New Mexico Republican Discusses Diverse Outreach (aka Visiting His Constituents)

I happened to click over to C-SPAN on Tuesday, and was fascinated by what Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) had to say about a problem currently making many Republicans insane — how to appeal to the treasured hispanic voter.

He is a Republican representative for a district that is 52 percent hispanic and 34 percent Republican. He credits his electoral success with regular personal contact with as many of his constituents as can be reached, whatever their cultural or political leanings.

Not all of his policy ideas are positive, particularly how Pearce seems to favor a big increase in legal immigration, which is odd for someone from a dry region. Still, he has a recent immigration enforcement grade of A- from NumbersUSA.

But the important thing is that he does the work that members of Congress are supposed to do — meet with constituents to talk about their concerns.

Pearce drives around 100,000 miles a year to visit his physically large district, which is around 70,000 square miles, larger than the state of Florida. He goes to around 20 events a weekend and more during recesses. It’s not a magic formula, just hard work.

Last year, he encouraged Mitt Romney to visit more with hispanics to show interest in their concerns, but the Presidential candidate couldn’t be persuaded.

Pearce says that an amnesty won’t win any hispanic votes for Republicans. But his method of taking the conservative message in person to sometimes challenging audiences has proved to be a winner. Too bad Reince Preibus isn’t listening to such good advice.

Washington Journal invited Pearce to appear on the program because of a WSJ article from a few days ago discussing his work habits among the voters.

One GOP Lawmaker Shows How to Woo Latino Voters, Wall Street Journal, March 11, 2013

LAS CRUCES, N.M.—Rep. Steve Pearce is the rarest of Republican Party officeholders, a very conservative Anglo who keeps winning elections from a predominantly Latino electorate.

As the national GOP seeks to improve its dismal standing with Hispanic voters, the 65-year-old former oil man has some advice.

“You just have to show up, all the time, everywhere,” he said, during a recent barnstorm tour of his district, which sprawls across the southern half of this border state. “Most Republicans don’t bother. I do. I bother.”

Mr. Pearce has watched the national GOP struggle to understand why its low-tax, pro-business, family-values message hasn’t resonated with Latinos: Mitt Romney got the lowest share of the Hispanic vote of any GOP presidential candidate since 1996.

Many conservatives have since concluded that if the party can get immigration off the table, Hispanics will give the GOP a new look.

Mr. Pearce agrees, but he contends that changes in policy platforms aren’t enough to reverse the party’s decline among voters like those in his district. Republicans must spend time in Latino neighborhoods with the respectful attentiveness of a small-town mayor.

“We have to sell ourselves,” he said. It will take hard work, he added, because the majority of Hispanics are “spring-loaded” to favor the Democrats and their more expansive view of government. Continue reading this article

How to Get Uninvited to CPAC

In previous years, the Conservative Political Action Conference allowed a few non-Conservatism Inc. events to occur around the edges, like the hugely popular 2009 appearance of Geert Wilders, a Dutch critic of hostile Islam and its threat to western liberties.

This year, certain people were prevented from having such meetings, which were considered by the big brains of CPAC to be outside the bounds of proper conservatism.

Fortunately, the Breitbart people stepped up and put on a panel called The Uninvited — which may cause Breitbart to be uninvited next year. Along with anti-amnesty Ann Coulter. We’ll see.

The Uninvited speakers included Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA, Dan Gouré of the Lexington Institute, The Hudson Institute’s Nina Shea, Frank Gaffney of Center for Security Policy, Jihad Watch blogger Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

Below is a video of Robert Spencer speaking from the Uninvited panel. For a little more background, see his article Why I Am Not a CPAC Conservative.

Breitbart itself had a follow-up discussing the importance of free speech in these difficult times:

‘UNINVITED’: Spencer: Where Is Opposition to Jihadis?

Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, participated Saturday in Breitbart News’ wide-ranging “Uninvited” panel on the final day of the annual CPAC. Covering issues from crony capitalism, global jihad and the global persecution of Christians, the “Uninvited” panel was the only opportunity CPAC attendees had to discuss several issues critical to our national security.

Spencer’s remarks were framed around the provocative title, “Why I’m Not a Conservative.” The title was toungue-in-cheek, of course, as Spencer has a long history in conservative activism, devoting much of his career to defending the constitution. Because his focus is on the threat to the constitution from the imposition of Islamic Sharia Law, however, his work has been unwelcome at recent CPAC gatherings.

Spencer noted that, in recent years, discussing the threat Sharia Law poses to our basic freedoms, “is suddenly that’s so toxic, that’s so controversial, that’s so evil that they only way I can get here, even to the Conservative Political Action Conference is on a panel called the ‘uninvited.'” Continue reading this article

Senator Rand Paul Suggests a Bilingual America

The Kentucky Senator’s amnesty scheme, presented Thursday to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, was bad enough with its policy recommendations, but it contained a time bomb of a hint that the Spanish language should be accorded a bigger space in American society, perhaps even official bilingualism.

The zinger line (from the WSJ’s transcript of the speech):

Republicans who criticize the use of two languages make a great mistake.

That accusation is a straw man, since no Republicans have criticized the ability to speak two languages, unless Paul means expensive practices like multilingual election ballots and government-funded translators in courts and hospitals, which are big costs to taxpayers.

In fact, Paul’s “two languages” idea is a cultural divider and one of the worst aspects of immigration diversity. Nothing is more divisive than when people cannot understand each other.

Why shouldn’t Americans insist that “immigrants” learn English if they expect to live here? That requirement is traditional and isn’t much to ask. Only in conquered lands are citizens made to speak the language of the invader.

Plus English is the most useful language on earth, used as the lingua franca on the internet, in the airline industry worldwide and in the sciences. Even the slavishly multi-culti New York Times calls it the “king of languages.”

But language panderers who think Americans should learn Spanish are crazy destructive and are selling out citizens. There is already de facto Spanish bilingualism in areas of hispanic infiltration where the language is required for employment (e.g. Texas Woman Suffers Job Discrimination for Not Speaking Spanish).

Senator Paul’s speech was punctuated by many uses of Spanish including a literary quote from Pablo Neruda and a reference to Miguel de Unamuno, whoever that is. Paul began by speaking Spanish and used it near the end in summing up, with stories of his high school Spanish thrown in for good measure. This underlying message of cultural submission to the hispanic audience appears to have gone largely unnoticed in mainstream reports.

Some Americans might find such hispandering to be beyond the pale, particularly when the underlying message is one of surrendering American culture to demanding foreigners. One remembers Gov. Richard Lamm’s famously ironic article “I Have a Plan to Destroy America” where the #1 item was to “first make America a bilingual-bicultural country.”

Here’s the whole subservient speech:

Text of Rand Paul’s Immigration Speech, WSJ, March 19, 2013

Por favor disculpen mi Espanol.  Como creci en Houston -es un poco ‘espanglish y un poco Tex Mex.

I lived, worked, played and grew up alongside Latinos.  As a teenager I worked alongside immigrants mowing lawns and putting in landscaping around businesses.

I remember once asking one of the immigrant workers how much he was being paid.  “Cuanto le pagan por el trabajo? “

He responded “tres dolars.”  I responded, “Yo tambien.  Tres Dolars,  por hora . . . ?”

He shook shook his head, “No tres Dolars, por dia!”

At a young age, I came to understand that it makes a difference whether you are a documented immigrant or an undocumented immigrant, that the existence was not easy for the undocumented but that opportunity in America somehow trumped even the poor living conditions and low pay.

I wondered what circumstances must have been like in his country to choose an admittedly tough life in the shadows.

Growing up in Texas I never met a Latino who wasn’t working.

