Michael Coren Interviews Islamic Terror Expert Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat is an interesting fellow, a man who was a PLO terrorist before he renounced the violence and became a Christian.

In the interview with SunTV’s Michael Coren, Shoebat explained that Islam is a totalitarian system that guides every aspect of life, not so much a religion, and the western left likes the wholistic control […]

Mexico Graduating Lots of Engineers

If demanding DREAMer kids knew how deluxe and inexpensive Mexico’s higher education system is, many might chose a full-tilt raza education with 24/7 Spanish and Mexican culture. (See my 2009 blog, Mexico’s National University Wins Prestigious Award.) For example, at the National Polytechnic Institute, 60 percent of students pay only $12 per semester.

Now we learn […]

Somali Muslims Continue to Leave Minnesota for Jihad

Apparently the “better life” foolishly offered to Somali immigrants by the United States is not highly valued, since members of the tribe are still exiting to pursue the goal of worldwide Islamic rule.

In addition, Minnesota has been the site of trials of Somalis for supporting terrorism, such as the two locally residing Somali women found […]