Minnesota: Feds’ Program Hopes to Chill Young Somali Jihadists

When the “at-risk youth” are Somali immigrant boys dreaming of headchopping for Allah, then special programs must be developed to appeal to their delicate ethnic sensitivities. Anyway, that’s the plan for the feds to discourage young jihad wanna-bes from joining ISIS.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is practically the jihad capital of America, at least for Somalis — not to forget Dearbornistan and the active community of unfriendlies there.

As mentioned in the video above, the government has tried before to create programs to calm culturally hostile youth without success; see my 2011 blog, Somali Immigrants in Minnesota: Import a Problem, Then Pay to Try to Fix It.

Somali immigrants are nothing but trouble and remarkably resistant to socialization. Even the ones who don’t leave to pursue jihad are often engaged in gangs and violent crime.

Rather than trying to civilize persons from a hostile religious culture who are only here for the money at best, why doesn’t Washington realize its mistake and stop Muslim immigration, particularly from Somalia?

Unfortunately no such sanity is forthcoming: RefugeeResettlementWatch reported in September that 7600 Somalis were admitted to the US in 2013.

Interestingly, there’s no taxpayer cost given for the new outreach program, the purpose of which is to protect us from the immigrants Washington deposited into American communities.

Justice Department to expand outreach to Twin Cities in expanded effort to halt ISIS recruitment, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, September 17, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Twin Cities were one of three muncipalities in the country that will participate in a pilot program to boost outreach in the Islamic community in effort to combat recruitment of naturalized Americans by the terrorist group ISIL, Department of Justice officials said Wednesday.

The pilot project will “bring together important Minnesota law enforcement, religious, and community leaders to expand outreach to Minnesotans,” according to Sen. Al Franken’s office, which has urged the Obama administration to deliver additional resources to Minnesota.

Two men with Minnesota ties were killed fighting for ISIL, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, in the Middle East. Continue reading this article

America's Senator Strategizes Amnesty Smackdown

Senator Jeff Sessions has a plan to throttle Obama’s executive amnesty (now promised to occur after the election) which would be a direct attack on US sovereignty, national security and American workers during the jobless “recovery.” The planned amnesty would include work permits, photo IDs and Social Security numbers for millions of foreign lawbreakers.

Senator Sessions’ plan is to use a procedural vote in the Senate to force a vote on legislation that would block President Obama’s planned effort to unlawfully give executive amnesty to millions.

Today would be a good time to phone Democrat senators and urge them to vote in favor of Sen. Sessions’ motion to table the amendment tree as a statement against Obama’s dictatorial amnesty.

The strategy is pretty wonky stuff, explained in Breitbart:

Jeff Sessions to Mount Anti-Amnesty Push on Senate Floor, Breitbart.com, September 17, 2014

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is drawing a line in the sand on immigration on a procedural vote on Thursday, he announced in a Senate floor speech Wednesday afternoon.

Sessions is focusing on a procedural vote through which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs to bring the Continuing Resolution to the floor and is working to paint the vote as a decision on whether or not to bring the House-passed immigration bills to the floor. The House bills were intended to prevent President Obama from extending unilateral amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Reid has blocked every effort by Senate Republicans to hold a vote on the matter. Continue reading this article

New York's Muslim Day Parade Displays Terrorist Threats

Last Sunday New York City’s annual Muslim Day Parade was held, as always, scheduled near the 9/11 anniversary for maximum screw-you-America effect.

Pamela Geller appeared on Sun TV’s Source program with Ezra Levant to discuss the appalling sights and behavior. The theme of the parade was supposed to celebrate the shared values of Islam and America (heh), but the event exuded threats and Islamic supremacy.

Exhibited parade items included a lynched female mannequin in the back of a pickup, Muslim men in black brandishing weapons (fake?), and real girls being held in a cage. Levant asked about the caged girls, “Is that the Boko Haram float?”

