Wisconsin Woman Killed by Drunk Illegal Alien in Head-on Crash

Thirty-four-year-old Corrie Damske (pictured) was in the midst of a life assessment, considering how to channel her artistic talents into career goals, according to close friends. The resident of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. was also the mother of a 9-year-old daughter.

But plans of a productive future were destroyed in an instant when her car was struck head-on by a drunk-driving illegal alien going the wrong way on an interstate highway on New Year’s Day.

The drunk driver, Leopoldo Salas Gaytan, was recently convicted of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He had been twice ticketed for driving without a license but was not further investigated and deported back to Mexico. His blood alcohol was .145, nearly twice the legal level, after consuming 14 beers.

Illegal Immigrant sentenced in deadly New Year’s Day crash, WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, July 22, 2011

MILWAUKEE – The man who killed a mother while driving drunk and the wrong way on I-94 on New Year’s Day has been sentenced to 15 years in prison and 7 years extended supervision.

Leopoldo Salas-Gayton, 41, was convicted of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle, homicide by the use of a vehicle with a prohibitive alcohol level, and operating without a valid license and causing death to another person.  He is also living in this country illegally.

The crash killed Corrie Damske, 34, who also had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

Damske’s family and friends attended Friday’s sentencing. Her mother, Sharon Hvala tearfully told the judge about her daughter and the loss the family feels.

“It has torn the very heart out of myself and my family and left us with an absence so profound,” said Hvala. “There will never be again a full extent of happiness again in my life.”

Gayton was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair, then pulled out again to be read letters that were submitted to the court on behalf of Damske’s friends and family.

He returned to the courtroom sobbing.

The state prosecutor told the judge Salas used his vehicle as a weapon.

The judge later agreed.

“You didn’t set out to kill someone that day but you did set out to drive drunk,” Circuit Judge Dennis Cimpl told Salas.

Salas sobbed hearing Damske’s family speak. A translator relayed the words.

He read a letter in Spanish, asking Damske’s family for forgiveness and mercy.
Damske mother said the remorse is meaningful to her but she says Salas made his choices, choices that leave her shattered.

“I feel judge Cimpl did his job and nothing will bring my daughter back and it’s just been a bad situation all the way around.”

Meanwhile, the elite press erroneously continues to regard drunk driving as a minor crime and not deserving deportation when committed by illegal aliens. On the contrary, many Americans have been killed by drunk-driving illegal aliens. Deporting drunk-driving illegal aliens would definitely save lives.

Report: Deportations hit record number, Politico, July 22, 2011

The Obama administration deported nearly 400,000 people last year – a record – with the number driven up by those tossed out for traffic violations and drunken driving, according to a report on Friday.

The focus on ousting those with relatively minor offenses raises questions about whether the administration has lived up to its promise to focus on deporting the most dangerous offenders, the Associated Press says. [. . .]

Islamic Terror Plots Bubble Along with Little Media Attention

To anyone who is watching closely, it is obvious that the dinosaur media underplays the incidence of attempted jihadist attacks in America.

A recent Fox News report noted around half-way through as something of an aside that “a case of homegrown terrorism with links to an international group have popped up every two to three weeks since January 2009.”

So there is a regular drumbeat of attempted jihad attacks, but it is rarely reported. Ho hum! Speak no ill of Islamic diversity or immigration: that’s the media’s #1 priority, certainly not public safety.

It can be fascinating to search for “terror trial” in Google News (which covers one month) to see what’s going on in the back pages of elite media interest. Here are some items relating to the activities of hostile Muslims as reflected in court recently:

● The father of Brooklyn bomb plotter Najibullah Zazi (a Pakistani immigrant) was just found guilty in New York City of lying to federal officials and obstructing justice regarding his son’s scheme. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

● In Little Rock, the trial continues of Muslim convert Abdulhakim Muhammad (formerly Carlos Bledsoe) who is accused of the 2008 murder of Army recruiter William Andrew Long.

