Mexico: ‘Pandemic’ Violence against Women

In the spirit of International Women’s Day (March 8), attention should be paid to the violence women suffer at the hands of men in Mexico, our neighbor and the source of the largest number of illegal aliens here. Unfortunately, millions of these same criminally inclined, misogynous people have relocated in our country, with varying degrees of legality.

In 2012, 33.7 million hispanics of Mexican origin resided in the United States, including 11.4 million immigrants born in Mexico and 22.3 million born in the U.S. who self-identified as Hispanics of Mexican origin. Fewer than 1 million Mexican immigrants lived in the U.S. in 1970: the speed of the influx shows the extreme damage of border anarchy over the last few decades.

In short, America is becoming Mexicanized. From the viewpoint of women’s rights and safety, you couldn’t pick a worse tribe of immigrants (except Muslims of course).

Below, Mexico City provides women-only buses so they can ride without physical harassment and assault from Mexican men.

Mexicans commit crimes of violence against women when they get to America, like illegal Jose Medellin who murdered two Texas girls for the fun of it and Timoteo Rios who stabbed Tina Davila to death for her car. Gang rapes appear to be a popular activity among Mexicans active in drug crime.

Mexican women in Mexico are stuck with violent Mexican men, but they have been foisted upon the American public by a ruling class in Washington that cares nothing about public safety.

Violence against women ‘pandemic’ in Mexico, Reuters, March 7, 2014

(Reuters) – So many teenage girls turned up dead in a vacant field on the outskirts of Mexico City that people nicknamed it the “women’s dumping ground.”

They began showing up in 2006, usually left among piles of garbage. Some were victims of domestic violence, others of drug gangs that have seized control of entire neighborhoods in the gritty town of Ecatepec, northeast of the capital.

The lot has since been cleared and declared an ecological reserve. But its grisly past is not forgotten and the killings have only accelerated.

Dulce Cristina Payan, 17, was one of the victims. Two years ago, armed men pulled up in a pickup truck and dragged her and her boyfriend away from the porch of her home. He was tossed from the truck within a few blocks but she was taken away and murdered, stabbed repeatedly in the face and stomach.

Her father, Pedro Payan, believes the killers belonged to La Familia, a violent drug gang operating in Ecatepec, and that Dulce Cristina was murdered when she resisted rape.

“I think my daughter defended herself, because her nails were broken, and her knuckles were scraped,” sobbed Payan, a former police officer who now sells pirated DVDs from his home to get by. “She had a strong character.”

As drug violence has escalated across Mexico in the past seven years, the rule of law has collapsed in some of the toughest cities and neighborhoods. When that happens, local gangs take control, imposing their will on residents and feeding a culture of extreme violence.

Abductions, rapes and murders of women have all soared with more women being killed in Mexico than ever before. Continue reading this article

Australia: Geert Wilders Helps Organize Pro-Freedom (Anti-Islam) Party

Australia has a big problem with its hostile Muslim population, one indication of which a 2012 riot in Sydney where several police were injured and nine rioters were arrested.

Muslim immigration has led to Middle Eastern gangs and balkanized Islamic neighborhoods. Muslim men despise the freedom of Aussie women, shown by the Lebanese gang rapes and harassment on beaches leading to violence.

In such an atmosphere, patriotic Australians are right to get more organized against the onslaught of Muslim diversity. The Q Society invited Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and others to help rouse concerned citizens about the dangers of Islam, the political totalitarian movement. Hopefully, ending Muslim immigration will be at the top of the to-do list.

Unsurprisingly, the press is outraged at the thought of citizens recognizing a government-caused problem in their midst and taking steps to fix it.

Anti-Islam party to contest next election, The Australian, March 5, 2014

AN anti-Islam party based on the hardline views of Dutch politician Geert Wilders plans to field candidates at the next federal election, raising fears among moderate Muslims of a rise in extremism.

Mr Wilders, an influential far-right figure expected to shape the results of this year’s European elections, told followers in a video message that the Australian Liberty Alliance was being formed to “offer civil minded Australians fresh political vision and better policies”.

