ysidro border crossing confrontation, CBS Channel 8 San Diego, November 25, 2013

SAN YSIDRO (CBS 8/AP) – Authorities in San Diego say Border Patrol agents were pelted with rocks and bottles as they tried to stop dozens of people who’d crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

A Border Patrol statement says several agents were hit in the arms and legs with rocks and one was hit in the head by a water bottle during Sunday’s confrontation. But there were no serious injuries.

Authorities say more than 100 people had crossed into the U.S. west of the San Ysidro border checkpoint and became unruly when a border agent tried to stop them and then fired pepperballs.

More agents were called in to deal with the rock- and bottle-throwing crowd.

“Agents used great restraint,” said Shawn Moran, the Vice President for the National Border Patrol Council. Moran told CBS News 8 he believes the agents had every right to resort to deadly force, if they had deemed it necessary.

“I think an agent could have easily justified due to the situation with over a 100 people advancing toward him, being outnumbered and in fear for their life,” said Moran. Continue reading this article

Fusion Network Grills Roy Beck on Amnesty

The founder of NumbersUSA appeared on Fusion TV recently to discuss immigration “reform” with open-borders propagandist Jorge Ramos. Jorge wanted to focus on the alleged suffering of illegal alien lawbreakers but Roy argued for consideration of jobless American workers who shouldn’t be further harmed by a mass amnesty and doubled legal immigration.

I may be mis-remembering, but I recall Ramos as speaking English somewhat better in the past. Perhaps a thick Spanish accent is a plus in his new gig. These days he is a major talking head on the new diversity network Fusion which is covering some controversial subjects to appeal to the hip edgy crowd. Rolling Stone characterized Fusion as “a new English-language network aimed at young Latinos and their multicultural peers.”

Interestingly, Ramos interviewed ABC reporter Brian Ross about the refugee terrorist story, where jihadist Iraqis used America’s permissive screening procedures to enter the country. As a result, the government is pursuing “dozens” of likely bad guys. Watch the Fusion segment: Is a Broken Immigration System Allowing Terrorists into the U.S.?

The immigration anarchist was curiously concerned about public safety:

RAMOS: The real question is, Are we in danger? Is it possible that some of these refugees are among us right now and they might be planning something and we have no idea what they are or who they are?

Funny, but many Americans are more concerned about the danger of criminal gangsters like the undeported MS-13 thug, Edwin Ramos (any relation??), who murdered three members of the Bologna family in San Francisco. Plus, foreign crime syndicates have burrowed into every corner of this country: in 2008, the DoJ reported that Mexican drug trafficking organizations operated in 230 US cities, a number unlikely to have decreased. And drunk driving illegal aliens continue to kill more Americans every year.

But Jorge Ramos is worried about the danger from 70,000 Iraqi refugees rather than the 12 million or so illegal aliens, 78 percent of whom are hispanic.

Billionaire Zuckerberg Declares Amnesty for Foreign Lawbreakers a Civil Rights Issue

On Sunday the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on ABC News This Week in a content-lite interview more suitable for a celebrity than the creator of a company worth tens of billions of dollars.

The interviewer, ABC’s David Wright (@WrightUps), didn’t ask a single question about how a more permissive immigration system with amnesty and increased legal immigration might benefit Zuckerberg in a personal financial way. The DailyCaller noted that the Senate bill would “double the resident pool of low-wage, university trained guest-workers to roughly 2 million” which would surely be a profit increaser for Silicon Valley tycoons.

But instead of probing questions on that account, Zuckerberg was allowed to pontificate with a silly statement about illegal alien kids not getting sufficient American goodies:

ZUCKERBERG: When you meet these children who are you know, really talented, and they’ve grown up in America and they really don’t know any other country besides that, but they don’t have the opportunities that we all enjoy, it’s really heartbreaking right? And it seems like it’s one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.

Funny how the serious lack of jobs for older IT workers doesn’t strike Zuckerberg as being heart-breaking. In fact he remarked in 2007, “I want to stress the importance of being young and technical,” so he appears to have a fondness for vapid youth of any nationality.

