England Is #6 in Population Density

William Blake referred to “England’s green and pleasant land” in his poetic work Jerusalem, but a couple decades of crazed immigration has transformed the country into a very crowded place, with more pavement grey and less green — to the point where England has become the sixth densest nation on earth.

Even worse, quite a number of the diverse newbies are unfriendles, as shown below.

It had long been rumored that the British Labour Party used its years of control to jimmy up the numbers of immigrants (who often favor lefty government), and the facts of the story have dribbled out in the last year or so. Britain’s population increased by more than 3 million under 13 years of Labour rule, 70 percent of which was from immigration.

What’s new here is how the elites have presented the immigrant numbers as Great Britain-wide which misrepresents the increase in population and decrease in quality of life for citizens. Most immigrants have settled in England, so the effect is there.

England ‘is world’s sixth most crowded country: High rate of immigration blame for population surge, Daily Mail, November 19, 2011

High immigration has made England one of the most crowded countries in the world, a report said yesterday.

It found that 6.6 million foreign-born people live in England – and only 500,000 elsewhere in the UK.

As a result England has become the sixth most densely populated major nation, according to the analysis from the MigrationWatch think-tank. Only Bangladesh, Taiwan, South Korea, Lebanon and Rwanda have more people per square mile.

Sir Andrew Green, who chairs MigrationWatch which compiled the report, said: ‘The immigration lobby like to talk about the UK, obscuring the fact that England is six times as crowded as Scotland.

‘Since the vast majority of immigrants come to England, it is England’s place in the league table that counts. Continue reading this article

Rasmussen Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds of Voters Object to Anchor Baby Citizenship

The pollsters report that this is the highest percentage ever of opposition to jackpot babies getting citizenship, a practice stemming from a misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment.

In June of 2010, Rasmussen found that 58 percent rejected anchor baby citizenship, and the recent survey revealed 65 percent against the policy, so the voters have not forgotten about this issue.

Below, a May Day amnesty march in Los Angeles brought out a troop of strollers.

New High: 65% Oppose Automatic Citizenship for Children Born Here to Illegal Immigrants, Rasmussen Reports, November 18, 2011

Voters oppose more strongly than ever granting automatic U.S. citizenship to a child born to an illegal immigrant in this country.

Now, nearly two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (65%) say if a woman enters the United States as an illegal alien and gives birth to a child here, that child should not automatically become a U.S. citizen.

ICE Frees Illegal Alien Occupier

In Oakland, one of the persons arrested Monday during a sweep of the filthy crime-ridden Occupy zone downtown was an illegal Mexican who was then turned over to federal officials. That was the good news.

For the bad news, Francisco “Pancho” Ramos Stierle, was quickly freed on his own recognizance until his deportation hearing. Right. Who thinks he will show up?

These days, under the Obama administrative amnesty, the authorities cannot even get serious about deporting a marxican agitator.

Pancho also has a fascinating/ridiculous backstory in which he claims he was an astrophysics grad student at UC Berkeley who dropped out over worries about nuclear weapons proliferation.

And if he is so concerned about income inequality, Pancho should get active back in Mexico which has a far worse chasm between rich and poor than this country. In America, we have all sorts of generous social programs to help poor people — which is why so many impoverished Mexicans come here to get on the welfare gravy train.

Below, Pancho was arrested while performing a posture of meditation in the Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland.

Oakland Occupier free pending deportation hearing, San Francisco Chronicle, November 18, 2011

Federal immigration agents took custody Thursday of a 36-year-old activist and Mexico native who was arrested during Monday’s police sweep of the Occupy Oakland protest encampment, then released him pending a hearing in front of a judge.

Francisco “Pancho” Ramos Stierle had been booked into Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on suspicion of two misdemeanors, refusing to disperse and loitering, after kneeling and meditating at Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall rather than heeding police orders to leave early Monday.

Alameda County prosecutors did not charge Stierle, and immigration agents enforced a detainer Thursday that they had placed on his case, said sheriff’s Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a spokesman for the jail.

Virginia Kice, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Stierle was subsequently released “on his own recognizance pending a hearing before an immigration judge. It will be up to the immigration courts to determine whether he has a legal basis to remain in the United States.”

In a statement his attorney released while he was still in custody, Stierle complained that Oakland leaders were spending money clearing out Occupy encampments while closing five public schools.

