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Poll: Germans Reject Mass Muslim Immigration

In Germany, the citizens have been battered by a totally destructive immigration scheme cooked up by Chancellor Angela Merkel when in 2015 she welcomed unlimited Syrians to her country [1]. There’s a new poll showing German disapproval, but the presentation by the liberal Deutsche Welle news organization does everything it can to murk up the disastrous situation and the people’s reaction.

First, DW states the numbers clearly enough — 54 percent of respondents said the nation was full up on newbies. But then it has to say “Germans were still welcoming towards refugees in principle” — whatever does that mean? No public policy can succeed without defined limits.

Another little lie is the video included in the piece asserting “German companies help integrate refugees” [2] that makes the job assimilation aspect appear to be moving along nicely. However, when real numbers are used, it becomes clear that the great majority of refugees are not employed. UK’s Independent headline from December 19, 2016, observed: 1.2 MILLION migrants arrived in Germany in two years: just 34,000 or 2.8% have found a job [3]. That detail alone guarantees social unrest without even considering the anti-infidel beliefs of Germany’s new residents.

Plus, DW includes no mention of the cause of immigration’s falling poll numbers — the growing crime [4], particularly against women [5], who have seen their safe world disappear [6] after it was filled with muslim men.

In 2015, Middle Eastern men crowded the Budapest station, hoping to catch a train to Germany and grab some of its generous social benefits.

So is Merkel paying attention to the wishes of the little citizens? She has been sounding more reasonable since the election is coming soon, in particular by promising deportations [7] (!), but there is no real telling how she will rule if re-elected.

Germans unable to cope with more refugees: study [8], DW.com, April 7, 2017

A new study has revealed that a majority of Germans are unwilling to take in more asylum seekers. The country took in around 890,000 refugees in 2015.

According to a representative survey conducted by the Bertelsmann foundation, 54 percent of the respondents said Germany had reached the limit as far as accepting asylum seekers was concerned. In 2015, the same survey showed 40 percent of people holding this opinion.

“Many think a breaking point has been reached — the willingness to take in more refugees has diminished significantly,” the study said.

However, the report showed that Germans were still welcoming towards refugees in principle. Speaking to DW, migration expert at the Bertelsmann foundation, Ulrich Kober, said “I think it is very significant to see that that there still exists a robust welcoming culture in Germany after two years of extraordinary immigration of refugees.”

The researchers say that Germany’s “welcoming culture” has passed the first “stress test,” but that some scepticism has emerged. 74 percent of the survey’s participants said they were open to immigrants but 59 percent said they were unable to accept more refugees.

The refugee crisis and immigration have become big topics of debate for Germans, who will go to polls later this year. Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under fire for her famous statement “Wir schaffen das” – German for “We can do it” in 2015, when she opened the country’s borders to refugees fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa.

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