Islam in Britain Update from Coren and Spencer

In the video below, Canadian journalist Michael Coren interviews creator Robert Spencer on the subject of hostile Muslim diversity in Britain. White Britons recently reacted in anger to a court case of middle-aged Muslim men grooming teenaged British girls for prostitution. Robert Spencer commented on Muslims’ belief that sex slavery is “perfectly permissible” under Islam because a little action on the side protects the family unit. Not only is sex slavery permissible but Muslims should encourage its practice. Muslims therefore may regard infidel women as objects to be so manipulated.

In another case of cultural devolution, David Jones, creator of the Fireman Sam kid show character, was taken into custody by a Muslim airport security agent for making the remark that he might not have had to be frisked if he had been covered up, like the previous passenger, a burqafied woman. Spencer remarked the incident as an example that offending a Muslim is now an arrestable offense in Britain.

The interview is an interesting conversation, but it would have been improved had the immigration cause been named.

Mexifornia: One-Bill Gil Is Ba-a-a-a-ck for Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

You had to know this was coming: Mexico City’s favorite California legislator, Gil Cedillo, the Energizer Bunny of obtaining goodies for his illegal alien ethnic brothers, has popped up with familiar legislation to permit illegal aliens to obtain state driver’s licenses, which are also legal identification.

Cedillo plopped his DL bill into the hopper last Friday, the last day to do so, and the ninth time (at least) for his beloved bill. Cedillo is termed out from the California legislature this year, so it’s his final attempt to win a privilege for his fellow tribe members that will endanger the public at large.

Cedillo has certainly noticed that the atmospherics have improved in recent months for illegal aliens being awarded benefits on the backs of California citizens. The DREAM Act was signed into law, giving taxpayer-funded financial aid to lawbreaking foreigners attending state universities. In Los Angeles, PD Chief Charlie Beck and Sheriff Lee Baca have both recommended that illegals get state driver’s licenses. Beck got caught up in a scheme from Mayor Villaraigosa to stop impounds of vehicles belonging to unlicensed (read illegal alien) drivers. But the negative public reaction against the idea convinced Beck and later Baca to drop the impound strategy and just give licenses to everyone.

Problem solved, unless one cares about public safety. Unlicensed drivers are involved in one in five fatal crashes according to a 2008 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Beck and Baca have insisted that setting up a system of requiring aliens to be tested about the rules of the road and getting insurance would improve public safety. But what illegal aliens would sign up for an arrangement that would identify them as lawbreaking foreigners? They don’t want to fill out government forms and be put on the radar.

Which brings us to Cedillo. (For more on the license issue, you can listen to the John and Ken Show discussion on Monday.)

California assemblyman to try again on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants, Sacramento Bee, Feb 27, 2012

After winning passage of a law allowing some undocumented immigrants to apply for college aid, Assemblyman Gil Cedillo’s new goal is driver’s licenses.

The Los Angeles Democrat will carry legislation this year that would allow undocumented immigrants to be licensed, tested and insured.

Similar Cedillo measures have passed the Democrat-controlled Legislature in years past but were vetoed by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cedillo hopes to work with Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown on a bill that can pass muster.

The issue has been extremely controversial among lawmakers for much of the past 10 years, with opponents arguing that people who are in California illegally have no right to such privileges.

“You should not legitimize a fundamentally illegal act,” said Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber.

Former Gov. Gray Davis actually signed a Cedillo license bill in 2002, but it was repealed before it could take effect after Davis was recalled the following year. Arnold Schwarzenegger had made it an issue in the recall, and legislative Democrats agreed to the repeal after he won. Continue reading this article

California GOP Convention Fears Robust Sovereignty Message

It’s sad to see California Republicans running from an issue that could still be a winner for them, even with increasingly Mexicanized demographics.

The state GOP met last weekend and the suits apparently tried to downplay the issue of immigration enforcement because they want to “reach out” to diverse tribes.

Mario Rodriguez, former vice chairman of the party, remarked in the California Report radio piece below, “All the inroads we’re making, all of a sudden a certain wing of the party rears its ugly head and starts saying things that turns off the latino voters and we have to change that.”

Since when does insisting upon fair law enforcement make a concerned citizen “ugly”?

And what’s wrong with appealing to the basic American value of equality under the law for all? That issue should usefully help sort out the hostile raza invaders from legal hispanics who want to join the American community.

The R’s fearfulness around the issue of enforcing immigration laws and American sovereignty only encourages the open-borders extremists to pile on what they see as a weakness.

