Muslims Protest New York Counterterrorism

The media covered the Muslim snub of Mayor Bloomberg’s interfaith breakfast as a minor disagreement on law enforcement procedures. CBS had a typical headline: Some Muslim Leaders Boycott Bloomberg’s Interfaith Breakfast.

The Muslims’ complaint was about the NYPD’s surveillance of suspicious persons of the Islamic religion. Clearly they hoped to intimidate Bloomberg into letting hostile Muslims run amok and do whatever they want against the hated infidels. Bloomberg fortunately wasn’t having any, but the Muslims feel that they can demand that New York City should stop protecting the public from jihadist terrorism and that is somehow a reasonable request and not enemy activity.

For a view of what goes on in the hostile Muslim underworld, the WSJ article from 2010 (Infiltrating Jihadis’ World) is enlightening. One scene describes a dozen men in an Islamic bookstore in Brooklyn getting their groove on from watching snuff films of American soldiers being killed:

“That made these guys pumped up and happy,” the [undercover] officer said. “It’s like a party at a club. They were hitting the walls with excitement. One guy even broke a chair.”

The Muslim fifth column, from CAIR to Mayor Bloomberg’s breakfast guests, doesn’t want Americans to know about such people in our midst and the danger they bring.

Do we have enough Muslim immigrants yet?

Muslims skip NYC mayor’s event to protest spying, Washington Times, December 30. 2011

NEW YORK — More than a dozen Muslim clerics and civic leaders skipped Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s annual interfaith breakfast Friday, saying they were upset that he supported police department surveillance efforts in their neighborhoods.

The 15 leaders wrote a letter to the mayor, saying they were protesting the spying program first revealed in a series of Associated Press articles. The letter made a controversy out of a normally sedate end-of-the-year meeting.

Bloomberg didn’t directly address the boycott during the event, though he did quote his father as telling him that “discrimination against anyone is discrimination against everyone.”

He also said: “We have to keep our guard up, but if we don’t work together we won’t have our own freedoms.”

The breakfast is traditionally held at the historic New York Public Library building on 42nd Street and has long served to showcase the city’s diversity during overlapping winter holidays.

Hesham El-Meligy, a founder of the Building Bridges Coalition of Staten Island, said he boycotted the breakfast in hopes of persuading the mayor to abandon his support for the surveillance program. Continue reading this article

Cook County Releases Dangerous Alien

On Thursday, Fox reported an egregious immigration case in which Cook County released Salvator Sarabia (pictured), a violent burglar and convicted child sex predator who had been previously deported. Instead of holding him in jail to be picked up by ICE for deportation, the authorities released him into the community on bail, despite the obvious flight risk and danger to public safety.

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t show up for his court date.

This case reflects the sort of irresponsibility that happens over and over, like the illegal alien Carlos Montano who was released and later killed a nun in a drunk driving crash. After a while, it’s hard to accept the repeated excuse that another criminal illegal alien “fell through the cracks” or it is too expensive to house them.

When child sex predators are released from police custody, obviously a more radical agenda is at work. In the video below, a hispanic-sounding county commissioner sniffs, “We works for our constituents, not the federal government.” Presumably his constituents wouldn’t like a predator loosed on the local playground. But the commissioner apparently believes even criminal aliens are a part of la raza and must therefore be protected from American law, public safety be damned.

Elgin sex offender facing his third burglary charge skips, Daily Herald, November 28, 2011

A convicted child sex offender and illegal immigrant who was charged with breaking into an Elgin home in June where a 13-year-old girl hid in the basement has skipped bail, according to police.

Salvador Sarabia, 28, has served time for two burglaries, drug-related charges and criminal sexual abuse of a minor and has been deported twice. He had been free after posting the required $10,000 of his $100,000 bail.

Sarabia, of the 800 block of Ford Avenue, did not show up for his court date on Nov. 21, and a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to Elgin police.

Although Sarabia had an Immigration and Naturalization Services hold against him, a Cook County ordinance passed in September allowed Sarabia to leave the Cook County jail after posting bond.

The controversial ordinance halts compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests, which could have kept him behind bars for up to two days after posting to allow federal authorities time to pick him up for possible deportation. Continue reading this article

Obama Opens New Hotline for Aliens

How low will he go? It’s still eleven months until the election but Obama is escalating his hispandering by opening up a hotline for those facing deportation or experiencing some other difficulty in America.

