California Legislature Passes Legality-Lite Bills to Aid Illegal Aliens and Foreign Criminals

While states like Arizona and Alabama have succeeded to some degree in exerting more control over the illegal alien brigands in their midst, the California legislature is in a mad rush to legalize the millions in the state as far as it can.

One of the more egregious examples of power politics in the all-Democrat-run capitol was the unscrupulous technique called “gut and amend” to push through a bill that has not gone through the normal process.

‘Safe harbor’ for California illegal immigrants?, Daily News, August 23, 2012

Last winter, a Los Angeles-area lawmaker launched a petition drive to place an initiative on the California ballot. Its name was innocuous: The California Opportunity and Prosperity Act. Its aim was not: It would have allowed illegal immigrants to live and work in the state without fear of deportation.

Not surprisingly, the drive failed to get enough signatures, and that should have been the end of that.

But no. This week, Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes revived the effort to give as many as 2 million illegal immigrants “safe harbor” in the state. Using the sneaky “gut and amend” method of slipping controversial laws through the Capitol in the final days of a legislative session, the Democrat from Sylmar has turned a state Senate bill about vehicle pollution into a bill to make life easier for illegal residents.

Fuentes had told The Sacramento Bee the proposed ballot measure was a “moderate, common-sense approach” to immigration reform, and his spokesman told the newspaper this week that the effort “shows that we’re a compassionate state.” Both said it’s a reaction to the federal government’s failure to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

The state’s voters should be the judge of all that. Or, if such a significant change in such an important policy is to be considered in the Legislature, it should be done with time for careful thought and public comment, not in the frenzy of the last week of the 2012 session. [. . .]

California legislators must think the state has too much public safety to unleash foreign criminals with such abandon. It’s all up to Gov. Jerry Brown now to sign or veto the evil bills.

Following is an overview of the whole assortment of legislation that puts the pleasure of lawbreaking foreigners before the rights and safety of the citizens.

Flurry of immigration bills will test Gov. Jerry Brown, San Jose Mercury News, August 28, 2012

California lawmakers are pushing this week to pass four bills that would make life easier for immigrants living and working here illegally, but all require the support of a governor who chooses his immigration causes carefully.

Gov. Jerry Brown won praise last fall from Latinos and immigrant communities when he signed a law giving illegal immigrant college students access to state financial aid, but this season he must sift through a more complicated set of measures that opponents view as defying federal prerogatives.

The flurry comes in the last days of the 2012 legislative session and tests the compassion and political future of Brown, who supports a path to citizenship for California’s more than 2 million illegal immigrants but has repeatedly said the solution must come from the federal government.

Already on Brown’s desk is the Trust Act, which would partially pull California out of an immigration dragnet that has deported about 80,000 people from the state since Brown, as attorney general, signed a federal-state partnership in 2009. Continue reading this article

Sununu Aligns with Alien Amnesty

To the many establishment Republicans who believe as a matter of faith that a big amnesty for millions of foreign intruders is the key to future popularity, you can add John Sununu, the former Governor of New Hampshire. He apparently believes that the GOP can win the hispander bidding war against Democrats from Chicago.

Sununu urges comprehensive action on immigration, Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2012

[. . .] Asked in Spanish how a Romney administration might handle young people who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents, Sununu suggested that Romney might support a law to protect them – something that Romney himself has not said. Earlier this summer, before Obama announced his administration’s new policy, Rubio said he was trying to round up support among Republicans for a measure that would provide some type of legal status for the so-called Dream Act young people. Romney conspicuously did not endorse the idea.

Sununu appeared to take a step toward that. “We need to do something by law,” not just executive action, he said in Spanish. What one president does by executive action, a later president could undo, he noted. [. . .]

Did Sununu and the other R-suits snooze through the 2008 election?? Republican hispandering didn’t work then and there’s no reason to think it would work any better now.

Candidate McCain was a major amnesty promiser, and he had a history as a true believer (plotting with Ted Kennedy to reward foreign lawbreakers) so his offers were entirely credible. Discussing amnesty on Spanish-speaking Univision TV McCain declared he “would do it in the first day” of his Presidency.

But a generous pledge of mega-amnesty garnered Sen. McCain a pathetic 31 percent of the hispanic vote. (Even so, the failed candidate urged Mitt Romney to “tone down” his message of immigration enforcement with hispanics — so helpful!)

Does this abject failure deserve a second try? On what basis?

