Importing Savagery: One English Hospital Treated 1500 Cases of FGM in Five Years

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a cultural and Islamic practice that is performed commonly on young girls with the hope that it will make them uninterested in sex when they get older. It is sometimes fatal because of unsanitary conditions, and may cause lifetime pain in victims.

A 2012 report found that 100,000 women residing in [...]

New York Times Admits FGM Is an Immigrant Crime

Liberal publications are hypocrites about immigration, normally characterizing the influx of diversity into American communities as an entirely positive influence, while ignoring the appalling cultural practices of certain ethnicities and religions. Horrific crimes are reported, but they usually hang in the air with no cultural context provided to explain the motivation.

Today’s front page New York Times [...]

New York City: Senegalese Pleads Guilty to Murdering Italian Woman

On Monday, an immigrant from Senegal, 42-year-old Bakary Camara, pleaded guilty to murdering an Italian college student, Rita Morelli, 36, in New York City. The African’s excuse was that he was under an evil curse (a victim!), and even requested a local imam to be an expert witness on witchcraft at the trial, which the [...]

Sex-Selection Abortion Debate Misleads by Not Mentioning Immigrant Cause

It’s been disappointing to see the issue of sex-selection abortion debated with such dishonesty, where the cultural background of the practitioners has been omitted, presumably because of political correctness. In doing so, the discussion maligns American women, who do not as a matter of culture engage in sex-selection abortion.

Aborting female fetuses is an accepted custom [...]

Muslim Gang Sentenced for Raping Children to Celebrate Eid

In a London courtroom, several Muslim men were assigned various prison terms of up to 11 years for kidnapping and raping two teenaged girls as a part of the males’ Eid festivities.

Muslim immigration practically guarantees diminished safety for women and girls. As feminist Hege Storhaug observed when asked about the effects of Muslim immigration:

“There is [...]

Diversity against Women (Britain): 100,000 Girls Physically Mutilated by FGM

Opening the doors to hostile Muslim immigration has brought an array of crime, terror and cruelty to the UK. Brutality toward women and girls is an Islamic specialty, shown by the rape epidemic in Norway, forced marriage for children, a death sentence for learning to read and honor killing for normal expressions of individuality.

The following [...]

Congressman Wants to End Sex-Selection Abortion (but Doesn't Mention Immigrants)

It’s not news that immigrants from misogynous societies bring their retro attitudes and customs with them to America. In 2001, the New York Times reported on sex-selection abortion among Indians and Chinese immigrants: Clinics’ Pitch to Indian Émigrés: It’s a Boy.

Sex-selection abortions are used to dispose of unwanted girls, a common practice in Asia, where [...]

Moroccan Pleads Guilty to Brutal Beating

In March 2010, a immigrant from Morocco, Mbarek Lafrem (pictured), severely beat a nurse because she wouldn’t dance with him in a Manhattan bar. He followed her into the women’s restroom where he attempted to rape her and fractured her skull, eye socket, nose and jaw and cut her forehead, requiring 50 stitches.

Being a Muslim [...]

Honor Killing Diversity in the Midwest

The press is apparently too politically correct to characterize the murder of a young woman by her Muslim stepfather as an “honor killing.” But when even the AP says Jessica Mokedad was shot “because she left home and wasn’t following Islam” what else would one call the crime?

It’s a familiar scenario. A young woman growing up [...]

Afghanistan: Women Are Commonly Bought and Sold

For the diversity file: in Afghanistan (which Washington wants to improve) women and girls are sold just like animals. Islam says that oppressing females is the right of men, so nothing is changing on that front.

India Witch Diversity Toted Up

Upbeat India boosters like to portray their country as a modern, “forward looking” society that is an up-and-comer on the world stage. In fact, some believe this will be India’s century.

But retro social realities are hard to ignore. Bangalore is celebrated as a tech center, thanks to American outsourcing and education, yet indoor plumbing is [...]

Hmong Refugee Sentenced to Prison for Child-Kidnap-Rape Diversity

Within America’s imported multicultural soup, the Hmong tribe is surely near the top of the scale of extreme behaviors, including shamanistic medicine, horse-eating, animal sacrifice, marriage by capture, polygamy, disinterest in obeying the law, a highly misogynist value system, and a dislike of education particularly for women.

In Milwaukee, a Hmong man, Thaying Lor (pictured), was [...]