Here’s the ABC transcript for November 24, 2013:

DAVID WRIGHT, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: In a room full of hackers, the guy in the hoodie stands out. In fact Mark Zuckerberg counts as an elder statesman. The 29-year-old founder of Facebook is exactly the sort of success story these other bright, young faces hope to be. If the United States government allows them to stay in this country.

What is your status?

DIANA TORRES, HACKATHON PARTICIPANT: I was undocumented (inaudible) action.

WRIGHT: These young people are all undocumented immigrants taking part in a two-day hackathon organized by, a Silicon Valley lobbying group pushing for immigration reform. Zuckerberg is one of the group’s founders.

MARK ZUCKERBERG, FOUNDER, FACEBOOK: I was teaching an afterschool program and one of my top students put his hand up, and he said, I don’t think I’m going to be able to go to college because I’m undocumented.

WRIGHT: For Zuckerberg, it was a eureka moment.

ZUCKERBERG: When you meet these children who are you know, really talented, and they’ve grown up in America and they really don’t know any other country besides that, but they don’t have the opportunities that we all enjoy, it’s really heartbreaking right? And it seems like it’s one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.

WRIGHT: A civil rights issue? How do you mean?

ZUCKERBERG: There are 11 million undocumented people living in this country.

WRIGHT: Some would argue that all 11 million are breaking the law and have no fundamental right to American citizenship. What would you say to them?

ZUCKERBERG: There are a lot of misconceptions about that. And a lot of them came here because they just want to work. They want to help out their families and they want to contribute. We definitely should make it so that they can, so that there’s a path for them to come into the country legally as well. Continue reading this article

Kennedy Assassination Prompted Liberal Switch against Patriotism and toward Cultural Transformation

A couple times last week, Rush Limbaugh explored an interesting byway of political history related to the Kennedy assassination, an event which marked its 50th anniversary on Friday. The idea was that that the left could not accept the fact that an individual communist, Lee Harvey Oswald, murdered the Democrat President, and as a result, leftwingers changed their worldview to regard America in general as responsible for the death and an evil force in the world.

The interpretation came from a 2007 book Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism by James Piereson. The Amazon site allows inspection of some interesting passages within the book.

Before the assassination, liberalism had an upbeat outlook and positive leaders like FDR, Truman and Kennedy himself. The reassessment that followed the death took a bitter turn and remains so to this day, when Americans with traditional values are blamed for everything under the sun by the liberal establishment and its stenographers.

Here’s a snip from Limbaugh’s November 21 radio show:

But his point, his overall thesis is that up until that time, Democrats believed in “progressivism.” They believed in Big Government. But they at least attached optimistic outcomes to it. They really believed they were helping America. They really believed they were helping families, helping people. Now they’ve just become, “The country’s horrible, it’s rotten, it needs to be reformed!” The liberals of JFK’s day did not think there was anything really major wrong with this country.

The theory that the assassination unglued the left certainly has the ring of truth. Liberalism has been on the warpath since then to destroy traditional conservative values. Limbaugh didn’t expand on the idea of post-Camelot as far as he could have, that the liberal effort after Kennedy doubled down to remake America in a way more to their liking, say in the style of European socialism.

Limbaugh also did not extrapolate that an aspect of the left’s remaking of America includes importing millions of future Democrat voters via enormous immigration, legal and illegal. (Limbaugh apparently doesn’t regard immigration as an important issue for his show.)

Democrats disapprove of America and have been engaged in a long-term strategy to turn a center-right nation into a totally regulated socialist stronghold to protect the little citizens from the dangers of freedom. The libs’ two major strategies of cultural transformation are school propaganda starting with the youngest minds and immigration to import pre-made left-wingers from Mexico and other big-government bastions.

As the researchers at Pew Hispanic found, the cultural preference for big government lasts for generations among hispanics.

So the open border to the south is seen by left-wing cultural transformers as a big plus — something that may have started as a result of the Kennedy assassination.

