It's On: Referendum in Gear to Repeal California DREAM Act

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has hit the ground running with a referendum to disallow the new law giving taxpayer financial aid to illegal alien college students. Governor Brown signed the bill into law on Saturday and Donnelly filed the papers on Monday to begin the referendum process that will hopefully remove the despised law.

Assemblyman Donnelly’s organizing website is up: see Stop Citizens who want to help can send money or sign up as clipboard warriors to gather signatures on petitions. On Tuesday, the John and Ken radio show reported that Donnelly had received over 5,000 emails in the first 24 hours.

Many Californians are outraged that in this time of extreme financial crisis, a new entitlement has been created for illegal aliens that will cost an estimated $40 million annually and will aid lawbreakers to take college slots that should go to citizen kids.

Interestingly, a new IBD/TIPP poll found that 69 of Americans oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

California has had in-state tuition for illegal aliens since 2001.

Below, Assemblyman Donnelly roused the citizenry against the scourge of illegal immigration in California last spring.

Assemblyman files referendum with state, Victorville Daily Press, October 11, 2011 9:31 AM

Slamming the California Dream Act as “fundamentally unfair” to U.S. citizens, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly on Monday filed a referendum seeking to repeal the controversial law that grants state financial aid to illegal immigrants.

“You hear heartbreaking stories of some (illegal-immigrant) kids who are obviously very intelligent, and your heart breaks for them because their parents broke the law and you don’t want them to have to pay,” Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks, said by phone Monday evening. “But is it fair for every American citizen and every legal immigrant to have their dreams deferred so those illegals can have theirs?”

Assembly Bill 131 by Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, qualifies illegal immigrants who are accepted into California public colleges to receive Cal Grants, community college fee waivers and other state financial aid beginning in 2013. According to the legislation, state aid will only be dispersed to illegal immigrants after it’s been given out to all qualified legal residents or U.S. citizens.

“Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking,” Gov. Jerry Brown said in a statement after signing the bill into law on Saturday. “The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us.’”

The undocumented students must be working toward legal citizenship, have a high school diploma or equivalent and have attended a California high school for three years.

“Many of them were brought here when they were 5 or 6 years old, so they had nothing to do with the fact they are here,” said Richard Turnbull, trustee with the Democratic Club of Victor Valley. “The fact is it can only be a positive effect because they speak English already, they’ve already obviously passed all their prerequisites in order to be a university student or college student. … I believe that it is an investment in America’s future.”

But Donnelly argued the bill included no mechanism for ensuring legal residents get the aid first. He believes the Dream Act will incentivize more illegal immigration and that taxpayers shouldn’t be subsidizing the education of illegal-immigrant students, even if it was their parents who brought them here illegally.

“All children are subject to the consequences of their parents’ actions, and it isn’t the role of government to stand in the gap there and solve every problem because some parents have chosen to act irresponsibly, to put their kids at risk,” he said.

Egypt: Dozens of Coptic Christians Murdered

The so-called Arab Spring was a dinosaur media fabrication from the beginning, probably created to support their guy Obama’s program of naive outreach to retro and/or dangerous societies like Syria and Iran.

In Egypt’s Tahrir Square, liberal reporters swooned over the glorious revolution — a characterization that worked only when blinders were firmly in place. Scribblers wanted to imagine they were witnessing a historic transformation, but realists didn’t have to look far to see the same old Muslim Egypt. The gang rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan during a public celebration was a big hint that new freedoms weren’t for everyone: women weren’t invited to the party.

Neither are the Coptic Christians who comprise about 13 percent of the population. Many Muslims would prefer that the infidels just go away so sharia law can be instituted in the country. The hostility has worsened since Mubarak’s ouster. Periodic church burnings and violence have been part of Coptic experience in Egypt. However, this week’s street battles in Cairo were a major escalation, with army tanks attacking civilians, which can be seen in films. Two dozen were killed and a couple hundred wounded in the rioting.

Ezra Levant reported on the disturbing evidence:

American Apologies for History (Update)

Powerline notes that Obama planned on apologizing to Japan in 2009 for the US nuking two cities to end WWII, as revealed by Wikileaks. But Secretary of State Clinton advised the President that Japan would regard such a display as “deeply offensive.”

