Border Town Is Overwhelmed by Illegal Immigration — in Serbia

A location on or near the edge of the third world may be conducive to diversity, but not so much for domestic tranquility.

Serbian border town Banja Koviljaca has felt swamped by the crime of the increasing numbers of foreigners who end up in the asylum center there while trying to get into Europe.

The residents’ action in response was hold to a rally to protest the situation and keep their kids out of school.

Boycott of school in asylum seekers town, B92, November 7, 2011

Residents of Banja Koviljača in western Serbia this morning decided not to send their children to school, in protest over “uncontrolled inflow of immigrants”.

Local Lotel TV journalist Svetlana Ilić told B92 that only eight out of some 400 students showed up this morning for classes at the town’s elementary school.

A committee formed by parents and other citizens on Sunday organized a protest rally against what they said was a large number of foreign immigrants currently housed in that small town.

Banja Koviljača is also a spa and a tourist resort.

The committee will meet again on Monday evening, and will call for the Parents’ Council to meet on Tuesday and “decide on the next steps to be taken”.

On Sunday, they demanded urgent removal of all illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, as well as the Asylum Center located in the spa. 
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State Department Limits Onerous Visa Program

The State Department’s program of admitting thousands of foreign college students on the J-1 visa program has been a stab in the back to young Americans looking for a job in a toxic employment environment. The current youth unemployment rate is the highest since World War II, and an August BLS survey reported that more than 4 million American young people were jobless, over 18 percent.

And yet, Washington has continued merrily along with special visas for foreign young people because the elites imagine that such programs are a cheap way (for them) to accomplish foreign policy goals of fostering friendly relations with unfriendlies, (like the Saudis). The Denver Post reported that “there were 320,805 visas for all categories of J-1 visitors for 2010.”

For more background, see my June blog, Foreign Student Workers Are Still Welcomed in America.

The good news today is that the State Department is capping the egregious J-1 visa program. The bad news is that it is not being ended completely — something that almost never happens in Washington, regrettably. Also, the reason cited in the enclosed news article for the change is that the level of exploitation of the foreign kiddies was getting out of hand. There is no mention of Americans being harmed by a federal program that saves employers 8 percent to hire foreigners over citizens.

Below, a Bulgarian student works as a lifeguard in the United States. Is lifeguard a job young Americans don’t want to do?

US limits troubled visa program, Associated Press, November 7, 2011

The State Department is capping a popular exchange program for foreign college students over persistent problems that have included low-paid participants turning to homeless shelters, a walkout over working conditions at a chocolate factory and in one case a woman forced to work as a stripper.

The agency published new rules Monday that limit the number of future participants to this year’s level and put a moratorium on new businesses becoming sponsors for thousands of foreigners who use the program to visit the United States.

The changes to the J-1 summer work and travel program come 11 months after The Associated Press reported widespread abuses, including some students paid $1 an hour or less for menial jobs.

The students given temporary visas for up to four months are required to have jobs and often work in resorts and restaurants. Participation has boomed from about 20,000 students in 1996 to a peak of more than 150,000 in 2008 and roughly one million foreign post-secondary students have participated in the past decade.

The State Department enacted stronger rules this past summer, but says complaints remain high.

The department says future participation will be limited to the “2011 actual participant levels.” Continue reading this article

Florida: Muslim Plans for Animal Sacrifice Go Private

Islam’s unique diversity has penetrated Florida with plans of local Muslim residents to slaughter animals in the traditional celebration of Eid al-Adha, but there was a kink. The original idea was to kill some lambs for Allah out in an open field, but that hit a roadblock when a local official nixed the plan. (See details in the Daily Mail’s Muslims banned from slitting throat of sacrificial lamb during religious festival in Florida field (but they vow to do it anyway).)

Nothing says celebration in Islam like bloody slaughter, particularly with throat slitting.

Below, Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) is celebrated in Egypt by street slaughter of sheep, goats and other animals. Fun for the whole family!

