Mainstream Poll Shows Continuing Support for Arizona Immigration Enforcement

It must be disappointing to the anti-border extremists over at la Raza (aka “the Race”) that two years of an intense campaign of lies and propaganda against Arizona’s sensible immigration enforcement law has had little effect. The majority of American citizens want immigration to be a legal and controlled procedure, where the decision of who gets US citizenship is not decided by foreign lawbreakers.

A recent survey conducted by CBS and the New York Times found a majority thought the law was “about right.” Only 33 percent believed it “went too far.” Apparently all the shrieking that immigration enforcement in Arizona was “racism” didn’t sell very well.

Another interesting item was the belief among the public (62%) that immigration enforcement was a job for both the federal and state governments.

Of course, legal issues are not determined by public opinion, but certainly the people notice that federal and state governments work in partnership every day to enforce the law.

Here’s the CBS report of its own poll:

Poll: Most Americans think Arizona immigration law is “about right”, CBS News, June 7, 2012 6:30 PM

(CBS News) As the Supreme Court weighs a decision on Arizona’s controversial immigration law this summer, a new CBS News/New York Times poll shows that more than half of Americans see the law as “about right.”

The legislation, which was signed into law in April 2010, is considered among the most stringent immigration laws in the nation. It requires Arizona law enforcement members to check the citizenship status of anyone they believe appears to be an undocumented immigrant — and has incited much controversy about whether or not it effectively legalizes racial profiling in a state with a heavy Latino population.

According to the survey, conducted from May 31-June 3 among 976 adults nationwide, 52 percent of Americans believe Arizona’s immigration policy is about right, while 33 percent say it goes too far. Eleven percent say the law does not go far enough.

The U.S. Department of Justice is challenging the law on the grounds that it conflicts with what it contends is the federal government’s exclusive right to set immigration laws for the country.

Most Americans seem to disagree. Sixty-two percent of respondents – and majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents – say both the federal government and state governments should be able to determine laws regarding undocumented immigrants. Twenty-five percent (30 percent of Democrats and 16 percent of Republicans) think such laws should be determined exclusively by the federal government, and 11 percent (4 percent of Democrats and 15 percent of Republicans) think they should be determined by state governments only. Continue reading this article

Univision to Launch English-Language Television Network

The decision of a major Spanish-language network in America to broadcast on a new English-language platform is quite the reversal of accepted liberal opinion.

We have been told for decades that sensitive hispanics require the comfy reassurance of their mother tongue to receive any information at all, or they would be deeply insulted. As a result of liberal and Raza-tarian insistence, we have seen the insinuation of the Spanish language throughout American society, but particularly where hispanic infiltration has been thick. Celebrating diversity means promoting Babel, right?

Network honchos now believe that presumably acculturated hispanics have other interests than the concerns common to newbies.

Below, “bilingual” instruction for all kids (teaching Spanish, not French or German) has become the goal for many educators.

But apparently some hispanics who have been here a while (generations?) are more comfortable with English, something that expert broadcasters and advertisers have noticed, as this story illustrates.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the looking glass, Fox News is about to start up its Spanish-language network, MundoFox, slated for a fall rollout.

Fox is going backwards, no?

Univision in English? Finally It Gets in Step With the Hispanic Market; Trends Show that Spanish Is Not the Best Way to Reach Most U.S. Latinos, Ad Age, by Edward T. Rincon, June 8, 2012

It must not have been an easy decision for Univision, the Spanish-language media giant, to join ABC in creating an English-language TV network and digital platform aimed at U.S. Latinos. Why? Because it departs sharply from Univision’s long-standing position that Spanish is the best way to communicate with Hispanics in this country.

As described by Cesar Conde, president of Univision Networks, the joint venture is “an extension of our vision to deliver the most relevant news and information, regardless of language, to all Hispanics.” The new network will have anchors and correspondents in major U.S. cities from Univision and ABC. Although Conde appears to minimize the importance of language, programming in English marks a major change in Univision’s strategy.

For some time, the idea that Spanish is the route to the Hispanic market has been firmly etched in the minds of U.S. advertisers, with some Spanish-language advocates making effective emotional appeals about the virtues of the Spanish-language with slogans like “Spanish is the language of the heart” and “We make love in Spanish.”

