Sen. Grassley: Three DUI Strikes and Illegals Are Out

According to Human Events, Senator Charles Grassley got an amendment passed in the Judiciary Committee that would make “habitual” drunk driving — meaning three arrests — cause for deportation.

Say, what’s wrong with one DUI being the deportation marker? The Grassley change would not have saved Sister Denise Mosier from drunk Bolivian Carlos Montano, who had two previous DUI arrests before the third one which killed the Virginia nun.

The Grassley amendment would not have saved young Matthew Denice (pictured) from being dragged to death by a drunk illegal alien from Ecuador. Nicolas Guaman had several previous arrests, including the assault of a police officer, but there were no earlier DUIs, and he was not deported.

A better idea would be the Scott Gardner Act first introduced by Rep Sue Myrick (R-NC) in 2005: the upshot of which is “You’re drunk, you’re driving, you’re illegal, you’re deported, period.”

She continues to re-introduce the bill in every session of Congress.

For some reason, the Human Events report emphasized Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Omar. At least he didn’t kill anyone, unlike many other drunk-driving illegal aliens; you can say that in his favor.

‘Uncle Omar’ amendment would send drunk driving aliens home, Human Events, February 3, 2012

America’s favorite drunk-driving illegal alien uncle could be on his way home if he continues his drunk driving ways.

At its Feb. 2 meeting, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 18-0 to pass an amendment by Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R.-Iowa), which would change current statutes to make habitual drunk driving cause for deportation, but Democrats voted to strike language that would have made the provision retroactive. Habitual drunk driving is defined as having three DUI convictions.

If it was retroactive, it would mean bittersweet homecomings for many out-of-status visitors to our shores.

It would also mean a difficult situation for “sanctuary” cities and towns that do not report illegal aliens they encounter to federal authorities. If each new drunk driving conviction equals one third of a guaranteed deportation, immigration law nullifiers may start charging drunk driving illegals with something else. Continue reading this article

Four-Minute Primer on the Muslim Brotherhood

The following video from Encounter Books is a brilliant use of Youtube for both marketing and education. It provides an overview of the premise of Andrew McCarthy’s new book The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America with a nifty cartoon format to explain the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and what it is doing now.

Encounter Books includes this blurb on its Youtube page:

The real threat to the United States is not terrorism. The real threat is the sophisticated forces of Islamism, which have collaborated with the American Left not only to undermine U.S. national security but to shred the fabric of American constitutional democracy. In The Grand Jihad, bestselling author Andrew C. McCarthy provides a harrowing account of how the global Islamist movement’s jihad involves far more than terrorist attacks, and how it has found the ideal partner in President Barack Obama, whose Islamist sympathies run deep.

Drunk-Driving Bolivian Nun-Killer Gets 20 Years

Twenty years doesn’t seem an adequate sentence for a death caused by drunk driving, but Judge Jon Farris thought the illegal alien killer’s apology was touching enough to merit a lowered sentence, and family tears were shed on behalf of the perp in court as well. Neither of the surviving victims appeared, who were seriously injured in the crash.

Not only was there an emotional apology, the killer said he found god in jail and had quit drinking. Plus, he says he wants to become an ordained minister.

So uplifting.

Below, crime victim Sister Denise Mosier and drunk-driving illegal alien Carlos Martinelly Montano.

Montaro had two previous drunk-driving arrests in five years, but had been released from jail prior to his deportation trial, after which he drove drunk into the car containing three nuns.

The case was a big embarrassment to the Obama administration which had professed to creating an immigration system that was tough on dangerous criminals and not so hard on the proverbial busboys. Unfortunately for Obama, the crash that killed Sister Denise Mosier occurred not far from Washington and couldn’t be ignored in the capital city. DHS Secretary Napolitano withheld records about the case which increased the suspicion that it was even dirtier than it appeared.

Plus, the DHS snooze-through illustrated how the federal government still does not regard drunk driving seriously enough to deport the dangerous foreigners who drive drunk. The agency promised to do better in the future, but that remains to be seen.

