Polls Show American Rejection of Border Anarchy

Americans don’t want illegal or excessive immigration. When the issue has been in the news, like in 2010 when the Arizona law was in the headlines, polling shows the sentiment that is always there, that citizens want their borders and sovereignty enforced, not ignored.

Now, when citizens see the full horror of the liberal ideal of [...]

Rasmussen Poll: Majority Think Government Not Aggressive Enough in Deporting Illegals

This sounds pretty good: over half of voters polled think the Administration isn’t deporting enthusiastically enough.

52% Say U.S. Not Aggressive Enough in Deportations; 14% Say Too Aggressive, Rasmussen Reports, April 30, 2014

The Obama administration is considering a reduction in the number of illegal immigrants it deports, pending passage of an immigration reform plan now stalled [...]

Pew Poll: Exemption from Deportation Is More Important to Illegals Than Citizenship

Recent research shows what has been obvious for a long time — many illegal aliens don’t want to join the American community but care only about being able to work here and make money without being repatriated. Unobstructed job thievery is Job #1!

Even among legal immigrants, a sizable number do not want to become American [...]

Britain Poll: Two-Thirds Want Drastic Action to Reduce Immigration

Around the world, most societies don’t care for immigration, particularly when there’s too much of it. Global polls from Ipsos and Pew Research have illustrated the normal dislike of foreigner diversity. Human nature is deeply tribal, dictating that we all like our own group the best and are somewhat suspicious of those who don’t share [...]

A Majority of Americans Want Less Immigration Overall

A recent Fox News poll suggests that citizens are sick of immigration anarchy and want the system made into an orderly procedure. Fifty-five percent of voters want fewer legal immigrants admitted. Only 3 percent think border security is too strict, while 60 percent regard it as too lax. Sixty-eight percent want adequate border control before [...]

Rasmussen Poll: Nearly Half Think Too Fast Growth Is Worse Than Too Slow

Among elites in Washington, population growth of any kind, even of stubbornly retro third-worlders, is preferable to a sustainable society. The reason is simple: expanding population causes GNP to rise, which looks good, even as per capita income of the citizens decreases. The idea of the country being full never occurs.

Yet even without a strong [...]

Australia Poll: Half Want Immigration to End

Why don’t we ever get nice straightforward polls like this in America? It would be a welcome change if Gallup or Rasmussen would ask whether we little citizens think the country is full, but no such honesty of inquiry has been forthcoming.

Australians think their country has enough people, and therefore the policy that allows the [...]

Rasmussen Poll: Less than One-Third of Voters Believe Mexico Border Is Secure

As usual, the public understands that Washington is playing make-believe when its leaders assert the border is “as secure now as it has ever been” as DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has said repeatedly. The point of defining the border as secure is to get on with a big amnesty for millions of future Democrats.

Obama’s recent [...]

Poll: Europeans Notice Muslims Are Problematic

Years of worsening violence, intimidation and general unpleasantness now show up in the pollster’s results, in which a sizable minority see Muslim immigrants as a threat. A recent survey conducted by France’s Le Monde also indicate an increased willingness on the part of Europeans to express doubts about the immigration enterprise now transforming the continent.

Muslims [...]

Top Obama Henchpersons Poorly Regarded

Obama might well pay attention to the old saying: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.”

He has dug deep with policies that the public dislikes, but he refuses to deviate from his hard-left agenda. One example: his decision to pursue a lawsuit against the consistently popular Arizona law against border anarchy. Another is the budget-buster [...]

Rasmussen Poll: Voters Prefer Arizona’s Approach to Washington’s

The polls keep rolling in and mounting up with the same message: Americans want an enforcement approach to solve border anarchy, and reject the craven surrender to Mexico that Obama prefers.

Today’s example notes that just over a third of voters (34%) agree with President Obama, while 56% prefer Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who met with [...]

Rasmussen Poll: 58% Reject Anchor Baby Citizenship

Do you get the feeling that Americans are sick and tired of being gamed by parasitic illegal aliens? The jackpot baby scam, where a pregnant illegal alien crosses the border to pop out a citizen meal ticket, is rejected by a substantial majority of voters.

A recent poll shows that aliens using even cutesy babies as [...]

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