Media-ratings companies added to the Spanish-language case by omitting country of birth in their ratings, which could have shown marked differences in the television viewing habits of native and foreign-born Hispanics. The economic payoff for Univision and the Spanish-language media industry has been huge: an estimated 90 percent of all advertising dollars directed to U.S. Hispanics are delivered in Spanish.

So why would Univision want to change its formula for success?

First, does it make sense to invest 90 percent of advertising dollars into Spanish-language media when 63 percent of U.S. Hispanics are native-born and primarily use English-language media? This is not a new trend, and is supported by numerous independent studies of U.S. Hispanics. And it will come to be reflected in television ratings, as the ratings companies, in response to litigation and protests by community and industry groups, break down Hispanic viewers by country of birth.

Secondly, the proportion of Hispanic immigrants in the United States is actually shrinking. While 40.2 percent of U.S. Hispanics in 2000 were foreign-born, this percentage decreased to 37.1 percent in 2010. In California — home to 14 million Hispanics — the percentage of the foreign-born dropped from 43.9 percent to 38.2 percent. Even more compelling is a recent study finding by the Pew Hispanic Center (2012) that net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped and may have reversed –- an outcome of factors like a weakened U.S. economy, increased border enforcement and a rise in deportations.

Thirdly, Univision has probably come to acknowledge that not all U.S. Hispanics want a steady diet of novelas, game shows and international news — programming that appeals primarily to Hispanic immigrants. The audience for the new network will likely be composed primarily of native-born, English-speaking Hispanics who will want to see programming that is relevant to their experience in the United States. Continue reading this article

Houston: Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Cop Killer Is Sentenced to 55 Years in Prison

Twice-deported Mexican Johoan Rodriguez was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter on Friday in a Houston courtroom for killing Officer Kevin Will, 38, last May.

The officer’s widow tried to make a victim’s statement about her loss, including how her new baby Kevin Jr. never got to meet his father, but she couldn’t make it through, and her mother had to finish reading how the preventable death had ripped the family apart.

Below, Officer Kevin Will (left) was run down and killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien gangster, Johoan Rodriguez, shown at the time of his arrest.

Rodriguez is a poster boy for the sort of criminal alien that Houston should want to punish harshly and convince not to return, but instead, the city’s permissive sanctuary policy has made it a relatively safe place for foreign criminals to reside. Rodriguez admitted to being a member of the MS-13 gang. At the time of the incident that killed the officer, Rodriguez was seriously drunk (blood alcohol level at .238, three times the legal limit), and had a packet of cocaine in his pocket. His car was moving at 90 mph when it blew through a police barricade and struck and killed Officer Will, who was standing on the roadside investigating an accident.

Drunk-driving illegal immigrant sentenced to 55 years for killing Houston cop, KHOU-TV Houston, June 8, 2012

HOUSTON—Johoan Rodriguez was sentenced to 55 years in prison Friday for the intoxication manslaughter death of Houston police officer Kevin Will.

The jury began deliberating the sentence Thursday afternoon.

Rodriguez had pleaded guilty in the case before the trial began. Prosecutors were hoping for a life sentence, but they believe, along with the officer’s family, that they did get justice.

Rodriguez had a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit when he raced through a police roadblock on the North Loop near Yale at an estimated 90 miles an hour on May 29, 2011.

Officer Will and other HPD officers were investigating a motorcycle crash and had closed the highway. Police dashcam video played for the jury during the one-week trial, and again during closing arguments, shows Rodriguez’s Volkswagen hitting Kevin Will—severing both legs and killing him instantly.

Officer Will left behind a wife and three children, including a baby born a short time after his death. Continue reading this article

Islam in Minnesota: Somali Women Workers Refuse to Comply with Safety Requirements

When I was young and unfocused, I worked for a while in a bakery, dragging around hundred-pound bags of flour and kneading up mass quantities of bread dough in mega-chomping mixers the size of Volkswagens.

With that experience in mind, I cannot imagine Somali women swathed in multiple yards of flapping sheets to work safely in such an environment. Burqa clothing around machinery is an ugly accident waiting to happen.