● In Minnesota, 18 Somali residents have been charged with traveling to their homeland to support the al-Shebaab jihadist group. Ahmed Hussein Mahamud is currently in the dock and pleaded not guilty. Another man, Omer Abdi Mohamed, pleaded guilty to helping his fellow Muslims travel to Somalia for the purpose of jihad.

● A couple weeks ago, Betim Kaziu, the Muslim son of Macedonian immigrants was convicted in Brooklyn of conspiring to join jihadists to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

So the acolytes of the Islamic caliphate are busy bees in pursuing their totalitarian agenda, as judged from this unscientific snapshot, as well as by recent Justice Department documents:

Napolitano: Domestic Terrorists Central to Threat, Fox News, July 21, 2011

The killing of Usama Bin Laden in May by Navy SEALS may have damaged the al Qaeda organization in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but the terror group’s franchise in Yemen, its American-born leader Anwar al-Awlaki and homegrown threats are the next wave of terrorism, according to a new government report.

Nearly a decade after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Bin Laden was only part of the story.

“Terrorism didn’t begin with him and hasn’t ended with him and we have all these other groups in addition to core al Qaeda,” Napolitano said of Bin Laden in an interview with Fox News.

Napolitano’s comments come on the heels of a new Department of Homeland Security progress report that examines whether the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations are being implemented. The 9/11 Commission was a bipartisan, independent study group created in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks to account for what happened and to find ways to prevent the next attack.

The new DHS progress report shows that homegrown terrorism is central to the emerging threat picture.

Recent Justice Department documents show a case of homegrown terrorism with links to an international group have popped up every two to three weeks since January 2009. Just last week, a 22-year-old Pennsylvania man was accused of using the Internet to encourage domestic attacks by jihadists.

“We cannot presume that a threat would come at us from abroad, so the whole notion of violent extremism happening within our shores is very different,” Napolitano said.

She also confirmed that plots have been disrupted without the public’s knowledge, but wouldn’t say how many. “There have been many plots that have been interfered with over time, yes,” Napolitano said.

The new report claims information sharing has been expanded since 9/11 and a multilayered approach to airline security has been adopted. Intelligence is used more broadly to identify high-risk passengers and cargo before they enter the U.S. The agency contends those measures could lead to less-invasive screening in the future.

“What is called divestment,” Napolitano said. “[A]ll the things you have to take off as you go through the (airport) gate – we’ll be able to relieve some of those restrictions over time.”

But Napolitano says cyber-security remains a weakness.

“We are still somewhat new at it,” she said. “It’s so rapidly developing and changing so rapidly that almost by the time to talk about a particular virus, or piece of malware it’s already anachronistic, it’s already out of date.

The former chairman and vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission said in a statement the Department of Homeland Security had made progress in the time since the terror attacks, but gaps still exist, and the nation is not as safe as it could be. They pointed specifically to the communications of first responders.

Fox News National Correspondent Catherine Herridge contributed to this report.

Aliens Abandon San Francisco Sanctuary for Less Expensive Environs

Official San Francisco is proud of its status of being a sanctuary city that protects illegal aliens from federal law enforcement and deportation. In 2008 it spent $83,000 in scarce city funds to advertise its free services for illegal alien residents. Last spring, Sheriff Mike Hennessey announced he would release illegal alien prisoners in his jail rather than turn them over to federal authorities.

Loony-lefty San Franciscans will do anything to poke law-abiding Americans in the eye.

But even with the big welcome mat rolled out for them, illegals appear to be leaving for cheaper abodes, since a recent tech boomlet has driven rents up in San Francisco.

So some illegals are saying “Hasta la vista” to the city by the Bay. Bon voyage! One reads that Mexico is currently experiencing an economic boom so heading south would be advisable.

Interestingly, reports came out yesterday that more than 500K illegal aliens reside in the nine counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay (Study finds half million illegal immigrants in Bay Area) The numbers come from the Public Policy Institute of California study, At Issue: Illegal Immigration. The estimates are based on the number of ITIN tax filers, which leaves out major groups, like children, the elderly, the unemployed and those working under the table, so it’s a pretty bogus study.

