School Indoctrination Starts Early

Former Senator Rick Santorum observed the other day that universities are indoctrination factories of liberalism. That’s hardly news, but discussing the obvious is becoming more necessary in these conflicted times.

Rick Santorum: Left uses college for “indoctrination”, CBS, January 25, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Wednesday that “the left” uses universities to indoctrinate young people for the purpose of “holding and maintaining power.”

After saying “we’ve lost, unfortunately, our entertainment industry,” Santorum told a Naples, Florida, audience that “we’ve lost our higher education, that was the first to go a long time ago.”

“It’s no wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college,” said the former Pennsylvania senator. “The indoctrination that occurs in American universities is one of the keys to the left holding and maintaining power in America. And it is indoctrination. If it was the other way around, the ACLU would be out there making sure that there wasn’t one penny of government dollars going to colleges and universities, right?”

But it’s worse than that. These days, the brainwashing starts in grade school because the increasing dropout rate among the diverse means that many will not make it to college and a major in ethnic or chicano studies. One example is the nationwide pattern of little kids who were made to sing worshipful songs about Obama after his election.

More recently, some Virginia third-graders supposedly penned a complex political ditty in praise of the Occupy activities, with lyrics like “I’m part of the 99″ and “They’re the one percent.” It seemed far too advanced for nine-year-olds to have produced, and an adult later fessed up that he wrote the song.

When I attended the 9th Circuit Court in November 2010 to observe the legal proceedings concerning Arizona’s enforcement law, there were lots of non-hispanic kids waving signs in favor of open borders and other raza issues. I talked to a blond boy and he told me it was a class project of their Berkeley middle school to attend, and not just as observers. Below is one of my photos from the event.

The years-long struggle in Arizona against the anti-American raza studies program in Tucson High School continues to bubble along. The legislature passed a law against the teaching of racist and seditious subjects in public schools which took effect at the beginning of 2011. A local court later determined that the law was proper.

Unsurprisingly, the indoctrinated kiddies hate having their daily dose of Mexican supremacism removed and continue to squawk wherever there’s a forum with the help of raza-promoting adults.

CAIR Muslims Demand Resignation of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Hostile Muslims residing in New York are in a snit over a story in the New York Times about the showing of an informational film about Islamic jihad to members of the Police Department. (See Anti-Jihad Documentary Is Shown to NYPD, which Alarms NYTimes.)

The Muslims want the resignation of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly who appeared for about 30 seconds in the 72-minute film, The Third Jihad, but that was too much for fifth-column unfriendlies. The Muslims also complain about police surveillance at mosques and Islamic neighborhoods, despite the obvious fact that nearly all murderous terrorists are Allah devotees for some curious reason.

Among knowledgeable soldiers and police, learning about one’s foe is considered a plus. Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, “if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.” In the movie Patton, viewers saw the General exclaim about Rommel during a successful battle, “I read your book!” about tank warfare.

Below, a Muslim group and supporters call for Ray Kelly’s resignation because of his brief appearance in a film they don’t like. (An examination of the signs shows an interesting confluence of far-left ideology with anti-American Muslims, e.g. “RAY-cist Kelly… The World Can’t Wait” etc.)

Agitated Muslims say that the film portrays all Allah-followers as head-choppers, but the producers respond otherwise on the doc’s website in response to the controversy:

The beginning of the film states in bold letters that, “This is not a film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical.”

In this instance, Muslims again reveal themselves to be the enemies of free speech and public safety from Islamic terrorism.

They are helped by slavish media coverage, like the AP story below. For example, it doesn’t mention the support for terrorism of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which is a leader of the campaign against Kelly: in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trail, CAIR was found to be an unindicted co-conspirator in the case and a supporter of terror group Hamas in the US. Nor does it ask for comment from the film’s producers.

Kelly should say that the truth is his defense, but his boss Mayor Bloomberg favored the Ground Zero mosque, and the Commissioner probably wants to keep his job. Too bad.

Muslims call for NYPD chief to resign over movie, Associated Press, January 26, 2012

Muslim groups are calling for New York’s police commissioner to step down because of his appearance in a film they say paints their religion and its adherents in a bad light.

