French Magazine to Publish Mohammed Cartoon Bio

Kudos to Charlie Hebdo for not submitting to Muslim intimidation. The Paris humor magazine’s office was firebombed in November 2011 for causing Muslims to become miffed with an issue poking fun at Mohammed. (See my report France: Magazine about to Publish Mohammed Satire Is Firebombed.)

Nevertheless, the publication is soldiering on, committing free speech in an […]

Obama Amnesty Plans Remain Mysterious

The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro mused in the piece below over how Obama’s 2013 amnesty might play out, since King Barak has not released many hints.

Will the President present some amnesty-lite proposals that are acceptable to border-squishy Republicans and might be actually passed in Congress?

Or, will he launch a mega-ton comprehensive package that is designed […]

Senate Benghazi Report Slams State Department

The Senate Homeland Security Committee has released its own report on the 9/11 Benghazi terror attack that killed four, including our Ambassador. It looks more hard-hitting than a report that appeared a couple weeks ago, written by Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Admiral Michael Mullen for the Accountability Review Board, which even Bloomberg characterized as having “Big […]

NPR Signals That Even Pretend Border Security Standards Are Being Scrapped

A recent NPR report on the border and immigration shows how the Opravda media is helping to rewrite the rules for the upcoming amnesty battle in Washington. The long-accepted liberal framework of border security being the required first step before mass amnesty is now being reworked to a more convenient procedure for the anti-sovereignty crowd. […]

Britain: Negative Demographic Milestones Are Noted

Demographic changes in high-immigration areas can be breathtaking these days, as we see the accumulation reach unfortunate markers. One example: the population of London is no longer majority white because of immigration, the high birth rates of newbies and a classic case of white flight.

Another shocker: the number of Muslims residing in the UK has […]

South Texas: Illegal Aliens Are Coming in Larger Numbers

In Washington, the official narrative from the White House and obsequious media is that the border thing is handled and therefore a mega-millions amnesty can proceed to turn invasive foreigners into Democrats.

NPR asked the question recently: Is The Border Secure Enough To Tackle The Immigration System? Naturally it concluded yes, with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano […]

Prince William County: Illegal Aliens Return

Government-subsidized National Propaganda Radio (NPR) has a fawning update on the travails of foreign lawbreakers in Prince William County, Virginia. There was a crackdown a few years back, it reports, but the pests, er undocumented, have been straggling back, and NPR generously explains their struggles, while ignoring the citizens who demanded the law be enforced.

Prince […]

Mexico 2012: the Year in Narco-Crime

December’s end brings lists of the year’s best, worst, most memorable and other supposedly reflective products of the dinosaur media. Such inventories are easy to concoct, and can be assembled weeks in advance, so the journalist can jet off for a deluxe ski vacation while his name appears in print. Hey, a refrigerator full of […]

Bethlehem Christians Face Their Own Eradication

One of the more depressing aspects of the Christmas season is the attention paid to the worsening situation of Christians who live in the Holy Land. The few remaining hope to leave, as their position becomes more tenuous with the increasing dominance of hostile Muslims.

Fifty years ago, Bethlehem’s population was 70 percent Christian; now estimates […]

Obama Plans to Give Immigrants an Easier Path to Purchasing Firearms

President Obama is sending signals that his second term will assault citizenship in even more targeted ways. Not only has he promised to reward millions of lawbreaking illegal alien foreigners with all the privileges of Americans, but now we learn that he wants to loosen requirements for immigrants to purchase firearms. New gun rights for […]

California Drops Below Double-Digit Joblessness

The government suits are doing cartwheels in California for a rather pathetic milestone — the state’s unemployment level has fallen below 10 percent for the first time in over four years. The official unemployment rate is 9.8 percent, second worst in the country, yet economic pundits declare things like, “California’s economy is growing and is […]

California & USA: Immigrants Keep Coming

Growth enthusiasts are relieved! Even a depression-lite economy of years duration won’t keep immigrants out, according to recent Census numbers. (Maybe the foreigners heard about the current administration’s generosity with free stuff for everybody.)

Whatever the reason, immigrants continue to pile in, even while citizens lower their baby production on account of tight family finances. The […]

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