Illegal immigrants leaving San Francisco for cheaper pastures, San Francisco Examiner, July 21, 2011

As rental prices soared and families took flight over the past decade, thousands of undocumented immigrants have left San Francisco, a new study suggests.

Roughly 30,000 of San Francisco’s 809,000 residents are undocumented immigrants, according to a study from the Public Policy Institute of California. At just 3.7 percent of the population, that’s the lowest rate in any of the nine Bay Area counties.

Undocumented immigrants left San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties between 2001 and 2008. At the end of that period, the report suggests, there were 12,000 fewer undocumented immigrants in San Francisco, 9,000 fewer in San Mateo and 61,000 fewer in Santa Clara.

“My best guess: I think San Francisco is expensive, a lot of the Bay Area is,” study author Laura Hill said. “A part of it is housing costs. San Francisco is also so small that you could work there and live elsewhere.”

Some immigrant advocates cautioned that such population estimates have historically been hard to pin down.

“One question that always comes up is that you’re talking about a very difficult-to-count population,” Supervisor David Campos said. “It’s hard to tell where these people are. That’s one of the problems we had with the census.”

Campos represents the Hispanic-heavy Mission district, where recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau showed a large Hispanic population decline.

“One of the concerns is the lack of affordable housing and the cost of living,” Campos said. “That has pushed a lot of families out, not only outside the city limits, but to the outskirts of The City where housing is more affordable.”

The study revealed that undocumented immigrants live all across California, Hill said. The Bay Area’s population consists of about 8 percent undocumented immigrants, with agricultural Napa County topping the list at 12 percent.

Hill said her study is the first to estimate the number of undocumented immigrants per county by using information from the IRS. Although many undocumented immigrants don’t pay taxes, the report said nearly 6 percent of all 2008 California tax returns used an alternative identification number employed by such immigrants.

American Joblessness in Fresno Is Noted

It’s a nice change to see sympathetic coverage of an American suffering in this rotten economy, instead of more boilerplate about the plight of poor illegal alien Juan who came for a better life (sniff).

The subject of the article, David Martin (pictured), has valuable accounting skills but lives in Fresno County, where the official unemployment rate is 16 percent. He lives hand to mouth, barely making ends meet, after losing his job more than a year ago.

(See the Sacramento Bee’s interactive map of California unemployment by county over time.)

Meanwhile, Washington continues to admit over a million legal immigrant workers annually, a number which is larger than new jobs created. How is that policy supposed to work for Americans? Obviously, it isn’t expected to work.

Pundit Charles Krauthammer’s remarks on July 4 would not have been reassuring to Martin, age 47:

“In 2007 the average time to get a new job was five weeks. It’s now near six months. And that implies a whole segment of the population, the more elderly or the middle-aged who may never get employed again.”

The Fresno Bee didn’t mention the immigration angle as it concentrated on the psychological aspect of long-term unemployment, but at least it noticed an American worker. The Census observes that 41.9 percent of Fresno residents speak a language other than English at home.

Valley’s long-term jobless confront mounting stress, Fresno Bee, July 16, 2011

If David Martin has 50 cents left over at the end of the month, it’s a very good month.

That’s a difficult situation to accept for someone who used to make $50,000 a year in the accounting field. But he has been out of work since March 2010, and times are hard.

“You go through days of depression — and I mean really deep depression — where you can’t even see tomorrow. And it’s like, man, this is a hopeless situation,” said Martin, 47. “[You think] that you’re useless. I mean, my God, if I was useful, people would be hiring me, right?”

Martin’s situation is not so unusual these days. The anxieties have risen for the 46.8% of unemployed Californians — just over 1 million people — who have been out of work for longer than 27 weeks, which is the threshold for long-term unemployment, according to the state Employment Development Department.

The unemployment rate in Fresno County is 16%. The EDD doesn’t track long-term unemployment by county, but in the past year, about 900 people who had been unemployed longer than six months signed up for help at Fresno County Workforce Connection, an organization that runs job resource centers for the unemployed. That’s nearly half of everyone who signed up, and it doesn’t count people who passed the six-month mark while working with the group.