Britain: Attorney General Warns of Endemic Corruption among Pakistani Immigrants

For the not-all-diversity-is equal file. Corruption exists in all societies, but in some it rises to the level of a cultural norm. One measure: the Corruption Index provides an annual list of nations and how dishonest each is judged to be. Out of 176 countries scored in 2012, Pakistan was rated at #139, near Nigeria, although not quite as degenerate as rock-bottom Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea.

When Pakistanis relocate to the West, the lessons they learned growing up in their traditional “favor culture” don’t disappear. One easily measured expression of corruption has been several cases of electoral fraud.

Below, many Muslims residing in Britain have resisted cultural assimilation, as illustrated by the burqa-wearing person using public transit.

Naturally, Pak diversity defenders say their feelings are hurt by such unkind truths. “I’m profoundly disturbed at a statement from such a senior Conservative MP against the British Pakistani community,” Lib Dem Qassim Afzal responded on BBC Radio.

The population of Pakistanis residing in Britain numbers at least 1.2 million.

Corruption rife in the Pakistani community, says minister, Daily Telegraph, November 22, 2013

Corruption in parts of the Pakistani community is “endemic” and a growing problem that politicians have underestimated, the Government’s chief legal adviser has said.

Dominic Grieve QC, the Attorney General, said ministers should “wake up” to the threat of corruption in public life, which he attributed to “minority communities” that operate a “favour culture”.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve praised the integration of minorities into British life, and pointed out that corruption can also be found in the “white Anglo-Saxon” community. But he said that the growth of corruption was “because we have minority communities in this country which come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. It is something we as politicians have to wake to up to”.

Mr Grieve said he was referring to “mainly the Pakistani community” but added that other minority communities had similar problems.

His remarks could affect Britain’s relations with Pakistan. In 2010 David Cameron refused to apologise after he accused the country of “exporting terror”.

Ministers are aware that high-profile stories involving child abuse, Islamist extremism, slavery and corruption in the Pakistani community are being used by far-Right agitators such as the English Defence League to stir sectarianism.

Mr Grieve, the MP for Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, has a sizeable South Asian community in his constituency. “I can see many of them have come because of the opportunities that they get. But they also come from societies where they have been brought up to believe you can only get certain things through a favour culture,” he said. “One of the things you have to make absolutely clear is that that is not the case and it’s not acceptable.” Continue reading this article

California Central Valley: Land Is Subsiding from Overuse of Water

West of the Mississippi, water supply is a problem. (Check out the Drought Monitor map, updated weekly, to see the current state of dryness which is concentrated in the west, not the east.)

California is overpopulated at 38 million residents, and several years of sub-average rainfall have added to the stress on water supply. The majority of water goes to the agriculture industry but nevertheless when a drought hits, the city dwellers are required to use less.

Now we learn that so much water has been pumped from underground sources that the land is sinking at an alarming rate, a foot in one area. Not only is the subsidence a big wake-up call about supply, but the land movement also affects the proper function of things like gravity-powered movement of water around the state.

The damage is the result of immigration-fueled population growth putting too much pressure on natural systems to replenish themselves. But elites hope to import another hundred million workers and consumers over the next few decades. Liberals like to chatter about environmental sustainability regarding issues that they like (e.g. global warming), but not so much when immigration is part of the discussion.

USGS finds land sinking rapidly in Central Valley, Associated Press, November 21, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — Land in California’s San Joaquin Valley is sinking more rapidly than usual because of increased pumping from underground sources, a phenomenon that is damaging vital water infrastructure, the U.S. Geological Survey said Thursday.

The USGS study found that land sinking had been measured at nearly one-foot per year in one area, and that it is reducing the flow capacity of the Delta-Mendota Canal and the California Aqueduct, two key sources of water.

“We were surprised at the amount of land being affected,” Michelle Sneed, a USGS hydrologist and the report’s lead author. “We were also surprised by the rapid rate of (sinking).”

Because canals were built with a small slope to propel the water, sinking land can change that slope in random areas and affect flows, Sneed said. Continue reading this article

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