Senator Sessions Finds House GOP’s Legalization (Amnesty) Unworthy

The evil machination of the House Republican leadership to create a thinly disguised amnesty for millions has not gone unnoticed by American sovereignty’s great defender, Senator Jeff Sessions. He warned speaker Boehner & co. in a recent press release that legalization plus increased legal immigration would be very harmful for working Americans.

Why do Republicans want to help Obama when his policies are hugely unpopular?

You can read the detailed memo Senator Sessions sent to his House colleagues on the occasion of their conference this week: IMMIGRATION AND THE GOP AGENDA

Here’s his Thursday statement:

Sessions Remarks On House Leaders’ ‘Immigration Principles’, January 30, 2014

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee and a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following remarks this evening after House GOP Leaders released a set of immigration ‘principles’ / talking points:

“Once again, we have the same recycled talking points—crafted, it would appear, with the help of the same consultants and special interests. Each time, the talking points are followed by legislation that fails to match the promises—legislation that, at bottom, ensures only the amnesty and not the enforcement. The leadership talking points look like an attempted repackaging of the tired Gang-of-Eight-style formula that has been proposed, rejected, and re-proposed for years. It is no surprise then that Senator Schumer and former Speaker Pelosi are so encouraged by these developments. But while Democrat leaders and interest groups appear satisfied, this document was not voted upon by the GOP conference and clearly does not represent the consensus of Republican members. Is it not time we pushed aside the stale proposals stitched together in concert with the same lobbyists, and asked what is in the best interests of the hardworking American citizen—and the nation?

In three fundamental respects, the House leaders’ emerging immigration proposal appears to resemble the Senate plan: it provides the initial grant of amnesty before enforcement; it would surge the already unprecedented level of legal lesser-skilled immigration to the U.S. that is reducing wages and increasing unemployment; and it would offer eventual citizenship to a large number of illegal immigrants and visa overstays.

Rank-and-file House Republicans are the last line of defense for working Americans. Now is the time for rank-and-file House Republicans to claim the leadership mantle and to say, firmly: our goal is to transition millions of struggling Americans from welfare and joblessness to work and rising wages. The President has not only dismantled enforcement but has delivered for a small group of special interests and CEOs by forcing through the Senate legislation that drastically surges the future flow of new immigrant workers competing against unemployed Americans. There is a reason why these increases are never mentioned in the slick TV ads and radio spots: the American people reject them. Americans earning under $30,000 prefer a reduction to an increase in current record immigration levels by a 3-1 margin. Republicans have the chance to be the one party giving voice to the real-world concerns of the everyday worker whose wages have been flat or falling for more than 10 years.

House leaders should support—not ignore—the immigration officers pleading for help. They should stand with—not against—unemployed American workers. And they should expose—not join—the President’s campaign to pass an immigration plan that will hollow out our shrinking middle class.”

Immigration Bureaucrats Caution about Amnesty Processing Overload

The Republican establishment is considering a replay of 1986 only several times the size. What could possibly go wrong?

Fraud, perhaps? The 1986 IRCA implementation was noteworthy for fraud, called “out of sight” by an official involved in running it in the west.

Today’s officials are warning that the number of foreigners demanding to be processed would be “overwhelming” to the existing system and would allow criminals to slip through.

Immigration officials warn of amnesty ‘overload’, By Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, January 30, 2014

The officers who would be charged with approving millions of applications from illegal immigrants for legal status warned Congress this week that they can’t handle the workload, and said the change would guarantee criminals and others would be approved to remain in the country.

In a letter to House Republicans, who are planning to announce principles Thursday that would include legal status for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S., the labor union that represents U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers and adjudicators predicted it would be a disaster.

“There is no quality here, only quantity,” said Kenneth Palinkas, president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council. “USCIS is not equipped to handle this workload, and due to political interference in its mission, is not empowered to deny admission to all those who should be denied due to ineligibility. We have become a visa clearinghouse for the world, rather than the first line of defense for a secure immigration system.”

