More Proof That Obama’s ‘Tough’ Deportation Record Is False

Attentive observers have known for some time that Obama’s claims of record deportations were crap. The President himself admitted in September that the high numbers were “deceptive” and based on phony-baloney counting methods.

Judicial Watch has provided an update showing that the Obama administration goes the extra mile in NOT enforcing federal immigration laws, even as it threatens states that do protect its citizens from illegal alien job predators with removal of funding (DOJ sends letter to Alabama police, warns against discriminating in new immigration law, AP, Dec 6).

Below, the dirty little secret is that some illegals are quite happy to get a free ride home (aka deportation) courtesy of the US taxpayer, like the Guatemalan shown.

Obama Admin Skews Deportation Figures, Judicial Watch, December 5, 2011

The Obama Administration drastically inflated statistics to show that it has deported a record-high number of illegal immigrants with criminal records, according to federal data obtained by a nonprofit university group dedicated to researching the government.

The new documents reveal the figure is actually at an all-time low and rapidly decreasing, leaving the Obama Administration with egg on its face just weeks after bragging about removing an unprecedented number of criminal aliens. In mid-October, Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) director jubilantly announced that nearly 55% of the record 396,906 illegal immigrants deported in fiscal year 2011 were convicted of felonies or crimes.

The real figure is less than 15%, according to federal records obtained by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), a data research center that provides detailed information about the operation of hundreds of government agencies. The number of deported criminal aliens has been declining steadily throughout the past year, the TRAC analysis found, even though fiscal year 2010 had an already low level of 16.5%.

In the first quarter of the fiscal year (October – December 2010) 15.8 percent of deported illegal immigrants were charged with engaging in criminal activity, 15.1 percent during the second quarter (January – March 2011), 14.9 percent during the third quarter (April – June 2011), and finally 13.8 percent during the fourth quarter (July – September 2011). The average rate across the four quarters for FY 2011 was 14.9 percent, according to records obtained from the government through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien Sentenced for IRS Fraud

Illegal aliens could not survive without an array of fraud and theft from a system designed for law-abiding citizens. One example popped up in a recent sentencing in California: a woman got a weak sentence in a plea deal for tax fraud where she falsely claimed 20 kids as dependents.

Not only that, but convicted illegal alien fraudster Norma Coronel listed the 20 kiddies as all being born on the same date — eat your heart out Octomom!

She could have gotten 18 years in federal prison, but received a piddly 18 months. And given California’s prison overcrowding and subsequent release of non-violent felons, we Americans will be lucky if she spends any slammer time at all.

Plus the sentence included the requirement that she reimburse the Treasury for the $300K she ripped off. Right, that’ll happen.

And does the government intend to keep her in the country to pay off her debt? Deportation is not mentioned.

Woman gets 18 months for claiming 20 nonexistent children to IRS, Los Angeles Times Blog, December 5, 2011

A former Los Angeles resident drew an 18-month federal prison sentence Monday for filing fraudulent income tax returns involving 20 nonexistent children, all with the same birthday.

Norma Coronel, 40, an illegal immigrant who now lives in Livermore, was ordered by U.S. District Judge Manuel Real to pay $302,186 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service.

In a plea agreement, Coronel admitted that she applied for and obtained Social Security numbers for at least 20 fictitious children in 2002. She claimed all the children had been born at a Los Angeles hospital on Dec. 11, 2002.

Coronel admitted that she had included the children as dependents on federal tax returns for family members and friends and had the IRS send tax refund checks to her.

A press release from the US Attorney contained more background:

Bay Area Woman Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud for Filing Tax Returns That Claimed Non-Existent Dependents: Former L.A. Resident Claimed She Bore 20 Different Children – All on Same Day, United States Attorney’s Office, Central District of California, September 2, 2011

LOS ANGELES – A former Los Angeles resident who now resides in Livermore, California pleaded guilty late today to federal charges related to a scheme in which she filed fraudulent federal tax returns that claimed deductions for 20 non-existent children.

