Aspiring Somali Jihadist Nuradin Abdi to Be Deported

There’s nothing like a good deportation story to lift one’s spirits, particularly when the perp is a stone cold jihadist whose goal is to kill lots of Americans for Allah.

Nuradin Abdi was one of a small group of hostile Muslims who planned to bomb an Ohio shopping center in 2002.

Below, Islamist unfriendlies Nuradin Abdi, Christopher Paul, Iyman Faris.

Like many Somali immigrants, Abdi lied about his past to be admitted under asylum. Interestingly, even the New York Times reported (July 11, 2011) on the widespread and organized fraud of the system: Immigrants May Be Fed False Stories to Bolster Asylum Pleas.

But don’t worry about Abdi being deported to some dangerous backwater: his sister in Minneapolis is confident about Nuradin’s success, because of Somali culture’s well known clan structure, remarking that “his whole family … will be there to get him start his new life.”

Had enough Muslim immigration diversity yet?

Ohio mall terrorism defendant facing deportation, Associated Press, September 25, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Federal authorities are preparing to deport a Somali immigrant who federal prosecutors say plotted to attack an Ohio shopping mall.

Nuradin Abdi completed his prison sentence last month and is in federal custody in Louisiana while final preparations are made to return him to Somalia.

The Justice Department accused Abdi of suggesting a plan to shoot up an unidentified Columbus shopping mall during an August 2002 meeting at a coffee shop with two friends, both of whom were later convicted of terrorism charges. Early reports indicated the threat might also have included bombing a mall.

When investigators learned of the threat in spring 2003, authorities conducted top-to-bottom searches of Columbus malls late at night after shoppers had left, looking for possible explosive devices. None was found.

One of Abdi’s friends at the coffee shop that day, Columbus truck driver Iyman Faris, pleaded guilty in May 2003 to terrorism charges stemming from allegations that he scoped out the Brooklyn Bridge for destruction at the behest of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged architect of the 9/11 attacks. Continue reading this article

Obama Will Release 55 Gitmo Jihadist Inmates

Normal American minds may have a hard time imagining how radical Obama’s second term will be when he is freed from re-election constraints, if recent behavior is any guide.

Closing Gitmo has long been a liberal hobby horse, but the idea ran into trouble when it was noticed there was no better place to store hundreds of captured battlefield jihadists: the NIMBY factor was strong against a local prison filled with Islam-inspired killers. Plan B is to “transfer” them to home countries where they can be quietly freed from the local hoosegow in a few weeks.

So the idea that the President will release one-third of the remaining prisoners — who are the worst of the worst because the lightweights have already been let go — to return to fighting for Allah is rather shocking. Particularly when Sufyan Ben Qumu, the leader of the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens, was a Gitmo release beneficiary.

Included on the list for release is one of bin Laden’s bodyguards, Idris Ahmad Abdu Qadir Idris, which gives an indication of who will be set free to kill again.

Below, showing weakness to Islam is not a good idea, because numerous Muslims work for a worldwide caliphate of sharia law under Allah, and they only respect strength, not foolish acts of “generosity.”

In addition, releasing so many Gitmo prisoners makes the freeing of the blind sheik abdel-Rahman from his life sentence for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center seem not so unlikely.

Obama to Release One Third of Gitmo Inmates,, September 22, 2012

President Barack Obama is about to release or transfer 55 Gitmo prisoners, despite reports that the Libyan believed to be behind the killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a former Guantanamo inmate transferred to Libyan custody.

The large percentage of those scheduled to be released are Yemeni, according to a list made public by the Obama administration.

Obama stopped the release or transfer of Yemeni inmates in 2010, because the conditions in the country were viewed as too “unsettled” at the time.

A release or transfer of 55 inmates means Obama is moving out one third of the prisoners at Guantanamo. And while it doesn’t represent a shutdown of the facility, it’s certainly indicative of a move toward that end.

Could it be that Obama is trying to set himself up to campaign as the man who is taking steps to finally close Gitmo, just as he recently reversed the Afghanistan surge in order to campaign as the man who’s winding down the war in the Afghanistan?

The ACLU has praised the releases as “a partial victory for transparency.”

Gohmert: Obama's Legacy a Second Ottoman Empire

In diplomatic circles, a topic of discussion some years back used to be “who lost China” to Mao and the communists.