“This is the same thing happening across the country,” Stierle said. “We do not have an economic crisis, we have a crisis of priorities. We believe we are the 99 percent facilitating the healing of the 100 percent.”

Friends said Stierle, who has no criminal record, came to the United States six years ago on a student visa to seek a master’s degree in astrophysics at UC Berkeley, but dropped out over concerns about nuclear weapons proliferation.

Stierle works for Free Farm Stand, an urban garden in San Francisco that gives away its produce, and for Karma Kitchen, a weekly brunch in Berkeley where patrons are given free food while being asked to donate toward future meals.

Congressman Ted Poe Urges Some Surplus Military Equipment Be Sent to the Border

Texas Representative Poe has introduced legislation that a portion of the military equipment coming home from Iraq be transferred to the Mexican border to help with national security closer to home.

The bill is the Send Equipment for National Defense (SEND) Act, H.R. 3422.

Rep. Poe: Use Iraq military equipment to police Mexican border, The Hill, November 15, 2011

Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) on Tuesday introduced a bill that would ship 10 percent of the returning military equipment from Iraq to the border of Mexico for border security.

“The American people have invested billions of dollars in equipment used to secure Iraq; now it’s time to use that equipment to secure the United States,” said Poe. “State and local officials are doing the job of the federal government—defending the international border with Mexico.”

In comments earlier today, Poe said the equipment is needed because U.S. border sheriffs say they are “outmanned, outgunned and out-financed by the drug cartels.”

Poe said equipment that could be shipped to the southern border includes humvees, night vision equipment and surveillance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). He said 1.5 million pieces of equipment have already left Iraq, and 900,000 remain in that country.

Poe added that the Send Equipment for National Defense (SEND) Act, H.R. 3422, would give the Defense Department the discretion to keep its equipment if DOD certifies that there is an urgent need to do so.

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Goes to Court

President Barak Hussein Obama’s illegal alien uncle Onyango from Kenya, dressed up like a respectable citizen (pictured at right), appeared briefly in court on Thursday, stemming from a drunk-driving arrest August 24.

Interestingly, his attorney said Onyango’s inebriated near-crash into a police car should not have caused an arrest in the first place and was a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Huh?

Lawyers will try any misrepresentation of the facts, no matter how blatantly false, but this ploy should be a plea too far.

Obama’s Uncle: Cops Had No Right To Stop Car, The Boston Channel, November 17, 2011

“He wasn’t committing any motor vehicle violations at the time. That’s our position,” defense attorney P. Scott Bratton said.

Right, he has merely nabbed in the act of dangerous drunk driving with a blood alcohol lever of .14 percent, nearly twice legal limit, by police. Apparently when the perp is related to the President, counsel can say the accused is a unicorn from Mars and the judge will not argue.

(For extra Obama background info, see a diagram of the President’s complex family tree. I would post it directly, but the necessary text about how to interpret is lengthy.)

Perhaps Uncle Obongo will become the new diverse face of the Obama administrative amnesty. After all, the uncle didn’t kill anyone on his drunk-driving escapade, unlike so many others. And he is gainfully employed (against the law) back at his old liquor store gig.

The actual court time was very brief, just a minute or so, and the next courtroom pretense of legal process was scheduled for January 12.

Obama’s uncle back in court to challenge charge, MetroWest Daily News, November 17, 2011

FRAMINGHAM — The lawyer for President Barack Obama’s uncle told a judge today he will challenge the legality of his client’s traffic stop.

Onyango Obama, 67, was arrested on Aug. 24 by Framingham Police after they say he nearly struck a cruiser while driving on Waverly Street.

Obama’s lawyer, P. Scott Bratton told Framingham District Court Judge Robert Greco that he will file a motion to suppress challenging the legality of the police pulling Obama over.

The motion to suppress hearing is scheduled for Jan. 12. The motion must be filed two weeks prior to the hearing.

After the hearing, Bratton refused to comment on what the motion will be based on. He also refused to say if Obama has been in touch with the president, or if his immigration case has been resolved.

Obama did not speak to the press.

Whatever Happened to Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango?

News keeps whooshing by so rapidly that sometimes we may wonder whatever happened to a figure who had his 15 minutes of fame, then sank from view. Obama’s uncle was one such, revealed after a drunk-driving bust last August, after living unlawfully in this country for decades, then gone from the front pages.

