American Immigration Politics Prognosticated on Canadian TV

Canada’s SunTV host Michael Coren welcomed author Peter Brimelow for opinions on how Obama will peddle illegal immigration amnesty in the President’s second term.

When Coren asked what candidate could attract the white working class voters who are curiously unsupportive of Republicans, Brimelow answered, “Actually almost anyone could do it” and then cited British politician Enoch […]

Azusa 13 Gangsters Are Sentenced for Anti-Black Conspiracy

In Los Angeles County, the sentencing of a father-son duo of Azusa 13 gangsters to prison indicates how the area’s little-noticed race war continues. Daddy Santiago “Chico” Rios (pictured with “Lil Chico” Louie) pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and conspiracy to violate the civil […]