Policies advocated by Wilders’ Party for Freedom include deporting immigrants convicted of a crime and stopping all immigration from Islamic countries.

“Many of you are disappointed by current political parties and have had enough of politicians who sell our Western civilisation,” Mr Wilders said in his video. “Like you, good people in Europe, America, Canada have had enough of politicians who don’t share our values and foolishly declare all cultures are equal, and who lack the courage to speak the truth and say that Islam is the biggest threat to freedom today.

Australian Liberty Alliance was registered as a not-for-profit business last month by Debbie Robinson, the president of the Q Society, an anti-Islam think tank that was responsible for bringing Mr Wilders to Australia last year. The party will be headquartered in Western Australia and is expected to be launched by Mr Wilders early next year. It is yet to be registered as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission. Continue reading this article

'The Uninvited' Alternative to CPAC Adds Speakers for Thursday

A more robust schedule has shaped up for a full day of speakers on Thursday, an event meant as a counterpoint to the tiresome Conservatism Inc. presentation that the annual CPAC conference has become.

In particular, the issues of immigration and the threat of jihadist Islam get proper attention at “The Uninvited,” as noted in an earlier blog CPAC Tries to Appeal to Conservative Grassroots, with Limited Success.

In another effort against corrupted conservatism, a petition has been organized to demand the American Conservative Union (which sponsors CPAC) disassociate itself entirely from Grover Norquist and his protege Suhail Khan because of their association with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is disturbing indeed that a major conservative organization has been infiltrated by seditious characters who prefer the Koran to the Constitution. These facts aren’t news: Frank Gaffney warned about Norquist in 2003, and in 2011 David Horowitz called out Norquist from the CPAC stage in a very informative historical speech. (Watch.) But the influence remains, particularly with Suhail Kahn as a member of the ACU Board., Center for Security Policy

On February 11, 2014, ten influential national security practitioners– including former Congressman Allen West, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Schmitz and others– sent a letter to American Conservative Union board member Cleta Mitchell, urging her and her colleagues to take action against Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, two ACU members who have for years been running influence operations against conservatives on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist causes. She ignored it.

Both Norquist and Khan have had relationships with a bevy of individuals with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood– including jailed al-Qaeda and Brotherhood member Abdurahman Alamoudi and onetime head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Sami al-Arian– that make their participation in the American Conservative Union anathema to the organization’s supposed vision. It behooves true conservatives, Republicans–and, indeed, the American people as a whole– to resist such subversive operations and to expose and counter those who enable them. [. . .]

Back to The Uninvited, speakers added include Ted Cruz, David Vitter, Steve King, Mo Brooks and many others.

Following is the final schedule for “The Uninvited II: The National Security Action Summit:” The program will be live-streamed on BreitbartTV.


Roy Beck: Support of Immigration Enforcement Is a Moral Priority

The question-and-answer format can be an effective explanatory tool. The Orange County Register presented a friendly Q-&-A with NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck in which he could calmly describe his organization’s beliefs and policies without the arm-wrestling one sees in many media interviews given by unfriendlies.

While the open-borders crowd tries to claim virtue with its simpering sob stories of illegal aliens as victims of meanie America, Beck made the case, backed up with polling data, that “the nation’s higher moral priority is to protect unemployed and low-wage Americans from having to compete with extra foreign labor for jobs.”

With more than 20 million Americans looking for work, it’s outrageous that our own elected representatives would even consider importing 30 million additional immigrants over the next decade.

Anti-amnesty leader: Protecting unemployed, low-wage earners is moral priority, Orange County Register, March 1, 2014

Former journalist and author Roy Beck is the executive director of NumbersUSA, a Washington-D.C-area based organization that works to reduce immigration levels in the country and opposes amnesty. On its website,, the organization also grades Congress members on issues such as reducing unnecessary worker visas and amnesty enticements. The group bills itself as “the nation’s largest grassroots immigration-reduction organization with more than 1 million participants in all 435 congressional districts.”

Q: The pro-immigration reform forces regularly stage rallies, fasts and other events that draw media. Members of your group are not as visible, focusing instead on faxes, letters and phone calls. This seemed to be effective in 2006-2007. Can this lower-key approach work now?
A: Our emphasis on the civic virtue of putting a lot of individual citizens in touch with offices of individual members of Congress on a regular basis still trumps political theatre.