The President may hope his pair of lawbreaking alien relatives from Kenya (Onyango plus the well dressed welfare queen Aunt Zeituni who lives off taxpayer benefits) disappear from public attention. They are a reminder of how lawless his administration has been overall, particularly regarding border and immigration enforcement.

Or perhaps Obama likes sticking his thumb in the eye of traditional Americans, whom he has characterized as clinging to guns and religion as well as being “xenophobic” (aka favoring borders and immigration enforcement). He’s the President, and he can have as many illegal alien relatives as he wants, and there’s nothing patriotic Americans can do about it, given the squishiness of many judges.

Anyway, the online celebrity tabloid TMZ has a photo of the Obama uncle, who appears comfortably working at a liquor store despite his illegal status.

President Obama’s Uncle: Picture Proof … He’s Still Selling 80 Proof, TMZ, November 16, 2011

The pictures tell the story … President Obama’s uncle, wheeling and dealing behind a liquor store counter.  So there’s no doubt, he’s still dodging the deportation bullet … at least for now.

Onyango Obama was busted for DUI August 24th in Framingham, Massachusetts …after almost smashing into a cop car.  Immigration officials learned about the arrest, and then discovered the 67-year-old was in the U.S. illegally.  In fact, Onyango was on the receiving end of a 1992 deportation order, but it was never enforced.

While Onyango challenges the deportation order, the pictures show … he’s making a living at the Conti Liquor Store.

He’s due in court tomorrow for a hearing on the DUI charge.

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Mexican Is Sentenced to 13 Years for DUI Manslaughter

Thirteen years in prison hardly seems adequate punishment for causing the drunk-driving death of 51-year-old Pamila Yoder (pictured below) in Sarasota, Florida, last November.

Not only did the crash cause a fatality, it critically injured Susan Mullinnix who was driving a pickup truck in the Sarasota smash-up that involved four vehicles.

The drunk-driving illegal alien, Daniel Garcia, was also listed in critical condition immediately after the crash, but he managed to escape the hospital by walking out the front door the next morning in his gown. He remained at large for several months until he was found thanks to persistent police work on the part of Sarasota County detective Brian Barrett.

Interestingly, Garcia did not flee to Mexico (known to be a friendly hide-out for criminals) but went to Gainesville, which he must have thought was far enough.

The video below is a news report from the time of the crash.

Man gets 13 years in fatal DUI crash, Sarasota Herald Tribune, November 15, 2011

SARASOTA COUNTY – Pamila Yoder’s three children thought this day might never come — when the man accused of driving drunk and killing their 51-year-old mother faced a judge.

They drove to the Sarasota County Courthouse this morning from Jacksonville and Miami to watch first-hand as Daniel Garcia, who pleaded no contest to DUI manslaughter, received a 13-year prison sentence.

Garcia, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, had been on the lam for several months after the Nov. 7, 2010 crash in Sarasota that killed Yoder. The family had a hard time healing, knowing the man responsible for Yoder’s death was free.

But Garcia, 26, finally was arrested while hiding out in Gainesville, thanks to the dogged efforts of one of the region’s most aggressive fugitive hunters, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Barrett.

In court this morning, Yoder’s three children went to the podium together for emotional support, clutching tissues and touching each other on the shoulder. They spoke to Garcia directly.

“I just wanted you to know my face,” Yoder’s daughter, Tavy Chen, formerly Tavy Wells, said to Garcia. “I will never forget what you did. I hope you never forget either.”

Pamila Yoder died at the scene of the crash at University Parkway and U.S. 301; Garcia had been airlifted with grave injuries from the crash and taken to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

The next morning, before he was charged, Bayfront Medical security footage showed him walking out the front door, still in a hospital gown, the I-V still hanging from his arm.

The FHP looked for Garcia, but gave up. Deputy Barrett spent months observing the area’s labor camps, Latin dance clubs and bars, finally getting a break and catching Garcia at a Gainesville apartment complex.

Yoder’s son, Jesse Yoder, said his mother above all valued truth. “I hope that what you are doing here today is because you genuinely want to make some sort of amends,” he said to Garcia. “I know nothing can undo what happened, but I just want you to understand what you’ve done to our family.”

Dearbornistan Muslims Get Their Own Cable TV Show

On Sunday, I braced myself to watch the new “reality” series about Muslims residing in this country, because all indications were that it would be a Islamo-diversity propaganda piece.

