India: Government Allows Renaming of “Unwanted” Girls

Could you imagine naming a baby Garbage or Reject? That choice would be incomprehesible in the United States, but apparently it is not unusual in India for disappointed parents who wanted a son to name a daughter “Unwanted.”

Below, India’s gender disparity is increasing because parents still prefer sons and don’t want girls.

Not all cultures are […]

Afghanistan Is Judged the Worst Nation on Earth for Women

The world is filled with barbaric societies where existence for women is a living hell and from those, a group of experts has determined that the worst of piggyman cultures is that of Afghanistan. If there is a way to mistreat and oppress the female half of the population, the Afghan males have thought of […]

Afghanistan Still in the Stone Age

So how much Western enlightenment has seeped into Afghan society after 10 years of American influence, from both the US military and NGO do-gooders?

Not very much, if women have to learn to read in secret because they risk death from the Taliban for doing so.

Along the same line is this video about child brides — […]

Sudan Gains Notoriety for Flogging Women

Sudan is practically the poster country for the worst sorts of human rights abuses, including slavery and child soldiers. The Darfur region has been the site of mass genocide for years.

The country is a helpful reminder that not all cultures are morally equal. Nevertheless, Washington continues to welcome Sudanese as immigrants and refugees, despite the […]

Chechnya Says It Will End Bride Kidnapping

Being a woman can be a primitive experience in Chechnya, since she might be snatched off the street by a man who wants to possess her. Yep, a man can kidnap a woman he wants to “marry” (so romantic!), then her family has to negotiate through an imam about the terms of how he gets […]

Stop Sharia: the Poem

Look quickly: this video is rapidly disappearing from the internet. The images and words supporting justice for women living under totalitarian Islam (is there another kind?) has angered the Sons of Allah, who are complaining loudly about the video’s honesty. It’s only a couple minutes, but contains much truth about the suffering of innocents under […]