Bangladeshi Jihadist Plotted to Destroy New York's Federal Reserve Bank

New York City just dodged another Islamic bullet. The would-be mass-murderer, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis (pictured), thought he had a 1,000-pound bomb parked in front of the Federal Reserve Bank, but fortunately he had been headed off by an FBI agent posing as a fellow jihadist and the explosives were fake.

The 21-one-year-old came from […]

Presidential Debate #2: Obama Revives Arizona Racial Profiling Myth

It’s interesting how easily President Obama jumped to his comfortable fiction about Arizona’s state immigration law being all about racial profiling. It happened when the debate turned to illegal immigration:

Transcript of second presidential debate Published October 16, 2012

[. . . Gov Romney] called the Arizona law a model for the nation. Part of the Arizona […]