The next “lost” debate (if one is necessary) will certainly be “who lost the Middle East” to the Islamic enemies of the West. Rep. Louie Gohmert recently observed President Obama’s contribution to the creation of a second Ottoman Empire in that region by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood et al.

I’ve never been one who believed Hussein Obama was a secret Muslim, although Daniel Pipes’ series in the Washington Times made a rather convincing case. (See the compilation Obama’s Muslim Childhood, WT, Sept 10-14, 2012.) IMO, believing in just one religion may be too small for the narcissistic President. Plus, Obama has shown a definite interest in Muslim welfare over any other.

Rep. Gohmert says Obama helping to build second Ottoman Empire, The Hill, September 21, 2012

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Friday accused President Obama of conducting a foreign policy that is helping to create a second Ottoman Empire in the Middle East.

Gohmert was speaking on the House floor, where he accused the Obama administration of pulling out of Iraq after victory had been won, and allowing Iran to better influence Iraq. He said withdrawing means less American influence there, and said the results of that decision are already being seen in some of the attacks on U.S. diplomatic outposts in the Middle East and North Africa.

“This is the beginning… a massive beginning of a new Ottoman Empire that President Obama can take great credit for,” Gohmert said. “Thank you President Barack Hussein Obama. This will be quite a legacy for you.

“And I’m not one of those who says he’s not a Christian. All I know is that’s between him and God. But what I do know is he has helped jump start a new Ottoman Empire, and left our friend and ally Israel so vulnerable in this sea of radicalism that he has helped bring to the surface.” Continue reading this article

Hmong Gangster Is Sentenced in St. Paul for Gang Rape

In St. Paul last November a 14-year-old girl was sexually attacked by nine Hmong males who had enticed her to a party for that purpose of gang rape, a practice that is more or less accepted in misogynist Hmong culture. The first trial has finished with a conviction and sentence of eight years for the perp.

Below, five adults of the nine Hmong members of the True Blood (TB22) street gang who were arrested for the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl.

As Roy Beck explained in his 1994 Atlantic article The Ordeal of Immigration in Wausau the influx of many thousands of primitive Hmong into the midwest was a project of some church do-gooders who thought it would be nice to welcome refugees to their town. Little did they imagine that the numbers would only mount and the cultural divide would expand into worsened crime and social disfunction.

Interestingly, as the brutal crime spurred more investigation, the cultural component was described in a local paper:

Shamed into silence, Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 23, 2012

[. . .] A clash of cultures may play a role in the crimes, some scholars and Hmong leaders say.

For instance, in Hmong homelands, a boy who wanted to marry a girl could get his friends or relatives to help him capture her. Even if he raped her, the assault could be forgiven if he married her. Ilean Her, executive director of the Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans, said she’s afraid those practices get handed down in some families.

“Some [men] are going to end up in prison as long as the mentality is still there,” Her said. “And lots of them are passing it on to their sons.”

For the same reason, some Hmong mothers aren’t sympathetic to daughters who have been raped, she said.

“The older ladies, they will tell you right away, ‘When I was young, I was molested. And that’s just what girls go through,’ ” she said. [. . .]

That’s interesting: hmongs consider rape to be a normal part of their culture, and girls are supposed to accept it.

Is this the sort of social norm that diversity enthusiasts want us to celebrate?

At least the crime is being punished American-style, although a longer sentence would have been appropriate.

Teen gets eight years in gang rape of girl, 14, in St. Paul, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Sept 11, 2012

A St. Paul teenager on Tuesday became the first person to be sentenced in the 2011 gang rape of a 14-year-old girl, receiving an eight-year prison term for his role in the November crime.

Shaileng Shong Lor, 17, pleaded guilty in July to charges of conspiring to rape the girl and to having committed the crime for the benefit of a gang. He was one of five adults and four juveniles accused of plying the girl with alcohol, driving her to a vacant St. Paul house, dragging her inside and sexually assaulting her.

“We told the public that we would rigorously prosecute these cases,” said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi. “What you’re seeing is that unfold.”

In addition to Lor, three others have entered guilty pleas. Five cases remain open, although Vang Tou Ger Vue, 19, has a plea hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

The county attorney’s office has run hard at the case. Choi put one of his top prosecutors, Heidi Westby, on all nine cases, and three juveniles were successfully certified as adults. One of them, Jim Her, 17, is appealing that decision.

“We’ve been working on this quite some time,” Choi said.