The radio report goes on to mention the California DREAM Act signed into law by Gov Jerry Brown, like that’s the way the state is going. In fact, a USC/LA Times poll from last November found that a strong majority disapproved of the law (chart below), and that was before a report was released showing the cost would be $25 million more than Jerry Brown’s rosy estimates.

Gov Brown brazenly bragged on Meet the Press Sunday about signing the DREAM Act, without mentioning its unpopularity among many California voters because it is unfair and other state expenditures (like parks!) are being cut. Illegal alien moochers are its main supporters, not mainstream Californians.

Issues like the disliked DREAM Act are instances where the Republican Party could appeal to its members and beyond, but instead the GOP shrinks back in fear. It is missing winning issues connected with immigration because of believing diversity propaganda and plain spinelessness.

Governors Brown and Brewer Spar on Meet the Press

The National Governors Association has its Washington meeting this weekend, so there are plenty of warm bodies available to fill the Sunday political chatter shows.

NBC’s Meet the Press paired up California’s Jerry Brown and Arizona Gov Jan Brewer for a discussion of immigration, with the expected clash of views, albeit in a polite manner.

Gov Brown defended signing the California DREAM Act into law, which allows illegal alien students to attend state universities at the taxpayer-subsidized in-state rate. He didn’t mention California’s terrible budget shortages which have led to Brown’s closing dozens of state parks. But there is money for taxpayer financial aid for illegal alien college students — that’s the Democrat priority, not preserving our beautiful parks for California citizens. And of course, any college slot taken by an illegal alien is one not available for an American kid.

Brown also believes we should “invest in Mexico” even though our southerly neighbor is not poor by a long shot. With a GDP ranking of #14 in the world, Mexico certainly has the resources to invest in its own education, healthcare and infrastructure.

For her part, Gov Brewer talked about important public safety issues, although she could have been more focused. The message should alway include the fact that enforcement works, particularly at the state level: crime goes down and citizen employment goes up when illegal aliens are convinced to self-deport.

Following is the immigration section of the transcript:

MR. GREGORY:  Let me, let me move to a really important issue in Arizona and in this fall campaign and that’s the issue of immigration.  As I mentioned, Governor Brown, 34 years ago to the day, you were on MEET THE PRESS and we couldn’t actually find the tape for it, but we have something that you said about immigration which I want to put up on the screen.  You said, “I do believe that the Mexican-American has been too invisible in California and throughout the Southwest.  It is imperative that we in this country, and particularly in the Southwest, open our hearts and our minds to this culture and that we try to accelerate the melting pot and the assimilation process so that we can live together in harmony.” Here’s Time magazine this week and on the cover it is “yo decidito”–”yo decido,” which is that I’m going to decide. Hispanic-Americans are going to decide who the next president is if you look at the percentage that they occupy the voting bloc.  And they are certainly not very happy with the Republican Party.  Do you believe even more strongly today what you said 34 years ago?

GOV. BROWN:  Very much so.  And I was willing–I think–I may be the only governor, but I know I’m the one who signed the Dream, Dream Act in California…

MR. GREGORY:  Mm-hmm.

GOV. BROWN:  …that will enable undocumented students who do well in high school to go to college, pay in-state tuition and even get a scholarship.  So I know there’s a lot of controversy in that, but you can’t round up 12 million people and ship them back across the border.  That’s a disaster.  We have to certainly secure the border, but we need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  And I think Obama would–supports that and I certainly do. Continue reading this article

Mexican Astronaut Pursues Position as Congressman (in U.S.)

In California, hopeful Democrat leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi are talking up the party’s chances for gains in Congress particularly in light of D-friendly redistricting in her big state.

While reading an AP article on the foregoing subject (linked below), I noticed that the final paragraphs concerned the candidacy of Mexican astronaut Jose Hernandez for a seat in Congress.

Avid readers of the Univision website would have seen his announcement last October 11:

Ex-astronaut Hernandez Seeks Congressional Seat

[. . .] In 2009, Hernández flew on the space shuttle Discovery’s mission to the International Space Station and became the first person to tweet in Spanish from outer space. He left NASA this year and is seeking the Democratic nomination for California’s new 10th congressional district.

Hernández, 49, appeared on Univision on Tuesday, saying that he wants to serve in Congress to bring jobs and better education to his Central California district.

“I’m here to run so I can ensure that the American Dream stays alive,” he said.