There was a change in plans for the Muslim celebrants in Florida, however; the ruckus convinced them to remove their critter head-chop to a private venue. Good. The practice is not suitable for Western standards of public sanitation or animal welfare. Muslims like to claim that do-it-yourself slaughter is not cruel, but evidence indicates otherwise.

Interestingly, it’s not just Floridians who don’t want Muslim sacrifice diversity to run amok; Moscovites object to streets filled with blood and required that local Allah-bots perform their death rituals in proper facilities.

Moscow City Government Orders Muslims to Carry Out Eid Sacrifices in Slaughterhouses, Ahlul Bayt News Agency, October 25, 2011

After dramatic scenes of roadside ritual animal sacrifice during last year’s Eid, which shocked feint-hearted passers by, the Moscow city government has ordered Muslims to restrict their activities to slaughterhouses or to areas outside of the city.

Eid this year will be celebrated in Moscow on 6 November.

Government officials say the ban on outdoor slaughter is already covered by existing legislation and comes under cruelty to animals laws. [. . .]

Now back to Florida:

Land owner cancels ritual Eid slaughter after city official complains, Sacramento Bee, November 5, 2011

SUNRISE, Fla. — Disturbed by the prospect of lambs and goats being slaughtered in her city, Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu single-handedly blocked a Muslim religious ceremony set to take place on Sunday.

“Yes, I was trying to stop it,” Alu said. “It’s shut down. I’m trying to protect innocent animals. This is not an appropriate setting for the slaughtering of animals in an open field in a city that’s as populated as Sunrise. Usually these religious ceremonies take place in a rural area.”

The news did not sit well with Nezar Hamze, executive director of the South Florida Council on American-Islamic Relations based in Pembroke Pines, Fla., a suburb 30 minutes northwest of Miami.

“Wow,” Hamze said. “That is very upsetting. We’ll find another venue. But that’s very disturbing. I’m very disappointed in that. We asked for permission and went through the proper channels and now it’s off because a commissioner has a problem with it.”

Muslims from local mosques had planned to gather at a 45-acre farm in Sunrise to celebrate the Eid ul-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, Hamze said. The holiday honors Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, before God provided a sacrificial lamb instead.

The day also marks the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are urged to make at least once in their lifetime. Continue reading this article

Press Conference Spotlights Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens

On Thursday, several friends of immigration enforcement, including Congressmen Steve King and Walter Jones along with representatives from the FIRE Coalition and Immigration Tea Party, held a press conference near the capitol to draw attention to the crime victims of illegal aliens.

One proposal is to establish a National Day of Remembrance for those victims to occur on November 6, the anniversary of the IRCA amnesty (25 years coming up).

A related issue is legislation requiring comprehensive statistics on illegal alien crime from federal and local governments, something that has been sorely lacking (HR 3168, the Illegal Alien Crime Reporting Act of 2011).

Rep. Steve King has done some great work, including requesting a GAO report on illegal alien crime, which should be required reading for anyone concerned with the issue: CRIMINAL ALIEN STATISTICS, March 2011.

Congressman King’s statement at the presser was both informative and heartfelt about the victims. He emphasized the point that illegal alien crime is preventable crime.

The point is that open borders are a welcome mat to the criminals of the world who see the United States as a full refrigerator of felony opportunity. Sanctuary cities provide protection to foreign criminals that domestic thugs would love to have.

In addition there are cultural issues, particularly around drunk driving, which is considered to be desirably macho behavior among hispanics. Even NPR admits that “Latinos are responsible for a disproportionate number of DWI arrests and alcohol-related car accidents.” The deaths resulting from drunk driving illegal aliens continues to accumulate, but DHS and many local law enforcement agencies continue to treat the crime casually.

Here is the statement on Congressman King’s website:

King’s Resolution Supports November 6th as a National Day of Remembrance for the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens

Washington D.C.- Washington D.C.- Congressman King (R-IA) joined the FIRE Coalition and the Tea Party Immigration Coalition this morning to recognize the victims who have lost their lives because of the criminal acts of illegal aliens. Since 1955, there have been 25,065 homicide arrests of criminal aliens in the United States, and King’s resolution aims to honor and mourn these preventable deaths.