About 20 activists held a news conference on the steps of City Hall on Thursday and criticized Ray Kelly for giving an interview to the producers of the movie “The Third Jihad.”

The movie uses dramatic footage to warn against the dangers of radical Islam. Muslim groups say it encourages Americans to be suspicious of all Muslims.

“Terrorism is an evil that must be eliminated, but one cannot fight wrong with wrong,” said Talib Abdur-Rashid, a Muslim cleric.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday he stood by Kelly and the commissioner’s spokesman, Paul Browne. Activists had also demanded Browne’s resignation.

However, the mayor said Kelly would have to redouble his outreach efforts to Muslims.

“Anything like this doesn’t help credibility, so Ray’s got to work at establishing, re-establishing or reinforcing the credibility that he does have,” Bloomberg said. Continue reading this article

Gingrich Appears on America-Unfriendly Univision

Hispandering Newt was on full display during his Wednesday interview with hard-core invasion booster Jorge Ramos on Spanish-language Univision TV. (Ramos gleefully forecast a majority-hispanic United States a few years back.)

Gingrich criticized Mitt Romney’s strategy of promoting self-deportation by removing the magnet of American jobs — something that has worked very well where it has been tried, e.g. Self-Deportation Working in Alabama. The Grand Canyon State also reported success with workplace enforcement; see Escape from Arizona! where the voluntary relocation process of an illegal family was followed with sympathetic reporting.

Newt is still stuck on his fable of long-time illegals being a credit to their communities, though he is unclear on how years of job theft and lawbreaking are a benefit to America, which is supposedly a “nation of laws.” He argued in a November debate that “If you’ve been here 25 years and you got three kids and two grandkids, you’ve been paying taxes and obeying the law, you belong to a local church, I don’t think we’re going to separate you from your family, uproot you forcefully and kick you out.”

The straw man of massive alien round-ups is a favorite hispander ploy of Gingrich. He used to pretend that he had never heard of DIY deportation, but now that Romney has put the strategy on the table in public, Newt can no longer feign ignorance.

In fact, anyone who has been here for 25 years is a successful manipulator of the system who doesn’t need a big amnesty from Washington. And that person most likely has a fake ID and stolen Social Security number (felony!), which is not “obeying the law” in the eyes of most citizens.

On Univision, Newt got personal on that point and talked about an imaginary hispanic granny: “For Romney to believe that somebody’s grandmother is going to be so cut off that she is going to self-deport, I mean this is an Obama-level fantasy.”

Gingrich: Romney self-deportation plan a fantasy, Associated Press, January 25, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Wednesday ridiculed rival Mitt Romney’s call for self-deportation of illegal immigrants as an “Obama-level fantasy” that would be inhumane to long-established families living in America.

The former House speaker ripped that part of Romney’s immigration policy during a forum Wednesday with the Spanish-language network Univision. The interviewer also asked sharp questions about Gingrich’s marital history.

Gingrich laughed at the idea of self-deportation and said it wouldn’t work.

During a debate earlier this week, Romney said he favors self-deportation over policies that would require the federal government to round up millions of illegal immigrants and send them back to their home countries. Advocates of Romney’s approach argue that illegal immigration can be curbed by denying public benefits to them, forcing them to leave the United States on their own.

“You have to live in a world of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Island accounts and automatically $20 million income for no work to have some fantasy this far from reality,” Gingrich said, alluding to details in Romney’s income tax returns made public on Tuesday. “For Romney to believe that somebody’s grandmother is going to be so cut off that she is going to self-deport, I mean this is an Obama-level fantasy.”

But Gingrich’s campaign has spoken of the self-deportation policy he ridiculed Wednesday.

Romney’s campaign directed reporters to past comments by Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond, who said that only a small percent of illegal immigrants would likely be allowed to stay in the U.S. under Gingrich’s plan. Hammond went on to say that the vast majority of them would likely “self-deport.”

At the forum, Gingrich spoke instead about border control and establishing a guest-worker program to better manage the influx of immigrants. Gingrich said he favors a path to citizenship for illegal immigrant children who serve in the military but not for simply completing college. [. . .]

