For Dangerous Mentally Ill, Treatment Interventions Are Indicated

The horrific mass murders at a Connecticut elementary school has brought the usual shrieks from gun grabbers, while the unaddressed root problem appears to be a mental health issue not adequately treated. It’s not the first time.

For example, Jared Loughner, a psychologically disturbed young man, had been suspended by the college he attended, apparently to […]

Sanctuary Policy Criticized -- Weakly

When the press presents the objections of citizens to sanctuary cities, it certainly doesn’t use the strongest arguments.

Immigrant ‘sanctuaries’ rouse opponents’ wrath, LA Times, July 25, 2010

Reporting from Washington — Critics of the Obama administration’s decision to sue Arizona over its new law to control illegal immigration accuse the government of overlooking a more obvious […]

First Newark Schoolyard Trial Gets Conviction

The families of the three brutally murdered young people were satisfied and relieved that Roldolfo Godinez was found guilty. The trial was a long time coming since August 2007, when three college friends were slaughtered on a schoolyard by a group of MS-13 gangsters.

It is a good outcome in particular because the evidence linking Godinez […]

Cardinal Mahony Is Sued over Abuse

Los Angeles’ pompous top Catholic, Cardinal Roger Mahony, recently compared patriotic Arizonans who support border security to Nazis, even though polling shows that 70 percent of voters favor the tough new legislation.

(Funny how pundits wring their hands over the worsening criminal anarchy in Mexico, but when Americans act to preserve public safety in our own […]