Obama has enacted a administrative amnesty, protected alien workers and decreased deportations (admitting his own high deport numbers were “deceptive”). But these policies are not enough for foreign job thieves and legal hispanics — the Mexicans et al want the whole enchilada.

Presumably the hotline will inform persons claiming to be crime victims about the availability of victim visas, a program growing in popularity that is an invitation to fraud.

I don’t even understand what Politico means by individuals who think they “may be U.S. citizens” — huh? What adult doesn’t know their citizenship?

New hotline for busted immigrants, Politico, December 29, 2011

As states across the nation ramp up their efforts to catch illegal immigrants, the Obama administration on Thursday launched a new free hotline for people busted on violations to get help.

The hotline, run by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, is available 24/7 for detained individuals to phone if they think they “may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime.”

The hotline will have translation services available in several different languages. ICE personnel will gather the caller’s information and send it to a field office for immediate action, according to the press release.

The purpose of the hotline and other measures, including a new detainer form, are “to ensure that individuals being held by state or local law enforcement on immigration detainers are properly notified about their potential removal from the country and are made aware of their rights.”

The new practices are “part of a broader effort to improve our immigration enforcement process and prioritize resources to focus on threats to public safety, repeat immigration law violators, recent border entrants and immigration fugitives while continuing to strengthen oversight of the nation’s immigration detention system and facilitate legal immigration,” ICE wrote in its press release.

ICE is an arm of the Department of Homeland Security.

Ann Coulter Recommends a Candidate Based on Immigration and Obamacare

Ann Coulter observes that America is being irrevocably changed by immigration, and it must be stopped very soon.

She thinks Obamacare is just as bad, and makes a decent case. Perhaps, but toxic levels of immigration, particularly Mexicanization (not so much diversity) poisons major aspects of American society, not just the economy.

Only One Candidate Is Right on the Two Most Important Issues., December 28, 2011

In the upcoming presidential election, two issues are more important than any others: repealing Obamacare and halting illegal immigration. If we fail at either one, the country will be changed permanently.

Taxes can be raised and lowered. Regulations can be removed (though they rarely are). Attorneys general and Cabinet members can be fired. Laws can be repealed. Even Supreme Court justices eventually die.

But capitulate on illegal immigration, and the entire country will have the electorate of California. There will be no turning back.

Similarly, if Obamacare isn’t repealed in the next few years, it never will be.

America will begin its ineluctable descent into becoming a worthless Western European country, with rotten health care, no money for defense and ever-increasing federal taxes to support the nanny state.

So let’s consider which of the Republican candidates are most likely to succeed at these objectives.

In order to allow Democrats to indignantly denounce Republicans who said Obamacare would add to the deficit, the bill was structured so that no goodies get paid out immediately. That way, when the Congressional Budget Office was asked to determine if Obamacare was “revenue neutral” over its first 10 years, government accountants were looking at a bill that collected taxes for 10 years, but only distributed treats in the later years.

Starting at year 11, those accountants will be in for a big surprise when the government starts paying out Obamacare benefits without interruption.

Because of this accounting fraud, Obamacare can still be repealed. But as soon as all Americans have been thrown off their employer-provided insurance plans and are forced to start depending on the government for health care, Republicans will never be able to repeal it.

The vast complex of unionized government workers managing our health care from Washington will fight to keep their jobs (for more on this topic, see the Department of Education), voters will want their “free” government treats (for more on this topic, see Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security) — and even if they don’t, there won’t be a private insurance market for them to go back to (for more on this topic, see IRS rules favoring employer-provided health care).

The only way to stop Obamacare is to beat Obama in 2012, and repeal it before the health care Leviathan is born.

Otherwise, starting in 2016, Republicans will run for office promising only to improve Obamacare. Newt Gingrich will be calling plans to reform it “right-wing social engineering.”

All current Republican presidential candidates say they will overturn Obamacare. The question for Republican primary voters should be: Who is most likely to win?

