Issa to Hold Operation Gunrunner Hearing

My alarm is set to watch the House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday morning at 10am EDT to investigate Washington’s idiot scheme of sending serious weapons to Mexican drug traffickers in order to track them in a “sting.” The witness list includes Senator Grassley, family members of Agent Brian Terry who was killed by a […]

ATF Gunrunning to Mexico to Get Further Examination

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) scandal of sending guns to Mexican organized crime in a poorly considered “sting” is moving along with a Congressional hearing next week to be chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa.

Every news report brings more details of how the Fast and Furious guns were used in crimes, including the […]

Mexico's Calderon Starts to Declare Defeat in Anti-Cartel War

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the anti-cartel war of corrupt failing-state Mexico was unlikely to succeed. There’s no tradition of law and order in Mexico, where many people profit from the drug trade.

Now Presidente Felipe Calderon is dropping big hints that he is losing the war on cartels, despite his serious […]

Border Anarchy Resisted in West Texas

In April, I blogged about the problems of Fort Hancock, Texas, a border town an hour down the road from El Paso, which has been experiencing some difficulties with Mexican crime: Border Sheriff Says Violence in His Region Is Out of Control.

As a result of the lawlessness, Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West has told his […]

Obama Administration Protects Mexican Drug Cartels

Sometimes it’s hard not to think that the current government isn’t one big criminal enterprise.

Today’s example is all the more remarkable because it came from the Obama-worshipping New York Times. Apparently the Obama henchmen are frightened that Americans might somehow connect criminal drugs with Mexico (!) We wouldn’t want anyone to think ill of Mexico […]

Cartel Threatens Texas Congressmen

Is Colombia-style narco violence spreading north into the United States? The symptoms are accumulating, because the porous southern border is little impediment to the war between the drug cartels now worsening in Mexico.

President Obama may be able to ignore a rancher murdered on his own property in Arizona, but if a couple of Congressmen […]

Cartel Anarchy Follows Mexicans to Texas

When Washington allows millions of Mexicans the enter this country (mostly illegally), it is unreasonable to expect only the “nice” Mexes, the ones who “only come to work” to avail themselves of open borders and permissive workplaces.

No, open borders permit the very worst of Mexican criminals to pour into America, as illustrated by the drug […]