Los Angeles: Anti-Impound Policy for Illegal Aliens Is Debated

In Los Angeles, Mayor Tony Villaraigosa and his police chief Charlie Beck have rolled out a new policy to benefit illegal aliens that will seriously undermine public safety. Presently, when an officer comes in contact with an unlicensed driver (often an illegal alien), the vehicle is impounded for 30 days as a punishment for illegal driving plus the money needed to bail out the car. The proposed new policy would allow the lawbreaker to call a friend to come retrieve the car or truck: therefore no punishment.

The change would essentially remove licensing as a requirement for driving. It’s a recipe for roadway anarchy and death. Unlicensed drivers are involved in one in five fatal crashes according to a 2008 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Nobody pretends that the change is anything but a convenience for illegal aliens. LAPD Chief Beck has said impounds and the associated fees represent an onerous burden to people “who are a valuable asset to our community and who have very limited resources.” No officials in city government worry that poor citizens are harmed by expensive tickets they might incur.

The situation is a little confusing because California disallowed the impound of vehicles at roadway checkpoints as of 2012. The Los Angeles measure covers any situation of unlicensed drivers coming into contact with police. So an unlicensed illegal alien could run down a pedestrian in a crosswalk and be allowed to keep his car under the new LA policy.

Because making life easier for lawbreaking illegal aliens trumps public safety in today’s Mexifornia.

On Tuesday night, the Police Commission held a forum in Northridge, and hundreds of concerned citizens showed up (many listeners of the John and Ken radio program, presumably, since they have been publicizing the issue). Don Rosenberg (pictured) spoke as the father of a son, Drew, killed by an unlicensed illegal alien driver who had been previously arrested but released.

“The car should be confiscated and the driver should be arrested, and if they are caught again, then just keep jacking up the penalty until this stops,” Rosenberg said. “There’s over a million unlicensed drivers in California, and they’re killing people every day.”

Below, Drew, Don and Evan Rosenberg in happier times.

You can also hear a description of the meeting on the John and Ken show from January 18 which includes a recording of Rosenberg’s remarks about how liberal impound policies lead to injury and death, plus his later reflections live on the radio show.

LAPD May Stop Impounding Cars of Unlicensed Drivers, KTLA, January 18, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTLA) — The LAPD is looking to changing the department’s policy for towing and impounding cars belonging to unlicensed drivers, and that is sparking outrage among many people.

If officers stop an unlicensed driver under current laws, they tow the vehicle and impound it for 30 days.

Immigrant rights groups believe people in the U.S. illegally are unfairly targeted because they cannot obtain driver’s licenses.

After their vehicles are impounded, they face stiff fines and can’t get to work.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief Charlie Beck want to change the policy, offering leniency to unlicensed drivers.

Changes to the LAPD’s policy would lift the 30-day impound and give either the registered owner or a licensed driver a reasonable chance to retrieve the vehicle.

A new state law stops cops from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints.

Critics, including the LAPD police union, say the changes just reward lawbreakers, and put politics above safety.

One person opposing the changes is Don Rosenberg, whose 25-year-old son Andrew was killed in an accident involving an unlicensed driver in 2010.

“He was arrested,” Rosenberg said. “His car was impounded.”

“Less than 24 hours later, he had signed the title over to another person. She got the car out of impoundment (sic), and he just started driving again.”

Rosenberg says he thinks the city should maintain a tough policy on unlicensed drivers.

“The car should be confiscated and the driver should be arrested, and if they are caught again, then just keep jacking up the penalty until this stops,” Rosenberg said. “There’s over a million unlicensed drivers in California, and they’re killing people every day.”

Rosenberg was one of a few hundred people who attended a community forum hosted by the Los Angeles Police Commission Tuesday night in Northridge meant to give residents the opportunity to express their opinions on the proposed changes to the policy.

And the residents’ opinions were resoundingly negative. Nearly everyone inside the packed meeting was upset over the proposed changes.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re legal or illegal. If you’re an unlicensed driver, you should not be driving,” one man told the commission.

