Brussels Axes Christmas Tree so Muslims Won’t Be Offended

In the capital of the European Union, Brussels Belgium, the Muslim population (an estimated 25 percent of the city) is is becoming more strongly felt. Immigrant shock troops like Sharia4Belgium have announced their intention to implement Islamic law.

Part of the road-kill on the way to Muslims’ worldwide caliphate is mowing down the traditions of all other religions. So non-Islamic items like Christmas trees are not acceptable, and if the infidels want to maintain an illusion of peace, they must suffer the indignities of increasing acts of appeasement. Today the Muslims are offended by Christmas trees, but there’s an endless supply of ideas that the sensitive Sons of Allah find annoying.

It’s not a small sacrifice for Belgians to trade their beautiful Christmas tree for a meaningless secular replacement. The tree, and accompanying Christmas market near the Town Hall, comprise a popular event for locals and tourists alike.

On the other hand, historic Brussels is not what it used to be, given the influx of immigrant diversity. Brussels is now one of the most dangerous cities in Europe, with twice the crime of Frankfurt, according to the TV news clip below. Police cannot control the crime, even during the day, to the point where locals have organized citizens’ patrols to at least keep watch. Expensive shops do not escape violent thieves despite more police. One Belgian observed that crime has gotten a lot worse in the last 10 years. (Video Transcript.)

Here’s more background about the Christmas tree controversy:

Brussels Bans ‘Offensive’ Christmas Tree For Muslims,, November 10, 2012

The traditional Christmas tree will no longer be lit in downtown Brussels.

Government officials in Brussels, Belgium banned Wednesday a popular Christmas tree exhibit out of concerns that the local Muslim population found it “offensive.”

An “electronic winter tree,” will take the place of the traditional Christmas Tree and Nativity scene at the city center of Grand Place, reports Brussels News.

The electronic sculpture will stand 25 meters (82 feet) tall and consists of a set of television screens, reports Brussels Expat. “During the daytime you can climb to the top of the tree where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the city,” the website explains. “As soon as it becomes dark the tree turns into a spectacle of light and sound. Every ten minutes an amazing show will unfold.”

City councilwoman Bianca Debaets believes a “misplaced argument” over religious sensitivities has moved Brussels to put up the light sculpture. She points to the fact that it display not be referred to “Christmas” in any way to make her point.

“I suspect that the reference to the Christian religion was the decisive factor” in replacing the tree, she told reporters. “For a lot of people who are not Christians, the tree there is offensive to them.” Continue reading this article

Supposed Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Turns Out to Be Husband Murdering Wife

Last March the diversity-obsessed left worked itself into a froth over what it construed as a hate crime against an innocent Muslim mother who was beaten to death in her own home with a tire iron. Screeching ensued, and responsible warners against hostile Islam like Robert Spencer were blamed for creating an atmosphere of so-called “Islamophobia” — and contributing to the crime.

The New York Times ran a lengthy story blaming unwelcoming Americans in El Cajon, where many Iraqis have been settled, Iraqi Immigrants in California Town Fear a Hate Crime in a Woman’s Killing. It included a dramatic photo of the mourning husband, Kassim Alhimidi, clutching his wife’s body at her funeral. Local Iraqis feared some anti-Muslim killer was stalking the streets.

The case was publicized at length by lefty organs like Salon, which published at least five articles about the supposed atrocity of murderous Islamophobia — for shame, bad Americans!

Curiously, the daughter’s supposed anguish in the video below seemed somehow emotionally off, I remember thinking at the time. Anyway, who breaks into somebody’s house to commit a hate crime? A genuine hate crime (if such a thing exists) generally occurs when drunk young men leave bars late at night and see someone on the street whose appearance they don’t like. Plus, a neighbor noticed that the broken glass was scattered outside the house, peculiar if someone had broken in.

Alas for the promoters of the Islamophobia fable, the Muslim husband, Kassim Alhimidi (pictured), did the deed, which is not exactly unknown in misogynous Middle Eastern culture. Kassim was assimilated enough to think that the hate crime ruse might help him, but the police weren’t fooled.

