Saudi Women Avail Themselves of American Victim Visas

Word must be spreading around the planet that America, despite its worsening proximity to financial Greecification, is still a soft touch for diverse victims needing free stuff on the taxpayer’s back. Yep, the US is social services purveyor and flophouse to the world.

Unsurprisingly, the “victim visa” categories (U for general crime sufferers and T-1 for sex workers) are total fraud magnets, where a black eye counts for more than a college degree.

The latest recipients are Saudi women, one of the most genuinely oppressed groups on earth, who somehow learned about available goodies in America even in their curiously cloistered lives. (One recent example of subjugation: Saudi women can now be electronically monitored by their male owners and the government.)

In 2007, I investigated the system of freebies for persons, mostly females, who can convince authorities that some crime has befallen them: Victim Visas–How America Stupidly Rewards Misfortune and Fraud. Then in 2010, the Obama administration noticed the U Visa as yet another portal for illegal aliens as the numerical limit (10,000 plus family members) was reached for the first time. Incidentally, since nearly all immigration comes from misogynous cultural diversity today, it’s not surprising that more foreign women seek rescue from their piggyman relatives when they see the freedom of American women.

Now the usual suspects are clamoring for an increased number of victim visas. What could possibly go wrong?

Not that many Saudi women have escaped their slavery to US welfare offices . . . yet.

Saudi women get U.S. ‘victim visas’ following family disputes, Al Arabiya, November 18, 2012

Five Saudi women living in the United States replaced their student visas with “victim visas” following disputes with male members of their families.

The women, whose change of status renders them ineligible for financial support from Saudi Cultural Bureau in Washington DC, were accompanying their families to the United States and went to court after they got into fights with their husbands or brothers, the Saudi edition of al-Hayat newspaper quoted a source from the bureau as saying.

One of those women, the source explained, is a student currently living with her children in an orphanage because of a dispute with her husband. Continue reading this article

India Executes Mumbai Islamic Terrorist

On Wednesday morning, Indian authorities hanged Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist in the Mumbai attack of November 26 — 29, 2008. The multi-site raid was mounted by 10 men of the Pakistan Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, killing 166 and injuring more than 300.

Cameras caught Kasab as he prowled the Mumbai train station where 58 were murdered, as part of the attack that included 11 targets, including the iconic Taj Hotel, also pictured below.

The PBS’ production “Mumbai Massacre” was chilling in its detail:

The New York Times noted the reactions of some family members of the victims:

What They Said: Families of Mumbai Terror Victims React to Gunman’s Execution, November 21, 2012

The relatives of those killed in the November 2008 terror attacks expressed relief over the execution of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman, who was hanged by the Indian authorities Wednesday morning in Yerwada jail. Justice has finally been delivered, many said.

Ragini Sharma, the widow of S. K. Sharma, a railway ticket collector: She expressed gratitude to the president and said, though it was delayed, but “we did get justice,” according to Samay Live, a television news station.

“I am happy that it was done secretly, otherwise some human rights people would have opposed it,” said Ms. Sharma, who lost her husband in the terror attacks. [. . .]

It’s good that the victims are satisfied that some justice was achieved by a mass murdering jihadist being hanged. A horrific crime requires the ultimate punishment.

Perhaps the execution will inspire the fearful, politically correct US Army to move forward with the trial of Fort Hood mass murderer Maj Nidal Hasan. The trial for the 2009 crime has been postponed for months over silly arguments about whether Hasan must be shaved to appear in court, with predictions that the “trial could start in 2012″. What’s the holdup here? Get on with it.

One might suspect that the Army fears the obvious conclusion of executing a Muslim, even as the victims’ families would like justice for the massacre in which Hasan killed 13 and wounded 29 others to please Allah.

Back to this week’s execution. . .

India executes last surviving Mumbai attacker, sparks celebrations, Reuters, November 21, 2012

India secretly hanged the lone survivor of the Pakistan-based militant squad responsible for a rampage through Mumbai that killed 166 people, sparking celebrations days before the fourth anniversary of the assault on the financial capital.

Pakistan national Mohammad Ajmal Kasab was the enduring image of the bloody assault, which traumatized India and raised fears of copycat attacks on foreign cities. Pictures of the boyish gunman wearing a black T-shirt and toting an AK-47 rifle as he strode through Mumbai’s train station were published around the world.

Kasab was executed on Wednesday morning amid great secrecy, underscoring the political sensitivity of the November 26, 2008, massacre, which still casts a pall over relations between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and India.