Carlos Martinelly Montano sentenced to 20 years in prison, WIJA, February 3, 2012

Carlos Martinelly Montano, a 23-year-old Bolivian national who had been set for deportation before he was convicted of killing a Prince William County nun and injuring two others in his third DUI offense, was sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison.

Martinelly Montano pleaded guilty in October to lesser charges of driving while intoxicated and driving without a license. During his trial, he was found guilty of felony murder.

At the last second before he was sentenced for killing a nun in a drunk driving crash, he asked to speak. Clutching a hand written letter, he read his statement to Judge Lon Farris.

“I am truly sorry,” Montano said. “I feel terrible. I have agonizing pain in my heart.”

“Ever since the accident, I have been deeply moved for the life and the damage I inflicted upon the sisters.”

Martinelly Montano admitted he was drunk while driving in Brisow on Aug. 1, 2010 when he hit a car carrying Sisters Denise Mosier, Charlotte Lange and Connie Ruth Lupton. Mosier was killed, while Lange and Lupton were both seriously injured.

He says he had a drinking problem that lead to the decision he made that morning.

While they were not in the courtroom today, Martinelly Montano says the other nuns have forgiven him for the death of Mosier. He says that mercy helped him fight off alcoholism and find religion in jail.

“I’m ready to take full responsibilty for my actions and I accept the consequences,”  he told the judge.

No one representing the nuns was present during today’s sentencing.

Judge Lon Farris said he lowered the initial sentence after Martinelly Martinelly Montano read the statement professing his remorse. Continue reading this article

Border Trash Is Still Piling Up by the Tons

According to the elite liberal media like the New York Times, the illegal immigration invasion is over, so we can all forget about it and concern ourselves with the Superbowl, the Oscars and getting around to an amnesty for mucho millions.

Meanwhile, down on the physical border (not the imaginary one of MSM’s collective imagination), illegals keep coming, as shown by the mountains of trash which accumulate. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality estimates border crossers dump 2,000 tons of trash each year. Local volunteers showed up recently to load up piles of trash for the dump.

The government has its own website for the problem,, as if picking up the garbage of millions of foreign invaders were the most natural thing in the world. Another indication of Washington’s acceptance of border anarchy is the EPA awarding $103K last summer to the Tohono O’odham tribe to help remove aliens’ rubbish.

Migrant trash piles up at remote U.S.-Mexico border areas, Reuters, January 29, 2012

Picking her way into the desert brush, Raquel Martinez gathered scores of plastic water bottles tossed in an Arizona desert valley near the Mexico border, often by migrants making a risky trek into the United States across increasingly remote terrain.

“We need more bags … there’s so much trash,” said Martinez, one of scores of volunteers helping clean up the dry bed of the Santa Cruz River about 10 miles north of the Mexico border on Saturday.

Trash tossed by thousands of illegal immigrants as they chase the American Dream has been a persistent problem for years in the rugged Arizona borderlands that lie on a main migration and smuggling route from Mexico.

The problem was compounded as immigrants and drug traffickers responded to ramped up vigilance on the U.S.-Mexico border by taking increasingly remote routes, leaving more waste behind in out-of-the way and hard-to-clean areas, authorities say.

“Migants used to follow the washes or follow the roads or utility poles,” said Robin Hoover, founder of the Tucson-based non-profit Humane Borders.

“Now they’re having to move farther and farther from the middle of the valleys,” he added. “They end making more camp sites and cutting more trails when they do that, and, unfortunately … leave more trash.”

Those making the punishing march carry food, water and often a change of clothes on the trek through remote desert areas that can take several days.

Most is tossed before they pile into vehicles at pickup sites like the one getting attention on the outskirts of Rio Rico, from where they head on to the U.S. interior. [. . .]

Interestingly, a Mexico-friendly publication sniffed out this article and included a sympathetic add-on from the invaders’ perspective. Those backpacks are so heavy, they complain, or bandits make them leave a mess. According to the aliens, the mountain of trash is not their fault.