Husband held in killing of Iraqi-American woman, Associated Press, November 9, 2012

EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) — The husband of an Iraqi-American woman whose beating death initially appeared to be a hate crime was arrested on suspicion of murder in what police described Friday as an act of domestic violence.

The killing of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi drew international attention in March when the couple’s 17-year-old daughter told reporters that she found a note by her mother’s bludgeoned body that read: “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

Kassim Alhimidi, 48, was taken into custody Thursday after being called into the police station, said El Cajon Police Chief Jim Redman.

Police said there were no other suspects. Redman declined to comment on the evidence or elaborate on a possible motive.

“Criminal investigations build, evidence builds, and you reach a point where you have enough evidence to move forward, and that’s what happened in this case,” he said.

Alhimidi went to Iraq for about two weeks to bury his wife and returned voluntarily, Redman said. Police did not try to prevent him from leaving the country because he was not a suspect at the time.

At the burial in Najaf, relatives wept uncontrollably. Alhimidi and the 17-year-old daughter, Fatima, fainted as the body was lowered into the grave. Continue reading this article

Hannity Boards the Amnesty Train

Following the horror of the election outcome, an early amnesty shrieker was Sean Hannity, one of the loudest of the self-appointed exponents of conservatism.

“We’ve gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether. It’s simple for me to fix it. I think you control the border first, you create a pathway for those people that are here, you don’t say you gotta home. And that is a position that I’ve evolved on. Because you know what–it just–it’s gotta be resolved. The majority of people here–if some people have criminal records you can send’ em home–but if people are here, law-abiding, participating, four years, their kids are born here… first secure the border, pathway to citizenship… then it’s done. But you can’t let the problem continue. It’s gotta stop.”

The news of Hannity’s reversal thrilled one the San Francisco Chronicle’s lefty bloggers, who helpfully noted that immigration “can be the tip of an olive branch Republicans extend to Latinos.” Funny, the writer has never cared about Republican well-being before…

It’s unfortunate Hannity was too hysterical to examine the facts about mass amnesty and promises thereof:

● Earnest amnesty-pledger candidate John McCain got a piddly 31 percent of the hispanic vote in 2008, while Mitt Romney promised strong enforcement and got 27 percent in the recent election.

● As Rush Limbaugh cited on Friday, Ronald Reagan got 37 percent of the hispanic vote in 1984, and then passed the big amnesty bill in 1986, forgiving three million illegal aliens. But in 1988, George Bush the elder got only 30 percent of the hispanic vote, so performing an amnesty didn’t help Republicans at all.

● A September Zogby poll found that the biggest worry of hispanics concerned the economy or personal finances (80%), while only 5 percent named immigration.

I’ve never claimed to be an expert on the principles of conservatism, but isn’t respect for law and sovereignty rather central? When bigmouth conservatives like Hannity and Charles Krauthammer (who recommended “amnesty with enforcement”) suggest that rewarding foreign lawbreakers would be a swell political strategy, it is morally underwhelming.

Furthermore, even a rudimentary understanding of psychology reveals that when you reward a behavior, you get more of it. The Reagan Amnesty was a major exercise in training foreigners that lawbreaking works, as shown by the influx of many millions post-1986 reasonably expecting the next relaxation of law and sovereignty.

Sadly, Hannity’s panic is reflected in many Beltway Repubs who are apparently reading the dinosaur media, like House Speaker Boehner who says he is open to some sort of immigration bill, presumably not enforcement centered.

Hispanic group demands national amnesty for 11 million illegals, Daily Caller, November 9, 2012

Hispanic amnesty activists are expanding their goals beyond the so-called “DREAM Act” youth amnesty, towards a national amnesty for roughly 11 million Hispanic illegals.

President Barack Obama and Congress “need to come together to deliver change on immigration policy, and by that we mean … a roadmap to citizenship for our parents and communities,” said Cristina Jimenez, director of an advocacy group, United We Dream.