Mr. Palinkas went on to say that any proposal that pushes millions of applications through would “overload the system.”

The letter was addressed specifically to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert W. Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican whose panel has jurisdiction over most of the key questions surrounding immigration policy. Continue reading this article

Ted Cruz Warns Amnesty Will Scuttle Republican Senate Hopes

The Texas Senator spoke up on Thursday to urge establishment Republicans to back off their stubborn push for amnesty (legalization with “probationary” work permits), the “success” of which would crush GOP prospects for taking over the Senate from the Democrats.

Below, House Republican leaders are shoving evil amnesty down our throats as much as Senate Democrats.

And not getting the Senate will be the least of Republicans’ self-inflicted damage. The mere discussion of the issue is tearing the GOP apart right now and is causing even more diminishment of the faith of citizens in government to behave properly. And if an amnesty with eventual citizenship is forced through, it can only benefit Democrats by adding millions of future big-government voters.

Obama is suffering a major meltdown over his signature Presidential program, Obamacare, yet John Boehner wants to rescue him. Whose side is the Speaker on?

Speaking of John Boehner, Pat Buchanan thinks that his Speakership will be toast if he splits the party to pass amnesty.

Ted Cruz: House GOP’s Amnesty Push Will Ruin Hopes of Retaking Senate, Breitbart, January 30, 2014

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thinks that the House GOP leadership’s renewed push this week to grant amnesty to illegal aliens would destroy the Republican Party’s chances at retaking the Senate in 2014.

Cruz questioned how establishment Republicans unilaterally caving to Democrats on everything from the farm bill to the budget to the debt ceiling and more could think amnesty is a good idea at this time.

“Right now, Republican leadership in both chambers is aggressively urging members to stand down on virtually every front: on the continuing resolution, on the budget, on the farm bill, on the debt ceiling,” Cruz said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News on Thursday. Continue reading this article

GOP’s Latest Amnesty Fig Leaf: Probationary Work Permits

The traitorous sector of the Republican Party has been busy trying to redefine its way to providing amnesty for millions of invasive foreigners against the wishes of the American people.

For a while, the lying liars said they didn’t plan to create a special “path to citizenship,” just legalization with no permission to vote American. But legalization allows the foreigners immediate access to all US jobs, and stealing jobs was the reason they broke immigration laws to get here in the first place. Therefore:

Legalization (with Work Permits) IS Amnesty.

Now that the voters have been wising up to the legalization/work permit scam, the Repubs have come up with a slightly revised tapdance: the illegal aliens will get “probationary work permits” which won’t become permanent until certain metrics of enforcement have been met, such as border security.

But the effect will be the same: millions of illegal aliens will be permitted to occupy American jobs without fear of deportation (which is their major concern). Citizens will be displaced by cheap foreign workers even more than today.

Plus, “probationary” sounds a lot like “temporary” as in Temporary Protected Status (TPS), another fig leaf amnesty where illegals are never repatriated because of some disruption in the home country, like Hurricane Mitch in Honduras (1998). TPS mini-amnesties are routinely renewed allowing illegal aliens to remain, as shown by the renewal for Honduras last April, based on Hurricane Mitch 16 years ago.

Under the new scam, the illegals will get “temporary probationary” work permits that will never be rescinded. The Democrat Party and Raza hucksters will squawk about second-class whatnot, but the illegals themselves will be happy campers. And America will be further transformed into the big-government diverse country of socialists’ dreams.

Ryan: Legal status won’t be ‘automatic’, Politico, January 29, 2014

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) confirmed on Wednesday that the House GOP’s principles on immigration reform would endorse giving legal status to illegal immigrants.

Ryan reiterated there would be no “special” pathway to citizenship for those immigrants, but said they would be able to apply for a green card after a long set of requirement were met. He did not, however, provide a timeline.

The former vice presidential candidate said the principles would also outline a probationary work status those illegal immigrants would be initially defined under until the border is secure and a host of other requirements are satisfied.

