Stockton: Norteno Gangsters Rob Bank and Kill Hostage

The news story of Wednesday’s crazy-violent bank robbery in Stockton has gotten a lot of play here in the Bay Area. Hundreds of shots were fired in a chase and shoot-out with 20 cop cars pursuing the robbers at a high speed through three communities. Two of the three criminals were killed, and one hostage, […]

California Gangsters Get Tattoo Removal to Blend In

The San Francisco Chronicle reports cheerfully that there is an increase of diverse gang-bangers having their identifying tattoos removed so they can work in regular jobs without being noticed. Naturally the taxpayers are dinged for the cost of an imagined social benefit, when in fact gang tattoos are a helpful danger sign for citizens to […]

California DREAM Act Will Cost Millions More Than First Estimated

The California DREAM Act was pitched as being relatively inexpensive and wouldn’t harm citizen students. Now a report from the Legislative Analyst Office says that both of those assertions are wrong: it will cost $25 million more than the original estimate of $40 million; the giveaway will cost $65 million annually and increase from there. […]

California: More Moving Out Than In

The Los Angeles Times is too kind to the post-Golden State when it says the reason most leavers are fleeing is the high cost of housing. It underplays the stubborn unemployment which has hovered around 12 percent during the current recession. (See the Sacramento Bee’s interactive map.)

The joblessness is worsened by a bad business climate […]

California Governor Approves Taxpayer Tuition Subsidy for Illegal Aliens

Doubtless Governor Jerry Brown received hundreds of thousands of messages, if not more, from citizens strongly condemning the Democrat legislation to give tax money to illegal alien college students. But he campaigned on the issue, so his decision to sign the bill into law is not surprising. Neither is Jerry’s disinterest in voter opinion, […]

Mexifornia Update: Democrat DREAMers Are Schemers

In the Fox news report below, California Assembly Member Tim Donnelly remarks that the UC system has been cut by $500 million, the State University system has lost the same amount and tuition has been raised 12 percent.

And yet. . . Sacramento Democrats managed to find $40 million to give to illegal alien college students […]

California Democrats Close Parks While Giving Millions to Illegal Alien Students

In Democrat-run Mexifornia, illegal aliens are one Jerry Brown signature away from full access to taxpayer funds for their dubious college educations. You can be sure the various Ethnic Studies departments are doing group cartwheels, because foreign grifters who manage to graduate from high school (or get a GED taken in Spanish), won’t be majoring […]

California DREAM Act Passes Senate

In California, illegal alien college students already get in-state tuition, courtesy of the beleaguered taxpayer. But that was not enough. Now they must have even more of the public’s scarce funds, even though the state’s system of universities has been deeply damaged because of budget cuts.

Even so, California Democrats are determined to redistribute the […]

California Democrats Plan to Bill Taxpayers for Illegal Aliens’ College Educations

Here in chronically broke California, Sacramento is gearing up to pass taxpayer-funded grants for illegal alien students, so that lawbreaking foreigners can get free educations while citizen young people are pushed aside.

The evil Gil Cedillo broke his Mexifornia version of the ironically named DREAM Act into two parts, hoping to squeeze it through in stages. […]

La Times Portrays Gangster Lowriders as Mainstream America

The Los Angeles Times loves to pretend that the massive demographic change caused by the Mexicanization of the American southwest is of no consequence. Sometimes the paper rewrites history entirely or ignore the cultural effects of Mexifornication, such as failing schools, increased gang crime and balkanization.

This tendency showed up in a recent news article, where […]

Mexican Unfriendlies Cheer Their Tribe in Southern Mexifornia

It’s not exactly news that when the American national soccer team plays against Mexico in Lost Angeles, hardly anyone is cheering the home team. Pat Buchanan reported some years ago that the national anthem was booed at a 1998 soccer game played in LA. And a lot more Mexicans live in southern California now than […]

Mexifornia: Disagreement over Mexican Excellence Ends in Shooting

One of the expressions of diversity with which we have become familiar is how fond Mexicans are of their home country, to the point where one wonders how they can leave such a beloved place.

An example of the this tendency was on display in Santa Ana, California, where an argument developed in a restaurant between […]

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