Tucker Carlson Pummels Politico for Fretting about Lack of Imams in America

How far has the liberal press descended into loony diversity ideology to embrace hostile Islam as a part of America? Don’t scribblers know that the koran has more than 100 verses advocating violence against nonbelievers?

Politico recently went off the rails in diversity lunacy:

Tucker Carlson couldn’t let that pass, including a hint that muslim immigration might not be a good idea from a safety point of view:

Spare audio:

TUCKER CARLSON: In case you missed it over the weekend there was a fascinating piece in Politico with the following counterintuitive title: “America is running out of Muslim clerics and that’s dangerous.” According to the article, the administration’s travel ban — the supposedly fascist one that affects just six out of dozens of majority Muslim countries — is causing a perilous shortage of Islamic clergy in this country. That is terrifying, explains Politico because quote “with no imam to guide them muslims could soon turn elsewhere for direction with possibly radical consequences.”

Huh. It’s kind of a weird thing to say when you think about it. We’ve been told for years that Islamic extremists are just a tiny minority within Islam. Foreign Muslims, our leaders have assured us again and again, are no more dangerous than native-born Americans — probably less dangerous actually because native-born Americans are horrible, as they often point out. And yet, according to Politico, young Muslims may spontaneously become violent if they don’t get the right kind of Imams, even though their faith and culture have nothing to do with violence.

Well, it’s funny how you never hear this same reasoning applied to other faiths. There is, by the way, a shortage of Episcopal priests in this country — have you noticed a wave of Episcopalian terrorism? Has Chuck Schumer demanded we import more Buddhist monks just to make sure young Buddhists don’t murder the rest of us? Probably not. Instead they’re telling us what they’ve always told us: it’s completely safe to admit more Muslims into America and bigoted even to question that assumption. And by the way, if you do question it, Muslim extremists might kill you.

Here’s the Politico article under discussion:

America is Running Out of Muslim Clerics. That’s Dangerous. Politico, November 26, 2017

How Trump’s travel ban worsened a shortage of qualified preachers—and why that’s dangerous.

Abu Marwan’s job has gotten a lot harder since Donald Trump took office. The president of the Masjid Al-Rahma outside San Diego, Marwan has relied on volunteers to serve as imam of the rapidly growing mosque ever since it opened in a strip mall several years ago. But these days, when he turns to those same volunteers, they always have something else to do. Marwan says it’s because they’re afraid of violence against Muslims, which has been on the rise since the 2016 election. As he puts it, “They always say they’re busy, busy. The truth is they just don’t want to do it right now.”

Bringing in an imam from overseas has been just as difficult. Marwan invited one from Egypt to come for the holy month of Ramadan this past June, but the religious leader was unable to get a visa. And so, these days, instead of a regular imam at Masjid Al-Rahma, there is a changing cast of volunteers, students and borrowed imams—and sometimes no one at all—to read prayers to the 300 strong congregation. “Every Friday it is a nightmare to fill in the gap,” says Marwan. “Sometimes I have to call hundreds of people and still I can not find someone. It’s very stressful.” . . .

As America’s Muslim population has grown from 2.3 million a decade ago to a current high of 3.3, according to the Pew Research Center, the number of imams in the country has struggled to keep pace.


Why must America have a growing muslim population, created by unwise immigration? Not all allah-followers will murder infidels during their lives, but enough do to under the declaration of jihadist war against us to regard them as an enemy of western civilization. Simple prudence requires us to keep them out.

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