Why should any political leader consider it acceptable for illegal aliens to be occupying college slots that should go to American citizen students? Nobody in the press will ask that question, unfortunately for us Americans.

Identity-Theft Ghoul Finishes Oregon Prison Sentence

Bulgarian Doitchin Krastev (pictured right) is completing his two-year sentence for stealing the identity of murdered boy Jason Robert Evers (left) and using his name and Social Security number for 15 years.

As an illegal alien who entered lawfully with a student visa, Krastev needed a legal ID when he dropped out of college and lost his legal status.

The Bulgarian must have thought it was a cool idea to steal the identity of Jason Evers, a three-year-old boy who was killed during a 1982 kidnap attempt, something he read in a newspaper. The kid had no more use for his Social Security number, Krastev probably thought, and believed his need entitled him to take it.

However, the Evers family did not take lightly the theft of their boy’s name, and were deeply disturbed to have the old wounds torn open again years after the terrible crime. During the trial, they traveled to Portland to put a face on identity theft.

Below, Bob and Amy Evers, Jason’s father and sister, talked with the press during the Krastev trial.

‘John Doe’ faces deportation after serving sentence for stealing slain Ohio boy’s name, The Oregonian, January 27, 2011

[. . .]

“My heart has been crushed,” said Amy Evers, older sister of the 3-year-old boy who was kidnapped and killed in 1982 near their Ohio home. “You hurt my family because of your selfishness.”

Earlier in the hearing, she had walked out of the courtroom during a video prepared by Krastev’s defense team. It featured his parents, his grandmothers, his younger brother, his dentist, his fiancée, chess and tennis partners, former co-workers at the liquor commission and many others talking about his good character.

Some of them used the name “Jason” when talking about their friend. It was a little too much for Amy Evers and she left.

Later, when it was her turn to speak, she let Krastev have it.

“It hurts me when I hear people call you Jason Evers,” she said, shooting Krastev a glare. He sat at the defense table, wide-eyed, a cheek balanced on his fist. “You,” she said, “are not Jason Evers!”

That was then. Now Krastev has done his time and will hopefully be deported ASAP.

Bulgarian who used boy’s ID getting out of prison, Associated Press, January 24, 2012

BEND, Ore. — A Bulgarian man who assumed the identity of a murdered Ohio boy and became an Oregon liquor enforcement agent is getting out of prison and being handed over to immigration officials for procedures that could lead to his deportation.

Doitchin Krastev was expected to be released Tuesday from federal prison in California into the custody of U.S. immigration officials, The Bend Bulletin reported.

He pleaded guilty in 2010 to passport fraud and identity theft and apologized to the family of Jason Robert Evers, who was killed at age 3 in a 1982 kidnapping attempt.

Krastev wasn’t linked to the killing. He came to the United States for an education in the 1990s, dropped out of college and then took over Evers’ identity.

He was caught because he applied for a passport, and the State Department had begun checking applications against death records. Continue reading this article

Anti-Jihad Documentary Is Shown to NYPD, which Alarms NYTimes

The New York Times is shocked and appalled that around 1500 of the city’s police have been shown “The Third Jihad,” a documentary produced by Zuhdi Jasser about the threat posed by the murderous ideology of Islam.

More generally, the Times is unhappy with the NYPD for its surveillance activities in mosques and Muslim neighborhoods required to keep the city safe from men who desire to mass murder infidels. Naturally the fifth column bunch at the Council of American Islamic Relations and elsewhere are actively working against homeland security in this country, and the liberal media is standing on their side rather than the safety of Americans.

The film shows hostile Muslims declaring their intention of conquering the entire world and controlling it according to the authoritarian sharia law of Islam. Every American should know Islam’s to-do list, and police officers even more so.

Below, a screen snap from the documentary.

Here is the film. If this link doesn’t work you can watch the documentary on the website The Third Jihad.

The Times complains that the film is “Dark” but the atmospherics are determined by the subject. Just because not every Muslim is a throat-slitting jihadist, the Times believes we should not discuss the millions worldwide who are.

Of course, diverse immigration that increasingly admits Muslims by the thousands every year has brought the threat into our own country. The press does not want to connect those dots at all.