The four-finger salute, expressing solidarity with Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, appeared to be widely present in clothing and hand signs.

In other words, just another display of diverse Muslim values of barbaric terrorism, violence and misogyny.

You would think a pro-jihad display would get some attention in the media-thick city, but the press was largely absent except for sites like Breitbart and TheBlaze which reported it, plus SunTV.

Below, a female mannequin in a noose being hanged. Maybe next year they will act out pretend beheadings.

Below, Muslim men dressed in black pretended to shoot bystanders with apparently fake guns. Note the yellow T-shirt on the left with the four-finger Muslim Brotherhood sign.

For more photos and videos, see the websites of Urban Infidel and Pamela Geller.

Switzerland: Village Faces Tax Increase to Support One Refugee Family

The Swiss people have shown in several national referenda that they do not want their orderly society overrun with costly or hostile foreigners. But an African refugee mother and her seven children have put a major financial burden on the town of Hagenbuch (population 1,084 in 2013) in the Zurich canton.

Below, the sign posted during a referendum says “Enough already! Stop mass immigration.” In February, the Swiss voted to limit immigration.

The Eritrean family is getting the deluxe refugee plan — the house is cleaned by professionals, four of the kids have been bundled off to an orphanage and a team of social workers work six days per week to help the mom and remaining kids shop, cook and take guided tours. The cost is around $64,000 monthly.

No wonder villagers are irate, since their taxes may be raised by at least 5 percent to maintain all this luxury for a family of inept foreigners whom nobody local invited.

One astute resident observed that the money being spent on one family could help many more if spent on do-gooder projects abroad.

The linked article following has a good video that is not friendly to being embedded.

Swiss village angry over tax increase to support just 1 refugee family, RT.com, September 16, 2014

A village in the Swiss canton of Zurich has expressed anger over the situation of just one refugee family. To carry on supporting a mother from Eritrea and her seven children, authorities aim to increase taxes, media report.

Just over 1,000 people live in the village of Hagenbuch, which is forced to spend over 60,000 Swiss francs (around US$64,000 euro) a month on the family – 30 percent of the monthly expenses for the entire village.

The authorities are pondering a tax increase of at least 5 percent, Blick newspaper reported.

“I don’t know where to turn. I think we have no other choice but to raise taxes,” Mayor Therese Schlaepfer told the daily.

She also expressed her anger at the fact that immigrants have only rights and no obligations. According to the mayor’s words, the situation is causing the obvious outrage of the villagers as well.

A woman from Eritrea and her seven children moved to the quiet village three years ago, with a visa allowing her to stay in Switzerland for five years, and the possibility to extend it later. Continue reading this article

Senator Ted Cruz Launches Anti-Amnesty Campaign

The junior Texas Senator has a new video and a website with petition to oppose Obama’s lawless amnesty. The website is StopObamasAmnesty.com and the video follows:

Keep it up, Ted, and I may force myself to forget that you behaved like a potted plant during the markup hearings (most of which I watched) of the Senate’s misleading, criminal-coddling amnesty bill.

Senators Jeff Sessions and Chuck Grassley did yeoman’s work during the several days of hearings to improve the pre-decided anti-enforcement bill at least a little by introducing sensible amendments, 49 and 77 respectively. (For more details about the markup, see my article WaPo Compares Senator Sessions To George Wallace—He Must Be Doing Something Right!.)

Senator Cruz, however, proposed only five amendments, and one of those was to increase H-1b tech visas by 500 percent (which billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg must have appreciated). Cruz proudly introduced his amendment “to substantially increase legal immigration” as if America needed thousands of foreign tech workers when capable US workers are routinely laid off when they reach 40.

