Deluxe Detention Center Opens in Texas

Last year the federal government announced its plans for deluxe detention facilities for invasive foreigners (see Coming Soon from Obama: Illegal Alien Detention Centers with Continental Breakfasts).

That future is here, with a spiffy new detention center opening soon in Texas, and ICE honchos recently invited the media for a tour to show how much the agency had rolled over for Raza’s demands of cushy treatment for lawbreakers. (Actually, a comfy detention center opened last year in Florence, Arizona, so the new one is not unique.)

Below, the courtyard of the Karnes County Detention Center has picnic tables with gazebos providing shade from the hot sun of south Texas.

Our tax dollars at work!

Notably, ICE official Gary Mead remarked, “It was never our authority or our responsibility to punish people or correct their behavior.”

Whoa, isn’t it the government’s job to impose negative reinforcement on lawbreakers? Why should illegal aliens stop invading America when they are treated like hotel guests? The detention center (with a soccer field and gym) is certainly nicer than their home digs.

Punishment is absolutely warranted for foreign job thieves. Sheriff Joe Arpaio does a good job of making invaders feel unwelcome, as shown below.

Trying To Make Immigrant Detention Less Like Prison, NPR, March 14, 2012

Just off the side of the road in rural southern Texas is a large beige building that looks a lot like a prison. Fences and tall walls mark the outside. Inside, the doors slam and people sit in control booths at the end of long concrete hallways.

But just a little farther into the facility, the door opens to a courtyard in the center of the complex, and there, things begin to change. There’s a soccer field, a pavilion and a gymnasium. There’s also a walk-up pharmacy and commissary. All of it is guarded by officers in polo shirts.

This is the federal government’s new plan for immigrant detention — facilities built to make detention feel less like prison.

“It was never our authority or our responsibility to punish people or correct their behavior,” said Gary Mead, who is in charge of enforcement and removal operations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Our authority is only to facilitate removal. So we have to treat them very differently than how the state prison system or county jail system would treat people in their custody.”

The facility is empty now, but within a month as many as 600 immigrant detainees will fill the rooms that line the courtyard. They will sleep eight to a room with a private bath, and they will be allowed to move about the facility largely unescorted.

This place is three years in the making, and it’s a significant departure from ICE’s other facilities, which critics charge are excessively harsh and lacking sufficient oversight. This facility is for low-level detainees — immigrants who have been picked up in sweeps or those seeking political asylum. For the most part, they are nonviolent people who haven’t committed any crimes, except for overstaying a visa or crossing the border illegally.

Some will be deported quickly. Others will stay for months or longer as they press their cases in an often lengthy court process.

In the meantime, Gary Mead says, they will have access to the facility’s library and can have daily visits with family — a marked contrast to other facilities.

“We have listened to and heard stakeholders across the spectrum in terms of the need to reform our system,” Mead said. “We took them seriously, and that’s what we’re doing.” Continue reading this article

France: Sarkozy Polling Up after He Promises Immigration Reduction

It’s funny how immigration enforcement has become something of a third rail in politics, where candidates fear to tread, but when politicians really want votes, they pipe up with statements favoring law and borders.

Hey, a message of tough immigration enforcement worked to get John McCain reelected to the Senate after tacking Mexican and pro-amnesty during his Presidential campaign.

In France, President Sarkozy has been gaining ground by suggesting that family-reunification immigration by decreased by half along with other crackdown measures, according to recent polling.

French voters may favor less Muslim immigration after years of street violence (even in small towns) like the Grenoble car-burning shown below.

France’s Sarkozy vows to get tough on immigration, Washington Post, March 11, 2012

PARIS — President Nicolas Sarkozy, running from behind for reelection, pledged Sunday to pull France out of Europe’s 25-nation visa-free zone unless border controls are tightened to prevent illegal immigrants from sneaking in to find jobs.

The pledge, at a boisterous rally with 80,000 supporters in a Paris suburb, marked the latest in a series of campaign promises designed to appeal to conservative and nationalistic French voters by choking off long-controversial legal and illegal immigration into France.