Volunteers pick up after locals, migrants, Nogales International, Jan 31, 2012

[. . .] As for the migrants, deportees at a shelter in Nogales, Sonora acknowledged that some illegal border-crossers willingly discard their trash in the Arizona desert, but insisted that in many cases, others are to blame.

For example, Ubence Flores, a migrant from Comayagua, Honduras, said that “polleros,” or migrant guides, make the crossers get rid of their belongings when they arrive at a scheduled pickup point. The pollero puts everything in black plastic bags, like those found by the river on Saturday, and then throws them in a truck to be taken to a dumping site, such as in the trees along the Santa Cruz River.

Bandits also force migrants to leave their belongings in the desert, said Henry Alberto Osorio, another Honduran migrant. In this common tactic, he said, bandits threaten migrants, who flee as fast as they can. Then the bandits pick through the abandoned backpacks for valuables.

But other times, the difficulty of crossing desert terrain for days on end proves too much for migrants.

“It gets so heavy, sometimes you say ‘I can’t carry this anymore,’ and leave it,” Flores said.

Florida Result Shows Failure of Hispander Strategy

Those who think hispanics are one unified tribe with identical open-borders interests should ponder the Florida Republican primary election returns. Mitt Romney, the strongest pro-enforcement candidate we have, won 54 percent of the hispanic vote to the consternation of political leaders who say pandering to latinos about immigration and promising amnesty is required for Republicans to succeed.

Newt Gingrich, the slick hispander artist with limited interest in immigrant assimilation, scored poorly with only 14 percent of the treasured latino vote.

Naturally it helps that many Florida hispanic voters are Cubans and lean conservative. Still, the voting stats are a reminder that hispanic citizens are a diverse group, some of whom count jobs and the economy as their top concerns along with the rest of us.

Romney wins big among Hispanics in Florida primary, Washington Times, February 1, 2012

LAS VEGAS — Mitt Romney took a hard-line position on immigration into the Florida primary Tuesday and emerged victorious, signaling that his stance isn’t costing him yet, though it could still be a problem if he’s the GOP’s presidential nominee in November.

Mr. Romney won overwhelmingly among Hispanics in Florida, collecting 54 percent of their votes, according to exit polling conducted for the Associated Press and the major television networks. That’s even better than he did among non-Hispanic voters.

Newt Gingrich trailed well behind with 14 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Both Mr. Gingrich and immigrant-rights groups attacked Mr. Romney in Florida, arguing his rhetoric on immigration crossed the line. Mr. Gingrich ran an ad calling Mr. Romney “anti-immigrant” — drawing a stern rebuke from the GOP’s senior Hispanic lawmaker, Sen. Marco Rubio, who said the charge was out-of-bounds.

“We need to push back very strongly against this idea that unless you agree with the left’s specific ideas about immigration, somehow you’re anti-immigrant. I mean, that’s ridiculous,” Mr. Rubio said earlier this week on The Washington Times-affiliated “America’s Morning News” program. “Just because I don’t agree with some radical left-wing plan to deal with immigration doesn’t make someone anti-immigrant.” Continue reading this article

Ezra Levant Condemns Multicultural Media Framing of Honor Killing Verdict

Canada’s Sun TV continues to provide top-notch reporting and commentary on the recent trial of the quadruple honor killing in the Shafia family of Afghan immigrants.

In the video below, Ezra Levant rips the PC narrative created by Canadian mainstream media and points out the different standards of justice for Muslim women who are murdered by Muslim men — “the multicultural exemption.”

(This link at includes a non-Youtube version of the clip in case disappearing might occur.)

The Youtube channel of SDAMatt2a has more Sun TV coverage of the trial and reaction in Canadian society.

Canadian Journalist Michael Coren Explains Honor Killing

The interview below is the most honesty about Islam I can recall seeing on Fox News. Sun TV host Michael Coren appeared on Monday to comment on the guilty verdict in the honor killing trial of an Afghan father, wife and son who murdered three daughters and a polygamous wife #2 for becoming too westernized.