In school, everyone took Spanish.  I sometimes wish I had paid more attention in class.  As a teenager, I was not always the model citizen that I am today…

In my middle school Spanish class, my exuberance sometimes overcame my restraint and I would be asked to go to the principal’s office. My Spanish teacher would scold me,  “En boca cerrada no entran moscas!”

Cuando no lo escuchaba, I would often be sent to the principal’s office.

In those days we had corporal punishment. After a few such trips to the principal’s office, I discovered that my Spanish teacher was married to the assistant principal and they were getting a divorce.

So when I was sent to the principal’s office, I would make the decision to go instead to the assistant principal’s office. He and I would commiserate: Oh man she’s crazy! You’re right kid, just sit here today and go back tomorrow.

As a consequence, I never became as proficient with my Spanish as I would have liked because I spent a great deal of time in detention.

I read Miguel de Unamuno in college.  I think he gives Republicans some good advice,

He wrote, “Miremos más que somos padres de nuestro porvenir que no hijos de nuestro pasado” Continue reading this article

Obama Frees Foreign Criminals but Seeks to Deport German Homeschoolers

We learned recently of the Obama administration’s decision to release thousands of criminal aliens onto American streets, using approaching sequester budget cuts as an excuse.

But do not think that the Obama crowd objects to deportation generally. In fact, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is working to deport a German family pursuing an asylum claim because Germany bars homeschooling.

Eric Holder has taken the position that homeschooling is not a human right regarding asylum, and that policy could affect American parents as well. About two million students are currently homeschooled in the United States, about 2.9 percent of the total. The German family case may signal a crackdown coming from Washington on the freedom of US parents to educate their own children.

Some European nations want every kid put in the state schools to absorb the diversity belief system. Sweden is particularly bad for demanding even little toddlers be immersed in state-approved social attitudes. (See Sweden’s Crackdown on Home Schooling Causes Parents to Flee.)

The Romeike family (shown below) left Germany and sought asylum in the United States because Germany doesn’t allow families to homeschool.

The family was granted asylum initially, but now the Obama administration is using its powerful resources to deport them.

Americans Warned: Home Schoolers Stripped of Rights, By Dale Hurd, CBN News, March 18, 2013

BERLIN — Recently, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has said that home schooling is not a parent’s right. It is a statement some are saying should frighten American parents.

Nations like Germany and Sweden show that when governments take away home schooling rights, it’s a slippery slope to no parental rights.

America the Refuge or Not

The Romeike family came to the United States from Germany five years ago hoping to find refuge. They wanted to home-school their children in freedom and a federal judge granted them asylum.

But now the Obama administration has been trying to deport them, arguing that home schooling is not a right. The case is currently before a federal appeals court.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike began home schooling in Germany because they didn’t want their children exposed to things like witchcraft and graphic sex education that are taught in German schools.

“There were stories where [school children] were encouraged to ask the devil for help instead of God and actually the devil would help (in the story),” Uwe said.

“When we found out what’s in the textbooks, it’s exactly the opposite from what the Bible tells us and teaches us, and we wanted to protect [our children],” his wife Hannelore added.

But home schooling is illegal in Germany, except in rare cases. And many home schooling parents are persecuted with fines, jail, or the loss of their children. Continue reading this article

RNC Chair Preibus Lays Out Amnesty Strategy for Republican Party

How did Reince Preibus keep his job as the Chairman of the Republican Party after the GOP lost a winnable election last November? It’s a question that I have. At least Mitt Romney has been mostly quiet since the devastating defeat.

But now Preibus is back, feigning leadership with a diversity-friendly to-do list that he thinks will make the public like the party better. He is doing the rounds of media appearances, talking up a new report, Growth & Opportunity Project, which purports to lay out a roadmap for Republican rebranding.

Here’s a snip from the National Journal report (3/18), 5 Ways Reince Priebus Is Channeling George W. Bush and Bill Clinton:

Immigration is a no-brainer: “ … We must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. If we do not, our party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only.” Bush’s inroads with Hispanic voters were squandered by anti-immigration conservatives who blocked reforms during his presidency. Priebus is worried that immigration reform will stall again in Congress.

