London: African Witchcraft Murder Trial Continues

The immigration of Africans to the west has brought some very brutal customs, shocking to residents of the First World. The category of witchcraft covers many abhorrent behaviors, like child sacrifice, such as that of Adam whose headless torso was found in the Thames in London a decade ago.

Another reason for violence from Africans is the fear of witchcraft among others. A 15-year-old Congolese boy, Kristy Bamu, residing in Paris visited his sister and her husband (court sketch shown) in London for Christmas in 2010. Instead of having a nice vacation with the family, he ended up dead because they thought he was a witch. After several days of beatings, they drowned him.

Not all diversity is equal, for sure.

Kristy Bamu ‘murdered over witch claim’ in Newham, BBC, January 5, 2012

A 15-year-old boy was tortured and drowned by his sister and her boyfriend because they believed he was a witch, the Old Bailey has heard.

Kristy Bamu, from Paris, was found dead in Newham, east London, on Christmas Day in 2010.

The boy had 101 injuries and died from being beaten with a metal bar and drowning, the court heard.

His sister Magalie Bamu and her boyfriend, Eric Bikubi, both Congolese and aged 28, of Newham, deny murder.

Prosecutors told jurors of acts they described as “depraved”, “wicked” and “cruel”.

Mr Bikubi admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility, a plea not accepted by the prosecution.

‘Armoury of weapons’
Kristy and his siblings were visiting the couple for Christmas, but Mr Bikubi had accused the boy and two of his siblings of witchcraft, the court heard.

All three were beaten and other children were forced to join in the attacks. But it was Kristy who became the focus of Mr Bikubi’s attention, the prosecution said.

The teenager was said to be in such pain after days of being hit with an “armoury of weapons” including sticks, pliers, a metal bar, hammer and chisel that he begged to die. Continue reading this article

Sympathetic Press Waves Bye-Bye to Foreign Job Thieves on Their Last Day

The ICE removal of 200 illegal alien workers from Pacific Steel in Berkeley has been an opportunity for the liberal media to show its heartfelt empathy with illegal alien job stealers.

In December, the local ABC affiliate showed up to agree that’s it’s unfair to send the aliens packing right before Christmas: “Kicking these workers to the curb just before Christmas is really an act of hostility,” said Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin (Pacific Steel forced to lay off 200 workers, Dec. 18, 2011).

Say, I’ll bet the new legal workers had a nice Christmas, what with California’s unemployment rate at 11.3 percent, as of November.

More recently, the Contra Costa Times showed up for the last day on the job for 200 illegals (out of 600 workers) to note the tears of sadness as they packed up their hard hats at Pacific Steel.

Again, the solicitude of the press for illegal foreign workers is over the top. You would think there is no jobs crisis of years’ duration in which formerly middle-class Americans are living in tents and once booming Silyicon Valley is filled with unemployed people running out of benefits and options.

But then, there’s little danger that reporters will be replaced by illegal workers, so there’s not much genuine caring in the newsroom for job loss.

Below, workers at Berkeley’s Pacific Steel.

Aside from the press’ distracting show of overwrought sympathy, it should be noted how easy it was for the feds to clear out the illegal pests merely by requiring the business to run an I-9 audit to check the employees’ Social Security numbers. The legal tools to fix this problem have existed for years; what’s missing is the political will to eject cheap exploitable foreign workers. Too bad the DHS won’t go the extra mile and repatriate them all but Obama doesn’t do deport.

The Republican Presidential candidates all agree that they will enforce the border, which is not a solution given modern transportation. The real frontline of immigration enforcement remains the workplace.

Steel workers spend emotional last day at plant, Contra Costa Times, January 4, 2012

Tuesday began like any other workday for David Herrera.

Only his mother’s grave, distant expression as she cleaned their already immaculate Bay Point home suggested this would be his last day at Pacific Steel, where he worked for more than a decade.

A recent federal immigration audit found that approximately 200 employees, a third of the foundry’s workforce, couldn’t prove they are legal residents.

The company has been firing those workers in groups each week since October; the most senior employees worked their last day this week.

“Since I crossed the border, I always knew this could happen,” said Herrera, 37, who has mapped out an escape route at every factory he has worked at since he came to this country in 1991. “You get used to living with it.”