In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims, New York Times, January 23, 2012

Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

“This is the true agenda of much of Islam in America,” a narrator intones. “A strategy to infiltrate and dominate America. … This is the war you don’t know about.”

This is the feature-length film titled “The Third Jihad,” paid for by a nonprofit group, which was shown to more than a thousand officers as part of training in the New York Police Department.

In January 2011, when news broke that the department had used the film in training, a top police official denied it, then said it had been mistakenly screened “a couple of times” for a few officers.

A year later, police documents obtained under the state’s Freedom of Information Law reveal a different reality: “The Third Jihad,” which includes an interview with Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, was shown, according to internal police reports, “on a continuous loop” for between three months and one year of training.

During that time, at least 1,489 police officers, from lieutenants to detectives to patrol officers, saw the film. Continue reading this article

Sheriff Babeu Disapproves of How Obama Has Treated Arizona

Our governance would certainly be improved if more police officers would run for public office — along with teachers, carpenters, doctors, scientists and soldiers. Around 45 percent of the members of Congress are lawyers, and a greater variety of backgrounds would serve the nation well.

Police in particular have a job experience that informs them about public safety issues as nothing else can. Congress needs more of that sensibility at a time when normal law enforcement is under attack as never before by the anti-sovereignty forces like La Raza.

Anyway, Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County Arizona is running for Congress and he visited with Neil Cavuto on Monday to discuss Obama’s terrible treatment of the border state. The Sheriff also emphasized that an amnesty for illegal aliens is not the way to go; as an officer, he swore to uphold the law, not excuse law breaking.

San Francisco Trial of Triple Murder to Start

The opening arguments are scheduled for Monday in the San Francisco trial of Edwin Ramos, accused of murdering Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, (shown below) who were driving home from a family picnic June 22, 2008.

The crime aroused disgust and anger around the country when it was learned that Ramos was an illegal alien gangster who had committed earlier violent crimes but was not even deported from lawbreaker-friendly San Francisco. See my 2008 article, They Also Kill People in Your Town.

The surviving Bologna family members brought a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco for causing the deaths by dealing so irresponsibly with a dangerous criminal, but the suit was rejected by the court.

More than three and a half years have passed since this horrific time. One might hope that government would have learned from the case how dangerous it is to coddle foreign criminals.

In fact, the state of public safety has arguably gotten worse when illegal aliens are involved. A few examples: Cook County Illinois now releases violent illegal aliens criminals on bail, California has ended checkpoint impounds of vehicles driven by unlicensed drivers and the common sense Secure Communities program from the feds has been rejected by some liberal enclaves (e.g. Massachusetts, Santa Clara County and San Francisco).

The problem is the Raza-fueled campaign against public safety which prefers special rights for foreign criminals even though many of the crime victims are hispanic.

Perhaps the trial will remind the public of how much is at stake.

Edwin Ramos trial to have 2 versions of killings, San Francisco Chronicle, January 22, 2012

Edwin Ramos was either hunting for gang rivals or was an unwitting dupe in the mistaken-identity slayings in San Francisco of a father and two sons, one of the most notorious crimes in the city in recent years.

Those are the competing versions that prosecutors and the defense are expected to present Monday when Ramos, 25, goes on trial for murder in the killings of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, who were shot to death driving home in the Excelsior district on a bright Sunday afternoon June 22, 2008.

The case first drew widespread attention for its random brutality. It became a national story when The Chronicle reported that city juvenile-justice officials, relying on San Francisco’s sanctuary-city policy, had twice kept Ramos from possible deportation after he committed gang-related crimes as a minor.

“It’s a big, big case,” said Joseph O’Sullivan, a San Francisco defense attorney who briefly represented Ramos. “He’s alleged to have almost wiped out a family. It’s unheard of. It’s a very small city, and many people knew the family. I hope he gets a fair trial.”

Attorneys and Superior Court Judge Charles Haines have gone to some lengths to find a jury untainted by the furor that surrounded the killings, picking 12 members and eight alternates from an initial pool of more than 1,000 people. Selecting the panel took two weeks.

Vengeance killing?
Assistant District Attorney Harry Dorfman, the lead prosecutor on the case, has identified more than 300 possible witnesses to support his argument that Ramos carried out the killings to avenge an earlier shooting that was part of a feud between the MS-13 gang and its Mission District rivals.

