FBI Arrests Pakistani Brothers in Broward County for WMD

Two naturalized citizen brothers born in Pakistan were busted in south Florida for conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction, and authorities say there was no sting behavior on the part of the police. It will be interesting to learn the details of this plot — how the brothers’ plan was discovered and what […]

Pat Condell Explains Islamophobia

Someone apparently designated November as Islamophobia Awareness Month, which I missed, like social critic Pat Condell:

Muslims murder in the name of their religion every day, yet we non-Muslims are supposed to believe the propaganda that they are victims of the cruel infidel world (to which millions flock as immigrants, for some odd reason). Citizens of […]

Rep. Gutierrez Praises Sen. Rubio as Immigration Reformer

Amnesty pest Congressman Luis Gutierrez (pictured) may be implanting the Democrat kiss of death on Florida Senator Marco Rubio. The Illinois Democrat recently heaped accolades upon Rubio, a Republican, saying his kindly immigration approach was “key” to getting more US government goodies for foreigners.

Gutierrez also said Rubio was smart, “a friend and an ally” who […]