Jimenez was born in Ecuador and arrived in this country as an illegal immigrant.

“Deporting members of our community is irresponsible and unacceptable,” added Lorella Praeli, the group’s policy director.

Their demand is an opening salvo in a post-election campaign to persuade the House GOP to provide “a path to citizenship” for roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, most of whom are low-skill laborers who compete for jobs against low-skill Americans.

The amnesty goal is supported by many progressive groups, in part, because most Hispanics prefer generous welfare policies, and so usually vote for Democratic candidates.

In contrast, many Republican advocates and legislators favor high-skill immigration, partly because high-skilled workers spur the economy and lower unemployment.

Republican Rep. John Boehner, the leader of the House of Representatives, has agreed to consider an immigration revamp next year, but has not described the law he’d like to see. (RELATED: Republican Rep. John Fleming rebukes Boehner for making promises about next year’s legislative agenda) Continue reading this article

Election Night Poll: Arizona-Style Immigration Enforcement Preferred

Even during an election that showed big gains for Democrats, many of whom are permissive regarding borders and US sovereignty, a majority of voters nevertheless remain favorable to tough immigration policing.

A poll commissioned by and found that 61 percent of voters preferred an approach like Arizona’s state enforcement law to crack down on immigration anarchy.

The level of approval is similar to other polls going back to April 2010 when SB 1070 was signed, despite a barrage of hateful propaganda from the corrupt media.

Breitbart News Network/Judicial Watch Poll: Voters Favor Tough Immigration Laws,, November 8, 2012

A Breitbart News/Judicial Watch Election Night poll found Americans are more conservative when it comes to immigration policy than mainstream journalists, liberals, and even some Republicans may suggest.

After Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney lost more than 70 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2012 presidential election, a chorus of media and establishment figures have insisted Republicans need to embrace more liberal immigration policies.

However, the Breitbart News/Judicial Watch Election Night poll found Americans are still fairly conservative when it comes to immigration policy, with 61% of voters favoring Arizona-style immigration laws and the nation nearly evenly divided on President Barack Obama’s executive action that gave temporary two-year work permits to illegal immigrants who had been brought to this country as children, with 40% in support and 37% opposed. Continue reading this article

Why Hispanics Don't Agree with Republicans

Heather MacDonald has an interesting piece examining hispanic psychology more deeply than many political operatives go. That whole “family values” thing that open-borders Republicans recite ad nauseum is a myth, or at least a cultural misunderstanding of what is meant.

Hispanics believe that government should supply a “generous safety net” — a polite way of saying they like lots of free stuff from Uncle Sucker. MacDonald explains that family values require government help in the hispanic mind.

As Pew research has noted, hispanics favor big government and continue to do so even after generations of residing in the United States.

So the idea that Mexicans et al are some sort of natural fit with conservatives is just delusional.

It is similarly deranged to think that if Republicans support a mass amnesty for foreign lawbreakers then hispanics will embrace conservative ideas. During Sen McCain’s 2008 candidacy, he promised on Univision that he would work for amnesty starting the first day of his Presidency. For his pledge to undermine American law and sovereignty, McCain got a measly 31 percent of the hispanic vote. Strong enforcement advocate Mitt Romney got 27 percent of hispanics, a difference of only 4 percent.

Sadly, even normally intelligent people like Charles Krauthammer think that amnesty is the magic key to Republican popularity among hispanics. Following is his prescription, from Fox TV on Nov 7:

“I think Republicans can change their position, be a lot more open to actual amnesty with enforcement. Amnesty, everything short of citizenship. And to make a bold change in their policy. Enforcement and then immediately after, a guarantee of amnesty. That would change everything. If you had a Rubio arguing that it would completely up-end all the ethnic alignments.”

What the heck is “amnesty with enforcement” anyway?? That makes no sense.