“All the police officers and personnel who lost their life in the battle against the terrorists have today been served justice,” Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said after Kasab was hanged in a jail in Pune, southeast of Mumbai.

Kasab was charged with 86 offences, including murder and waging war against the Indian state, in a charge-sheet running to more than 11,000 pages.

It was the first time a capital sentence had been carried out in India since 2004. There was celebration on the streets of Mumbai and other cities as news of the execution spread, but militant groups in Pakistan reacted angrily, as did residents of his home village of Faridkot.

People set off fireworks and handed out sweets in Indian cities. Some held up photos of Kasab with a rope noose superimposed over his head.

Attack survivor Vishnu Zende, who was working at Mumbai’s train station where nearly 60 people were killed, said the execution brought it all back.

“When I heard the news of Kasab’s execution today, I remembered those horrifying moments of the attack,” Zende said.

“My eyes were filled with tears.”

An effigy of Kasab was hung by the neck from the entrance gate of the station by a right-wing local party. A crowd of about 30 shouted “Pakistan murdabad” (death to Pakistan) as they beat the effigy, which had shoes hung around its shoulders.

In Pakistan, a senior commander of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant group, which India blames for the assault on Mumbai, called Kasab a hero and said he would inspire more attacks. Continue reading this article

FBI Arrests Four Would-Be Jihadists in Southern California

Still more immigrants have rejected America for a life of hyper-Islamic mass murder. In the current case, three out of four are foreign born.

The young men are part of a trending uptick of increased Islo-terror plots. As analyst Walid Phares noted in 2010, “According to open-source reports, between 2001 and 2008, U.S. agencies stopped one or two terror attempts a year. However, from 2009 until today, the government has been uncovering one or two cases a month, a troubling growth in jihadi activities.”

Another study found 45 terrorist plots were foiled in the decade following the 9/11 attacks.

Hostile Muslims apparently believe they are on a roll around the world to establish an Islamic caliphate of totalitarian sharia rule, and the belief shows up in increased jihadist activity. Muslim immigration continues to be an unwise public policy, to say the least

Below, two of the four mega massacre hopefuls: Ralph de Leon aka Rafiq Abdul Raheem (left) and Arifeen D. Gojali.

One interesting aspect is that Sohiel Omar Kabir, 34, is said to have converted Ontario resident Ralph Deleon, 23, and Upland resident Alejandro Santana, 21, to the doctrine of killer Islam. How did that conversation go?? “Hey guys, let’s all go jihad and murder American infidels for Allah.”

Kabir was born in Afghanistan and served in the Air Force from 2000 to 2001, although the documents did not specify why he spent only a year in the service.

FBI: Four Local Men Arrested in Terrorist Plot to Kill Americans, KTLA, November 19, 2012

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KTLA) — Four Southern California men have been charged with plotting to join Al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan in order to kill Americans.

According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California, the defendants conspired to provide material support to terrorists in preparation for or in carrying out: conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim, or injure persons and damage property in a foreign country, killing and attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States, killing nationals of the United States, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the United States; and bombing places of public use and government facilities.

The defendants, listed below, are also known by alias identities listed in the criminal complaint.

•Sohiel Omar Kabir, 34, a former resident of Pomona and naturalized United States citizen, born in Afghanistan.

•Ralph Deleon, 23, of Ontario, a lawful permanent resident alien, born in the Philippines.

•Miguel Alejandro Santana Vidriales (further described herein and in the criminal complaint as “Santana”), 21, of Upland, a lawful permanent resident, born in Mexico and whose application for citizenship is pending in the United States.

• Arifeen David Gojali, 21, of Riverside, a United States citizen.

The complaint, which was unsealed today during the defendants’ initial appearance in U.S. District Court, alleges that in 2010, Kabir introduced Deleon and Santana to radical and violent Islamic doctrine and various extremist material, including essays and lectures by now-deceased Al Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula leader, Anwar Al-Awlaqi. Continue reading this article

Government Instructs Immigrants on How to Mooch Benefits

Welcome to the Land of the Free. . . Stuff! That’s the message being sent loud and clear by Washington to immigrants. No wonder they keep coming.

Not that long ago, a would-be legal immigrant was required to show he wouldn’t become a “public charge,” meaning newbies would be self-supporting, not scrounging taxpayer-funded benefits. In fact, that prerequisite was spelled out in the Immigration and Nationality Act:

(4) Public charge
(A) In general
Any alien who, in the opinion of the consular officer at the time of application for a visa, or in the opinion of the Attorney General at the time of application for admission or adjustment of status, is likely at any time to become a public charge is inadmissible.