It was part of a no-holds-barred effort by Sarkozy to raise his standing with voters before the two-round ballot scheduled for April 22 and May 6. The president, finishing a first five-year term, has been running steadily behind his main adversary, Francois Hollande of the Socialist Party, in months of polling, leading his followers to worry out loud that he could lose.

In the pressure cooker of the campaign, immigration repeatedly has flared as an emotional issue in a country already uncomfortable with more than 5 million Muslims — many are French citizens, others fresh arrivals — who live here legally or under the radar and are increasingly visible in a society deeply rooted in Christian tradition.

The latest flareup involved halal meat, or meat prepared according to Islamic tradition. The far-right National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen, attracted attention by saying it was being widely sold to unknowing French families. Sarkozy at first dismissed the claim as frivolous. But then, sensing an opening to gain right-wing votes, he demanded that all meat be labeled with the method according to which the animal was slaughtered.

In the same vein, Sarkozy promised last week to cut by half the number of immigrants allowed into the country under rules designed to bring families together. The Interior Ministry, headed by a close Sarkozy lieutenant, Claude Gueant, reported in January that 12,613 residence permits were granted in 2011 for family reunification, down 14 percent from the previous year. Continue reading this article

Scott Gardner Act Is Re-Introduced in Congress

I was sorry to hear of Rep Sue Myrick’s announced retirement. She has been an outstanding leader on the issues of hostile Islam and defending the public from dangerous illegal aliens.

One of Rep Myrick’s signature bills has been the Scott Gardner Act, named after a North Carolina teacher (pictured) who was killed by a serial drunk-driving illegal alien in 2005. Scott’s wife Tina remains in a vegetative state since the hit-and-run crash. Their two children have effectively been made orphans. The drunk driver, Ramiro Gallegos, had five prior arrests but had not been deported.

Under the legislation, convicted illegal alien drunk drivers would be repatriated. As Rep Myrick has said, “You’re drunk, you’re driving, you’re illegal, you’re deported, period.”

Republican Myrick was joined by Democrat Congressman Mike McIntyre in submitting the Scott Gardner Act:

Scott Gardner Act reintroduced in Congress, News 14 Carolina, March 7, 2012

GASTON COUNTY–The tragic story of a Gaston County teacher killed by a drunk driver nearly seven years ago once again is front and center of a national controversy on illegal immigration.

Representatives Sue Myrick and Mike McIntyre re-introduced the Scott Gardner Act. The Act is named after a Mount Holly resident who was killed by a three-time convicted drunk driver who was in the country illegally in Brunswick County in 2005.

The Gardner Act would require an immediate arrest and deportation for any illegal immigrant convicted of drinking and driving. Critics of the bill say it would only encourage racial profiling. That’s part of the reason the three previous versions never made it into law.

“To think that he would be allowed to go back on the highway again, and again, and again, and again, and again is outrageous and it cost cost Gardner his life, wife in vegetative state, kids don’t have parents,” said Rep. Mike McIntyre.

Family members are not impressed that it has taken such a long time for action to be taken. In response to the Gardner act being re-introduced, Gardner’s mother, Emily Moose said in a statement: The family as a whole is disgusted the Federal government has not done anything after several years of watching people suffer and die. They are disheartened the Federal government now wants to do something to stop this crime.

The bill needs to be voted on by the Subcommittee on Immigration policy and enforcement before moving on for further consideration.

Illegal Alien Gets Short Sentence for Killing Missouri Mother and Daughter

It’s sad to see lax plea deals arranged in serious cases where deaths are involved, but that was the reason behind the sentence of only 15 years in the drunk-driving crash that took the lives of Diane Bronson and her daughter Anna. The two were killed in a head-on smash-up with illegal alien Mexican Felix Solano-Gallardo who was driving in the wrong lane for an estimated 14 miles and had a blood alcohol level of twice the legal amount. An earlier news report noted that Solano-Gallardo could have gotten a sentence of up to 35 years.

Below, Diane and Anna Bronson were killed as they drove to meet family members for a Fourth of July celebration.

The video below mentions that the prosecution asked for 68 years imprisonment. Buddy Bronson, Diane’s husband and Anna’s dad, did not believe justice was served with such a lenient sentence.

