Monuments Men: Saving Western Culture Gets Hollywood Approval

On Saturday I made a rare trek to see a first-run movie, because of my curiosity about Hollywood’s treatment of an instance of defending western civilization. The new movie Monuments Men modifies the true story of the World War II officers who rescued works of art from Hitler’s theft. A project of George Clooney, the […]

Friend of Enlightenment Values Christopher Hitchens Is Dead at 62

I was sorry to learn of the death of Christopher Hitchens, the brilliant author, enthusiastic drinker and a fierce defender of free speech.

His finest hour, in my opinion, was his response to the Danish cartoon dust-up, in which Muslims insisted that their religious prohibition against images of Mohammed should supercede the West’s principle of free […]

Geert Wilders Praises Patriotism and the Nation State

The European Union superstate has illustrated the failure of government that is too big and too distant from the people it is supposed to represent. Problems began to be seen when referendums to approve the EU constitution went down to defeat in the Netherlands and France in 2005 — although the bureaucrats in Brussels have […]

Mark Steyn Interview: Diversity, Conformity and the Future

Mark Steyn has a new book about to be published, “After America”, and he was interviewed by Canadian TV host and free-speech defender Ezra Levant to discuss the book and the state of things generally.

Merry Christmas!

Here’s Amanda Shaw with a down home Silent Night.

And something more formal from Andrea Bocelli, Adeste Fidelis.

Bing Crosby’s movie White Christmas is a remembrance of traditional America.

Western Christian Culture Sighted in Philadelphia

Is there any stronger cultural glue than music? If there is, I don’t know of it. Not to mention music is a deep source of joy and community. Furthermore, Christian music is a musical treasure chest, encompassing traditional hymns, the classical tradition and an array of modern styles like gospel and country.

(The fact that Islam […]