But such legalities seem so un-compassionate and old-fashioned these days. The current atmosphere is one of welcome for new ethnic residents, in spite of 23 million American citizens being under- or unemployed.

Part of the new generosity (despite the nation’s $16 trillion debt) is illustrated by the government website,, providing instructions for newly arrived foreigners to rip off er, obtain welfare benefits.

Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants in government ‘welcome’ materials, Daily Caller, November 18, 2012

Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your new country can do for you.

“Welcome to,” a website maintained by the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), bills itself as the “primary gateway for new immigrants to find basic information on how to settle in the United States” — featuring a prominent section for new immigrants about how to access government benefits.

“Depending on your immigration status, length of time in the United States, and income, you may be eligible for some federal benefit programs,” the Web page reads.

“Government assistance programs can be critically important to the well-being of some immigrants and their families. Frequently, however, there is a lack of information about how to access such benefits. Benefit programs can be complicated and you may be given misleading information about how they operate.”

The DHS page offers links to government websites that explain how to access benefits including food stamps, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, Medicare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and the “official website with information on all available federal benefit programs,” with a nonworking link to Continue reading this article

Singing Jihadist Sentenced to Life in Prison for New York Bomb Plot

A Brooklyn federal courtroom was clownified on Friday as an immigrant jihadist warbled a little Islamic ditty to celebrate his murderous religion and invite the judge to join up.

The singer, also known as Adis Medunjanin (pictured), 28, was being sentenced to life in prison for plotting to blow up subway cars jammed full of Americans, after being found guilty of the crime last May.

Interestingly, Medunjanin is himself an American citizen, having come here at age 10 from Bosnia with his parents. He graduated from Flushing High School but was not impressed by America’s generous welcome or its western system of law and society. So he traveled to Pakistan along with two school pals, Najibullah Zazi and Zarein Ahmedzay, hoping to join the Taliban and kill US soldiers. They ended up at an al Qaeda camp where they were convinced to return to Queens and murder on American territory.

It’s noteworthy that if the Bosnian were an illegal alien, he would be a perfect Dreamer, having lived for much of his young life in this country, supposedly absorbing our culture and values. Except assimilation didn’t happen at all. Medunjanin hates everything about this country, having cooked up an Islamist-leftist stew in his mind of despising both infidels and capitalism.

Weren’t Bosnians supposed to be the “moderate Muslims”? — a category now apparently as realistic as unicorns, given instances of actual behavior. Muslim immigration is a bad policy, dangerous to public safety and national security, and should be stopped.

Al Qaeda-trained wannabe subway bomber sings Koranic verses as he’s sentenced to life in jail, New York Post, November 16, 2012

It’s too late to sing a sad song now.

The Queens man who trained overseas with al Qaeda and plotted a suicide bombing on the city’s crowded subway system sang Koranic verses in open court today as he was sentenced to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

Bearded terrorist Adis Medunjanin, 28, broke out in song as he, defense attorney Robert Gottlieb and federal prosecutors stood at the foot of Judge John Gleeson’s bench in Brooklyn federal court.

In fact, Medunjanin wearing a black suit and white dress shirt, announced his intentions to Gleeson.

“I would like to be praising God in Arabic,” he said. “As a Muslim, it is my duty to invite you into this great religion.”

After singing prayers in Arabic, Medunjanin read verses from the Koran in English as his parents, sister and extended family members watched from the gallery.

He then launched into a verbal assault on the US and blasted its foreign policy and overseas wars, condemning torture and mass killings.

“I ask you, what is democracy? What kind of system endorses torture? I ask you, is this really the best system that humanity has ever produced?”

He also criticized the very wealthy and questioned why so many suffer from hunger in the world.

“I would like to ask, in what kind of world are we living – full of hate and lies? The rich keep getting richer. The poor keep getting poorer. Oppression is on every corner. I ask you, where is the peace?”

“I ask all the people who worship the money: When we die, can we bring the money with us? We have so much food, we could feed all the world.” Continue reading this article

Gallup Post-Election Poll: Just 37 Percent Support Path to Citizenship for Illegals

Silly Republicans learning the wrong lessons from the recent electoral debacle should study the recent opinions gleaned from the little citizens. According to Gallup’s pollsters, the re-election of Obama has apparently not made Americans want to give up law and sovereignty in order to please foreign lawbreakers. A strong majority (62%) want illegal immigration stopped.

