Iraqi Hate-Crime Hoaxer Is Found Guilty of Murder in San Diego

Karma is sweet. After Shaima Alawadi was found dead in her southern California home with a note nearby telling the Iraqi refugee to go home, Muslims, leftists and the media went into full shriek mode about horrible violent Americans, particularly those critical of Islam. Oh, the terrible Islamophobia!

The New York Times reported at the time, March 2012, Iraqi Immigrants in California Town Fear a Hate Crime in a Woman’s Killing and included an emotional photo of the distraught husband Kassim Alhimidi weeping over his wife’s body, clutching her feet.

For details about how the case smelled bad from the beginning, see my blog Supposed Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Turns Out to Be Husband Murdering Wife.

Are all violent Iraqi families also drama queens? The Alhimidi bunch certainly is, shown by the courtroom scene following the verdict on Thursday, where family members screeched at each other about their opinion of Alhimidi’s guilt. Not all agreed with American justice.

The trial seems like it was a pretty big deal in El Cajon judging by the news coverage. Even fake hate crimes attract interest.

Guilty Verdict Reached in Kassim Al-Himidi Murder Trial, Screams Erupt in Courtroom, NBC News San Diego, April 17, 2014

Kassim Al-Himidi 49, is convicted of fatally beating his wife, Shaima Alawadi, 32, in March 2012 in a case originally thought to be a hate crime

A broken family’s screams erupted in a San Diego courtroom after a guilty verdict was announced in the trial of an Iraqi immigrant who killed his wife.

As the defendant cried out in Arabic “not guilty,” his mother-in-law flailed her arms, screaming “you killed my daughter,” while his two teenage sons chose opposing sides.

Jurors found Kassim Al-Himidi, 49, guilty in the death of his wife Shaima Alawadi — a bloody, brutal beating once considered a hate crime that was, in the end, an act of domestic violence.

After Judge William McGrath handed off the verdict for reading, several family members began screaming, including the defendant’s oldest son, who yelled profanities, saying he disagreed with the jury’s verdict.

“This is bulls—!” This is f—ing bulls—!” the son yelled. “My dad is innocent. He was tried unfairly.”

Al-Himidi smirked, crossed his arms, shook his head, wagged his finger and began praying as the jury was polled one by one. At one point, he put his head on the table in front of him. Then, he too began yelling.

According to a translator, Al-Himidi screamed out in Arabic, “God knows I’m not the killer. I’m not the killer! I’m innocent. Not guilty.”

As deputies rushed to place handcuffs on Al-Himidi, he continued to yell, telling his family to seek international help on this case and have investigators look at it as a hate crime. He said to get him help from overseas to get him out of jail, the translator said. Continue reading this article

New York City Police End Muslim Surveillance

Last fall, Democrat mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio promised that he would end the scrutiny of Muslims practiced by the NYPD that kept the city safe from terror attacks since 9/11. Now he is the mayor and he is fulfilling his promise.

Hey, what could possibly go wrong?

De Blasio appealed to the over one million Muslims who reside in the city, who complain loudly about being regarded with suspicion, as if there were no reason for that notion.

The new mayor also brought in a new police chief, William Bratton, known for being highly political even for a top cop. Chief Bratton is remembered in California when he ran the Los Angeles Police Department for his enthusiastic support for Special Order 40, the city’s policy of protection for illegal aliens. In 2003 he remarked in a radio discussion of permissive immigration enforcement, “If you don’t like it leave the state.”

New Yorkers now face a city government whose handling of public safety is politicized, where certain groups get special treatment and consideration of the general good is a non-priority. But they voted for it.

If America didn’t have an immigration policy that welcomes likely enemies (e.g. Muslims), then it wouldn’t be necessary for police to snoop in order to prevent terror attacks. But elites have declared that extreme diversity is virtuous so we must have more of it, even when the policy endangers the public.

NYPD ends Muslim surveillance program, Associated Press, April 15, 2014

NEW YORK –  The New York Police Department said Tuesday it has disbanded a special unit whose efforts to try to detect terror threats in Muslim communities through secret surveillance sparked outrage.