Martin keeps busy applying for jobs and working at the Sanger ranch house where he lives. A friend owns it, and he helps to maintain it in order to get a reduction on his rent. But even so, every day becomes harder to get through, he said.

“The longer you’re unemployed, the more you start doubting yourself,” Martin said. “Every night, I pray that God gives me the strength and wisdom to get through this.” Continue reading this article

Moroccan Pleads Guilty to Brutal Beating

In March 2010, a immigrant from Morocco, Mbarek Lafrem (pictured), severely beat a nurse because she wouldn’t dance with him in a Manhattan bar. He followed her into the women’s restroom where he attempted to rape her and fractured her skull, eye socket, nose and jaw and cut her forehead, requiring 50 stitches.

Being a Muslim man, he blamed the woman for trying to defend herself — in the women’s restroom. His culture led him to regard any American woman behaving as a free individual was a prostitute and therefore not entitled to refuse him.

Many of the headlines avoided the thug’s cultural background. One of the worst was a two-fer insult to Keystone state construction workers from the New York Daily News: “Pennsylvania hardhat pleads guilty in beating of young nurse”.

Muslim immigration diversity is bad for all Americans, but it’s really bad news for women.

Man admits guilt in March 2010 nightclub sex attack, Associated Press, July 18, 2011

A construction worker admitted Monday that he beat a woman unconscious and tried to molest her in a bar bathroom, an attack she said occurred after she wouldn’t dance with him.

Mbarek Lafrem said nothing beyond brief answers to a judge’s questions as he pleaded guilty to assault and attempted sexual abuse. The March 2010 attack left the woman bloodied, half-undressed and wedged between a toilet and a bathroom stall divider in a sprawling midtown Manhattan lounge.

Manhattan State Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel promised Lafrem a 16-year prison term at his sentencing, set for Sept. 1. Prosecutors had asked for 20 years.

“He felt it was the right thing to do at this juncture,” Lafrem’s lawyer, Yana A. Roy, said after court.

Born in Morocco, the 32-year-old Lafrem told police he came to the United States in 2004. He was living in Norwood, Pa., but staying at a Manhattan hotel for a metal work job when he crossed paths with the woman, a nurse who was then 29, at Social. The three-story bar is near Manhattan’s theater district and the southern edge of Central Park.

“The attack on this woman was quick and brutal,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said in a statement Monday. Continue reading this article

Chimps with Guns: A Bad Idea

Our intelligent simian friends are not up to the responsibility of firearms, as illustrated below.

Iraqi Refugee Terrorists Prompt Rescreening

This just in: authorities have noticed that Washington’s permissive refugee policy regarding Iraqis has created a national security threat. The rush to rescue meant that do-gooder behavior trumped normal prudence in background checks, and dangerous persons were admitted as a result.

As I noted in Iraqi Refugees Pose a Terror Threat, in 2008 Sixty Minutes created a major sob story (The List: A Mission to Save Iraqi Lives) that 100,000 noble Iraqi freedom-fighters who helped Americans needed to be quickly resettled to the US to rescue them from death. The story appears to have the desired effect.

So now, 58,000 Iraqi refugees reside in this country and should be rescreened. There is a new list, one with 300 names who are thought to have a higher possibility of being enemies of America.

Below, refugees Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi are accused of terrorism. Alwan is now thought to have participated in roadside bomb attacks in Iraq, but was still welcomed to the United States because of sloppy vetting procedures.

Iraqi refugees in U.S. rechecked for terrorism links, Los Angeles Times, July 18, 2011

Officials fear lapses in immigration security may have let insurgents and potential terrorists enter the country. More than 58,000 Iraqis are being screened again.

Reporting from Washington— In a far-reaching inquiry, authorities are rescreening more than 58,000 Iraqi refugees living in the United States amid concerns that lapses in immigration security may have allowed former insurgents and potential terrorists to enter the country, U.S. officials said.