Preibus must not have examined election results very closely. In 2008, heartfelt amnesty enthusiast John McCain got a mere 31 percent of the hispanic vote, while in 2012 pro-enforcement candidate Mitt Romney received 27 percent of latino votes, only 4 percent fewer.

The more important fact about hispanics is their cultural preference for big government, which lasts generations despite residing in America. The numbers are from Pew Hispanic’s 2012 research, Hispanics and Their Views of Identity:

The McCain failure should have proved once and for all that Republicans cannot win hispanics with the promise of mass amnesty. But the big RNC brains have a religion-like belief in political diversity that clouds their view of actual facts. Hispanics see big government as positive and like getting free stuff, making them natural Democrats as a group.

Beer Returns to Mali after Liberation from Sharia

When French troops assisted local forces in chasing out sharia thugs earlier this year, Mali citizens were thrilled. Even though 90 percent of the population is Muslim, most Malians enjoy their cultural pursuits, like music. In fact, Mali is known for its vibrant musical tradition, particularly singing. When the sharia extremists took power, one of the first things they did was drive out the musicians.

Timbuktu residents welcomed their French and Malian liberators in January.

Another advantage of living under freedom rather than sharia oppression is access to the noble brew. Islamists really hate beer, and any pleasure for that matter, as shown by the simmering conflict in Nigeria over the beverage.

As the Ayatollah Khomeini said, “There is no fun in Islam.”

It’s heartening how the Malians are doing everything they can to eradicate the memory of sharia, using gallons of paint to cover Islamic propaganda and reviving their traditional lifestyles with a beer salute.

North Mali’s drinkers toast France for return of beer, Agence France-Presse, March 17, 2013

Close to the banks of the Niger river, men in the north Malian city of Gao gather at nightfall to drink beer, in one of the daily signs of life in a town whose residents are working to wipe out all traces of hardline Islamist occupation.

With its walls of red clay, its white chairs and its tepid French export beer, Le Petit Dogon bar reopened last week after nine months of closure enforced by the armed Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), whose fundamentalists were driven out by French-led troops this year.

On Sunday night, a dozen people are present. A Malian soldier, with a “France” patch stitched to his uniform, listens to music on his mobile phone, which has a screensaver featuring a topless woman. Yehia Maiga, a 33-year-old road haulage driver, waves his cigarette and says, “This beer is thanks to (French President) Francois Hollande!” Continue reading this article

Arizona: ICE Released 122 Convicted Criminals Using Sequester Excuse

What sort of morally corrupt, irresponsible government could purposefully release thousands of dangerous foreign felons — a reckless act that clearly endangers the people? It’s one thing for Obama to close White House tours to magnify the effect of a small cut to the growth rate of government spending, but quite another to put public safety on the chopping block for imagined political gain.

The sequester release of detainees slated for deportation has perhaps gotten more of a response than was anticipated. More than three dozen members of Congress sent a letter to DHS Secretary Napolitano calling on the agency to stop the releases and characterizing the act “unprecedented and dangerous.” Officials like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu have demanded to know who was let go and where.

The public outcry has forced the administration to make tiny retreats, like re-arresting four criminals it had let go a few weeks earlier. Information is dribbling out in small quantities, so the citizens won’t get the big picture about the sort of thugs Obama loosed into American communities.

And why weren’t the dangerous foreign convicts simply deported as the law requires?

ICE freed 122 Arizona criminals, Arizona Republic, March 15, 2013

More than a third of the 342 illegal immigrants released from detention facilities in Arizona last month were convicted criminals, and one of them was categorized as a Level 1 offender, the highest risk, according to data released by the federal government Friday.

The new information also showed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released more people in the state than the 303 originally indicated by ICE, and for higher-level offenses, said Matthew Benson, spokesman for Gov. Jan Brewer.

