Asian Diversity Is Considered in New Study

There’s a new report filled with lots of interesting Asian statistics, focusing on education but including a wide range of social measures, informing anyone who is interested that Asians residing in America are diverse.

Not all are college graduates. Chinese are high achievers, as we were recently reminded by the Tiger Mom Chinese supremacist imbroglio. But Hmong and Laotians remain in the back of the class.

The report uses Census data and has lots of charts. See the whole study: Asian Americans in the United States: 2011.

Who knew that so many more Asians than hispanics are foreign born?

Here’s a brief overview from CaliforniaWatch, which unfortunately frames the normal difficulties of immigration as victimhood, e.g. “Asian Americans face language barriers,” etc.

For Asian Americans, educational attainment varies widely,, November 1, 2011

Asian Americans overall obtain high levels of formal education, but an analysis of recent census data reveals large disparities between Asian American ethnic groups.

The percentage of high school graduates is as high as 96 percent among Taiwanese Americans and as low as 61 percent among Hmong Americans, according to a report [PDF] released last week by the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice. The rate of bachelor’s degrees ranges from 12 percent among Laotians to 73 percent among Taiwanese.

These lower rates of educational attainment put some Asian American ethnic groups on par with Latinos and African Americans, the report found. Sixty-one percent of Latinos and 81 percent of African Americans have high school diplomas; 13 percent of Latinos and 18 percent of African Americans have bachelor’s degrees.

All together, 86 percent of Asian Americans have high school diplomas, and 49 percent have bachelor’s degrees, the center’s analysis of data from the 2007-09 American Community Survey found. Compared with other racial groups, Asian Americans have the highest rate of bachelor’s degrees, but their high school graduation rate is second to that of whites (90 percent).

Even though the data include both American-born and immigrant Asians, they reflect the various pathways Asian immigrants take to the United States, said Daniel Ichinose, director of the Demographic Research Project and Census Information Center at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, which co-authored the report.

The majority of Asian immigrants who became legal permanent residents in 2010 – 62 percent – entered as immediate relatives of U.S. citizens or under family-sponsored preferences. Twenty-three percent immigrated under employment-based preferences.

“Educational attainment among Asian Americans in this country is really sculpted and shaped by immigration policies,” Ichinose said.

For example, 52 percent of South Korean immigrants came to the U.S. under employment-based preferences. According to census data, 92 percent of Koreans hold high school diplomas and 52 percent have bachelor’s degrees. On the other hand, just 1 percent of Vietnamese immigrants came to the U.S. under employment-based preferences. Vietnamese educational attainment was among the lowest of Asian Americans: 72 percent graduate from high school, and 27 percent finish college.

The report also notes that many Asian Americans face language barriers. Nearly three out of four speak a language other than English at home, and about one-third are limited-English proficient. Continue reading this article

Illegal Honduran Murders Woman in Walmart Parking Lot

In today’s America, nowhere is safe from illegal alien violence.

Doing some Sunday evening shopping at WalMart in a rural area proved to be a deadly decision for Kathleen Byham. When went to her car in the store’s parking lot in Albion, New York, she was approached by three men who demanded her keys. She resisted and was repeatedly stabbed by Honduran illegal alien Luis Flamenco and died after being taken to a local hospital.

The police arrested Flamenco hours after the stabbing. They were aided by eye-witness descriptions and surveillance video from WalMart cameras. The police also arrested the two accomplices, plus three other illegal aliens in the course of the investigation.

According to the victim’s father, Scott Byham, Kathleen, aged 45, had just gotten her PhD in art. He expressed hope that the legal system would show Flamenco the same mercy he had shown his daughter.

Reportedly, Flamenco was wanted on a parole warrant from Georgia at the least. Why would an illegal alien get a parole rather that a deportation? Inquiring minds want to know.

Woman shopper stabbed to death in random attack by illegal immigrant, Daily Mail (UK), November 1, 2011

An illegal immigrant has been charged with murder after stabbing a woman in a car park outside a busy superstore.

Luis A. Rodriguez-Flamenco is accused of repeatedly stabbing Kathleen I. Byham, 45 in the Wal-Mart car park west of the village of Albion in New York.

