The Upcoming Immigration Debate in Congress Is Discussed on Fox News

You would think that Fox star Chris Wallace had never interviewed a conservative before, judging from some of his clueless questions to Congressman Jim Jordan about illegal immigration on the big Sunday show. Wallace seemed genuinely surprised that a founder of the pro-sovereignty Freedom Caucus objected to a replay of the 1986 failure of Amnesty Now, Enforcement Never.

Below, President Reagan signed an enforcement-lite amnesty that put America on a path to Democrat dominance.

After some discussion about the budget and possible immigration legislation, Jordan made the position of the Freedom Caucus more clear (starting at around 7:00) — enforce law and borders as Trump was elected to do. (Spare video here.)

CHRIS WALLACE: I’m asking you a direct question because that isn’t where this compromise seems headed in the Senate. They’re talking about doing them all at once: the path to citizenship and these other things all at the same time, not enforcement first — can you accept all of those as a package?

JIM JORDAN: Of course not, the Freedom Caucus won’t support that; I don’t think a majority the House of Representatives will support that, and Speaker Ryan knows that he can’t put a bill on the floor unless the majority of the House Republicans are supportive of that measure.

WALLACE: So you’re saying if all of these things come together as a package — DACA, deal for the Dreamers and the tougher enforcement — that’s unacceptable to you and you believe a majority of Republicans. . .

JORDAN: You asked me about the Senate bill, what’s being proposed in the Senate is not going to be acceptable to conservatives in the House, guaranteed because it’s not going to be acceptable to the American people. If they do legislation like what is Chairman Goodlatte’s legislation, that has been worked on by him, Congressman Labrador or Congressman McCaul — if they put that kind of legislation on the floor you will see conservatives support that because again, Chris, it’s consistent with what the American people elected us to do in 2016.

Wallace continued with a question about a rather self-evident scenario — would a failure to enact a conservative agenda hurt the party in the upcoming elections? Ya think!?

WALLACE: Do you think that the passage of the spending bill — and depending on what happens on immigration — could this hurt Republicans in the 2018 midterms? In other words, the folks that felt, well the conservative voters, if we elect a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican president, we’re going to get conservative policies. Do you think some of them may just stay home if they see Congress . .

JORDAN: Yes! Heck, yes!

Jordan knows very well that immigrants become mostly Democrat voters.


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