Drunken driver sentenced to 15 years for killing Belton mom, daughter, Kansas City Star, March 09, 2012

A Jackson County judge sentenced a 19-year-old Mexican man Friday to 15 years in prison for driving drunk and killing a Belton woman and her 11-year-old daughter.

Felix Solano-Gallardo admitted in January that he was driving the wrong way on Interstate 435 near 63rd Street when he crashed into a car carrying Diane Bronson, 44, and her daughter, Anna Bronson.

He also admitted that his blood-alcohol level that day was more than twice the legal limit.

Solano-Gallardo could have received up to 30 years in prison under his plea agreement. He received two 15-year sentences, which will run concurrently.

Police said they believed Solano-Gallardo had been driving the wrong way for at least 14 miles because they think he ran a driver off of Interstate 70 into a concrete median near Harrison Street earlier. The victim told police the driver drove at him from one side of the highway to the other and appeared to be trying to hit him, police said.

At least nine motorists called 911 to complain about a wrong-way driver on I-70 or I-435 that morning. Continue reading this article

Primatologists: Chimps Enforce Social Cohesion with Police

There are various lessons one might glean from the recent research showing that chimp groups have members who act as police to settle squabbles and keep the social order. One educational takeaway might be that even primates are smart enough to promote group unity and not to celebrate diversity.

Previous research has shown that group identity among primates is strong, so this latest report is not surprising.

Interestingly, it’s high-status chimps that end up negotiating the guidelines of traditional behavior, something our own leaders might observe.

Chimpanzees Have Police Officers, Too, ScienceDaily, March 7, 2012

Chimpanzees are interested in social cohesion and have various strategies to guarantee the stability of their group. Anthropologists now reveal that chimpanzees mediate conflicts between other group members, not for their own direct benefit, but rather to preserve the peace within the group. Their impartial intervention in a conflict — so-called “policing” — can be regarded as an early evolutionary form of moral behavior.

Conflicts are inevitable wherever there is cohabitation. This is no different with our closest relatives, the chimpanzees. Sound conflict management is crucial for group cohesion. Individuals in chimpanzee communities also ensure that there is peace and order in their group. This form of conflict management is called “policing” — the impartial intervention of a third party in a conflict. Until now, this morally motivated behavior in chimpanzees was only ever documented anecdotally.

However, primatologists from the University of Zurich can now confirm that chimpanzees intervene impartially in a conflict to guarantee the stability of their group. They therefore exhibit prosocial behavior based on an interest in community concern.

The more parties to a conflict there are, the more policing there is
The willingness of the arbitrators to intervene impartially is greatest if several quarrelers are involved in a dispute as such conflicts particularly jeopardize group peace. The researchers observed and compared the behavior of four different captive chimpanzee groups. At Walter Zoo in Gossau, they encountered special circumstances: “We were lucky enough to be able to observe a group of chimpanzees into which new females had recently been introduced and in which the ranking of the males was also being redefined. The stability of the group began to waver. This also occurs in the wild,” explains Claudia Rudolf von Rohr, the lead author of the study.

High-ranking arbitrators
Not every chimpanzee makes a suitable arbitrator. It is primarily high-ranking males or females or animals that are highly respected in the group that intervene in a conflict. Otherwise, the arbitrators are unable to end the conflict successfully. As with humans, there are also authorities among chimpanzees. “The interest in community concern that is highly developed in us humans and forms the basis for our moral behavior is deeply rooted. It can also be observed in our closest relatives,” concludes Rudolf von Rohr.

Homeland Security Committee Considers Visa Overstays

Since an estimated 40 percent of illegal aliens are visa overstayers rather than unlawful border crossers, it would make sense for Congress to put some resources into that area.

In addition, overstaying visas has been a popular entrance style for terrorists from 9/11 to the present (e.g. the Moroccan aspiring jihadist Amine el Khalifi). In fact, more than 36 visa overstayers have been convicted of terrorism-related charges since 2001, so national security concerns should compel Congress to get serious about tracking foreigners in this country. Better late than never, we citizens may think.

With this background in mind, the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security held a hearing March 6 titled “From the 9/11 Hijackers to Amine el-Khalifi: Terrorists and the Visa Overstay Problem.”

