Six Californias Initiative Lives!

The project to divide America’s unwieldy, corrupt state into half a dozen chunks had disappeared from the news in recent months, but now has re-emerged, Phoenix-like, onto the political scene. If the petitions have enough valid signatures then it’s off to the election for the voters to have their say.

Of course, the only area of […]

Pew Poll: Just 28 Percent of Republicans Think the Party Articulates Principles Well

After the 2012 failure of the GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, there was plenty of anger, recrimination and fault-finding, but the Republican Party made no changes of personnel at the top. In March of the following year, Reince Preibus promised $10 million for diverse outreach, which seems only to have gone for the promotion of […]

Fox News Poll: 70 Percent Favor Photo IDs for Voters

Evidence continues to accumulate that a large majority of American voters believe picture identification at the polling place is a proper and reasonable requirement.

Earlier this week, the Rasmussen pollsters found that 73 percent of voters said requiring photo ID in elections is not discriminatory.

Interestingly, a look at the poll’s wording and breakdown of results shows […]

Rasmussen Poll: 73 Percent of Voters Say Requiring Photo ID in Elections Is Not Discriminatory

To the outside eye, the Obama administration does not seem adequately concerned about the potential for voter fraud in today’s elections, where some states do not require photo identification to cast a ballot, an activity which is at the heart of our representative government.

The trend has been for more states to enact photo ID laws […]

Michigan Primary Is Too Squishy to Be Romney Delete Button

I don’t do much political analysis, but I find it odd that so little attention is being paid to the open nature of the Michigan Republican primary. Pundits and news broadcasters across the ideological spectrum have pontificated that Gov Romney will be toast if he doesn’t win his home state.

Yet Michigan has an open primary, […]

Rasmussen Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Say They Are Closer to Tea Party Than Congress in Political Views

Since the Dems got shellacked in the 2010 election, they have tried to paint Tea Party citizens as “extreme” — as if demanding responsible spending of Washington were somehow excessive.

Sen. Harry Reid predicted that grass-roots financial conservatism would quickly disappear when members became disinterested. Recent reports from the dinosaur media have suggested that the Tea […]

Neigh! to Jane Harman

Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies (particularly the dance number), so I enjoyed the campaign ad from Jane Harman’s challenger: Young Mattie Fein (vs Jane Harman).

Public Recognizes a Problem with Democrats in Charge

There’s been a substantial change in how Americans see the Democratic Party in the two years since they have been running the legislative and executive branches of government. Liberal priorities have been on clear display with Obama and his Chicago cronies in charge, and the people have noticed.

The headline of the new Gallup poll emphasized […]

Les Phillip: Retired Navy Pilot Runs for Congress in Alabama

So far, there are 32 black Republicans running for the House of Representatives.

Les Phillip, a Navy veteran, is campaigning in Alabama’s 5th district. His most recent ad tells quite a story in 30 seconds.

Dozens of Black Republicans Campaign for the House

At times, this New York Times article strains to be polite about black conservatives running for the House of Representatives.

But the fact that it appeared at all in the liberal bastion is unusual. Perhaps the number of candidates — 32 — was too newsworthy to ignore.

Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in G.O.P. Races, New York […]

San Francisco Intends to Boycott Arizona

The capital of the Left Coast has serious problems at home — including a projected budget deficit of $522 million and an unemployment rate of 10.3 percent for the city and county — but the San Francisco Board of Supervisors takes its valuable time to condemn Arizona for stepping up to the plate on borders […]

Poll: Arizona Voters Favor Tough Law

Down on the frontlines of Arizona, on the ranches and city streets, 70 percent of likely voters strongly favor the tough new law, even with some misgivings about profiling, as indicated by today’s Rasmussen poll. The numbers show that the people are sick to death of immigration anarchy and realize that stronger measures are required.

“It’s […]

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