Brussels: Burqa Attacks Police Officer When ID Is Requested

From Belgium, we have another example of why the culture of hostile Muslims does not work in the West.

When a burqa-covered Muslim woman was asked for identification in Brussels, she head-butted a female police officer and broke her nose. Face coverings are not permitted on Belgian streets.

The burqa then contacted her co-religionists, more than a hundred of whom then surrounded the police station and proceeded to throw stones and get into scuffles. Riot police were brought in to defend the station.

Muslims have really taken the message of “Winning through intimidation” to heart. Continuing to admit them as immigrants seems very unwise.

(For more background about the Islamic unfriendlies residing in Belgium, see Sharia Invaders in Belgium Declare Their Intentions.)

Brussels police attacked by Islamists: mayor, Euronews, June 1, 2012

Brussels police came under attack on Thursday after they arrested a Muslim woman who refused to remove her face veil.

Protesters threw metal barriers and trash cans at a police station in Molenbeek. The district of the Belgian capital has a high number of Muslim immigrants.

Belgium and France passed laws last year that ban the wearing of full-face veils in public.

Johan Debecker, the head of Brussels-West police authority, said the unnamed woman became aggressive during questioning.

“She head-butted our policewoman and the policewoman now has a broken nose,” he told reporters.

Some 100 people surrounded Molenbeek police station late on Thursday night, with scuffles breaking out.

Phillippe Moureaux, the town mayor, said an extreme Islamist group,
Sharia4Belgium, was behind the trouble.

Sharia4Belgium issued a statement on its website on Friday, condemning what it called “a terrorist attack of Brussels’ assassination squads”.

Last month, an Antwerp court jailed the group’s spokesman Fouad Belkacem for two years for inciting racial hatred against non-Muslims.

Universal University Utopianism

Thoughtful columnist Robert Samuelson recently posed some questions about the silly idea of universal college education and its corrosive effect on preparing young people for future gainful employment.

It is indeed curious that so much of K-12 is geared toward sending all the kiddies on to the big university when only 30 percent of Americans have BA degrees. Add in a preference of many for hands-on non-cubicle work and universal college education sounds like a bad idea.

Plus, there have been predictable sidebar consequences like dumbing down of admissions standards and course work, grade inflation and the abandonment of apprenticeships and blue-collar skills training.

Remember, half the population is below average (in school performance and every other way).

Another bad result of the idea of universal college entitlement has been the hispanic demanders’ squawks for subsidized higher educations for illegal alien students, aka DREAM Acters.

I have a few ideas for fixing an educational system that has devolved into more scam than honorable institution:

● Redesign high schools to equip the non-scholarly types with some sort of useful skill. No graduation without the student submitting a serious job-skill plan for his/her future.

● Refocus junior colleges on job training and keep them affordable.

● Four-year colleges should charge less for classes leading to socially useful knowledge. Nursing students should pay far less for their education than kids majoring in subjects like Chicano or Ethnic Studies, which are training grounds for future anti-sovereignty activists.

Now for Mr. Samuelson. . .

It’s time to drop the college-for-all crusade, Washington Post, By Robert J. Samuelson, May 27, 2012

The college-for-all crusade has outlived its usefulness. Time to ditch it. Like the crusade to make all Americans homeowners, it’s now doing more harm than good. It looms as the largest mistake in educational policy since World War II, even though higher education’s expansion also ranks as one of America’s great postwar triumphs.

Consider. In 1940, fewer than 5 percent of Americans had a college degree. Going to college was “a privilege reserved for the brightest or the most affluent” high-school graduates, wrote Diane Ravitch in her history of U.S. education, “The Troubled Crusade.” No more. At last count, roughly 40 percent of Americans had some sort of college degree: about 30 percent a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution; the rest associate degrees from community colleges.

