Illegal Aliens Get Another Freebie from King Obama

The President isn’t hiding his generosity toward illegal aliens. He may not launch his somewhat stealthy amnesty initiative right away because of spending battles with Congress, but he certainly doesn’t want his foreign supporters to think he has forgotten about them — not to worry!

Obama has used his mighty king-like powers to relieve lawbreaker foreigners […]

New Year's in Diverse France: 1193 Autos Torched in Annual Car-B-Que

French firemen must dread New Year’s Eve like no other day. Auto arson has become a tradition due to the influx of lawless immigrants from North Africa, and the dangerous conflagration shows no sign of abating.

Below, a French fireman tries to extinguish a burning car torched on New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg’s district of Neuhof, […]