The following chart is from Gallup’s November 15 poll: Economy, Entitlements, Iran Are Americans’ Top Priorities.

Of course, the hispandering effort isn’t aimed at Americans as a whole (so 20th century) but toward the new grabby entrants from the south, millions of whom got here via earlier amnesties from 1986 on, plus now-adult anchor babies who benefited from an ongoing (and unpopular) misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment.

Decades of Washington rewarding lawbreaking foreigners and their failures to function adequately in society have created a tribal cadre of uber-entitled underachievers, whose demands for government goodies including amnesty are unquenchable forever. It’s hard to end an addiction to free stuff, particularly when the addict doesn’t want to quit.

For example, a 2010 Pew investigation (Illegal Immigration Backlash Worries, Divides Latinos) found that only 13 percent of hispanics thought illegals should be meaningfully punished, i.e. deported, as reflected in the graphic below. (Read my analysis of the study: Pew Hispanic Report: Tribe Loyalty Trumps Patriotic Assimilation.)

The actual project of assimilating hispanics to traditional American values requires far more effort than a little surrender of sovereignty. The liberal media culture has been promoting values of permissiveness and tribal diversity for decades, which has affected newbies along with everyone else. Many schools from kindergarten upwards don’t teach American history and values any more, often preferring the diversity curriculum, the opposite of what Victor Davis Hanson described in his excellent school memoir, The Civic Education America Needs.

Pew research also informs us that hispanics prefer big government, compared with traditional Americans, and do so for generations. (Policy wonks on the right, the ones who think hispanics are “natural conservatives”, should ponder this result.) So weaning hispanics from the generous government trough to embrace American freedom is a big job.

Britain: Sharia Law Expands

CBN’s Islam investigator Erick Stakelbeck visited London recently to see how cruel, misogynous sharia is increasing in scope there — as a result of diverse Islamic immigration as it happens.

In the Tower Hamlets neighborhood of London, hostile Muslims have posted signs declaring the place to be a sharia zone, meaning infidels, particularly women and gays, are not welcome. When Stakelbeck asked British jihadist pest Anjem Choudary how sharia would change the park where they were speaking, Choudary replied that ALL women would have to burqa up. Of course. Islam is all about who’s on top, and it sure isn’t women or non-Muslims.

Why would anyone allow these barbarians to immigrate en masse to their country? A recent poll of Muslims residing in the United States found that 40 percent believe they should be judged by sharia law, not the US Constitution. As Stakelbeck noted later in the piece, there have been around 50 court cases in at least 23 states where sharia law was cited in some way, so creeping Islamism is here too.

Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain, CBN News, November 15, 2012

LONDON — Stoning for adultery. Amputations for theft. Death for apostates. And second-class status for Christians and Jews. This is life under Sharia law, the Islamic system practiced in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain.

Yes, Great Britain.

There are reportedly some 85 Sharia courts now operating there, with Islamic judges ruling on cases ranging from financial to marital disputes among British Muslims.

“We went into some proceedings and there were a couple of Islamic judges sitting up above the rest,” said Alan Craig, who recently stepped down as leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party. “And there was one Muslim woman who was suing for divorce.”

Craig is a former city councilor in East London, home to several Sharia courts where women face open discrimination.

“A woman’s witness value is half that of a man,” Craig told CBN News. “So [the courts] will tend, therefore, to take the man’s position in a divorce.”

Craig is working with Baroness Caroline Cox to pass a bill in Britain’s House of Lords protecting women from this Sharia oppression. Continue reading this article

French Media Disregards Patriot Demonstration

On Saturday, hundreds of traditional French citizens marched against the millions of Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate to Western civilization. The French said they did not want to submit to totalitarian Islamic sharia law.

The pro-diversity French press was uninterested, however CBN’s Dale Hurd was in Paris to make a report. (I posted about this gathering on Sunday, but Hurd’s details warrant another look.)

The demonstration followed an earlier patriotic event when a group called Generation Identitaire occupied a mosque under construction in historic Poitiers where invading Muslims were defeated in 732, and raised a sign demanding an end to Muslim immigration.

French Media Ignores Protest against Radical Islam, By Dale Hurd, CBN News, November 12, 2012

A patriotic march for French values and culture, and against radical Islam, was virtually blacked out by France’s politically correct media.

Over the weekend, protestors chanted against Islamic fascism and about the French victory over Arab invaders in 732 A.D. It was the first march of its kind in France.