Krauthamer should rethink his reaction to the election and instead pay close attention to MacDonald’s political and psychological analysis:

Why Hispanics Don’t Vote for Republicans, By Heather Mac Donald, NRO, November 7, 2012

The call for Republicans to discard their opposition to immigration amnesty will grow deafening in the wake of President Obama’s victory. Hispanics supported Obama by a margin of nearly 75 percent to 25 percent, and may have provided important margins in some swing states. If only Republicans relented on their Neanderthal views regarding the immigration rule of law, the message will run, they would release the inner Republican waiting to emerge in the Hispanic population.

If Republicans want to change their stance on immigration, they should do so on the merits, not out of a belief that only immigration policy stands between them and a Republican Hispanic majority. It is not immigration policy that creates the strong bond between Hispanics and the Democratic party, but the core Democratic principles of a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation. Hispanics will prove to be even more decisive in the victory of Governor Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30, which raised upper-income taxes and the sales tax, than in the Obama election.

And California is the wave of the future. A March 2011 poll by Moore Information found that Republican economic policies were a stronger turn-off for Hispanic voters in California than Republican positions on illegal immigration. Twenty-nine percent of Hispanic voters were suspicious of the Republican party on class-warfare grounds — “it favors only the rich”; “Republicans are selfish and out for themselves”; “Republicans don’t represent the average person”– compared with 7 percent who objected to Republican immigration stances.

I spoke last year with John Echeveste, founder of the oldest Latino marketing firm in southern California, about Hispanic politics. “What Republicans mean by ‘family values’ and what Hispanics mean are two completely different things,” he said. “We are a very compassionate people, we care about other people and understand that government has a role to play in helping people.”

And a strong reason for that support for big government is that so many Hispanics use government programs. U.S.-born Hispanic households in California use welfare programs at twice the rate of native-born non-Hispanic households. And that is because nearly one-quarter of all Hispanics are poor in California, compared to a little over one-tenth of non-Hispanics. Nearly seven in ten poor children in the state are Hispanic, and one in three Hispanic children is poor, compared to less than one in six non-Hispanic children. One can see that disparity in classrooms across the state, which are chock full of social workers and teachers’ aides trying to boost Hispanic educational performance.

The idea of the “social issues” Hispanic voter is also a mirage. A majority of Hispanics now support gay marriage, a Pew Research Center poll from last month found. The Hispanic out-of-wedlock birth rate is 53 percent, about twice that of whites.

The demographic changes set into motion by official and de facto immigration policy favoring low-skilled over high-skilled immigrants mean that a Republican party that purports to stand for small government and free markets faces an uncertain future.

Mohammed Filmmaker Sentenced to Silence in the Slammer

On Day One of the Obama second term, the filmmaker who was wrongly blamed for causing the deaths of four Americans at the Benghazi 9/11 terrorist attack was sentenced to a year in prison. (Secretary of State Clinton had assured the father of murdered SEAL Tyrone Woods that the administration would have the filmmaker arrested, even when she knew the video had nothing to do with the assault.)

The man, aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, is now called Mark Basseley Youssef, which befits someone who has had a history of multiple aliases, along with other misbehaviors. He is far from being a noble free-speech icon and should have been deported long ago for his crimes of bank fraud and identity theft. In 2010 he was ordered by the court to pay more than $790,000 in restitution for his check kiting scheme, so he is not a nickel and dimer.

So Nakoula/Youssef is a certifiable dirtbag. But he is being railroaded as an inconvenient sidebar to an Obama scandal that left four Americans to die in Benghazi. One year in prison is not a normal sentence for a parole violation.

Putting the filmmaker on ice for a year is apparently part of what Thomas Sowell has called “cooling out” the voters on the Benghazi issue, meaning to stretch it out into forgetfulness.

Below, Nakoula/Youssef was arrested by several officers to help create a narrative of an evil anti-Islam video created by a terrible Islamophobe.

Man behind anti-Muslim film sentenced to prison, Associated Press, November 7, 2012

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The California man behind an anti-Muslim film that led to violence in many parts of the Middle East was sentenced Wednesday to a year in federal prison for probation violations in an unrelated matter, then issued a provocative statement through his attorney.