“That is the kind of broad brush here — that is the kind of process we envision that is not a special pathway to citizenship, and it is not automatically, in anyway, giving an undocumented immigrant citizenship,” he said on MSNBC. Continue reading this article

California Holds Hearing to Iron Out Details of Illegal Alien Licenses

On Tuesday, a hearing was held in Sacramento  to figure out how to distribute driving permits to foreigners without suitable identification. Naturally, the program will be a fraud magnet for criminals and bums of all sorts, which could have been considered earlier.

Why didn’t the brainiac legislators sort through this difficult stuff during the bill write-up stage? It’s a little late to worry now about empowering foreign criminals.

The hearing sounds like it was quite the zoo, with dozens of Spanish speakers griping about their new benefit and how it wasn’t exactly what they wanted.

Naturally they whined about the cost to them, even though the amount hasn’t been determined yet. One proposal is to add a surcharge of $100 to the regular $33 price for a license. Lots more money is needed, $65 million for the first year alone, since the DMV is planning on hiring additional staff and building extra facilities for the onslaught next year. For example, the state is building a new $9 million DMV for Fresno that will handle some of the newly legal drivers.

However, the detail of who pays was not decided by the legislature, so the taxpayers may be stuck with the bill.

Another complaint was the difference of the new card from regular state licenses, identifying the holder as a non-citizen. The law requires applicants to sign an affidavit that they are not eligible to get a Social Security number, so the card is an admission of being an illegal alien. The licenses could therefore be used at some later date for deportation — hey, we can dream.

Immigrant driver’s licenses prompt concerns about required documents, legal risk, Sacramento Bee, January 29, 2014

With California preparing to offer driver’s licenses to immigrants in the country illegally, the documentation needed to prove residency and the use of personal information emerged as key concerns at a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing on Tuesday.

Gov. Jerry Brown last year signed a bill creating special licenses for immigrants, capping years of effort by Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates. Now the action moves from the Legislature to the DMV, which is under pressure to move quickly as it crafts regulations.

“In light of the urgent need for driver’s licenses, we respectfully request that you expedite the development of regulations and commence accepting applications for licenses as soon as possible,” read a Jan. 6 letter to the DMV signed by 24 members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus.

Dozens of people, many speaking in Spanish through interpreters, lined up on Tuesday to ask about how the process will play out.

The question of documentation was a dominant theme. Many speakers urged the DMV to accept a broad range of evidence establishing California residency, noting that many immigrants lack other forms of identification. Ideas included utility bills, baptismal certificates and union identification cards.

“You can put together where people live and that they’re part of a community by taking a flexible approach,” said Eric Vega, a professor at California State University, Sacramento, and a member of the Sacramento Immigration Alliance.

Countering that call for a broader approach was Shelia Byars, a DMV driver safety hearing officer who warned of seeing “fraud out of control” during her 18-year career.

“A utility bill, for me, does not establish residency,” Byars said. “If we’re looking at other ways of establishing identity,” she added, “then I think we need to go deeper than check-cashing cards and utility bills.” Continue reading this article

Massachusetts Mulling Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens

In Massachusetts, the usual suspects are pushing driver’s licenses for foreign intruders. The boosters claim that requiring aliens to learn the rules of the road would make driving safer for everyone.

Interestingly, when illegals lined up around the block for licenses in Nevada, around 75 percent of applicants failed the written test. That figure would comport with the arrogance of Latin males who think they don’t need to study to pass a test.

However, a substantial number of deaths by illegal aliens are fueled by excessive drinking, where knowing state laws and the stopping distance at 60 mph won’t prevent a blotto drunk foreigner from killing innocents. In fact, drinking immoderately is considered to be a positive character attribute indicating macho-ness in many hispanic cultures, particularly Mexico.

Back to Massachusetts, the mother of crime victim Matthew Denice has spoken out against the proposed weakening of driver’s license protections.

