New York Times: Orlando Jihad Massacre Ruins Muslim Holiday for Immigrants

On Saturday, many news outlets reported on the funerals taking place of the victims of the jihad mass murders in Orlando.

Nevertheless, the New York Times featured a front-pager titled “Young New York Muslims, Robbed of a Respite” — apparently trying to make the Islamics into the victims. To most people, the murder for allah of 49 Americans seems […]

Illegal Alien Kiddie Sob Story Outbreak, Just in Time for Republican Conclave

Is it just me, or is there a noticeable uptick in the Opravda media’s illegal alien sob stories, spiced up with children, conveniently coinciding with the Republican convention? The countdown to election day continues apace, and Obama needs his loyal press posse to step up their game with more of the same old crapdoodle: Republicans […]

New York Times: Mexican Invasion Is Over

According to the New York Times, illegal immigration from Mexico has “sputtered to a trickle,” so we little citizens needn’t worry our heads about it any more. Yep, life is much improved in dear Mexico (except for the drug war in which 40,000 have been killed); therefore breaking in to the USA just doesn’t have […]

Patrick Kennedy Speaks for Mental Health

After the shooting of Rep. Gabriel Giffords by a disturbed college dropout, I wrote that the crime was a failure of the community to demand mental health treatment for the young man, rather than of gun control (e.g. PBS Examines Mental Health Intervention in Light of Giffords Shooting).

Pima Community College knew very well that Jared […]

PBS Examines Mental Health Intervention in Light of Giffords Shooting

It was alarming (but not surprising) to see the usual gun-grabbers immediately swing into action after the mass murder in Tucson that killed six and severely wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

As I wrote at the time, the public policy failure was in the mental health arena, not gun control. Fellow students in shooter Jared Loughner’s classes […]

Brutality as Defined by Dinosaur Media

The liberal press has taken some notice to the death sentence by stoning for an Iranian woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, for adultery. The execution has been postponed for review after the international uproar; however it still may be carried out.

In order to burnish its appearance of caring about justice (so important to liberal media), Newsweek […]

Bad-Faith Media Achieves New Heights of Dishonesty

Mark Twain supposedly remarked, “A lie will fly around the whole world while the truth is getting its boots on.”

He must have had the dinosaur media in mind as the sender of the lie, since the MSM is either painfully stupid or agenda-driven about topics that don’t appeal to elite liberals. For example, it has shown […]