So the Apologizer-in-Chief apparently settled for performing his well practiced submissive bow:

In other apology news, the US Senate passed a resolution this week expressing regret for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, sponsored by California Senator Dianne Feinstein (and Sen Scott Brown, R-MA).

Why is this ancient history being dredged up now? Certainly Chinese have done very well in this country, as illustrated by Asian households having the highest incomes (above those of whites) and Asians have the highest average level of education (50% age 25 or above have at least a BA degree, compared with 28% of Americans as a whole).

Perhaps the diversity beast now must be fed with increasing actions of submission from white Americans to satisfy diverse residents who are feeling their political oats.

Anyway, many Chinese committed fraud to get into America under the scam known as “paper sons in which various Chinese aliens claimed to be related to someone already residing here, often for a price. The fraud could not be uncovered because so many records were destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. A recent controversy erupted when Mayor Ed Lee was revealed as not a real Lee (a powerful clan), but instead was a paper son beneficiary.

So the Chinese posture of moral superiority is hardly deserved. Can we Americans get an apology for thousands of fraudulent Chinese immigrants? It only seems fair.

Oh, and can a white American immigrate to the People’s Republic of China and become a citizen today?

Isn’t it curious how this diversity thing runs only one way?

Senate measure regrets 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, San Francisco Chronicle, October 10, 2011

(10-10) 15:59 PDT Washington — As it prepares to pass a bill this week to punish China for undervaluing its currency, the U.S. Senate has passed a resolution expressing regret for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and subsequent laws that banned most Chinese immigrants from the United States and denied them citizenship.

The resolution, S. Res. 201, was sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. and Scott Brown, R-Mass. It passed unanimously by voice vote on Thursday. The vote cleared the way for a companion bill in the House by Rep. Judy Chu, D-Monterey Park (Los Angeles County), who is the first Chinese American woman elected to Congress.

Large-scale Chinese immigration began with the California Gold Rush in 1848. After the federal government authorized and supported construction of the first transcontinental railroad during the Civil War, railroad companies recruited Chinese laborers to build the Pacific portions of the track and predominantly Irish laborers to construct the line from the East.

Worker recruitment was marked by kidnappings, misleading contracts and in some cases, sales of laborers. The resolution said the Chinese railroad workers “faced grueling hours and extremely harsh conditions in order to lay hundreds of miles of track and were paid substandard wages,” and that without their work, construction would have been “seriously impeded.” Continue reading this article

“Illegals Have More Rights!” Says Texas Blogger

The item below is a personal story from a Dallas-area writer, James H. Reza, who recently experienced the worsening anarchy on the highways caused by the law enforcement’s permissive treatment of unlicensed illegal aliens who nevertheless drive on American roadways.

Sadly, the preventable carnage caused by drunk and unlicensed aliens appears to be on the uptick, since authorities still find it troublesome to deal out the same punishments to foreigners that they give to citizens. Common sense measures to protect public safety (like Secure Communities) are rejected by liberal politicians, even after terrible crimes that could have been avoided by prudent foresight and basic law enforcement.

A recent example of liberal irresponsibility has been the death of young Matthew Denice in Milford, Mass., at the hands of a previously arrested drunk-driving illegal alien. Governor Deval Patrick has nevertheless clung stubbornly to his policy of maintaining a Sanctuary State for foreign criminals.

James Reza is a retired engineer of Mexican heritage who defines his own feeling by saying that “all American Hispanics are not thrilled with illegal immigration.” He condemns the open-borders lawlessness, which one day came close to killing his son-in-law:

Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than Americans!, by James Reza,, October 10, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Cecilia, my daughter, in a somber voice asked me, “Dad, can you pick up Landon (my grandson) at school?  Chris (her husband) just had a bad car accident on his way to pick him up.” As I drove to Nolan Catholic High, I saw a parade of cars on the road where Chris had his accident. Avoiding the congested road, I opt to go another route to Nolan.  After I picked up Landon I informed him of his dad’s accident and that we were going to the accident site to check on his dad.  When we arrived at the accident scene Landon and I were shocked. Chris’ car was totaled, as was the car that hit him.  It had rained and the roads being slick the driver who was speeding lost control of his car causing the bad accident.  As I assessed the accident I was surprised that Chris was not seriously hurt, thanks to his air bag, which according to police saved his life or serious body injuries.  As the police questioned Chris and the other driver I noticed that he didn’t speak a word of English nor his 3 passengers.  Folks, not only was the driver and his passengers illegal aliens, the driver didn’t have a driver’s license or car insurance.  Had the illegal alien who had no business driving killed my son in law, I think my daughter and my grandchildren would have faced a difficult time in their future lives without their dad who is a great father and provider for his family.

When I learned that the illegal alien who hit my son in law’s car had no license and insurance I became incensed, not only at the police who didn’t arrest all of them for being here illegally and causing a near fatal accident, but at the damn uncaring car dealers who advertise in their car lots “no licencia, no seguranza, no problema!” (No license, no insurance, no problem!) My fellow Americans, when are we going to send a strong message with our votes to all the worthless politicians in Washington, in our state and our cities, that we are fed up with all the illegal immigration mess!  Having lived in North Fort Worth, a predominately Hispanic community for almost 48 years I saw with my own eyes the untold number of atrocities committed by illegals and how they would return to their homeland without every being prosecuted for the misdeeds.  No matter how gruesome the crimes these illegals commit, the Mexican government will not extradite them if they are to face the death penalty.  What Mexico really means is, “feed them, give them their medical needs, incarcerate them for life, but just don’t kill them!” Folks, we shelter thousands of Mexican criminals with our tax dollars.

Last week, as I watched a crime TV series I was appalled at a crime a young illegal alien male committed no more than 30 miles from my house in Denton, Texas.  The illegal abducted a young teen girl, tortured and raped her, and then he torched her car and took off to Mexico to live with his grandparents.  Later, when he was extradited to face a jury they sentenced him to life.  After the trial ended the mother of the illegal young man went to the mother of the teen girl and asked for forgiveness.  At that moment I remembered when Gov. Perry in his TV debate stated (here I’m paraphrasing), “We help the children of illegal aliens get tuition help in their education because through no fault of their own their parents brought them here.”  When will politicians like Gov. Perry realize that not all children of illegals are here to get an education!  Many commit crimes as this young man did in Denton.  With this tuition help to the children of illegal aliens, Gov. Perry along with other politicians exacerbate the illegal alien catastrophic situation in our country. Continue reading this article

California Acts to Protect Unlicensed (and Illegal) Drivers

Gov. Jerry Brown, in an earlier official incarnation, recommended that politicians should “paddle to the left, paddle to the right.” But truth be told, Democrat Brown has been very left-wing, notably when he allowed state government employees to become unionized, which has been a major element in California’s sinking finances. His recent decisions show how well he fits into crazy-leftist Sacramento, where the Mexican tail wags the Democrat dog.

On Saturday, Gov. Brown signed the California DREAM Act into law which has already aroused a storm of protest among taxpayers.

On Monday, Brown okayed the non-impoundment of vehicles belonging to unlicensed drivers, making the highways far more hazardous. It was the only punishment for illegal alien drivers who don’t even get a handslap in this state. Now they will have zero reason to avoid driving.

Research done by the AAA Foundation titled “Unlicensed to Kill” found that unlicensed drivers are involved in one of every five fatal crashes. The purpose of licensing drivers is to protect public safety, something which is often forgotten because DLs have become the standard identification card.

Below is a July report (DUI checkpoints: Profit over practicality?, KABC Los Angeles) when the bill went through committee, where bogus claims were made that checkpoints were a scam for the state to make money. That was just to cover up the Raza objective of making life easier for illegal alien diversity, even though the legislation makes the highways more dangerous for everyone. Crime victim mom Ellen Rosenberg of Westlake Village appeared and held a picture of her son, Drew, who was killed by an unlicensed driver last year.