Rosenberg received a resounding applause from the crowd when he spoke.

“If you think it’s fair, you come down the road and come meet my son in his cemetery and you tell him that this is fair,” Rosenberg said, addressing Beck and the commission.

Oakland Is Burdened with Unemployable Refugees Having Expensive Health Problems

I heard on the radio this morning that Burmese refugee children residing in Oakland have elevated levels of lead in their blood. That would be extra-bad news, because “Just 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood can permanently lower a child’s IQ by four to five points,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 15, 2006.

An article in the journal Public Health Reports in 2005 observed, ”Lead poisoning in children imposes both immediate and long-term financial burdens on taxpayers.”

California already has plenty of problems (mostly self-induced) and the city of Oakland just laid off hundreds of employees. Alameda County has an unemployment rate of 9.6% (as of Nov 2011).

It is crazy that the city would continue to admit non-English-speaking tribal people with medical issues causing lowered IQ who are difficult to place in jobs. (Communities can say “No thanks” on refugees to the State Department and it seems to work.) But then nobody ever accused Oakland of having good governance.

Oakland is overwhelmed with poverty, crime and dysfunction, yet it imports still more diversity. And the violence there is “worse than Iraq” according to some capable of making that judgment.

Below, Burmese refugees attempt to learn English in Oakland.

Here’s the radio refugee story with audio at the link:

Gov. Pushes to Scale Back State School Testing … Burmese Refugees at Higher Risk for Lead Poisoning, KQED, Jan 18, 2012

Gov. Pushes to Scale Back State Testing in Schools
In today’s State of the State speech, Governor Jerry Brown announced he wants to cut back on the amount of state testing going on in California public schools. The president of the state Federation of Teachers says it’s clear the governor has been listening to parents, teachers and experts.

Burmese Refugees at Higher Risk for Lead Poisoning
Burmese refugee children who are headed to the U.S. often have high levels of lead in their bodies, according to a newly released study. Oakland pediatrician Joan Jeung says many of her Burmese partients live in low-income housing that further increases their chances of getting lead poisoning. Oakland is home to about 400 Burmese refugees.

A recent article in a local tabloid drew a bleak picture of Burmese recently resettled as refugees in Oakland:

Poverty Stricken:  A new report shows that Oakland’s refugees from Burma are stuck in extreme poverty, with up to 80 percent unemployment, East Bay Express, January 6, 2012

Among Oakland’s Burmese refugee population:

• 63 percent are unemployed. Those who are employed have sporadic, low-wage jobs.

• Among Karenni, 81 percent are unemployed, 90 percent live in extreme poverty, and 90 percent have no high school education.

• 57 percent live below the threshold for extreme poverty, making less than $1,000 for a family of five. Most of the remainder lives below the poverty line.

• 38 percent speak no English and 28 percent speak English poorly.

• 74 percent say lack of English is their biggest barrier to accessing healthcare.

Some of the report’s recommendations include more accessible ESL classes; skilled interpreters; job training and employment programs coupled with ESL; support for microenterprise projects; one-stop centers; making healthcare more accessible; and support for grassroots organizations formed by people from Burma.

Hae Htoo lives in a one-bedroom unit in East Oakland with five other family members. The twenty-year-old arrived in the US six months ago and hopes to learn English and find a job. But a recent report by San Francisco State University and nonprofit Burma Family Refugee Network shows that refugees from Burma who now live in Oakland, such as Hae Htoo, are facing dire circumstances. Most arrived in the US during a severe recession and have little to no English skills.

“The recession is nationwide,” noted Russell Jeung, SF State professor of Asian American Studies, who led the project. “The difference with Oakland is that it’s hit harder by the recession, has even more unemployment and less jobs.”

An estimated 84,000 refugees originally from Burma have made the US their new home since 2007. About seven hundred have resettled in Oakland. Karen, Karenni, and other ethnic minorities make up the majority of these refugees. Many fled Burma, now Myanmar, to escape military attacks and persecution and lingered in Thai refugee camps or in Malaysia for years. Those accepted to come to the US receive a few days of cultural orientation before boarding a plane.