Below, Somali bakery employees in Minnesota don’t want to observe normal safety precautions at work.

But in Minnesota, the most basic safety precautions are insults to the sensibility of Allah’s obedient slaves, and they demand that their employer submit to Islamic values.

No assimilation here, just stubbornly hostile diversity. Somalis have arguably been the most troublesome immigrant group, who bring nothing worthwhile to American society — just crime and jihad.

Somali workers walk out of Minnesota bakery in protest of new dress code, Fox News, June 07, 2012

More than 30 Somali employees at a bakery walked out in protest Monday after the owner ordered female workers to wear mid-calf skirts after a woman’s long dress recently got caught in a boot washer, reported.

Mike Knowles, the owner of Dianne’s Fine Desserts, told the Faribault Daily News that the new guidelines were installed for safety concerns. Somali workers, however, call the new rules an attack on their Muslim religion.

The women reportedly showed up to work in their full-length attire and were given the option to adjust their skirts or leave. About a dozen women left and they were joined by 20 men who say the dress code goes against teachings in the Koran.

The boot washer is a sanitation device that cleans footwear before workers enter the plant. The Somali women said they’d be willing to pull up their skirts during the brief process. Knowles says the safety issue was addressed and the company made a reasonable accommodation. Continue reading this article

Washington Pulls Plug on Pakistani Puppet Propaganda

Hearing the phrase “cancelled funding” from Washington is a rare treat, and particularly so when the boondoggle is a foreign project of immense waste based on a hopeless do-gooder fantasy.

Below, the cast of Pakistan’s version of Sesame Street, financed by the US taxpayer.

The idea: spend a pile of American money to produce a Sesame Street knock-off for the Pakistani kid population which Washington would like to sway from traditional Muslim violence to embrace “tolerance” — that’s a code word to indicate no jihadist beheading of muppets would occur on the show.

First, it’s a pipe dream to think that some cutesy muppets will derail the Islamic indoctrination of children, which is among the most effective systems of propaganda on earth with its madrassas and five-times-daily prayers to Allah.

Plus, $20 million in taxpayer funds for producing a couple years of puppet shows in Pakistan??

As spending hawk Sen Tom Coburn remarked,

“The fact that Washington ever thought funding foreign puppets was a legitimate role for the federal government speaks volumes about why our debt is out of control.”

But what sunk the program was not appalling cultural ignorance or cost to the American taxpayer, but plain old-fashioned Pakistani corruption. What a surprise.

Pakistan’s “Sesame Street” hits dead end amid fraud charges, Reuters, June 5, 2012

The United States has cancelled funding for Pakistan’s version of the children’s television series “Sesame Street,” saying on Tuesday it had received credible allegations of fraud and corruption in the production of the popular Muppet program.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which had contracted with Pakistan’s Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop to produce the local version of “Sesame Street,” had been notified of the corruption charges through an anti-fraud hotline.

“We did launch an investigation into the allegations. We also sent the theater workshop a letter that terminates the project agreement,” Toner told a news briefing.

“No one is questioning, obviously, the value and positive impact of this kind of programming for children. But this is about allegations of corruption,” he said.

The U.S. decision to cancel funding for the program comes amid unrelenting tension between Islamabad and Washington, which are locked in a cycle of deepening mistrust over U.S. drone strikes, Pakistan’s closure of NATO supply lines into Afghanistan and other disputes.

Toner said USAID had originally allocated $20 million to produce the show — which premiered in late 2011 and is known as “Sim Sim Hamara” in Pakistan — and that about $6.7 million of this had already been spent. Continue reading this article

California: Feinstein Senate Opponent Selected

In California, we now know the Republican candidate who will run for the US Senate, Elizabeth Emken, whom the LA Times describes as a “Danville autism activist.”

Elizabeth Emken to challenge Dianne Feinstein in November, Sacramento Bee, June 5, 2012

Republican Elizabeth Emken will go head to head with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein on the November ballot.

The Danville Republican is currently carrying 12 percent of votes cast in today’s statewide primary, nearly double the vote share of the third-place candidate, fellow Republican Dan Hughes.

Emken, who won the California Republican Party endorsement, was one of 23 candidates running against Feinstein on today’s primary ballot. Most of the remaining candidates won 2 percent of the vote or less.