Starting with the GI Bill in 1944, governments at all levels promoted college. From 1947 to 1980, enrollments jumped from 2.3 million to 12.1 million. In the 1940s, private colleges and universities accounted for about half. By the 1980s, state schools — offering heavily subsidized tuitions — represented nearly four-fifths. Aside from a democratic impulse, the surge reflected “the shift in the occupational structure to professional, technical, clerical and managerial work,” noted Ravitch. The economy demanded higher skills; college led to better-paying jobs.

College became the ticket to the middle class, the be-all-and-end-all of K-12 education. If you didn’t go to college, you’d failed. Improving “access” — having more students go to college — drove public policy.

We overdid it. The obsessive faith in college has backfired. Continue reading this article

California’s High-Speed Rail Boondoggle Lurches Along

In California, Gov Jerry Brown and his Democrat cronies are trying to jam through a high-speed rail project from San Francisco to Los Angeles that has been a gold-plated turkey from day one.

When first proposed to the voters in the form of an initiative in 2008, the price tag was pitched at a ludicrous $34 billion, and the measure for a $10 billion bond passed (though without my vote) with more cash predicted to come from a mysterious “private partnership.”

What a scam. No way could California build a 500-mile rail line for that amount of money.

The project was originally promoted as a necessary infrastructure upgrade required because of the growing population — as a result of a crazed immigration, though that detail wasn’t mentioned in glossy mailers.

The ugly truth has been burbling out in recent months. The more likely cost has been estimated to be anywhere from $98 billion to $118 billion. Despite lots of bad press and falling public support, Gov. Brown is hoping for something to turn up, particularly a pile of federal money from President Obama to bail out his pet project.

CNN produced a good report on the subject, titled, C‪alifornia high-speed rail to nowhere?‬

CNN Anderson Cooper Transcript May 29, 2012

COOPER: As for California’s high speed rail line, another project backed by President Obama. It turns the original costs estimates were way off. Now there’s a real chance the rail line may never be completed. Here’s Drew’s report.


DREW GRIFFIN, CNN INVESTIGATE CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It sure looks like the future, an animated version of California’s high speed rail and it sounded really cool too. L.A. to San Francisco at more than 200 miles an hour.

No planes, no cars, no fuss. That’s why Californians voted for it back in 2008. Passing a $10-billion bond measure for a train that was projected to eventually cost $34 billion.

Keeping them honest, it’s now four years later. Not a single track has been laid and a bombshell report was dropped on California’s taxpayers last fall. Their $34 billion train would actually cost closer to three times the estimated amount.

LISA SCHWEITZER, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, PRICE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY, USC: The new business plan puts a cost estimate of about $98 billion to $118 billion.

GRIFFIN: It was a shocker. Three times the estimated cost and guess what? You, the federal taxpayer, might be on the hook for a big chunk of it. We’ll get to how that’s possible in a moment.

But in California, the sticker shock caused yet another changed in accounting, a big turnover with California’s High Speed Rail Authority Board, and yet another rethinking of just where the train will go and how fast and how much it would cost.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today, we are releasing the revised plan. Continue reading this article

Israelis Reject Illegal Alien Africans

Everybody like their own tribe the best, because that preference is hard-wired in the human psyche for reasons of safety. Despite liberals’ persistent efforts to convince us that even the diversity of illegal immigration should be celebrated, home towners all over the world remain unconvinced, as indicated by a Pew survey showing that increased immigration was universally unwanted.

When those illegal aliens take up residence in public parks and engage in violent crime like rape, the citizens tend to react negatively, as happened in Israel recently when a rally against illegals got violent.

Below, African squatters live in a city park.

Some Israelis stuck with the liberal ideology, like one cigarette smoker.

A recent CNN report is worth watching for the scenes of African squatters hanging out in groups on kids’ swings and such.

The big question is whether the Israeli government will get serious and deport the foreign “infiltrators.”

Why did anti-immigration sentiment boil over in Israel?, CNN, May 31, 2012

Jerusalem (CNN) — Amene Tekele Haymanot thought he had made the right choice when five years ago he escaped war-torn Eritrea and opened a business in sunny Tel Aviv, Israel.