Rodriguez-Flamenco, 24, from Honduras was arrested after an all-night search by numerous police agencies.

He was refused bail and is being held in Orleans County Jail.

The stabbing happened at around 7pm on Sunday in the store’s car park at Route 31 and Gaines Basin Road in Orleans.

Orleans County Sheriff Scott Hess said the murder appeared to be a ‘random’ act.

Police said the victim had just left the large discount retailer after shopping alone when she was approached by three men – including Rodriguez-Flamenco, as she arrived at her car.

Mr Hess said: ‘She suffered multiple stab wounds to the torso. She was shopping by herself and was not with any of the three men’.

Ms Byham of Albion was rushed to Medina Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 7.40 pm. Continue reading this article

Major ICE Drug Bust Spotlights Illegal Aliens with Backpacks

Illegal aliens toting backpacks filled with drugs over a porous border are a basic component of cartels’ operations that make billions of dollars annually. ICE made a big bust on Thursday, and reports from phone taps revealed how an open border serves the Sinaloa cartel very well.

“Illegal immigrants carried the drugs over the border in backpacks, stuffed them into cars that were hidden in the desert via GPS coordinates, and then offloaded that so they could go on the freeway,” remarks the reporter William La Jeunesse in the video below.

We also see Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne observing that the border is NOT “safer than it has ever been” (according to DHS’s Janet Napolitano who defended the administration’s performance as recently as last week), but is instead “the most dangerous it’s ever been.”

More details about the bust:

Authorities Arrest at Least 70 Suspected Drug Smugglers in Major Bust in Arizona, Fox News, October 31, 2011

Authorities have reportedly seized thousands of pounds of narcotics and arrested 70 suspected drug smugglers in what they’re calling one of the biggest narcotics trafficking rings ever dismantled in Arizona.

An official close to the investigation told Reuters that the suspects arrested in Arizona have ties to a violent drug cartel based in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

“This is one of the more substantial drug-smuggling operations going on right now. This is a billion-dollar drug trade organization linked to the cartel,” the official told Reuters.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made the bust Thursday in the Phoenix area and areas south, including Casa Grande and Maricopa, after a 17-month investigation by local, state and federal officials.

Reuters reports that authorities confiscated drugs, money, weapons, ammunition and bullet-proof vests. The drugs were reportedly being smuggled from Mexico into Arizona by car, plane, on foot and through tunnels. Continue reading this article

Latest Minnesota Suicide Bomber in Somalia Is Identified

In Somalia, another young man who was raised in the United States has blown up himself and several others, 10 in this case.

Americans learned in a July hearing that more than 40 Somalis residing in the United States returned to their homeland to pursue jihad.

I’ve reported on Shirwa Ahmed, another suicide bomber (killing 30) who grew up in Minneapolis and appeared to be a well adjusted young man who attended the high school prom and shot hoops with friends. At some point, he rejected his American life and traveled to his homeland to kill for Allah.

Another Somali from Minnesota went kablooey earlier this year when Abdullahi Ahmed killed two African Union soldiers and himself in Mogadishu.

The latest Somali bomber has been identified as Abdisalan Hussein Ali, an immigrant who entered the United States at aged two. His example shows again how the usual American assimilation process doesn’t work when faced with such intractable cultures as Somali Muslim. Washington should stop admitting Muslims as immigrants and particularly so for Somalis before they start blowing themselves up in Minnesota and beyond. The diversity Kool-Aid has gone far enough.

Suicide bomber in Somali attack was reportedly from Minneapolis: Al-Shabab militant group identifies bomber as 22-year-old who moved to US at age two, MSNBC, October 31, 2011

MOGADISHU, Somalia — A man who blew himself up in an attack in the Somali capital on Saturday reportedly grew up in Minneapolis and was known by the FBI as one of 20 Somali Americans to have joined an al-Qaida-linked militant group.

Abdisalan Hussein Ali, 22, was suspected of being a member of al-Shabab, the FBI told

Kyle Loven, the FBI’s chief division counsel for Minneapolis, said Ali was a subject of “Operation Rhino,” an ongoing investigation into Somali youth traveling from the U.S. to Somalia to fight for al-Shabab.