Norma Coronel, 40, pleaded guilty this afternoon in United States District Court to three felony counts – aiding and assisting in the preparation of fraudulent federal income tax returns, fraudulently using Social Security numbers obtained with false information, and theft of government property.

Coronel pleaded guilty before United States District Judge Manuel Real, who scheduled a sentencing hearing for November 28. As a result of today’s guilty pleas, Coronel faces a statutory maximum sentence of 18 years in federal prison.

In a plea agreement filed in this case, Coronel admitted that in 2003 she applied for and obtained Social Security numbers for at least 20 fictitious children that she falsely claimed had been born to her at a Los Angeles hospital on December 11, 2002. Using these bogus identities, Coronel prepared and filed fraudulent federal tax returns for family members and friends that claimed dependent deductions and sought unwarranted refunds.

Coronel admitted in the plea agreement that she had frequently directed the Internal Revenue Service to send the unwarranted refunds to her own residence or to accounts that she controlled. Coronel either failed to provide the taxpayers with copies of the returns that she had filed, or gave them copies of fake returns that had never been filed. As a result, the taxpayers were not aware that Coronel had filed fraudulent returns in their names or that Coronel was using the returns to obtain the refunds for her own benefit. Continue reading this article

Ethiopian Refugee Sentenced for Sexual Assault of 84-Year-Old Man

Minnesota is afflicted with more East-African diversity than any place should have. A recent example was the sentencing of an Ethiopian refugee who sexually assaulted an 84-year-old legally blind man who was weak from cancer treatment. Ahmed Sule got nearly 29 years in prison, a tough sentence according to standard guidelines.

Sule’s lawyer said she had hoped the judge would cut the perp some slack in prison time because he grew up in Ethiopia which was in a state of conflict, so he was psychologically damaged.

Here’s a better idea, specifically for Washington: stop importing refugees from war zones who are likely to bring a suitcase full of psychological problems. To worsen the situation, the feds expect overwhelmed local schools and agencies to pick up the pieces of hostile, deranged foreigners who need a lot of expensive mental-health assistance to cope. Immigration is difficult enough for normal people, but the stresses of adjustment can push troubled foreigners over the edge, which can manifest in alcoholism, drug abuse and violence.

One example is the Lost Boys, whose trek across war-torn Sudan was lauded as a heroic story in the New York Times and other diversity boosters. But welcoming the boys as refugees has not worked out so well. An estimated 80 to 90 percent of Lost Boys suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, according to a 2008 report (Stress issues still plague ‘Lost Boys’ of Sudan, Arizona Republic).

For more background on Ethiopian refugees, see Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Elderly Fridley man’s sexual attacker sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison, Pioneer Press, December 2, 2011

Ahmed Sule was sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison Friday for sexually assaulting a legally blind elderly man in the victim’s Fridley home last year.
Anoka County Judge Tammi Fredrickson handed down the decision after the victim’s daughter told the courtroom how Sule’s actions last September had affected her father and their family.

“It was very emotional,” said Jill Brisbois, Sule’s attorney.

Prosecutor Wade Kish could not be reached for comment.

The victim, who was 84 at the time of the attack, was suffering from cancer when Sule broke into his home. Sule, 24, repeatedly told the man he loved him and wanted to kiss him before sexually assaulting him. The elderly man tried to fight off Sule but was weak from radiation and chemotherapy.

The man has since died. (The Pioneer Press typically does not name victims of sexual abuse.)

Those factors led to an aggravated sentence for Sule. State guidelines typically allot 12 to 19 years in prison for similar crimes, which is what the defense had requested, Brisbois said.

“This is a very long sentence,” she said.

Brisbois had been hoping the judge would take into account Sule’s background. The refugee from Ethiopia grew up in a constant state of conflict in his native country, Brisbois said.

Sule also spoke at the hearing.

“He maintained it was not him, and that at some point, God will show everybody who it was,” Brisbois said, adding that she has all along questioned Sule’s competency.

Sule was sentenced Friday to 346 months in prison on one count of first-degree criminal sexual assault and 57 months for first-degree burglary, to be served concurrently.

He will be deported after his prison term.