I hate to be un-positive about anyone’s efforts against illegal alien amnesty, and genuinely hope the Texas senator has become more educated about immigration in the intervening year. Obama’s promised amnesty is an evil attack on foundational American principles about law and sovereignty. But radical changes to the jobs marketplace caused by smart machines mean that far fewer legal immigrants are needed for the economy of the near future.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Opines about the Pressing Issues of Law and Freedom

The leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, is a rare politician calling for a moratorium of immigration, because of the harm to society as he remarked: “Four million net migrants in the last 13 years to Britain represents an astonishing social change, and one that people simply don’t want.”

When the Swiss voted in a national referendum to limit immigration, Farage observed that the outcome was “wonderful news for national sovereignty and freedom lovers throughout Europe.”

A Daily Mail headline from Sunday shows the rapid demographic change in Britain: The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian. How’s that for welcoming the enemy of western civilization?

The Daily Caller has published an interview with Farage, hosted by Ginni Thomas, who does semi-regular chats with interesting people.

Farage is refreshing to hear because he is happy to speak his mind, with no niggling politician apologies for anything deemed controversial, like culture. He calls “four decades of state-sponsored multiculturalism” in Britain a failure.

Click here to see the auto-start video of the 24-minute interview.

Farage rues the lawlessness that immigration has brought, like polygamy and FGM which are not prosecuted in Britain. He believes preserving a nation’s cultural identity is more important than the economy.

When asked by Thomas for tips for Tea Party conservatives, Farage thought they might have to leave the Republican party to be more influential. The GOP has not been the voice of working people the way Reagan was. Most voters are not business owners or investors and those citizens are looking for a party that will represent their concerns.

Farage opposes gay marriage, but argues that the UK has effective civil partnerships. He fears the EU court may require churches to conduct gay marriage ceremonies.

Nigel Farage: An Emerging Leader Unafraid To Take His Country Back, Daily Caller, September 14, 2014

Although Democrats often play to their base, modern Republicans seem ashamed of the 40% of registered voters who support the tea party. Likewise, similar constituencies felt ignored in the United Kingdom — until Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) entered the political realm.

Farage has been a Member of the European Parliament since 1999 and his party is now showing surprising growth as middle-class Britons rebel against the EU, open borders and an oppressive government.To put it simply, Farage wants to take his country back!

In an exclusive 24 minute video interview filmed on September 4 in Washington, D.C., Farage exudes self assurance, spunk and principle as a leader unafraid of  the European Union “the emperor has no clothes.” From reading the tea leaves in Europe, Farage believes fewer people are enamored with the growing, centralized, bureaucratized state based out of Brussels.

Asked about his view of America’s stature in the world with President Obama, Farage said, “I’m a guest here and, don’t want to be rude, but it looks a little rudderless.” Referring to Obama as a “lame duck,” Farage said it “seems to me the chap is on the golf course every day. In terms of respect or fear of America, it is diminishing with this President.” Continue reading this article

Deport the Bomb-Threatening Tsarnaev Sister

What does it take to get a lawbreaking terror-connected foreigner deported these days? The question comes up regarding the case of Ailina Tsarnaev, a sister of the Boston Marathon bombing brothers. She was charged in August with aggravated harassment for threatening to “put a bomb on you” to an unnamed woman. Yet this stupid-generous country allows her to remain.

Remember that the entire Tsarnaev family entered under asylum with a false claim of persecution, belied when the father moved back to Dagestan a few years ago, followed later by his wife after she was accused of shoplifting. In fact, the whole family was involved in crime, including theft, counterfeiting and drug dealing, as well as mooching maximum benefits from Massachusetts taxpayers. The latter is not surprising since hostile Muslims regard scrounging welfare from infidel governments as part of jihad.

Judge Jeannine Piro probed the deportation question on Sunday. Unfortunately, the State Department has a lot to say about the deportation of people they admitted under asylum rules. Former U.S. Spokesman at the United Nations Rick Grenell observed that it would help if some member of Congress raised a stink about the case.

Below, Ailina Tsarnaev, making a court appearance.