Q: What is your top legislative priority?
A: NumbersUSA’s top legislative priority is reducing overall immigration and lifetime work permits by at least half by limiting immigration to a generous system for spouses and minor children of Americans and of those that come here legally, for our fair share of internationally recognized special needs refugees, and for people with truly extraordinary skills.

Q: NumbersUSA also supports the idea of no longer granting citizenship to all children born in the United States. Why? And how would a “Birthright Citizenship Act,” such as the one introduced in the U.S. House last year, work?
A: Birthright citizenship for tourists and unlawfully present foreign citizens is incompatible with a modern age and has been abandoned by every industrialized nation in the world except the U.S. and Canada. This federal regulation that Congress can change adds around 500,000 additional citizens. That’s in addition to the one million immigrants a year. These become anchors for their illegally-present parents who use them as excuses for why they shouldn’t go home. The bill we support would automatically grant U.S. citizenship only to children who have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal immigrant.

Q: An Evangelical coalition has joined with the Catholic Church and other denominations in broad-based support for immigration reform. NumbersUSA just released a new national poll that shows these voters reject those immigration goals. What were the poll’s results?
A: By huge margins, Catholic and evangelical Christian voters told Pulse Opinion Research that the nation’s higher moral priority is to protect unemployed and low-wage Americans from having to compete with extra foreign labor for jobs, rather than to help illegal immigrants keep jobs to provide for their families. Both polls found strong compassion for the Black and Hispanic Americans who suffer the greatest joblessness and poverty. The two religious groups strongly preferred requiring businesses to do more to recruit and train from those populations instead of being provided more foreign labor for the employers.

Q: How do you explain the sharp contrast between these numbers and the message of support we’re hearing from the faith community?
A: The religious leaders lobbying for legalization and foreign-labor increases were not chosen by Catholic and evangelical voters to speak for them on this. Those leaders speak for themselves and apparently are driven primarily by a priority that they have placed on the needs of illegal immigrants and the business lobbies. The polling, though, shows that most members of their denominations have a very different set of moral priorities. Continue reading this article

DHS Saves German Homeschool Family from Deportation

The hopes of the Romeike family of homeschoolers to remain in America seemed to have crashed and burned on Monday when the Supreme Court declined to take their asylum case, but on Tuesday the DHS intervened to allow them to stay indefinitely as long as they remain law abiding.

It’s rare to see the government act properly on asylum cases, where bureaucrats often twist the law into pretzels to admit dangerous criminals and obvious frauds. But the Romeike family are clean-living Christians who only want to educate their kids away from the clutches of German state schools that push objectionable values.

The video report below comes from last May when a lower court denied the family asylum and it provides some background on the case. In Germany, parents who homeschool may be separated from their children and even jailed. In America, the practice is legal in all states and is becoming more common, with around two million students.

There’s not a lot of happy endings in immigration stories these days, but this is surely one.

German home-school family can stay in U.S. indefinitely, Washington Times, March 4, 2014

A German home-schooling family that was facing deportation by U.S. authorities will be permitted to stay here indefinitely, the leader of a national home-school support group said Tuesday.

“This is an incredible victory that I can only credit to Almighty God,” Michael Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), said on the group’s website Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. Farris said the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) verbally informed his office that Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their six children were being granted indefinite deferred-action status.

This means “the order of removal would not be acted on” and the Romeikes, who live in Tennessee, can stay in America, HSLDA said.

Calls to the DHS to confirm the status were not immediately returned Tuesday.

Mr. Romeike said Tuesday he was extremely grateful for the support his family has received from Americans.

“As long as we can live at peace here, we are happy,” he said. “I wouldn’t have minded staying in Germany if the mistreatment targeted only me, but our whole family was targeted when German authorities would not tolerate our decision to teach our children. That is what brought us here.” Continue reading this article

CPAC Tries to Appeal to Conservative Grassroots, with Limited Success

I’ve been getting uninvited e-mails from CPAC about its upcoming yak-a-thon conference, and the schedule of speakers looks pretty snoozeworthy. But what can you expect from an organization (American Conservative Union) that has consistently been too hidebound to grasp the growing threats of hostile Islam and open borders?