Feinstein easily captured the top spot in today’s primary, which allows all voters to select between candidates of all political leanings. The 78-year-old incumbent is winning 50 percent of the vote in early returns.

Emken’s issues statement on immigration is not reassuring. She says she is against amnesty, but wants a “comprehensive solution” that “starts” with border security.

That sounds like a process that ends with a “path to citizenship” for millions of lawbreakers.

Not that Emken has much of a chance against the Feinstein edifice in blue-blue California where the Republican party has been snuffed into irrelevance largely by immigration-fueled demographic change.

Q: How would you address illegal immigration?

A: Everyone knows this system is broken. Our U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein has been in office for twenty years and she has done nothing to fix this problem. We cannot fault those who are drawn by the opportunity and promise of the American way of life. They are acting in their families’ best interest, as we would in the same situation. But we must approach the illegal immigration issue with a comprehensive solution that starts by securing our borders. There’s no reason why the United States of America cannot secure its borders, and until we do, we cannot adequately address the other problems with immigration.

We also need to ensure that we have a vibrant guest worker program that provides for our farms’ labor needs. Those families that are here working legally must pay their taxes and secure required drivers licenses, auto insurance and similar necessary items.

I believe amnesty would only make the problem worse, and I am not in favor of amnesty. Those that are here illegally must go through the proper legal immigration system.

These are tough questions, and we must have an honest discussion on how to solve the problems created by our lack of border security. That includes bringing together affected communities, business and labor leaders, and others to work out reasonable solutions to issues.

California Election Is Marked by Increased Language Diversity

Today was the primary election in California, and we voters in Alameda County had even more diversity to bear, er celebrate.

I snapped the photo below at my local polling station, which shows two new languages added to ballots by federal law, Vietnamese and Tagalog, even though immigrants are supposed to understand and speak English to become naturalized citizens. I could have gotten an “I Voted” sticker in any of four languages, and chose English.

The change of printing voting materials in two additional foreign languages was estimated to cost county taxpayers “several hundred thousand dollars.”

It could be worse. Uber-diverse Los Angeles County must produce election materials in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, Khmer and Thai.

Alameda Elections Access Will Be Overseen by Feds, KQED Radio, June 4, 2012

Federal monitors will be watching the polls in Alameda County tomorrow to make sure multilingual voters get the help they need. That includes having ballots in four languages and enough bilingual poll workers to comply with the Voting Rights Act.

Alameda’s registrar of voters Dave Macdonald says it’s difficult to find poll workers, bilingual or not: “it’s a long day you work from 6 in the morning until maybe 9 or 10 o’clock at night. It’s a very stressful job, but it’s also very rewarding.”

Alameda County will now offer language support in Vietnamese and Tagalog, in addition to Spanish and Chinese.

Federal poll monitors will also be on watch in Fresno and Riverside Counties.

It was not an election that inspired much voter enthusiasm, what with the Presidential primaries already decided.

However I did enjoy casting a vote for Republican Senate candidate Nachum Shifren, the surfing rabbi who kicks sharia down the stairs whenever he gets the chance.

Not that he or any other Republican has a chance against incumbent Dianne Feinstein, who remains a popular political figure for some odd reason.

Texas Debate Language Considered

In the Lone Star State, the idea of conducting a debate in Spanish for the position of United States Senator has been proposed by Republican David Dewhurst, the current Lt. Governor.

Opponent for the R-nomination Ted Cruz demurred, but in a way that is not reassuring for friends of traditional American culture.

Cruz is supposed to be a big favorite of Tea Party patriots, but his response makes me think, “Hmm.”

“My Spanish is a situation many of your viewers will recognize, which is that as a second generation immigrant, my dad came from Cuba when he was a teenager not speaking English. And I grew up here speaking Spanglish,” Cruz said, shouting out a phrase in half English, half Spanish to illustrate his point.

Ted Cruz curiously identifies himself as a “second generation immigrant” rather than an immigrant, period, who was born in Canada. If he were running as a Dem he could celebrate his two-fer diversity (Cuban-Canadian) and be the sweetheart of the multiculti media. But perhaps Cruz’s diversity is not the right flavor.