Around noon, Herrera put on his yellow hard-hat and got into his truck. On the porch lay an identical hat — his wife’s, who was fired from the same plant a few months ago.

Pacific Steel is one of the largest foundries in the nation. The company started making steel parts for trucks and buses in the shadow of Interstate 80 in West Berkeley 75 years ago, when the now-posh neighborhood was predominantly heavy industry.

The quality inspection warehouse where Herrera has worked for 12 years is dimly lit and filled with the roar of machines and the clanking of metal. Herrera took his place sorting metal pieces that connect trailers to trucks.

The men working on either side of him were new hires. Continue reading this article

Peter Brimelow Discusses Immigration in 2012 with Michael Coren

In his second interview with Michael Coren on Canada’s Sun Network, Peter Brimelow discusses why excessive immigration persists despite its obvious harm to American workers.

Los Angeles: Accused German Arsonist Appears in Court

In the video below, CBS in Los Angeles reports that suspected arson terrorist Harry Burkhart flew into Las Vegas from Chechnya (his birthplace, an outpost of Islamist separatism) on a Russian passport last October. Apparently that degree of hostile diversity is no problema in today’s wide open America.

Does Burkhart have a head full of Islamic poison against America or is he just a garden-variety crazy? He played up the insanity angle in court, but his long-time hairstylist did not describe him as disturbed. We may never find out, given the court system’s disinterest in jihad as a possible motive.

It was further discussed that Burkhart and his mother may have engaged in insurance fraud via fire in Germany, which is why that government requested the mom be returned to them.

Accused Hollywood Arsonist Appears Ill In Court, CBS Los Angeles, January 4, 2012

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Suspected Hollywood firebug Harry Burkhart, 24, appeared in a Los Angeles court Wednesday to answer 37 charges in a string of fires set in Hollywood, West Hollywood, and surrounding areas.

Burkhart, who used a German interpreter, appeared ill after entering the courtroom. He was twitching and leaning his head back, requiring the assistance of three deputies to stand and, even, hold his head up. The judge ordered photographers present to not take his picture.

It was reported earlier Wednesday that Burkhart was under suicide watch.

The accused fire starter faces 28 counts of arson of property and nine counts of arson of an inhabited structure.

Prosecutor Sean Carney charged that Burkhart engaged “in what essentially amounts to a campaign of terror in this community.” Continue reading this article

Mississippi Schools Struggle with Spanish Influx

National Public Radio notes the increase of Spanish-speaking kiddies in southern states and the pressure their language diversity has made on schools.

Unsurprisingly, the liberal radio network assumes the advisability of bilingualism where Spanish is accepted as a co-equal language in America. Spanish education will “help create the next generation of bilingual doctors, executives and teachers,” the report states.

Earlier waves of immigrants received no special educational programs with credentialed bilingual instructors, but were expected to learn English by hearing it from their teachers.

NPR’s report focuses on the small Mississippi town of Vardaman, population 1300, where nearly half of the elementary school students are Spanish speakers.

There is no mention of the cost of educating so many foreign children or the immigration status of their farmworker parents. (A report elsewhere observes the routinely high level of pregnant teens and dropouts in high school among the hispanics.)

The linked story includes an audio file of the radio version:

Rise In Spanish Speakers Has School Trying To Adapt, NPR, January 4, 2012

Year over year, the number of Spanish-speaking kindergarteners at Vardaman Elementary School in northeast Mississippi has been on the rise.

Census numbers show the South has the fastest-growing Hispanic population in the country. Now, Vardaman Elementary is about to become Mississippi’s first predominantly Latino primary school, and that’s posing special challenges when it comes to finding teachers who can help Spanish-speaking students adapt to the American classroom.

Vardaman Takes Its Own Approach
Resources are scarce in the school’s small farming community of Vardaman. But of the town’s approximately 1,300 residents, at least one-third are Hispanic — and that number is growing.

Over at Vardaman Elementary, many of Angela Barnette’s second-grade students are American-born, but close to half are also native Spanish speakers. It’s a language Barnette doesn’t speak, but she does her best to encourage it. She says she often picks books with English and Spanish words to read to the class.