“These are real human stories, there’s real pain and real agony going on on a daily basis in the United States of America, and we treat it as if it’s just some kind of tolerable interruption of our lives. It’s not. It’s an interruption of innocent lives that takes place because we have an administration that refuses to enforce immigration law.”

Rick Perry Supports Work Visas for Illegal Aliens

Rick Perry is dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to borders and immigration enforcement. He is still apologizing for making insulting remarks about pro-sovereignty patriots in the September 22 debate when he said that anyone who doesn’t support in-state tuition for illegal aliens doesn’t have a heart.

The man didn’t learn anything from seeing his poll numbers crater to single digits after making that crude statement. His latest foot-in-mouth remark was support for work visas for illegal aliens — but no US citizenship for them. As if that mattered a frijole.

Illegal aliens come for the money only. A permit to work legally is the key to the kingdom for them. They don’t care about US citizenship; only La Raza and other political marxicans are concerned with herding hispanics to the polls.

From a psychological perspective, rewarding lawbreakers guarantees the unwanted behavior will continue. Any amnesty (including work permits) will correctly inform wanna-bes around the world that America is still not serious about immigration enforcement.

And hasn’t Perry heard about American unemployment? There’s a jobs depression in the land, and transforming millions of illegal aliens into legal workers in a kick in the teeth for jobless citizens.

Below, Perry and former Mexico Presidente Vicente Fox had a very friendly trans-border partnership. (In 2003, then-Presidente Fox thanked Gov. Perry for in-state tuition for Mexican illegal alien students whose educations were subsidized by Texas taxpayers.)

Perry endorses work visas for illegal immigrants, Associated Press, November 3, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry proposed the federal government should extend work visas allowing illegal immigrants to move freely between the U.S. and their home countries — but stressed that he opposes amnesty or a path to citizenship.

Perry said in an interview with CNN’s John King on Thursday that expectations that U.S. authorities are going to arrest and deport up to 15 million illegal immigrants isn’t realistic. He added, however, that other Republicans, including fellow Texan George W. Bush, went too far when they previously proposed an immigration overhaul that included a path to citizenship.

The Texas governor also claimed his chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, had once supported amnesty. Romney has drawn criticism for hiring a lawn care company that employed illegal immigrants at his family’s property in a Boston suburb for a decade — but has also said amnesty is not appropriate for illegal immigrants.

“You can put a program into place in which these individuals can be identified, and work visas in which they can move back and forth between their countries but not to become United States citizens,” Perry said. “And I think that’s where McCain, that’s where Romney, that’s where even Bush went wrong when they talked about the issue that, `we’re going to give amnesty to these individuals,’ and people just said, `no, we’re not.’”

Perry didn’t elaborate on what such a visa plan would look like, saying only that authorities need to determine a better way to identify illegal immigrants and make them part of mainstream society. He also said the program would only work if the federal government first does a better job securing America’s borders. Continue reading this article

Mexicans Turn to Sorcerers to Cope with Cartel Stress

To say Mexico is culturally backward is to understate a Grand Canyon of diversity that is nevertheless easy to overlook. The denizens of our southern neighbor may have TV sets and dress like cowboys, but underneath a somewhat familiar exterior lies a pre-Columbian outlook among many, particularly in the countryside. Superstition correlates with lower levels of education, so the local shaman may be popular psychology practitioner.

The New York Times, ever the promoter of extreme diversity, reported recently that it has become “fashionable” among Mexicans to turn to witchcraft for their anxiety about worsening cartel violence. (What’s wrong with using Mexico’s fine tequila as a mental health aid? — in moderation of course.)

Below, a Mexican woman receives a sorcery procedure involving an egg to relieve her fear of cartels.