Jerry Brown OKs bills on autism, unlicensed drivers, San Francisco Chronicle, October 10, 2011

[. . .]
Brown also signed a bill prohibiting police from arresting many unlicensed drivers and impounding their cars at drunken-driving checkpoints.

Advocates for illegal immigrants backed the bill, AB353 by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, saying the immigrants are in a costly bind. They can’t obtain driver’s licenses, but must drive to support themselves, and were significantly impacted by the fees for impounded cars.

Under the law, police cannot impound a car at a checkpoint if the only offense was driving without a license.

Citation, no arrest

Officers must make a reasonable effort to contact the registered owner of the car, or a licensed driver authorized by the registered owner to pick up the car. Police may issue a citation for driving without a license but cannot arrest the driver.

Mark Silverman, director of immigration policy at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, said the law helps build trust between police and the immigrant community.

“It’s good for the immigrants, it’s good for public safety, it’s good for everyone but the towing companies,” Silverman said.

But Dan Rosenberg, who testified against the bill after his 25-year-old son was killed last year by an unlicensed driver in San Francisco, was furious when he learned Brown had signed the bill. He vowed to work to repeal it.

“He’s just sentenced hundreds of people to death this year by signing this bill,” said Rosenberg, who lives in Westlake Village (Los Angeles County).

Studies by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety have found that unlicensed drivers are more dangerous than licensed drivers.

Britain: Hundreds of Potential Suicide Bombers Bide Their Time

In the United Kingdom, security experts conservatively estimate that 200 Islamic suicide bombers residing in the country are ready to go. Police are considering the opportunities for mayhem afforded by the Olympic games taking place in London next summer. At the same time, Muslim jihadists could strike on any ordinary day, as four did July 7, 2005, when they set off bombs on their bodies and killed 52 Londoners on public transportation.

Britain’s constant level of deadly threat from Muslim immigrants should be a reminder to America of the insanity of welcoming potential enemies by the thousands every year, as diversity-crazed Washington continues to do. In fact, Muslim immigration is on track to increase in America. Could anything be more unwise from a national security perspective? If Muslim immigration is allowed to continue, we can expect to see similar behavior here. The only difference between the US and Britain is the number of Muslim immigrants, and we are catching up to the European level of foolishness.

Below, hostile Muslims residing in Britain demonstrated against returning troops in 2010.

200 suicide bombers ‘planning attacks in UK’, London Telegraph, October 8, 2011

At least 200 potential terrorists are actively planning suicide attacks while living freely in Britain, intelligence chiefs have warned ministers.

A senior intelligence source has revealed that the figure is a “conservative” estimate of the threat facing the country from UK-based Islamist suicide bombers.

The would-be killers are among 2,000 extremists who the security services have said are based in Britain and actively planning terrorist activity of some kind.

The figures are contained within a secret government report on the “enduring terrorist threat” facing the UK from al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations, The Sunday Telegraph has been told.

While the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki may have left al-Qaeda without a charismatic leader, both the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, and the Security Service, MI5, believe the organisation remains as dangerous as ever.

The warning comes as Britain begins preparations for next year’s 2012 Olympic Games, which has been described by MI5 as the biggest security operation in the country’s history.

But senior sources believe that rather than targeting Olympic venues, where security will be extremely high, terrorists will be tempted to attack areas where crowds are likely to congregate such as train stations and public events. Continue reading this article

California Governor Approves Taxpayer Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens

Doubtless Governor Jerry Brown received hundreds of thousands of messages, if not more, from citizens strongly condemning the Democrat legislation to give tax money to illegal alien college students. But he campaigned on the issue, so his decision to sign the bill into law is not surprising. Neither is Jerry’s disinterest in voter opinion, since the state electorate is allergic to voting for Republicans, as shown by the near-zero turnover in Sacramento in 2010.

Earlier reports put the dollar cost at over $40 million annually, but curiously today that figure has been whittled down to $13 million in the press.