But he and his countrymen couldn’t escape conflict for long.

Haymanot never expected himself – or his store — to become targets of threats and violence in a metropolitan city known for its tolerance. But it was. His windows were smashed in and his business looted during an anti-immigration protest.

“Now I am afraid here. I cannot live this way. I’m afraid for my life,” Haymanot, who is an illegal immigrant awaiting refugee status, told CNN.

His fear has been growing for many months because illegal African immigrants have attracted anger in certain parts of Israel — and Haymanot believes the color of his skin makes him vulnerable — because many here will assume if you’re black in his Tel Aviv neighborhood — you are here illegally.

Many Israelis are frustrated with the estimated 59,000 illegal African immigrants in the country and Israel’s inability to deal with them. Most of the new arrivals are from Eritrea and Sudan, and the government says they come illegally through the Egyptian border.

The police say about 700 African immigrants enter the country illegally every week.

Illegal African immigrants are blamed by residents in neighborhoods where there is a large African population for increasing levels of crime, suffocating the infrastructure and changing the fabric of Israel. Continue reading this article

Sex-Selection Abortion Debate Misleads by Not Mentioning Immigrant Cause

It’s been disappointing to see the issue of sex-selection abortion debated with such dishonesty, where the cultural background of the practitioners has been omitted, presumably because of political correctness. In doing so, the discussion maligns American women, who do not as a matter of culture engage in sex-selection abortion.

Aborting female fetuses is an accepted custom in misogynous China and India, to the point where Asia is missing 163 million girls, a number that should shock, but doesn’t, because it’s only women.

Diverse immigrants bring all sorts of objectionable customs with them, and that’s okay according to multicultural ideology. In 2001, the New York Times reported on sex-selection abortion among Asian immigrants: Clinics’ Pitch to Indian Émigrés: It’s a Boy.

There’s have been occasional reports since then, for example:

Sex-selective abortions moving to West with immigration, author says, Catholic News Service, Jan 24, 2012

ROME (CNS) — Aborting unborn girls on account of their gender has been a documented trend in certain Asian countries for at least two decades. Now, according to an Italian biologist and author, the practice is also growing in the West.

Women and couples who emigrate from cultures where male children are deemed more prestigious and economically valuable “will often bring those same values to their new country,” said Anna Meldolesi, author of “Never born: Why the world has lost 100 million women” [. . .]

Silicon Valley has seen fewer girls born, because of Asian immigrants’ preference for boys:

It’s a boy! Asian immigrants use medical technology to satisfy age-old desire: a son, San Jose Mercury News, Jan 7, 2009

Researchers are finding the first evidence that some Asian immigrant families are using U.S. medical technology to have sons instead of daughters, apparently acting on an age-old cultural prejudice that has led to high ratios of boys to girls in parts of China and India.

The new research, produced by independent teams of economists who arrived at similar conclusions, focused on Indian, Chinese and Korean families who first had girls and then used modern technology to have a son.

With birth records in Santa Clara County showing that Asian mothers are more likely to give birth to sons than white or Latino mothers are, the new data could reawaken a local controversy. Some local South Asian women have pressured local Indo-American newspapers and magazines in recent years to stop running ads for medical procedures that offer prospective parents the promise of a son.

For some South Asian couples, having a boy is a “status symbol,” said Deepka Lalwani of Milpitas, the founder and president of Indian Business & Professional Women, a nonprofit business support network. “If a woman has male children, she feels in her family, certainly with her in-laws, that her status will go up because now she is the mother of a male child.”

Such cultural pressures may explain the recent findings. A Columbia University study suggests that Chinese, Indian and Korean immigrants have been using medical technology, most likely including abortion, to assure their later children were boys. And a soon-to-be published analysis of birth records by a University of Texas economist estimates there were 2,000 “missing girls” between 1991 and 2004 among immigrant families from China and India living in the U.S. — children never born because their parents chose to have sons instead.