Hispanics know that the Democrat party offers the big trough of goodies, and they prefer an array of freebies to supplement their incomes rather than being self-sufficient. It’s a cultural thing. They come from a big-government culture and aren’t astute enough to understand that America offers more opportunity because of less government intrusion and more freedom — or at least it did until recently.

Research from Pew Hispanic informs us that hispanic immigrants prefer big government and do so for generations, unlike the traditional American population.

We shouldn’t forget the recent election in France, in which the Muslim vote provided the winning edge to Socialist François Hollande.

Demography is unforgiving.

Illegal Alien Kiddie Sob Story Outbreak, Just in Time for Republican Conclave

Is it just me, or is there a noticeable uptick in the Opravda media’s illegal alien sob stories, spiced up with children, conveniently coinciding with the Republican convention? The countdown to election day continues apace, and Obama needs his loyal press posse to step up their game with more of the same old crapdoodle: Republicans are mean… Democrats are compassionate… dear leader Obama loves little brown children, etc.

The Associated Press published a lengthy article on Saturday, loaded up with tearful photos of separated family members and sad stories.

Parents deported, what happens to US-born kids?, by Helen O’Nell, AP Special Correspondent, August 25, 2012

Alexis Molina was just 10 years old when his mother was abruptly cut out of his life and his carefree childhood unraveled overnight.

Gone were the egg-and-sausage tortillas that greeted him when he came home from school, the walks in the park, the hugs at night when she tucked him into bed. Today the sweet-faced boy of 11 spends his time worrying about why his father cries so much, and why his mom can’t come home.

“She went for her papers,” he says. “And she never came back.” [. . .]

Another item in the piece concerned a Mexican who brought her disabled son to get free-to-her medical care in stupid-generous America.

The concept of personal responsibility is curiously missing from emotional tales of youngsters who have been dragged across the border by lawbreaking parents, often putting the kids in danger. Or young children are sent north alone by manipulative family to wangle some sort of visa deal that will eventually include the whole family.

The Wall Street Journal reported 5/7/12 an “unprecedented surge” in unaccompanied minor border crossers (Child Immigration Is Rising). One impetus cited was Mexico’s new law allowing non-Mexicans kids to remain and cross into the US for “humanitarian” reasons. A contributing factor is America’s increasing willingness to let them stay (e.g. the foster care visa), another example of how the fish rots from the head down.

The press always thinks the family separations of economic fleebags are America’s problem to sort out, as welfare agency to the world. The media squawks loud and long about the incongruity of little children in the court system, but never blames the lawbreaking parents whose irresponsible behavior created the situation.

The New York Times kid-deport article featured an apple-cheeked moppet, Liliana Munoz, age 6, posed with a doll for the piled-on pathos the press loves:

Liliana’s parents left her in Mexico at age 2 to unlawfully enter the US to make money, and only later had her sent via Coyote Shipping Inc. They are lucky she is safe and wasn’t raped or killed on her illegal border crossing — a fate that affects too many children.

Such are the mythical Mexican family values we are supposed to respect.

The press ignores that the truly humanitarian, kid-friendly policy would be to shut the southern border down tight and punish (not reward) illegal crossers, using tough enforcement programs. If foreigners knew their lawbreaking would not result in a better life than the one they have, then they would stay home rather than endanger their own and their children’s lives. They might eventually put as much energy into reforming their homelands as they spend on getting to the US illegally. And if foreigners stayed home, then scribblers wouldn’t have easy-to-write boilerplate articles about a beloved victim class.

Young and Alone, Facing Court and Deportation, New York Times, August 25, 2012

The immigrant who was facing deportation rose to his feet, in a clean T-shirt and khaki pants several sizes too large, with his name — JUAN — printed on a tag around his neck.

But the judge could not see him. Juan’s head did not rise above the court’s wooden benches.

Juan David Gonzalez was 6 years old. He was in the court, which would decide whether to expel him from the country, without a parent — and also without a lawyer.

Immigration courts in this South Texas border town and across the country are confronting an unexpected surge of children, some of them barely school age, who traveled here without parents and were caught as they tried to cross illegally into the United States.

The young people, mostly from Mexico and Central America, ride to the border on the roofs of freight trains or the backs of buses. They cross the Rio Grande on inner tubes, or hike for days through extremes of heat and chill in Arizona deserts. The smallest children, like Juan, are most often brought by smugglers.

