Senator Jeff Sessions Demands Universal E-verify Workplace Enforcement to Protect American Jobs

America’s sovereignty defender explained to dim Democrats in the Senate why screening out illegal aliens is vital to protect citizens from being displaced in jobs by cheap foreign workers who don’t mind being exploited.

The Accountability through Electronic Verification Act, which Sessions mentioned, would make E-verify mandatory for all employers. The fact that the easy-to-use, succesful […]

Sympathetic Press Waves Bye-Bye to Foreign Job Thieves on Their Last Day

The ICE removal of 200 illegal alien workers from Pacific Steel in Berkeley has been an opportunity for the liberal media to show its heartfelt empathy with illegal alien job stealers.

In December, the local ABC affiliate showed up to agree that’s it’s unfair to send the aliens packing right before Christmas: “Kicking these workers to […]

Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Workplace Identification

It’s great news that that the Supremes have agreed with the idea that a state has the right to enforce federal immigration laws, at least to a degree.

The liberal apologists for lawbreaking always say to go after the employer, but they have never supported E-verify, which is the first step toward getting serious about workplace […]

Illegal Alien Contractors Sue for Back Wages

Requirements for the use of E-verify in Georgia have been undermined rather thoroughly. One masonry company is owned by illegal aliens with an E-verify account who are now suing for back wages. They figure they have nothing to lose — apparently they don’t fear jail or deportation.

Plus, the masonry work was on a military site. […]

Obama NLRB Appointee Supports Illegal Foreign Workers

When he campaigned for the Presidency, Obama portrayed himself as the friend of the American worker. But now that he’s in office, BHO’s one-worlder tendencies are becoming more obvious.

His recess appointment for the Labor Relations Board, Craig Becker, believes that punitive measures against employers of illegal aliens have had a “discriminatory effect” against those workers.

Of […]