“They love it when they see the teacher who can’t speak [Spanish],” Barnette says. “It makes them feel special that they can say those words and the others can’t. They love that.”

Across the country, debate continues over how best to teach English-language learners. Some states, like Arizona, have English-immersion policies mandating that no Spanish be spoken in the classroom. Other states, such as Texas, use a bilingual approach. Mississippi leaves it up to individual districts to determine the best method. Continue reading this article

Mexico’s Recent Deportation Statistics Are Released

Mexico’s idea of utopia would be an open border to the United States, with Mexican moochers having unlimited access to the wealth American citizens have generated.

But when Central Americans move to Mexico, one of the richest Latin nations, Mexicans suddenly remember the importance of national sovereignty. Mexico also doesn’t like other nation’s citizens passing through on their way to the United States because it wants Mexicans to get those jobs.

One measure of Mexico’s attitude of sovereignty for me but not for thee (America) is the number of Central Americans it deports. Note that the number given is for 11 months, not a full year. Perhaps topping 50,000 was thought to appear too high…

Mexico Deports Nearly 50,000 Central Americans, Fox News Latino, January 3, 2012

A total of 46,716 Central Americans were deported from Mexico between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 2011, said the National Migration Institute (INM).

The majority of the migrants – 41,215 – were men and nearly half, some 23,560, were from Guatemala, the INM said in a statement.

All of the migrants were deported in an “easy, orderly, dignified and safe” manner, the INM said.

The Central Americans who were returned to their countries accounted for 74 percent of the foreigners processed at Mexican immigration facilities.

The remaining foreigners were either given asylum, granted humanitarian visas or sent home using different repatriation systems, the INM said.

An estimated 300,000 Central Americans undertake the hazardous journey across Mexico each year on their way to the United States. Continue reading this article

Cook County Releases Hit-and-Run Killer Illegal Alien after Arrest

Cook County Illinois is doing its darndest to take the crown as the most lawless jurisdiction in America regarding the treatment of illegal aliens. California better watch out.

See LTG’s recent report about another case: Cook County Releases Dangerous Alien.

Cook County passed an ordinance that protects foreign criminals and endangers citizens. One victim was William Denny McCann (pictured) who was killed in a crosswalk by a previously convicted drunk-driving illegal alien, Saul Chavez. Now the family and community must deal with the fact that the accused was released from jail after being arrested for the crime, according to Cook County’s illegal alien get-out-of-jail-free policy.

Isn’t job #1 of the government supposed to be protecting the public from dangerous criminals? Not in Chicago, it appears, when the criminal is a hispanic illegal alien.

Cook County’s Saul Chavez moment
Politics trump justice as board immigration policy frees alleged DUI killer
, Chicago Tribune, January 4, 2012

Chicago politics didn’t kill William “Dennis” McCann.

What killed the 66-year-old man was that black Dodge Neon driven by an alleged drunken driver as McCann walked across Kedzie Avenue last summer.

But the politicians allowed the man charged in the fatal crash to skip out of jail despite pleas by federal authorities to hold him. Thanks to Chicago politicians, the alleged drunken driver is most likely hiding in Mexico.

“My anger is more directed at the fumbling and bumbling of Cook County agencies,” said McCann’s younger brother, Brian. “I’m more angry at the system than the offender. I know that sounds crazy.”

It happened June 8 on Kedzie Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood. McCann was walking across Kedzie when he was hit by a car allegedly driven by Saul Chavez, 36, already convicted of one DUI.

“I heard the impact, saw this man go up into the sky and land on the windshield,” witness Alberto Aceves, 39, told the Tribune shortly after the crash. “I thought, OK, he hit him, but the driver is going to stop. He might be all right.”

But the driver didn’t stop. Instead, the driver stepped on the gas. The tires rolled over McCann, who had fallen to the ground, and then the underbelly of the car caught him and dragged his body north on Kedzie.

“I pull up to the passenger side screaming at him,” Aceves recalled. “Stop! The guy’s under your car.”