Here’s a clip from the opening statement of Chair Candice Miller:

Note the positive mention of Secure Communities in the article following, a program which has received a lot of criticism from the open-borders gang.

System for tracking visa overstays is almost ready, Associated Press, March 6, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security is finalizing its plan for a biometric data system to track when immigrants leave the United States and will present it to Congress within “weeks,” a top department official told a House Homeland Security subcommittee Tuesday.

An exit system to track who is leaving the country and when has been sought since before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. DHS officials, including Secretary Janet Napolitano, have agreed with the need for such a program but previously have said it would be too costly.

John Cohen, the department’s deputy counterterrorism coordinator, did not discuss the cost in his testimony about the problem of immigrants who overstay visas. He said the department’s report to Congress will explain how DHS plans to better determine who has overstayed his or her visa.

The criminal case against Amine El Khalifi, 29, of Alexandria, accused in an alleged bomb plot against the U.S. Capitol, has renewed the debate about how the U.S. government – a decade after the terror attacks of 2001 – routinely fails to track millions of foreign visitors who remain in the country longer than they are allowed. El Khalifi was arrested in a parking lot, wearing what he thought was an explosive-laden suicide vest. He had been living illegally in the United States for 12 years.

The Obama administration doesn’t consider deporting people whose only offense is overstaying a visa a priority. It has focused immigration enforcement efforts on people who have committed serious crimes or are considered a threat to public or national security.

Mr. Cohen said improvements in how data from immigrants is collected and stored has made it easier for law enforcement to identify visa overstays and determine if they pose a threat to national security or public safety.

Rep. Candice S. Miller, Michigan Republican, who led Tuesday’s hearing, said El Khalifi “follows a long line of terrorists, including several of the 9/11 hijackers, who overstayed their visa and went on to conduct terror attacks.” His tourist visa expired the same year he arrived from his native Morocco as a teenager in 1999.

She said 36 people who overstayed visas have been convicted of terrorism-related charges since 2001.

“We have to recognize that we do have this problem,” Ms. Miller said. “The truth is, in the 40[th] percentile of all the illegal [immigrants] are in this country on expired visas. They came in right through the front door.”

El Khalifi, who is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, never came to the attention of federal law enforcement agencies even after a series of minor run-ins with police in Northern Virginia from 2002 to 2006, including disobeying a traffic sign and speeding. Programs that could have identified him if he had been jailed by local authorities, including the Secure Communities program, which shares fingerprints from local jails with the FBI, were not in place at the time.

Helpful Liberals Suggest Amnesty-Supporting Jeb Bush as Republican Candidate

Left-leaning Politico is circulating the idea that leading Republican candidate Mitt Romney is not sufficiently adored by Republican voters so therefore former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is the obvious choice.

Below, Jeb Bush (right) agrees with liberal sociologist Robert Putnam that amnesty for millions of illegal aliens amounts to assimilation, rather than a violation of the basic law enforcement principle that unlawful behavior should be punished not rewarded.

Naturally the open-borders crowd thinks Jeb would be a swell President, much better than the enforcement-minded Romney.

George W. Bush said a major regret of his Presidency was the failure of amnesty to be passed into law, and brother Jeb is known to be even more pro-hispanic, perhaps because he is married to a Mexican.

As proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Bush family, Jeb’s son George P. Bush does hispanic outreach. George P. supports amnesty for illegals and English as the “language of commerce in our country.”

Despite Mitt wins, both sides eye Jeb, Politico, February 29, 2012

Mitt Romney’s tortured triumph in Michigan put him back in the GOP driver’s seat — but that hasn’t quelled the desire among some Republicans to trade up.

Yes, Republicans are still pining for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush despite his repeated and vehement refusal to be sucked into the 2012 Republican vortex.

And Democrats continue to cast a wary eye on a guy they see as more dangerous — and capable of connecting with middle-class and Latino voters — than Romney.

The Bush murmurs persist, even as a resilient Romney marches toward Super Tuesday with a commanding lead in cash, delegates and momentum over a sagging Rick Santorum.