The community-based research project found that 57 percent of Oakland’s Burmese refugees live in extreme poverty, 63 percent are unemployed, and 64 percent have poor or no English skills, even though some have been in the US for four years. Among Karenni, 81 percent reported that they are unemployed, 90 percent live in extreme poverty, and 90 percent have no high school education. The first wave of Karenni refugees arrived in 2009, so there was no existing network.

Of the nearly two hundred people surveyed, the majority are living in extreme poverty, with an income of less than $1,000 a month for a family of five. Those surveyed say their top needs are English classes, interpretation, and healthcare. More than two hundred students in Asian American Studies classes helped administer the surveys as part of a class. The surveys were conducted at health fairs with Burmese, Karen, and Karenni and other interpreters, and the answers are self-stated. Continue reading this article

Thilo Sarrazin Continues to Warn Germany against Muslim Immigration

In Germany, Thilo Sarrazin continues to focus the public’s attention about the danger of Muslim immigration. He was the Bundesbank official who wrote Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany abolishes itself) which criticized Islamic immigration, although he thinks other tribes have assimilated well to Germany.

The video below is clearly biased on the side of liberal multicultural ideology, but it provides an interesting view of what goes on at ground level.

Sarrazin still speaks in terms of heredity and IQ, which weakens his arguments somewhat. While it’s true that Turkey (the biggest sender of immigrants to Germany) has a substantially lower average intelligence than Germany (90 vs. 102 points respectively), highly educated Muslims can be the most hostile to western culture, such as 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta, a professional city planner who was radicalized in Germany.

The problem is Islam and its relentless belief system of violent supremacism expressed in the Koran. One recent example of its power is the case of suicide bomber Moeed Abdul Salam who was raised by a Pakistani immigrant family in Texas active in promoting interfaith harmony and combating Muslim stereotypes. He appeared to be well assimilated as he attended an elite private school in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Texas. But he rejected life in the West to blow himself up in Pakistan for Al Qaeda. We’re lucky he didn’t bomb America.

Chicago Officials Throw Public Safety under the Bus

In Chicago, the illegal alien accused of killing Denny McCann (pictured) disappeared after being released by authorities. (See my earlier report Cook County Releases Hit-and-Run Killer Illegal Alien after Arrest.)

Wait, wasn’t Obama supposed to be prioritizing immigration policy to deal more seriously with violent foreigners? Apparently his home-town Chicago buddies didn’t get the memo, because the Democrat-run Cook County Board of Supervisors passed a new policy by which dangerous foreign criminals are released on bail rather than held until trial or turned over to ICE for deportation.

Dangerous criminals are not supposed to be released when they are flight risks — which is the description of illegal aliens who can easily evade justice by escaping to Mexico or elsewhere. It’s stunning that public officials have so little regard for public safety, but hispandering to illegal aliens trumps that basic governmental function in Chicago today.

Bail jumper fuels Chicago illegals debate, Washington Times, January 15, 2012

CHICAGO — Controversy over a Cook County, Ill., ordinance that forbids the sheriff from notifying federal officials when they’re about to release suspected illegal immigrants from jail is heating up after a suspect charged in a fatal hit-and-run posted bail and disappeared.

Amid reports that Saul Chavez, an illegal immigrant, hasn’t been seen since late last year when his family posted bail, the nation’s top immigration official and the board president of the county that includes Chicago have squared off with dueling statements about the ordinance passed last September.

“This ordinance undermines public safety in Cook County and hinders [the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's] ability to enforce the nation’s immigration laws,” wrote the agency’s director, John Morton, in a letter to County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. “In addition to undermining local public safety, the ordinance may also violate federal law.”

Miss Preckwinkle, though, responded in a news release that it isn’t fair to link Mr. Chavez’s immigration status with his disappearance, calling it a “red herring.”