The sentence was the result of a plea bargain between lawyers for Mark Bassely Youssef and federal prosecutors. Youssef admitted in open court that he had used several false names in violation of his probation order and obtained a driver’s license under a false name. He was on probation for a bank fraud case.

Shortly after Youssef left the courtroom, his lawyer, Steven Seiden, came to the front steps of the courthouse and told reporters his client wanted to send a message.

“The one thing he wanted me to tell all of you is President Obama may have gotten Osama bin Laden, but he didn’t kill the ideology,” Seiden said. Continue reading this article

Nevada: Evidence of Illegal Alien Voter Fraud

How far down the dangerous road of non-sovereignty has this country gone when a US Senator has to plead that illegal aliens who vote should be deported? We should probably be grateful that Senator Vitter brought the subject up at all, since voter fraud is a very real threat to an honest election, but the liberal media pretends there is no such thing. The press further squawks accusations of racism any time someone suggests voter identification.

Sen. Vitter: Deport illegals who vote, Daily Caller, November 3, 2012

Illegal aliens and noncitizens who vote in U.S. elections would be put on an accelerated path toward deportation under new legislation introduced by Republican Louisiana Sen. David Vitter.

While this is a “seemingly common sense proposition” there is currently no law on the books that would make voter fraud a deportable offense for foreign nationals, Vitter told the Daily Caller in an interview.

“While this may sound bizarre to a lot of folks in Washington D.C., illegal aliens and noncitizens have no constitutional right to vote in American elections,” he added in an emailed statement.  “And they certainly shouldn’t influence the outcomes.” (Continues)

Why would any illegal alien risk easily avoidable trouble with the feds? Presumably many rightly think punishment for immigration crimes under the Obama regime is zero.

Also, if the alien’s union strongly suggested that he vote unlawfully, then he might face more immediate punishment from SEIU thugs if he didn’t vote Obama — GOTV, union-style!

BTW, the article below doesn’t identify the unlawful voters as illegal aliens, but how could they be threatened with deportation otherwise?

How many noncitizens are registered to vote?, Las Vegas Review-Journal, November 4 , 2012

Voter registration fraud is not a groundless conspiracy. It is not a hypothetical threat to election integrity.

In Nevada, a battleground state that could decide the presidency and control of the U.S. Senate, it is real.

Last week, I met with two immigrant noncitizens who are not eligible to vote, but who nonetheless are active registered voters for Tuesday’s election. They said they were signed up by Culinary Local 226.

They speak and understand enough English to get by. But they don’t read English especially well. They say the Culinary official who registered them to vote didn’t tell them what they were signing and didn’t ask whether they were citizens. The immigrants said they trusted that the union official’s request was routine, thought nothing of it and went about their work.

Then the election drew closer. Then the Culinary canvassers started seeking them out and ordering them to go vote.

One of the immigrants was visited at home by a Culinary representative and said the operative made threats of deportation if no ballot was cast. Continue reading this article

Geert Wilders Speaks in Islamicized Malmo, Sweden

At the end of October, Dutch political leader Geert Wilders traveled to Malmo, Sweden, for a speech sponsored by the Swedish Free Press Society. Malmo, the third-largest city in Sweden, has been particularly hard hit by Muslim immigration, a place where firemen insist on a police escort when entering an Islamic neighborhood because of the danger.

Even so, Geert Wilders faced down a rough crowd of Islamist hostiles throwing eggs and such to deliver his speech.

Following is a transcript of the talk, including Wilders’ usual admonition to stop Muslim immigration in order to save the West.

Speech Geert Wilders, Swedish Free Press Society, Malmö, October 27, 2012

Dear friends, I am very happy to be in your midst today. Thank you, Ingrid, for inviting me to address the Swedish Free Press Society. No demonstrator will prevent me to speak in Sweden.

I love Sweden and its people. One of my great heroes, Raoul Wallenberg, was a compatriot of yours. Wallenberg embodies all that is good and generous in the Swedish people. He defended the freedom and dignity of others. He protected those who had been marked for death by an evil ideology. And he gave his own life for it.