Loven could not confirm whether Ali was indeed the bomber but told that the FBI was “awaiting results from DNA checks at this point.”

Al-Shabab posted an audiotape that they said was made by Ali before he blew himself up during an attack Saturday on an African Union base in Mogadishu that left at least 10 people dead.

The FBI could not confirm whether the audiotape was authentic but was investigating its credibility.

A spokesman for the Somali affairs unit at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi told that they had seen reports alleging that one of the bombers was an American citizen.”We have not been able to verify those reports,” Matt Goshko said.

In the tape, the young man, who would be at least the fourth American to become a suicide bomber in Somalia, urges other young people to not “just chill all day” and instead fight nonbelievers around the world.

The website (website not in English), often used by the al-Shabab militia, said the Somali-American bomber had emigrated to the U.S. when he was two years old. Continue reading this article

Turks and Kurds Battle in Paris

When a nation welcomes millions of immigrants from a hugely alien, historically hostile culture who stubbornly resist assimilation, bad things happen.

One recent example was Sunday’s pitched battle on the streets of Paris between hundreds of Turks and Kurds, in which one person reportedly died and a dozen were injured. Riot police had to use tear gas to take back the streets for the French.

I could find no mention of whether the people of France celebrated the diversity of foreigners battling their internal political wars in Paris, although the video below shows non-Middle-Eastern persons avoiding the violence.

Alleged PKK sympathizers clash with Turkish protesters in Paris, Hurriyet Daily News, October 31, 2011

Fifteen people were wounded yesterday when a group of alleged Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) supporters attacked Turkish anti-terror demonstrators in Paris.

Turkish citizens had gathered in Bastille Square in Paris in the late afternoon to protest the recent terrorist attacks when alleged PKK supporters attacked them with sticks and stones.

Fifteen people were wounded, and one remains in critical condition.

The protesters refused to leave after the attacks and continued their demonstrations. The French police force then reportedly surrounded the group and used tear gas to contain them.

Anti-terror protests by Turkish citizens in other countries have been going on for some time. A recent protest took place in Holland, where the protests took place peacefully, excluding a minor discrepancy that was quickly resolved by the involvement of Turkish authorities.

Muslim Brotherhood Is Busy Working for Worldwide Sharia

Hostile Muslims who support the ideology of planetary jihad must be feeling pretty good these days. A couple of their top guys (Osama & al Awalaki) got whacked, it’s true, but the whole “Arab Spring” charade is going quite well from the pro-caliphate position. A few reformers in Tunisia got the ball rolling and then the Muslim Brotherhood saw their opportunity to move in and take over, following the advice of Rahm Emanuel, to never let a good crisis go to waste.

CBN reporter Dale Hurd recently visited Norway to investigate how the Muslim Brotherhood intends to take over Europe just as it is doing in the Middle East.

Hurd’s video report includes clips from the Norwegian documentary ‪Freedom, equality and the Muslim Brotherhood. ‬The film has not been shown on US television, but thanks to the wonders of technology, it is available on the internet, below. One memorable scene was where a self-identified human rights activist in Yemen agreed with sharia that any Muslim who converts to another religion should be executed. Nice!

Not only does the Muslim Brotherhood have a plan to overwhelm Europe with Islamic demography, it has a similar blueprint for the destruction of America, using immigration and deception to defeat the despised infidels. Every member of Congress should watch the Norwegian film and reconsider the policy of admitting Muslims as immigrants to this country. There is NO upside and the danger is real, no matter how many times diversity is invoked.

Below is the companion article to Dale Hurd’s film report:

Mask of Peace: Brotherhood’s Plot for Global Rule by Dale Hurd, CBN, October 25, 2011

OSLO, Norway – The so-called Arab Spring has brought the Muslim Brotherhood to the threshold of power and influence in the Middle East.

But a Norwegian television documentary, called “Freedom, Equality and the Muslim Brotherhood,” is unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans for world domination.

Walid al-Kubaisi, an Iraqi-born Norwegian journalist, produced and hosted the documentary for Norway television. It has never been shown on American TV.