Prosecutors and police say the suspects were members or associates of the True Blood (TB22) street gang, one of St. Paul’s largest Hmong gangs, known for guns, violence and several burglaries throughout the metro area. Continue reading this article

Ezra Levant Defends Free Speech for America

Among the various discussions about Muslims against free speech while Washington cowers, Ezra Levant’s interview of Brooke Goldstein was one of the better ones. An item of discussion was the dhimmified opinion piece by a advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Does ‘Innocence of Muslims’ meet the free-speech test?), yet another depressing example of elites disavowing the principles upon which this nation was built.

Brooke did her homework and brought some great Supreme Court quotes showing that the principle of free speech is strong, not the wimpy item Obama avoids mentioning. She notes the Brandenburg decision means that prohibited speech requires direct incitement to violence, not mere rudeness to religion. In fact, a function of free speech is to invite dispute, not shy away from it, she quoted from another case, and is provided the highest protection by our system.

Meanwhile the craven Obama administration is spending $70K to advertise on Pakistani TV to apologize for America having free expression and offending Muslims.

U.S. disavows anti-Muslim video, Washington Post, September 20, 2012

Trying to blunt street protests surrounding a YouTube video that mocks the prophet Muhammad, the Obama administration paid $70,000 to buy ads on Pakistani television disavowing the video, the State Department said Thursday.

The ads, featuring President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, were airing on seven networks even as angry crowds tried to rush the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad housing the U.S. Embassy and other embassies on Thursday. Pakistani police kept about 2,000 protesters at bay.

The ads and a broader effort to solicit and promote pro-U.S. testimonials on YouTube are an effort by the State Department and White House to counter the pervasive view in Pakistan and other Muslim-majority nations that the crude video is either the work of the U.S. government or is condoned by it. Continue reading this article

Michael Mukasey Warns against Release of Blind Sheik

Before he was Attorney General under GW Bush, Michael Mukasey was the judge in the trial of Omar abdel-Rahman, the so-called blind sheik for his direction of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center which killed six and injured hundreds. So the AG knows the face of hostile Islam first hand, and sentenced Rahman to life in prison.

Mukasey was interviewed on Fox News Thursday regarding the possibility that Obama is considering the release of the killer sheik, which is a big issue in Egypt. in fact, the release was important enough to be promised as a goal by Mohammed Morsi in his Presidential inauguration.

The AG remarked that Rahman “aspired to become an Egyptian Khomeini by distributing his sermons on tape… and [Egyptians] want him out because he is a revered spiritual leader.” Mukasey is not impressed with the diplo-speak emanating from the State Department which carefully said there are “no plans” to release the fatwa-issuing criminal, and nothing has been discussed “recently.”

“I think the denials ought to come from the White House and from the Secretary of State. And they ought to be flat, clear and unequivocal. Nothing about recently, nothing about senior leaders, nothing that leaves any door open,” Mukasey said.

Instead of Obama admitting he was releasing a convicted hard-core terrorist, he would likely spin the action as a “transfer” to Egypt based on “humanitarian” concerns — similar to Scotland’s freeing of the Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi in 2009 because he was supposedly near death, although he miraculously perked up and lived three years longer.

“The enormity of something like that can’t possibly be overstated,” the AG stressed about a possible release or transfer.

“Would it be like releasing bin Laden?” asked Megyn Kelly.

“Yes, understand that one of bin Laden’s grievances that led him to undertake 9/11 was the fact that abdel-Rahman was in jail… it would give some sort of posthumous vindication.”

Here’s a news report about the issue:

O eyes ‘blind sheik’ release, New York Post, September 20, 2012

The Obama administration is weighing the release of blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman — the spiritual adviser to the 1993 World Trade Center bombers — in a stunning goodwill gesture toward Egypt that has touched off a political firestorm, officials said yesterday.

The Egyptian government “asked for his release,” an administration source told The Post — and Rep. Peter King (R-LI) confirmed the request is being considered.

The White House, State Department and Justice Department each issued statements denying any deal is in the works, but, “There’s no way to believe anything they say,” said Andrew McCarthy, the former assistant US attorney who prosecuted Abdel-Rahman. “I believe there may already be a nod-and-wink agreement in place.” Continue reading this article

Britain: Burnley Muslims Get Hostile

The video below is a rare ground-level example of the destructive nature of Muslim immigration. An American reporter is having a normal outdoors interview with a couple of English women whose daughters were targeted by Muslim men. Then rather quickly the mood changes as young men start to gather menacingly on foot and in cars. In a few minutes someone above in a building is lobbing glass jars at the reporter. It’s disturbing to see the everyday savagery.

