Judicial Watch: 'Vanloads' of Food Stamps Went to Illegal Aliens

Perhaps news of the Boston bomber brothers’ extreme feeding at the welfare trough — $100,000 worth for the family — has put the issue of immigrants being a “public charge” back on the table.

The newbies are supposed to be self-sufficient, and not go from the point of entry to the welfare office, but enforcement of […]

Senator Sessions: Senate Amnesty Bill’s Enforcement Weakens Existing Law

The Senate Gang of Eight promote their immigration legislation as balanced between goodies for foreign intruders and enforcement of American law.

But as sovereignty defender Senator Jeff Sessions has noted, “Like 2007, this bill is amnesty before enforcement. It’s immediate legality with the promise of enforcement.”

On Monday, a press release explained the failure of enforcement in […]

Attorney General Holder Promotes Muslim Backlash Narrative

How often do we see this scenario: Muslim jihadist murders innocents for Allah, and the well-practiced squawkers then shriek about non-existent backlash incidents? They are followed quickly by the liberal media publicizing the idea of Muslim victimhood, sometimes fretting about retaliation that hasn’t happened and overwhelming the original crime. In one case of the press […]

AG Holder to MALDEF: Amnesty Is a Civil Right

Attorney General Eric Holder recently voiced a belief that many liberals hold — that entering this country illegally is a human right — but mostly refrain from saying. These days, the extreme anti-borders ideology of the anarchist left is becoming mainstream, at least under the Obama administration.

Incidentally, elites of the Catholic church disapprove of borders […]

Dutch Study: Anti-Racism Instruction in Schools Increases Discrimination

So how is all that diversity hectoring in schools working out?

Not very well. In fact, it is having the reverse effect of what is said to be intended, according to recent research. Emphasizing human tribal differences apparently makes kids dwell on those characteristics to a degree that becomes negative for normal social interaction. Human nature […]

Washington Partners with Mexico to Deliver Food Stamps to Mexican Illegals

The always diligent Judicial Watch has pried loose some incriminating documents from the government showing the USDA plotting with Mexico to distribute US-taxpayer-funded food stamps to Mexicans residing in this country.

We can see by the chart below that the illegal use of food stamps by foreigners residing in this country has been growing by leaps […]

Muslim Bomber Brothers’ Welfare Use Is Explained

In this week’s edition of Jihad Watch, a segment on SunTV’s Arena show, Robert Spencer explained how the Boston bomber brothers, two strapping young men from Kyrgyzstan, were happy to scoop up welfare benefits from willing provider Massachusetts.

In short, Islam is a supremacist religion which preaches that its followers deserve everything they can mooch from […]

A Majority of Americans Want Less Immigration Overall

A recent Fox News poll suggests that citizens are sick of immigration anarchy and want the system made into an orderly procedure. Fifty-five percent of voters want fewer legal immigrants admitted. Only 3 percent think border security is too strict, while 60 percent regard it as too lax. Sixty-eight percent want adequate border control before […]

Diverse Voices Suggest Limiting Muslim Admittance to US

Is sanity breaking out after the Boston Marathon terror bombings about the foolishness of admitting Muslims to the US? There are tiny signs.

Nobody doubts the liberal cred of Democrat operative Bob Beckel. On Monday, he caused many a far-left jaw to drop with his suggestion on the Fox News show The Five that Muslim students […]

Number of Saudi Students Continues to Rise

The article below answers a question I’ve been mulling, in particular since a Saudi student was early named as a possible Boston bomber — just how many Saudis are lurking in the nation’s colleges these days?

(Interestingly, the foreigner who was an early person of interest in the Boston bombing investigation, Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi, turned out […]

Former Attorney General Says Boston Bombs Were Jihad

Before Michael Mukasey was Attorney General under George Bush, he was a trial judge and presided over the prosecution of the blind sheik Omar abdel-Rahman, the mastermind of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. So he is a hands-on expert regarding hostile Islam.

He wrote an opinion piece for the Monday Wall Street Journal, […]

Happy Earth Day, California Water Drinkers!

It’s been two years of below-average rainfall in the Golden (Brown) State, so water supply is concerning. The snowpack is only about half of historic levels, but new water users keep coming from around the world. How will newbies wash their lowriders if water use is restricted?

Below, California Department of Water Resources hydrologists measure the […]

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