For Dangerous Mentally Ill, Treatment Interventions Are Indicated

The horrific mass murders at a Connecticut elementary school has brought the usual shrieks from gun grabbers, while the unaddressed root problem appears to be a mental health issue not adequately treated. It’s not the first time.

For example, Jared Loughner, a psychologically disturbed young man, had been suspended by the college he attended, apparently to […]

Stakelbeck Reports on Mega Mosques and Non-Assimilation of Muslim Residents

This week’s edition of CBN’s Stakelbeck on Terror Show was particularly edifying, with an overview of Islam’s mega-mosque strategy to insinuate itself one neighborhood at a time, from Cologne to Brooklyn.┬áMega mosques are political structures that have little to do with individual worship.

As Islamists like to say (reciting a 1912 poem):

The mosques are our barracks,
The […]

Hispanics Demand Amnesty from Obama (aka More Jobs Displacement of Citizens)

Hispanics have put aside polite pleadings for their holy grail, a mass amnesty for tens of millions to gain an even larger load of free stuff. Now they raza gang figures (wrongly) that Obama owes them for his recent re-election, and the vocalizations are sounding like threats. After all, he promised amnesty four years ago […]