Does Tomorrow Belong to Muslims?

One of the most memorable scenes in the 1972 film Cabaret (which portrayed the rise of the Nazi movement in 1930s Berlin) was a sweet-sounding song “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” turning into a rally for fascism (see below for the clip).

More recently, Vladtepesblog used his video skills to rejigger the song to correspond to the current threat.

As a character asked in Cabaret, “Do you still think you can control them?”

Furthermore, these millions of enemies of Western civilization got to Europe and America via immigration. Isn’t national security more important than coddling the alleged tender feelings of jihadists? It may be too late for Europe, but America should learn from their disastrous experience and end Muslim immigration.

Is Obama Negotiating the Release of the Blind Sheik?

Does President Obama really think that freeing the murdering jihadist Omar Abdel-Rahman will chill the violent protests now taking place across the Muslim world? Also known as the blind sheik, he is serving a life sentence for the 1993 terror attack against the World Trade Center that killed six and injured hundreds of others.

When Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi was coronated as Egypt’s new President earlier this summer, he pledged to demand Abdel-Rahman’s release.

Below, this poster of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman was shown by a follower in Cairo, Egypt, September11, 2011.

The September 11 protest in Cairo was actually about freeing the sheik, not a Youtube video.

Has the President learned nothing from the the last week of chaos throughout the Muslim world? It doesn’t appear so. Even an earlier practicioner of appeasement, Neville Chamberlain, finally understood that a policy of concessions to Hitler was not a good idea when the bombs started falling.

But Obama seems to believe that his friends the Muslims, whom he claimed to understand so well, will somehow respond positively to American weakness, contrary to 1400 years of history. He even promised the voters in 2007 that his Islamic background made him uniquely qualified to bring peace between Americans and Muslims.

Two days after the Cairo riot and the murder of America’s ambassador to Libya, President Obama phoned Mohammed Morsi and told Egypt’s leader that Obama “rejects efforts to denigrate Islam, but underscored that there is never any justification for violence against innocents and acts that endanger American personnel and facilities.”

Since then, the President has been busy campaigning and appearing on Letterman, as if it were just another week, and the Middle East weren’t on fire and his policy of Muslim appeasement in tatters. One would think that at least the appearance of leadership and being on the job for America’s welfare would be a positive for his reelection.

Back to the blind sheik matter, it’s a puzzlement why the Islamophilic President is considering such a rash act, even assuming he waits until the lame duck session to release abdel-Rahman. America already looks like a impotent former superpower to all the hungry hostiles from Red China to Cairo, so it hardly seems wise to accelerate the decline by surrendering so cravenly to Islamist intimidation. Still, one can easily imagine Obama doing just that.

Here’s the original report:


The U.S. State Department is currently in negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the the Obama administration told TheBlaze.

The Department of Justice, however, told TheBlaze that Rahman is serving a life sentence and is not considered for possible “release.”  Previous calls to the State Department were referred to the Department of Justice and so far, the State Department has neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Glenn Beck revealed the controversial news on his show Monday.

The Blind Sheikh is currently serving a life sentence in American prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but the newly-elected Islamist government in Egypt has been actively petitioning his release.  Many have pinpointed a cause of last week’s unrest in in the country to be protests over the Blind Sheikh’s release– not an anti-Islam YouTube video. Continue reading this article

Judge: Arizona Police May Check IDs for Immigration Status

Apparently Arizona police will finally be allowed to do the job the public wants them to do, namely fully check persons identification during traffic stops, etc. Arizonans and the American public have supported state immigration enforcement, specifically SB 1070, from the beginning, despite a years-long media campaign of Alinsky-style insults.

Raza open-borders extremists like to fake outrage by comparing the ID requirement to Nazis’ “show me your papers” behavior. Hardly. Anti-sovereignty enthusiasts conveniently forget that LEGAL immigrants are instructed by law to carry their proof of legal residence at all times:

Sec. 264. [8 U.S.C. 1304]

(e) Every alien, eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him pursuant to subsection (d). Any alien who fails to comply with the provisions of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction for each offense be fined not to exceed $100 or be imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both.

Here is today’s news.