Interestingly, the San Francisco Chronicle story linked below included a revisit with an earlier sob story example of a struggling illegal alien student, one Alejandro Jimenez, who was forced by cruel circumstance to mooch freebies at local food banks. (See Illegal Alien Che Fanboy) He now bemoans having nearly $10,000 in student loans, but is nevertheless planning to attend graduate school. However, his major is Ethnic Studies, so he can’t be too interested in making money, unless of course he lands a cushy gig at the top of some Raza organization working against the interests of America.

Below, Alejandro Jimenez shows his marxist allegiance on the walls of his dorm room.

Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for illegal immigrants, San Francisco Chronicle, October 8, 2011

Thousands of California students in the country illegally will be eligible to receive state financial aid to attend public colleges, as Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Saturday known as the California Dream Act.

But Brown ducked a costly legal battle over affirmative action by vetoing a bill that would have let California’s public universities consider an applicant’s race and sex in admission decisions.

“I wholeheartedly agree with the goal of this legislation,” Brown said in his veto message of SB185. But because of Prop. 209 – the 1996 constitutional amendment approved by California voters that outlaws “preferential treatment” on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in public employment, education or contracting – Brown said the courts, not the Legislature, should decide if changes can be made.

The decisions came as the governor continued to work through the hundreds of bills passed by the Legislature at the end of the session last month, including vetoing other measures dealing with charter schools and measurements of student performance. He has until midnight tonight to complete his work on 142 remaining bills.

The California Dream Act – AB131 – has been one of the most-watched bills on the governor’s desk. The law, which takes effect in 2013, still must be approved by the UC regents, but they are expected to support the measure.

Opponents favoring stricter immigration laws are warning that they will try to block the measure through a referendum on next year’s ballot.

Students excited

But undocumented students themselves cheered the news that they will be eligible to get financial help to attend the state’s public colleges and universities.

“Yeah!” exclaimed UC Berkeley student Gabriela Monico, who came from El Salvador at 15 in 2005. “I’m really excited – not just for me, but knowing that so many other students will be able to qualify for state aid.”

Monico, who joined her father in the United States and overstayed her visa, has paid for Berkeley with private donations and a job where she is paid through a third party. She’s been homeless and has sneaked into campus buildings to sleep.

The California Student Aid Commission, which administers Cal Grants, calculates that 5,462 undocumented students will be eligible for state aid in the 2013-14 school year, at a cost of slightly more than $13 million.

The cost to taxpayers will actually be higher than $13 million in any given year because many undocumented students also will be eligible for a fee waiver at community colleges for very low-income students, and others will qualify for institutional aid provided by CSU and UC.

At UC, that could amount to $4 million or $5 million a year, according to the university’s legislative director, Nadia Leal-Carrillo.

Opponents say the Dream Act will be a nightmare for taxpayers.

“Tuition rates have been going up, the universities have budget cuts of $1.2 billion and there are lotteries for classes – but if someone is here illegally, we roll out the red carpet,” said Tim Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks (San Bernardino County), who serves as vice chairman of the Assembly’s Higher Education Committee. Continue reading this article

Self-Deportation Working in Alabama

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is pleasantly plain-spoken on the subject of illegal aliens: he says he wants them to leave his state to open up jobs and improve services for the citizens.

The media is full of sob stories about lawbreakers leaving. But Rep. Brooks is not disappointed that illegals are packing up — that was the idea.

In the video below, the immigration discussion starts at around 2.30 in:

Alabama immigration law is working, Rep. Mo Brooks says, Politico, October 6, 2011

Many Hispanic students and workers have stayed home in response to Alabama’s tough new immigration law — and that’s the whole point of the measure, Rep. Mo Brooks said on Thursday.

The Alabama Republican told POLITICO in an interview that he does not consider the above-average number of absences “unintended consequences” of the law.

“Those are the intended consequences of Alabama’s legislation with respect to illegal aliens,” Brooks said. “We don’t have the money in America to keep paying for the education of everybody else’s children from around the world. We simply don’t have the financial resources to do that. Second, with respect to illegal aliens who are now leaving jobs in Alabama, that’s exactly what we want.”