Another expression of Mexican diversity has been the near-worship of crime figure and narco saint Jesus Malverde. Actual criminals and wanna-bes leave votive candles at Malverde shrines, praying for the successful outcome of their drug-smuggling endeavors.

The popularity of Malverde shows the mixed feelings Mexicans have had about crime generally. There has been an admiration for successful criminals, expressed in narcocorridos and elsewhere. That cultural propensity has led to a permissive attitude about crime, which has come back to bite them.

And in some communities, like Culiacan, illegal drug smuggling brought prosperity to the local economy.

Anyway, this story is about celebrating diverse approaches to stress reduction.

Driven to Cast Charms Against Drug Lords’ Darker Forces, New York Times, November 1, 2011

CATEMACO, Mexico — In the dimly lighted back room of a modest house in this tourist city now largely devoid of tourists, Luis Tomás Marthen Torres, a warlock with 50 years of experience, closes his eyes and chants as he briskly rubs a stark white egg over the arms, chest and neck of a worried customer.

The ritual is old and common here in Mexico’s dominant hub for masters of the occult — where wizardry is passed from generation to generation — but like so many things in Mexico, the requests for help have changed.

“People ask us for assistance because they’re scared of threats, of extortion. They’re full of negative energy,” says Mr. Marthen Torres.

Visitors to this middle-class town of around 67,000 people, which attributes its mysticism to the region’s ancient Olmec roots, had for decades sought wizards to cast love spells and cure physical ailments. But in the midst of the violence that has beset the state of Veracruz, new and creative forms of witchery for protection against extortion and for help finding kidnapped kin have become the leading demands from clients, local practitioners say. Continue reading this article

Flawed E-verify Stumbles among House Republicans

It’s a relief to see that Lamar Smith’s terrible E-verify legislation, approved by the Chamber of Commerce, has hit opposition among his GOP colleagues. Rep. Smith is one of the most outspoken Congressmen on the subject of illegal aliens taking jobs that belong to citizens, so his leadership on this turkey is both puzzling and disturbing.

It sounded so promising in the beginning — who doesn’t want universal E-verify? But buried in the fine print were provisions to stop states from doing the job the feds won’t. Various reports said that was the price of the Chamber of Commerce signing on.

Kris Kobach was among the first to criticize the bill for its pre-emption of state enforcement. And these days, if it weren’t for state enforcement, there wouldn’t be any meaningful immigration enforcement at all, since President Obama regards illegal aliens as an important part of the Democrat base.

Congressman Lou Barletta, long a leader on this important issue, recently created a video about the Smith bill.

Immigration bill splits House GOP, The Hill, November 3, 2011

House Republicans are split over an immigration bill that is backed by presidential candidate Mitt Romney as the measure is attracting escalating criticism from industry groups and rank-and-file members.

The rift over House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith’s (R-Texas) E-Verify bill is jeopardizing its chances of passing the Republican-controlled House.

Democrats, by and large, oppose the legislation, which would mandate that employers use the E-Verify system to check their employees’ legal work status.

The Obama administration and many Democrats on Capitol Hill want Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. That legislation, however, is considered dead in the 112th Congress.

Smith’s measure in September cleared the Judiciary panel on a party-line vote, though it isn’t clear that the bill has the votes to pass on the House floor.

Republican lawmakers have major concerns with key aspects of the bill’s effects on states’ rights, the federal government’s enforcement of the system and its impact on the agriculture industry, which relies on foreign labor.

Debates over illegal immigration have been a theme of the GOP presidential primary, with Smith’s bill getting some attention.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has endorsed the national E-Verify mandate, and released a Web ad on Wednesday attacking fellow GOP White House contender Rick Perry, governor of Texas, for his opposition to a statewide E-Verify program.

Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), who has been mentioned as a potential Republican 2012 vice presidential nominee, recently told The Hill that he supports E-Verify “in concept,” adding that “we need an employment-based verification system.”

Rubio said he has heard objections raised from agriculture sector, suggesting he sees the need for flexibility in E-Verify legislation.