Miss Preckwinkle said she is bothered by the case, not because of Chavez’s immigration status, but because his bail was set too low for someone with a prior felony conviction and who posed a flight risk.

“Some have tried to blame Chavez’s immigration status, but what allowed Chavez to escape prosecution was an attainable bond that didn’t take into account his criminal history and flight risk,” she said in the news release.

Cook County has been at the center of the debate over the treatment of illegal immigrants for several months. While other places, such as San Francisco, have passed similar measures in response to the Obama administration’s program that aims to pursue more criminal deportations, Cook County was the first to forbid a sheriff from holding suspected felons as well as those accused of misdemeanors. Continue reading this article

Geraldo: Romney Is a Secret Mexican

We can already see the liberal media’s array of smears forming up against likely Republican candidate Mitt Romney, including dog cruelty! Apparently the Irish Setter traveled in a dog carrier on top of the family car during a trip to Canada. (I’m guessing the car was filled up with Romney kids with no room for a big pooch.)

Another animal image was conjured up by Texas’ Rick Perry, that of “vulture capitalism” in describing Bain business practice. Very colorful, Rick! The newsroom apparatchiks are grateful.

One of the more unlikely and nonsensical propaganda forays is the idea of Mitt’s grandfather was a secret Mexican and Gov. Romney won’t fess up to the skeleton in his closet.

Hispanic booster Geraldo Rivera recently complained on Fox News that Romney’s tough immigration enforcement stand doesn’t square with his grandfather fleeing Utah for polygamy-friendly Mexico: “How can you talk about all these Mexicans and never mention that your father is one of them and your grandfather is one of them?” (More at Newsbusters.org.)

Somehow I doubt that granddad went native, and don’t think photos of Romney relatives in sombreros and serapes will be appearing any time soon.

However, it is likely that the public will hear much more about Romney’s polygamous background from the press than we ever learned about the Obama family polygamy.

Taliban Brainwashes Kids That Suicide Bombs Kill Only Infidels

Over in Afghanistan, the manly men of Islam get little kids to blow themselves up by lying to them that bomb belts they wear will not kill them, only the hated infidel Americans.

Curiously, the Mohammed bunch regards their ideology as superior, “the most moral, ethical religion on earth.”

That being the case, it seems unwise to admit substantial immigrant diversity from people who think tricking children into suicide is acceptable. The United States has an estimated 300,000 immigrants from Afghanistan, a population which includes supporters of the Taliban in Fremont, California, and presumably beyond.

Say, if murder for Allah is so wonderful and gets you 72 virgins in paradise, then why aren’t adult Talibans lining up to go kablooey?

The Taliban recruits kids as young as nine to be suicide bombers. Afghan culture does not have an ethic of protecting children — see Normal Afghan Pederasty for an example.

The boy pictured, 13-year-old Abdul Samat, is alive only because he smelled a rat and started screaming for help.

Afghan boy suicide bombers tell how they are brainwashed into believing they will survive,Daily Telegraph, January 13, 2012

Child suicide bombers say they were told by their handlers that the “bombs would not kill us, only the Americans would die”.

The mission was as simple as touching two wires together, the little boy was promised. The resulting blast would obliterate the American infidels – but God would spare him from the flame and shrapnel. Abdul Samat would be unharmed and free to run back to the men who had fitted his bomb vest.

Blindfolded and rigged with his explosive payload, the boy, who was about 13, was driven to his target in the Afghan city of Kandahar, after being plucked from the streets of Quetta in neighbouring Pakistan. Minutes before he was due to execute the attack, however, Abdul realised the lies of his recruiters seeking to turn him into a human bomb.

“When I opened my eyes, I saw it was a very black thing they wanted me to do,” he later recalled.

“I began to cry and shout. People came out of their houses and asked what was wrong. I showed them I had something in my vest. Then they were scared too and called the police who took the bombs off me.” Continue reading this article

Trinidadian Imam Gets Life Sentence for JFK Airport Bomb Plot

On Friday, Kareem Ibrahim (pictured), a Shiite imam from Trinidad, got a lifetime room in the Big House for his part in a terror scheme. He was convicted in Brooklyn last May.