Denice (pictured) was was killed when a drunk driving illegal alien Ecuadoran smashed into his motorcycle and dragged the young man for a quarter mile as bystanders banged on the side of the perp’s truck trying to make him stop. The accused killer, Nicholas Guaman, had a long rap sheet including assaulting a police officer, but had been shielded from deportation by Massachusetts’ sanctuary policy.

Why do liberals want to protect dangerous criminals and willfully thwart public safety? Are they insane?

Advocates push for driver’s licenses for Mass. immigrants, Fox News Boston, January 26, 2014

BOSTON — Lawmakers will soon consider passing a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license.

The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, or MIRA, is backing the bill.

Policy director Shannon Erwin says that issuing licenses to undocumented immigrants would make the roads safer because they would have to pass all of the RMV requirements and get insurance.

“It would let more drivers take the drivers’ exam. More people to learn the rules of the road, more people to purchase individual liability insurance,” Erwin said. “Nobody wants to be in an accident with an uninsured driver.”

Maureen Maloney lost her son, Matthew Denice, in August 2011 when illegal immigrant Nicolas Guaman allegedly struck and killed Matthew with his truck, dragging Matthew’s body down a Milford street.

Guaman is charged with his murder. Continue reading this article

Senator Sessions Notes Obama Issue of Income Inequality Would Worsen with Increased Immigration

The American worker’s best friend, Senator Jeff Sessions, had an opinion piece published in USA Today on Sunday, although it has more facts than most news articles. His concerns are focused on the prospects for the US worker at a time when business elites are determined to expand the flow of cheap immigrant workers to increase profits. Naturally, Washington is happy to oblige its billionaire campaign funders, like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

In fact, the liberal shrieking has been at a higher decibel in recent weeks, such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who declared in a recent speech that current immigration laws are “national suicide.”

Apparently politicians no longer in office feel they must make outlandish statements to get keep their names in the news.

Meanwhile, Senator Sessions hasn’t forgotten the purpose of government, according to Jefferson, “. . .to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors.”

Sen. Sessions: Immigration spikes income inequality, USA Today, January 26, 2014

In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Obama is expected to discuss the plight of American workers. At the same time, he is pushing Republicans to pass an immigration plan making the problem worse by increasing the flow of immigrant workers to compete against unemployed Americans and those struggling to get by in low-wage jobs. Yet, alarmingly, the move is regarded as a part of Obama’s agenda that has a chance of becoming law.

House Republicans should reply to the president’s immigration effort with a simple message: Our first duty is to help struggling Americans find good work and rising wages.

The president’s own economic adviser, Gene Sperling, recently noted that there are three unemployed people for every job available. Wages today have been flat since 2000. Last year, a record one in five American households received food stamps.

This is a national emergency.

So what is the president’s proposal? With three job seekers for every open job, he proposes doubling the number of guest workers entering every year, granting immediate work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, and tripling the number of new immigrants granted permanent residency over the next decade.

Today, the U.S. admits 1 million immigrants a year. The plan supported by the president and Senate Democrats would increase that to 3 million a year, or 30 million largely lower-skill immigrants over the next 10.

Did anyone ask the American people whether they wanted to triple immigration? Continue reading this article

Mexico Tries to Block Texas Execution of Cop Killer

Our unfriendly neighbor has been making a regular pest of itself by repeatedly insinuating itself into American domestic affairs where its big nose does not belong.

Within the last week, for example, the Mexican legislature passed a resolution urging the United States to admit more Mexes as asylum cases. Mexico cannot protect its own people, so let Uncle Sucker take care of them, that seems to be the message.

In another subject, Mexican behavior is yet more morally reprehensible, namely its efforts to protect its murderous citizens from American justice. The current criminal is illegal alien cop-killer Edgar Tamayo Arias whose case has gotten 20 years of legal review, and he is still guilty and needs to get his sentence carried out.

Incidentally, the Houston Police Department officer whom Arias murdered, Guy Gaddis (pictured) was only 24 when he died, so Arias has been housed and fed on the taxpayers’ dime in prison for nearly as long as his victim’s entire life.

Furthermore, the killer had earlier imprisonment in California but was not deported upon release, so he remained in this country to murder a police officer.