Here’s a story about the bomb threat:

Tsarnaev sister arrested in alleged bomb threat, Boston Globe, August 28, 2014

A sister of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was arrested in New York on Wednesday after allegedly threatening a woman in a domestic harassment case, saying, “I have people that can go over there and put a bomb on you.”

Ailina Tsarnaev of North Bergen, N.J., was arrested at a police station in New York City Wednesday afternoon, charged with one count of aggravated harassment. She was released with a summons to return to a criminal court in Manhattan on Sept. 3, said police Lieutenant John Grimpel.

Grimpel said the victim of Ailina Tsarnaev’s alleged threat has a child with the father of one of Tsarnaev’s children. Grimpel did not elaborate on the nature of the dispute.

Tsarnaev told police she is 21, though she is believed to be three years older.

Her brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, is awaiting trial in federal court, accused, along with his older brother, Tamerlan, of setting off the April 15, 2013, bombs at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured more than 260. Continue reading this article

New York Mayor de Blasio Is Slammed for Weakening City's Counter-Terrorism Defenses

When Democrat Bill de Blasio campaigned to be Mayor of New York City a year ago, he appealed to local Muslims by pledging to reduce police surveillance of them, as he did a few months later.

It’s unfortunate that spying is necessary in a free country, but when the government admits enemies in the name of immigration diversity then snooping is needed to keep the public safe.

And why not chill on counter-terrorism, New York voters may have thought during the election. After all, bin Laden was dead and al Qaeda was defeated, according to Obama. It would be safe to have a far-left peacenik mayor, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Jihadis must be amazed at their luck: Obama has opened up America’s southern border so even little kids can break in and Mayor De Blasio has substantially dismantled New York City’s crack counter-terrorism system.

When future ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from American custody after four years in an Iraq prison, his parting words were, “See you in New York.”

Now Baghdadi has an enthusiastic army of headchoppers armed with American military equipment, plus a bank balance of a couple billion dollars with an oil field income of $2 million per day. He’s got motivation, resources and a target, making ISIS a serious threat to America in general and New York City in particular.

Now former member of the 9/11 Commission John Lehman says de Blasio is “taking his eye off the ball” at the worst time — which is a kind assessment because it assumes the mayor’s eye was once on the ball of protecting the city.

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey concurred that disbanding the existing effective counter-terrorism program is bad policy, noting “I think we’re all less safe.”

Both Lehman and Mukasey agreed that De Blasio’s subversion of the federal Real ID system (recommended by the 9/11 Commission) to a lower-scrutiny city ID program for illegal aliens was dangerous.

De Blasio under fire amid new threat from Islamic State fighters, The Hill, September 13, 2014

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is coming under sharp criticism for making decisions that may have undermined the effectiveness of his police department’s counter-terrorism operations.

Thirteen years after the 9/11 attacks on Manhattan, prominent security experts say de Blasio has made fighting terrorism a lower priority in order to appease the communities that helped elect him.

“A classic case of taking your eye off the ball at the worst possible time is Mayor de Blasio in New York,” said John Lehman, a former member of the 9/11 Commission.

He said de Blasio is failing to take seriously enough the new threat posed to New York and other major American cities by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has reportedly trained dozens of American jihadists.

“At the very time when the threat suddenly emerges in a whole new additional form focused on the U.S., he decides to end some of the most effective programs in the country in the NYPD counterterrorism unit,” Lehman said.

“He has reassigned people and vehicles and special equipment to non-counterterrorist activities,” he added.

The liberal Democratic mayor has come under fire for several controversial decisions since succeeding Michael Bloomberg, who created a massive counterterrorism unit during his three terms as mayor.

In April, de Blasio disbanded a special unit tasked with conducting surveillance of mosques and Muslim groups suspected of radical ties.

Michael Mukasey, who served as U.S. attorney general from 2007 to 2009, said the unit was instrumental in mapping out possible terrorist ties within Muslim communities.