The ACU is quintessentially establishment conservative, but seems like it wants to get hip to new things happening, like the Tea Party (albeit five years late).

An indication of CPAC’s slight lean toward grassroots is the lack of an invite to House Speaker Boehner, although uber-suit types like amnesty hucksters Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan are appearing as usual.

Speaker Boehner (aka Obama’s Amnesty Poodle) is poison to Tea Party friends of national sovereignty because of his squishiness on work permits for illegal aliens.

Boehner gets official snub by CPAC, Washington Times, March 3, 2014

House Speaker John A. Boehner, who has tangled repeatedly with the right wing of the Republican Party, has not been invited to this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, a major snub at the annual gathering and a sign of the top Republican officeholder’s struggle to find common ground with grass-roots activists.

People familiar with CPAC’s planning, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, said the American Conservative Union, which hosts the event, never sent an invitation to Mr. Boehner, in part because it wanted the focus this year to be on leading conservative thinkers at the grass-roots level and not at the congressional or party leadership level. [. . .]

Good luck with that outreach thing. Critical issues like immigration enforcement are still overlooked because CPAC at heart represents Conservatism Inc. with a large dollop of Chamber of Commerce.

The blacklisting of speakers and issues has been on the increase. In 2009, Geert Wilders appeared to a packed private gathering of over 500, because the suits running CPAC didn’t think the heroic defender of western civilization was worth a speaker’s slot.

The censorship became so bad that last year held its own panel called “The Uninvited” which included NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks, scholar Robert Spencer and counterjihad writer Pamela Geller. See my blog, How to Get Uninvited to CPAC for details.

Breitbart upped its game this year and has set up a whole day of Uninvited speakers. The only truly sour note is Newt Gingrich, who likes his amnesty in Spanish. Hopefully Gingrich will get the smackdown he deserves for promoting non-assimilation for his own political advantage.

More information about the Thursday March 6 event is available at Homeland Threats. The conference will be live-streamed online.

Breitbart to Co-Host ‘The Uninvited II: The National Security Action Summit’ during CPAC,

Breitbart News Network will hosting its second annual national security forum during the Conservative Political Action Conference and expand the event from a single panel to a full day of events with top conservative leaders.

Speakers for the event include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, and Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Trent Franks (R-AZ), and Jim Bridenstine (R-OK).

Many of the speakers presenting at the Uninvited II were not invited to CPAC, which is organized by the American Conservative Union.

EMPAct America’s Henry Schwartz and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon will be leading the summit; Center for Security Policy President and former Reagan official Frank Gaffney will moderate.

The summit will take place at the Westin Hotel around the corner from CPAC’s location at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor. This year’s “Uninvited” event will take place on Thursday, March 6, the first day of CPAC.

“Conservatives — and Americans more generally — must be informed about the various international challenges confronting the United States today and in the years to come, and what we can do to address them,” Gaffney said. “The National Security Action Conference is a much-needed corrective to the failure of CPAC to cover such topics. Better yet, it will do so with many conservative leaders and others from whom especially the CPAC audience needs to hear, but no longer can.” Continue reading this article

Syria: Muslims Demand Jizya of Christians

Ever wonder how Muslims took over so much territory with their unpleasant totalitarian political system disguised by a cloak of religion? One major tactic: they make the lives of religious minorities completely miserable with second-class status and constant intimidation to the point where people give up and convert. If Christians or Jews don’t submit to the Islamic jackboot, they can keep their religion by paying a “tax”, a form of extortion called jizya, to keep their religion, although with extreme restrictions.

Syria is 90 percent Muslim, which puts non-Allah worshippers at a bad disadvantage, particularly with amphetamine-crazed jihadists running around with the Koran, automatic weapons and a supremacist attitude.

Islam is completely incompatible with western beliefs in freedom, and we shouldn’t be admitting Muslims as immigrants.