“We didn’t expect to see a male bias. And for the first child, we didn’t find one. It seems to appear after a first daughter, and more strongly after a second daughter,” said Douglas Almond, co-author of the Columbia study.

Among Indian families in Santa Clara County in the 1990s, Texas economist Jason Abrevaya found a 58 percent chance of having a son among families that first had two girls — significantly higher than the natural 51 percent chance of having a boy.

The teams found no comparable bias toward boys among white, African-American and Japanese-American families that first had girls. [. . .]

In the present discussion, the Asia connection is hinted, but the word “immigrant” is taboo.

Here’s the usually plain-spoken Charles Krauthammer on Fox News Wednesday:

You have to ask yourself, how could a feminist oppose this kind of legislation? After all, gender selection is the ultimate in gender discrimination. It’s the killing of a female – and it’s almost always a female — in utero, and you would expect a huge protest.

Here it’s probably a very small issue, although it’s a huge issue in India and China where it’s done on a mass scale. The normal ratio is 105 female children to boys, and in China and India it’s 110, 115, which creates huge social imbalance, and it’s unbelievably unjust and sexist.

So how did sex-selection abortion come to America??

The practice came via immigrants and they are the ones who do it, not traditional Americans. Yet the media is full of misleading half-truths, as I noted last December when Rep. Trent Franks made the issue political: Congressman Wants to End Sex-Selection Abortion (but Doesn’t Mention Immigrants).

Bill O’Reilly has been focusing on Planned Parenthood and only hinted at the Asian culture connection.

O’REILLY: Now, there is no question that Planned Parenthood is a pro-abortion outfit which has been in trouble for years. Undercover videos have documented underage abortions, abortion advice associated with prostitution, and now gender-based abortion guidance.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives will vote on outlawing gender-based abortions. We’ll have special coverage on that. We’ll name the names of Congress people who vote against the bill perhaps advising them. They are in synch with China’s abhorrent abortion policy.

The traditional American view on the gender of children is well expressed in the song Tea for Two (lyrics), written in 1925.

We will raise a family,
a boy for you , and a girl for me,
Can’t you see how happy we will be.

So pardon me for preferring American values to the misogynous customs of Chinese and Indian immigrants. If the government truly wants to end the practice of sex-selection abortion in the United States, then the Congress should curtail immigration of the cultures which practice it.

Switzerland: Neighborhood Watch Observes Criminal Asylum Seekers

Swiss citizens have at times shown less interest than many Europeans in PC celebrations of diversity, as demonstrated by their voting against minaret construction (pictured below) and for deporting criminal aliens.

The latest is a neighborhood watch strategy moved to the next level by active observation of foreign criminals particularly asylum seekers, who are responsible for worsened crime. For example, as the video below notes, the level of crime in Geneva has increased by nearly a third, with most committed by auslanders.

When authorities cannot or will not protect public safety, then citizens often step into the breach. One example was the Minuteman movement to keep watch on America’s open border. For their efforts, the Minutemen were called vigilantes, as if that were a bad thing. In fact, vigilantes have filled a need in many cases, such as in San Francisco where the word originated in the lawless 1850s with the Vigilance Committees.

Swiss citizens who are taking action to protect public safety today have the same problem with authorities who aren’t doing the job but condemn those who are trying to help with simple observation and photography.

The article following is translated from the original French, Garde civique pour surveiller les requérants.

‘We demonstrate our presence’ / Vigilante group watching asylum seekers, translated on

In two St Gallen [swiss canton] townships, a group of annoyed citizens follows every step asylum seekers take. Now the authorities react.

‘Sexual harassment, vandalism, noise and drug dealing are almost a daily routine’, laments Hans Thoma about asylum seekers of the Landegg asylum centre at Eggersriet SG [St Gallen] in ‘Reporter’, SF [swiss state tv] programme. That is why he has formed a kind of vigilante group, together with a neighbouring village. ‘We demonstrate our presence, we document through photos the asylum seekers’ incorrect behaviour, and we report it to police’, according to Thoma.

