Britain’s UKIP Leader Blasts Multiculturalism as a Failure

The head of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, recently visited the United States for a few days and got a fair amount of attention from the conservative media.

He spoke about the failure of “four decades of state-sponsored multiculturalism” in Britain when he appeared with Fox’s Neal Cavuto on Wednesday:

Farage sensibly recommended that ISIS fighters […]

Canada: Pan Am Games Diversity Standards Denigrate Regular Business Folks

Canada, with its official policy of multiculturalism, has been half a step ahead of America in terms of the bad craziness attached to believing extreme diversity to be a positive value. However, the faith of the citizens may be drifting away. For example, the quadruple honor killing of four women in the Shafia Afghan immigrant […]

Britain: Poll Finds Immigration Considered Biggest Problem

It’s always interesting to see how other countries are responding to the state-enforced destruction of their traditional culture via diverse immigration.

The diversification project, which is run by and for elites, requires decades of steadfast propaganda from media, schools and churches, because human nature dictates that we all prefer the safety and familiarity of our own […]

The New Spiderman Is Diverse

In the latest example of the cruelty of demographic change, Marvel Comics has killed off its Spiderman-Peter Parker character and replaced him with a diverse persona who is half black, half hispanic and maybe even gay in a three-fer opportunity for comic sales.

Can readers also hope to see a left-handed superhero to portray the struggles […]

Australia: A Multiculturalism Acolyte Loses the Faith

It is always admirable when persons in the public eye have the grit to say when they have made a mistake. And when an apparent liberal admits that multiculturalism is a dumb idea, then it’s practically a flying pig moment.

Actually, more people are grasping that Islamic cultures seem to be in a different zone altogether, […]

Group Identity Is Strong among Primates

Everybody likes their own tribe the best, a fact of psychology that is ignored by the insistent multiculturalism ideology so beloved by liberal elites. We humans just feel more comfortable among those who share our language and culture.

Science has shown that the tribal nature of our species is deep seated.

New research indicates that a hard-wired […]

Seattle: Social Justice Pander-Fest Warms Up

The city that prides itself having a statue of Lenin has advanced more forcefully into the social justice arena by turning the principle of equality under the law on its head. The blindfolded figure of Justice holding a scale represents the foundational idea that Seattle rejects.

Seattle thinks it knows better and wants to improve the […]

Non-English-Speaking Vietnamese Struggle in the Gulf Disaster

Reporters must be getting bored with avoiding Obama’s failure to act in the Gulf oil explosion, since they are turning to the ethnic angle, with plenty of boo-hooey and suffering angst. It also happens that the MSM notice the diversity slant when there’s a big crime story or other large event. Or perhaps some ethno-org […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work (Census Department)

The Census Bureau is spending an unprecedented $133 million for marketing and outreach for the 2010 enumeration.

That’s a lot of advertising. Ever wonder how they spend all that money?

One cost is renting mariachis.

US Census draws large crowd in Lower Valley

SOCORRO — The U.S. Census Bureau drew a large mass of people on the day […]