Radical Muslims Force ‘Protection’ Tax on Christians, CBN, March 3, 2014

Radical Islamist rebels in the Syrian city of Raqqa are forcing Christians to pay for protection.

Christians must pay over $600 twice a year for the protection, convert to Islam, or “face the sword,” the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria said in a statement posted online.

The statement referred to the “dhimmi pact,” an ancient law allowing Christians and Jews to live in Islamic kingdoms if they paid a tax. Christians under protection will be allowed to worship privately, keep their own cemeteries and have their own clergy.

However, Christians must keep their religious items out of public sight. They are also not allowed to evangelize, bear arms, or pray where Muslims might hear them.

The ISIS terrorist group grew out of al Qaeda in Iraq and has become the most feared militia in Syria. Raqqa has been under rebel control since May 2013.

Zuckerberg Crew of Billionaire Amnesty Demanders Lean on GOP Again

Powerful billionaires don’t like to take “no” for an answer when they insist upon cheaper labor for their money-making enterprises. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of $30 billion, but he still wants to dump capable American workers for cheaper foreign ones. The latest foray is an ad with the usual litany of lies, promising all good stuff with no mention of doubling legal immigration or worsened job competition for US workers.

The billionaires are patient but they see a squishy GOP leadership in the House and mean to take advantage when they can. John Boehner had a meeting with President Obama on February 25 and the Speaker remarked that the topic they agreed most upon was immigration.

It was a signal from the Speaker that he could be bought, er, convinced. Congressman Steve King suggested recently that the GOP leadership may be planning to shove through an amnesty during a lame duck session. Boehner would be crazy to splinter the party with a crucial Presidential election coming up, but he would certainly be rewarded by the open-borders billionaires if he made amnesty/legalization with work permits happen.

Facebook-linked group pushes GOP on immigration, Politico, March 3, 2014

The advocacy group linked to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is going after House Republicans with a new ad prodding them to act on immigration reform this year.

The 60-second spot called “Do Nothing,” released Monday, takes a notably tougher tone against the House GOP by putting blame on Republicans for stalling reform in Congress this year. The ad buy from the Council for American Job Growth, an affiliate of the Zuckerberg-backed, totals about $500,000 and will run in all 50 states for two weeks, according to a person familiar with the buy. Continue reading this article

Population Explosion Planned by Open-Borders Elites

If the powerful of business and politics have their way, America will be burdened with a historical high percentage of immigrants.

As shown by Census figures for 2010, the United States is already headed for a record proportion of foreign-born, even without the monstrous Senate bill which doubles legal immigration and hands out millions of work permits like candy.

Forty million immigrants is clearly excessive. (Or is the number 45 million, as asserted in the article following?) Washington’s crazed open-borders policy is not what Americans want or need.

A rare honest survey on the subject shows a strong preference for sharply less immigration: Americans want legal immigration cut in half: poll, Feb 21.

Plus, America is plain full up. As the late nature photographer Ansel Adams said, “When the theater’s full, they don’t sell lap-space.”

In California, now in a historic drought, there is not enough water for those already here, as shown by growing calls for mandatory restriction. While agriculture uses the majority of water, when there is a shortage, the citizens are called upon to cut back. Millions of additional water users would not be a good idea in California, population 38 million.

Business likes to complain that retiring boomers are leaving a worker shortage. However employers aren’t telling the whole truth about the future employment landscape: as robotics and automation perform increasingly complex tasks, humans are being phased out of many jobs. (See my article, Three Stakes in the Heart of the American Dream.)

A 2013 report from Oxford University estimated that 45 percent of American jobs will be automated within the next 20 years.

The roboticized future workplace will not require tens of millions of immigrant workers. We don’t need them.

A ‘Second Great Wave’ of immigration?, The Hill, March 2, 2014

If Congress passes immigration reform legislation this year, it will dramatically add to what the Census Bureau is calling the “Second Great Wave” of immigration in U.S. history.

Opponents of the legislation have seized on the Census Bureau’s analysis of migration patterns to warn of an explosion of foreign-born population over the next few decades.