The surveillance program by the NYPD Intelligence Division had come under fire by community activists who accused the department of abusing civil rights.

The program relied on plainclothes officers to eavesdrop on people in bookstores, restaurants and mosques. The tactic was detailed in a series of stories by The Associated Press and became the subject of two federal lawsuits.

In a series of articles that began in August 2011, the AP documented that police had systematically spied on Muslim neighborhoods, listened in on sermons, infiltrated colleges and photographed law-abiding residents as part of a broad effort to watch communities where terror cells might operate. Individuals and groups were monitored even when there was no evidence they were linked to terrorism or crime.

The investigation revealed that then-police Commissioner Ray Kelly had brought in a CIA official to help develop an intelligence division unlike that of any other U.S. police department. It assigned people called rakers to ethnic neighborhoods, infiltrating enterprises ranging from booksellers to cafes, and people called mosque crawlers to Muslim houses of worship. Continue reading this article

Boston Marathon Anniversary: Permissive Law Enforcement Unshackled Immigrant Tsarnaev Brothers

On April 15, 2013, two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and seriously injuring 264 including 14 persons losing limbs. It’s likely the casualty list would have been longer if not for the many medically trained people at the race finish who provided excellent first aid to the injured in the early minutes.

Another casualty was young MIT police officer Sean Collier, who was murdered later by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev when the brothers were trying to escape.

The elder brother and ringleader Tamerlan should have been deported in 2009 for a domestic violence conviction, but wasn’t. As a result, the Muslim refugee remained in America and was able to pursue his jihad plans, while he mooched state welfare benefits until 2012.

That wasn’t the only failure of government to protect public safety.

On April 9, the House Committee on Homeland Security held a hearing titled “The Boston Marathon Bombings, One Year On: A Look Back to Look Forward.” (You can watch on C-SPAN and read the committee’s report “Boston One Year Later: DHS’s Lessons Learned”.)

As part of his opening statement, Chairman Mike McCaul remarked:

We found that several red flags and warnings were missed. We found that Tamerlan was on the radar of the FBI and somehow dropped off. We found that Tamerlan travelled to Dagestan, known for its Chechen terrorists. This is precisely what the Russian letter warned our Intelligence Community and FBI about. He came back even more radicalized. We also found that unfortunately Customs, FBI, and the IC somehow missed it. Arrogantly, some US officials said “It would not have made a difference” if they had known about his overseas travel. We now know that a check of his public social media would have shown indicators such as Jihadists video postings. His Mosque had seen escalating behavior as well. It likely would have been clear that he was becoming more and more of a threat to the community.

Which takes me to me to my last point: State and Local police have a strong role in Counter Terrorism. They know the streets better than anybody and they know the local threats. The Boston Police Department should have been given more information throughout the entire process. They must know the terror threats in their own backyards. This process in my judgment has to change.

During the hearing, Chairman McCaul call the Tsarnaevs “the biggest terrorists since 9/11.”

Meanwhile, the administration does not like the “T” word applied to its watch. Monday’s Statement by the President referred to the attack as a “tragedy” and emphasized the heroic response of Bostonians.

Robert Spencer reviewed the event and focused on FBI dereliction — even though the government allowing Muslim immigration to continue is the worst failure:

One Year Anniversary of Boston Bombing: A Lesson in FBI Failure,, April 15, 2014

With the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings now here (April 15),  the New York Times made yet another attempt to exonerate the Obama Administration of responsibility for one of its manifest failures, claiming that an inspector general’s report on the bombings was an “exoneration of the F.B.I.,” as it showed that “the Russian government declined to provide the F.B.I. with information about one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects that would most likely have led to more extensive scrutiny of him at least two years before the attack.”

See? The bombing was all the fault of that scoundrel Putin. It had nothing to do with the FBI, because of fecklessness and political correctness, failing to act properly on information the Russians gave them.