2012 is not a year for a wild card. It’s not a year for any candidate who will end up being the issue, instead of making Obama the issue. It’s not a year for one wing of the Republican Party to be making a point with another wing. (And there are no Rockefeller Republicans left, anyway.) It’s not a year to be gambling that America will vote for its first woman president, or that the country is ready for a nut-bar libertarian.

Running against an incumbent president in a make-or-break election, Republicans need a candidate with a track record of winning elections with voters similar to the entire American electorate.

Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich have never had to win votes beyond small, majority-Republican congressional districts.

Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have won statewide elections, but Huntsman and Perry ran in extremely red states that don’t resemble the American electorate. Only Romney and Santorum have won a statewide election in a blue state, making them our surest-bets in a general election.

But if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue — illegal immigration — and he’ll be the last Republican ever to win a general election in America.

Just as Americans ought to be able to learn the perils of a welfare state by looking at Greece, we ought to be able to learn the perils of illegal immigration by looking at California.

Massive legal and illegal immigration has already so changed the California electorate that no Republican can be elected statewide anymore. Not so long ago, this was a state that produced great Republican governors and senators like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, S.I. Hayakawa and Pete Wilson.

If even Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, two bright, attractive, successful female business executives — one pro-life and one pro-choice — can’t win a statewide election in California spending millions of their own dollars in the middle of the 2010 Republican sweep, it’s buenas noches, muchachos.

And yet, almost all Republican presidential candidates support some form of amnesty for illegals in order to appeal to the business lobby.

Among the most effective measures against illegal immigration is E-Verify, the Homeland Security program that gives employers the ability to instantly confirm that their employees’ Social Security numbers are legitimate. It is more than 99 percent accurate, and no employee is denied a job without an opportunity to challenge the records.

Although wildly popular with Americans — including Hispanic Americans — the business lobby hates E-Verify. Employers like hiring non-Americans because they can pay illegal aliens less and ignore state and federal employment laws.

Any candidate who opposes E-Verify is not serious about illegal immigration. If anything, E-Verify ought to be made mandatory to get a job, to get welfare and to vote.

Kowtowing to business (while pretending to kowtow to Hispanics), Paul, Perry and Santorum oppose E-Verify. As a senator, Rick Santorum voted against even the voluntary use of E-Verify.

Jon Huntsman claims to support E-Verify, but also wants to give illegals amnesty as soon as the border is sealed — as determined by someone other than us. Also, he gave driver’s identification cards to illegal aliens in Utah. (You’d think a guy no one has ever heard of would be more careful about ID cards.)

Following his latest guru, Helen Krieble, Newt Gingrich is for amnesty, combined with second-class status for illegals. Instead of giving illegal aliens green cards, Newt proposes giving them “red cards” so they can stay, take American jobs, have children, receive welfare benefits, attend public schools — and eventually be granted amnesty. The Republican primaries will be over before most voters realize what Newt’s “red card” scheme entails.

Only Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney aren’t trying to sneak through amnesty for illegal aliens. Both support E-Verify.

Numbers USA, one of the leading groups opposed to our current insane immigration policies, gives Republican presidential candidates the following grades on immigration: Paul, F; Gingrich, D-minus; Huntsman, D-minus; Santorum, D-minus; Perry, D; Romney, C-minus; and Bachmann, B-minus.

And that was before Romney said last week that Obama’s drunk-driving, illegal alien uncle should be deported!

That leaves us with Romney and Bachmann as the candidates with the strongest, most conservative positions on illegal immigration. As wonderful as Michele Bachmann is, 2012 isn’t the year to be trying to make a congresswoman the first woman president.

Two Little Indians sitting in the sun; one was just a congresswoman and then there was one.

Rep. Peter King Smacks Media for Stirring Up Fake Islamophobia

A few days ago, a disturbed Muslim woman, Jameela Barnette, was shot dead when she attacked a police officer. She had gotten into trouble earlier for threatening Rep. Peter King because of the hearings he presented on the subject of radical Islam and its dangers to American national security.

In the video below, Congressman King chided the liberal media for its sensationalized accusations of “Islamophobia” — a propaganda theme created by the Muslim Brotherhood in an attempt to make murderous jihadists appear to be the victims. A March Rasmussen poll found that 63 percent of voters do not believe that Muslims are treated unfairly in this country.