Note to Mexico: if you don’t want your criminals executed, then keep them at home, where the courts are famously more forgiving.

Mexican who gunned down Houston cop WILL be executed tonight despite last-minute pleas from Mexico government, Daily Mail, January 22, 2014

A Mexican held on death-row in a Texan prison for murdering a policeman will be executed tonight despite last-ditch appeals from lawyers for clemency.

Edgar Arias Tamayo, 46, was set for lethal injection this evening for shooting of Guy Gaddis, 24, in January 1994.

The case has been a focus of protests in his home town and diplomatic pressure, with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry calling for a delay to Tamayo’s execution.

Tamayo’s lawyers had lodged an appeal arguing that he was ineligible for the death penalty due to mental impairment.

But a court ruled the appeal had been filed too late.

Gaddis, who had been on the force for two years, was driving Tamayo and another man from a robbery scene when evidence showed the officer was shot three times in the head and neck with a pistol Tamayo had concealed in his pants.

The car crashed, and Tamayo fled on foot but was captured a few blocks away, still in handcuffs, carrying the robbery victim’s watch and wearing the victim’s necklace. Continue reading this article

The Stupid Party Heads for the Legalization (Amnesty) Cliff

The insightful Investors Business Daily asks why the House GOP is determined to rescue the failed Obama Presidency with a massive amnesty to ensure future millions of grateful diverse Democrats (House GOP Plans To Save Obama With Immigration Reform, Jan 22). The writer opines that an amnesty is likely to scuttle Republican hopes to win the Senate.

Senator Ted Cruz agrees:

“I think we’ve got an incredible opportunity to retake the Senate in 2014, to retire Harry Reid as Majority Leader, and the No. 1 thing Republicans could do to mess that up is to refuse to stand for principle,” Cruz told Houston’s Michael Berry radio show.

“If the House turns around and passes a giant amnesty deal that doesn’t secure the border and grants amnesty, they might as well go and put ‘Harry Reid for Majority Leader’ bumper stickers on the backs of their cars,” Cruz warned, “because it would be kicking conservatives, kicking the Tea Party, kicking millions of Americans in the teeth to make that same mistake again. So I hope they don’t do it.”

Meanwhile, the House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy recently chimed in with support for “legalization” (meaning no “path to citizenship”) which is a carefully worded politician’s dodge to avoid the truth. He was joining the strategy of Speaker Boehner (Obama’s amnesty poodle) to pretend that immediate work permits do not constitute rewards for foreign lawbreakers, even though stealing American jobs was the reason the aliens came in the first place. For that reason,

Legalization (with Work Permits) IS Amnesty.

Here are the Washington phone numbers of the House GOP leadership should you care to voice your concerns:

Speaker John Boehner  — Phone: (202) 225-0600

Leader Eric Cantor —  Phone: (202) 225-4000

Whip Kevin McCarthy — Phone  (202) 225-0197

Is McCarthy testing the waters to see how far he can go? Perhaps he hasn’t heard from enough citizens who care about borders and sovereignty.

Kevin McCarthy backs path to legal status, Politico, January 21, 2014

The third-ranking House Republican is offering support for a path to legal status that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants in the country to work and pay their taxes.

In a new interview published late Tuesday, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) hinted that those contours of legal status may be included in the immigration principles that House GOP leaders are poised to soon release.

“The principles aren’t combined or written out yet, but in my personal belief, I think you’ll go with legal status,” McCarthy told KBAK/KBFX Eyewitness News in Bakersfield, Calif. “That it will allow you to work [and] pay your taxes.” Continue reading this article

Belgium: Afghans Demand Asylum

As Yogi Berra remarked, “You can observe a lot by just watching,” and the two-minute BBC video below reveals some important trends about how insistent Islam is overwhelming passive Europe in 2014.

The first thing the viewer sees is a cathedral jammed with the tents of Afghan fleebags hoping to wangle an asylum classification. A website called Sacred Destinations lists that church as significant, saying, “The Église du-Béguinage (Beguinage Church), dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is an elegant Flemish Baroque church in Brussels.”