Diverse California Schools Nix Santa, Poinsettias (Not to Mention You-Know-Who’s Birthday)

In Stockton, California, the local defenders of diversity in the Lincoln Unified School District (contact) have drawn a line: snowmen good, poinsettias bad.

The word “diversity” apparently appeared prominently in the district’s memo to teachers. One report mentions the big Sikh temple located in the city.

Weren’t Sikhs aware that they were immigrating to a historically Christian nation, where millions of citizens normally celebrate Christmas?

Of course, diverse immigrants are a handy excuse for liberal loonies to bash traditional customs and assimilation. The anti-Christmas extremists like to claim the separation of church and state as a pretext for their behavior, but I don’t recall Santa Claus appearing anywhere in the New Testament.

Nevertheless, Somali Muslims managed to get a visiting Santa kicked out of a local Head Start program in Minnesota last year — Somali Diversity Crushes Santa Claus. Maybe the school officials feared Somali violence as a reaction and decided to play it safe.

Lincoln Unified teachers told no Santas, Letter to teachers highlights diversity, Stockton Record, December 03, 2011

STOCKTON – A letter sent to Lincoln Unified teachers that may have sounded like it came from the Grinch who stole Christmas has become fodder for how far school districts are willing to go in recognizing the separation of church and state.

The letter from the Lincoln Unified district office told teachers not to display Santa Claus or poinsettias in order to maintain sensitivity toward those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

That message was downplayed on Friday by the union leadership representing teachers.

The district letter asks employees to keep diversity in mind while spreading holiday cheer.

Lincoln Unified teachers union President Janet Olstead, also a classroom instructor, said she has not received any complaints about the district’s letter asking teachers to keep holiday decorations seasonal – and without a strong religious message.

According to a News 10 television report Thursday, a letter distributed to the staff at Claudia Landeen Elementary School stated that teachers should not have decorations in their rooms, including Santa Claus and poinsettias. Snowmen and snowflakes, however, were considered acceptable. Continue reading this article

California Gangsters Get Tattoo Removal to Blend In

The San Francisco Chronicle reports cheerfully that there is an increase of diverse gang-bangers having their identifying tattoos removed so they can work in regular jobs without being noticed. Naturally the taxpayers are dinged for the cost of an imagined social benefit, when in fact gang tattoos are a helpful danger sign for citizens to beware. Tattoo removal decreases public safety.

Dim do-gooders readily accept the idea that vicious Mexican gangsters have turned over a new leaf. Such things are theoretically possible, one imagines, but hard-core gang behavior imprints strongly. The initiation rituals and gang rules are designed to ensure that nobody leaves the gangster lifestyle ever.

A Sureno guy featured in the article now works moving furniture — Santa Rosa residents should watch out. (Your humble correspondent always has a firearm handy for home deliveries.)

Below, the tattoos of a Sureno who presents himself as now reformed.

Removal of gang tattoos becoming more common, San Francisco Chronicle, December 4, 2011

The black tattoo that once wrapped Cris Pulido’s throat now looks like a smear of grease.

One year ago it was the Mayan symbol for the number 13, which in gang-speak signifies the 13th letter of the alphabet, M. M is code for Mexican Mafia, which is another code for Sureño, which is what Cris Pulido used to be.

“I remember the excitement I saw in other people’s eyes when they looked at it,” Pulido said. “It was like they were thinking, ‘Man, that’s so cool,’ ” when in reality, they were probably thinking the opposite.”

Pulido lives in Santa Rosa and is one of the thousands of former California gang members who have entered tattoo removal programs that cities began offering about 15 years ago. The programs are seeing a steady increase in the number of participants, officials say.

That may not suggest a decline in gang membership, they say, but it does offer hope that a once-unthinkable action for hardened gang members – erasing the marks of allegiance and loyalty – is becoming more acceptable.

It’s also sending a message to younger gangsters that the lifestyle does not have to be permanent.

Signups double
Toni Abraham, program manager for employment services at Social Advocates for Youth in Sonoma County, said 65 people have entered the county’s tattoo removal program this year, up from about 30 who signed up in 2010.