The youths pose troubling difficulties for American immigration courts. Unlike in criminal or family courts, in immigration court there is no right to a lawyer paid by the government for people who cannot afford one. And immigration law contains few protections specifically for minors. So even a child as young as Juan has to go before an immigration judge — confronting a prosecutor and trying to fight deportation — without the help of a lawyer, if one is not privately provided.

So far this year, more than 11,000 unaccompanied minors have been placed in deportation proceedings, nearly double last year’s numbers. Continue reading this article

Socialist-run France Faces Up to Its Hostile Muslim Allies

Things are getting interesting in France, in a bad way. This spring, Muslim voters provided the edge to elect the Socialist candidate, François Hollande. The Sons of Allah may be feeling their oats, now that they can claim a professed Islamo-friendly pol, a man who campaigned ethnically using a rap song that celebrated “Niggas in Paris.” That attitude was a big change from law-and-order candidate Nikolas Sarkozy who lost in his effort for re-election due to the changing demographics caused by immigration.

One possible result: the mid-August rioting in the city of Amiens that followed the familiar pattern of arson and violence against police.

Below, a video report of “youths” burning down buildings and attacking police. The government promises “improvements in housing and to offer a wider range of services” — mission accomplished!

Of course, Muslims will burn and pillage at the drop of a turban for any imagined slight, as occurred famously in the 2005 nationwide mayhem that lasted for weeks, and other smaller instances of civil unrest, e.g. in Marseille, Grenoble and the Normandy town of Evreux, to name a few.

Hollande’s election was supposed to bring Socialist-style kinder gentler policing and more handouts to keep the diverse “youth” pacified. But it’s doubtful there can ever be enough welfare goodies to satisfy the Allah bunch, and there’s nothing like an episode of domestic destruction to remind the elites of the demands (more like extortion) of deprived immigrants.

CNN’s report (France: Rioting in Amiens leaves police hurt, buildings damaged) noted “burned-out cars and the charred wreckage of a kindergarten and a sports center.”

There were follow-up stories of concerns about continuing violence: the BBC reported that French police were on “high alert” in case of more rioting, because copy-cat violence is popular in Islamized Europe. Two police were shot on Friday during urban unrest in the Paris suburb of Grigny, which certainly must add to the government’s jitters.

Hollande is stuck in a bed of his own making now. He campaigned on passivity toward Muslims and the socialists who have hopped on the Islam train. The recent events in Amiens must make him realize that a major blow-up is possible that would dwarf the 2005 anarchy and substantially weaken his Presidency.

So Mr. Hollande’s government is making law-and-order sounds about cracking down on no-go zones and such. Soeren Kern explains, and he does so without using the euphemisms of the obfuscating mainstream press referring to “youths” etc.:

France Seeks to Reclaim ‘No-Go’ Zones, by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, August 24, 2012

Despite the scale of the damage, French police have hesitated to make any arrests for fear of sparking more riots. Residents of the neighborhood know the names of the perpetrators but “nobody dares to speak for fear of reprisals.” “You can no longer order a pizza or get a doctor to come to the house.”

The French government has announced a plan to boost policing in 15 of the most crime-ridden parts of France in an effort to reassert state control over the country’s so-called “no-go” zones: Muslim-dominated neighborhoods that are largely off limits to non-Muslims.

The crime-infested districts, which the French Interior Ministry has designated as Priority Security Zones (zones de sécurité prioritaires, or ZSP), include heavily Muslim parts of Paris, Marseilles, Strasbourg, Lille and Amiens, where Muslim youths recently went on a two-day arson rampage that caused extensive property damage and injured more than a dozen police officers.

The crackdown on lawlessness in the ZSP is set to begin in September, when French Interior Minister Manuel Valls plans to deploy riot police, detectives and intelligence agents into the selected areas. The hope is that a “North American-style” war on crime can prevent France’s impoverished suburbs from descending into turmoil.

If the new policy results in a drop in crime, Valls is expected to name up to 40 more ZSP before the summer of 2013. Continue reading this article

Huma Abedin's Islamist Background Is Explained

I’ve written several posts on the important national security subject of Huma Abedin, the Secretary of State’s close aide, who has disturbing connections with the Muslim Brotherhood gang which is bent on creating a worldwide caliphate, starting with the Middle East where the project is going quite well in Egypt and beyond.