U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled on Sept. 28 that Alabama can enforce the law’s requirements for schools to verify students’ immigration status and for police to determine citizenship and status of those they stop, detain or arrest. Police are allowed to arrest anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant during a routine traffic stop, under the law. (See the full discussion in The Arena.) Continue reading this article

Obama Admits His Deportation Numbers Are “Deceptive”

Some truth slipped out the other day when the President held a Q&A session in the White House for hispanic journalists.

Obama used that chat session to admit that his administration’s supposedly high numbers of deportations are “deceptive” because the stats count the quickie voluntary repatriations that occur every day on the border. These are the guys who keep trying until they make it past the Border Patrol and into the interior to steal US jobs.

At a time when jobs are among the top issues for American citizens, Obama doesn’t think job theft by illegal aliens is a problem and he even encourages it to inspire his illegal alien base.

Remarks by the President in an “Open for Questions” Roundtable, September 28, 2011

[. . .]
MR. LERNER:  Just to follow up, Mr. President, you just mentioned enforcement of immigration laws in the subject of deportations, and you said that many of those — or it’s aimed at criminals.  But until now, and until recently, it hadn’t been just criminals, or a majority of criminals, those that have been deported.  And also, you have been deporting much more immigrants than the previous administration did in eight years.  So laws didn’t change; enforcement was done even then.  Why that emphasis on deportation during your administration?

THE PRESIDENT:  Actually, what happened, if you look at the statistics, two things happened:  Number one is, is that there was a much greater emphasis on criminals rather than non-criminals.  And there’s been a huge shift in terms of enforcement, and that began as soon as I came into office.  That change has taken place.

Secondly, the statistics are actually a little deceptive because what we’ve been doing is with the stronger border enforcement we’ve been apprehending folks at the borders and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation, even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours, sent back — that’s counted as a deportation.  So we’ve been much more effective on the borders.  But we have not been more aggressive when it comes to dealing, for example, with DREAM Act kids.  That’s just not the case. Continue reading this article

Mexican Corruption Observed on Houston Construction Sites

In Texas’ largest city, construction workers are nearly all hispanics, but not because building is job Americans won’t do. On the contrary, Mexicans have somehow taken over those jobs and keep citizens out while demanding bribes (mordida in Spanish) of their countrymen. A man who wants a job has to pay a bribe just to start, plus a weekly payoff to keep his position.

When Mexicans come to America in the millions, they bring their diverse culture of corruption with them. Crime permeates Mexican society. Kiddies learn to bribe by paying teachers for better grades. One survey found that 87 percent of Mexicans have paid a bribe sometime in their lives.

Mexican racism plays a part in keeping out blacks; whistleblower Ricardo Charles said, “Blacks are out of the question.” White Americans are not hired either, because Mexicans prefer to be around others of their tribe.

The whistleblower says job-site bribery goes on across Texas, but it’s likely that the same sort of corruption occurs in other areas of high Mexican residence, based on cultural patterns of behavior.

This is job theft and corruption by Mexicans on an industrial scale. It directly harms American workers during a wretched recession in which accumulating years of unemployment has pushed some into poverty. Is there an official investigation, somewhere? Inquiring minds want to know.

Corrupt Mexican Construction Gangs Steal Millions in Texas:

Corrupt Mexican Construction Gangs Steal Millions in Texas, Fox News Houston, September 19, 2011

HOUSTON – These days, it’s just something you rarely, if ever, see: African-Americans laboring within the largely Hispanic construction crews working the Gulf Coast’s heavy industrial projects. 

Ricardo Charles says he knows exactly why and after 33 years in the building trade, he’s blowing the whistle.

== Black and White ==

Charles says those who run organized, largely Hispanic crews almost never hire willing African-American laborers.

“Oh no, blacks they are out of the question. Blacks are out of the question. Nobody wants a black person in there,” Charles insisted, a Mexican-American man.

The practice of rejecting black labor is deeply entrenched discrimination which extends to white workers as well, Charles says.

These men and women are effectively cut off from decent-paying construction jobs by secretive Mexican labor gangs.

“They are afraid that white people are not going to put up with their unethical acts,” Charles explained.

== The Mordida ==

He’s talking about bribes. They call it “Mordida” in Mexico, the bite.