Although conditions are different for each participant, most are eligible for the program after completing 25 hours of community service and paying a $50 fee. Continue reading this article

Sacramexico Legislator Proposes Extended Sanctuary (or Something)

Never underestimate the capacity of Mexifornia to put out the welcome mat for illegal aliens on the tab of the citizens. The latest scheme is to put an initiative on the ballot for voters to recommend a state amnesty for illegals who have been here for several years.

The scam doesn’t even make sense. Proponent Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes says it would bring in more tax money, but a major problem with illegals is that they are tax money users, not contributors, because as a group they are uneducated and make less taxable income. Anyway, illegals can already file tax returns using the ITIN form provided by the IRS, an agency which does not discriminate against anyone willing to pony up.

Plus, according to Obama’s administrative amnesty, your average Juan who is merely a job thief and fraudulent identity holder (aka identity theft) won’t be deported. No problema, dude.

Perhaps the boosters’ idea is to solidify the administrative amnesty into law while Obama is still in office, since the promised goodies are already in hand, at least for the time being.

So it’s been yet another flimflam from the start. When one political party rules a state so completely, its members feel they can do whatever they want and screw the opinion of the public. California Dems don’t care because they don’t have to.

And the idea that only a million illegals would be covered is pretty funny. The scheme is another fraud magnet for a state that already has rust-belt level unemployment, chronic budget shortfalls and recently was rated the worst-run in the country.

1 million undocumented immigrants could live and work in California under newly introduced measure, Sacramento Bee, December 2, 2011

SACRAMENTO, Calif.-Nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants could live and work openly in California with little or no fear of deportation under an initiative unveiled Friday by a state legislator and others.

Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, a Democrat, is helping to spearhead the measure, called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act.

The proposal was filed Friday with the state Attorney General’s Office, marking a first step toward a drive to collect the 504,760 voter signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

Fuentes called the measure a “moderate, common-sense approach” necessitated by the federal government’s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

“I hope this shows Washington, D.C., that if they fail to act, California will take the lead on this critical issue,” Fuentes said in a written statement.

Supporters say the initiative could generate up to $325 million in new tax revenue from undocumented workers that could assist education, public safety and other state programs.

Regardless whether Californians would support such a measure, implementation would depend upon the federal government agreeing not to prosecute participants at the state’s request.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican, blasted the proposal as an attempt to sidestep immigration law. He predicted that it wouldn’t have a “snowball’s chance in hell” of winning voter approval.

“There’s a proper process for coming to this country,” Donnelly said of undocumented immigrants. “Why don’t you respect that?”

The proposed initiative would apply to illegal immigrants who have lived in California for four years, have no felony convictions, are not suspected terrorists, pay a fee to administer the program, and can speak English or are learning it.

Since federal law makes it illegal to hire an undocumented immigrant, the program calls for the state to seek exceptions from the federal government that would provide a “safe harbor” for participants or people who hire them. Continue reading this article

Rep. Gutierrez Recommends Illegal Aliens Carry Library Cards

The arguable Numero Uno Traitor of Congress, Rep Luis Gutierrez, has a new scheme to help his pals the illegal aliens. Since the implementation of Obama’s administrative amnesty for all but axe-murdering foreigners, Luis’ latest brain burp is for illegals to carry “papers” which show they didn’t just blow in last week. (Even generous Newt Gingrich thinks newbie aliens should be deported.)

Anything to give the moochers a leg up; that’s the Gutierrez way.

Hey, wait, don’t illegals squawk up a storm when they are asked to show identification of any sort? Which is odd, since many have an array of fake identities with cards to match, unlike us lawful citizens who have just one set.

This item is just the latest foray into amnesty politics for the Illinois congressman. Gutierrez has been quite the Energizer Bunny on getting amnesty for his fellow hispanics for years. He organized two bus tours to drum up support for lawbreaker rewards. I attended one performance in San Francisco in 2009: Pelosi Boards Gutierrez Amnesty Express.

Gutierrez shows all the signs of wanting to expand his political career using the votes of grateful amnesty-receivers, of whom there could be many if he is successful.