The plan was to blow up fuel lines and tanks at Kennedy Airport in order to create a murderous firestorm that would “rival the horrors of 9/11.” The conspiracy was cooked up by a Guyanese immigrant, Russell M. Defreitas, who worked as a cargo handler at the airport and was given a life sentence earlier along with another Muslim.

Elite media don’t appear very interested in this story. When I looked a little while ago, the New York Times carried only a blog item even though the plot was local. Terror trials involving Muslims are strangely overlooked by the liberal press despite their going on all the time — something I’ve learned from having “Muslim terror trial” as a heading on my Google News page. For example, three North Carolina Muslims were sentenced on Friday to terms from 15 to 45 years for terror plots.

The dinosaur media is simply too politically correct to run stories suggesting that Muslim immigration threatens Americans and should be ended.

Trinidadian Gets Life Sentence in J.F.K. Bomb Plot, New York Times Cityroom Blog, January 13, 2012

A Trinidadian man who was convicted of plotting to blow up fuel tanks at Kennedy International Airport was sentenced Friday to life in prison.

“No one can doubt the seriousness of this crime,” said Judge Dora L. Irizarry of Federal District Court in Brooklyn, who compared the bomb plot to the Sept. 11 attacks as she handed down the maximum sentence to the man, Kareem Ibrahim, 66.

Mr. Ibrahim was one of four men accused in 2007 in what federal authorities said was a plot to cause a chain reaction along a pipeline that would damage vast areas of New York City.

Prosecutors presented evidence at trial that Mr. Ibrahim, an imam and a leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad, had provided operational support to the group plotting the attack. Mr. Ibrahim was extradited from Trinidad and Tobago for the trial.

Crucial evidence came from a convicted drug dealer and paid informer who contributed financial and logistical support to the plotters and secretly recorded their conversations.

Two of the conspirators, Russell M. Defreitas, a Guyanese immigrant and former cargo handler at the airport who prosecutors said conceived the plan, and Abdul Kadir, a former member of the Guyanese Parliament, were convicted in 2010 and were sentenced to life in prison. Another man, Abdel Nur, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Mr. Ibrahim waived his right to make a statement during the sentencing hearing on Friday. When the sentence was announced, he remained calm as one of his relatives in the courtroom told him to stay strong.

Mr. Ibrahim’s lawyers said they planned to file an appeal on his behalf.

“Kareem Ibrahim abandoned the true tenets of his religion and plotted to commit a terrorist attack that he hoped would rival 9/11,” Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement. “But law enforcement detected and thwarted the plot, saving lives.”

Funny how US attorney Lynch thought she was qualified to lecture the imam about the true nature of Islam, i.e., that it’s the religion of peace. She must not have read the Koran which is full of admonitions to kill the infidels.

Drunk-Driving Obama Uncle Tries to Slime Arresting Officer

One symptom of media that are hopelessly enamoured with Barack Obama shows up when they refer to his drunk-driving illegal alien uncle Omar (pictured) as the half uncle, an expression which is new to me. (See article following.) Perhaps that is helpful way to sort things out in Obama’s polygamous family, which can get complicated very quickly. Uncle Omar is the half brother of the President’s father.

The terminology does tend to distance the lawbreaking uncle from the exalted penumbra of the President.

A recent wrinkle in the Uncle Omar story has been his request for the driving record of the arresting officer. Say, what? Uncle Omar nearly crashed his truck into a patrol car and was driving with a blood alcohol level of .14 percent. This latest move is a desperate lawyer’s trick to distract.

Fellow officers pointed out that the ploy is no way to determine guilt or innocence in a case of drunk driving.