“This has become a moving target in terms of information provided by the federal government from the very start,” Benson said.

ICE officials refused to provide additional details about the criminal background of the Level 1 offender released in Arizona or to say why that person was released.

Brewer, along with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, have been highly critical of the release of immigration detainees, saying they pose a threat to public safety.

The immigration detainees were released from four detention centers in Pinal County as part of ICE’s nationwide efforts to avoid a budget overrun ahead of the automatic federal budget cuts known as the sequester.

The governor and local law-enforcement officials have demanded that ICE provide details about the criminal backgrounds of the immigration detainees released in Arizona.

Benson said the agency so far has refused to provide all the information Brewer requested in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on March 1. Continue reading this article

Senator Rubio Supports Latino Museum in Smithsonian Complex

Evidence continues to mount that diverse Republican star Senator Marco Rubio is at heart a race man, who feels loyalty to his tribe rather than to the nation he took an oath to serve. He talks up the virtues of the American people, but his behavior suggests a different preference.

The Florida Senator makes fine speeches on basic conservative themes, no question. His recent CPAC presentation was typically well crafted. [Watch.] Notably, his speech avoided the immigration topic in which he is currently immersed as an important member of the Gang of Eight secret amnesty schemers (shown below). Democrat Luis Gutierrez says Rubio is “key” to achieving comprehensive amnesty.

The latest race-based preference is Rubio’s support for a Latino museum to be built next to the Smithsonian Castle in Washington. The museum is designed to show that hispanics have had a long and positive effect on American history, even though the hispanic population in 1940 was less than 1.9 million. We have seen such historical revisionism before, such as the raza gang’s demanding filmmaker Ken Burns to refilm his PBS documentary about WWII to include special attention to hispanic contributions, which in fact were not substantial.

In a statement, Senator Rubio characterized the edifice as a celebration of immigration.

Latino museum planned in place of Smithsonian building, Daily Caller, March 15, 2013

Latino legislators have drafted legislation to fund a Latino museum on the site of the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building, which has showcased the industrial and cultural accomplishments of 19th century American adventurers and entrepreneurs.

“A Museum of the American Latino would officially acknowledge our great history in the United States, and educate visitors about how the success of this country could not have been accomplished without the achievements of Hispanic Americans,” said a March 14 statement from the office of embattled Sen. Robert Menendez, who is now facing a grand jury investigation for possible corruption.

It will also demonstrate the growing political power of Latinos, which has been slowly rising since the 1965 immigration revamp.

“We are in a new era in which Latinos are a much greater part of our national discourse … our numbers have grown as well as our significance to the story of America,” said Menendez’s statement.

The legislation does not say if the existing building would be razed for the new museum.

The building is located beside the Smithsonian Castle, and is being updated for the public next year. The other Smithsonian buildings along the mall would not be impacted.

Menendez’s bill was backed by Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Xavier Becerra, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

“This will be an enduring monument as much to the people who have found opportunity and refuge in America as it is a tribute to our exceptional country that has always welcomed people and helped them realize their dreams like no other place in human history,” said a statement from Rubio, which portrayed the project as a celebration of immigration. Continue reading this article

Russian TV Documents France Going Muslim

It’s interesting to see another video reporting on the rapid Islamicization of France. (See the recent Hungarian piece and a December item from Russia’s RT network.)

Russia has serious problems with its unfriendly Muslims and its media may be checking out France to see how things might develop. As an example of concern, a couple weeks ago the mayor of Moscow ended further mosque construction.

Unsurprisingly, we don’t see Sixty Minutes visiting to check on the worsening situation following its shocking 2004 report The New French Revolution about the violent Muslim neighborhoods. The more a society crumbles into anarchy because of diversity, the less the press wants to investigate.

The present report predicts that France will turn Islamic in a short 23 years if demographic trends continue. And nobody in the French government is doing anything to stop Muslim immigration.