It seems to suggest that we traditional Americans should welcome Muslim immigration and ignore the threat of nasty jihadist terrorism which has increased in recent years.

“All-American Muslim” (The Learning Channel page here) takes place in Dearbornistan, where Fordson High School is 95 percent Muslim. The viewer learns that Ramadan is tough on football players there because of the daytime fasting required. Apparently infidel athletes don’t fit in, nor is there concern about the separation of mosque and state.

The most cringe-worthy element was the conversion of a young Christian man to Islam so he could marry a Muslim woman. His mother tried to hide her disappointment, though not very successfully. The bride portrays herself as very American, someone who likes country music, but she wants her children to grow up as Allah’s obedient servants. Compared with the lifestyles of Muslims in Lebanon (the background of most), the Dearborn residents may feel very American, but the posing is not convincing.

All the characters emphasize the ways in which they appear assimilated, but most of the women are veiled. Nobody asks unpleasant questions about politics, such as how much support there is for Hezbollah or any other flavors of hostile Islam. Cutesy sit-com music runs in the background to remove any serious questions from the viewer’s mind, like it’s the modern diversity version of Leave It To Beaver.

Below, in Dearbornistan 2004 a woman carried a photo of Ayatollah Khomeini during a political march.

The series is scheduled for eight episodes, so the propaganda has just begun.

In other news of Muslims residing in America, New York activists are teaching other hostiles how to identify police informants in their midst who are looking for terrorist bombers.

Angry over spying, Muslims say: ‘Don’t call NYPD’, Associated Press, November 14, 2011

Fed up with a decade of police spying on the innocuous details of the daily lives of Muslims, activists in New York are discouraging people from going directly to the police with their concerns about terrorism, a campaign that is certain to further strain relations between the two groups.

Muslim community leaders are openly teaching people how to identify police informants, encouraging them to always talk to a lawyer before speaking with the authorities and reminding people already working with law enforcement that they have the right to change their minds. Some members of the community have planned a demonstration for next week.

Some government officials point to this type of outreach as proof that Muslims aren’t cooperating in the fight against terrorism, justifying the aggressive spy tactics, while many in the Muslim community view it as a way to protect themselves from getting snared in a secret police effort to catch terrorists. [. . .]

This sort of anti-police behavior is not new. Last winter, the Council of American Islamic Relations instructed its followers not to speak with the FBI, by building a “wall of resistance.”

Open-Borders Marxicans Must Be Happy with Obama

One of my mottos in life is “You can learn a lot by making a list,” so I appreciate a good one that lays down the facts in a thorough way. The following article is a helpful accounting of what Obama has done to destroy America using his enormous powers as President.

After all, in Obama’s mind America is nothing special, so why not ruin it for short-term politics to please his rapacious cronies?

President Obama’s Immigration To-Do List Is Almost Complete, Fox News, By Bob Dane and  Kristen Williamson, November 13, 2011

Advocates for open borders and illegal alien amnesty must be pleased.  President Obama has accomplished almost everything on their Wish List, short of a massive amnesty bill.  But the president’s checklist achieves almost the same thing, of course without Congressional approval. Public demand for secure borders and interior enforcement has been ignored while Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate immigration has been simply bypassed.

To date, the scope of President Obama’s immigration to-do list is shocking and nearly complete:

Enact backdoor amnesty
– Accomplish administratively what is not possible legislatively.
- Issue new ICE memos radically changing deportation policies.
- Create clandestine interagency working group to review 300,000 pending removal cases. Use new deportation polices to justify dismissing most.
- Grant work authorization to illegal aliens allowed to stay.
- Focus enforcement only on violent criminal aliens. Release most others and suggest that immigration violations, in and of themselves, are of little consequence.

Intimidate every state that dares to enforce existing federal immigration laws
– Sue Alabama, Arizona and South Carolina. Threaten other states even thinking about enacting immigration bills.
- Claim federal preemption precludes states from participating in enforcement while simultaneously preventing federal authorities from enforcing the law.  Create chaos and constitutional crisis when no one is allowed to do it!

Allow state and local law enforcement to thwart federal authorities
– Ignore Illinois, Massachusetts and New York efforts to stop participating in the Secure Communities program.
- Do not intervene in sanctuary cities that impede federal immigration enforcement.