“They weren’t simply conducting surveillance of mosques and Muslims. They were mapping communities, figuring out where someone from Lebanon or Yemen or any of the other hot spots would go if they wanted to come to this country and find refuge,” he said. Continue reading this article

Pew Hispanic Investigation Shows Illegal Alien Comfort, Not Fear of Deportation

A recent Pew Hispanic report is being cited by the liberal press as illustrating “millions of people living in constant fear of removal” in the words of the Washington Post.

The Post further remarked that “half of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants have lived here for at least 13 years,” in a state of extreme agitation according to media interpreters.

On the contrary, the multiple years of millions residing here illegally demonstrate how comfortable the foreigners are and how unnecessary an amnesty is. The illegals are getting along fine: millions hold stolen jobs, their kids of various legalities attend American schools for free and many collect taxpayer-funded benefits like food stamps.

Some aliens enter illegally in order to grab first-world healthcare. A 2006 Denver Post story admitted that hundreds of Mexican illegals in Colorado were there to mooch advanced medical care they couldn’t get at home. Mexican Ana Puente was brought illegally to the US for healthcare where she has gotten at least three liver transplants at a cost to California taxpayers of over a million dollars.

But lawbreakers mostly come for American jobs and more money (aka “a better life” in lib speak).

If illegals live in fear about being deported, they certainly don’t act like it. Illegals are busted for drunk driving all the time, so they can’t be too concerned about getting the hook. A Google search for Illegal Immigrant Drunk Driving Arrest found 3.7 million results. Case closed on the fear argument.

Illegal aliens are particularly secure in the United States under this administration, the minimal deportations of which have dwindled even more.

The Pew report being considered is titled As Growth Stalls, Unauthorized Immigrant Population Becomes More Settled. It has several interesting graphs, but the one below is pertinent to show the aliens’ comfort level.

A 2011 Pew investigation showed a similar serenity and lack of need for amnesty, which I blogged as Pew Hispanic Report: 63 Percent of Illegals Have Resided in US 10 Years or More.

Illegals aren’t clamoring for citizenship or the vote — that noise is coming from the Democrat Party. An official work permit is the real amnesty, and illegals would like to have that very much, although clearly most are getting along fine without genuine “papers.”

If millions of unlawful foreigners weren’t making money and successfully coping with American society, they would leave. Their length of stay shows amnesty is not needed, and would only reward and incentivize lawbreaking.

Illegal immigrants more likely to have lived in the U.S. for over a decade, Washington Post, September 3, 2014

The number of immigrants living illegally in the United States has leveled off in recent years, but those who remain are more likely to have far deeper ties to the country than they did a decade ago, according to a report released Wednesday.

The study from Pew Research Center found that half of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants have lived here for at least 13 years and as many as 4 million have U.S.-born children.

The findings offer the most detailed portrait yet of the undocumented population and come as President Obama is weighing options about how he could use executive authority to remake his administration’s deportation policies amid mounting pressure from advocates to stem the breakup of immigrant families.

“These new estimates show that today’s unauthorized immigrants have lengthier ties to the U.S. than those in the past,” said Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew’s director of Hispanic research.

Immigration advocates have said that the administration, which has deported more than 2 million immigrants, has contributed to millions of people living in constant fear of removal from communities in which they’ve lived for many years. Opponents of relaxed immigration policies say unauthorized immigrants broke the law to get here and compete for jobs with American workers in a still-weak economy. Continue reading this article

Germany Welcomes Immigrants to Spur Economic Growth

The newsprint title of Friday’s front-page Washington Times story is “Germans sell their own version of the American dream,” including a photo of the new diversity:

The narrative is a familiar one: many native Germans are retiring and business needs more worker bees to do the jobs. At least Germany is looking for skilled persons capable of contributing to a modern economy rather than admitting millions from the third world headed straight for the permanent underclass, as America is doing.