Demographic change is unforgiving and can happen overnight if political elites support it. We in California have experienced it firsthand. Hostile uneducated Mexicans are bad enough, but Muslim immigrants are a different matter entirely. America should learn from Europe’s disastrous example and cease Muslim immigration here.


00:00 And now in Europe, the capital of the old world is changing its cultural appearance before our eyes.

00:04 What if the kings of France who are buried in the Basilica of Saint-Denis near Paris

00:07 had known in what surroundings they would come to rest?

00:12 Report on an unrecognizable France by Olga Skabaeva, our special correspondent.

00:20 Here twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we only speak Arabic

00:23 because the French language is prohibited. In the Muslim school,

00:26 registrations are already closed a year in advance.

00:32 Each day, the first lesson on the timetable is the Koran as a true Muslim

00:35 must learn by heart 114 suras of the Holy Book. Continue reading this article

Poll: Canadians Say Limit Immigration

The mass importation of foreigners is not a popular policy among average folks the world over. Human nature dictates that people prefer to associate with others who share their values, culture and language. Too much diversity is unwelcome, which is why the liberal press extols it daily.

Immigration’s true fans are liberals beguiled with multi-culti ideology and business types looking for cheap workers and eager consumers.

Canadians apparently think they have enough imported diversity, according to a recent Forum poll. Seventy percent of those surveyed said that immigration should be limited. That number is not so different from the 2007 Pew poll (World Publics Welcome Global Trade — But Not Immigration) that found 62 percent of Canadians agreed with the statement, “We should further restrict and control immigration.”

How normal of Canadians. Everyone likes their own tribe the best. It’s a hard-wired thing.

Plus, Canada has seen some of the worst diversity immigrants have to offer, like the triple honor killings a couple years ago in an Afghan family. At least the Muslim plot to blow up the Parliament and behead the Prime Minister was busted before execution. However, 12 percent of Muslim Canadians thought the jihadist attack would have been justified.

On Monday, SunTV’s Brian Lilley discussed the poll and Canadian values on his show.

For more details on the poll, check out Most Canadians in favour of limits on immigration: poll, National Post, March 10, 2013.

Amnesty Plans Keep Magnet in Place

Every report we have heard about secret Senate meetings for comprehensive amnesty includes as a matter of course that illegals get instantaneous work permits and freedom from deportation. The article following notes in its first sentence that “senators. . . agree on a path to legal status.”

It one of several words and phrases used to hide the amnesty in plain sight:

Legal status IS amnesty. So are work permits, normalizing status and legalization — all expressions of the desired payoff for illegal aliens.

The Washington suits may chatter endlessly about a “path to citizenship” but the real magnet for the foreigners themselves is unlimited access to American jobs and freedom from deportation.

To illegal aliens, legalization amounts to winning the lottery. Furthermore, Washington’s generous distribution of work permits will incentivize millions of additional foreign job thieves to enter unlawfully, with the reasonable belief that their amnesty will come too.

Naturally the politically minded apparatchiks in La Raza and the Democrat Party care about the citizenship angle because they plan on millions of grateful Dem voters in a few years. They also hope the public will be distracted by the “path to citizenship” talk, which suggests some sort of process, while the real goodies are quietly handed out on day #1 — game over.

Another indicator of what foreigners want — after the 1986 amnesty, only 40 percent of the 2.7 million immigrants who received a green card had become naturalized citizens as of 2009. The sixty percent who remained resident aliens were presumably satisfied with their status because they had everything they came for.

Plus, does anyone expect Obama to enforce immigration law, even if the amnesty legislation is signed? Most recently, he showed his disregard of law and public safety when he released thousands of dangerous criminal aliens who were supposed to be deported, using the sequester budget crunch as an excuse.

Senators agree on path to legal status for illegal immigrants, Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2013, 3:00 a.m.

Senators crafting a bipartisan overhaul of immigration laws agree on a path to legal status, aides say, but other hurdles remain.