Is his excuse of speaking Spanglish really a cover for an accent that won’t appeal to the mostly Mexican hispanics who live in Texas, who might not cotton to the Cuba-sound from his father?

Cruz could have said, “The debate for the Republican nominee for the Senate should be conducted in English because this is the United States, and that’s our language, not Spanish or French.”

But he didn’t.

What’s wrong with these Republicans who won’t stand up for the cultural unifier of the English language? The hispanderers (like Newt Gingrich) are willing to allow that speaking English is financially beneficial for immigrants, but not that the ability will promote their assimilation to the American community and values.

Some in the tribal brigade even argue that culural assimilation is a bad thing. In 2008 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated in Germany to his auslanders, “Assimilation is a crime against humanity.”

Even after decades of pro-diversity propaganda, Rasmussen pollsters found in 2010 that 87 percent of voter believe that English should be the official language in the USA. People instinctively understand the cultural importance of one language.

Now back to the present and the Ted Cruz tap dance:

English please: Ted Cruz doesn’t want Senate debate in Spanish, The Daily Caller, June 4, 2013

Over the weekend, the white Lieutenant Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst challenged his opponent in the Texas Senate race, Ted Cruz, to a debate — in Spanish. Cruz, the Cuban-American former Texas Solicitor General, said he would prefer to debate in English.

Univision reported that Dewhurst made the challenge to Cruz. “I would welcome a debate with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst in any form,” Cruz told the Spanish-language network. “But I think we would have a better debate if we did the debate in English.”

He explained that as a second generation Cuban American, he grew up speaking “Spanglish.”

“My Spanish is a situation many of your viewers will recognize, which is that as a second generation immigrant, my dad came from Cuba when he was a teenager not speaking English. And I grew up here speaking Spanglish,” Cruz said, shouting out a phrase in half English, half Spanish to illustrate his point.

“That’s the world in which I grew up, and that’s a world in which a lot of second generation immigrants find themselves.”

Dewhurst and Cruz are locked in a Republican primary run-off battle for the Texas Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison at the end of the year. There is no viable Democratic candidate, and given the demographics of the state, whoever wins the primary run-off on July 31 will take the seat.

Texas has a huge Hispanic population, being a border state, and that demographic will be hugely important for both candidates.

Dewhurst is clearly making a play for that vote.

“I’m only asking who Ted Cruz is,” Dewhurst told Univision, speaking in poorly accented Spanish. He doesn’t have a proven record. We don’t know who he is.”

Contacted by The Daily Caller, Cruz campaign spokesman John Drogin did not comment on the Spanish-language debate challenge.

“This is the real story,” Drogin said, referring to an invitation Cruz accepted to participate in some debates held by local conservative activists. “Will Dewhurst show up to these debates? Any others? He says he’s willing … but we’ll see!”

North Dakota: Somali Faces Trial for Quadruple Murder

In North Dakota, Omar Mohamed Kalmio, a Somali national, is in jail, accused of murdering his girlfriend Sabrina Zephier, her mother, brother and the mother’s boyfriend.

Kalmio made a court appearance last Tuesday, where it was noted that the murders occurred at two different residences, suggesting the Somali killed his girlfriend, then travelled across town to murder the others.

When one thinks of Somali mass murders in the United States, the case of Said Biyad, a refugee residing in Louisville thanks to Catholic Charities, comes to mind, He also killed four, specifically slitting the throats of his own children.

Somalis have arguably been the least assimilated immigrants ever, ranging in crime behaviors from gangster activities like child prostitution rings to junior thugs in St. Paul assaulting old people to film for Youtube entertainment.

I remember being struck with the cultural acceptance of family violence when reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiographical books about growing up in Somalia. So a family mass murder committed by a Somali is sadly not surprising.

Curiously, the political asylee was not deported after his previous violent crimes, perhaps because Washington has been leery of repatriating bad guys to unsettled Somalia (a dangerous place, liberal lawyers say) even though the population there (over 9 million) has been rising steadily for nearly two decades. So it can’t be that unhealthy to live in Somalia.

Besides, being a rough character would have helped Kalmio to fit into the Somali lifestyle. As a British judge remarked to a Somali he was deporting, “‘You’re a criminal, you’ll be safe in Somalia.”