Recently, your minister for Integration, Erik Ullenhag, was in The Hague on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Wallenberg’s birthday. He abused the occasion to attack my party, the Dutch Party for Freedom.

Minister Ullenhag said that in Sweden a party like mine would never be given the opportunity to influence politics. I wonder what these remarks had to do with Wallenberg. But I know that Mr Ullenhag is wrong: Like the Netherlands, Sweden, too, and all the Western countries need a party defending freedom.

Because Sweden has the same problem as the Netherlands, Denmark and the rest of the Western world. We are all in the same boat. Our freedoms are in danger. Our political and often leftist media establishment turns a blind eye to the largest threat to liberty in our present age. This threat is called Islam.

Islam commands its followers to establish a worldwide Islamic state, where everyone has to live according to the Sharia, the barbaric law of Islam. And where Islam’s opponents are being marked for death.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn used to say that the truth is “seldom sweet; it is almost invariably bitter.” But the truth should be heard. The bitter truth that Islam is the largest threat to freedom today. And the unpleasant truth that Islam is already all around us. Continue reading this article

Giuliani Rips Obama on Lack of Energy Infrastructure

The former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, has blasted the President for the failure to build a modern system of infrastructure, largely because of an anti-energy agenda of extremist environmentalism. As a result, millions of people affected by Hurricane Sandy remain without power five days after the storm blew through.

The Obama administration and the Democrats have a problem: they are busy importing millions of foreigners from cultures that like big government, so the new immigrants will be inclined toward the beliefs of liberals. Pew research has found that hispanics, unlike traditional Americans, prefer larger government with more taxes, and do so for generations. That makes them fine foot soldiers for the cultural transformation of America that Dems have in mind. Decades of liberal propaganda in media and schools have not succeeded in killing off traditional American beliefs, so the importation of alien cultures en masse is vital to the project.

But those additional millions of humans need lots more infrastructure to keep up the normal first-world standards to which citizens are accustomed. America’s rapid population growth requires major investment in power plants, oil refineries and such, but it hasn’t been happening to the degree necessary because of increased environmental regulation designed to retard the building of energy-production facilities.

Obama & company have tried to pile in millions more of their kind of people on the cheap, without providing for them. Plus, the normal increase of population (non-immigration) has been ignored as well, because those in power now think they can regulate a perfect green energy system into existence, without considering the consequences. Doubtless the Obama-shielding media won’t explain this failure either.

Here’s more about Giuliani’s criticism:

Giuliani pans Obama, NYC Sandy response: ‘This is supposed to be a modern country’, Washington Examiner, November 2, 2012

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who gained national stature during the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center, said that officials can’t quickly restore power to New York City because President Obama and environmentalists have fought upgrading energy infrastructure.

“This is supposed to be a modern country,” Giuliani said on Fox last night. “It shouldn’t take us four or five days to put the power back on if we had sufficient infrastructure to bring that power to us.”

The former mayor, who also ran for president as a Republican in 2008, blamed Obama for that infrastructure deficit. “The systemic problem that we have however is we don’t have enough energy and we don’t have modern sources of infrastructure for energy, we haven’t built them,” Giuliani said.

“And we haven’t built them because there is so much darn opposition — usually very excessive environmental groups that make it impossible to build a new generator, build a new nuclear power plan, extend new transmission lines any place you want to extend transmission lines,” he added. “The president killed the single-easiest one you could have done, the Keystone pipeline.” Continue reading this article

Georgia Couple Hopes to Capture the Illegal Alien Criminal Who Killed Their Son

Billy and Kathy Inman of Georgia feel the effects of illegal alien crime every day of their lives. Not only was their beloved 16-year-old son Dustin killed 12 years ago when their vehicle was rear-ended by a Mexican, but Kathy was also permanently disabled at that time. Open borders and law enforcement passivity regarding lawbreaking foreigners have harmed them very deeply.