Gutierrez to illegals: Carry records, Politico, December 2, 2011

A prominent Hispanic congressman is encouraging illegal immigrants to carry around a “portfolio of documents” that show their ties to the United States – a move he says could help them avoid being deported.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) described his advice to a man he met recently who was picked up in South Carolina for driving without a license and detained when officers who pulled him over and he couldn’t prove his immigration status.

“My suggestion is, Mr. Sanchez, the day he was pulled over, if he had his children’s birth certificate, and his 8th grade graduation diploma to show when he arrived in the United States — all of those things would have helped,” Gutierrez told POLITICO.

The Illinois congressman has recently traveled to South Carolina and Alabama – states where restrictive immigration laws have heightened fear among the Hispanic and other minority communities – and said he has met many illegal immigrants who could have been released if they were carrying proof showing their longstanding ties to the country.

At the heart of Gutierrez’s advice is the so-called Morton Memo, issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton in June. The memo calls on ICE officers to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” when enforcing the law against people who may not be here legally but who have strong ties to the country. Continue reading this article

Pew Hispanic Report: 63 Percent of Illegals Have Resided in US 10 Years or More

Pew Hispanic has published a new report that provides interesting facts for the thoughtful reader.

The graph posted here is nothing if not a testament to illegal aliens’ ability to survive and thrive without a major amnesty in the 25 years since Reagan’s 1986 IRCA. There is a whole industry of producing counterfeit documents for illegals, and identity theft is a crime that harms a growing number of citizens every year.

The illegals’ own success shows that an additional amnesty to reward lawbreaking behavior is not warranted. They are doing just fine, thank you.

The illegals don’t need to be “brought out of the shadows” because they live and work openly. DREAM Act students demonstrate about their status and nobody gets deported. Illegal kids get free K-12 on the backs of the taxpayers courtesy of the Supreme Court, and they are now demanding a “right” to a subsidized college education as well.

Pew’s report also focused on the kiddies, and contained another noteworthy statistic:

Unauthorized Immigrants: Length of Residency, Patterns of Parenthood, Pew Hispanic, December 1, 2011

The Pew Hispanic analysis also finds that nearly half (46%) of unauthorized adult immigrants today—about 4.7 million people—are parents of minor children. By contrast, just 38% of legal immigrant adults and 29% of U.S.-born adults are parents of minor children.

The higher number of children plopped out by illegals compared with legal immigrants suggests that the foreigners are taking advantage of America’s jackpot baby misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment (which is unpopular among the citizenry). Why wouldn’t the illegal grab everything they can get? They may be lawbreaking foreign job thieves, but they consistently act in their own self-interest.

60% of adult illegal immigrants in U.S. for 10 years or more, report says, LA Times Blog, December 1, 2011

More than 60% of adult illegal immigrants in the U.S. have lived here for at least 10 years and nearly half have minor children, according to a report published Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center.

The analysis based on data from the March 2010 Current Population Survey and the Pew Hispanic Center’s 2010 National Survey of Latinos shows a marked increase in the long-term duration of illegal immigrants in the U.S. compared with a decade ago.

Currently, about 35% of illegal immigrants adults have been in the U.S. for 15 years or more; in 2000 only about 16%  had been in the country for that long, says the report, titled “Unauthorized Immigrants: Length of Residency, Patterns of Parenthood.”

An additional 28% have been in the country for 10 to 14 years, a percentage has not changed since 2000. Meanwhile, the percentage of illegal immigrants who have lived in the country for fewer than five years dropped from 32% in 2000 to 15% in 2010.

According to the report, the increased duration of unauthorized immigrants in the country reflects a surge in illegal immigration in the late 1990s and early 2000s but has since slowed due to the sputtering U.S. economy and increased border enforcement.

In addition, relatively few of those who have been in the United States for a long time are now returning to their home countries. There are about 10.2 million unauthorized adults living in the country and an additional 1 million children under the age of 18, according to the report.