Mentally deranged individuals, like Barnette, can sometimes be influenced to behave violently by the crazed exaggerations that appear daily in the mainstream media. Calmly criticizing hostile Islam for its supremacist ideology bent on destroying Western freedoms, as King has done, informs Americans about a genuine threat in our midst.

The CNN talking head in the video below was shocked at the Congressman’s criticism of the press, remarking “to lay this at the doorstep of the media. . . many would question that.”

Maybe in CNN’s newsroom.

California Reports the Most Hate Crimes

According to the tireless purveyor of diversity propaganda, the San Francisco Chronicle, California has the dubious distinction of having the nation’s highest number of so-called hate crimes, although the reporter does not specify whether the numbers are tabulated per capita. As the most populated state, the high number of crimes committed could just reflect more people, and the Chron might have omitted that detail in order to make a pro-diversity point in a very biased news story.

At the same time, the reporter tries to convince the reader that the high score is a good thing because it shows more people report “hate” crimes.

The piece reads like a holiday dead-week filler, disjointedly designed to reassure liberal readers that all is normal between Christmas and New Years.

At least a city official admitted that evil white people are not the cause: Assistant District Attorney Victor Hwang, who prosecutes hate crimes in San Francisco, noted, “Hate crimes are committed by everybody against everybody in the city. You see Asians against gays, gays against blacks – you see every variety under the sun in San Francisco.”

The blessings of diversity! In San Francisco, you can get beaten up by a person of any race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status or sexual preference. I feel so enriched.

California reports most hate crimes of any state, San Francisco Chronicle, December 28, 2011

California is the state with the most recorded hate crime offenses, but officials say that’s actually a good thing.

California reported 1,331 offenses in 2010, the most recent findings, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. And San Francisco, a famously tolerant city, is also no stranger to hate crimes. The city reported 88 offenses in 2010, according to the state attorney general’s website.

But that doesn’t mean more prejudice is spreading through the West Coast, authorities say.

Unlike homicides or larcenies, statistics for hate crimes don’t always tell the whole story. Higher numbers don’t always mean an upward trend – in fact, Sgt. Katherine Schwarz Choy, who heads the hate crime investigation unit for San Francisco police, said numbers of reported crimes in the city have not changed significantly over the past years.

“When I look at statistics that our state has the highest number of hate crimes by far – on one hand, that’s terrible, but at the same time, that says to me that because people are aware, they’re reporting it, they’re talking about it,” said Nancy Appel, associate director of the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco. “When I look at a state that’s reporting just two or three a year, that just says to me that they’re not talking about the problem.”

The reality is that hate crimes are a constant in a world where the capacity for prejudice is human nature, authorities say – no matter what ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation you are.

“I think that most people think of hate crimes as the Ku Klux Klan riding in, but it’s really something much broader than that,” said Assistant District Attorney Victor Hwang, who prosecutes hate crimes in San Francisco. “It addresses a lot of lower levels of prejudice against ethnicity and race. Hate crimes are committed by everybody against everybody in the city. You see Asians against gays, gays against blacks – you see every variety under the sun in San Francisco.” Continue reading this article

Muslim Mass Murder Syndrome in Texas (with Santa Embellishment)

One of the most awful Christmas crimes in recent years was the massacre of six family members shot down in the midst of opening presents by a gunman wearing a Santa Claus outfit. It has taken a couple days for the identities and possible motivation to take shape.

The shooter was an Iranian Muslim immigrant, Aziz Yazdanpanah, who was an estranged husband, a realtor living in a foreclosed house, who was apparently angry with his daughter Nona (pictured) for dating a non-Muslim and his wife for leaving the marriage.

The Associated Press coverage (Authorities identify dead in Christmas shootings) emphasized the killer’s financial and marital troubles as explaining his actions. Those difficulties surely added to Yazdanpanah’s stress, but a Muslim man who is not exercising control over the females in his family can be a very dangerous character. (One example is the “moderate” Muslim, Muzzammil Hassan of Buffalo NY, who beheaded his wife when she decided to divorce him.)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on Monday that “the family was Muslim but celebrated Christmas as a cultural holiday” (Couple in deadly Grapevine shooting had recently split).