Still, Germany is not immune from technological progress and business must be undergoing the same transformation of robots and computers that’s happening in this country. Unemployment has increased in recent months, to the surprise of economists, which may be a hiccup or part of a trend affected by greater efficiency. So perhaps the optimum number of immigrant workers is fewer that elites imagine.

The German people are not altogether enthused about immigration. Thilo Sarrazin’s 2010 book criticizing Muslim immigration (Deutschland schafft sich ab — Germany Does Away with Itself) became a huge best-seller by saying what many people were thinking.

Unsurprisingly, as Muslim numbers in Germany increase, they behave more obnoxiously — commonly protesting free speech, resisting cultural assimilation and building hostile mega mosques. Berlin has no-go zones where German police hesitate to enter because Allah’s local gangsters say sharia rules apply.

Even so, the German government preaches the gospel of Diversity Is Our Strength as it puts out the welcome mat for more immigrants, including a “Success Through Diversity” competition to recognize businesses that don’t hire Germans.

Germany opens doors to immigrants to fuel economy, Washington Times, September 11, 2014

Immigration policies help counter aging population, low birthrate, declining workforce

BERLIN — When Marie Duness-Rose, 39, immigrated to Germany from Bulgaria 10 years ago, she left a lot behind, she says. But now she holds a management degree and runs a thriving bistro serving Balkan food in a popular neighborhood in Berlin.

She is one of about 6.2 million non-German citizens in the country and one of about 15 million — or 19 percent of the total population — who are not ethnically German.

That percentage is one of the highest proportions of immigrants in any European country, and it is not expected to decrease any time soon. Last month, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development determined that Germany is the world’s second most popular destination for immigrants after the United States.

Unlike many other countries with large immigrant populations, Germany’s government and industry wants it to stay that way. Continue reading this article

Foreign Taxi Drivers Impose Conflict of Diversity against Hygiene

When immigrants come to America, do they think that “freedom” means an absence of standards for behavior and employment? Or are they arrogantly seeking to impose their values on Americans in opposition to traditional assimilation?

An example of the latter is the squawking from the diverse cab-driving community around the issue of hygiene, specifically the foul odors emitting from foreign drivers in San Diego and beyond. The foreign drivers insist that a requirement that they don’t stink is discrimination.

Sacramento is not mentioned in today’s report, but passengers in that city have complained about smelly drivers as well as other examples of inadequate performance, like poor English skills and no knowledge of local streets. (See Sacramento: Diverse Cabbie Update for details.)

Below, lack of hygiene is not the only problem with foreign cab drivers. Muslims routinely refuse passengers with seeing-eye dogs or persons carrying bottles of liquor.

In addition, cleanliness is more than western esthetics. Given the practices of some cultures, you have to wonder where the hand giving you your change has been.

San Diego Cabbies Cry Foul over Body Odor Test, Associated Press, September 12, 2014

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Body odor is among 52 criteria that officials at San Diego International Airport use to judge taxi drivers. Cabbies say that smacks of prejudice and discrimination.

For years, inspectors with the San Diego Regional Airport Authority run down their checklist for each cabbie — proof of insurance, functioning windshield wipers, adequate tire treads, good brakes. Drivers are graded pass, fail or needs fixing.

Anyone who flunks the smell test is told to change before picking up another customer.

Leaders of the United Taxi Workers of San Diego union say the litmus perpetuates a stereotype that predominantly foreign-born taxi drivers smell bad. A 2013 survey of 331 drivers by San Diego State University and Center on Policy Initiatives found 94 percent were immigrants and 65 percent were from East Africa. Continue reading this article

America's Senator: Deny Billionaires Their Cheap-Labor Amnesty

Senator Jeff Sessions presented one of his well researched speeches on Wednesday, denouncing the “Masters of the Universe” (his term for powerful economic elites) who would put hard-working Americans into the unemployment line to save a few dollars.