Coren pointed out that the police and media are afraid to connect such crimes with Islam, and made the distinction that honor killings are not some sort of domestic violence. He called honor killing “intrinsic to Islam” and noted that the “vast majority occur within the context of the Muslim faith.” Furthermore, honor killings are not even a crime in many Muslim countries.

Also noteworthy, Coren described how Muslims are permitted to lie to infidels in order to protect Islam. What a religion. How much more Islamic diversity can the West stand?

(The AP report about the trial’s verdict is here.)

Coren’s own show In The Arena has welcomed politically incorrect guests like immigration critic Peter Brimelow and others you never see on American television.

Hispandering Newt States His Support for English Carefully

Candidate Newt Gingrich certainly knows his target audience of hispanics, in particular that immigrants come for the Yankee dollar only, not to become assimilated Americans as earlier generations did.

As an example, Pew researchers found that among young second-generation hispanics, 62 percent identified themselves according to their ancestral home country or as hispanic/latino, not as Americans. By the third generation, only half self-identify as Americans. Raza diversity is strong.

The recent kerfuffle about whether Gingrich called Spanish a ghetto language included a revealing explanation for why he wants newbies to learn English, namely so they can make more money.

Note how Gingrich carefully chose the words of his response to the controversy to reflect the focused concerns of hispanic immigrants, who want loads of money but don’t want to become Americans:

‘Language of the ghetto’ not Spanish, Newt says, Politico, January 29, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on Sunday defended years-old remarks that have been interpreted as suggesting that Spanish is “the language of the ghetto,” saying they’ve been twisted by his opponent for political gain.
After a back-and-forth at a debate last week with rival Mitt Romney over the comments he made in 2007, Gingrich tried to make clear on “Fox News Sunday” that he wasn’t talking about Spanish. ”I never used the word Spanish in the conversation,” he said.

Still, Gingrich issued an apology in Spanish, creating the impression that he was talking about the language, which is spoken by a substantial proportion of the Florida primary electorate. “I wasn’t talking about any single language,” he said Sunday. “Go back and read the text. I didn’t reference any single language. English should be the language of every single student because it is the language” needed to “get ahead in America.”

“We don’t want anyone trapped in America not able to speak English because English is the language of commercial success and gives you a better job,” Gingrich said. Romney “turned that on its head and said something that was simply not true” in running an ad suggesting that Gingrich was specifically referring to Spanish.

Gingrich also tried to explain his use of the word “ghetto,” telling host Chris Wallace: “As you know well, ghetto was originally a term for Jewish neighborhoods in the Middle Ages.”

He could have said that knowledge of English is key to understanding and accepting American culture and values, but he didn’t.

It’s certainly true that speaking English opens up the employment universe to newbies, but that’s not the only reason to learn it.

Gingrich hopes that his little ruse won’t be noticed by the majority of citizens who actually believe that immigrants should join the national community of Americans and not be economic opportunists. A 2011 Rasmussen poll found “An overwhelming majority (73%) of voters say people who move to the United States from other parts of the world should adopt America’s culture, language and heritage.”

In addition, Gingrich uses his nuanced strategy to reach interested parties like Univision TV, Spanish-language radio, “bilingual” teachers and the Catholic church, all of which benefit from maintaining their piece of separate tribal turf.

Finally, it’s amusing to hear Newt rail against “elites” when his views on the dollar-sign primacy of the English language reflect their economic-assimilation values perfectly.

If Gingrich genuinely does represent majority opinion, then he should state unequivocally that speaking English is basic to becoming an assimilated and loyal American citizen.

San Francisco Archbishop Campaigns against Public Safety

On Saturday, Archbishop George Niederauer and a gaggle of open-borders enthusiasts (including gay Assemblyman Tom Ammiano) held a big confab at a San Francisco cathedral to complain about government deportation of criminal aliens. (Watch a local television news story here.)

Several reports of the event use the word “dragnet” which implies mass round-ups, e.g. California’s Catholic hierarchy takes stand against illegal-immigration dragnet in the Contra Costa Times.