Eight senators who have spent weeks trying to write a bipartisan bill to overhaul immigration laws have privately agreed on the most contentious part of the draft — how to offer legal status to the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

According to aides familiar with the closed-door negotiations, the bill would require illegal immigrants to register with Homeland Security Department authorities, file federal income taxes for their time in America and pay a still-to-be-determined fine. They also must have a clean law enforcement record.

Once granted probationary legal status, immigrants would be allowed to work but would be barred from receiving federal public benefits, including food stamps, family cash assistance, Medicaid and unemployment insurance.

The group’s current draft is largely in line with President Obama’s call to set a pathway to earned citizenship as part of a broader immigration reform package, as well as with recent efforts by prominent Republican lawmakers to resolve an issue that hurt GOP candidates in November’s election.

Though the draft is a long way from becoming law, immigration advocates expressed guarded optimism about a possible breakthrough. Continue reading this article

Miami Schools Bear Immigration Costs

Poor Miami. It used to be a nice American city, until over a million Cuban exiles arrived who thought they could do a better job of running the place. Plus, in 1980 Castro dumped 125,000 of the worst of his criminals in the Mariel boatlift, celebrated by diversity enthusiasts as a great success as long as the outcome wasn’t inspected too closely. A police officer remarked at the time, “It was like an invading army was dropped in here to rape, pillage and burn in our town.”

As a result, Miami became a center for crime, the Spanish language and Cuban culture. Diversity has added appalling practices like the criminal slaughter of families’ horses to supply the Cubans with horsemeat. In south Florida, a dead horse is more valuable than a live one. The area is also a hotbed of Medicare fraud committed by Cubans in the billions of dollars.

Miami is thick with diversity. A recent Census community survey showed that 51.2% of the population in Miami-Dade County is foreign born. The same update revealed that a language other than English is spoken in 72.3% of households.

A recent report about the state of Miami schools shows how immigration remains an expensive project for the taxpayers. The following Miami Herald story is remarkably clear about the dollars required for importing diversity, although there is a customary mention of an illegal alien valedictorian. One eye-opener: nearly 1,000 new immigrant students enter district schools every month.

Report: Immigration costs Miami-Dade schools $22 million a year, Miami Herald, March 9, 2013

As lawmakers in Washington consider changes to immigration laws, Miami-Dade public school officials want them to know just how much their policies are taxing South Florida’s classrooms.

According to a report released last week, the district pays $22 million each year to educate new students who come to South Florida from other countries and enroll in K-12 classes. The report says close to 1,000 new immigrant students enter Miami-Dade classes on average each month — totaling about 11,000 a year — costing about $2,000 more per student than those who come from South Florida and don’t require additional language services.

The “Immigration Impact Briefing,” compiled at the request of Miami-Dade School Board member and Republican political consultant Carlos Curbelo, says the extra $22 million — a conservative estimate — is not reimbursed by federal or state funds. Translation: It comes from Miami-Dade taxpayers.

“This does come at a cost, and the way it happens isn’t in any way ideal,” Curbelo, the son of Cuban parents, said of how federal laws regulate and fund the education of immigrant students.

District figures show the melting pot in Miami-Dade filters down into the public school system, where as of February there were more than 68,000 foreign-born students enrolled in classes. That’s one out of every five students, mostly from Cuba, though students come from countries as far flung as Poland and Nigeria.

Among immigration’s effects on the district, according to the report:

• Additional English for Speakers of Other Languages courses must be offered to accommodate “English language learners,” and likewise additional teachers must be must be certified and ESOL-endorsed. The cost of ESOL, which is not reimbursed by the state or federal government, is about $1,500 a student.

• Students who come from other countries cost the district close to $500 each to provide “student stations” — a desk, classroom space — because their enrollment is unexpected.

• For some students uprooted abruptly from their schooling, the district must provide a “transitional newcomer program” that caters to cultural and language needs. Continue reading this article

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