Full disclosure: I used to give FBI agents and other law enforcement and military personnel training on the teachings of Islam about jihad warfare against and subjugation of non-Muslims, so that they would understand the motives and goals of those who have vowed to destroy the United States as a free society, and be better equipped to counter them. I provided this training free of charge, out of a sense of patriotic duty, and it was well received: I received certificates of appreciation from the United States Central Command and the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group.

But as I explain in detail in my book Arab Winter Comes to America, all that ended on October 19, 2011, when Islamic supremacist advocacy groups, many with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, demanded that FBI counter-terror trainers (including me) and training materials that referred to Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism be discarded, and agents educated by them be retrained. John Brennan, then the U.S. Homeland Security Advisor and now the director of the CIA, readily agreed in a response that was written on White House stationery – thereby emphasizing how seriously the Obama Administration took this demand. Continue reading this article

Washington Post Struggles to Present Marine Le Pen

The Washington Post is a big supporter of extreme diversity and other liberal causes like refugee resettlement. On Monday, it presented a curiously mixed smorgasbord on French politics. The front page below the fold had a piece on France’s Marine Le Pen, noting her “gentler nationalism” in the headline. The photo was quite flattering — and the media can smear anyone they dislike with a crappy picture, but didn’t in this case.

The online version of the article, however, had a far more incendiary headline about the leader of the National Front: A confederacy of xenophobes in Europe?

The article contained the usual liberal assumptions that those on the right are xenophobic and suffer from “Islamophobia” (an accusation created by Islamists to smear Westerners who understand the threat of jihadists).

Still, the biased article was balanced by a Q & A with Le Pen where she could respond to the various charges (included below). She wants national sovereignty returned to France and believes immigration should be ended because of the conflict it engenders.

Unsurprisingly, the Post didn’t mention the growing problem of Islamic violence in France, where dangerous Muslim neighborhoods are No Go Zones which white French people avoid if they care about their safety.

A confederacy of xenophobes in Europe?, Washington Post, April 13, 2014

PARIS — From her nondescript offices in the Paris suburbs, ­Marine Le Pen — the blond, hazel-eyed face of France’s far right — is leading the charge to build a new alliance of European nationalists, this time by blitzing the ballot box.

A 45-year-old lawyer who wants to halt immigration, Le Pen led France’s National Front to historic gains in local elections last month. She did it by destigmatizing the party co-founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen, her 85-year-old father, who once called the Nazi gas chambers a mere ­”detail” of history and lost five bids for the French presidency.

In appearances across the country, the younger Le Pen is rolling out a more tempered brand of nationalism that has become a new model across Europe, rejecting her father’s overt racism and playing down the party’s former links to Nazi collaborators. All the while, she is tapping into the rising economic despair of a nation as well as a backlash against the European Union, the 28-country bloc headquartered in Brussels.

Now she is training her sights on a larger prize. From Sweden to Austria, Britain to Italy, nationalist and far-right parties are poised to make record gains next month in elections for the European Parliament. Rather than see their power diluted, Le Pen is seeking to unite a variety of such parties into an extraordinary coalition of anti-E.U. nationalists.

Together, she said, they would work to turn back the clock on the integration and open borders that have defined post-World War II Europe. “You judge a tree by its fruit,” she said last week in her office, a statuette of the Greek goddess of justice resting on a shelf above her. “And the fruits of the E.U. are rotten.”

But these are, after all, nationalists, and forging an international alliance of xenophobes is proving to be just as hard as it sounds. On a continent riddled with old grudges and the ghosts of battles past, working together — for some, anyway — means setting aside centuries-old animosities. Continue reading this article

Book: Arab Winter Arrives in America

Robert Spencer, the producer of the JihadWatch site, has a new book out, Arab Winter Comes to America.

He discussed the book on CBN Monday, the day of the book’s release.