An off-duty police officer joined in the chase after he spotted a pair of sandals in the street and looked up to see McCann’s body being dragged. The car finally stopped, with McCann still lodged underneath, and Chavez allegedly tried to run. Aceves and the officer — gun in hand — chased after Chavez and caught him.

Chavez was charged with a felony — aggravated driving under the influence — and held on a $250,000 bond. The Cook County sheriff’s office said Chavez had a blood alcohol content of 0.29 percent. Convicted of a DUI in 2009, he had just finished the two-year probation sentence.

Two days after the fatal accident, on June 10, the federal Department of Homeland Security filed what is called an immigration detainer for Chavez. The agency believed he was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. The form requested that Cook County notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, if Chavez was scheduled to be released.

But as Chavez sat in the jail, immigration became an emotional issue before the Cook County Board. Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia pushed a new policy aimed at ignoring federal detainer requests and allowing suspected illegal immigrants who’d been jailed in misdemeanor or felony cases to make bond.

It passed by a 10-5 vote in September. The political payoff was obvious: It was a Democratic Party appeal to Latino voters over the hot-button issue of illegal immigration. Continue reading this article

German Arrested for Los Angeles Arson Attacks

I’ll admit that I half expected the Los Angeles arsonist to be named Mohammed, because of Europe’s recent history of Muslim youth burning down cars and buildings, sometimes for weeks on end, like the 2005 France civil unrest.

Below, over $3 million in damage was caused by 54 fires in four days of intense arson attacks in Los Angeles.

The arrested guy’s name is Harry Burkhart, so no obvious line to Islam there. However, the accused arsonist is German and said he “hates America,” perhaps because his mother was facing deportation. So immigration appears to be a motivator, in a bad way.

In addition, Burkhart’s travel documents indicated he travelled to Chechnya, home of many hostile Muslims and not a groovy tourist spot. Chechens have been in a sort of terror war with Russia, with one of the worst atrocities being the 2004 murder of more than 300 schoolchildren in Beslan.

So there may be an Islamic connection after all. Stay tuned.

Arson suspect’s anti-American rant helped track him, authorities say, Los Angeles Times, January 3, 2012

Weeks before a string of arson fires began, the suspect in the case went on an anti-American rant at an immigration court hearing in Los Angeles, authorities say.

According to law enforcement sources, Harry Burkhart was angry that the federal government was trying to deport his mother. At the hearing, he erupted in an angry tirade, spewing anti-American statements.

He had to be escorted from the court, one source said.

When the LAPD released a photo of a “person of interest” in the fires on Sunday, an official involved in the case recognized him. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that was the big break that led to Burkhart’s arrest.

The suspected arsonist is a 24-year-old German national who carried travel papers from Chechnya. He had spent time in Germany, they said, but had lived in Southern California for the last several years. Continue reading this article

Spanish Radio Keeps Immigrants Unassimilated

One of the most disturbing aspects to the unwelcome Mexicanization of the United States is the intrusion of Spanish into American life. There is nothing that prevents assimilation more than the increasing ease by which Spanish speakers can function in this country without learning English, a situation created by both business and government.

Furthermore, when millions of people don’t speak the national language and cannot communicate, conflict naturally arises. Richard Lamm’s ironic op-ed “I Have a Plan to Destroy America,” lists bilingualism as the first to-do item of cultural annihilation.

The story of Babel in the Bible was not about celebrating diversity, but was a curse from God to punish humanity.

Government media, particularly NPR and PBS, are particularly disgusting in the way they hawk Spanish as the cool new thing for the kiddies to learn, like on Sesame Street. Let’s all speak Spanish, they propagandize.

In the real world, the only good reason to learn Spanish is to understand what MS-13 gangsters are planning, if you are so unlucky to be within earshot.

Naturally, the AP is all in for language diversity on the taxpayer tab.

Public radio in Spanish gives US Latinos a voice, Associated Press, January 1, 2012

FRESNO, Calif.—Phones at the radio studios on the outskirts of town kept ringing.

Saul from Visalia lamented cuts to public education, calling in on a December afternoon to Linea Abierta, the first nationwide Spanish-language public affairs show. Miguel from Madera asked how county taxes are distributed and Manuel from Calexico wanted to know whether schools still receive lottery funds.