World Domination

Al-Kubaisi said Brotherhood leaders told him they have a plan to take over Norway and the rest of Europe as a part of bringing the whole world under Islam.

“The Muslim Brotherhood has a practice. The have learned to speak with two tongues,” he told CBN News.

Kamil al-Najjar, one of the film’s subjects, left the Muslim Brotherhood and consequently is under threat of death.

“They’re trying to deceive the people,” al-Najjar tells al-Kubaisi in the film. “They have managed to deceive a lot of Western politicians into believing them.”

“Their only aim is to control the world with Islam,” he said. “They know they cannot use force to convert the West, so they use deceit.”

However, Muslim Brotherhood leaders are quite open about their intentions with those like al-Kubaisi, who traveled to the Middle East and speaks fluent Arabic.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s dream is to form a total Islamic state,” Muhammed Mahdi Akef, who was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood until 2010, told al-Kubaisi.

“Where?” al-Kubaisi asked.

“I don’t know,” Akef replied. “We Muslims are currently scattered all over. There is still a long way to go before we are able to take control in Europe. It will take a long time before it can happen.”

Religion of Bondage

Al-Kubaisi also interviewed Gamal al-Banna, the brother of Hassan al-Banna, the man who founded of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928.

Al-Banna had surprisingly harsh words for the modern Muslims Brotherhood movement, saying it does not believe in freedom “in any way.”

“They do not believe in freedom at all,” he said. “There is no Islamic authority that respects freedom or democracy.” Continue reading this article

Rep. Gallegly Notes Feds Distributing Billions of Dollars to Illegals

It’s not news that illegal aliens receive billions of dollars annually in tax refunds even though they pay no income tax, although when the Chairman of the House Immigration Subcommittee mentions that fact during a contentious hearing, it might be thought newsworthy. You can watch the 3-hour hearing on C-SPAN as I did and see Rep. Gallegly inquire about the current tax idiocy near the end.

Congressman Elton Gallegly has followed up his pointed question with an opinion piece detailing one of many Washington-created magnets for foreign lawbreakers.

He has a nice bulleted list of things the feds should do to end the tax refund magnet, but says nothing about legislation he might write to accomplish those goals. Instead he lauds the flawed E-verify bill of Lamar Smith. It’s disappointing.

U.S. magnet: Illegal immigrants paid $4.2 billion, By Elton Gallegly, Ventura County Star, October 29, 2011

According to President Obama’s own Treasury Department, 2.3 million illegal immigrants who paid no income taxes in 2010 nevertheless received $4.2 billion in tax refunds.

That’s four times the tax refunds that were paid to illegal immigrants who paid no taxes in 2005, and is increasing exponentially as more illegal immigrants find out about the program.

At a time when the federal government is considering program cuts for American citizens, giving away billions in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants is unconscionable.

Illegal immigrants are able to claim tax credits because the IRS allows illegal immigrants to apply for a nine-digit Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which is then used to file income tax forms in lieu of a Social Security number. Tax credits are paid even if the taxpayer has no taxable income.

As the Treasury Department inspector general who wrote the report noted, these tax credits are “an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts federal law and policy to remove such incentives. Clarification is needed on this issue.”

More than clarification is needed. This is one more magnet drawing illegal immigrants to the United States that the federal government must remove.

The big magnet, of course, is jobs. Continue reading this article

Nun-Killing Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien to Face a Judge

Usually the government prefers a plea deal to a trial in controversial cases where illegal alien criminals are involved. The details often reveal authorities’ continuing malfeasance and unwillingness to protect the public from truly dangerous foreigners.

For example, we learned during the trial of murderer Dennis Herrera that victim Mary Nagle incurred terrible injuries as she fought unsuccessfully to save her life. She was raped and bits of her ear and hair were found around the crime scene (her bedroom), details that were not revealed until the trial.

The death of Benedictine nun Denise Mosier has been more secretive than most cases because of the embarrassment it caused DHS honcho Napolitano. The crime occurred at a time when she had been touting the administration’s supposed emphasis on prosecuting dangerous criminals rather than mere job thieves.