Many of the gang members involved in the feud, which authorities blame for nine slayings, are now behind bars, thanks in part to a federal crackdown that included more than two dozen indictments. Dorfman may call some of them to the stand. Continue reading this article

Britain: Muslims Convicted of Trying to Incite Gay Murders

In Britain, hostile Muslims have been marking territory for a while, declaring areas of high infestation “sharia zones” to state their future plans. More recently, some Muslim decided to hand out leaflets, urging their fellow religionists to kill gay people, as Islam recommends.

Loudmouth jihadist Anjem Choudary has said openly that gays should be stoned to death, and he is not the only one.

Considering how much coddling of Muslims has gone on in Britain, it is rather amazing that this case was prosecuted at all.

The three men who distributed leaflets by hand and into mailboxes were tried under an expansion of the hate crime law to make it apply to gay people along with race or religion. They could get up to seven years hard time.

I’m not a lawyer and find the term “hate crime” to be overused, but when Muslims try to incite murder because Allah says to, then government needs to smack down the perps. It would be better not to welcome Muslims into one’s country in the first place, since they are such a poor bet for socialization, but Britain is long past that point now.

Muslim men first to be found guilty of sex hate crime, Daily Telegraph, January 20, 2012

The men distributed a leaflet that said Islam called for anyone caught committing homosexuality to be executed.

They were convicted by a jury at Derby Crown Court of distributing threatening written material intending to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The case is the first prosecution of its kind since legislation came into force in March 2010.

Ihjaz Ali, Kabir Ahmed and Razwan Javed handed out the pamphlet, called “The Death Penalty?” which showed an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose and quoted Islamic texts that said capital punishment was the only way to rid society of homosexuality. Continue reading this article

Jordanian Survivor of Honor Killing Tells Her Story

The video below shows an interview in Quebec with a young Jordanian woman in a mask who was nearly murdered in an honor killing. She reports that her one brother went to school but none of the six daughters did. Also that after five or six girls in a family, any additional female babies are killed.

Family life was filled with everyday violence, where the father would choke an offending girl for not being submissive enough. When the masked woman became pregnant, the family tried to burn her alive but she survived. She now lives in Europe in hiding because she fears for her life.

(The US Census’ 2009 Community Survey gave the number of Jordanians residing in this country as 67,622.)

Los Angeles: Anti-Impound Policy for Illegal Aliens Is Debated

In Los Angeles, Mayor Tony Villaraigosa and his police chief Charlie Beck have rolled out a new policy to benefit illegal aliens that will seriously undermine public safety. Presently, when an officer comes in contact with an unlicensed driver (often an illegal alien), the vehicle is impounded for 30 days as a punishment for illegal driving plus the money needed to bail out the car. The proposed new policy would allow the lawbreaker to call a friend to come retrieve the car or truck: therefore no punishment.

The change would essentially remove licensing as a requirement for driving. It’s a recipe for roadway anarchy and death. Unlicensed drivers are involved in one in five fatal crashes according to a 2008 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Nobody pretends that the change is anything but a convenience for illegal aliens. LAPD Chief Beck has said impounds and the associated fees represent an onerous burden to people “who are a valuable asset to our community and who have very limited resources.” No officials in city government worry that poor citizens are harmed by expensive tickets they might incur.

The situation is a little confusing because California disallowed the impound of vehicles at roadway checkpoints as of 2012. The Los Angeles measure covers any situation of unlicensed drivers coming into contact with police. So an unlicensed illegal alien could run down a pedestrian in a crosswalk and be allowed to keep his car under the new LA policy.

Because making life easier for lawbreaking illegal aliens trumps public safety in today’s Mexifornia.

On Tuesday night, the Police Commission held a forum in Northridge, and hundreds of concerned citizens showed up (many listeners of the John and Ken radio program, presumably, since they have been publicizing the issue). Don Rosenberg (pictured) spoke as the father of a son, Drew, killed by an unlicensed illegal alien driver who had been previously arrested but released.

“The car should be confiscated and the driver should be arrested, and if they are caught again, then just keep jacking up the penalty until this stops,” Rosenberg said. “There’s over a million unlicensed drivers in California, and they’re killing people every day.”