The investigation was given added urgency after U.S. intelligence agencies warned that Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq and Yemen had tried to target the U.S. refugee stream, or exploit other immigration loopholes, in an attempt to infiltrate the country with operatives.

The rescreening began late last year after the FBI learned that an Iraqi man in Kentucky had participated in roadside bomb attacks in Iraq before he was granted U.S. political asylum in 2009. He and another Iraqi refugee were arrested in an FBI sting in May on charges of trying to send explosives and missiles to Iraq for use against Americans.

So far, immigration authorities have given the FBI about 300 names of Iraqi refugees for further investigation. The FBI won’t say whether any have been arrested or pose a potential threat. Continue reading this article

Miami Cubans Escape to Dear Homeland after Medicare Fraud

Sixty Minutes reported in 2009 that Medicare fraud was “A $60 Billion Crime”. The segment didn’t exactly mention the diversity/immigration aspect, but did observe, “If you want to find Medicare fraud, the first place you should look is South Florida.” Hint, hint.

South Florida was poisoned 30 years ago by the Mariel Boatlift, which allowed Fidel Castro to rid Cuba of thousands of criminals when President Jimmy Carter welcomed the worst of Cuban society. So the nice American city of Miami was transformed over a few months into a Spanish-speaking, foreign, more criminal place.

In addition, Cubans brought the practice of slaughtering other people’s horses (to eat!) to South Florida.

Does anyone in bankrupt Washington care about mega medical fraud? Or is $60 billion in theft too small-fry to get the attention of Beltway brains?

Anyway, the FBI has been trying to chase down some of the worst offenders, who can easily avoid capture by escaping to Cuba. But it’s worse than that: there are indications that the Cuban government is willing to welcome big-money Medicare fraudsters, providing they pay a nice fee to the ruling commie criminals.

Below, Cuban “expatriates” residing in Miami show their loyalty to their home country.

FBI struggling to catch dozens of fraud fugitives hiding in Cuba, Miami Herald, July 16, 2011

South Florida is known as the capital of Medicare fraud, but increasingly Cuba is where the scammers go to avoid prosecution.

As Medicare crime spreads across South Florida, accused scammers are escaping in droves to Cuba and other Latin American countries to avoid prosecution — with more than 150 fugitives now wanted for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. healthcare program, according to the FBI and court records.

The tally of fugitives charged with healthcare fraud here has tripled since 2008, when The Miami Herald first reported on the phenomenon of Cuban immigrants joining the Medicare rackets and fleeing to evade trial in Miami.

But during the past three years, the FBI has captured only 16 fugitives, reflecting the difficulty in catching Spanish-speaking suspects who head south to hide out. Most of the fugitives were born in Cuba, immigrated to South Florida after 1990 and can easily live under the radar in Latin America with hundreds of thousands or millions in taxpayer dollars fleeced from Medicare.

Even if fugitives can be located in Cuba, there’s no way to get them back because of the political realities at play.

“They go to Cuba so they can’t be caught,” said Rolando Betancourt, a longtime Miami bail bondsman who has tracked one Medicare fugitive to Havana. “You can find anybody in Cuba; you just can’t arrest them.”

Because so many of the Medicare defendants are Cuban, rumors have swirled for years that the Castro government has purposely trained and deployed immigrants to take over Medicare-licensed clinics in South Florida, and then harbored them after they returned home. But federal agents and prosecutors, while privately speculating about an official Cuba connection, say they’ve never uncovered evidence linking Fidel and Raul Castro’s regime to the rampant healthcare fraud on this side of the Florida Straits.

Moreover, the feds have made no official attempts to seek extradition of fugitives in Cuba, mainly because the United States has no formal relations with the government. Agents have captured some Cuban fugitives returning from the island as they travel through Miami International Airport.

Repeated calls and emails seeking comment from the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C., were not returned.

Earlier this year, a University of Miami report quoted a former Cuban intelligence official who suggested there were “strong indications” his government was either facilitating the Medicare fraud or providing safe harbor for fugitives in exchange for hard U.S. currency. But the report provided no examples.