Apparently the clerics in charge of a historically and architecturally important cathedral thought turning it into a flophouse for the enemies of Christianity was a fine idea. It speaks poorly of the belief of the Church in itself that local Catholics believed it was acceptable to defile a sacred space. Too bad Jesus isn’t around to overturn the tables of the money-changers, er multiculturalists.

Interestingly, the Church of the Beguinage was transformed into diverse housing starting in 2000, when foreign asylum seekers trashed by place, yet the parish priest welcomed similar guests again in 2008. Someone should tell the naive church people that Muslims see Christian charity as a sign of weakness, and in most cases they are correct.

One also notices that most of the asylum seekers are young men who could defend their country from the Taliban they now flee. They presumably approved when western soldiers fought and died for a better Afghanistan, but now that the foreign troops are leaving, the fleebags have scrammed.

Below, hundreds of young Afghan men march around Belgium demanding they be allowed to stay and receive free stuff from the wealthy infidels. (See more photos of the event at Al Jazeera.)

The asylum seekers are not ordinary bums; they are focused and energetic moochers. The driving distance between Brussels and Kabul is 4434 miles, shown in the map below.

Assuming a road trip, the Afghan scroungers traveled more than two thousand miles through lands of the beloved Islamic ummah to reach the nations of the hated infidel. But Europe is more orderly and has welfare benefits galore, so Muslim fellowship was rejected for other rewards.

The moochers are future time bombs, who will insist that Europe become more Islamic as their numbers increase. There are millions like them already in Europe and millions more in the pipeline, from both immigration and high birthrates, augmented by polygamy.

There’s nothing like the level of alarm there should be about being conquered by immigration of a thoroughly hostile tribe. Perhaps half a century of America supplying Europe’s defense needs has allowed them to forget about the dangers that enemies present.

One of Europe’s many problems is diversity-booster media, exemplified by the fawning story from the BBC:

Belgium’s Afghan asylum seekers fear being sent home, BBC, January 17, 2014

Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers are protesting in Belgium against being sent home. The BBC’s Duncan Crawford reports from a makeshift camp in Brussels where families say being forced to return would amount to a death sentence.

Sitting inside a cramped, cold tent erected under the ornate roof of a 17th-Century church, 27-year-old Marwa Mahbub, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, explains why she is refusing to return to her home country.

“My life is in danger in Afghanistan,” she says. “I have problems with the Taliban. Most of the people here have problems with the Taliban.”

Marwa is among more than 200 Afghans who, since the end of last year, have set up home inside the Beguinage Church in central Brussels.

Originally from Helmand Province, she says she fled Afghanistan in 2008 after receiving death threats from the Taliban for promoting women rights.

Despite repeatedly applying for asylum in Belgium, her applications have been rejected.

“I’d prefer to die here than return to Afghanistan,” she says, watching her six-year-old daughter Maria and four-year-old son Zakie play on the stone floor.

Feeling of uncertainty
The church has been transformed into a tent village. Pews have been moved aside to make way for mattresses. Men huddle around electric lamps trying to stay warm, while children play on the pulpit as if it were a playground climbing frame. None of them go to school. Continue reading this article

Ex-Mayor Bloomberg Joins Billionaire Battalion for Legalization (Amnesty)

What do billionaire politicians do to keep busy when their terms in elected office end? One recently retired person, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, is the newest active lobbyist for amnesty-legalization with work permits and doubling legal immigration.

It must be the cool billionaire thing to do, since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been a leading light, even though he is worth $19 billion.

Michael Bloomberg has a net worth of $31 billion yet he spends his presumably valuable time working to flood America with big-government third-worlders just to save a few bucks that he clearly doesn’t need or want.

It must be a country club solidarity thing. Memory-enhanced citizens might recall Bloomberg’s worry in 2006 that his golfing pals would suffer if illegal alien gardeners were deported: Bloomberg: Illegal immigrants help golfers (UPI).