There’s a lot to admire about Spencer’s scholarship, although he curiously didn’t mention diverse Muslim immigration as a major transporter of jihad around the world in his interview on CBN. How does he think it gets here? (Amazon does’t have its “look inside” feature hooked up yet, so the inquiring reader can’t check the index for listings of immigration.)

By comparison, friend of Western liberty Geert Wilders talks about immigration frequently, saying that “Islam is incompatible with freedom,” and “No more immigrants from the Islamic world!”

Robert Spencer has mentioned immigration as a jihad problem in previous books, albeit briefly, but not in Monday’s discussion.

Expert Warns of America’s Coming ‘Arab Winter’, CBN News, April 14, 2014

One year ago, Islamic terrorists set off two bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring nearly 300 people.

Author and Islam expert Robert Spencer says that attack marked a resurgence of Islamic jihad on American soil.

When the “Arab Spring” revolutions began in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, many in the West hailed the uprisings as the beginning of a new era of democracy and pluralism in the Middle East.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, the region is less stable, more uncertain, and more violent than before.

On the anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing, Spencer has released his newest book, Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About The War We’re In.

Spencer says the same radical Islamic groups that caused the “Arab Spring” in the Middle East are at work in America right now, exposing Americans to even more threats of jihad.

He warns that the country is shockingly unequipped to face this threat.

Are Millions of Africans about to Swarm into a More Open Europe?

The spring sailing season is getting off to a roaring start in the Mediterranean, where 18,000 diverse welfare seekers from Africa and the Middle East have boarded boats headed to soft-touch Europe since the beginning of this year.

On Thursday, the Italian navy reported it had “rescued” 1000 African boaters over 24 hours. Another count last week: 6000 in 40 boats in just four days.

The number of asylum seekers is 10 times what it was at this time last year, according to a UN representative.

Of course, the number of boaters using the Italy doorway have been accumulating including 43,000 in 2013, because it’s geographically easy for the Europe-bound. The land route through Spain’s national outposts Melilla and Ceuta in North Africa is also popular.

The Italian people aren’t too concerned because most of the Africans don’t stay, but continue on to the more generous welfare states in northern Europe, particularly Britain, Germany and Scandinavia.

Much of the do-gooderism of Europe was stirred to a fever pitch last October when a boat capsized off the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa where hundreds died. News accounts of the tragedy were filled with photos of coffins lined up and politicians promised to be more welcoming to illegal alien Africans.

Now Europe is about to reap the whirlwind from essentially declaring Europe to be open to anyone who wants to enter. This could easily be the Camp of the Saints year unless Europeans wake up from their liberal fantasies of universal openness and cultural relativism.

The Italian Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, recently noted that up to 600,000 were ready to board smuggler boats in Libya alone. Multiply that by several failed states in the neighborhood plus the civil war in Syria and the number becomes millions.

One example of diversity failure is France, where more than four million Africans reside, many of whom are Islamic. As a result, neighborhoods with high Muslim population are physically dangerous for white French and are regarded as No-Go Zones where even police fear to tread.

Note to Europeans: the African boater situation doesn’t have to be suicide by insanely misguided kindness. Australia has a sensible policy of turning back the invasive ships, despite the shrieking of the Refugee Industrial Complex:

Asylum seekers video Australians towing them back towards Indonesia, The Guardian (UK), March 17, 2014

Asylum seekers who were forcibly returned to Indonesia by lifeboat have given the first detailed account of their ordeal and a unique insight into the federal government’s Operation Sovereign Borders.

When Indonesians and other Asian boaters become convinced that they will face an “ordeal” rather than a welcome in the target nation, they will stop coming. The strategy is called negative re-enforcement and works wonderfully in shaping behavior. Europe could benefit by doing likewise.

What Ayaan Hirsi Ali Would Have Said to Brandeis University Students

Recent days have been witness to the depressing spectacle of a courageous women’s rights campaigner being denied an academic award as a result of Muslim agitation: Brandeis University Withdraws Honor for Ayaan Hirsi Ali after CAIR Propaganda.