Anyway, it’s too late for sensible crime prevention now (e.g. end Muslim immigration). Kalmio will be a permanent resident for the rest of his life.

Suspect in North Dakota killing now faces four murder counts, Associated Press, May 24, 2012

FARGO, N.D.  — A Somali man charged in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old woman in northwest North Dakota is now accused of killing her mother, brother and the mother’s boyfriend, who were found dead the same day in mobile home across town.

Omar Mohamed Kalmio, 27, who has a history of violent crime, was charged with murder several months after his infant daughter’s mother, Sabrina Zephier, was found dead at her home in Minot in January 2011. The baby was found in the home unharmed.

Court documents show prosecutors filed additional murder charges Friday, alleging Kalmio also was the gunman who killed 13-year-old Dylan Zephier, 38-year-old Jolene Zephier, and Jolene’s 22-year-old boyfriend, Jeremy Longie.

Multiple slayings are virtually unheard of in North Dakota, which had 10 murders and non-negligent homicides in all of 2010, according to data compiled by the FBI. Continue reading this article

California Assemblyman Aims to Undermine Public Safety

California’s disdain for public safety knows no bounds when the comfort of illegal aliens is threatened, as shown by new legislation that would wipe out Secure Communities, the federal program for identifying already arrested illegal aliens.

Secure Communities is moderately effective, so the Raza-tarians hate it. They frequently show up to protest the program, so we know it’s good.

In this instance of elected representatives working to sabotage public safety, San Francisco’s own gay Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is the author of the bill. He seriously dislikes law enforcement against foreign criminals, as indicated by his participation in an anti-Secure Communities event last January sponsored by Archbishop George Niederauer. Yes, the catholic church dislikes public safety also, particularly when it interferes with their illegal alien pew-warmers’ happy lifestyles.

Ammiano gets extra points for blood on his hands because he represents San Francisco, which recently concluded the trial of Edwin Ramos for the triple murder of Tony Bologna and his two sons. Ammiano should know very well that letting foreign gangsters run amok can kill — it already has happened in his city.

Furthermore, we learned from the murder trial of Pedro Espinoza for shooting Jamiel Shaw that even extremely violent prisoners are routinely released in sanctuary cities rather than deported. Illegal alien gangster Espinoza had homicidal crazy written all over him after attacking several people while in jail including a police officer, but he was released and murdered 17-year-old Shaw just 28 hours after being let go on Los Angeles streets.

If some illegal aliens are deported who haven’t committed axe murders or worse, that’s fine. As the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan wisely stated in 1994 testimony to the Senate, “As far as immigration policy is concerned, credibility can be measured by a simple yardstick: people who should get in, get in; people who should not enter are kept out; and people who are deportable should be required to leave.”

IMMIGRATION: Bill would cut local authority to hold illegal immigrants for feds , North County Times, June 1, 2012

A bill introduced by a San Francisco assemblyman would prohibit local law enforcement agencies from detaining illegal immigrants for federal agents unless the detainees have prior felony convictions.

The measure, Assembly Bill 1081 by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, is aimed at curtailing the federal Secure Communities program, which is credited with helping to deport thousands of illegal immigrants held in local jails. The program electronically matches the fingerprints of people booked into county jails against federal databases to help identify illegal immigrants.

Critics of the Secure Communities program say it has cast a wide net, catching many people who have never been convicted of any crimes.

“What is truly draconian is the endless stream of heart-breaking stories of food vendors, crime victims, even U.S. citizens and so many other community members trapped needlessly in local jails and swept in an out-of-control deportation dragnet,” Ammiano said in a written statement.

The bill was introduced last year, but lawmakers held it in a Senate committee for changes. Ammiano rewrote and reintroduced the bill last month.

Under the measure, law enforcement officers would be prohibited from detaining a person for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents after the person is eligible to be released from custody unless that person has been convicted of a serious or violent felony. Continue reading this article

Brussels: Burqa Attacks Police Officer When ID Is Requested

From Belgium, we have another example of why the culture of hostile Muslims does not work in the West.

When a burqa-covered Muslim woman was asked for identification in Brussels, she head-butted a female police officer and broke her nose. Face coverings are not permitted on Belgian streets.