Hernández, who only learned to speak English at age 12, has relied heavily on his background as the son of immigrants early on in his campaign.

“The son of migrant farm workers, I was able to rise from the fields of California and touch the sky on the Space Shuttle Discovery as an Astronaut, a lifelong goal I was able to achieve thanks to the promise of the American Dream,” he said in his official announcement.

As Alan Wall wrote in his article Anchor Baby Astronaut, Agitates For Amnesty, Hernandez is the jackpot son of illegal alien farmworkers who said he felt “more Mexican than American.” He wanted to wear a Mexican flag shoulder patch into space, despite the fact that he was born, raised and educated in the United States. But he did carry a Mexican flag with him during his shuttle flight. When he spoke with Mexican Presidente after returning from space, he addressed Calderon as “My beloved president.”

These are but a few examples of Mexican loyalty listed in Wall’s article, yet Hernandez wants to represent Americans in the United States Congress. He says he wants to “ensure that the American Dream stays alive,” — which is pretty twisted given his devotion to an unfriendly foreign power.

If he were to be elected, he would have to pledge allegiance to the United States in his swearing in ceremony:

“I, (name of Member), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

Jose Hernandez is loyal to Mexico, not America, and for that reason should not even be eligible to run, much less lie his way through the Oath of Office. Instead, having a diverse astronaut backstory and ethnic appeal for Mexicans will be a plus for many Democrat voters, not a detriment.

House Dems: Gains start with California dreamin’, Associated Press, February 25, 2012

House Democrats’ path to power starts in Elk Grove, Calif., heads down to sunny Modesto and then rolls through the Central Valley to Riverside as the state’s friendly redrawn congressional districts and a number of GOP retirements offer Democrats their best opportunity for victories in November.

Republicans acknowledge that Democrats will gain seats in a highly intense election year, especially with President Barack Obama and the economy on the upswing. But capturing 25 seats nationwide and retaking House control after two years in the minority? That’s nothing but California dreamin’, Republicans say.

Tea partyers and voter frustration with Obama’s policies helped Republicans deliver a sound drubbing to Democrats in 2010. The GOP won a net of 63 seats, seized the majority and elected Rep. John Boehner of Ohio as speaker. The GOP currently holds 242 seats to 192 for the Democrats with one vacancy — former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Arizona seat, which will be filled in a special election June 12.

Despite those numbers, Democrats envision gains in California, with the potential for four to eight seats. Illinois, Florida and Texas are fertile territory to increase their numbers. Even though Texas’ new election map remains in limbo, Democrats saw potential gains in the Republican-drawn version and figure court-approved boundaries will only get better as they take into account the state’s growing Hispanic population. [. . .]

In the farm and ranching district that includes Modesto, the race is between former astronaut Jose Hernandez and Rep. Jeff Denham, a first-term Republican. Hernandez offers a personal story that Democrats hope will prove compelling with voters. As a child, he worked in the fields helping his Mexican immigrant parents, who were farm workers. He learned English at age 12, became and engineer and flew on the space shuttle.

Hernandez, who calls himself a local kid who made good, said he wants to “preserve the ability of folks to reach the American dream.” The district is 40 percent Hispanic, with 25 percent of voting age. He’s upbeat about his chances.

“As they say in Houston, failure is not an option,” Hernandez said in an interview.

Blacklisted Authors Compare Notes

Juan Williams interviewed Pat Buchanan in the video below on the subject of censorship. Both have been fired from their respective news organizations, Williams from NPR and Buchanan from MSNBC.

Buchanan recounted a recent media history of shows like CNN’s Crossfire, where very different views were aired. Now that attitude of freedom of inquiry has disappeared and has been replaced with an ethos of blacklisting. Leftist groups watch conservatives in media appearances, looking for any phrase deemed objectionable that can be attacked. Then the censors pile on their accusations of racism, Islamophobia, etc.

Juan Williams has become more attuned to free speech issues after his abrupt firing by NPR. He remarked, “I understand the poison that comes into the American domain when what you are saying is ruled out of bounds and you are viewed as someone who is not welcome into the mainstream of American ideas.”

The conversation also explored the loss of assimilation among immigrants, particularly Mexicans who have acted more like invaders than persons who want to become Americans.

In addition, Buchanan noted the unfairness of Washington admitting a million legal immigrants annually when so many Americans are still unemployed.

Alabama: Fox Does Immigration Enforcement Check-up

Fox News sent reporter Griff Jenkins to Alabama to see how things are working out with the partial implementation of the newish immigration law.

