New York Times Spotlights Arson of Swedish Mosques

Saturday’s New York Times featured a heart-tuggy photo on its front page, something it has done before in the service of diversity.

The subject of the picture is a cutesy immigrant child gazing upon little paper hearts strung on a burned out mosque in Sweden. To my suspicious eye, the perfect composition and oddly folded hands […]

Virginia Immigrants Claim Victimhood over Zoning

When diverse foreigners move en masse into a community, cultural conflicts can show up in zoning disputes. Newbies may think American freedom includes using quiet residential neighborhoods for activities like opening a mosque or running a birth tourism hotel.

In Britain, lawyer Gavin Boby has become known as the MosqueBuster for successfully using zoning law to […]

Britain: Former Home Secretary Warns Riots May Follow Roma Influx

David Blunkett has observed that the EU-mandated opening of Britain to the 29 million people of Bulgaria and Romania in a couple months may cause a violent reaction among the citizens.

Blunkett complained rather weakly about the backward behavior of Roma persons, and urged them to stop littering. He practically called Roma children feral, referring to […]

Florida: Santeria Slaughter Reaches South Beach

South Florida has been afflicted with a special mix of Caribbean diversity in addition to the usual gaggle of foreign lawbreakers. So in addition to dealing with drug smuggling, welfare mooching (Medicare fraud a local specialty!) and job thievery, the remaining Americans must endure practices like the cruel slaughter in the night of horses to […]

France: Gay Islamic Prayer Room Opens Cautiously

Near Paris, a gay Muslim man is opening an Islamic prayer room aimed at persons who may feel unwelcome in a standard mosque because of their sexual orientation.

After all, Islam teaches that homosexuality is a crime punishable by death, and Iran has recently hanged men for sodomy, so the threat is not an idle one.

It’s […]

Kennewick Man Unveiled! (Partially)

It was interesting to hear NPR’s radio report last night about Kennewick Man, who has been long disappeared from media reports and public discussions. The main thrust of the audio segment was of his athletic musculature, describing him as “all beefcake” and leaving out his racial identity entirely (read the transcript or listen to the […]

California Meltdown Update

Victor Davis Hanson is back, continuing his analysis of the “Two Californias” — one based on traditional American values of law and order, the other a growing third-world cesspool of lawlessness and dysfunction.

Hanson has deep roots in California. He is a fifth-generation farmer on his family’s land near Selma in Fresno County. He is also an […]

Israelis Reject Illegal Alien Africans

Everybody like their own tribe the best, because that preference is hard-wired in the human psyche for reasons of safety. Despite liberals’ persistent efforts to convince us that even the diversity of illegal immigration should be celebrated, home towners all over the world remain unconvinced, as indicated by a Pew survey showing that increased immigration was […]

Polygamists Hope Americans Will Forget Their History

Over in the backwaters of the court system, a family of Mormon polygamists is working to overturn the laws against the practice of multi-wifing. Because the miscreants are also the stars of the reality TV show Sister Wives, much of the reporting has been in the entertainment press, e.g.’s ‘Sister Wives’ At War: Brown […]

Levant & Steyn: War on Christmas

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn share thoughts on the War on Christmas. (Steyn has been known to warble a carol occasionally and has published Christmas albums in addition to his recent book on civilizational doom.)

They both fondly remember Irving Berlin, a Jewish immigrant of an earlier time who expressed his love of America by writing […]

Canada: Michael Coren Launches New Television Show

Michael Coren is a new name to me, but what I’ve seen of him in the past week is quite agreeable. He has a new talk show on the Sun television network in Canada, which also presents Ezra Levant.

BlazingCarFur tubed up the whole debut episode, which is posted below. The guests included Ann Coulter, Mark […]

Cairo on Friday: Islamists Rally for Sharia State

Here’s an update on the Middle East’s “Arab Spring” which was much celebrated in the liberal press as an example of the improvability of human societies, even the backward ones. Peaceful protest could lead to positive political change. Plus, if real democracy were offered in Egypt and beyond, then the great majority would embrace it […]

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