“I have the perfect candidate — Jeb Bush. But he’s not running,” former George W. Bush chief of staff Andy Card told Charlie Rose on CBS on Wednesday, echoing the sentiments of many in his party.

“What Democrat would not worry about a popular leader from a critical state who sounds pretty moderate and can rescue the GOP from its anti-Latino death grip?” asked former Bill Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry, who said he’s yet to find a Democratic elder who thinks the GOP is truly “unhinged” enough to consider ditching Romney for Bush.

Bush — who has refused to endorse Romney in 2012 as he did in 2008 and whose son endorsed Jon Huntsman — has fanned the flames himself, possibly to whet his party’s appetite for a 2016 run. After keeping a low profile during the hotly contested Florida primary in January, he popped up last week at the height of the Romney-Santorum duel in Michigan to declare his problems with the GOP presidential field.

“I used to be a conservative and I watch these debates and I’m wondering, I don’t think I’ve changed but it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective,” Bush told a gathering in Dallas last Thursday, according to FOX News. Continue reading this article

Sarkozy: France Has Too Many Immigrants

President Nikolas Sarkozy is campaigning for re-election and he has been driven to speak the truth that many French know: France has too many immigrants and they refuse to assimilate to French culture.

Below, colorful Muslims survey newly diversified Paris.

I’m trying to imagine an American candidate speaking with similar honesty about foreigners in this country, and it doesn’t compute.

But Europe is curiously ahead of us in recognizing that multiculturalism is crap, as national leaders Sarkozy, Germany’s Merkel and Britain’s Cameron have all admitted.

Of course, the presence of millions of Muslims makes that realization easy, particularly when some unfriendlies are blowing stuff up in the name of jihad.

Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many foreigners, BBC, March 6, 2012

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said there are too many foreigners in France and the system for integrating them is “working more and more badly”.

In a TV debate, Mr Sarkozy defended his plan to cut the number of new arrivals in half if he is re-elected next month.

Mr Sarkozy is trailing in the opinion polls behind the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande.

He is also competing for conservative voters with the far-right National Front party led by Marine le Pen.

The president said while immigration could be a boon for France, it needed to be controlled more tightly through tougher qualification rules for residency.

Mr Sarkozy, whose father was a Hungarian immigrant, also said he wanted to restrict some benefit payments to immigrants who had been in the country for 10 years. Continue reading this article

Coren and Brimelow Consider Assimilation

Canadian TV Host Michael Coren recently interviewed Peter Brimelow on the topic of assimilation. Both agree that most of the immigrants and citizens of the receiving country want to assimilation to occur. However, some politicians may see new residents and future voters as people who can be manipulated through creating dependency on the party handing out the most goodies. Multiculturalism then leads to a class of professional ethnic mouthpieces, with social disintegration following on.

Baltimore Catholic Diocese Attacks Public Safety

In January, I blogged about the San Francisco Catholics crusading against the law-enforcement program Secure Communities: San Francisco Archbishop Campaigns against Public Safety.

Secure Communities is a federal system in which the fingerprints of persons already arrested are run through a federal database to check their immigration status so that dangerous criminals can be deported. Most people would consider that strategy to be basic common sense. Secure Communities is supposed to be implemented in every state by 2013.

But the Catholic church favors open borders and amnesty for the foreign lawbreakers who now fill its pews. It’s a market-share thing: numerous American Catholics bailed after the priest pedophilia scandal and for other reasons. In fact, a Pew survey found that “roughly 10% of all Americans are former Catholics.” So importing newbie Catholics is seen as desirable by church leaders, despite the crime problems associated with millions of unidentified foreigners.

In one example of how intelligent law enforcement is meant to prevent crime, the family of Matthew Denice called on Massachusetts Governor Patrick to “enact Secure Communities” to avoid future deaths caused by illegal aliens.

Anyone who assumed that religious officials condemning a successful public safety program was just a California aberration would be wrong. Leading Catholics in Baltimore favor coddling criminals just as much as their comrades on the left coast:

Catholic Church: We need comprehensive immigration reform, not ‘Secure Communities’ program, Baltimore Sun, March 5, 2012

The recent article about the expansion into Baltimore of the Department of Homeland Security’s program to crackdown on illegal immigrants (“Immigrants, city fear divide over status checks,” Feb. 26) makes clear the need for real immigration reform. Programs such as Secure Communities, regardless of aim, are succeeding in spreading fear and division and in threatening the stability of the family. Moreover, the program is altering the relationship between federal immigration enforcement and local law enforcement.