Now, the canton has reacted: On monday, Jürg Wernli, director of the Appenzell-Ausserrhoden [canton next to St Gallen, both with interlaced borders] Interior and Cultural Department, announced first measures – more positions at the asylum centre, additional busses for asylum seekers and security services at train stations. These and more measures are to be implemented, in the interest of the neighbours of the asylum centre – despite the ‘palpable additional costs for the canton’, according to Wernli. Thoma considers this a ‘success of our engagement’.

However, Stella Jegher at Amnesty International warns: ‘Such action like the one shown by the Thoma group could tilt towards discrimination, even racism, if this leads to a kind of prejudgement of certain groups.’

Dangerous vigilante justice
Members of the ‘Informationsrunde Wienacht-Tobel/Schwendi bei [near] Heiden’ follow asylum seekers living in Wienacht AR [Appenzell-Ausserrhoden canton] (see text). This is not the only kind of a vigilante group in Switzerland: According to the ‘Zürcher Oberländer’ [paper], in the Zurich Oberland a patrol service intervenes against burglars. In Geneva, inhabitants chased tricky conmen, of which violent conflicts resulted. That is why Beat Flach, jurist and national GLP [Green-Liberal Party] MoP warns of vigilante justice: ‘Simply ‘demonstrating presence’ is at the legal borderline, the danger for escalation is great.’

Obama Honors Anti-Borders Activist Delores Huerta

President Obama handed out Medals of Freedom on Tuesday, and they well reflected his political beliefs. Rock legend Bob Dylan got a lot of attention, and he was a famous social rebel in the sixties.

One recipient of interest is Delores Huerta, who was an early activist for farm workers with Cesar Chavez. In recent years she has been a community organizer with a specialty in illegal alien amnesty.

In choosing Huerta, Obama was sending a signal to the raza alien gang that he is still thinking about their welfare and a major amnesty in his second term — a big hint to vote for him.

Below, Delores Huerta helped lead a protest against immigration-law-enforcer Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. She is seen holding the sign above the “A” in “HATE.”

Dolores Huerta to Receive Medal of Freedom at White House Ceremony, Fox News Latino, May 29, 2012

Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers union, will receive the country’s highest civilian honor Tuesday.

The White House will present the lifelong unionist and immigrant rights advocate with the Medal of Freedom. Huerta is one of 14 recipients of the award this year.

“I was humbled, thrilled, and surprised,” Huerta, 82, told the Daily Beast. “I never expected to be nominated.”

Huerta’s sense of justice developed from an early age. Raised in Stockton, Calif., Huerta watched her father work for little pay in the fields, while her mother managed a hotel that often let poor migrants stay for free, according to the Daily Beast. Continue reading this article

Mexifornication Update: Oaxacan Slurs Banned in Oxnard Schools

Newbie Mexicans have a habit of enforcing the primacy of their home culture among hispanics who reside in this country. In the dear homeland, for example, Spanish speakers look down on indigenous Mexicans who speak Triqui, Nahuatl and other tribal languages, and they bring that ethnic discrimination with them when they hop the border to the United States.

In addition, Mexicans disrespect other hispanic nationalities as well. One example is how Salvadorans in Los Angeles sometimes pretend to be Mexicans in order to get along at their jobs and not get beaten up.

In the New York City area, hispanic indian language diversity is extreme, and many of those groups go to night school to learn Spanish rather than English. Apparently cultural coziness with other non-Americans is more important to them than economic success in this country, even though the knowledge of English has a real dollar payoff.

In Washington state, Mixteco speakers want to learn Spanish, and then maybe English later if they have time.

The upshot is that indigenous persons, Central Americans and other hispanics often assimilate to Mexican culture in areas where it dominates (i.e. places where there are large communities of Mexes). The American assimilation engine is broken and is getting worse.

Today’s diverse example is from southern California, where school authorities are concerned that Oaxacan indian kiddies are being insulted by Spanish-speaking Mexicans.