Of note is a law enforcement officer’s recitation of improvements in the town of Albertville: a great reduction in the number of automobile accidents, a reduction in the impounds of vehicles taken from unlicensed drivers, a dramatic increase in sales tax collected, and many Americans finding jobs that critics said they wouldn’t do.

After that, the segment is a mostly a bunch of complaining Mexicans and not really worth watching.

Middle Eastern Airplane Disturber Update

There is more information coming out about the Middle Eastern man who caused a Continental flight to return to Portland on Tuesday because of his disruption, violence and yells of “Allah is great” after being asked to put out his electronic cigarette. Persons getting off the plane spoke in terms of a terrorist attack and how it was thwarted by resistance from passengers. See my blog Diversity in Travel which includes a video of passenger descriptions.

The man in question is a 19-year-old Saudi student, Yazeed Mohammed Abunnayan (pictured). He was traveling with a friend to Houston, but was arrested after the pilot thought his violent behavior warranted a return to Portland.

Interestingly, Abunnayan was also arrested on Sunday in Ashland for driving erratically, smashing into two police cars and trying to run down pedestrians. Yet he was bailed out rather than deported as a dangerous alien.

Saudi teen arrested again after disrupting flight, Ashland Daily Tidings, Feb 22 2012

A man who led Ashland police on a car-crashing chase through town Sunday night has been arrested again, this time on a federal charge of interfering with flight crew members on a plane out of Portland. [. . .]

He had refused to turn off an electronic cigarette “yelling profanities and swinging his fist at the flight attendant, hitting or attempting to hit several passengers, and speaking or singing about Usama bin Laden and his hatred of women,” a federal indictment said. His action caused the flight attendant to deviate from safety protocols by unbuckling her restraints and leaving her seat during takeoff, thereby forcing the flight to alter its route and return to Portland, the indictment said. [. . .]

On Sunday, Abunayyan reportedly was spinning circles in a car on Siskiyou Boulevard, driving erratically, and trying to run over pedestrians. He led police on a 20-minute chase back and forth through town, ramming two police cars before high-centering his car on a dirt embankment at the dead end of Clear Creek Drive. He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving, eluding police, two charges of first-degree criminal mischief, three charges of hit and run, six charges of reckless endangerment, and two charges of assault on an officer, but posted 10 percent on his $65,000 bail.

Another article noted that Yazeed was studying English prior to enrolling as a college student at Sonoma State. Saudi students are known for bad driving and co-ed harassment, not to mention the bent toward terrorism. Apparently the full tuition checks are a big enough enticement for universities to overlook the extreme negatives of such dangerous characters. However the universities’ irresponsibility endangers public safety when they see only the dollars that foreigners bring.

Family reports that student in chase, plane incident has mental illness, Ashland Daily Tidings, February 22, 2012

Yazeed Abunayyan, a 19-year-old student who fled from Ashland police Sunday and then disrupted a flight from Portland Tuesday, suffers from schizophrenia and has not taken his medication for the last three weeks, said his cousin and acquaintances living in Ashland.

“I tried to stop him, but I could not,” said Fahad Alsubaie, his 21-year-old cousin, a Saudi Arabian exchange student studying English at Southern Oregon University.

Alsubaie said he was the person hanging out of the driver’s side window trying to pull the key out of the car’s ignition while Abunayyan was driving away from police in the Safeway parking lot Sunday night. Abunayyan led police on a 20-minute chase during which he rammed two police cars before being apprehended. [. . .]

Helen Kallenbach, director of the Sonoma State American Language Institute at Sonoma State University, said Abunayyan started attending SSU as a Saudi Arabian international exchange student in September.

He was studying at the school’s language institute in order to learn more English before beginning his classes at the university, she said.

He planned to major in English, said Alsubaie.

Does the Saudi guy really have schizophrenia or is that just an excuse for an uncontrollable young Muslim? It wouldn’t be the first time a Middle Eastern family sent their difficult son to America to get rid of him. Or use insanity as an excuse for jihad or plain Muslim arrogance.

Shutdown of 287(g) as Seen by an Ohio Sheriff

Butler County Ohio is located in the southern part of the state next to Indiana, so you might not think that illegal immigration would be a problem there, far from the southern border.

On the contrary, last year 30 to 40 illegal aliens were shipped out from the county every week for federal deportation. Everywhere is a border state now.