“This is actually just like in Mexico. It’s not how much you know, it’s who you know,” Charles said.

For years, on nearly every major industrial construction site in Texas, workers have been quietly forced to pay the leaders of Mexican labor gangs hundreds of dollars up front just to obtain a job.

With each weekly pay-check, the kick backs from workers to gang leaders continue.

“It’s not only how much you pay to go in. You pay anything from $50 to $70 a week while you are in the project,” Charles insisted.

Anyone who objects to paying the price is quickly isolated and almost as rapidly cut loose from the job without cause.

“They have these groups that are going to harass you, they want to insult you, degrade you. They want to make it very, very hard on you. They want to make false accusations about you: that you don’t know how to do the job, you don’t know how to talk to them, but they are all in the same conspiracy. It is a gang, like organized crime,” Charles said. Continue reading this article

New Report Warns of National Security Threat from Narco-Mex

Serious national security experts say that the southern border is dangerously insecure, and Washington is in denial about the danger, ignoring Mexican narco-terrorism at America’s peril.

Texas border sheriffs participated in a press conference for the roll-out of a new report, Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment, written by Barry McCaffrey and Robert Scales who were also present.

The report warns that Mexico’s crime syndicates have escalated their aims and now want to control territory within the United States (as they already have succeeded in doing in southern Arizona) to make narco-business easier: “In effect, the cartels seek to create a “sanitary zone” inside the Texas border — one county deep — that will provide sanctuary from Mexican law enforcement and, at the same time, enable the cartels to transform Texas’ border counties into narcotics transshipment points for continued transport and distribution into the continental United States.”

Below, an illustration from the new report.

Texas Border Security Report, KFDM-TV, Beaumont TX, September 26, 2011

AUSTIN — From Texas Department of Agriculture – In an effort to protect U.S. citizens from spillover cartel violence while continuing to emphasize the critical need for enhanced Texas/Mexico border security, Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples today released “Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment.” The independent study, co-authored by retired General Barry McCaffrey and retired Major-General Robert Scales, was unveiled as part of the Protect Your Texas Border Summit at the Capitol.

Click here to read the entire Texas Border Security Report.

“Washington keeps telling us our border is more secure than ever, but this detailed military assessment, by two of America’s top generals, offers proof to the contrary,” Commissioner Staples said. “It’s time to shed the cloak of denial and protect our citizens and national security. Would Washington stand by and allow terrorists from Canada to make daily incursions into New York? The answer is a resounding, ‘No.’ We expect and demand that same level of protection in Texas. It’s time for Washington to uphold its constitutional duty to protect Americans on their home soil.”

Commissioned jointly by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Public Safety, the report offers a military perspective on how to best incorporate strategic, operational and tactical measures to secure the increasingly hostile border regions along the Rio Grande River. It also provides sobering evidence of why Texas landowners and officials have called for increased federal support to defend our southern border.

“During the past two years, the southwestern United States has become increasingly threatened by the spread of Latin American and Mexican cartel organized crime,” said Gen. Barry McCaffrey (Ret.). “I congratulate Commissioner Staples for his vision in creating awareness of the inadequate attention paid to violence stemming from the drug cartels in Mexico and Latin America.”

“The violence and ongoing threat to our security reflect a change in the strategic intent of the cartels to move their operations into the United States,” said Maj. Gen. Robert Scales (Ret.). “American cities and rural areas now have Latin American drug, gun and human smuggling cartels operating inside our borders.” Continue reading this article

Romney Smacks Perry on Immigration Permissiveness

Mitt Romney is a smart politician who knows an opportunity when one pops up.

Rick Perry’s clumsy defense for taxpayer subsidies of illegal alien college tuition was a complete failure in the Tea Party debate (where he was booed by the audience) and later in last Thursday’s Fox debate when other candidates slammed his laxity. Press commentary has followed, calling Perry’s coddling of foreign lawbreakers a critical flaw.

The response from Romney’s campaign is a new video ad, demonstrating Rick Perry’s similarity to President Obama on the topic of illegal immigration. Sweet.