Perhaps the shooter was further irritated by his family’s drift away from Islam. He could have blown away his family on any day of the year, but chose Christmas for maximum effect and several extra victims, who were relatives of his wife. Under extreme stress, people may pull back into earlier beliefs and behavior. For Yazdanpanah, that might have meant a massive honor killing, going out as a traditional Muslim man.

That’s my supposition, of course, but immigration is a very stressful endeavor even in the best of times, and this is not one of those. Muslims in particular may not have bargained for the degree of freedom offered to women in this culture which can be challenging to Islamic family life.

Not all strands of diversity can be woven together. Muslims keep telling us westerners that with their hostile behavior, but we aren’t listening very well. Lee Kuan Yew, the architect of modern diverse Singapore, declared, “I would say today, we can integrate all religions and races except Islam.”

JihadWatch posts an important article from the Dallas Morning News (“Neighbors horrified at news of family’s slayings in Grapevine,” — available only with subscription). The emotional difficulties of the family appear toward the end:

Islamic honor killing in Texas: “Santa” who murdered family on Christmas morning was Muslim who didn’t like his daughter dating a non-Muslim [. . .]

GRAPEVINE — Aziz Yazdanpanah seemed to be losing control of his life in recent months — his wife left him, his house was in foreclosure, and his 19-year-old daughter was dating a young man he didn’t like.

Even so, the 58-year-old former real estate agent from Colleyville seemed to be holding it together. Neighbors say he would smile and wave as he drove through his middle-class neighborhood. Recently, he was seen raking leaves in his yard.

“He was very friendly, a very good neighbor,” said Carrie Stewart, who lives across the street. “He was out here often doing yard work and he even watched our house for us when we went to Colorado.”

Yazdanpanah, a volunteer high school debate coach described as a doting father, is the focus of suspicion a day after a Christmas morning massacre in which a man dressed as Santa Claus killed six relatives and then committed suicide.

Grapevine police arrived at the Lincoln Vineyard Apartment Homes a few minutes before noon and discovered bodies sprawled among opened presents and wrapping paper. The victims were ages 15 to 58….

Citing public records and interviews with friends and neighbors, media reports Monday identified Yazdanpanah and others who had died: his estranged 55-year-old wife, Fatemeh Rahmati, their 19-year-old daughter, Nona Narges Yazdanpanah, and 15-year-old son, Ali Yazdanpanah.

Friends of the family said Fatemeh Rahmati’s 58-year-old sister, Zohreh Rahmaty, and her husband, Hossein Zarei, 59, and daughter Sahra Zarei, a 22-year-old pre-med student at the University of Texas at Arlington, also were killed. Continue reading this article

California 2012 New Law Rollout

In a few days it will be 2012, and that means many new laws will go into effect.

Egregious nanny state California has instituted a slew of behavior enforcement laws to stomp out things liberals don’t like. Effective cough syrup corrupting the kiddies and beer confused with caffeine are banished from the shelves of commerce. (Don’t tell Sacramento about Irish coffee, a favorite upper-downer libation in San Francisco.)

Also banned are shark fins for the expensive soup that only Chinese eat, an amazing win for environmentalists over ethnics. The issue was successfully framed as species protection by liberal media which largely ignored the frothing about cultural insensitivity emanating from Chinatown and Sino-pols. (The case shows what could be done with the environmental issue of excessive immigration if the press would support reasonable limits.)

In the Bay Area, San Jose has prohibited the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and beyond, starting January 1.

Schools are a favorite laboratory for the liberal agenda of diversity social engineering, and this year is no exception with the inclusion of “gay history” for students of all ages. The law requires “a study of the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans, persons with disabilities, and members of other cultural groups.”

The Washington Times compiled a decent list of California legislative nuttiness, but somehow forgot to mention the prohibition of vehicle impounds for unlicensed drivers, a carrot for illegal aliens. (See California: End of Impounds for Unlicensed Drivers Looms over 2012.)

New laws: No caffeine in beer, shark fins in soup, Washington Times, December 26, 2011

DENVER — Starting Jan. 1, getting shark fins, caffeinated beer, cough syrup or a tan is going to be tougher than it was in 2011.

The National Conference of State Legislatures issued Monday its annual list of laws set to take effect in 2012, and there was nothing but bad news for connoisseurs of shark-fin soup. Oregon and California passed laws prohibiting the sale, trade, or distribution of the fins, which are considered a delicacy in China.