“Once again, the country is approaching a percentage of foreign-born not seen since the late 1800s and early 1900s,” the Census Bureau wrote on its blog this week. “Will this proportion continue to increase, perhaps exceeding the high of nearly 15 percent achieved in both 1890 and 1910?”

The agency estimates that 40 million people living in the United States in 2010 were born elsewhere, approximately 12.9 percent of the population. That is the highest population of immigrants, percentage-wise, since the 1920s, according to the Census Bureau.

Opponents of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants and expanding legal immigration flows have pounced on the study.

“After 40 years of large-scale immigration, rising joblessness, failing schools and a growing welfare state, would not the sensible, conservative thing to do be to slow down for a bit, allow wages to rise, assimilation to occur, and to help those struggling here today?” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Thursday, when he delivered the keynote address to commemorate the Tea Party Patriots’ fifth anniversary.

An aide to Sessions estimated the number of foreign-born people living in the United States has now reached 45 million.

Sessions’s office estimates that number could swell by at least 30 million over the next decade if Congress passes the Senate immigration bill.

The legislation would expedite permanent legal status for an estimated 5 million people waiting for green cards and increase the number of green cards issued each year from 1 million to 1.5 million. Continue reading this article

Somali Barkhad Abdi Is a Nominee for Academy Award

It’s curious that immigrant Somali Barkhad Abdi has gotten so little publicity regarding his Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the film Captain Phillips, based on the true story of diverse piracy on the high seas.

Perhaps Abdi suffers from a lesser level of blackness in the Hollywood scheme of values, where historical slavery is the most important fact about black Americans, and therefore Twelve Years a Slave has gotten the big buzz for Best Picture and other awards.

Barkhad Abdi (center) makes a pretty convincing pirate in his first film role.

I tried with no luck to find a film clip showing the Navy SEALs doing their excellent sharpshooting that saved the real Captain Phillips, and this trailer was the closest.

Barkhad Abdi lived in Somalia as a boy before relocating to Minneapolis and has dreamy memories of the homeland typical of immigrants. It was “beautiful” and “Everyone loved each other, everyone was a neighbor, there was a community.” Until they started killing each other in tribal warfare.

Seriously, Abdi didn’t have to do much acting. “I understand the pirates’ motive,” he observed. “They wanted money.”

Plus, he is personally familiar with crime (like lots of Somali immigrants), having committed fraud and illegal drug possession. But he doesn’t seem to have been deported.

Now Abdi hopes for a big Hollywood payoff with a thespian future.

Barkhad Abdi: 5 Things to Know About the Captain Phillips Oscar Nominee, US Weekly, March 1, 2014

From taxi driver to Oscar nominee! Newcomer Barkhad Abdi has generated an immense amount of buzz following his breakout role as desperate Somali pirate Abduwali Muse in the Paul Greengrass-directed film Captain Phillips.

The first-time Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actor has received several trophies so far this season, including Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTA Awards. The 28-year-old goes up against Golden Globe winner Jared Leto, and seasoned Hollywood actors Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, and Michael Fassbender at the 2014 Oscars on Sunday, Mar. 2.

Here are five things to know about the new guy in Tinseltown:

1. Captain Philips Was His First Role Ever
With no prior acting experience, director Greengrass cast him in the role of pirate leader Abduwali Muse opposite Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips. “That’s why I got the job, they had to have a Somali person play it,” Abdi told The Daily Beast of scoring the role opposite two-time Oscar winner Hanks. “I understand the pirates’ motive,” he continued. “They wanted money. They were desperate guys.” Continue reading this article

Democrats Plan Political Incursion in Texas, Relying on Hispanic Immigration

One hears a lot of crazy talk from Texans about how their rock-solid conservatism will withstand efforts of Democrats to turn the state blue. Oh, we’re not like nutty California, they sniff. But confidently conservative Texans are whistling past the demographic graveyard.

Below, amnesty supporters marched on May Day 2008 in Los Angeles.

Immigration turned California from staunchly red to blue, and the same human tide will swamp Texas unless it is stopped.

Democrats see politics moving in their direction not from the popularity of the liberal idea of an intrusive nanny state, but because of increased numbers of hispanics. After all, Mexicans et al greatly prefer big government as a deeply held cultural value that doesn’t disappear even after generations of residing in the US.