Meanwhile, sources say that at least two dozen House GOP lawmakers have an issue with Smith’s bill because it includes language to preempt the states and local governments and keep them from enforcing their own employment verification laws.

The powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has endorsed Smith’s bill, maintains that the preemption provision is vital to its support.

Freshman Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.), who campaigned on battling illegal immigration last year, is leading the opposition to Smith’s bill.

As mayor of Hazleton in 2006, he cracked down on employers who knowingly hired illegal workers. Barletta says that if Smith’s bill were to become law, cities like Hazelton and states like Arizona, which have stringent immigration laws on the books, would be prevented from enforcing their state-passed mandates.

“I have no faith that the federal government is serious about enforcing our immigration laws. They haven’t, I don’t believe they will. And the Supreme Court agrees that the states have the right — why would we come along now and take that away from them? And the United States Chamber gets solidly behind this preemption — which raises all sorts of red flags for me — this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this bill,” Barletta said in an interview with The Hill. Continue reading this article

France: Magazine about to Publish Mohammed Satire Is Firebombed

In France, a weekly humor magazine was firebombed early Tuesday morning because its upcoming issue featured Mohammed as a “guest editor,” a gimmick which apparently did not go over well in certain quarters. Muslims are notoriously unfriendly to the idea of satire or even graphic representation regarding their precious belief system. Free speech and its practitioners routinely come under attack in areas of Muslim immigrant diversity.

One remembers the 2005 Danish cartoon fracas in which more than 100 were killed in worldwide rioting over a few mostly innocuous doodles. Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was attacked in his home and narrowly escaped an axe-wielding Somali. In 2010, five Muslims were arrested for planning of a newsroom massacre in the Copenhagen paper that originally published the cartoons.

The latest kaboomery at the hands of hostile Muslims certainly won’t make the already fearful Western press confront the “Religion of Peace” more vigorously. One example: a Time magazine blog reported the firebombing incident by blaming the victim as engaging in “Islamophobic antics.”

Satirical weekly hit by petrol bomb over ’sharia’ issue, France24, November 2, 2011

AFP – The offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which published a special Arab Spring edition Wednesday with the prophet Mohammed as guest “editor”, were gutted in a petrol bomb attack overnight, police said.

The fire at the magazine started around 01.00 am (0200 GMT) and caused no injuries, a police source said.

Charlie Hebdo published a special edition Wednesday to mark the Arab Spring, renaming the magazine Charia (Sharia) Hebdo for the occasion.

The cover showed a cartoon of the prophet stating: “100 lashes if you don’t die of laughter!”

The depiction of the prophet is strictly prohibited in Islam.

A witness at the scene, Patrick Pelloux, told AFP a molotov cocktail was hurled through the window and set fire to the computer system.

“Everything was destroyed,” he said. Continue reading this article

Asian Diversity Is Considered in New Study

There’s a new report filled with lots of interesting Asian statistics, focusing on education but including a wide range of social measures, informing anyone who is interested that Asians residing in America are diverse.

Not all are college graduates. Chinese are high achievers, as we were recently reminded by the Tiger Mom Chinese supremacist imbroglio. But Hmong and Laotians remain in the back of the class.

The report uses Census data and has lots of charts. See the whole study: Asian Americans in the United States: 2011.

Who knew that so many more Asians than hispanics are foreign born?

Here’s a brief overview from CaliforniaWatch, which unfortunately frames the normal difficulties of immigration as victimhood, e.g. “Asian Americans face language barriers,” etc.

For Asian Americans, educational attainment varies widely,, November 1, 2011

Asian Americans overall obtain high levels of formal education, but an analysis of recent census data reveals large disparities between Asian American ethnic groups.

The percentage of high school graduates is as high as 96 percent among Taiwanese Americans and as low as 61 percent among Hmong Americans, according to a report [PDF] released last week by the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice. The rate of bachelor’s degrees ranges from 12 percent among Laotians to 73 percent among Taiwanese.