The controversy is somewhat dense, starting with five Republican members of Congress writing sober letters to relevant agencies inquiring whether Abedin had undergone proper background checks, for which they were condemned by the GOP establishment and the obedient media. Former prosecutor of terror cases Andrew McCarthy spoke up in defense of the Congresspersons in a detailed argument presented at the National Press Club, where he summarized, “Ms. Abedin had a very lengthy affiliation with an institute founded by a top figure at the nexus between Saudi terror funding, Brotherhood ideology, and al Qaeda’s jihad against the United States… No one I know, least of all me, is contending that President Obama or Secretary Clinton needed Huma Abedin in order to develop Islamist sympathies.”

Below, President Obama praised Huma Abedin’s patriotism at his deluxe Ramadan dinner at the White House on August 10.

Ezra Levant of Canada’s Sun TV recently presented a brief explanation of “Who is Huma Abedin?” showing her activities in jihadist Muslim organizations. Why is such a person plugged in at the highest level of the American government? Inquiring still minds want to know.

Democratic Convention Welcomes Hostile Muslim Diversity

The Opravda media has informed us that the Democratic National Convention set to re-coronate Barak Obama for a second term will be a celebration of diversity, with a special emphasis on women’s issues.

It’s curious then that the Dems are welcoming an unsavory bunch of Muslims, a tribe justly famous around the world for its crude sexism and how Muslim immigration reduces the freedom of women. The group is known as the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA) and its website exhorts followers to attend the DNC for all the fun Islamic activities, like a mass prey-in, a fancy banquet and a cultural festival plus plenty of complaints about “Islamophobia” and focus on the “plight” of Muslims residing in meanie America.

According to investigators who keep track of who’s who among the hostile Muslim community, we should be wary of leader Siraj Wahhaj, listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing, and Jibril Hough, who has declared his allegiance to Islam and sharia over the US Constitution. These are not people who want to become assimilated members of the American community.

Terror expert Erick Stakelbeck explains in the video below that BIMA’s appearance at the DNC means to show domination of Islam over every other belief:

The same bunch under another name was responsible for the 2009 prey-in at the US capitol as a show of strength:

Zuhdi Jasser also finds BIMA’s welcome at the DNC to be disturbing, to say the least:

The Trouble with “Jumah at the DNC”, by M. Zuhdi Jasser, August 5, 2012

It is troubling that the Democratic National Convention has decided to promote and lend its name and national political platform to the organizers of the “Jummah at the DNC”. The leaders of this event – Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj as advertised are no moderates. They are radicals. These individuals embrace Islamist supremacy and have demonstrated support for radical ideologies.

A quick Google search by the DNC would have shown them that Hough and Wahhaj are leaders in the separatist American Islamist movement. While they may be able to get a few thousand Muslims to attend the event, they are NOT going to be mainstream Muslims.  Most will likely come from Hough and Wahhaj’s radical networks that have long been entrenched in the Charlotte area. Make no mistake they are part of the Islamist movement.

This is not about their right of assembly; this group under a different name pulled the same stunt at the US capitol in 2009 claiming 20k and getting 2-3k. THIS IS ABOUT the DNC calling this an “official function” listing these radicals as typical of the DNC community and more importantly about this organization speaking out AS representing supposedly typical American Muslims (or “Mainstream”).

If that is who the DNC is consorting with then all Americans, Democrats should be concerned. There are many patriotic Muslims who are part of both parties, and when radical ideologues like this do a demonstration of “solidarity” in the name of our faith and choose an imam like Siraj Wahhaj who I saw with my own eyes in 1995 seditiously say it his duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the US Constitution with the Quran — then we need to speak up! Continue reading this article

Mexifornia Briefly Delays Implementation of DREAMy Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens

It was reported in a Bay Area paper a week or so ago that drivers licenses for illegal alien DREAMers was a done deal in California. Who would doubt it? Sacramento pols can hardly restrain themselves in redistributing wealth from American citizens to illegal aliens, e.g. in-state tuition for illegal alien college students, taxpayer-funded financial aid for illegal alien college students, even as the legislators decided to close dozens of state parks.

Anyway, the deal for state identification/DLs is not quite a fait accompli, apparently. There is still an attempt to maintain the appearance of law, even in the thug state of Mexifornia. The end result will be the same though.

Dems try to give young illegals licenses, San Francisco Chronicle, August 23, 2012

Democratic legislators are working with Gov. Jerry Brown and Department of Motor Vehicles officials to provide driver’s licenses to hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants now eligible to work under President Obama’s new “deferred action” policy.