Cops rip Obama uncle’s defense, Boston Herald, January 13, 2012

Defense attorneys digging for something to latch onto in a Framingham cop’s driving past are being bashed by the police brotherhood who argue the bust of President Obama’s half-uncle on a drunken-driving charge is the issue, not the officer’s history behind the wheel.

The Framingham cop who arrested Onyango Obama has about a dozen on-duty accidents — mostly minor — to his name, according to records requested by defense attorneys and obtained by the Herald yesterday.

But the paperwork on patrolman Val Krishtal shows none of the dirt defense attorneys said they had hoped to dig up, and cops around the state are saying Obama’s legal team is barking up the wrong tree in its attempts to strike the Aug. 24 traffic stop by painting Krishtal as out of line.

“It’s sort of discouraging” said James Machado, a Fall River police sergeant and executive director of the Massachusetts Police Association. “I understand defense attorneys taking tacks and questioning police officers’ integrity, but to bring someone else’s record out there? What influence would that have on him doing his job? If you have motor vehicle violations, you can’t give out citations?”

Obama’s lawyers, P. Scott Bratton and William L. Harvey III, requested the records after learning Krishtal had totaled his cruiser in November, smashing into a stone wall en route to a report of shots being fired. They say the patrolman may have been driving too fast just before the Obama stop, in which the president’s uncle turned into traffic, cut the officer off and forced him to slam on his brakes. Continue reading this article

Remittances to Mexico Are Up 8%

According to the elite liberal media, illegal immigration has “sputtered to a trickle” and therefore the time is ripe for a massive amnesty, in the minds of the ever-hopeful Raza gang. (If illegal immigration were exploding to record levels, that would be time for amnesty also.)

However, it’s interesting to note that remittances to Mexico are on the uptick — $23 billion last year — which is a strong indication of millions of Mexicans working here and sending their disposable income home. If fewer Mexicans are entering illegally (doubtful), not many are packing it for a return to the dear homeland.

Naturally, the pro-Mexico Los Angeles Times (located in a county where the November unemployment rate was 11.5 percent) thinks increased remittances are a swell sign of hispanic diversity bubbling along, not the strip-mining of America.

Remittances to Mexico are rebounding, Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2011

Head to 4th Street and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles and you’ll see signs of a labor market on the mend.

At a Continental Currency Services Inc. branch, a check-cashing and money-transfer business, housekeeper Maria Guadalupe Gutierrez waited patiently in line on a recent afternoon to wire $200 to her mother in Chiapas, Mexico.

Gutierrez used to send more before the economy tanked and clients stopped having their houses cleaned as frequently. But things have picked up lately, and she is getting more calls.

“I hope it keeps getting better,” said Gutierrez, 38, before rushing off to finish errands downtown.

Ending a three-year slump, remittances to Mexico are finally on the upswing, thanks to an improving U.S. job market. Analysts expect that money sent home last year by Mexicans living abroad, most of them residing in the United States, will top $23 billion when Mexico’s central bank releases annual figures this month. Although still below the peak of $26 billion in 2007, that would be a solid 8% increase over 2010.

Money transfer giant Western Union Co., whose revenue sagged during the recession, saw its remittance business strengthen in 2011. The Colorado company reported a 5% increase in revenue from its Mexico business in the third quarter compared with the same period in 2010. Its stock price is up more than 13% over the last three months.

The fact that many (if not most) foreigners use Western Union to move money when electronic banking now exists is noteworthy. It shows my 2002 suggestion that remittances should be taxed would still work, even in our more digitized time.

The figures underscore falling unemployment rates in California and nationwide, where sectors such as construction, manufacturing, restaurants and hotels that employ large numbers of Latino immigrants are creating jobs.

“People are working more,” said Jesus Hernandez, manager of the downtown Continental Currency branch, as he and another teller hustled through a line of 12 people. Money “wires are coming back up.”

The uptick is also good news for Mexico. Remittances are the nation’s second-largest source of foreign exchange, behind petroleum sales. And they’re a lifeline for millions of low-income Mexicans who use the funds for basics such as food, education and housing. Continue reading this article

Kris Kobach Endorses Romney

The Republican primary season has been a downer, with way too many awful amnesty hacks like Newt “Americano!” Gingrich and Gov. Rick Perry (shown below with Presidente Vicente Fox), Mexico’s best friend since George W. Bush.