The following story contains no mention of assimilation to American values and language, which has never been a big priority of la Times. But a Spanish anti-bullying campaign fits perfectly into currently stylish values of self-esteem and diversity.

Epithet that divides Mexicans is banned by Oxnard school district, Los Angeles Times, May 28, 2012

‘Oaxaquita’ (little Oaxacan) is used by other Mexicans to demean their indigenous compatriots — who are estimated to make up 30% of California’s farmworkers.

Rolando Zaragoza, 21, was 15 years old when he came to the United States, enrolled in an Oxnard school and first heard the term “Oaxaquita.” Little Oaxacan, it means — and it was not used kindly.

“Sometimes I didn’t want to go to school,” he said. “Sometimes I stayed to fight.”

“It kind of seemed that being from Oaxaca was something bad,” said Israel Vasquez, 23, who shared the same mocking, “just the way people use ‘Oaxaquita’ to refer to anyone who is short and has dark skin.”

Years later, indigenous leaders are fighting back against an epithet that lingers among immigrants from Mexico, directed at their own compatriots. Earlier this month the Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project in Oxnard launched the “No me llames Oaxaquita” campaign. “Don’t call me little Oaxacan” aims to persuade local school districts to prohibit the words “Oaxaquita” and “indito” (little Indian) from being used on school property, to form committees to combat bullying and to encourage lessons about indigenous Mexican culture and history.

Indigenous Mexicans have come to the U.S. in increasing numbers in the last two decades. Some estimates now put them at 30% of California’s farmworkers. In Ventura County, there are about 20,000 indigenous Mexicans, most of whom are Mixtec from the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero who work in the strawberry industry, according to local organizers. Continue reading this article

Euroflop Was Predictable Utopian Failure

It’s fascinating to reflect that a number of “experts” immersed in political theory have experimented with various ideologies in the belief that if the right system of governance could be crafted, then wars would end and peace would reign over our troubled planet.

The European Union is one such failed experiment, as political tinkerers following World War II thought that the nation-state was the cause of the continent’s many wars and should therefore be dismantled.

Below, in 2008 Brussels produced a map that rudely erased England from existence.

Powerful suits may have also thought that the little people could be easily controlled by unaccountable bureaucrats tucked away in Brussels. In a properly functioning nation-state, however, the citizens’ concerns get a response. As Czech President Vaclav Klaus observed in 2003, “You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state.”

Europe’s problem can be reasonably argued to be its cranky tribalism, based more on hard-wired human nature than trendy isms like communism and fascism.

It may seem a great silliness to attempt world peace through the destruction of the nation-state, however the American left has latched onto a similarly loony belief system, that of diversity as the highest virtue. If we just all get to know one another, the fable goes, then all negative feelings among disparate groups will melt away, kumbaya style. The idea of America as the “universal nation” is part of this arrogant foolishness.

But here in heterogeneous California, the utopian peace hasn’t broken out just yet. Instead, the various ethnic, linguistic and racial groups often find they plain don’t like each other, despite all sorts of diversity brainwashing in schools and the media. For example, in Los Angeles Mexican immigrant gangsters have engaged in ethnic cleansing of local blacks to remove them from certain neighborhoods.

Anyway, Europe’s economy going over a cliff because of yet another failed social engineering experiment of elites.

At the heart of Europe’s crisis is the abolition of the nation state and the attempt to impose monetary union, Daily Telegraph, by Bruce Anderson, May 25, 2012

A return to national currencies is the only hope – but it won’t be easy or cost-free.

It is a tragic irony. Dreams are turning into nightmares. High aspirations are crumbling into chaotic outcomes. The idealists who believed that they were rescuing Europe may have encompassed its destruction.