“In the past, the argument against providing driver’s licenses has been that it would be rewarding someone who has broken the law,” said state Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco. “But now we’re talking about people who, by definition, have not broken any laws.”

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, announced by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in June, allows undocumented immigrants younger than 31 who were brought to this country illegally before they were 16 to apply for protection from deportation for a two-year renewable term. It applies to young people who are in school, completed school or served honorably in the armed forces and who do not have serious criminal records.

It’s a much-watered-down version of the Dream Act for young immigrants, which Obama and his fellow Democrats have been unable to get through Congress.

But while the eligibility standards for the new program are clear, it is far less certain what the effects will be in California and the rest of the nation.

States set the rules
When it comes to driver’s licenses, for example, each state sets its own eligibility rules, said Ann Morse of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Governors in Texas, Arizona and Nebraska, for example, already have promised to block any efforts to provide driver’s licenses or any other state services to young people under the deferred action program.

“The question is how the states want to treat this new class” of applicants, she said. “And one of the questions that’s still unanswered is what documents the federal government will provide under the new program.”

The document question is at the center of the California talks. Democrats who control the Legislature would like to see an administrative order that automatically grants the more than 400,000 immigrants eligible for deferment the right to a driver’s license. DMV officials, however, argue that even with such an order, they might not be able to grant the licenses legally.

“It appears that young people who receive federal deferrals will be eligible for California driver’s licenses, but it remains uncertain whether clarifying (state) legislation or regulations will be necessary,” said Michael Marando, a spokesman for the DMV. Continue reading this article

British Newspaper Examines Witchcraft Diversity

The Daily Mail has not been a big supporter of the changes to British society wrought by mass immigration diversity, reporting on topics like immigrant violence, welfare benefits for polygamists, and separate neighborhoods declared by Muslims to be sharia-law zones. One subject the paper has followed in a straightforward manner is the influx of sorcery-related beliefs and behaviors, largely from Africa though not entirely so.

By comparison, the politically correct BBC published an Aug 14 article Witchcraft-based child abuse: Action plan launched with no mention of the problem’s foreign cause. In fact, one abuse expert assured the public that the problem was due to “cruelty not culture,” as if white English persons were normally holding sorcery rituals to harm children.

Of the various barbarities brought by uber-diverse immigration, one the worst is witchcraft, because many of the victims are children. If a kid acts up a lot, he may be accused of being possessed by a demon and require torture to exorcise.

Not only do believers treat disobedient kids with exorcism but children can be used as human sacrifice, as apparently happened to a Nigerian boy (dubbed Adam, pictured) whose torso was found in the Thames in 2001 after he had been chopped up for use in barbaric rituals. (See my blog Decade-Long Mystery of Adam Is Semi-Solved.)

Either way, kids lose. Along with the rest of Britain and the civilized rational world.

The recent report from the Daily Mail, filled with photos of victims and perps, helpfully reviews the sorry history of witchcraft-based crimes against children and adults that show no sign of letting up.

Britain’s voodoo killers: This week a minister warned of a wave of child abuse and killings linked to witchcraft. Alarmist? This investigation suggests otherwise, Daily Mail, August 15, 2012

They appeared to be upright and decent members of our society. She dressed smartly, and had worked for Marks & Spencer.

He drove a top-of-the-range Mercedes and spent his spare time coaching a local women’s football team.

But unbeknown to their neighbours and friends, this couple living in their suburban London flat led a terrifying secret life.

They practised African black magic or voodoo, and on Christmas Day in 2010 they murdered a teenage boy in the belief he was a witch.

To rid the 15-year-old of his ‘demons’, the couple attacked him with knives, sticks, metal bars, a hammer, pliers and a chisel until he begged to die.

After three days of torture, Kristy Bamu was put in the bath and hosed down with cold water to get rid of the blood on his body. Horribly injured, he slid under the water as the bath filled up, and drowned.

Details of Kristy’s murder were revealed at a trial at London’s Old Bailey which ended earlier this year.

Football coach Eric Bikubi, 28, and his partner, Magalie Bamu, 29, Kristy’s sister, were each sentenced to life imprisonment for killing him at their eighth-floor apartment in Newham, East London.

The case was a shocking reminder of how witchcraft, with its roots in Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean, is now practised in the heart of our multicultural cities and towns.