The Catholic Church’s concern for the welfare of migrants stems from its belief that immigration is ultimately a humanitarian issue because it impacts the basic human rights and dignity of the human person. The Church believes this dignity is undermined by this program’s alleged channeling of immigrants into the criminal justice system through racial profiling and pre-textual arrests for the purpose of vetting them for their immigration status. Because Secure Communities is operated at the point of arrest, rather than post-conviction, it casts a wide net over virtually any immigrant who has come into contact with the criminal justice system. Continue reading this article

Illegals Receive Billions in IRS Cash for Kids; Cardinal Mahony Approves

This story is not exactly news but is a helpful reminder that illegal alien kiddies still get their lawbreaking parents over $4 billion yearly in cash payouts taken from citizen taxpayers. (See House Payroll Tax Proposal Cuts Illegal Alien Windfall, also the CIS report Child Tax Credits for Illegal Immigrants.)

In addition, the video report below is distinguished by the appearance of now-retired Cardinal Roger Mahony (pictured with anti-borders pal Sen Ted Kennedy) of Los Angeles speaking in support of freebies for diverse foreign lawbreakers. “We all benefit by this small, relatively small amount of money helping these families, helping them get up and out of poverty. No family is going to pick up from Mexico or Central America and come all the way up here and try to cross the border for this small tax break,” he remarked.

The report followed Mahony’s assertion with a quote in refutation from an Inspector General Report from Treasury.

“The payment of Federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside, and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts Federal law and policy to remove such incentives.”

Of course, lawbreaking foreign moochers don’t come for just the tax benefit; they come for the whole enchilada of American jobs and free taxpayer-supplied stuff, like healthcare, food, education and subsidized housing.

Mahony has various interests (besides spending other peoples’ money), such as pursuing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and protecting pedophile priests from the legal system. In 2007 he famously signed the largest check ever to victims of sex-abusing clerics — $600 million.

Homegrown Jihadist Kaziu Gets His Prison Assignment

Son of Albanian immigrants Betim Kaziu (pictured) was sentenced to 27 years in the slammer on Friday for plotting to murder US soldiers overseas.

Unlike many terrorists curiously designated as “homegrown” by the media, Kaziu really could be described in that way. After dropping out of high school in Brooklyn, he explored Islamist websites and was enticed into jihad activity by claims that America was “humiliating and torturing Muslims” in Gitmo and beyond.

Judge John Gleason was unimpressed by Kaziu’s last moment expressions of regret, although the judge did not agree with the prosecution’s recommendation of a life sentence.

The takeaway lesson here is how a US-born Muslim who was educated in American schools was nevertheless susceptible to the message of jihad and became willing to murder fellow citizens. America’s traditional engine of assimilation often does not work with followers of the totalitarian ideology of Islam. Diverse Muslim immigration is a worsening threat and one of the worst public policies ever.

NYC man gets 27 years in homegrown terror case, Associated Press, March 02, 2012

A New York City man was sentenced to 27 years in prison Friday for traveling to the Middle East in a failed bid to join al-Qaida and avenge abuse of Muslims by killing American troops.

“I wish I had not gone down that path,” Betim Kaziu told U.S. District Judge John Gleason before hearing the sentence in federal court in Brooklyn. “I completely regret what I did in that phase of my life.”

But Gleason said it was first time he’d hear the defendant express remorse — and that it wasn’t convincing.

“You grew up in Brooklyn and you decided to murder your own country’s soldiers,” Gleason said. “There’s still an element of defiance in you. … You’re still way too proud of becoming a jihadist.”

The government had sought a life term, arguing that Kaziu could resume his quest to commit terrorism if given anything less.

A jury found the 24-year-old Kaziu guilty last year of conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization and other charges last year at a trial that featured the testimony of a would-be terrorist and childhood friend of the defendant who became a government cooperator. Continue reading this article

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