Mexifornia Is Next on Gutierrez' Amnesty Demand Tour

Rep Luis Gutierrez has been traveling America in recent weeks with a 20-city Amnesty Expedition, similar to the one he made in 2009, which I documented first hand (Speaker Pelosi Boards Gutierrez Amnesty Express).

What’s different on this trip is Gutierrez’ demand that President Obama bypass the¬†uncooperative Congress entirely and¬†use his executive power to reward foreign […]

Citizens Unmoved by May Day Amnesty Shenanigans

Even though there has been a tsunami of false reporting from the liberal media characterizing the new Arizona immigration law as racist oppression, the American people are not impressed by the illegal aliens making noisy demands for amnesty. The citizens’ desire for immigration order is revealed by the recent Rasmussen poll, which showed only a […]

Phony Mahony Blogs against Borders

The Archbishop of Los Angeles never met an illegal alien he didn’t like (or child-abusing priest either), and now that he has his own blog (!) he can deliver propaganda in a whole new modern format.

No surprise, Roger Mahony (pictured at right) is condemnatory toward Arizona’s new legislation (not yet law!) that comes down tough […]