Mexican President Nieto Gets a Day Off in the White House

On the same day that the Republican Senate was sworn in and the GOP majority of the House was increased, Obama received Mexican Presidente Enrique Pena Nieto for a friendly chat about erasing America’s borders and sovereignty. It was just an accident of scheduling, surely, not a petulant act of an extreme President whose policies [...]

Savage Mexico: Missing College Students May Have Been Found

Last week I wrote about the level of crime in our southern neighbor that makes them a most undesirable society from which to admit immigrants: Mexico: 43 Disappeared Students Highlight Deep-Seated Lawlessness. Now those missing young people may have located — and it is tragic news for the families.

Bodies have been found, although they are [...]

Mexico: 43 Disappeared Students Highlight Deep-Seated Lawlessness

Sometimes Americans forget what a barbaric society we have in our neighbor to the south. ISIS and other hostile Muslims fill up the media’s screen with their headchop activities, but Mexico is not far behind in savagery. In fact, Mexico should be grateful for murderous Muslims who take attention away from Mexican gangsters also employing [...]

Mexico Kidnappers Downsize Their Targets

Mexico remains the top country where kidnapping occurs, where it has long been a part of the nation’s crime culture. A survey from Control Risks reported that in 2013 Mexico was numero uno in kidnap for ransom in absolute terms.

These days however, Mexican kidnappers are downsizing from snatching children of wealthy parents to working class [...]

Mexico 2012: the Year in Narco-Crime

December’s end brings lists of the year’s best, worst, most memorable and other supposedly reflective products of the dinosaur media. Such inventories are easy to concoct, and can be assembled weeks in advance, so the journalist can jet off for a deluxe ski vacation while his name appears in print. Hey, a refrigerator full of [...]

Mexicans Turn to Sorcerers to Cope with Cartel Stress

To say Mexico is culturally backward is to understate a Grand Canyon of diversity that is nevertheless easy to overlook. The denizens of our southern neighbor may have TV sets and dress like cowboys, but underneath a somewhat familiar exterior lies a pre-Columbian outlook among many, particularly in the countryside. Superstition correlates with lower levels [...]

Mexico Meltdown: State Abandoned to Cartel

Here’s another marker of the worsening failed-state syndrome next door: Mexico City admits that government authority has disappeared from the Gulf state of Veracruz, leaving it to the ultra-violent Zeta crime syndicate.

As the graphic indicates, Veracruz is not a small piece of land. At more than 30,000 square miles, it accounts for 3.7 percent of [...]

How US Weapons Reach Mexican Organized Crime

Of the US-produced firearms reaching Mexican cartels, very few come from the local gun stores we have in this country. Those which can be identified as coming from the USA often have been funneled through third-world armies, then stolen and sold.

Fox reporter William La Jeunesse has been following the myth that cartels get most of [...]

Acapulco Headlines Are Now about Beheaded Gangsters

Acapulco was once a premier vacation spot in Mexico, known for its beautiful beaches and classy accommodations.

Elvis made a movie there, Fun in Acapulco, although it was more about bikinis than sombreros.

Today, however, the glamor is gone, replaced by dead bodies. Mexican organized crime has extended its brutal intramural warfare to the beachside city. In [...]

Narco-state Leader Blames America for Violence

Mexico’s annoying Presidente is castigating America for his country’s problems again, with the complaint that the U.S. is a major buyer of drugs.

Calderon’s latest gripe is California’s initiative to legalize marijuana for personal use, which would permit citizens to grow their own herb, as nature intended.

He also repeated the lie that Mexico’s escalating violence is [...]

Juarez Editor Gives in to Narco Criminals

In the embattled Mexican city across the river from El Paso, the editor of el Diario has surrendered to the drug cartels because of the murders of his employees.

It’s a sad sign of the times in Mexico, of how free speech, and therefore democracy, has been beaten into submission by the ultraviolent narco gangs, which [...]