Russian Reporter Visits Muslim Paris; Chaos and Danger Ensue

The reporter goes to the crime-ridden “no go” zones with a hidden camera, because filming openly would be unsafe among so much Muslim diversity.

Marine le Pen is interviewed briefly and says France must remove itself from the Schengen agreement to a borderless Europe before it can do anything about its immigration crisis.

The reporter is warning […]

Kennewick Man Unveiled! (Partially)

It was interesting to hear NPR’s radio report last night about Kennewick Man, who has been long disappeared from media reports and public discussions. The main thrust of the audio segment was of his athletic musculature, describing him as “all beefcake” and leaving out his racial identity entirely (read the transcript or listen to the […]

Sherman and Berman Get Physical over Amnesty Cred

Only in Mexifornia! Two dueling Democrats nearly came to blows over who is the better advocate of open borders and rewards for invasive foreigners against the well being of American citizens.

Actually, it was the younger taller Rep. Brad Sherman who put a modified headlock on the older shorter Rep. Howard Berman, with Sherman saying “Do […]