In an effort for revive interest among the public about the very negative effects of illegal alien crime, the Inmans put up a billboard in Cherokee County, shown below. They also hope to bring attention to the criminal, illegal Gonzalo Gonzalez, who is still at large. The Inmans have a website about the preventable pain inflicted on law-abiding citizens called,

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Man hopes billboard sparks debate over illegal immigration, Fox News Atlanta, November 1, 2012

A man whose son was killed and wife disabled in a crash involving an illegal immigrant is using a billboard to put the spotlight on illegal immigration.

Billy Inman had the billboard posted on Bells Ferry Road near Kellogg Creek in hopes of reigniting the debate over illegal immigration reform.

“Republican, Democrat, Libertarian — everybody, law enforcements, all across the board needs to step up and do this thing instead of kicking it around like a football. There’s too many lives at stake here and it’s just not right,” said Inman.

The billboard shows a picture of the alleged drunk driver involved in the crash that killed Inman’s 16-year-old son, Dustin on Father’s Day 12 years ago. Authorities said that the man was in the country illegally. He is still wanted by police.

“It’s hard knowing that he’s still out here and can do it to you or anybody else. I don’t blame anybody for wanting to be here, but they need to be here legally,” said Billy Inman.

Dustin’s mother Kathy was permanently disabled in the crash and hopes everyone, including state lawmakers, will think about the message behind the billboard. Continue reading this article

Michael Coren Interviews Islamic Terror Expert Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat is an interesting fellow, a man who was a PLO terrorist before he renounced the violence and became a Christian.

In the interview with SunTV’s Michael Coren, Shoebat explained that Islam is a totalitarian system that guides every aspect of life, not so much a religion, and the western left likes the wholistic control aspect,

He also noted how extreme Obama’s Muslim relatives are, that they are not merely Islam believers, but are Wahhabists.

(Remember that during the 2008 campaign, the media insisted that Obama’s Kenyan granny, shown below, was a Christian, even though she was a Muslim who attended the Hajj as the guest of the Saudi King.)

Mexico Graduating Lots of Engineers

If demanding DREAMer kids knew how deluxe and inexpensive Mexico’s higher education system is, many might chose a full-tilt raza education with 24/7 Spanish and Mexican culture. (See my 2009 blog, Mexico’s National University Wins Prestigious Award.) For example, at the National Polytechnic Institute, 60 percent of students pay only $12 per semester.

Now we learn from Mexico that it is cranking out lots of engineering grads to build the country’s infrastructure and economy.

When Mexico’s Presidente Calderon visits Washington demanding handouts and open borders from Uncle Sucker, he pretends to be the poor neighbor with lots of needs. In fact, Mexico is a middle-class country and Americans should recognize that fact and expect more responsibility.

The good news is that Mexico is promoting a more educated workforce. The bad news is a lack of jobs there for engineers — does Mexico plan on exporting them to the United States?

Another problem is the lack of an entrepreneurial culture. When Mexico was admitted to NAFTA, business owners were clueless about the need to reinvest in their own companies and instead paid themselves extravagant salaries.

Below, a group of engineering students huddle with a professor at Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute.

Mexico is now a top producer of engineers, but where are jobs?, Washington Post, October 28, 2012

MEXICO CITY — In an aggressive bid to move beyond low-wage factory jobs and toward an entrepreneurial economy, Mexico is producing graduates in engineering and technology at rates that challenge its international rivals, including its No. 1 trade partner, the United States.

President Felipe Calderon last month boasted that Mexico graduates 130,000 engineers and technicians a year from universities and specialized high schools, more than Canada, Germany or even Brazil, which has nearly twice the population of Mexico.

But it remains an open question whether the soaring number of skilled graduates will transform Mexico into the “country of engineers” that Calderon envisions, or they go to work in low-level managerial jobs at assembly plants owned by foreigners — jobs that have come to define their profession here.

“This idea that Mexico is a country of engineers is a mirage,” said Manuel Gil Anton, an expert in education policy at the College of Mexico. Continue reading this article

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