In Texas, the old Obama team thinks they can recreate the magic: “Si se puede!” The Democrats understand the power of demographic change and encourage immigration because it benefits them, even though America will be unrecognizable if they get their way.

Insight: How Obama alums aim to turn Texas toward the Democrats, Reuters, Feb 26, 2014

In one of the country’s most conservative states, newly hopeful Democrats measure their progress by ringing a bell.

For those working to turn Texas from Republican red to Democratic blue, it’s the sound of one more volunteer agreeing to join their ranks. On a recent Saturday, phone-bank volunteers in a modest office here smacked the bell every five minutes or so, adding to the nearly 12,000 who have joined the effort.

In the past year, alumni from Democratic President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign quietly have built a grassroots army in Texas, where gun-rights advocates brandish semi-automatic rifles on city streets and pickup trucks bear “SECEDE” bumper stickers.

Battleground Texas, as the group is known, is backing Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis’ underdog bid for governor this November against Republican Greg Abbott, the state’s attorney general.

But those involved say their larger goal – likely to take years to realize, if ever – is to make Texas as competitive in national elections as politically divided states such as Virginia and Ohio. That means identifying potentially Democratic voters, namely those in the state’s booming Hispanic population, and persuading them to show up at the polls.

It is an unusually ambitious effort in U.S. politics. National parties typically measure progress in two- and four-year election cycles, with less focus on longer-term operations.

If Democrats succeed, they could upend the state’s low-tax, low-regulation approach to governance and give their party a decisive advantage in presidential elections for years to come.

Battleground Texas faces a steep climb, however.

Democrats have not won a statewide race in Texas for nearly 20 years, and the party now has trouble fielding candidates for many congressional, state and local races.

They also face procedural barriers that they say can make it tougher to register voters than in many other states, and often discourage minorities and low-income residents from participating. Those include a new law that requires residents to show state-issued photo IDs to vote.

But the group has two factors on its side: the state’s growing Hispanic population, which has favored the Democratic Party over Republicans by a 19-point margin in recent polls, and the meticulous door-to-door organizing techniques honed nationwide during Obama’s two presidential campaigns. Continue reading this article

Refugee Bomber Aldosary Is Sentenced in Arizona

Iraqi refugee Abdullatif Aldosary was sentenced on Monday to five years in prison for illegal possession of firearms, but the justice system is not yet finished with him. He is also accused of exploding a bomb in front of an Arizona Social Security Office in November 2012 and murder, among other things.

Aldosary is a dangerous character, having served eight months in jail for felony aggravated harassment. If he had been deported back to Iraq after that tangle with the law, his former co-worker Orlando Requena would not have been killed, assuming Aldosary’s guilt of course.

When the Iraqi tried to obtain permanent residency in 2011, his request was denied “pursuant to the terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility” under a section of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Yet as a part of the current sentence, Aldosary is required to have three years supervised probation plus mental health treatment upon release, as explained in the following article. Wait, what about the murder and bombing?

And what does it take to deport a dangerous foreigner these days?

This is a very curious case. But whatever the details reveal, it’s clear this character was yet another criminal who slipped through the negligible screening Washington pretends to conduct.

Aldosary gets 5 years in federal prison, Casa Grande Dispatch, February 25, 2014

A Coolidge man awaiting prosecution in state court for murder and attempted murder, among other charges, was sentenced Monday to five years in federal prison stemming from his Sept. 20 conviction of being a felon in possession of firearms and of ammunition.

Abdullatif Ali Aldosary, 48, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton on Monday morning in Phoenix. The judge combined his sentences, pointing out that he faced up to 10 years in prison on the three counts. Aldosary has 14 days to appeal his federal sentence.

Additionally, Aldosary was fined $7,500 and ordered to pay a $100 court fee. He was sentenced to three years supervised probation after he’s released from federal prison, ordered to participate in a mental health program and to have no contact with any employees of the Casa Grande Social Security office.

“The court believes the defendant presents an extreme danger to the community,” Bolton said during the sentencing hearing. Continue reading this article

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