Nine days before Kristy’s death, a mother disembowelled her four-year-old daughter to ‘exorcise evil spirits’ at her home in Hackney, London.

Shayma Ali strangled the child before stabbing her 40 times with a kitchen knife because she believed she was possessed by a spirit referred to in the Islamic holy book, the Koran. Continue reading this article

California Will Distribute Drivers Licenses to Illegal Alien DREAM Schemers

Now more details are coming out about King Barak’s unconstitutional amnesty. And in California at least, that means government IDs/drivers licenses for the masses of illegal aliens.

Below, illegal aliens lined up for their handouts in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

After all, the DREAM moochers need to drive to the jobs they will steal from American citizens — which is particularly bad news in California, where the unemployment rate was 10.7 percent in July, the nation’s third-worst state job-wise.

By contrast, in Arizona Governor Jan Brewer took action to block state identification and other benefits going to President Obama’s special little friends.

Besides the job loss to California residents, there is also a national security threat inherent in handing out state identification to anyone can pass for under 50 who shows up. Advertising that California is the go-to place for IDs seems unwise, since broadcasting that fact is a huge magnet for bad guys from jihadists to crack dealers.

Young illegal immigrants will be eligible for California driver’s licenses, By Matt O’Brien, San Jose Mercury News, August 16, 2012

California will issue driver’s licenses to hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants once the Obama administration grants them work permits, the state Department of Motor Vehicles says.

The state’s decision is the opposite from Arizona’s, where Republican Gov. Jan Brewer on Wednesday afternoon signed an executive order outlawing driver’s licenses for anyone who benefits from the new federal deportation relief.

One legislator said most Californians oppose licensing illegal immigrants and predicted renewed debate over the issue.

The Obama administration left it up to the states to decide if they will issue driver’s licenses to the young people brought to the country illegally as children but now eligible for temporary work permits.

Arizona was the first to say no, and California — home to more than 400,000 young immigrants expected to qualify — the first to say yes.

A 1993 California law banning driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants remains in place, but the DMV will treat as “temporary legal residents” anyone who qualifies for the federal deportation relief program, meaning the state ban no longer applies to them, DMV spokesman Mike Marando said Wednesday.

“California law is not changing. California is and remains a ‘legal presence’ state, however those applicants approved by (the Department of Homeland Security) will become temporary legal residents,” Marando said.

That did not sit well with Southern California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia.

“I think there’s going to be a huge debate right here in California over that very issue,” said Donnelly, a vocal opponent of illegal immigration. “The vast majority of Californians are adamantly opposed to giving driver’s licenses to illegals.” Continue reading this article

Rep. Poe Seeks to Deport ALL Convicted Alien Felons

Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) is an astute fellow when it comes to crime. As a former prosecutor and judge, he understands the necessity of harsh punishment for stubborn offenders. He sees the consequences of crime as well, shown by his leadership of the Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus.

One of his issues has been to force recalcitrant nations to accept their deportable criminal aliens. Poe’s solution, in the Deport Convicted Foreign Criminals Act HR 3256, has been to end diplomatic visas for irresponsible countries, and if that doesn’t get the miscreant’s attention, then stop other sorts of visas. (Read his introduction to the bill on the House floor, Oct. 25, 2011, Deport Foreign Criminals or watch a video).

The difficulty here is that the Supreme Court has ruled that illegal alien criminals cannot be held indefinitely if their homelands refuse to take them back. As a result, some very violent foreigners have been released onto American streets and have committed terrible crimes.

Today’s update from Fox News (below) includes some egregious cases of horrific murders committed by released foreign felons, two of which I have reported earlier.

One awful crime was the murder of beloved grandmother and community member Lois Decker, 73 (pictured below). Her killer, Shafiqul Islam of Bangladesh, had been convicted of child sex abuse in 2008 and was supposed to be deported, but was eventually released instead because his country wouldn’t take him. (For details, see Illegal Alien Bangladeshi Is Sentenced for Murdering Hillsdale NY Grandmother.)

Last March, an undeported Vietnamese, Binh Thai Luc, killed five Chinese in San Francisco using a hammer in a particularly brutal attack. (See Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam.)

Following is Tuesday’s report. Note how a major obstruction to protecting public safety is the State Department, which is one of the more unaccountable agencies in Washington. It’s disappointing even a scaled-back bill looks to be going nowhere — another sign that the safety of American citizens counts for zero in the capital city.