California also became the first state in the nation to require a prescription for obtaining any drug containing dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in many popular over-the-counter cough suppressants, including Robitussin, NyQuil and Dimetapp.

The law was prompted by a spike in the use of cough syrup as a recreational drug. A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel considered making the medications prescription-only, but rejected the idea in September.

Voter identification continued to be a hot topic for legislators in 2011. Four states — Kansas, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Texas — approved laws requiring voters to present photo identification before casting ballots.

A fifth state, South Carolina, had passed its own voter-identification law, but it was overturned Dec. 23 by the Justice Department. South Carolina is required to submit revisions in voting procedures for federal clearance as a state with a history of discrimination at the ballot box, but it can appeal Justice’s ruling in federal court.

Supporters say the laws are needed to combat voter fraud, but the effort has touched off an outcry among civil rights groups, which contend that the laws are aimed at suppressing minority-voter participation. The NAACP recently launched a campaign, Stand for Freedom, to fight voter-identification measures.

Employers will be required to use E-Verify to determine the eligibility of their employees starting Jan. 1 in four states — Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia. In California, however, legislators bucked the trend by prohibiting any state or local government from requiring employers to use the E-Verify program unless required by federal law or as a condition of receiving federal funds.

In education, California approved two hotly debated laws slated to take effect on New Year’s Day. The California Dream Act expands eligibility for institutional grants and fee waivers to students who are in the country illegally at the state’s university systems and community colleges.

To qualify, students must attend for at least three years and graduate from a California high school and prove that they are applying for legalized immigration status. The students must also meet certain academic standards.

California also becomes the first state to mandate the teaching of gay history. A new law requires schools to include in the public-school curriculum the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, along with disabled persons and others. The statute, which has no age limit, also bans instructional material that discriminates against those groups. Continue reading this article

California: End of Impounds for Unlicensed Drivers Looms over 2012

We little citizens are supposed to celebrate New Year’s Day, but in backwards Mexifornia, that’s the date when the bad new laws go into effect. So the holiday also has a strong batten-down-the-hatches aspect.

One of the worst concoctions from Sacramento this year is the law that prohibits the impounding of cars driven by unlicensed drivers. It was enacted in October to make life easier for illegal aliens.

Unlicensed drivers are involved in one in five fatal crashes according to a 2008 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

It used to be the law that unlicensed drivers snagged in checkpoints or during traffic stops would lose their vehicles to the impound yard and have to pay a big fine to bail them out. But that was deemed too troublesome for illegal aliens, so the only punishment left to dissuade unlicensed driving was scrapped.

Pandering to illegals makes the roadways more dangerous for the public, but the Mexican tail wags the Democrat dog in the California capital.

In Los Angeles, the policy is already in place, and police are arguing that the political decision is endangering public safety (Impound policy change for unlicensed motorists leads to feud, Daily News, Dec 23). A police union cited the recent death of a pedestrian (Missouri resident Patricia Ellen Riedy) in Panorama City caused by an unlicensed driver:

“This could have been avoided if the driver had taken the bus,” said Officer Kristi Sandoval, who serves on the Police Protective League board. “She could have saved a life if she were willing to be inconvenienced.”

Another cop view is expressed in a comment from curahee on about the article linked below:

As a police officer I can tell you that when we pull over an unlicensed driver whom is in this country illegally with NO license or insurance (so if they get into a collision you are totally financially responsible for damage / injury even if it is through no fault of your own), also these drivers are also much more likely to leave the seen of an accident as well regardless if you are injured / dying. But back to my original point, I have to give the unlicensed driver twenty minutes to call a friend to come get his or her car (this is the law of our state). Now if you are an American who had a license who somehow got it revoked I (by statute of state law) immediately no questions asked have to tow your car. I have not an ounce of leeway in this matter. How is that fair and equal treatment under the law?

California to stop towing unlicensed drivers, Associated Press, December 25, 2011

Escondido, Calif. (AP) — Delfino Aldama was fixing a customer’s brakes this month when his smartphone chimed with a text message that tipped him to a police checkpoint more than an hour before officers began stopping motorists. The self-employed auto mechanic frantically called friends with the location and drove an alternate route home.