The local report below describes a Butler Country situation in which an effective federal program for enforcing immigration laws, 287(g) is being shut down, and tough-on-illegals Sheriff Richard Jones (pictured) complains about politics in losing a helping hand from the federal government.

Regrettably, the 287(g) federal program which trained local officers to act in accordance with federal immigration law is being shut down by the Obama administration.

Immigration enforcement program to be shut down, USA Today, Feb 17 2012

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is starting to shut down a program that deputized local police officers to act as immigration agents.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have trained local officers around the country to act as their agencies’ immigration officers. Working either in jails or in the field, the officers can check the immigration status of suspects and place immigration holds on them.

The program, known as 287(g), reached its peak under President George W. Bush, when 60 local agencies signed contracts with ICE to implement it. But that trend slowed significantly under President Obama— only eight agencies have signed up since he took office, and none has done so since August 2010. [. . .]

The administration says that Secure Communities will provide the enforcement bridge at the local level, but that program has been under constant attack by raza extremists and the rest of the open-borders gang.

The Butler County story didn’t quite make clear what was going on with the program the Sheriff liked, but it does give an interesting view of how Washington policies affect people whose job is protect public safety.

Butler County To Lose Special Power To Enforce Immigration Laws, WKRC Cincinatti, Feb 20 2012

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is nationally known for speaking out about illegal immigration. Jones has sent bills to Uncle Sam for housing illegals, and has been to the border to see the problems first hand.

Now, Jones is raising the alarm, because he expects to lose a unique federal status that helps him deal with illegal immigrants in his jail. Local 12’s Rich Jaffe talked with both sides of this issue.

The program is designated 287G…and basically it means that a group of Butler County deputies have been trained to do the jobs of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents. Those deputies quickly and efficiently processing illegal immigrants who are in custody… through the Butler County jail for deportation. Sheriff Jones believes that program is going away in the name of politics.

A federal holding facility, little more than a year ago, 30 to 40 illegal immigrants were being shipped out of the Butler County jail every week for deportation. So many in fact, the sheriff had controversial signs on the property saying “illegal aliens here”. Now the sign is gone…and the program known as 287G is about to be. The sheriff is… “Disgusted for one and the reason I’m disgusted is this has been going on for five maybe six years in the country not just here in this county and it’s such an issue. Republicans won’t fix it, Democrats won’t fix it, the House, the Senate, the President, they keep kicking the can down the road and everybody suffers.” Continue reading this article

France: Spread of Islamic Slaughter Riles Voters

Next to language, food is one the most important cultural significators for human beings. One sees that in immigrant neighborhoods: as soon as the tribe reaches the level where it can support a business, ethnic restaurants and markets spring up. Foreigner moochers will reject even free American food because they want their tribal chow.

For that reason, we can understand food’s importance in the Islam vs. the West culture war being played out in France, where cuisine is taken very seriously. French people have taken to the streets to protest Islamic food because they want pork and wine to be readily available and object to halal-slaughtered meat becoming more widespread without being labeled as such.

Below, despite a ban, hundreds of French citizens showed up for a sausage and wine get-together in 2010 to protest the Islamic halal incursion.

Halal butchery is notoriously cruel, and is based on Mohammed’s instructions. Many modern westerners prefer more humane slaughter techniques like the ones developed by Temple Grandin. But the import of Islamic diversity has brought a number of objectionable practices, from honor killing to the barbaric public slaughter of animals in the street.

Muslims don’t subscribe to the idea of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” because Islam teaches them that they are superior to Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. So the idea of assimilation is anathema to Muslims immigrants. Europe should therefore stop Muslim immigration and so should America.

Now a recent revelation about the spread of halal slaughter has angered the French people with major elections coming up in a couple months.

Halal slaughter becomes political issue in France, Feb 21, 2012

(Reuters) – A TV documentary’s revelation that slaughterhouses around Paris have switched meat production entirely to halal methods has stirred a political storm in France, where attitudes to Europe’s largest Muslim minority are a subtext in a presidential election campaign.

The France 2 documentary last week said all of the abattoirs in the greater Paris region were producing only halal-style meat, selling some without labelling it as such to avoid the cost of running separate lines for halal and non-halal customers.

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen – who is hoping to win voters away from centre-right President Nicolas Sarkozy ahead of the two-round election in April and May – has seized on the issue.

“All the abattoirs of the Paris region have succumbed to the rules of a minority. We have reason to be disgusted,” Le Pen told a rally in Lille on Saturday, pledging to file a legal complaint.

