French Magazine to Publish Mohammed Cartoon Bio

Kudos to Charlie Hebdo for not submitting to Muslim intimidation. The Paris humor magazine’s office was firebombed in November 2011 for causing Muslims to become miffed with an issue poking fun at Mohammed. (See my report France: Magazine about to Publish Mohammed Satire Is Firebombed.)

Nevertheless, the publication is soldiering on, committing free speech in an […]

Obama Amnesty Plans Remain Mysterious

The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro mused in the piece below over how Obama’s 2013 amnesty might play out, since King Barak has not released many hints.

Will the President present some amnesty-lite proposals that are acceptable to border-squishy Republicans and might be actually passed in Congress?

Or, will he launch a mega-ton comprehensive package that is designed […]

Senate Benghazi Report Slams State Department

The Senate Homeland Security Committee has released its own report on the 9/11 Benghazi terror attack that killed four, including our Ambassador. It looks more hard-hitting than a┬áreport that appeared a couple weeks ago, written by Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Admiral Michael Mullen for the Accountability Review Board, which even Bloomberg characterized as having “Big […]

NPR Signals That Even Pretend Border Security Standards Are Being Scrapped

A recent NPR report on the border and immigration shows how the Opravda media is helping to rewrite the rules for the upcoming amnesty battle in Washington. The long-accepted liberal framework of border security being the required first step before mass amnesty is now being reworked to a more convenient procedure for the anti-sovereignty crowd. […]