Interestingly, Brandeis University has a noble motto on its seal that suggests commitment to academic freedom: “Truth even unto its innermost parts.”

It’s regrettable the fearful university leaders fell so far short of that ideal by succumbing to predictable shrieks of “Islamophobia” from the jihad supporters at CAIR.

The people getting the worst of the deal are Brandeis students who are supposed to be immersed in the unfettered inquiry of ideas. They have instead learned that intimidation works and women’s rights rank a distant second after multiculturalism, a leftist ideology effectively manipulated by hostile Muslims.

At least the students (and everyone else) can read a written version of Ayaan’s speech, though that experience is hardly as memorable as hearing it in person would have been:

Here’s What I Would Have Said at Brandeis, Wall Street Journal, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, April 11, 2014

We need to make our universities temples not of dogmatic orthodoxy, but of truly critical thinking.

On Tuesday, after protests by students, faculty and outside groups, Brandeis University revoked its invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree at its commencement ceremonies in May. The protesters accused Ms. Hirsi Ali, an advocate for the rights of women and girls, of being “Islamophobic.” Here is an abridged version of the remarks she planned to deliver.

One year ago, the city and suburbs of Boston were still in mourning. Families who only weeks earlier had children and siblings to hug were left with only photographs and memories. Still others were hovering over bedsides, watching as young men, women, and children endured painful surgeries and permanent disfiguration. All because two brothers, radicalized by jihadist websites, decided to place homemade bombs in backpacks near the finish line of one of the most prominent events in American sports, the Boston Marathon.

All of you in the Class of 2014 will never forget that day and the days that followed. You will never forget when you heard the news, where you were, or what you were doing. And when you return here, 10, 15 or 25 years from now, you will be reminded of it. The bombs exploded just 10 miles from this campus.

I read an article recently that said many adults don’t remember much from before the age of 8. That means some of your earliest childhood memories may well be of that September morning simply known as “9/11.”

You deserve better memories than 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. And you are not the only ones. In Syria, at least 120,000 people have been killed, not simply in battle, but in wholesale massacres, in a civil war that is increasingly waged across a sectarian divide. Violence is escalating in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Libya, in Egypt. And far more than was the case when you were born, organized violence in the world today is disproportionately concentrated in the Muslim world.

Another striking feature of the countries I have just named, and of the Middle East generally, is that violence against women is also increasing. In Saudi Arabia, there has been a noticeable rise in the practice of female genital mutilation. In Egypt, 99% of women report being sexually harassed and up to 80 sexual assaults occur in a single day.

Especially troubling is the way the status of women as second-class citizens is being cemented in legislation. In Iraq, a law is being proposed that lowers to 9 the legal age at which a girl can be forced into marriage. That same law would give a husband the right to deny his wife permission to leave the house. Continue reading this article

France: Muslim Zones Are Dangerous for White French Citizens

In France, Muslims increasingly attack white French citizens, and it’s called crime, but it’s really war in the Islamic conquest by immigration. Islamic no-go zones are “little Muslim caliphates” and white French enter at their own risk because police fear to go into those places also.

In addition, the French left are worsening a dangerous situation by stupidly believing that they can make a deal with the devil of Islam, perhaps because Muslims helped elect the socialist Hollande. However, the leftist Muslim allies will merely be eaten last — if they are lucky.

When Muslims aren’t beating up French people on the street, they are burning the place down, as shown below in the wreckage of Grenoble after Muslims went on a rampage of arson and general destruction in 2010.

Funny how the dangerous transformation of Europe by Muslim immigration is something only reported in this country by CBN. Apparently American media are still stuck on the idea of diverse immigration as a total good. Will the broadcasters notice when France begins to look like Lebanon?

Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas, CBN, By Dale Hurd, April 10, 2014

PARIS — Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.

Surveillance camera video shows white French being beaten up by predominantly Muslim immigrant gangs in the Metro and on the street.

Islamic immigrants consider it their territory and whites enter at their own risk. The French call them “sensitive urban zones” — no-go zones where the police don’t enter or don’t enforce the law.