The burqa then contacted her co-religionists, more than a hundred of whom then surrounded the police station and proceeded to throw stones and get into scuffles. Riot police were brought in to defend the station.

Muslims have really taken the message of “Winning through intimidation” to heart. Continuing to admit them as immigrants seems very unwise.

(For more background about the Islamic unfriendlies residing in Belgium, see Sharia Invaders in Belgium Declare Their Intentions.)

Brussels police attacked by Islamists: mayor, Euronews, June 1, 2012

Brussels police came under attack on Thursday after they arrested a Muslim woman who refused to remove her face veil.

Protesters threw metal barriers and trash cans at a police station in Molenbeek. The district of the Belgian capital has a high number of Muslim immigrants.

Belgium and France passed laws last year that ban the wearing of full-face veils in public.

Johan Debecker, the head of Brussels-West police authority, said the unnamed woman became aggressive during questioning.

“She head-butted our policewoman and the policewoman now has a broken nose,” he told reporters.

Some 100 people surrounded Molenbeek police station late on Thursday night, with scuffles breaking out.

Phillippe Moureaux, the town mayor, said an extreme Islamist group,
Sharia4Belgium, was behind the trouble.

Sharia4Belgium issued a statement on its website on Friday, condemning what it called “a terrorist attack of Brussels’ assassination squads”.

Last month, an Antwerp court jailed the group’s spokesman Fouad Belkacem for two years for inciting racial hatred against non-Muslims.

Universal University Utopianism

Thoughtful columnist Robert Samuelson recently posed some questions about the silly idea of universal college education and its corrosive effect on preparing young people for future gainful employment.

It is indeed curious that so much of K-12 is geared toward sending all the kiddies on to the big university when only 30 percent of Americans have BA degrees. Add in a preference of many for hands-on non-cubicle work and universal college education sounds like a bad idea.

Plus, there have been predictable sidebar consequences like dumbing down of admissions standards and course work, grade inflation and the abandonment of apprenticeships and blue-collar skills training.

Remember, half the population is below average (in school performance and every other way).

Another bad result of the idea of universal college entitlement has been the hispanic demanders’ squawks for subsidized higher educations for illegal alien students, aka DREAM Acters.

I have a few ideas for fixing an educational system that has devolved into more scam than honorable institution:

● Redesign high schools to equip the non-scholarly types with some sort of useful skill. No graduation without the student submitting a serious job-skill plan for his/her future.

● Refocus junior colleges on job training and keep them affordable.

● Four-year colleges should charge less for classes leading to socially useful knowledge. Nursing students should pay far less for their education than kids majoring in subjects like Chicano or Ethnic Studies, which are training grounds for future anti-sovereignty activists.

Now for Mr. Samuelson. . .

It’s time to drop the college-for-all crusade, Washington Post, By Robert J. Samuelson, May 27, 2012

The college-for-all crusade has outlived its usefulness. Time to ditch it. Like the crusade to make all Americans homeowners, it’s now doing more harm than good. It looms as the largest mistake in educational policy since World War II, even though higher education’s expansion also ranks as one of America’s great postwar triumphs.

Consider. In 1940, fewer than 5 percent of Americans had a college degree. Going to college was “a privilege reserved for the brightest or the most affluent” high-school graduates, wrote Diane Ravitch in her history of U.S. education, “The Troubled Crusade.” No more. At last count, roughly 40 percent of Americans had some sort of college degree: about 30 percent a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution; the rest associate degrees from community colleges.

Starting with the GI Bill in 1944, governments at all levels promoted college. From 1947 to 1980, enrollments jumped from 2.3 million to 12.1 million. In the 1940s, private colleges and universities accounted for about half. By the 1980s, state schools — offering heavily subsidized tuitions — represented nearly four-fifths. Aside from a democratic impulse, the surge reflected “the shift in the occupational structure to professional, technical, clerical and managerial work,” noted Ravitch. The economy demanded higher skills; college led to better-paying jobs.

College became the ticket to the middle class, the be-all-and-end-all of K-12 education. If you didn’t go to college, you’d failed. Improving “access” — having more students go to college — drove public policy.

We overdid it. The obsessive faith in college has backfired. Continue reading this article

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