Continue to push blanket amnesty in Congress
– Encourage Senate Democrats to pass the DREAM Act. Blame Republicans each time it fails.
- Include DREAM Act beneficiaries in the aforementioned new administrative amnesty policies – just in case the American public and Congress reject the bill, yet again.

Falsely claim that the border is secure
– Declare the border is secure, despite only 32 miles of the 700 mile double fence being completed.
- Scale back transportation checks at hubs along the northern and southern borders. Ignore national security implications of doing so

Allow illegal and legal immigrants to displace American workers
– Do not include E-Verify in any jobs or economic plans.
- Ignore 9 percent unemployment and continue blindly conceding to big business and tech industry demands for higher levels of legal immigration.
- End pro-active worksite enforcement operations except for auditing I-9s.
- Lift ban on cross-border trucking agreement with Mexico.

Yes, the special interests are quite pleased.  Although this is not to be confused with being satisfied which they never will be until the United States abolishes all barriers to entry, all criteria for admission, and abrogates national sovereignty.

Congress must reassert its authority and responsibility to regulate immigration laws before the complete and permanent dismantling of all immigration enforcement becomes the final checked item on Obama’s to-do list.

Displaying the National Flag Upsets Some in Britain (and Elsewhere)

In Britain, some people object to seeing the flag of the nation being flown nearby. A diverse fellow in the video below asks how Brits would feel if he flew a Caribbean flag by his home — completely ignoring the fact that he is residing in Britain, not the island where his loyalties obviously lie.

Well, fortunately we don’t have that sort of post-national political correctness in America.

Oh, wait. The American flag has is now considered objectionable in California, and young citizens are not allowed to wear flag-emblazoned clothing to Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill on certain days, i.e. Cinco de Mayo. (See background at Crazy Mexifornia, May 5, 2010.)

Court backs Morgan Hill school in flag dispute, San Francisco Chronicle, November 12, 2011

A Morgan Hill high school principal reasonably feared violence on campus when he saw a group of students wearing American flags on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo, and he did not violate their freedom of speech by telling them to turn the shirts inside out or go home, a federal judge has ruled.

Citing past clashes between Mexican American and Anglo students over their clothing on the Mexican holiday, Chief U.S. District Judge James Ware of San Francisco said school officials “reasonably forecast that (the shirts) could cause a substantial disruption” and were entitled to take steps to prevent it.

While the Supreme Court has ruled that public school students have the right to engage in nondisruptive free speech, that ruling “does not require that school officials wait until disruption occurs before they act,” Ware said in his ruling Tuesday dismissing the students’ lawsuit.

Mark Posard, a lawyer for the Morgan Hill Unified School District, said Friday that Ware’s decision “affirmed that school safety is paramount.”

Bill Becker, a lawyer for the youths and their parents, said they would appeal “this bizarre ruling.”

“The court found that the rights of students promoting their Mexican heritage trumped the rights of students expressing their patriotism,” Becker said. If school officials feared disruption, he said, they should have canceled the Cinco de Mayo observance. Continue reading this article

Obama Non-Enforcement Is Welcomed at the NYTimes

According to the upside-down, evil-is-good New York Times, its beloved Obama administration is a tiny bit “uneven” in its deportation policy, meaning that the paper thinks too many foreign lawbreakers are being given free trips home.

But according to more reliable sources, the Obama-controlled ICE agency has been greatly reined in, perhaps to pump up the numbers of grateful hispanics (legal and illegal) for the 2012 election.

Interestingly, national ICE Council President Chris Cane stated on the Lou Dobbs show November 7 that the Obama Administration has ordered immigration officers at ICE to not make arrests, period. That certainly sounds like an amnesty.

Back to the New York Times, which lives in a reversed moral universe where illegal aliens are seen as victims of the cruel government, not job thieves. . .

To the extremist liberal mind, illegal immigration is sort of a try-out, like for a football team: if an alien lives in the US for several years without an axe murder or cannibalism, then he is cool to stay. Immigration laws are likewise seen as suggestions, rather than binding.

Obama Policy on Deporting Used Unevenly, New York Times, November 12, 2011

A new Obama administration policy to avoid deportations of illegal immigrants who are not criminals has been applied very unevenly across the country and has led to vast confusion both in immigrant communities and among agents charged with carrying it out.

Since June, when the policy was unveiled, frustrated lawyers and advocates have seen a steady march of deportations of immigrants with no criminal record and with extensive roots in the United States, who seemed to fit the administration’s profile of those who should be allowed to remain.