Sessions’ continued sense of outrage about the threats on the Constitution by a lawless administration is unflagging and inspiring to citizens who are starved for principled leadership in Washington.

Here’s a clip of that speech from the Senator’s Youtube channel:

Update: Here is the entire speech, posted later.

Don’t Give the Masters of the Universe Their Amnesty, by Jeff Sessions, National Review, September 11, 2014

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, delivered a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday evening about Senate Democrats’ refusal to support legislation to block the president’s proposed executive actions on immigration policy, and the interests supporting amnesty. Following is an adapted version of his remarks.

Earlier this week I spoke about the president’s promise that he would issue an executive amnesty to 5 or 6 million people. The planned amnesty would include work permits, photo IDs, and Social Security numbers for millions of people who illegally entered the U.S., illegally overstayed their visas, or defrauded U.S. immigration authorities.

The Senate Democratic conference has supported and enabled the president’s unlawful actions and blocked every effort to stop them. Not even one of our Democratic colleagues has backed the House legislation that would stop this planned executive amnesty or demanded that Senator Reid bring it up for a vote. Every Senate Democrat is therefore the president’s partner in his planned lawless acts.

Tonight I would like to talk about the influence of special interests on our nation’s immigration system. How did we get to the point where elected officials, activist groups, the ACLU, and global CEOs are openly working to deny American workers the immigration protections to which they are legally entitled? How did we get to the point where the Democratic party is prepared to nullify and wipe away the immigration laws of the United States of America?

Just yesterday Majority Leader Reid wrote in a tweet something that was shocking. He said: “Since House Republicans have failed to act on immigration, I know the President will. When he does, I hope he goes Real Big.”

Let this sink in for a moment. The majority leader of the Senate is bragging that he knows the president will circumvent Congress to issue executive amnesty to millions, and he is encouraging the president to ensure this amnesty includes as many people as possible. And the White House has acknowledged that 5 to 6 million is the number they are looking at.

Has one Senate Democrat stepped forward to reject Mr. Reid’s statement? Has one Senate Democrat stepped forward to say: I support the legislation passed by the House of Representatives that would secure the border and block this executive amnesty? Have they ever said they support that? Have they ever said: I will do everything in my power to see that the House legislation gets a vote in the Senate so the American people can know what is going on? No. All we hear is silence.

This body is not run by one man. We don’t have a dictator in the great Senate. Every member has a vote. And the only way Senator Reid can succeed in blocking this Senate from voting to stop the president’s executive actions is for members to stop supporting him.

Every senator needs to stand up and represent their constituents — not big business, not the ACLU, not activist groups, not political interests, but the American interests, the workers’ interests. That is what we need to expect from them, and we don’t have but a few weeks, it looks like, to get it done.

In effect, the entire Senate Democratic conference has surrendered the jobs, wages, and livelihoods of their constituents to a group of special interests meeting in secret at the White House. They are surrendering them to executive actions that will foist on the nation what Congress has refused to pass and the American people have rejected. They are plotting at the White House to move forward with executive action no matter what the people think and no matter what Congress — through the people’s House — has decided.

Politico reports that “White House officials conducted more than 20 meetings in July and August with legal experts, immigration advocates and business leaders to gather ideas on what should be included in the order.”

So who are these so-called expert advocates and business leaders? They are not the law-enforcement officers; they are not our ICE officers; they are not our Border Patrol officers; they are not the American working man and woman; they are not unemployed Americans. They weren’t in the room. You can be sure of that. Their opinions weren’t sought.

No, White House officials are meeting with the world’s most powerful corporate and immigration lobbyists and activists who think border controls are for the little people. The administration is meeting with the elite, the cosmopolitan set, who scorn and mock the concerns of everyday Americans who are concerned about their schools, jobs, wages, communities, and hospitals. These great and powerful citizens of the world don’t care much about old-fashioned things like national boundaries, national sovereignty, and immigration control — let alone the constitutional separation of powers. Continue reading this article

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