Below, Bloomberg is particular about having top quality putting greens at the lowest possible cost.

So these days, he aims to chat up fellow elite Republicans about the need for a firehose supply of exploitable foreigners, as the ruling class brushes away the concerns of the little citizens who still stubbornly cling to their Constitution, culture and sovereignty.

Bloomberg to Press Republicans on Immigration Overhaul, The Caucus Blog, NYTimes, January 17, 2014

Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York will be in Washington next Friday, along with members of the United States Chamber of Commerce and several prominent Republicans, to pressure Republican lawmakers to take up an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws before the end of the current Congress.

The immigration summit, which will be Mr. Bloomberg’s first major public policy event since stepping down as mayor, is pegged to President Obama’s coming State of the Union address, in which he is likely to address problems with the country’s immigration system. The event’s organizers also hope to capitalize on momentum in the Republican-controlled House, where Speaker John A. Boehner and his leadership team are preparing to release a policy blueprint that is likely to include at least some path to legal status for the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country.

Other participants include Carlos Gutierrez, who was secretary of commerce under President George W. Bush and a founder of Republicans for Immigration Reform, a “super PAC”; Gov. Rick Snyder, Republican of Michigan; and Randy Johnson, senior vice president at the Chamber of Commerce.

The leaders plan to focus on the economic case for immigration reform, which they hope will be a compelling argument for Republican lawmakers — many of whom consider any overhaul that includes a path to legal status to be amnesty — to take home to their districts. Continue reading this article

Speedfreak Jihadists Blast Syria around the Clock

Here’s a marriage made in hell: low-information jihadist fellows stoked on the Koran and unlimited amphetamines, which is now the situation in war-torn Syria.

The drug of choice is captagon, a somewhat milder form of amphetamine known more generally as Fenethylline that was used for a while to treat attention deficit disorder in kids.

The speed is not only keeping Muslims awake to kill for days at a stretch, it is also funding the war. The easily produced drug generates hundreds of millions of dollars yearly, keeping combatants supplied with material needs.

Normal negotiation probably won’t work in such a drug-crazed environment; Secretary of State John Kerry should be equipped with with crates of downers rather than precise peace plans when he does diplomatic visits.

Remember, alcohol consumption, even beer, is a considered by Islam to be major sin, one that can get imbibers killed. But chomping down stimulants to fuel 24/7 warfare against fellow Muslims and everyone else, as in Syria, has gotten no fatwas from religious elites.

Meanwhile, busybody resettlement advocates recently testified before Congress that Washington should admit 12,000 Syrian refugees this year.

Around 90 percent of Syrians are Muslim, so why don’t some of the wealthy Islamic states take them in? America has too many already.

Syria’s civil war sparks boom in drug trade as both sides get high on amphetamines to fight without sleep, National Post, January 13, 2014

Syria has witnessed a large rise in the use and manufacture of amphetamines as fighters on both sides of its civil war use the drugs for stamina in battle.

The conflict has turned it into a major consumer and exporter of the drugs, which are said to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in profits each year.

The main stimulant in question is Captagon, the former brand name of a drug first used as an antidepressant in the West in the Sixties. It is now banned in most countries because of its addictive properties.

According an investigation by the Reuters news agency, government forces and rebel groups accuse one another of using Captagon to fight prolonged battles without sleep. The pills, which many ordinary Syrians are also increasingly turning to, sell for between $5 and $25.

Captagon is often made by amateur chemists in makeshift laboratories. Production is cheap and simple, requiring “only basic knowledge of chemistry and a few scales”, according to Ramzi Haddad, a Lebanese psychiatrist.

“It gives you a kind of euphoria,” he said. “You’re talkative, you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, you’re energetic.”

A drug control officer in the central city of Homs said that he had observed the effects of Captagon on protesters and fighters held for questioning. “We would beat them, and they wouldn’t feel the pain,” he said. “Many of them would laugh while we were dealing them heavy blows.” Continue reading this article

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