It was more than curious when Napolitano withheld records about the case. The whole thing looks plenty dirty, since Carlos Montano’s crash killing the nun was his third drunk-driving incident in five years. The deadly smash-up occurred after he had been released onto American streets even though he was in the midst of a removal process.

The upcoming legal proceeding will take place before a judge rather than a jury and some charges are expected to be pleaded out in advance, although there will be a camera in the courtroom to record opening and closing statements. I’m sure those will be played close to the vest to minimize any further political damage to the administration and its permissive attitude toward even the most dangerous foreign criminals.

Martinelly expected to plead to some charges in nun’s death,, October 28, 2011

Carlos Martinelly Montano, the illegal immigrant charged in an August 2010 crash that killed a nun, has opted to be tried before a judge instead of a jury.

Martinelly, 23, was set to go on trial before a jury Monday on felony murder and a host of other charges in connection with the fatal crash on Bristow Road. Sister Denise Mosier, 66, died and two other Benedictine nuns were critically injured.

At a hearing Friday, Prince William County Circuit Court Judge Lon E. Farris said Martinelly had opted for a non-jury trial on the felony murder charge.

The Bolivian native is expected to plead guilty to other charges, including involuntary manslaughter, two counts of maiming as a result of driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended or revoked license and a third DWI offense within five years.

“At this point, it’s believed the other charges will be disposed of pursuant to a plea, but details are being worked out,” Farris said.

The judge also ruled that broadcast television cameras can film the plea and opening and closing statements in the trial, but not the testimony itself. Still cameras will be allowed to document the entire hearing. Continue reading this article

Larger Islamist Threat Overlooked following US Smackdowns of al Qaeda

From one viewpoint, the American efforts against certain jihadist enemies has been going great: several top bad guys like Osama and al Awlaki have been dispatched to Allah by our excellent armed forces. Those are big wins and we like it when enemies go away. But there are other brands of evil Islam in the world than the Qaeda bunch, and Washington and the complicit media overlook them at our peril.

One example is the degree of denial in the liberal media about what’s going on in the Middle East, which verges on the criminal. The press created the idea of the glorious “Arab Spring” and it was too sweet a concept to abandon just because of contrary facts on the ground.

For example, the New York Times characterizes the religious party that recently won the Tunisian election as “moderate Islamist,” despite the obvious contradiction. Presumably the Timesters want to keep their guy Obama in the White House by promoting the Middle Eastern political revolutions as a foreign policy success for him, even though any democratic elements are being swept aside by the well organized Muslim Brotherhood and other pro-sharia groups.

US Tunnel Vision Strengthening Jihad against America, by Erick Stakelbeck, CBN, October 28, 2011

WASHINGTON — Since 9/11, the major focus in the War on Terror has been al Qaeda.

Now, after recent successes, including the death of Osama bin Laden, U.S. government officials have expressed optimism in the fight against terrorism.

But while al Qaeda may be weakening, the jihad against America is actually strengthening, at home and abroad.

But first, let’s examine the state of al Qaeda.

From the Fort Hood massacre and the Underwear Bomber in 2009, to last year’s failed Yemeni cargo plane plot, no terror group has wreaked more havoc against the U.S. homeland.

Al Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki had a hand in each of these terror plots and inspired many more, including the 2010 attempted Times Square bombing in New York City.

Al-Awlaki’s death in a U.S. drone strike last month dealt a major blow to al Qaeda’s operations in the West.

“I think Awlaki is going to be very difficult for them to replace because he had a unique mix of being theologically credible, speaking fluent English, and being very familiar with the United States,” terrorism expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, author of the new book, Bin Laden’s Legacy, told CBN News.

“And so he was a big draw to a lot of English speaking jihadis,” he added.

Awlaki is just one of many high-profile al Qaeda and Taliban targets taken out by the U.S. over the past two years. They include Pakistani Taliban leader Beitullah Mehsud, al Qaeda operational planner Ilyas Kashmiri, top al Qaeda deputy Atiyah ‘Abd Al-Rahman, and of course, bin Laden.

In the wake of these successes, Obama administration officials say al Qaeda is nearing defeat.