The Mexico native had reason to be alarmed: He does not have a driver’s license because he is in the United States illegally, and it would cost about $1,400 to get his Nissan Frontier pickup back from the towing company. He has breathed a little easier since he began getting blast text messages two years ago from activists who scour streets to find checkpoints as they are being set up.

The cat-and-mouse game ends Jan. 1 when a new law takes effect in California to prohibit police from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints if a motorist’s only offense is being an unlicensed driver. Thousands of cars are towed each year in the state under those circumstances, hitting pocketbooks of illegal immigrants especially hard.

When Aldama’s 1992 Honda Civic was towed from a checkpoint years ago, he quit his job frying chickens at a fast-food restaurant because he had no way to make the 40-mile round trip to work. He abandoned the car rather than pay about $1,200 in fees.

“A car is a necessity, it’s not a luxury,” said the 35-year-old Aldama, who lives in Escondido with his wife, who is a legal resident, and their 5-year-old son, a U.S. citizen.

Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, a Los Angeles Democrat who tried unsuccessfully to restore driver licenses to illegal immigrants after California revoked the privilege in 1993, said he introduced the bill to ban towing after learning the notoriously corrupt city of Bell raked in big fees from unlicensed drivers at checkpoints.

A sharp increase in federally funded sobriety checkpoints in California has fueled controversy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration paid for 2,553 checkpoints last year, which authorities say helps explain why deaths caused by drunken drivers dropped to an all-time low in the state. Continue reading this article

Nigeria: Muslims Bomb Christmas Service

Hostile Muslims can be efficient fellows when they plot to mass-murder Christians and other non-Islamics. The Sons of Allah use the Christian calendar to plot their massacres and increase the body count. For example, Egyptian Muslims bombed a Coptic church last New Year’s Eve, killing 21.

Nigeria has a history of religious violence since it is split demographically and geographically with mostly Muslims inhabiting the north. Last June, for example, Boko Haram (the accused group in the current atrocity) bombed a packed beer garden on a Sunday afternoon, killing 25.

Winning through intimidation (and mass murder) is an Islamic custom of long standing: non-believers must convert or die. Boko Haram is the regional Islamist flavor working to institute worldwide totalitarian sharia law.

White House Condemns Nigeria Terror Attack, Fox News, December 25, 2011

LAGOS, Nigeria –  The White House on Sunday issued a statement offering condolences to those affected by the coordinated terror attacks in Nigeria that left at least 39 people dead, with the majority dying on the steps of a Catholic church after celebrating Christmas mass.

“We condemn this senseless violence and tragic loss of life on Christmas Day. We offer our sincere condolences to the Nigerian people and especially those who lost family and loved ones. We have been in contact with Nigerian officials about what initially appear to be terrorist acts and pledge to assist them in bringing those responsible to justice,” White House said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Nigerian authorities acknowledged they could not bring enough emergency medical personnel to care for the wounded outside St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla near Nigeria’s capital. Elsewhere, a bomb exploded amid gunfire in the central Nigerian city of Jos and a suicide car bomber attacked the military in the nation’s northeast as part of an apparently coordinated assault by the sect known as Boko Haram.

The Christmas Day violence, denounced by world leaders and the Vatican, shows the threat of the widening insurrection posed by Boko Haram against Nigeria’s weak central government. Despite a recent paramilitary crackdown against the sect in the oil-rich nation, it appears that Africa’s most populous nation remains unable to stop the threat. Continue reading this article

Levant & Steyn: War on Christmas

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn share thoughts on the War on Christmas. (Steyn has been known to warble a carol occasionally and has published Christmas albums in addition to his recent book on civilizational doom.)

They both fondly remember Irving Berlin, a Jewish immigrant of an earlier time who expressed his love of America by writing the beloved songs God Bless America and White Christmas. Now we are supposed to respect diversity by not using the word “Christmas.”

For more on Irving Berlin, check out Mark’s podcast about White Christmas, where he visits the late songwriter’s daughter Mary Ellin Barrett.

Charter Schools Tribalism Alarms Diversity Enthusiasts

Charter schools in America are a fascinating viewing port for the immigration-twisted social stew of today and what is brewing up for tomorrow’s balkanized America.