I’ll admit to becoming more kindly disposed to Romney after hearing him questioned on the John and Ken radio show in 2008, about which I blogged at the time (Romney Quizzed on John and Ken Show). Listen to the interview here. He had the right answers on policy and sovereignty, plus grasping the psychology of self-interested invaders.

Romney has actually campaigned on immigration enforcement. We know that political promises don’t mean a lot when the office is won, but he is saying the right things now, which is more than you can say for most of the others.

Ann Coulter has endorsed Gov. Romney largely on the basis of his immigration enforcement position. So has Bay Buchanan.

And today we heard that enforcement architect Kris Kobach has endorsed Romney.

Romney’s push against amnesty makes immigration a defining issue, Washington Times, January 11, 2012

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Mitt Romney collected the endorsements Wednesday of the architect of Arizona’s immigration-crackdown law, marking the final step on a journey that has taken him from lukewarm support of legalization to the Republican presidential field’s most ardent opponent of amnesty.

And with Mr. Romney inching closer to wrapping up the GOP’s nomination, it sets up what would be the strongest contrast ever between the two major parties’ candidates on immigration.

“Romney stands head and shoulders above the crowd,” Kris W. Kobach, Kansas’ secretary of state and the architect of the Arizona law, told The Washington Times, praising Mr. Romney for treading where other Republican candidates have refused to go. “Immigration is one of those issues that will appear to be a hot button — some elected officials who are afraid of offending anyone will avoid taking tough stands on immigration, and he took a tough stand.”

Mr. Kobach’s endorsement follows those of other leaders in the immigration crackdown movement, including Bay Buchanan, who ran Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign in 2008 and who is the sister of former presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan.

It’s no surprise that the issue is popping up with 10 days to go before Republicans vote in South Carolina’s primary. South Carolina has passed its own Arizona-style law seeking to make illegal immigration a crime, giving state and local authorities police powers, and Republican primary voters in the state are overwhelmingly in favor of it.

The Obama administration has sued to halt the South Carolina and Arizona laws, as well as similar laws in Utah and Alabama, and those cases are winding their way through federal courts.

Mr. Romney and others in the Republican presidential field have said they support the states’ efforts, and Newt Gingrich on Wednesday told South Carolina voters that one of his first actions as president would be to drop the lawsuits.

Still, those who favor a crackdown on illegal immigration say Mr. Romney has emerged as their clear favorite over the past few years. He has embraced the use of E-Verify, the government’s voluntary system for checking work status; has talked about attrition of the numbers of illegal immigrants in the country through enforcement of laws; has called for building more border fencing; and has embraced state efforts to pick up enforcement where the federal government has failed.

Most of all, he adamantly vowed to block legalization bills. He recently said he would veto the Dream Act, which would grant legal status to illegal-immigrant students and young adults, who are usually considered the toughest cases because many of them were brought to the U.S. by parents and have never known any other country. Continue reading this article

Brother of Illegal Alien Crime Victim to Run for Milford Selectman

Michael Denice is the brother of Matthew, the young motorcycle rider who was cruelly dragged to death last year by a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien in Milford, Massachusetts. Michael has just announced his candidacy for the office of Selectman in his home town.

Below, Michael Denise is the fellow in the white sweater in the center of the group assembled in Milford to protest the preventable death of Matthew Denise.

Denice plans to run for selectman: MyFoxBOSTON.com

The preventable death of Matthew Denice illustrated how little the state of Massachusetts cares about public safety for citizens. The accused Ecuadoran, Nikolas Guaman, had several prior arrests, including assaulting a police officer. Democrat Governor Deval Patrick was particularly egregious in defending the state’s sanctuary policy that protected the killer alien. Senator Scott Brown urged the governor to adopt Secure Communities statewide, but Patrick wouldn’t budge.