Al Qaeda Down, Not Out

But according to Gartenstein-Ross, history shows that while the terror group may be down, it’s not out.

“Back in 2003, al Qaeda’s leadership was significantly degraded,” Gartenstein-Ross told CBN News. “By 2007, it had managed to rebound from that loss.”

“Likewise, the Israelis have wiped out Hamas’s political leadership. Yet Hamas is a powerful political force that controls Gaza,” he added. Continue reading this article

Buy-a-Visa Program Sputters under Scrutiny

When the Obama administration and various Democrats aren’t pushing steroidal Keynesian strategies of borrow-and-spend trillions of dollars, they are thinking up schemes for short-term and/or imaginary gain for the nation’s economy.

The Gimmick Government’s latest lightbulb is to hand out visas to foreigners who purchase houses costing over $500K. The proposal is like the Diversity Visa plus cash — a two-fer in the view of this administration.

But it furthers the view of some (e.g. me) that the nation is selling itself off in history’s largest garage sale.

Interestingly, the idea has gotten criticism from across the political spectrum.

Foreign Buyer Visa Bill Backfires, UPI, October 26, 2011

Legislation introduced in the Senate last week to stimulate property sales by giving visas to foreign investors who spend more than $500,000 to buy US homes is creating a firestorm of opposition on Web sites and talk shows across the nation.

A bill introduced last week by Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Democrat Senator Charles Schumer of New York would require buyers to pay cash for the homes to qualify for the new “homeowner” visa, pay U.S. taxes and spend at least 180 days a year in the country in order to qualify for a visa allowing them to live here for at least three years.

“This is a way to create more demand without costing the federal government a nickel,” Schumer said. The idea for the legislation comes from the Canadian policy of providing visas to foreigners who purchase property

However, initial reaction is not the sponsors expected. Overnight, the bill has become the focus of attacks from those opposed to US immigration policy and foreign ownership of real property. Continue reading this article

Rep. Rob Bishop's Legislation Seeks to Free Border Patrol on Public Lands

America’s public lands on or near the southern border have been given over to illegal aliens and Mexican organized crime because of invader-friendly environmental rules let the bad guys control large areas in Arizona.

Rep. Rob Bishop, a friend of both the parks and national security, wants to allow Border Patrol agents to act on public lands the same way they do on private. Sadly, open-borders Democrats like Edward Markey (career voting grade F and mentioned in the clip below) object to the common-sense bill in the name of environmentalism, despite the fact that hoards of illegal aliens do the most damage to the border lands with their tons of trash which is devastating to the environment.

Chinese Voter Fraud Revealed in San Francisco

In San Francisco, diverse Chinese voting practices — perpetrated by supporters of current Mayor Ed Lee — have come under scrutiny. (Love those digital cameras and Youtube.)

The Lee partisans are seen to “help” elderly Chinese by placing a stencil over the absentee ballot which allows the pencil to mark Mayor Lee’s name only.

Of course, nobody even questions whether the voters are American citizens.

Voter Fraud Allegations Hit San Francisco Mayor’s Race, Fox News, October 25, 2011

Shocking voter fraud allegations are rocking the mayor’s race in San Francisco. District Attorney George Gascon has launched an investigation and demands are growing for federal authorities to move in.

One campaign official fears the election could be stolen if nothing is done.

Supporters of incumbent Mayor Ed Lee, who is running for a full four-year term next month, are accused of illegally handling vote-by-mail ballots.

Witnesses say workers for the group, SF Neighbor Alliance, set up a makeshift sidewalk voting site in the city’s Chinatown and accuse it of illegally casting absentee ballots for elderly Chinese voters.

The witnesses claim cell-phone videos show workers telling voters to vote for Lee, filling out ballots for the voters and even using a stencil to hide the names of rival candidates so the voters could only chose one — Lee.

They also say that the completed ballots were stuffed in plastic bags, which is prohibited by state election law.

“At first we thought they were just helping them understand what absentee ballots were,” witness Malana Moberg told Fox News, saying that she saw a worker filling out a voter’s ballot.

But she said, “It was pretty blatant.” Continue reading this article