But at the same time, in other cases, immigrants on the brink of expulsion saw their deportations halted at the last minute, sometimes after public protests. In some instances, immigration prosecutors acted, with no prodding from advocates, to abandon deportations of immigrants with strong ties to this country whose only violation was their illegal status.

For President Obama, the political stakes in the new policy are high. White House officials have concluded that there is no chance before next year’s presidential election to pass the immigration overhaul that Mr. Obama supports, which would include paths to legal status for illegal immigrants. But immigration authorities have sustained a fast pace of deportations, removing nearly 400,000 foreigners in each of the last three years. With Latino communities taking the brunt of those deportations, Latino voters are increasingly disappointed with Mr. Obama. White House officials hope the new policy will ease some of the pressure on Latinos, by steering enforcement toward gang members and convicts and away from students, soldiers and families of American citizens.

In a June 17 memorandum, John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, laid out more than two dozen factors that its agents and lawyers should weigh when deciding whether to exercise prosecutorial discretion to dismiss a deportation. The memo called for “particular care and consideration” for veterans and active-duty troops, elderly immigrants and minors, and those brought here illegally as children. In August, the homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano, announced additional measures to put Mr. Morton’s guidelines into effect, including a review of all deportation cases — about 300,000 —currently in the immigration courts, with the aim of closing cases that do not meet the administration’s priorities. Continue reading this article

Political Correctness Kills: the Lawsuit in Response to the Fort Hood Jihad Attack

There is no worse case exhibiting the dangers of political correctness than the carnage executed by Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood pre-meditated jihadist attack which killed 13 (pictured below) and wounded dozens more.

The shooter was a walking, talking Islamic bomb, who was in contact with a top jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki (who was recently spattered by the US Army) and carried business cards designating himself as a Soldier of Allah.

Hasan’s commanding officers knew before the attack that he behaved unprofessionally, to say the least. He had lectured about the superiority of Islam to students when he was supposed to be speaking on medical issues, but officers feared being thought bigoted against Islam, so they let him get away with outrageous and subversive behavior.

Last February, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Joe Lieberman, investigated the case and released its own report, titled A Ticking Time Bomb: Counterterrorism Lessons from the U.S. Government’s Failure to Prevent the Fort Hood Attack. (Also see my blog Senate Report: Fort Hood Massacre Was Preventable.)

Sadly, the mental illness that is political correctness has reached the highest levels of the armed forces. General George Casey (the then-Chief of Staff of the US Army) remarked shortly after the shooting:

General Casey: diversity shouldn’t be casualty of Fort Hood, Reuters, Nov. 8, 2009

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” Casey said.

“Diversity is a strength!” Thirteen people were slaughtered on a major Army base, and the Army’s top general believed that preserving diversity was more important than the safety of the troops! How can any soldier trust the leadership of an institution run by such PC buffoons?

General Casey was reportedly concerned there might be a backlash in the military against Muslims.

Actually a reasonable fear of hostile Muslims is a completely rational response to a religion-based massacre. (Survivors reported that Hasan screamed “Allahu Ackbar” before he began blasting away.)

The news now is that many of the victims and their families are suing the government. Hopefully the lawsuit will help the public realize that political correctness can kill.

83 seek $750M for Fort Hood tragedy, Associated Press, November 10, 2011

Eighty-three victims and family members in the worst-ever mass shooting at a U.S. military installation are seeking $750 million in compensation from the Army, alleging that willful negligence enabled psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan to carry out a terrorist attack at Fort Hood, Texas.

The administrative claims filed last week said the government had clear warnings that Hasan, who is scheduled to go on trial in March, posed a grave danger to the lives of soldiers and civilians.

The government bowed to political correctness and not only ignored the threat Hasan presented but actually promoted him to the rank of major five months before the massacre, according to the administrative claims against the Defense Department, the Justice Department and the FBI. Thirteen soldiers and civilians were killed and more than two dozen soldiers and civilians were injured in the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting spree.

Fifty-four relatives of eight of the murdered soldiers have filed claims. One civilian police officer and nine of the injured soldiers have filed claims along with 19 family members of those 10.

“It was unconscionable that Hasan was allowed to continue in the military and ultimately be in the position to perpetrate the only terror attack committed on U.S. soil since 9/11,” attorney Neal Sher, who represents the claimants, told The Associated Press. Continue reading this article