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Rio Grande Swimmer Receives an Abundance of Free-to-Her Welfare Stuff

In April, JudicialWatch [1] reported that “vanloads” of food stamps were going to illegal aliens [2].

Some of that vanload of freebies goes to Marita Nelson, who unlawfully swam across the Rio Grande to get her American Welfare Dream. A 50-year-old single mother, the illegal alien resides in Florida, where she receives government-funded housing, medication, $240 in food stamps and $700/month in Social Security. She has received assistance for 20 years, and generously recommends taxpayer-funded welfare for others!

The Fox report below also observed that Florida has many food stamp recruiters, and the state aims to increase its federal welfare by $1 billion annually.

Welfare and immigration cost expert Robert Rector [3] appeared on a panel Wednesday (watch on C-SPAN [4]) where he noted that immigrants being a “public charge” not long ago was cause to send them back where they came from. These days, foreigners are seen as victims who need government help — and Obama is just the President to see they get it.

Rector explained that the taxpayer costs of massive redistribution are enormous when the government imports millions of poor foreigners:

RECTOR: The difference is at the time of Ellis Island we didn’t have a $2 trillion redistributive state. . . most people don’t realize, we spend close to a trillion dollars a year aiding poor people, 80 different programs. . .

We can barely afford to do that for U.S.-born citizens and for legal immigrants. But to try to apply this massive system of redistribution to people whose only claim to U.S. taxpayer resources is that they came here and broke the law, I think that’s a travesty, and I think it’s an assault on the U.S. taxpayer that’s unmerited.

Robert Rector is the scholar who calculated the cost of a mass illegal alien amnesty would be $6.3 trillion [5] over the lifetimes of the foreigners.

Here’s a video clip [6] of Rector’s remarks discussing the cost of welfare for illegals:

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