Rep raises alarm after murders by illegals blocked from deportation by home countries, Fox News, By William La Jeunesse, August 13, 2012

Long after they were ordered out of the country, thousands of criminal aliens from places like China, Cuba, Vietnam and Pakistan remain free in the United States to commit new crimes because their home countries refuse to take them back.

For years, this unique problem percolated under the political radar. But recent crimes by immigrant felons have lawmakers scrambling to punish nations that refuse to repatriate their own citizens. The Obama administration and many Democrats in Congress, however, are blocking punitive legislation, preferring to let the State Department handle the issue diplomatically.

Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, is leading the charge in Congress to change the law, pushing to withhold visas to nations that refuse to take back their own.

“I don’t know why the State Department seems to take the side of foreign countries over our own American interest in the United States,” Poe said, urging the U.S. to tell those countries: “Look, you take these people back or the consequence is going to be no visas for your nation.”

Under a 2001 Supreme Court decision, U.S. immigration officials are only permitted to hold someone for six months after their incarceration. So when a home nation refuses to take back their national, the U.S. is required to release them — no matter what they’ve done.

The issue recently came to Poe’s attention after three especially heinous crimes were committed by men ordered deported years ago.

In June, a judge sentenced 22-year-old Shafiqul Islam, a Bangladeshi national, for the murder of 73-year-old Lois Decker.

“This man was a dangerous criminal,” said Hudson New York District Attorney Paul Czajka. “He should not have been in the United States. At the very least, he should have been in detention.”

Islam murdered Decker after serving a year for sexually assaulting a child. After his release from prison, a judge ordered Islam deported.

Bangladesh, however, refused to take him back. Because of the 2001 high court ruling, Islam stayed in the country. Continue reading this article

College Freshman Indoctrination Begins with Summer Read of Illegal Alien Saga

It’s been a long time since I attended college, so the idea of a summer book assignment for all incoming freshmen is new to me — which I learned from a cheerful segment on taxpayer-funded NPR.

Not that a required book reading is a bad notion per se, but look at the choice. Out of many thousands of suitable titles in print  — Moby Dick!  Team of Rivals! — the selection of “Enrique’s Journey” is an insult to traditional American values, like sovereignty. These days, it’s unfashionable to address issues of law and fairness, because having the proper emotional response is more valued in academia.

The book started out as a series of articles in the Los Angeles Times, noted in 2003 by Joe Guzzardi in And the Loser Is… America!. The paper also published a series of accompanying photos, apparently chosen for their emotional appeal.

The articles/book followed the trek of a Honduran boy crossing illegally into the United States to join up with his mother, also an unlawful entrant.

Plus, there is also a website for the book, which includes ways that persons touched by Enrique’s struggle can “help” foreign lawbreakers — specifically where to send money.

The professors who chose the book may have thought that starting off with Marx might be too challenging for young readers.

Interestingly, NPR interviewed Rick Mayes, associate professor of public policy from the University of Richmond, about his use of the book in his classroom:

“It’s a great book, and the students do respond to it very emotionally. We, at the University of Richmond, we try to take the learning out of the classroom and into the community as best we can. And this book is a great catalyst for that. We end up taking them to two local destinations. One is a free health clinic that ends up serving a lot of the people that are described in the book by local clinicians. And we get to interview both the patients and the clinicians who devote their lives to it. And that produces another kind of emotional response when they see people who have very basic health needs that aren’t met.”

Everybody gets trained as a community organizer filled with touchy-feely empathy for the diverse downtrodden — that’s college education for too many these days. Look at the Occupiers. They graduated the liberal curriculum and pitched their tents on public property with a list of vague but insistent demands for social justice.

Below, kindergarten kids in Atlanta celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with an ethnic potluck and paper sombreros, illustrating how early the diversity propaganda starts. Why don’t schools teach kids like them America’s history and culture as was once done?

You can listen to the NPR program at the link below:

College Freshmen Learn From ‘Enrique’s Journey’, National Public Radio, August 13, 2012

LYNN NEARY, HOST: Every summer, many incoming college freshmen get their first assignment: common reads. Colleges and universities assign the same book for freshman to read over the summer and follow it up with a discussion once they arrive on campus. Up first in our Freshman Reads series is Sonia Nazario’s widely read book “Enrique’s Journey.” Since its release in 2006, freshmen across the country have been absorbed by the story of a Honduran boy’s perilous trek across borders in hopes of reuniting with his mother in the United States after 11 years of separation.