On the contrary, the persons affected are already jailbirds. The policy being condemned is Secure Communities, a common-sense program where the immigration status of arrested persons is checked along with their previous criminal history using a federal database. Deporting them removes dangerous persons from the country.

The friends of crime diversity despise Secure Communities because it is a powerful tool in identifying and deporting invasive foreigners. The squawkers are happy to sacrifice public safety in order to advantage unfriendly invaders. In fact, a raza campaign against effective policing to protect citizens from crime has been going on for some time.

The move to dismantle police protection also extends to California lawmakers. The aforementioned Assembly member Tom Ammiano is about to submit legislation to undermine Secure Communities. (See California bill seeks to limit detention of arrestees facing deportation, LA Times, Jan 28.)

In addition, the timing of Niederauer’s event seemed crude, given that the San Francisco trial of Edwin Ramos is about to enter its second week. Ramos was the previously arrested (but not deported because of the city sanctuary policy) illegal alien accused of murdering Tony Bologna and his two sons in a mistaken-identity gang killing.

Here’s a report about the Archbishop’s shenanigans against law and order.

SF archbishop speaks against immigration program, Associated Press, January 28, 2012

A federal program that checks the immigration status of people booked into local jails is tearing immigrant families apart, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in San Francisco said at an interfaith gathering on Saturday.

“We cannot allow the pain of family separation and the fear amongst our communities to continue,” Archbishop George Niederauer said in comments directed against the federal Secure Communities program. “We need to respect the dignity of all our sisters and brothers, undocumented or not.”

Under the program, the fingerprints of individuals who are booked into jails are checked against the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s database. Those found to be in the country illegally face deportation.

More than 1,700 jurisdictions participate in the program, which has resulted in the deportation of more than 110,000 immigrants convicted of crimes, according to ICE. Continue reading this article

Military Diversity: Today's Bad Example

Candidate Gingrich thinks it would be a swell idea to have the DREAM Act cover only illegal aliens who sign up for the military, not persons who attend college. It would be the sort of “earned citizenship” program that politicians of both parties like way too much.

However, not all the diverse recruits are friendlies.

Consider a recent criminal case which came to resolution on Thursday. An ex-Marine pleaded guilty to the crime of shooting up the Pentagon causing over $100K in damage, which will likely get him sentenced to 25 years in prison. He managed to produce a film of himself firing the shots while he yelled “Allah Ackbar.”

The shooter, Yonathan Melaku (pictured), was an Ethiopian who came here as a child and graduated from Thomas Edison High School in Franconia, Virginia. He had plenty of opportunity to assimilate, but chose the path of the enemy.

Melaku is not the first diverse military guy to go bad by a long shot. Surely the worst is the accused mass murderer of Fort Hood, Major Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist who benefited from the idea that in the modern military, diversity is among the top values.

Another noteworthy aspect to this case is the media’s studied stupidity about the reason for the crime. The Washington Post titled a Jan 26 article, “Motive of shooter who targeted military sites is unclear”. The piece even mentions the perp shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

Apparently the press prefers mental illness as an explanation. An alien culture with 1400 years of warfare against outsiders doesn’t suit their multicultural ideology.

Accused Pentagon shooter Melaku pleads guilty, Associated Press, January 26, 2012

An ex-Marine from Virginia pleaded guilty Thursday and has agreed to serve a 25-year prison sentence on charges that he fired a series of overnight pot shots in 2010 at the Pentagon, the Marine Corps museum in Quantico and other military targets as part of what prosecutors called a campaign to strike fear throughout the region.

Prosecutors also revealed Thursday new details about Yonathan Melaku’s intended next target: Arlington National Cemetery, where he was arrested before he was able to carry out a plan to deface gravestones there.

As part of Thursday’s plea deal, Melaku, 24, of Alexandria, pleaded guilty to destruction of U.S. property, use of a firearm in an act of violence and intention to injure a veterans’ memorial, namely the cemetery. Prosecutors and Melaku’s lawyer agreed to a 25-year sentence as part of the deal, and U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee said he would agree to the sentence as well.