These lower rates of educational attainment put some Asian American ethnic groups on par with Latinos and African Americans, the report found. Sixty-one percent of Latinos and 81 percent of African Americans have high school diplomas; 13 percent of Latinos and 18 percent of African Americans have bachelor’s degrees.

All together, 86 percent of Asian Americans have high school diplomas, and 49 percent have bachelor’s degrees, the center’s analysis of data from the 2007-09 American Community Survey found. Compared with other racial groups, Asian Americans have the highest rate of bachelor’s degrees, but their high school graduation rate is second to that of whites (90 percent).

Even though the data include both American-born and immigrant Asians, they reflect the various pathways Asian immigrants take to the United States, said Daniel Ichinose, director of the Demographic Research Project and Census Information Center at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center, which co-authored the report.

The majority of Asian immigrants who became legal permanent residents in 2010 – 62 percent – entered as immediate relatives of U.S. citizens or under family-sponsored preferences. Twenty-three percent immigrated under employment-based preferences.

“Educational attainment among Asian Americans in this country is really sculpted and shaped by immigration policies,” Ichinose said.

For example, 52 percent of South Korean immigrants came to the U.S. under employment-based preferences. According to census data, 92 percent of Koreans hold high school diplomas and 52 percent have bachelor’s degrees. On the other hand, just 1 percent of Vietnamese immigrants came to the U.S. under employment-based preferences. Vietnamese educational attainment was among the lowest of Asian Americans: 72 percent graduate from high school, and 27 percent finish college.

The report also notes that many Asian Americans face language barriers. Nearly three out of four speak a language other than English at home, and about one-third are limited-English proficient. Continue reading this article

Illegal Honduran Murders Woman in Walmart Parking Lot

In today’s America, nowhere is safe from illegal alien violence.

Doing some Sunday evening shopping at WalMart in a rural area proved to be a deadly decision for Kathleen Byham. When went to her car in the store’s parking lot in Albion, New York, she was approached by three men who demanded her keys. She resisted and was repeatedly stabbed by Honduran illegal alien Luis Flamenco and died after being taken to a local hospital.

The police arrested Flamenco hours after the stabbing. They were aided by eye-witness descriptions and surveillance video from WalMart cameras. The police also arrested the two accomplices, plus three other illegal aliens in the course of the investigation.

According to the victim’s father, Scott Byham, Kathleen, aged 45, had just gotten her PhD in art. He expressed hope that the legal system would show Flamenco the same mercy he had shown his daughter.

Reportedly, Flamenco was wanted on a parole warrant from Georgia at the least. Why would an illegal alien get a parole rather that a deportation? Inquiring minds want to know.

Woman shopper stabbed to death in random attack by illegal immigrant, Daily Mail (UK), November 1, 2011

An illegal immigrant has been charged with murder after stabbing a woman in a car park outside a busy superstore.

Luis A. Rodriguez-Flamenco is accused of repeatedly stabbing Kathleen I. Byham, 45 in the Wal-Mart car park west of the village of Albion in New York.

Rodriguez-Flamenco, 24, from Honduras was arrested after an all-night search by numerous police agencies.

He was refused bail and is being held in Orleans County Jail.

The stabbing happened at around 7pm on Sunday in the store’s car park at Route 31 and Gaines Basin Road in Orleans.

Orleans County Sheriff Scott Hess said the murder appeared to be a ‘random’ act.

Police said the victim had just left the large discount retailer after shopping alone when she was approached by three men – including Rodriguez-Flamenco, as she arrived at her car.

Mr Hess said: ‘She suffered multiple stab wounds to the torso. She was shopping by herself and was not with any of the three men’.

Ms Byham of Albion was rushed to Medina Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 7.40 pm. Continue reading this article

Major ICE Drug Bust Spotlights Illegal Aliens with Backpacks

Illegal aliens toting backpacks filled with drugs over a porous border are a basic component of cartels’ operations that make billions of dollars annually. ICE made a big bust on Thursday, and reports from phone taps revealed how an open border serves the Sinaloa cartel very well.