It continues to be on the reading list of not just colleges and universities, but common reads for many cities, as well. Sonia Nazario joins us in a moment. But first, we want to hear from you. If you’ve read “Enrique’s Journey,” what did you take away from it? Our number is 800-989-8255, and our email address is You can join the conversation on Twitter. Tweet us @totn. Sonia Nazario won a Pulitzer Prize for her 2002 reporting on the real-life journey that is “Enrique’s Journey.”

We turned her reporting in the book. And Sonia Nazario joins us now. She turned her reporting into a book, and Sonia Nazario joins us now by phone.

Welcome to the program, Sonia.

SONIA NAZARIO: It’s an honor to be here. Thank you, Lynn.

NEARY: Now, your book revolves around a very important, very sensitive, very timely topic in this country right now: immigration. So why do you think that is a good subject for a book that freshmen will be reading as they start college?

NAZARIO: Well, I think in terms of college, a lot of colleges look for a checklist of 10 different things that they’re looking for in a book. And much to my delight, “Enrique’s Journey” had a lot of those elements. I think what’s unique about it is that it broadens an awareness of cultures other than what most people know, and it promotes global awareness, which is one of those things on that checklist. But it’s also about something that’s happening in a lot of these students’ backyards. Continue reading this article

Diversity in Hard Times: Violence Heats Up over Immigration in Greece

Are diversity and one-worlderism worth social breakdown and civil war? Greece is asking that question, and its officials seem to take the danger of civil turmoil seriously, as evidenced by their round-up of illegal aliens recently, although massive deportations have not yet been seen.

In fact, the New York Times reported (As Greece Rounds Up Migrants, Official Says ‘Invasion’ Imperils National Stability, Aug 6), Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias declared, “Our social fabric is at risk of unraveling… The immigration problem is perhaps even greater than the financial one.”

According to most of the media, Greece’s misery and unrest is completely due to its economic situation, which is certainly very bad. But not everyone agrees with that characterization, clearly, when an official calls the unwanted influx the nation’s “greatest invasion ever.” Greece is the on-ramp of Europe, where illegals find it easy to enter Europe from Africa and Asia. It’s estimated that 10 percent of residents are illegal aliens, and many are young men of employable age — that’s rough in a country where the most recent unemployment rate was 23.1 percent (May). More than half of young people under 25 are jobless — 54.9 percent.

The most recent violence has been a firebombing of the office of the Golden Dawn, a political party which calls for tough immigration enforcement and a pro-Greek agenda. The attack followed a murder of an Iraqi in Athens which was called a racist act.

The tribal violence is regrettable, but predictable. The Greeks are acting like typical humans, hard-wired to protect their group’s interests.

The graph included (from Pew’s 2007 report, World Publics Welcome Global Trade — But Not Immigration) illustrates the point that that diversity is not a popular value among our species. That stubborn bit of human nature is the reason liberals propagandize diversity as the highest good starting in the earliest years of school to indoctrinate children. The Pew graph doesn’t include Greece, but a poll released in April (Most Greeks Support Clampdown On Illegal Immigration, Poll Shows, Bloomberg News) found that 61.7 percent approved of police identification checks and arrests of illegals.

We all like our own tribe the best because we feel safe among those who share our values and understand our jokes. When diversity gets out of hand and the citizens are harmed by the lawbreaking newbies, then anger results.

So America should learn from Greece’s example, not merely to avoid spending off a cliff, but also to return to being a nation of laws, where the Obama vision of selected groups having special rights is rejected.

Anti-immigrant party office in Greece firebombed, Associated Press, August 13, 2012

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Authorities say arsonists have firebombed an Athens office of a far-right, anti-immigrant party, a day after the suspected racist murder of an Iraqi man in the Greek capital.

The fire brigade says nobody was hurt in Monday’s attack on the Golden Dawn facility in the central Pangrati area. The assailants escaped arrest.

The party, which rejects the neo-Nazi label, won 18 of the Greek Parliament’s 300 seats in June elections by running on an anti-immigration, nationalist platform.
Debt-crippled Greece is the European Union’s main entry point for illegal immigrants.

The government has sought to blunt Golden Dawn’s rising influence by placing illegal immigrants in detention camps pending their deportation.

The party’s ascendance has been coupled with growing reports of attacks on immigrants. The Iraqi’s attackers remain at large and unidentified.

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