The public affairs show is produced daily by Radio Bilingue, the nation’s only public, non-commercial Spanish-language radio network. With seven FM stations in California and more than 100 affiliates nationwide airing its programs, the Fresno-based network reaches an estimated 500,000 Latino listeners per week.

Controlled by Latinos and run by a Harvard-educated former farmworker, the network fills a crucial gap in public broadcasting, which attracts overwhelmingly white, middle- or upper-class, English speaking audiences. The industry has been struggling to capture Latino listeners.

“We want to offer news and information that’s relevant to the lives of our listeners,” said Linea Abierta’s executive producer Samuel Orozco, “so that they can use it as citizens, to be able to participate in the decision making process and be active members of society.”

Radio Bilingue focuses on immigrant and first generation Latinos who are predominantly low-income, young and under-educated. It offers a platform to the working poor, the undocumented, Indians from Mexico and
farmworkers. Continue reading this article

California Universities Abandon State Students

As a result of California being too stupidly broke to fund the university system adequately, state residents are being severely slashed in admissions in favor of foreign students paying much higher tuition.

The Bloomberg report below curiously frames the issue as Asian American students versus foreign Asians, particularly Chinese, but the statistics cited are worth attention.

The shrinking proportion of white students at UC (falling 29 percent in 2010 at Berkeley) gets but a single sentence in this longish piece.

The important point is that qualified California residents of all races are being shunted aside so the University can charge more money from foreigners.

In addition, some, perhaps many, of the Red Chinese students are certainly spies and come to vacuum up valuable technology and science. It’s crazy for Obama (and some Republican Presidential candidates) to say that every foreign student who earns an advanced degree should get an automatic green card, thereby welcoming ruthless Chinese spies and endangering national security.

Below, Asian students at UC Berkeley are comfortable displaying signs in Chinese, even though diverse California is home to just 3.4 percent Chinese.

Lure of Chinese Tuition Squeezes Out Asian-American Students, Bloomberg News, December 30, 2011

Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — Kwanhyun Park, the 18-year-old son of Korean immigrants, spent four years at Beverly Hills High School earning the straight As and high test scores he thought would get him into the University of California, San Diego. They weren’t enough.

The sought-after school, half a mile from the Pacific Ocean, admitted 1,460 fewer California residents this year to accept higher-paying students from out-of-state, many from China.

“I was shocked,” said Park, who also was rejected from four other UC schools, including the top-ranked campuses in Berkeley and Los Angeles, even with a 4.0 grade-point average and an SAT score above the UC San Diego average. “I took it terribly. I felt like I was doing well and I failed.”

The University of California system, rocked by budget cuts, is enrolling record numbers of out-of-state and international students, who pay almost twice that of in-state residents. Among those being squeezed out: high-achieving Asian-Americans, many of them children of immigrants, who for decades flocked to the state’s elite public colleges to move up the economic ladder.

In 2009, University of California administrators told the San Diego campus to reduce its number of in-state freshmen by 500 to about 3,400 and fill the spots with out-of-state and international students, said Mae Brown, the school’s admissions director. California residents pay $13,234 in annual tuition while nonresidents pay $22,878.

12-Fold Surge

As a result, almost 200 freshmen from China enrolled in 2011, up from 16 in 2009, a 12-fold increase. At the same time, the number of Asian-American Californians enrolled fell 29 percent to 1,230, from 1,723 in 2009. The 2009 figure is from the UC system’s office because San Diego didn’t have it available.

While the San Diego campus is accepting more Chinese students, the decline in Asian-American enrollment may be a result of the total drop in California resident admissions, and two years’ data doesn’t reflect a trend, said Christine Clark, a university spokeswoman.

“UC San Diego is committed to admitting and enrolling talented students from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds,” Clark said in an e-mailed statement.

Asian-American students fighting to distinguish themselves to college admissions officers now have to go up against Asians from overseas, said Casey Chang, a Chinese-American senior at Claremont High School in Claremont, California, east of Los Angeles. He said he has a 4.7 grade-point average and is applying to the San Diego campus for a joint undergraduate/medical-school program.

One in Five

“We’re all competing for the same goal, and the fact that they’re international makes them that much more interesting to the UCs,” Chang said.