Many charter schools are formed by immigrants to prevent their kids from assimilating to American values. Muslims in particular want their girls kept away from ideas of freedom and individual expression. Training females to be obedient servants to future husbands, along with Allah, is a tough job with so much visible freedom all around, so Muslims like the immersion atmosphere of a Islamic charter school.

The liberal education establishment in Minnesota (home of the charter movement) is upset that charter schools are more racially segregated than public schools, thereby defying the first principle of diversity as the highest virtue.

But what did edu-elites expect with such a wrong-headed social engineering project? Of course immigrants set up their own social institutions when a critical mass of tribal members has been reached — and America does not insist upon traditional assimilation even though citizens desire it. Everyone like their own tribe the best because of humans’ innate tribalism, but Americans are trained not to express such preferences.

What American (not from Laos) would send their kid to St. Paul’s Hmong College Prep Academy (99% Asian)? Not many black Americans would choose the Dugsi Academy, which bills itself as “East African children in the Twin Cities” and emphasizes Somali and Arabic language acquisition. (Only 40 percent of Dugsi’s K-8 students passed state reading tests in 2009-10, which indicates something about priorities there.)

So charter schools do promote diversity, just in discrete modules, with no mixing.

Below, Dugsi Academy teaches Islamic values to children in St. Paul.

Immigrants today come to make MONEY, period, and set up their own balkanized communities that keep America out as much as possible, from little Havana (formerly Miami) to hispanicized Los Angeles (with 4.7 million latinos).

Segregated Charter Schools Evoke Separate But Equal Era in U.S., Bloomberg News, December 22, 2011

At Dugsi Academy, a public school in St. Paul, Minnesota, girls wearing traditional Muslim headscarves and flowing ankle-length skirts study Arabic and Somali. The charter school educates “East African children in the Twin Cities,” its website says. Every student is black.

At Twin Cities German Immersion School, another St. Paul charter, children gather under a map of “Deutschland,” study with interns from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and learn to dance the waltz. Ninety percent of its students are white.

Six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down “separate but equal” schools for blacks and whites, segregation is growing because of charter schools, privately run public schools that educate 1.8 million U.S. children. While charter-school leaders say programs targeting ethnic groups enrich education, they are isolating low-achievers and damaging diversity, said Myron Orfield, a lawyer and demographer.

“It feels like the Deep South in the days of Jim Crow segregation,” said Orfield, who directs the University of Minnesota Law School’s Institute on Race & Poverty. “When you see an all-white school and an all-black school in the same neighborhood in this day and age, it’s shocking.”

Charter schools are more segregated than traditional public schools, according to a 2010 report by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles. Researchers studied 40 states, the District of Columbia, and 39 metropolitan areas. In particular, higher percentages of charter-school students attend what the report called “racially isolated” schools, where 90 percent or more students are from disadvantaged minority groups.

Charter-School Birthplace

In Minnesota, the birthplace of the U.S. charter-school movement, the divide is more than black and white.

St. Paul’s Hmong College Prep Academy, 99 percent Asian- American in the past school year, immerses students “in the rich heritage that defines Hmong culture.” Its Academia Cesar Chavez School — 93 percent Hispanic — promises bilingual education “by advocating Latino cultural values in an environment of familia and community.” Minneapolis’s Four Directions Charter School, 94 percent Native American, black and Hispanic, promotes “lifelong learning for American Indian students.”

Charter schools, which select children through lotteries, are open to all who apply, said Abdulkadir Osman, Dugsi’s executive director.

“Some people call it segregation,” Osman said. “This is the parent’s choice. They can go anywhere they want. We are offering families something unique.”

Nobody ‘Forced’

That’s a “significant difference” between Minnesota charters and segregated schools in the 1950s South, said Joe Nathan, director of the Center for School Change at Macalester College in St. Paul.

“Nobody is being forced to go to these schools,” said Nathan, who helped write Minnesota’s 1991 charter-school law.

Ever since Horace Mann crusaded for free universal education in the 19th century, public schools have been hailed as the U.S. institutions that bring together people of disparate backgrounds.

The atomization of charter schools coincides with growing U.S. diversity. Americans of other races will outnumber whites by 2042, the Census Bureau projects. Continue reading this article