Some call them little Muslim caliphates inside the borders of France.

“And it’s like that because these parts of the country are in the hands of drug traffickers, gangs and imams [Islamic leaders],” French commentator Guy Milliere explained.

A French report says almost 1 in 5 French have been victims of racist insults or worse. A few cases have even gone to trial.

“Some of those who launch racist attacks on whites use Islam as the reason they do it. They may not even speak Arabic, but they still use Islam as a ‘flag,'” Tarik Yildiz, a French sociologist, said.

Yildiz, author of the book, Anti-White Racism, is not native French but is the son of Turkish immigrants.

“My book is viewed as politically incorrect and breaks a taboo: the idea that immigrants could oppress whites,” Yildez said.

Generation Identitaire Defense
It’s a reality for a Frenchman named Max, who asked that CBN News not use his last name.

He’s been attacked more than once by immigrants and still has a bruise under one eye from the latest attack when we interviewed him.

He’s joined Generation Identitaire, a youth movement united around the defense of French culture and white identity. Continue reading this article

Permissive California Lets Many Formerly Deportable Criminals Stay

In September of last year, Gov Brown signed the misleadingly named “TRUST Act” into law. The legislation ended the law enforcement partnership with Washington in the Secure Communities program which local police hand over already arrested foreign lawbreakers to feds for deportation.

Obviously, Secure Communities makes public safety a lot easier to achieve by helping scoop up the lowlife criminals who busy themselves with thievery and drunk driving. But our treasonous leaders care little about the basic responsibility of elected officials to protect the people.

The Associated Press has helpfully examined how the TRUST Act has substantially reduced deportations, a 44 percent drop, from 2,984 people to 1,660 in the counties reporting deportations for two months since the beginning of the year when the law went into affect.

Of course, we don’t know how many crimes have been committed by released criminals who would have been deported pre-TRUST Act. That statistic would require considerably more investigation on the part of AP or other interested parties.

AP Report: California Immigrant Deportations Plummet After TRUST Act, Associated Press, April 6, 2014

SAN DIEGO (CBS/AP) — Far fewer immigrants arrested by California law enforcement are being turned over to federal authorities for deportation since a new state law went into effect in January.

The law was pushed by immigrant advocates and directs law enforcement agencies to more quickly release those without serious criminal records rather than hold them so federal officials can take them into custody for deportation proceedings.

Already, according to a review by The Associated Press, the new law appears to be having a big impact in slowing deportations at a time when President Barack Obama is looking to ease immigration enforcement policies nationwide and appease immigrant advocates who say his administration has been too tough.

Until now, California has accounted for a third of deportations under U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement’s Secure Communities program, which screens the fingerprints of arrestees for potential immigration violations.

While it was expected the state law known as the Trust Act would reduce the number of people held for possible deportation, it wasn’t clear how significant the drop would be.

Since sheriff’s departments are responsible for most bookings, the AP surveyed those agencies in 23 counties responsible for most of California’s deportations under the program.

Not all supplied data for the first two months of this year, but among the 15 that did, there was a 44 percent drop, from 2,984 people to 1,660. Those 15 counties included four of the five largest in the state — Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino. Orange County could not provide 2013 data because officials do not keep paperwork on this issue for more than a year.

“It suggests that before the Trust Act went into effect, at least in California, Secure Communities was having a most significant impact on relatively minor criminal offenders, as opposed to the gang bangers the president was saying were being targeted,” said Kevin Johnson, dean of the University of California, Davis school of law and an immigration law expert.

While most counties appear to be complying with the law, some sheriffs’ departments do not appear to have adopted policies to put it into action when the year began.

Angela Chan, senior staff attorney at San Francisco-based civil rights organization Asian Americans Advancing Justice, said advocates have received reports of about a dozen instances where people should have been released under the new law but weren’t.

“There is inconsistency, and that is something we’re working on,” she said. “This is a law they have to follow.”