Formal sentencing was delayed until April so a pre-sentence report can be prepared and Melaku’s lawyer can request a mental-health evaluation for his client. Continue reading this article

Romney Supports Puerto Rican Statehood

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich both spoke at the Hispanic Leadership Network in Miami on Friday morning. Puerto Rican statehood was an important issue to some in the audience and it was brought for the speakers to opine.

Gingrich favored Puerto Rican statehood when he was Speaker as part of his blossoming hispander self, and that position has not changed.

On this day, Mitt Romney revealed that he also welcomes a Spanish-speaking island (over 95 percent) as a state in our union.

Following is a snip of the pertinent remarks:

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich Pressed on Puerto Rico Statehood in South Florida, ABC News, January 27, 2012

An hour later, Romney addressed the issue in his remarks at the conference, receiving a warmer response from the crowd, including from Cuevas-Neunder, who stood and applauded the former Massachusetts governor.

“I’m looking forward to the time when the people of Puerto Rico make their decision about becoming a state,” he said as the audience cheered. “Wow, we’ve got some friends here.

“I think it’s in November you’re having a referendum and I expect the people of Puerto Rico will decide that they want to become a state and I can tell you that I will work with [Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno] to make sure that if that vote comes out in favor of statehood, that we will go through the process in Washington to provide statehood to Puerto Rico.”

That’s further than he went with Univision’s Jorge Ramos Wednesday, when he said “my choice is to let them make their choice.”

What about the choice of the American people? Why don’t we get a referendum on whether we want a Spanish-speaking non-American state in the union? Culturally they are as distant as Haiti or Mexico. What if Haiti begs to become a state?

Puerto Rican statehood would be a dangerous doorway to universal Spanish bilingualism in America and cannot be allowed.

The English language is one of the few remaining connectors of national identity we have left. We shouldn’t weaken it further.

You can watch the event on C-SPAN.

School Indoctrination Starts Early

Former Senator Rick Santorum observed the other day that universities are indoctrination factories of liberalism. That’s hardly news, but discussing the obvious is becoming more necessary in these conflicted times.

Rick Santorum: Left uses college for “indoctrination”, CBS, January 25, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Wednesday that “the left” uses universities to indoctrinate young people for the purpose of “holding and maintaining power.”

After saying “we’ve lost, unfortunately, our entertainment industry,” Santorum told a Naples, Florida, audience that “we’ve lost our higher education, that was the first to go a long time ago.”

“It’s no wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college,” said the former Pennsylvania senator. “The indoctrination that occurs in American universities is one of the keys to the left holding and maintaining power in America. And it is indoctrination. If it was the other way around, the ACLU would be out there making sure that there wasn’t one penny of government dollars going to colleges and universities, right?”

But it’s worse than that. These days, the brainwashing starts in grade school because the increasing dropout rate among the diverse means that many will not make it to college and a major in ethnic or chicano studies. One example is the nationwide pattern of little kids who were made to sing worshipful songs about Obama after his election.

More recently, some Virginia third-graders supposedly penned a complex political ditty in praise of the Occupy activities, with lyrics like “I’m part of the 99″ and “They’re the one percent.” It seemed far too advanced for nine-year-olds to have produced, and an adult later fessed up that he wrote the song.

When I attended the 9th Circuit Court in November 2010 to observe the legal proceedings concerning Arizona’s enforcement law, there were lots of non-hispanic kids waving signs in favor of open borders and other raza issues. I talked to a blond boy and he told me it was a class project of their Berkeley middle school to attend, and not just as observers. Below is one of my photos from the event.

The years-long struggle in Arizona against the anti-American raza studies program in Tucson High School continues to bubble along. The legislature passed a law against the teaching of racist and seditious subjects in public schools which took effect at the beginning of 2011. A local court later determined that the law was proper.

Unsurprisingly, the indoctrinated kiddies hate having their daily dose of Mexican supremacism removed and continue to squawk wherever there’s a forum with the help of raza-promoting adults.