Soon afterward, U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, a Medicare watchdog for years, questioned Health and Human Services officials at a congressional hearing about the possible Cuban government link after the department’s inspector general posted a “Most Wanted” list of Medicare fugitives, and seven of the top 10 were Cuban.


Cuba watchers, legal experts and others who have witnessed South Florida’s ascendance as the nation’s Medicare fraud capital say the Cuban government’s involvement would not be that far fetched — though they have no proof to back it up.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if one day that is proven to be a fact,” said Miami attorney Sam Rabin. One of his clients, Eduardo Moreno, fled to Cuba after posting a $450,000 bond in 2007 on healthcare fraud charges. He had collected $2 million from Medicare on bogus claims for medical equipment and HIV services.

“I think it would be very hard for someone with millions in currency to stay under the radar in Cuba” without that government’s protection, Rabin added.

Andy Gomez, a senior fellow at the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, said he has heard from sources in Miami and Cuba allegations that the Castro government extorts Medicare bounty from criminals who are allowed to go back and forth between here and the island nation. But he said he knows of no evidence directly implicating the Castro regime in the fraud.

“The Cuban government knows what’s going on,” Gomez said. “The government knows who the fugitives are, and the bigger they are, the more the government expects to be paid by them. … It’s a way to obtain hard currency and a way to discredit the Cuban-American exile community.” Continue reading this article

Visa Mills Scam Profitably in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley remains a big magnet for foreigners dreaming of tech jobs. One popular ticket is admittance to a squirrelly unaccredited university. Washington curiously allows student visas for unaccredited schools, despite the obvious scam appeal, and the result is rubber-stamping visas for dollars. Lots of dollars, as more foreign students are admitted.

Most of the visa grifters come to rip off American jobs, but the permissiveness also attracts terrorists. One example is Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Saudi student arrested in February on charges that he planned to build bombs for terror attacks inside the United States. More than 26,000 Saudis got F-1 and F-2 visas in 2010, up from 6836 in 2001, based on the kumbaya idea (from George Bush and the State Department) that increased numbers of Saudis educated in the US would mean better relations and less jihad.

The San Jose Mercury News did an investigative report on visa mills and featured it on its Sunday front page (image here).

Universities or Visa Mills?, San Jose Mercury News, July 16, 2011

With his new student visa, Prasanth Goinaka was on a path toward his dream: an MBA from an American university in the heart of Silicon Valley.

That’s why his parents back in India were stunned when their 28-year-old son was killed while manning a cash register at a convenience store in Oklahoma City — 1,500 miles from campus.

A Bay Area News Group investigation has found that Goinaka — as well as thousands of other foreign students enrolled in schools here — probably should not have been in the country at all. They’re being lured by unaccredited universities that promise help getting a prized student visa. But it turns out that these universities’ legal right to assist with visas is in question.

Once here, students like Goinaka often have to go to extraordinary lengths to pay the bill.

But how he ended up losing his life halfway across the country from San Jose’s International Technological University is part of a much larger story of the U.S. government’s failure to catch up to a growing problem in America’s higher education system.

Little-known and less-watched, a group of schools — including San Jose’s ITU, Sunnyvale’s Herguan University and until recently Pleasanton’s now-shuttered Tri-Valley University — are building lucrative businesses by assembling student bodies comprised almost entirely of student-visa holders. Yet, the newspaper’s investigation found none of the schools meet the criteria necessary to assist foreign students to come here: They are neither accredited nor do their credits transfer to recognized universities.

“Universities like Tri-Valley are causing an enormous surge of international students,” said Mohan Nannapaneni, secretary of the Milpitas-based Telugu Association of North America. The Indian nonprofit group raised $5,465 to ship Goinaka’s body to his distraught parents and donated legal help to 155 traumatized Tri-Valley students, some tagged with electronic tracking devices when the federal government shut down the school on visa fraud charges.

“Why are we putting immigration authority into (these) “… universities’ hands?” Nannapaneni said.