Secure Communities has led to more than 300,000 deportations since October 2008. The program has immigration agents screen the fingerprints of arrestees and ask local law enforcement to hold for 48 hours those they want to deport until they can pick them up and take them to a detention facility. Continue reading this article

Brandeis University Withdraws Honor for Ayaan Hirsi Ali after CAIR Propaganda

The courage to engage in diverse free expression seems increasingly battered these days, one indication being a recent faltering from Brandeis University which had arranged to award an honorary doctorate to the feminist critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Apparently some squawking from the Hamas-affiliated Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) identifying her as (magic word alert) an Islamophobe was enough to make Brandeis shrivel up like last year’s raisins.

Specifically, CAIR sent out an action alert to its followers headlined “Ask Brandeis University Not to Honor Islamophobe Ayaan Hirsi Ali.”

Sadly, the name-calling intimidation worked and Brandeis rescinded its award.

And what did Brandeis think Ali has been saying all these years? She has been unstinting in criticizing hostile Islam, particularly its Koran-approved cruelty to women. Ali was FGMed as a child and lived in Somalia when young, so she has experienced the barbarity of Islam first hand. Her partner in the misogyny-revealing documentary Submission, Theo Van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 on an Amsterdam street and she has lived with death threats since then. Ali sees Islam as being at war with the West — why wouldn’t she?

Islam defines any place not under Islamic governance as Dar al-Harb, or Territory of War, meaning that it hasn’t been conquered by Muslims yet.

(For more background on Ayaan, see my book review of her book “Infidel”, the story of her transformation from young fundie Muslim in Africa to a secular educated woman in the Netherlands, where she was eventually elected to Parliament.)

Ali was interviewed about the insult on Fox News Wednesday:

(You can watch a longer clip from the Megyn Kelly show that includes an interview with argumentative CAIR mouthpiece Doug Hooper.)

Time magazine posted Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s response:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘They Simply Wanted Me to be Silenced’, April 9, 2014

Yesterday Brandeis University decided to withdraw an honorary degree they were to confer upon me next month during their Commencement exercises. I wish to dissociate myself from the university’s statement, which implies that I was in any way consulted about this decision. On the contrary, I was completely shocked when President Frederick Lawrence called me — just a few hours before issuing a public statement — to say that such a decision had been made.

When Brandeis approached me with the offer of an honorary degree, I accepted partly because of the institution’s distinguished history; it was founded in 1948, in the wake of World War II and the Holocaust, as a co-educational, nonsectarian university at a time when many American universities still imposed rigid admission quotas on Jewish students. I assumed that Brandeis intended to honor me for my work as a defender of the rights of women against abuses that are often religious in origin. For over a decade, I have spoken out against such practices as female genital mutilation, so-called “honor killings,” and applications of Sharia Law that justify such forms of domestic abuse as wife beating or child beating. Part of my work has been to question the role of Islam in legitimizing such abhorrent practices. So I was not surprised when my usual critics, notably the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), protested against my being honored in this way. Continue reading this article

Top Medicare Ripoff Doc Is Dominican

The big headline story on the New York Times Wednesday was Sliver of Medicare Doctors Get Big Share of Payouts, politely suggesting fraud. Lawyers and police are investigating how it happens that around “two percent of doctors account for about $15 billion in Medicare payments, roughly a quarter of the total.”

Ripoffs aren’t definite of course, but one doctor “earned” $21 million in 2012 alone, which is a lot of prescriptions for a guy whose first language isn’t even English. (That number beats the Lebanese doctor in Michigan who mooched $35 million from the Medicare bureaucracy over two years, as he dangerously misdiagnosed patients to get more expensive treatment.)

The winner of the current Medicare sweepstakes is Dr. Salomon E. Melgen, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. The loser is the American taxpayer, doubly so when a healthcare recipient.

