Immigrant Family Brands Yemeni Diversity onto Daughter

Daughters don’t fare very well in the Arab world, and that fact doesn’t change just because the Muslims relocate to the United States, as shown by the incidence to honor killing here in this country.

Even low-level disobedience may put a girl in the hospital after a parental beating, as happened in Arizona to an Iraqi […]

Univision Provides Cultural Connection for 1.2 Million Bay Area Spanish Speakers

In a recent celebration of diversity, the San Jose Mercury-News praised the family values of Mexicans who watch television together, not like tiresome Americans who are too disconnected to view with others.

Below, the Pacheco family of Fremont gathers en masse to watch a telenovela soap opera on the Spanish-language network Univision.

Plus the newspaper seems curiously […]

Obama Administration Returns Saudis to Easy-Entry Program

The current administration is on a jihad against public safety. A couple recent examples: cutbacks of the Border Patrol and the release of thousands of foreign criminals from prison to American streets — both using the sequester as an excuse.

Another dangerous policy change is the renewal of rubber-stamp visas for Saudi nationals to enter the […]

Rasmussen Poll: 54 Percent Reject Dual Citizenship

The issue of dual citizenship is an interesting one, because it is so little discussed in the public sphere. Even so, a majority of US voters don’t think it is acceptable.

My take is that Americans understand the basic unfairness of dual citizenship and the corollary of immigrants having a spare country in case things go […]

Iowa Senator Grassley Reviews Mistakes of 1986 Amnesty

Senator Charles Grassley voted for Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, and has in recent years been clear in stating a basic psychological fact that should inform all legislation: “You know what I found out? If you reward illegality, you get more of it.”

Below, day of shame: President Reagan signs immigration amnesty bill in November 1986.

In February, […]

Border Enforcement Cut, Using Sequester Excuse

How much does the Obama administration despise public safety? Let’s count the ways. First, there is the wholesale attack on the gun ownership of law-abiding citizens, who use firearms to protect themselves and their families.

Then the sequester excuse was used to release thousands of illegal alien criminals slated for deportation.

The latest attack on public safety […]

Anti-Sovereignty Forces Spend $1.5 Billion to Lobby for Amnesty since 2007

Ever get the feeling that the open-borders gang has unlimited funds to destroy America? In fact, they essentially do, according to research from the Sunlight Foundation, which found $1.5 billion has been spent since 2007 in anti-sovereignty lobbying behavior. That means $300 million annually devoted to replace traditional Americans with big-government-loving Marxicans from the […]

Panel Discusses Muslim Unfriendlies and Their Incursions into America

Check out the intense dose of jihad information from experts Andrew McCarthy, Robert Spencer and John Solomon. They appeared on a panel in February titled “Obama and the Jihad” at the West Coast Retreat of the Freedom Center. The three discussed timely topics like Islamic infiltration in the government and the President’s fondness for Egypt’s […]

Rich Mexicans Colonize San Antonio

La Times has a typically Mexo-friendly report about wealthy Mexicans relocated to the San Antonio area, where they gather in deluxe communities designed with safety in mind (pictured). And these are the 1% ultra rich, with private jets, who generally like to flaunt their wealth when they feel comfortable in doing so.

There are several mentions […]

California: Illegal Alien Woman Stages Robbery to Obtain Victim Visa

There are probably lots more fake crimes committed to get victim visas that don’t get reported as such, but this story doesn’t avoid the criminal’s scheme. The “robber” turned out to be a juvenile family member who has since relocated to Mexico from Marin County, where the altercation took place.

The government doles out 10,000 U […]

Measuring Border Security Is Considered

One of the tiny barriers on the national suicide via sovereignty abolition is the idea of border security as a prerequisite to the mass legalization amnesty. Even the great diverse hope of the elite GOP Marco Rubio said that his support for the Gang of Eight amnesty plot depends on the border being secured.

Now questions […]

Colorado Probes Possible al-Turki Connection in Corrections Murder

In Colorado, the investigation of the murder of prison warden Tom Clement is considering a possible terrorist angle. The “primary working theory” is that Clement’s recent denial of Homaidan al-Turki’s (pictured) request to be transferred to a Saudi prison may be behind the murder.

Al-Turki comes from a well connected Saudi family which has been lobbying […]

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