“Illegal immigrants carried the drugs over the border in backpacks, stuffed them into cars that were hidden in the desert via GPS coordinates, and then offloaded that so they could go on the freeway,” remarks the reporter William La Jeunesse in the video below.

We also see Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne observing that the border is NOT “safer than it has ever been” (according to DHS’s Janet Napolitano who defended the administration’s performance as recently as last week), but is instead “the most dangerous it’s ever been.”

More details about the bust:

Authorities Arrest at Least 70 Suspected Drug Smugglers in Major Bust in Arizona, Fox News, October 31, 2011

Authorities have reportedly seized thousands of pounds of narcotics and arrested 70 suspected drug smugglers in what they’re calling one of the biggest narcotics trafficking rings ever dismantled in Arizona.

An official close to the investigation told Reuters that the suspects arrested in Arizona have ties to a violent drug cartel based in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

“This is one of the more substantial drug-smuggling operations going on right now. This is a billion-dollar drug trade organization linked to the cartel,” the official told Reuters.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made the bust Thursday in the Phoenix area and areas south, including Casa Grande and Maricopa, after a 17-month investigation by local, state and federal officials.

Reuters reports that authorities confiscated drugs, money, weapons, ammunition and bullet-proof vests. The drugs were reportedly being smuggled from Mexico into Arizona by car, plane, on foot and through tunnels. Continue reading this article

Latest Minnesota Suicide Bomber in Somalia Is Identified

In Somalia, another young man who was raised in the United States has blown up himself and several others, 10 in this case.

Americans learned in a July hearing that more than 40 Somalis residing in the United States returned to their homeland to pursue jihad.

I’ve reported on Shirwa Ahmed, another suicide bomber (killing 30) who grew up in Minneapolis and appeared to be a well adjusted young man who attended the high school prom and shot hoops with friends. At some point, he rejected his American life and traveled to his homeland to kill for Allah.

Another Somali from Minnesota went kablooey earlier this year when Abdullahi Ahmed killed two African Union soldiers and himself in Mogadishu.

The latest Somali bomber has been identified as Abdisalan Hussein Ali, an immigrant who entered the United States at aged two. His example shows again how the usual American assimilation process doesn’t work when faced with such intractable cultures as Somali Muslim. Washington should stop admitting Muslims as immigrants and particularly so for Somalis before they start blowing themselves up in Minnesota and beyond. The diversity Kool-Aid has gone far enough.

Suicide bomber in Somali attack was reportedly from Minneapolis: Al-Shabab militant group identifies bomber as 22-year-old who moved to US at age two, MSNBC, October 31, 2011

MOGADISHU, Somalia — A man who blew himself up in an attack in the Somali capital on Saturday reportedly grew up in Minneapolis and was known by the FBI as one of 20 Somali Americans to have joined an al-Qaida-linked militant group.

Abdisalan Hussein Ali, 22, was suspected of being a member of al-Shabab, the FBI told

Kyle Loven, the FBI’s chief division counsel for Minneapolis, said Ali was a subject of “Operation Rhino,” an ongoing investigation into Somali youth traveling from the U.S. to Somalia to fight for al-Shabab.

Loven could not confirm whether Ali was indeed the bomber but told that the FBI was “awaiting results from DNA checks at this point.”

Al-Shabab posted an audiotape that they said was made by Ali before he blew himself up during an attack Saturday on an African Union base in Mogadishu that left at least 10 people dead.

The FBI could not confirm whether the audiotape was authentic but was investigating its credibility.

A spokesman for the Somali affairs unit at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi told that they had seen reports alleging that one of the bombers was an American citizen.”We have not been able to verify those reports,” Matt Goshko said.

In the tape, the young man, who would be at least the fourth American to become a suicide bomber in Somalia, urges other young people to not “just chill all day” and instead fight nonbelievers around the world.

The website (website not in English), often used by the al-Shabab militia, said the Somali-American bomber had emigrated to the U.S. when he was two years old. Continue reading this article