Doctor With Big Medicare Payments Is No Stranger to Scrutiny, New York Times, April 9, 2014

MIAMI — The doctor who was paid the most by Medicare is a South Florida ophthalmologist whose offices were twice raided last year by the F.B.I. and whose generous political contributions and cozy relationship with a New Jersey senator, Robert Menendez, are under investigation by federal public corruption prosecutors, a New York Times analysis of Medicare data shows.

Data released Wednesday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services shows that Dr. Salomon E. Melgen, 59, who moved to Florida from the Dominican Republic in the late 1970s, received $21 million in Medicare reimbursements in 2012 alone. The doctor billed mostly for Lucentis, a medication used to treat macular degeneration made by a company that pays generous rebates to its doctors.

The release of the Medicare figures was the latest in a series headline-grabbing disclosures that have dogged the doctor since January of last year. The millionaire surgeon, who lives in a 5,000-square-foot home in North Palm Beach and travels by private jet, is better known as the generous campaign contributor whose close relationship with Mr. Menendez, a Democrat, has been scrutinized by federal prosecutors.

He is a central figure in two different federal investigations. In January and October last year, F.B.I. agents were spotted carrying boxes out of his offices.

Dr. Melgen’s lawyer warned against presuming that the doctor’s high bills to Medicare meant he was engaged in fraud. In a statement released late Tuesday, his lawyer said the large reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, known as CMS, were easily explained: The doctor has a big practice. Continue reading this article

Moroccan Asylum Fraudster Plotted Drone Bombing

On Monday in Connecticut, illegal alien El Mehdi Semlali Fathi was arrested for planning to bomb a university building using a drone. He came here on a student visa but flunked out of school, yet wasn’t sent home even though he was at that point an illegal. He was arrested for theft and trespassing but wasn’t deported for those crimes either. Fathi then cooked up a BS asylum horror story, so he got to stay, even with the rap sheet and illegal status.

Meanwhile, the administration has decided to lower admission standards still further to admit refugees and asylum seekers with “limited” terrorist connections (no hands-on bomb construction?). Hey, it’s not like anybody in the world wants to kill Americans or anything.

Open-borders loonies like Jeb Bush imagine all illegal aliens are here for the family feeding excuse, but the American Dream of some foreigners is a mushroom cloud.

Moroccan arrested for bomb plot able to stay in US by lying to immigration officials, Daily Caller, April 8, 2014

The Moroccan man arrested for allegedly planning to use remote-control planes to bomb a university building and federal building was able to remain in the United States by lying to immigration officials.

El Mehdi Semlali Fathi was able to avoid a final order of removal last year — after remaining in the country for seven years after his visa expired — by claiming a fear of persecution based on his political beliefs, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit.

“There is probable cause to believe, and I do believe that FATHI’s application for withholding of removal status was obtained by fraud,” Special Agent Anabela Sharp wrote in the affidavit obtained by The Daily Caller Tuesday. “The fraud included, but is not limited to, FATHI’s claims that he was repeatedly arrested by the Moroccan government and assaulted by government officials.”

Despite his claims of persecution, according to the FBI, there is no record that Fathi was ever arrested in Morocco.

“Moreover in his application for refugee status, FATHI claimed that the government of Morocco believed he was a member of an organization known as ansar El Mehdi and that while he was attending a university in Marrakech he participated in demonstrations and he (FATHI) was arrested in 2007 by the Moroccan government because the Moroccan government believed that he was a member of this organization … the Moroccan government, FATHI’s father, and FATHI’s own statements confirm that FATHI was never arrested or charged with a crime in Morocco, nor did he ever attend any university in Marrakech,” the affidavit reads.

The FBI’s Sharp concluded that based on the evidence, “there is probable cause to believe and I do believe that EL MEHDI SEMLALAI FATHI, in the District of Connecticut and elsewhere made false statements to a federal law enforcement agent in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1001, has executed and submitted a false and frivolous asylum application in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1546, and has made repeated false statements under oath to an Immigration Judge in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1621.”

Fathi’s arrest comes about two months after the release of an internal government audit, which revealed that at least 70 percent of asylum applications in 2009 had signs of fraud. Continue reading this article

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