To understand the European dégringolade, we have to go back to the beginning. It was all about isms. The EU was only made possible by the defeat of fascism, that earlier attempt at European integration. The European project was crucial in the generation-long struggle to contain communism, and gained further momentum when the Soviet empire disintegrated. But the founding fathers had made a fatal mistake. In a covert fashion, they declared war on a third ism. They were wrong to do so. Far from being toxic, it was a healthy component of the human condition. The attempt to eradicate it weakened the human frame and made it easier for diseases to spread. The third ism was nationalism and the nation state.

One can understand why the creators of the European project made that mistake. In the early post-war years, Europe was full of the first two isms’ victims. Shattered cities; cold, hungry and frightened inhabitants; millions of displaced people and refugees; millions more, who were hoping against hope to hear good news about missing relatives. It is easy to understand why thoughtful people said “never again”. It is also easy to explain their campaign against the third ism. Why had the others become so potent? Because the continental nation states had either failed or grovelled at the feet of psychotic ambitions. So wise men concluded that civilisation could only survive if Europe moved beyond the era of the nation state. Continue reading this article

Happy 75th Birthday, Golden Gate Bridge!

We residents of the Bay Area love our unique landmark. The bridge never fails to inspire with its beautiful form and how it frames natural vistas of land meeting ocean.

The Chronicle has posted its photo archive of bridge pictures here.

One little-known fact about the bridge is how it was financed. The project was planned during the Depression, when money was short and banks were edgy. The citizens voted to put their personal property up as collateral to get the bridge built.

Bond Measure Passes – Against the Odds?,

[. . .] On November 4, 1930, voters within the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway District’s six member counties (San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Del Norte, and portions of Napa and Mendocino) went to the polls on the question of whether to put up their homes, their farms and their business properties as collateral for a $35 million bond issue to finance the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge (Bridge). For some, the timing of the bond election was considered economically reckless as it would create bonded indebtedness during the Great Depression. Others said bridge construction represented the economic relief needed from the Great Depression. After the vote, it was clear the people believed in Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss’ vision – 145,057 voted in favor and 46,954 against it. [. . .]

Perhaps I’ve become hardened by so much diverse immigration, but I can’t imagine such sacrifice for the greater good taking place in today’s balkanized California. Diversity decreases trust and lessens social capital, as sociologist Robert Putnam has observed.

The corollary is that loyalty and community cohesion are strengthened by sharing language, values and the sense of common history. Sadly the California where citizens voted to put their own properties on the line for a major public improvement is long gone, replaced by a society that says its allegiance is to the idea of diversity.

America's Young Graduates Find Unwelcoming Job Market, but Illegals Wiggle Through

America’s young college graduates are having a hard time finding jobs in the long-lasting recession. Many are saddled with a mountain of debt but few prospects to pay off that burden and get on with their lives. Some even move back into their parents’ homes.

Gallup pollsters dug up some ugly numbers for April:

Gallup: 1 in 3 young Americans underemployed in April, USA Today, May 09, 2012

A third of U.S. workers under 30 were underemployed in April, according to Gallup.

Compared with older Americans, young adults were more than twice as likely to be underemployed and 50% more likely to be unemployed.

The 32% of 18- to 29-year-olds last month who were either unemployed or working part time but seeking full-time jobs was up 2 percentage points from March and marks the highest since May 2011. Gallup’s measurement is not seasonally adjusted.

For older Americans, April underemployment was 14.0% for those 30 to 49, 13.6% for 50- to 64-year-olds and 12.7% for those 65 and up.

In April, the unadjusted unemployment rate for young adults was 13.6% — the same as in April 2011 — compared with the overall rate of 8.3%. The March jobless figure for the 18-t0-29 group was 12.5%. [. . .]

Yet despite the worst jobs depression since the 1930s for all Americans, Washington continues to admit over a million legal immigrants yearly who compete for scarce employment opportunities.

Not only that, but illegal aliens are becoming more adept at screwing the system to displace citizens in both college slots and employment. Illegals are okay to hire as long as they are treated as independent contractors, lawyers say.

Below, illegal alien teacher Adriana Sanchez demonstrates a cube in Fresno’s Adult School in a Spanish math class.