A broad coalition of groups from across France came together because they feel like they are losing their country to radical Islam, Sharia law, and a politically correct establishment that encourages the spread of Islam.

“Sharia law is slowly being enforced in our country and we want to march here to protest that because our government is doing nothing,” one French demonstrator said. Continue reading this article

California: Sikh History to Be Taught in Schools

Welcome to the new improved California, now with a Democrat supermajority in state government and an increased dedication to utopian diversity. Surely earthly paradise is about to break out in the Golden State with such a confluence.

One item in diversity bliss is the decree from Sacramento, signed by Gov Jerry Brown into law in September, that Sikh history would be taught as a part of the curriculum in California schools. School superintendent Tom Torlakson visited a middle school on Saturday to proclaim the good news of expanded mandatory education about diversity, the state religion.

Too bad a violent Sikh-on-Sikh ethnic rumble occurred the very same day — unfortunate timing, that.

Apparently one faction of the tribe was miffed at another, and brought those famous knives to the fight:

Stabbings, melee at Yuba City Sikh temple, Marysville Appeal-Democrat, November 10, 2012

Two men were stabbed, a third was assaulted, more than a dozen were pepper-sprayed and several others were hurt Saturday night during a brawl outside the Tierra Buena Sikh Temple in Yuba City.

“It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened here,” said Dave Chima, a temple director. “It’s just awful.”

No arrests were made, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department said. [. . .]

But not to worry, California students will learn that Sikhs have a lovely gentle culture, and the kids probably won’t hear about the 1985 terror bombing of an Air India airliner that killed 329 people, long blamed on Sikh militants.

Diversity enriches us all, doncha know.

Sikh Awareness, CBS 47 TV, November 11, 2012

Dozens of people met inside Lincoln Middle School in Selma Saturday to listen to the state superintendent of schools, Tom Torlakson.

Torlakson informed folks that changes are coming to the history and social studies curriculum being taught in our public schools due to the recent passage of senate bill 15-40

By 2014, textbooks will feature images and information which tell the story of the Sikh community

“Their contributions over the last 100 years to the economy of California and bringing their strength of values to California,” Torlakson said. Continue reading this article

French Patriots Rally in Paris against Hostile Islam Invasion

The turnout was good for the Saturday march in Paris, as a variety of concerned French citizens protested Muslim violence, sharia and cultural incursion in France.

The protesters’ banner reads, ‘Islamic fascism shall not pass”

Winds of Jihad posted a message from Rita, who was a participant:

AT LAST!!!  It’s the first time since I saw all those Arab/Islamist flags at the Place de la Bastille Paris,  in celebration of the socialist election win in May 2012, that I  can hope again: perhaps France is not lost after all. These are the first pictures (the big medias will ignore them at best but more likely distort the messages of course) of the anti-islamist, anti-sharia, pro-freedom for France march against the Islamist fascism, organised by my friends Pierre Cassen from “Riposte Laique” and Christine Tasin from “Resistance Republicaine”. [. . .]

Here’s the report from AP:

French nationalists in Paris protest extreme Islam, Associated Press, November 10, 2012

Hundreds of French nationalists have demonstrated in Paris against Islamist extremism, chanting the French anthem and saying the religion has no place in the country.

Protester Romain Cyiril says, “France was always a welcoming country, but for the first time we have to deal with a religion which can’t and doesn’t want to integrate itself.”

Three weeks ago, dozens of far-right French activists stormed an unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies that have made France home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims. There are an estimated 5 million or more Muslims in this nation of 65 million, although under French law the government does not track religion.

The French government has denounced anti-Islam extremists.

Saturday’s protest was organized by a nationalist group called the Republican Resistance.

Brussels Axes Christmas Tree so Muslims Won’t Be Offended

In the capital of the European Union, Brussels Belgium, the Muslim population (an estimated 25 percent of the city) is is becoming more strongly felt. Immigrant shock troops like Sharia4Belgium have announced their intention to implement Islamic law.

Part of the road-kill on the way to Muslims’ worldwide caliphate is mowing down the traditions of all other religions. So non-Islamic items like Christmas trees are not acceptable, and if the infidels want to maintain an illusion of peace, they must suffer the indignities of increasing acts of appeasement. Today the Muslims are offended by Christmas trees, but there’s an endless supply of ideas that the sensitive Sons of Allah find annoying.