Judge: Police to enforce Ariz. immigration law now, Associated Press, September 18, 2012

PHOENIX (AP) — A judge has ruled that police in Arizona can immediately start enforcing the most contentious section of the state’s immigration law, marking the first time officers can carry out a requirement that officers, while enforcing other laws, question the immigration status of those suspected of being in the country illegally.

The decision on Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is the latest milestone in a two-year legal battle over the requirement. It culminated in a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that upheld the provision on the grounds that it doesn’t conflict with federal law.

Opponents who call the requirement the “show me your papers” provision responded to the Supreme Court decision by asking Bolton to block the requirement on different grounds, arguing that it would lead to systematic racial profiling and unreasonably long detentions of Latinos if it’s enforced.

Other less controversial parts of the law have been in effect since July 2010, such as minor changes to the state’s 2005 immigrant smuggling law and a ban on state and local government agencies from restricting the enforcement of federal immigration law. But those provisions have gotten little, if any, use since they were put into effect.

Arizona’s law was passed in 2010 amid voter frustration with the state’s role as the busiest illegal entry point into the country. Five states — Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah — have adopted variations on Arizona’s law. Continue reading this article

Los Angeles School System Inundated by DREAMer Doc Requests

Details, details. It turns out that the gazilion foreign kiddies (of various ages) in Los Angeles are clamoring for scraps of paper that will prove that they are not complete newbies among the illegal alien cohort. An estimated 200,000 current and former students of the LAUSD are believed to be eligible for Obama’s DREAM amnesty — which will cost the district something like $200,000. (Only $1 per kid for all that paperwork? That figure sounds optimistic.)

Below, youngish illegal aliens lined up in LA for work permits.

Illegal immigrants inundate Los Angeles school district for records to apply for Obama program, Associated Press, September 17, 2012

LOS ANGELES — Thousands of illegal immigrants have inundated the nation’s second-largest school district with requests for copies of records that might qualify them for the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the district said Monday.

Under the program, people who are 30 or younger will be allowed to stay in the United States and work for up to two years if they prove they’ve lived in this country continuously since June 2007.

Applications can be renewed every two years.

An estimated 200,000 current and former students in the Los Angeles Unified School District might be eligible for the federal program, said Lydia Ramos, a special assistant to Superintendent John Deasy.

“We looked at the birth years that this program covers and there were about 200,000 students that listed another country of origin,” Ramos said. “We have probably the highest number of students who would be eligible for this.” Continue reading this article

Aspiring Capitol Bomber El Khalifi Is Sentenced

These’s been plenty of hostile Muslim news over the past week, so it would be easy to overlook a domestic application of justice.

Illegal alien Moroccan Amine El Khalifi got the maximum sentence — 30 years — for plotting to bomb the United States Capitol building.

It’s too bad so many of the numerous domestic terror cases get settled by plea deals because real trials can be quite illuminating about the activities of hostile Muslims residing in the United States. In the current case, even with minimal information released to the public, we learned that Khalifi was an active music fan and club kid until explorations on the internet about his religion convinced him to follow the murderous jihadist ideology.

The example of Khalifi shows once again how Islamic immigration is deeply unwise, if even an apparently assimilated Muslim can self-radicalize using the web.

Va. man in Capitol bomb plot sentenced to 30 years, Associated Press, September 14, 2012

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A Virginia man convicted of plotting to detonate a suicide bomb at the U.S Capitol was sentenced Friday to 30 years in prison, the maximum sentence allowed under a plea deal he struck.

Amine El-Khalifi, 29, of Alexandria expressed no remorse for his actions at Friday’s sentencing hearing.

“I just want to say that I love Allah. That’s it,” he told U.S. District Judge James Cacheris.

He was arrested in February in a parking garage near the Capitol, wearing what he thought was an explosive-laden suicide vest. In an undercover sting, agents posing as al-Qaida operatives had supplied him with an inert explosive vest and an inoperable gun.

Under El-Khalifi’s guilty plea, the judge could only sentence him to a range from 25 to 30 years.

Public defender Kenneth Troccoli argued for the minimum sentence. He said that El-Khalifi “bore no ill will to the American people.”

“His motivation was simply to do what he thought God called him to do,” Troccoli said.

Troccoli said his client, an illegal immigrant from Morocco, embarked on a largely self-taught rediscovery of his religion after a misdemeanor assault conviction in 2007. Before that, he had been active in the D.C. club scene, taking drugs and occasionally producing music.

On the Internet, he found videos and propaganda that reinforced extremist views. Continue reading this article

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