One in five international students nationwide, or 57,000 undergraduates, came from China in 2010-11, a 43 percent increase over the previous year, according to the Institute of International Education in Washington. Colleges are more frequently tapping this pool as the surge in middle-class incomes in China coincides with steep budget cuts at U.S. state universities.

UC San Diego received $227 million from the state in the 2011-12 academic year, down from $301 million in 2007-08. Funding for the nine other University of California campuses dropped as well. Continue reading this article

Mexico Notes Its Racial Divide

In Mexican culture, the color line is sharp. The elite political class is comprised of light-skinned European-descended persons, and it is very hard for a dark Mexican to be elected presidente. In 2005 paleface Presidente Vicente Fox angered many black Americans when he said that illegals take jobs “that not even blacks want to do.” Another race-based controversy was created by Mexico’s issuing postage stamps based on a comic character Memin Pinguin which is a caricature considered objectionable by some.

In Mexico, the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) is running a campaign to fight racism in the country, which is funny since Mexican illegal aliens in America have consistently employed the bogus complaint as an excuse for their lawbreaking.

The Mexicans borrowed from the Clark doll preference experiment that figured strongly in the Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. The results showed Mexican mestizo kids liked the white doll better and thought it was more like them than the black one.

An interesting point that might be overlooked is the remark of one boy who responded as he pointed to the white doll, “I am not afraid of whites. I have more trust.” His simple explanation points to the tribal nature of human beings which is based upon the safety that the group provides. We normally prefer to be around others who share our language and values because of the safety component, which is hard wired and deep.

The multiculti crowd has to propagandize loud and long in schools and the media that diversity is the highest good because diversity ideology runs counter to human nature.

Below is the video prepared by Conapred. Although it is in Spanish, anyone can see that many of the kids respond to the question of which doll is “malo” (bad) by readily pointing to the black doll.

Mexicans confront racism with white, black doll video, Los Angeles Times, December 30, 2011

REPORTING FROM MEXICO CITY — Is Mexico’s an inherently racist society? Does the culture overwhelmingly favor those with light skin over those with dark skin? And if so, is that a legacy of European colonialism or present-day images in television and advertising?

These are among the thorny questions emerging in online forums in Mexico since a government agency began circulating a “viral video” showing schoolchildren in a taped social experiment on race.

The kids are seated at a table before a white doll and a black doll, and are asked to pick the “good doll” or the doll that most resembled them. The children, mostly brown-skinned, almost uniformly say the white doll was better or most resembled them.

One child in the video with mixed-race features says the white doll resembled him “in the ears.”

“Which doll is the good doll?” a woman’s voice asks the child.

“I am not afraid of whites,” he responds, pointing to the white doll. “I have more trust.” Continue reading this article

Obama Hampers Lawful Deportations Still Further

President Obama has just announced that his New Year’s resolution is to bypass Congress as much as possible by using executive orders. So we little citizens will likely see an increase of actions from the White House that shred sovereignty and endanger Americans.

Below, 2012 Obama voters. (He hopes.)

White House sets new obstacle to immigration enforcement, Daily Caller, December 31, 2011

An administration Dec. 29 memo declares that illegal immigrants may have to be held until they’re convicted in local courts before the federal government will begin deportation proceedings.

The declaration “means lots of criminal aliens will be released if the locals don’t have the resources or inclination to prosecute, or if the [suspect] is found not guilty because of a technicality,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

The new rule shows “the administration wants to give up one of the most important tools in preserving public safety,” said Krikorian. “We’ll have more and more instances of illegals released by police because [federal immigration officials] wouldn’t take them [and] who then go on to commit some heinous crime.”

President Barack Obama’s campaign aides frequently say they’re seeking Hispanic support to win crucial states, such as North Carolina and Arizona. On Dec. 19, for example, Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina released a video in which he said Arizona was winnable because “hundreds of thousands” of people in the state have not registered to vote.”

The campaign is using Hispanic ethnic lobbies, such as La Raza, to help register Hispanics and to persuade them to vote in November.

But the ethnic lobbies have their own demands.

They want easier immigration for their ethnic or religious groups, including Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Irish and Muslims. Continue reading this article