University officials deny any wrongdoing.

But records reviewed by the newspaper tell a different story about the schools’ actions, and suggest the government and even the students themselves are to blame for the problem.

Government approved
A decade after terrorists in the country on student visas carried out the Sept. 11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security — the very agency established to oversee a tougher visa system — endorses universities that should be ineligible to issue the necessary certificate for students to gain F1 student visas, records show. It even places these schools on the list that international students consult before pursuing a degree in the U.S.

Tri-Valley University was on that list even as federal agents were raiding the school in January on widespread allegations of visa fraud and alien harboring that left 1,500 foreign students in legal limbo and sparked violent protests in India.

“It is having approval I thought it is good university,” former Tri-Valley computer science student Harsha Sri, 25, said in an email. He paid $2,700 to attend less than a month’s worth of classes and is now back in India.

Tri-Valley demonstrates the riches that can be made from turning a school into a visa mill. When federal agents finally caught on, they discovered that the unaccredited school had been paid millions of dollars by foreigners to obtain student visas that authorize them to remain in the U.S. — a scheme whose growth was fueled by a profit-sharing system that gave students who referred newcomers from abroad a 20 percent cut of the tuition, according to court records.

Something else authorities found suspicious: More than 550 students enrolled in the Alameda County university were registered as living at the same address: a two-bedroom apartment on El Camino Real in Sunnyvale. Continue reading this article

More Indians (Dot Not Feather) Crossing the Border

According to the imaginative New York Times, illegal immigration from Mexico has “sputtered to a trickle” — a conclusion that is overblown at best, and a pravda-esqe lie at worst.

But not to worry. Even more far-flung and diverse invaders are filling in the gap, if there is one. Though distant, the nation of India has been stepping into the senders column, shown by an uptick of Indian crossers via Mexico. India is home to 1.2 billion people, 17 percent of the world’s population, so there is no shortage of potential sendees.

Below, in overpopulated India, many residents depend on public transportation.

Interestingly, even though India’s economy is growing at 9 percent annually, thousands are spending big money to enter this country illegally and steal American jobs.

More illegal immigrants from India crossing border, Associated Press, July 16, 2011

LOS FRESNOS, Texas (AP) — Police wearing berets and bulletproof vests broke down the door of a Guatemala City apartment in February hunting for illegal drugs. Instead, they found a different kind of illicit shipment: 27 immigrants from India packed into two locked rooms.

The Indians, whose hiding space was furnished only with soiled mattresses, claimed to be on vacation. But authorities quickly concluded they were waiting to be smuggled into the United States via an 11,000-mile pipeline of human cargo — the same network that has transported thousands of illegal immigrants from India, through Central America and Mexico and over the sandy banks of the Rio Grande during the past two years.

Indians have arrived in droves even as the overall number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. has dropped dramatically, in large part because of the sluggish American economy. And with fewer Mexicans and Central Americans crossing the border, smugglers are eager for more “high-value cargo” like Indians, some of whom are willing to pay more than $20,000 for the journey.

“Being the businessmen they are, they need to start looking for ways to supplement that work,” said Rosendo Hinojosa, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector, at the southernmost tip of Texas, which is the most active nationwide for apprehending Indian nationals.

Between October 2009 and March 2011, the Border Patrol detained at least 2,600 illegal immigrants from India, a dramatic rise over the typical 150 to 300 arrests per year.

The influx has been so pronounced that in May, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate committee that at some point this year, Indians will account for about 1 in 3 non-Mexican illegal immigrants caught in South Texas.

Most of the border-jumpers are seeking jobs, even though India’s economy is growing at about 9 percent per year. Once safely inside the U.S., they fan out across the country, often relying on relatives who are already here to arrange jobs and housing.

Indians have flooded into Texas in part because U.S. authorities have cracked down on the traditional ways they used to come here, such as entering through airports with student or work visas. The tougher enforcement has made it harder for immigrants to use visas listing non-existent universities or phantom companies. Continue reading this article

Illegal Alien Arrested at Arizona Nuclear Plant

Under the Obama administration we citizens have seen national security shrink in importance (not that Bush was much better, given his border permissiveness).