California DREAM Act Will Cost Millions More Than First Estimated

The California DREAM Act was pitched as being relatively inexpensive and wouldn’t harm citizen students. Now a report from the Legislative Analyst Office says that both of those assertions are wrong: it will cost $25 million more than the original estimate of $40 million; the giveaway will cost $65 million annually and increase from there. Plus American students will get smaller grants because a limited pot of money will be spread among more people, who are illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

The whole thing was a fabric of lies from the start, and anyone who objected was condemned as a racist for objecting to illegal aliens students taking up valuable slots and money.

You can read the LAO report online: How Will the California Dream Act Affect Higher Education Costs?.

Listen to the John and Ken radio reporting on the issue on Thursday.

An LA Times poll from mid-November, before all the bad news came out about the bloated costs, found that 55 percent of voters opposed the DREAM Act. Unsurprisingly, a huge preponderance of hispanics thought more freebies for illegals was a swell idea.

In addition, the petition campaign to put the DREAM Act on next November’s ballot for termination is moving along. For details, see Stop AB 131.

Here’s more about the LAO report:

DREAM Act could cost more than previously estimated, according to report, Daily Cal, November 30, 2011

A new report released by California’s bipartisan financial analyst predicts that the state DREAM Act will cost about $25 million more than previously estimated and could decrease the funding available for resident students currently seeking aid.

The state Legislative Analyst’s Office report released Wednesday states that resident students seeking state financial aid could receive less because of the funding that will be allotted to students newly eligible under the act. The report projects the act’s cost to total $65 million annually once fully implemented, higher than the estimated annual cost of $40 million calculated by the state Senate Appropriations Committee earlier this year.

The cost of the act will rise annually until 2015-16, when the cost is then expected to rise significantly slower, according to Judy Heiman, a principal analyst at the office.

The cost of Cal Grants for students newly eligible under the act is also predicted to increase from the $13 million estimated in the committee’s bill analysis to $50 million by 2016-17, according to the report.

The bill analysis introduced on the state Assembly floor before the August vote did not include a rising cost estimate for increasing numbers of students newly eligible under the act, although it did stipulate that rising costs were likely due to increased AB 540 student participation in higher education. Continue reading this article

Rep. Bilbray Rejects Amnesty Chatter

While the increased discussion of immigration in the media is welcome, much of it is of low quality, even among persons who call themselves conservatives, a group which is supposed to respect law and sovereignty.

Congressman Brian Bilbray is not one of those spouting nonsense soundbites. In a recent appearance on CNN, the Chair of the Immigration Reform Caucus made several points often missed in the current shallow debate (which routinely ignores the job displacement dimension). Bilbray emphasized that Reagan realized amnesty could only be used once, because any additional giveaways decrease Washington’s credibility for enforcement.

True, as shown by the disrespect toward US sovereignty shown by foreign freeloaders after the seven amnesties passed by Congress since Reagan’s 1984 amnesty.

Rep. Bilbray also noted that any discussion of amnesty (very unpopular among US voters) sends the message around the world that America is still wide open for illegal immigration. Announcing amnesty is like opening a candy store in the middle of a freeway, he says.

GOP Immigration chairman rips Gingrich’s ‘amnesty’ plan, The Hill, November 30 , 2011

The Republican chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus blasted GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Tuesday for calling to allow some illegal immigrants to remain in the country.

Speaking on CNN’s “John King, USA,” Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.) likened the former House Speaker’s plan to drilling a hole in the bottom of a sinking boat to let the water out.

“Newt, I don’t care who you are,” Bilbray said. “Quit sending the mixed message that we are going to somehow reward or accommodate you if you broke the law while there are those waiting patiently and playing by the rules, waiting to come into this country legally.”

At a Republican presidential debate earlier this month, Gingrich said he supported efforts to allow tax-paying illegal immigrants without criminal records to remain in the country or gain citizenship — but only “those people whose ties run so deeply in America that it would truly be a tragedy to try and rip their family apart.”

Bilbray countered that as a former congressman from Georgia, Gingrich doesn’t truly understand the problem.