In a country known for its obsession with the provenance of its cuisine, the issue could play with a wider audience than the far right, including animal rights groups, consumer advocates and food industry professionals.

Some European animal rights campaigners say that the Islamic halal and Jewish kosher rules for ritual slaughter are less humane than standard European practice, because they ban the practice of stunning animals before they are killed. Continue reading this article

Diversity in Travel: Middle Eastern Men's Disturbance Causes Flight to Return to Portland

Apparently a couple of fellows on the way to Houston got upset about seating or the no-smoking sign or maybe the presence of non-Muslims to the extent that the pilot had to fly the plane back to its place of departure.

Passengers reported that the miscreants yelled “Allah is great” but the offenders were subdued by the American men who helped get the situation under control. A tackling occurred, and the two Middle Easterners were arrested when the plane landed back in Portland.

Continental Airlines reported that the incident was “not a security issue.” Right. We are so reassured.

Interestingly, the Portland Oregonian report didn’t say anything about the Allah Middle Eastern aspect at all, but explained that an airliner returned to its airport because a man wouldn’t put out his smoke.

Feds detain passenger who used electronic cigarette, became ‘uncooperative’ on flight out of Portland International Airport

A flight returned to Portland International Airport this afternoon after a passenger pulled out an electronic cigarette and “was not cooperative” when asked to turn it off, authorities said.

The man, whose name was withheld, was detained and questioned by airport and federal authorities, said Steve Johnson, a spokesman for the Port of Portland.

Beth Anne Steele, an FBI spokeswoman in Portland, said he was held on a federal detainer pending formal charges, likely Wednesday morning. [. . .]

Michigan Primary Is Too Squishy to Be Romney Delete Button

I don’t do much political analysis, but I find it odd that so little attention is being paid to the open nature of the Michigan Republican primary. Pundits and news broadcasters across the ideological spectrum have pontificated that Gov Romney will be toast if he doesn’t win his home state.

Yet Michigan has an open primary, where Democrats may vote for the Republican nominee and some might choose a weaker candidate, one easier for Obama to beat.

A Romney loss by just a couple percentage points will be magnified to the extreme by the horserace-obsessed media and squawking pundits.

The website defines Michigan’s rules in this way: “Voters do not have to declare a political party to vote; but must vote for all one party once they enter the voting booth.”

For that matter, candidate Gingrich’s state primary in Georgia is similarly open, and has the same possibility for legal funny business.

Pennsylvania (which rejected Santorum’s re-election for Senator in 2006 when he received only 41% of the vote) has a closed primary for registered Republicans only.

CSM has also noticed the potential for electoral shenanigans:

Rick Santorum: Can Democrats’ ‘mischief vote’ give him Michigan win?, Christian Science Monitor, February 21, 2012

Psst, here’s a tip about the Republican Primary in Michigan: You don’t have to be a Republican to vote next Tuesday.

Lately some liberal commentators have been urging Democrats to take  Michigan’s status as an “open primary” state in an unusual direction: Vote for the candidate you may dislike the most (Rick Santorum) in order to help the candidate you really support (Barack Obama).

Some are calling this a dirty trick. Some say it could backfire for Democrats. And others doubt that such a sabotage tactic will play a meaningful role in the Michigan outcome.

But everyone agrees that Democrats and independents can play an important role in Michigan’s Republican primary, as they account for perhaps 30 percent of all ballots cast. And if Mr. Santorum were to win Michigan, that would deal yet another big setback to the campaign of Mr. Romney, who is viewed in public opinion polls as the “most electable” of the potential Republican challengers to President Obama.

Here’s how liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas publicized the case for what he calls “Operation Hilarity” a few days ago:

“It’s time for those of us who live in open primary and caucus states – Michigan, North Dakota, Vermont and Tennessee in the next three weeks – to head out and cast a vote for Rick Santorum,” he wrote on the Daily Kos website. “Why would we do such a crazy thing? Lots of great reasons!”

Among the reasons: Even if Romney ends up with the nomination, “the longer this thing drags out, the more unpopular the Republican presidential pretenders become,” Mr. Moulitsas wrote. Mr. Obama’s poll numbers, by contrast, have been rising as the GOP contest has become more tumultuous. And judging by recent primaries, even a relatively small number of votes can be decisive. (“Republican turnout … appears to be getting worse by the contest,” Moulitsas opines.) Continue reading this article