As someone who has followed the issue of illegal alien crime, I know that family members of victims speaking out can make a big difference. After Sean and Donna Wilson were killed by a drunk-driving illegal alien with 17 arrests, daughter Heather Steffek worked within the political system to improve immigration enforcement in Tennessee and Nashville. The city later implemented 287(g).

Ed Kowalski, the uncle of murdered high school student Elizabeth Butler, has testified before elected officials in New York and Arizona about the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Any time the public is reminded that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, it’s a good thing.

You can check out Michael Denice’s Facebook page about his candidacy.

Brother of Milford man who died in accident to run for selectman, Milford Daily News, January 11, 2012

The older brother of the Milford man whose death in a motorcycle accident spurred furious debate about illegal immigration has announced his intention to run for selectman this spring.

Michael Denice, 26, who lives at 22 Debbie Lane, has taken out nomination papers and has set up a Facebook page about his candidacy.

If Denice makes the ballot, he would likely face Dino DeBartolomeis, who is seeking his 11th term on the board.

“The citizens of Milford need a voice on town issues. I have seen many changes occur in Milford over the past several years, including a rise in crime, an increase in immigration-related issues and a decline in the local economy and businesses,” Denice said in a statement. “We need selectmen that will not only work for the people, but more importantly work with the people in the community.”

Denice is the brother of Matthew Denice, 23, who police say was dragged to his death Aug. 20 by a pickup truck driven by Nicholas D. Guaman, an Ecuadorean who is in the country illegally. Police say Guaman was drunk when he hit Denice, who was riding his motorcycle at Congress and Fayette streets.

Guaman has been charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter while driving, motor vehicle homicide while under the influence, among other charges.

At a September forum in Town Hall designed to clear the air about the local Ecuadorian community, Michael Denice chided Ecuadorean officials, complaining that illegal immigrants have to work under the table, cannot drive with a legal license and must violate other laws just to stay in the country.

“What is your solution for those illegal immigrants already here today?” he asked, prompting a standing ovation from a crowd at Town Hall.

Korean Pleads Guilty to Running Superstore of Identity Theft

Illegal aliens who come to rip off Americans have a natural interest in ID theft because it benefits them so directly. Good fake papers are the keys to the kingdom of jobs, mortgages, banking and outright theft using credit cards.

On Monday, Korean Sang-Hyun Park pleaded guilty in a New Jersey courtroom to being the ringleader of a so-called crime superstore. Park was arrested with 53 other Koreans for the scheme last fall — like many foreigners, he kept the jobs created within the tribe. The crime organization is credited with stealing $4 million via fraud from credit card companies, banks and lenders.

Alleged leader of massive Bergen County identify theft, fraud ring pleads guilty, Newark Star-Ledger, January 10, 2012

NEWARK — The alleged leader of a massive identity theft and financial-fraud ring run by Korean immigrants living in Bergen County sat impassively at the defense table Monday, as he listened to the judge’s words through a quick-talking court interpreter.

Sang-Hyun Park, 45, could manage only a barely audible “yes” as he answered the judge’s numerous, detailed questions Monday, before he pleading guilty in Newark federal court to running a complex identity theft scheme between 2007 and September 2010 that costs numerous banks millions of dollars.

Clad in a dark-green prison jumpsuit, Park is likely be deported to South Korea after serving what is expected to be a decade or more in prison. He was perhaps the biggest player among the 54 people rounded-up in a massive federal sweep in 2010, authorities said.

“Today, ‘Jimmy’ Park admitted he ran an organization which obtained Social Security numbers through fraud, manufactured fake IDs, ripped off banks and retailers and laundered a portion of millions in profits overseas,” U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said Monday.

In all, authorities said, Park defrauded various credit card companies, banks and lenders out of about $4 million. He and his co-conspirators also claimed more than $182,000 in tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service through the filing of false and fictitious tax returns and accompanying documents, they said. Continue reading this article