Los Angeles: Street Vendors Increase Because of Unemployment

Here’s another sign of the jobless recovery: more people turn to peddling stuff on the street because they cannot find regular employment. Governor Jerry Brown has touted California’s improved economy during his campaign for re-election, but the unemployment rate remains at a painful 7.4 percent compared with the nation’s 6.2 percent in July.

A recent study […]

California: Mulling the Freelance Class

The front page of Sunday’s Los Angeles Times headlined with “Laboring in the shadow of recession,” which is actually a story about freelancing out of necessity in the bleak job market. Individual cases of human struggles to survive economically are told along with the some of the societal changes which contribute.

There are a few statistics […]

Obama's 'Recovery' Has Created Low-Wage Jobs

We little citizens mostly hear from the liberal pravda media that the recovery is bubbling along nicely, although not quite as robustly as the Administration would prefer. However on Monday the New York Times did note:

The report shows that total employment has finally surpassed its pre-recession level. “The good news is we’re back to zero,” […]

Senator Jeff Sessions Rolls Out Series of Speeches about the Economy

The indispensable man was back on the Senate floor on Thursday, defending American workers who are struggling to survive in the jobless recovery. Senator Sessions warned clearly about the danger of an immigration bill conference committee, where a tough enforcement House bill would be blended with the disastrous Senate monstrosity, and amnesty would be rammed […]

Grim Outlook for Jobless Teens

On Friday, PBS Newshour had a pretty dire segment about teenage unemployment, with a mind-bender headline: “Jobless Rate for Poor Black Teen Dropouts? Try 95 Percent.”

Part of the piece checked out the Dorchester Youth Collaborative, a jobs program for minority kids who need the basics of behavior training and how to look for work and […]

Senator Sessions Reacts to Jobs Report in Light of Looming Amnesty for Millions

Below is Senator Jeff Sessions‘ response to Friday’s terrible unemployment report which showed only 88,000 new jobs were added to the economy,¬†about half the average of the last few months. Plus, the labor force participation rate dropped to 63.3 percent, the lowest since 1979 (the Carter administration). Nearly 90 million Americans older than age 16 […]

American Joblessness in Fresno Is Noted

It’s a nice change to see sympathetic coverage of an American suffering in this rotten economy, instead of more boilerplate about the plight of poor illegal alien Juan who came for a better life (sniff).

The subject of the article, David Martin (pictured), has valuable accounting skills but lives in Fresno County, where the official unemployment […]

California Employees to Employers: Please Move!

How bad are California’s employment and quality-of-life indicators? Let’s consider a few illustrations of failure.

The Associated Press reported the recent unemployment numbers: March jobless rate dips to 12 percent in Calif. Yep, a disastrous 12 percent unemployed is an improvement here in the post-Golden State, where the official jobless number has been 12 percent or […]

Straight Talk from Donald Trump about Jobs and the Economy

An interview with the hotel magnate has far more common sense about employment and trade than anything you hear out of Washington, where everyone talks up creating jobs but with no specifics about how.

China is manipulating currency to its great advantage, Trump says, and is exploiting American weakness. His recommendation: we should tax Chinese goods […]

Silicon Valley: Many Running Out of Unemployment Benefits and Hope

On Sunday, 60 Minutes presented a report about how bad the recession is for people who are unemployed. The show went to San Jose, which was the center of the booming Silicon Valley just a decade ago. Now shiny new buildings stand empty, and college-educated people have run out money after losing their jobs in […]