Below, Drew, Don and Evan Rosenberg in happier times.

You can also hear a description of the meeting on the John and Ken show from January 18 which includes a recording of Rosenberg’s remarks about how liberal impound policies lead to injury and death, plus his later reflections live on the radio show.

LAPD May Stop Impounding Cars of Unlicensed Drivers, KTLA, January 18, 2012

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTLA) — The LAPD is looking to changing the department’s policy for towing and impounding cars belonging to unlicensed drivers, and that is sparking outrage among many people.

If officers stop an unlicensed driver under current laws, they tow the vehicle and impound it for 30 days.

Immigrant rights groups believe people in the U.S. illegally are unfairly targeted because they cannot obtain driver’s licenses.

After their vehicles are impounded, they face stiff fines and can’t get to work.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief Charlie Beck want to change the policy, offering leniency to unlicensed drivers.

Changes to the LAPD’s policy would lift the 30-day impound and give either the registered owner or a licensed driver a reasonable chance to retrieve the vehicle.

A new state law stops cops from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints.

Critics, including the LAPD police union, say the changes just reward lawbreakers, and put politics above safety.

One person opposing the changes is Don Rosenberg, whose 25-year-old son Andrew was killed in an accident involving an unlicensed driver in 2010.

“He was arrested,” Rosenberg said. “His car was impounded.”

“Less than 24 hours later, he had signed the title over to another person. She got the car out of impoundment (sic), and he just started driving again.”

Rosenberg says he thinks the city should maintain a tough policy on unlicensed drivers.

“The car should be confiscated and the driver should be arrested, and if they are caught again, then just keep jacking up the penalty until this stops,” Rosenberg said. “There’s over a million unlicensed drivers in California, and they’re killing people every day.”

Rosenberg was one of a few hundred people who attended a community forum hosted by the Los Angeles Police Commission Tuesday night in Northridge meant to give residents the opportunity to express their opinions on the proposed changes to the policy.

And the residents’ opinions were resoundingly negative. Nearly everyone inside the packed meeting was upset over the proposed changes.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re legal or illegal. If you’re an unlicensed driver, you should not be driving,” one man told the commission.

Rosenberg received a resounding applause from the crowd when he spoke.

“If you think it’s fair, you come down the road and come meet my son in his cemetery and you tell him that this is fair,” Rosenberg said, addressing Beck and the commission.

Oakland Is Burdened with Unemployable Refugees Having Expensive Health Problems

I heard on the radio this morning that Burmese refugee children residing in Oakland have elevated levels of lead in their blood. That would be extra-bad news, because “Just 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood can permanently lower a child’s IQ by four to five points,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 15, 2006.

An article in the journal Public Health Reports in 2005 observed, ”Lead poisoning in children imposes both immediate and long-term financial burdens on taxpayers.”

California already has plenty of problems (mostly self-induced) and the city of Oakland just laid off hundreds of employees. Alameda County has an unemployment rate of 9.6% (as of Nov 2011).

It is crazy that the city would continue to admit non-English-speaking tribal people with medical issues causing lowered IQ who are difficult to place in jobs. (Communities can say “No thanks” on refugees to the State Department and it seems to work.) But then nobody ever accused Oakland of having good governance.

Oakland is overwhelmed with poverty, crime and dysfunction, yet it imports still more diversity. And the violence there is “worse than Iraq” according to some capable of making that judgment.

Below, Burmese refugees attempt to learn English in Oakland.

Here’s the radio refugee story with audio at the link:

Gov. Pushes to Scale Back State School Testing … Burmese Refugees at Higher Risk for Lead Poisoning, KQED, Jan 18, 2012

Gov. Pushes to Scale Back State Testing in Schools
In today’s State of the State speech, Governor Jerry Brown announced he wants to cut back on the amount of state testing going on in California public schools. The president of the state Federation of Teachers says it’s clear the governor has been listening to parents, teachers and experts.