When an illegal alien somehow is allowed to work in a nuclear power plant, protecting the safety of the public cannot be seen as a priority. Any wanna-be Osama could easily blackmail such a person with exposure if he didn’t cooperate in a jihadist attack.

At the nation’s biggest nuke plant, all that’s necessary for a worker with no identification to be admitted is that a known worker vouch for him. Weak.

Sheriff Arpaio: Illegal arrested at Palo Verde nuke plant , KTAR, July 15, 2011

PHOENIX — An illegal immigrant used a fake ID to get past security and entered the Palo Verde Nuclear plant west of Phoenix, according to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“We have arrested an illegal alien who has penetrated and gone into the Palo Verde nuclear plant,” Arpaio said Thursday, adding that he is outraged at another example of the lack of security along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Cruz Loya Alvares was taken into custody by Sheriff Deputies Wednesday and interrogated by the Sheriff’s Human Smuggling detectives.

Cruz admitted to deputies he has been in the U.S. for most of the past 15 years. He was detained and deported in 2000 but paid a coyote re-entry into the U.S.

Also, he was cited by Mesa Police last month for driving with a suspended license.

According to Sheriff Arpaio, Cruz tried to gain access to the Nuclear power plant on Monday but was denied entrance because his Mexican Driver’s license was expired.

“To some extent security at this nuclear power plant worked,” Arpaio said in a released statement. “But still, an illegal immigrant was permitted to gain access to this facility. This raises the question: how safe is Palo Verde really if an illegal alien can gain access to this nation’s largest nuclear power facility?

“This suggests to me that sadly, like our nation’s borders, our most critical public utilities/installations are perhaps not nearly as safely guarded as they need to be.”

Two different people working in security at the power plant also told Sheriff’s officials that drivers of contractor’s vehicles can “vouch” for the passengers if no identification documents are on hand at the time of entry. Continue reading this article

San Jose Illegals Demand Non-Enforcement

In San Jose, California, the inmates are trying to run the asylum, and authorities may agree.

Worsening gang violence prompted San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore to invite ICE in to help. But the “immigrant” community became fearful that ordinary illegal alien job thieves and other foreign grifters might be scooped up and given a free trip home.

The situation shows an upside-down relationship between police and lawbreakers, in which illegal foreigners and their allies threaten non-cooperation if the law is enforced. The new police chief sounds amenable.

The job of top cop in a liberal city can be a minefield of political correctness. For example, San Francisco Chief George Gascon was forced to grovel before local Islamics after remarking that Muslims were known to commit acts of terrorism.

In San Jose, foreigners who don’t like American immigration laws bleat their complaints in the language of civil rights, and the agency responsible for public safety appears to prefer appeasement to law enforcement.

Immigrant Community Tells Police Chief ICE Agents Must Go, KTVU Oakland, July 15, 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A coalition of San Jose community groups gathered Friday to send a loud message of disapproval to Police Chief Chris Moore on his decision to keep a pair of recently enlisted federal immigrations investigators.

“Our message is clear: we don’t want ICE here,” Stefanie Flores, a spokeswoman for Silicon Valley DeBug, said at a news conference this morning. “We want to work with the police to find real solutions.”

DeBug is part of a handful of San Jose immigrant and civil rights groups that oppose Moore’s recent decision to enlist the help of two investigators from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s “Operation Community Shield” program.

The groups said the program increases the community’s distrust of law enforcement, cultivates fear and undermines immigrants’ civil liberties.

“Now, more than ever, there needs to be a culture of trust between immigrant populations and the Police Department,” said Jazmin Segura, a spokeswoman for the group Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network, or SIREN. “This program will invariably damage that trust.”

At a community meeting hosted by Sacred Heart Community Service on Wednesday night, Moore said the agents are helping the department target escalating gang violence, which he said has contributed to more than half of the city’s homicides this year. Continue reading this article