“I’m one of the few members of Congress to have seen what happens along the border when people from Georgia or somewhere else that don’t understand what’s going on with the immigration issue don’t take the time to go to Latin America and talk to people who are considering coming here illegally,” he said. “They don’t understand that talking about amnesty to reduce illegal immigration is about as logical as somebody saying, ‘Let’s drill a hole in the bottom of a boat to let the water out.’ You’re going to cause a whole new wave of illegal immigration.” Continue reading this article

California: More Moving Out Than In

The Los Angeles Times is too kind to the post-Golden State when it says the reason most leavers are fleeing is the high cost of housing. It underplays the stubborn unemployment which has hovered around 12 percent during the current recession. (See the Sacramento Bee’s interactive map.)

The joblessness is worsened by a bad business climate emanating from Sacramento that literally chases jobs out of the state with excessive regulation and taxes.

The all-Democrat state government has assured that the jobs picture will only get worse because of its insistence on a unilateral program of greenhouse gas reduction that will shoo away many more businesses to other states because of the increased costs. (See State’s cap and trade program gets final approval,, Oct 21, 2011)

Plus many traditional Americans find Mexifornia’s immigration-fueled diversity unpleasant as expressed in dysfunctional schools and worsened crime. More US citizens would probably leave if they could afford it.

California demographic shift: More people leaving than moving in, Los Angeles Times, November 27, 2011

More people are moving out of the state than are moving in. It’s the economy, of course, especially housing costs.

For a clue to why California is losing its allure as a place to settle down, just ask Jennifer McCluer, who moved out of California in 2007 after she obtained her license in skin care.

Unable to afford Orange County’s sky-high rents, she opted for Portland, Ore. “A big motivator was that I lived with roommate after roommate after roommate,” said McCluer, 30. “Friends said you could probably live on your own up here. The rent was a huge deal for me.”

McCluer would like to move back, but it’s still too expensive. “It’s really difficult,” McCluer said. “I’ve given myself 11/2 to two years to save money.”

Recent census figures show the state is losing more Californians like McCluer than it is attracting from other parts of the U.S. And the trend toward out-migration is looking less like a blip than a long-term condition.

The proportion of Californians who had moved here from out of state reached a 100-year low of about 20% in 2010, and the decade measured by the most recent census was the first in a century in which the majority of Californians were native-born.

The demographics of California today more closely resemble those of 1900 than of 1950: It is a mostly home-grown population, whose future depends on the children of immigrants and their children, said William Frey, a demographer and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

“We used to say California, here we come,” said Frey. “That now has flipped.” Continue reading this article

Mexico: Majority of Women Experience Gender Violence

In all the stress about the border, Americans sometimes forget how backward Mexican society is, particularly in terms of its aversion to education and fondness for crime.

Another area of retro is Mexico’s wretched treatment of women. A few years ago, Mexico City instituted a fleet of women-only buses because Mexican men’s public abuse of women could not be curbed by a campaign urging respect. Even the New York Times noticed: On Single-Sex Buses, Relief From Unwanted Contact.

Below, women appreciate public transportation without sexual harassment on no-men buses in Mexico City.

A recent report shows that harassment and violence against women is endemic throughout Mexican society.

The Pew Hispanic Center reported, “The current Mexican share of all foreign born living in the U.S. — 32% — is the highest concentration of immigrants to the U.S. from a single country since the late 19th century.” The presence of those 13+ million Mexicans is absolutely detrimental for the cause of women’s safety and equality in this country. In fact, it would be hard to choose a worse group of immigrants for America to admit.

6 In every 10 Mexican women victims of violence, rights panel says, MENAFN News, Nov 26, 2011

Six out of every 10 Mexican women over the age of 15 have been the victims of gender violence that has left them with physical and mental traumas, among other ill effects, Mexico’s independent National Human Rights Commission, or CNDH, said.

As part of the commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the CNDH said Friday that to help end gender violence it is currently preparing a diagnosis of femicides and other vicious crimes against Mexican women.

Other effects of gender violence include “sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and births, educational and social backwardness, poverty and economic dependence, unequal distribution of food in the home, as well as inequality in the workplace and the professions,” the organization said. Continue reading this article