Naturally the dinosaur liberal media thinks that DREAM-y type kiddies scamming for education and American employment makes an upbeat story. Predictably, it never occurs to the reporter that the educated foreigners could work legally in their nation of citizenship. But only everything is enough for the raza demanders! They want the whole American enchilada and they want it now!

Illegal immigrants find paths to college, careers, Associated Press, May 26, 2012
FRESNO, Calif. (AP) – Going to college seemed inconceivable when Adriana Sanchez, the 12-year-old daughter of farm workers, was brought from Mexico to Central California and the family overstayed their visas.

Even though Sanchez excelled in high school, she was in the country illegally, lacked a Social Security number and work permit, and didn’t qualify for financial aid. But she volunteered hundreds of hours and paid her way through college and graduate school with a dozen internships.

Now 24, Sanchez graduated last week from California State University, Fresno with a master’s degree in International Relations, a full-time job and no loans to repay. Using a gray area in federal law, she works as an independent contractor.

“For most undocumented students, you have to put yourself out there. You volunteer, you go beyond what regular students do,” Sanchez said. “That’s what connects us to opportunities. Now employers call me.”

With thousands of young adults who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children now holding college degrees, Sanchez and others are finding creative ways to get around the legal roadblocks and find a career. They are getting work experience, opening businesses and seeking professional licenses in their fields.

The Associated Press interviewed about two dozen such graduates across the country. Some, like many legal graduates, are struggling in a grim economy. But others do highly-skilled work, though not always in their professions. Many are “out” about their status despite the risk of deportation; a few asked not to be identified for fear it could cost them their jobs or alert immigration authorities. Continue reading this article

Census: Over Half of Asians in US Have College Degrees; Mexicans Only 9.1 Percent

The Census released an interesting paper on Thursday, The Population With a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher by Race and Hispanic Origin: 2006–2010.

Reuters had a little blurb, which highlighted the smart, successful groups:

Asians lead U.S. in college degrees: Census, Reuters, May 24, 2012

Asians are the most highly educated group of Americans, with more than half with a bachelor’s degrees or higher, the Census Bureau reported on Thursday.

Among groups of Asian Americans 25 and older, 74 percent of Taiwanese and 71 percent of Indians had at least a bachelor’s degree, the agency said as part of its release of American Community Survey data on hundreds of racial, tribal and Hispanic groups.

The comparable figure for the U.S. population overall is 28 percent.

Several Southeast Asian groups fell behind the overall U.S. rate for a bachelor’s degree or higher. They included Vietnamese at 26 percent, Cambodian and Hmong at about 14 percent and Laotian at 12 percent.

Among all groups surveyed, Salvadorans had the lowest percentage with a bachelor’s degree or higher, at 8 percent.

The Reuters report was a quickie rewrite of the Census’ own press release (New ACS Brief [PDF] Looks at Differences in Bachelor’s Degree or Higher Attainment Among Race and Hispanic Origin Groups) which has the usual upbeat slant on diversity in America.

My 2008 article criticized the Census’ bias: U.S. Census Bureau Presents Diversity Propaganda As Impartial Information.

The latest offering follows the familiar pro-diversity template. An inquiring citizen who is concerned with demographic change might reasonably ask, “What is the college graduation rate of the largest nationality group of immigrants, the Mexicans?”

Mexican-born immigrants are estimated to number more than 15 million, leaving aside the many millions more who self-identify as Mexicans because of their family background.

The Census report does include the proportion of Mexicans who have BA degrees or better in Table 2 of the new report — 9.1 percent. That number is just a tiny bit higher than the rock bottom Salvadorans (7.8 percent) which the Census did mention briefly in its press release. Between those groups are the Guatemalans, with 8.7 percent. Those three nationalities of hispanics score in single digits; the rest reach double digits in a list of 19. Even the Hondurans, who come from a very poor country, squeaked up to 10.3 percent having bachelors degrees.

The moral is that the Census provides some interesting statistics, but you have to look for them.

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