Burmese Refugees at Higher Risk for Lead Poisoning
Burmese refugee children who are headed to the U.S. often have high levels of lead in their bodies, according to a newly released study. Oakland pediatrician Joan Jeung says many of her Burmese partients live in low-income housing that further increases their chances of getting lead poisoning. Oakland is home to about 400 Burmese refugees.

A recent article in a local tabloid drew a bleak picture of Burmese recently resettled as refugees in Oakland:

Poverty Stricken:  A new report shows that Oakland’s refugees from Burma are stuck in extreme poverty, with up to 80 percent unemployment, East Bay Express, January 6, 2012

Among Oakland’s Burmese refugee population:

• 63 percent are unemployed. Those who are employed have sporadic, low-wage jobs.

• Among Karenni, 81 percent are unemployed, 90 percent live in extreme poverty, and 90 percent have no high school education.

• 57 percent live below the threshold for extreme poverty, making less than $1,000 for a family of five. Most of the remainder lives below the poverty line.

• 38 percent speak no English and 28 percent speak English poorly.

• 74 percent say lack of English is their biggest barrier to accessing healthcare.

Some of the report’s recommendations include more accessible ESL classes; skilled interpreters; job training and employment programs coupled with ESL; support for microenterprise projects; one-stop centers; making healthcare more accessible; and support for grassroots organizations formed by people from Burma.

Hae Htoo lives in a one-bedroom unit in East Oakland with five other family members. The twenty-year-old arrived in the US six months ago and hopes to learn English and find a job. But a recent report by San Francisco State University and nonprofit Burma Family Refugee Network shows that refugees from Burma who now live in Oakland, such as Hae Htoo, are facing dire circumstances. Most arrived in the US during a severe recession and have little to no English skills.

“The recession is nationwide,” noted Russell Jeung, SF State professor of Asian American Studies, who led the project. “The difference with Oakland is that it’s hit harder by the recession, has even more unemployment and less jobs.”

An estimated 84,000 refugees originally from Burma have made the US their new home since 2007. About seven hundred have resettled in Oakland. Karen, Karenni, and other ethnic minorities make up the majority of these refugees. Many fled Burma, now Myanmar, to escape military attacks and persecution and lingered in Thai refugee camps or in Malaysia for years. Those accepted to come to the US receive a few days of cultural orientation before boarding a plane.

The community-based research project found that 57 percent of Oakland’s Burmese refugees live in extreme poverty, 63 percent are unemployed, and 64 percent have poor or no English skills, even though some have been in the US for four years. Among Karenni, 81 percent reported that they are unemployed, 90 percent live in extreme poverty, and 90 percent have no high school education. The first wave of Karenni refugees arrived in 2009, so there was no existing network.

Of the nearly two hundred people surveyed, the majority are living in extreme poverty, with an income of less than $1,000 a month for a family of five. Those surveyed say their top needs are English classes, interpretation, and healthcare. More than two hundred students in Asian American Studies classes helped administer the surveys as part of a class. The surveys were conducted at health fairs with Burmese, Karen, and Karenni and other interpreters, and the answers are self-stated. Continue reading this article

Thilo Sarrazin Continues to Warn Germany against Muslim Immigration

In Germany, Thilo Sarrazin continues to focus the public’s attention about the danger of Muslim immigration. He was the Bundesbank official who wrote Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany abolishes itself) which criticized Islamic immigration, although he thinks other tribes have assimilated well to Germany.

The video below is clearly biased on the side of liberal multicultural ideology, but it provides an interesting view of what goes on at ground level.

Sarrazin still speaks in terms of heredity and IQ, which weakens his arguments somewhat. While it’s true that Turkey (the biggest sender of immigrants to Germany) has a substantially lower average intelligence than Germany (90 vs. 102 points respectively), highly educated Muslims can be the most hostile to western culture, such as 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta, a professional city planner who was radicalized in Germany.

The problem is Islam and its relentless belief system of violent supremacism expressed in the Koran. One recent example of its power is the case of suicide bomber Moeed Abdul Salam who was raised by a Pakistani immigrant family in Texas active in promoting interfaith harmony and combating Muslim stereotypes. He appeared to be well assimilated as he attended an elite private school in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Texas. But he rejected life in the West to blow himself up in Pakistan for Al Qaeda. We’re lucky he didn’t bomb America.