It’s not a small sacrifice for Belgians to trade their beautiful Christmas tree for a meaningless secular replacement. The tree, and accompanying Christmas market near the Town Hall, comprise a popular event for locals and tourists alike.

On the other hand, historic Brussels is not what it used to be, given the influx of immigrant diversity. Brussels is now one of the most dangerous cities in Europe, with twice the crime of Frankfurt, according to the TV news clip below. Police cannot control the crime, even during the day, to the point where locals have organized citizens’ patrols to at least keep watch. Expensive shops do not escape violent thieves despite more police. One Belgian observed that crime has gotten a lot worse in the last 10 years. (Video Transcript.)

Here’s more background about the Christmas tree controversy:

Brussels Bans ‘Offensive’ Christmas Tree For Muslims,, November 10, 2012

The traditional Christmas tree will no longer be lit in downtown Brussels.

Government officials in Brussels, Belgium banned Wednesday a popular Christmas tree exhibit out of concerns that the local Muslim population found it “offensive.”

An “electronic winter tree,” will take the place of the traditional Christmas Tree and Nativity scene at the city center of Grand Place, reports Brussels News.

The electronic sculpture will stand 25 meters (82 feet) tall and consists of a set of television screens, reports Brussels Expat. “During the daytime you can climb to the top of the tree where you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the city,” the website explains. “As soon as it becomes dark the tree turns into a spectacle of light and sound. Every ten minutes an amazing show will unfold.”

City councilwoman Bianca Debaets believes a “misplaced argument” over religious sensitivities has moved Brussels to put up the light sculpture. She points to the fact that it display not be referred to “Christmas” in any way to make her point.

“I suspect that the reference to the Christian religion was the decisive factor” in replacing the tree, she told reporters. “For a lot of people who are not Christians, the tree there is offensive to them.” Continue reading this article

Supposed Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Turns Out to Be Husband Murdering Wife

Last March the diversity-obsessed left worked itself into a froth over what it construed as a hate crime against an innocent Muslim mother who was beaten to death in her own home with a tire iron. Screeching ensued, and responsible warners against hostile Islam like Robert Spencer were blamed for creating an atmosphere of so-called “Islamophobia” — and contributing to the crime.

The New York Times ran a lengthy story blaming unwelcoming Americans in El Cajon, where many Iraqis have been settled, Iraqi Immigrants in California Town Fear a Hate Crime in a Woman’s Killing. It included a dramatic photo of the mourning husband, Kassim Alhimidi, clutching his wife’s body at her funeral. Local Iraqis feared some anti-Muslim killer was stalking the streets.

The case was publicized at length by lefty organs like Salon, which published at least five articles about the supposed atrocity of murderous Islamophobia — for shame, bad Americans!

Curiously, the daughter’s supposed anguish in the video below seemed somehow emotionally off, I remember thinking at the time. Anyway, who breaks into somebody’s house to commit a hate crime? A genuine hate crime (if such a thing exists) generally occurs when drunk young men leave bars late at night and see someone on the street whose appearance they don’t like. Plus, a neighbor noticed that the broken glass was scattered outside the house, peculiar if someone had broken in.

Alas for the promoters of the Islamophobia fable, the Muslim husband, Kassim Alhimidi (pictured), did the deed, which is not exactly unknown in misogynous Middle Eastern culture. Kassim was assimilated enough to think that the hate crime ruse might help him, but the police weren’t fooled.

Husband held in killing of Iraqi-American woman, Associated Press, November 9, 2012

EL CAJON, Calif. (AP) — The husband of an Iraqi-American woman whose beating death initially appeared to be a hate crime was arrested on suspicion of murder in what police described Friday as an act of domestic violence.

The killing of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi drew international attention in March when the couple’s 17-year-old daughter told reporters that she found a note by her mother’s bludgeoned body that read: “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

Kassim Alhimidi, 48, was taken into custody Thursday after being called into the police station, said El Cajon Police Chief Jim Redman.

Police said there were no other suspects. Redman declined to comment on the evidence or elaborate on a possible motive.

“Criminal investigations build, evidence builds, and you reach a point where you have enough evidence to move forward, and that’s what happened in this case,” he said.

Alhimidi went to Iraq for about two weeks to bury his wife and returned voluntarily, Redman said. Police did not try to prevent him from leaving the country because he was not a suspect at the time.

At the burial in Najaf, relatives wept uncontrollably. Alhimidi and the 17-year-old daughter, Fatima, fainted as the body was lowered into the grave. Continue reading this article

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