Michael Coren Interviews Islamic Terror Expert Walid Shoebat

Walid Shoebat is an interesting fellow, a man who was a PLO terrorist before he renounced the violence and became a Christian.

In the interview with SunTV’s Michael Coren, Shoebat explained that Islam is a totalitarian system that guides every aspect of life, not so much a religion, and the western left likes the wholistic control […]

Mexico Graduating Lots of Engineers

If demanding DREAMer kids knew how deluxe and inexpensive Mexico’s higher education system is, many might chose a full-tilt raza education with 24/7 Spanish and Mexican culture. (See my 2009 blog, Mexico’s National University Wins Prestigious Award.) For example, at the National Polytechnic Institute, 60 percent of students pay only $12 per semester.

Now we learn […]

Somali Muslims Continue to Leave Minnesota for Jihad

Apparently the “better life” foolishly offered to Somali immigrants by the United States is not highly valued, since members of the tribe are still exiting to pursue the goal of worldwide Islamic rule.

In addition, Minnesota has been the site of trials of Somalis for supporting terrorism, such as the two locally residing Somali women found […]

Michigan Taxpayers Soaked for $1 Billion Annually in Illegal Alien Costs

Michigan has been a hard-luck case in the Rust Belt, having lost most of its auto and manufacturing industries over the last few decades. The September unemployment rate was 9.3 percent.

So blowing a billion dollars in taxpayer funds on foreign job thieves is not optimal in a struggling state.

Plus, the financial effect of so many […]

Local Hispanics Trash Their Neighborhood to Celebrate World Series

San Francisco baseball fans were thrilled to see the Giants sweep to victory in four straight World Series games against the Detroit Tigers. However, some diverse residents of the city thought that rioting and property destruction were a fun way to commemorate the win.

Interestingly, all the tagging, fires and violence took place in the Mission, […]

Europe: Muslims Rustle Sheep for Bloody Religious Sacrifice

Across the world, a billion plus Muslims are currently celebrating the Slaughter Festival of Eid al adha by slitting the throat of some animal, from sheep to camels.

It’s a family holiday, with kids included even though the sacrifice procedure is cruel and disturbing. One minute a kid is petting a cute fluffy sheep, then the […]

Media Happily Proclaim Illegal Mexicans Are Coming Again

Leave it to the dinosaur media to present an alleged increase in illegal aliens as a cheerful sign that the American economy is getting better.

The whole thing is a little squishy, since the press made a big deal over the idea that Mexicans had slowed down in coming, while ignoring that job thieves from Central […]

Islamic Strategy of Conquest, Starting with Immigration

First the Muslims immigrate to non-Muslim nations that are stupid enough to admit them as residents. Once established, with numbers on the uptick, they begin a well-practiced program of increasing social intimidation, leading to eventual political domination.

A brief video explains the now-familiar process:

New York Bangladeshi Reveals His Undercover Role

In New York City, Shamiur Rahman (pictured), a Muslim “of Bangladeshi descent” (a verbal construction sometimes used by media to denote an immigrant), has outed himself as an undercover informant, who collected information about hostile Islamics residing in the city. He regrets his police-friendly behavior and hopes the ummah will forgive him rather than headchop.

Policing […]

California Newspaper Considers Additional Diversity for America

Following is a typical article from Silicon Valley’s newspaper, the San Jose Mercury-News, debating over which way of screwing America is better — by increasing diversity with incompatible cultures or by adding more skilled foreigners to the workplace in a time of terrible unemployment. The piece is more of the same old liberal/business propaganda we […]

French Patriots Protest Muslim Immigration at Historic Poitiers

On Saturday, several dozen French citizens occupied a mosque under construction in Poitiers, and raised a sign demanding an end to Muslim immigration.

Poitiers was the site of the civilization-saving battle of 732 when Charles Martel defeated the Muslim invaders and chased them out of France.

More recently, however, post-war Muslim immigration into Europe has erased the […]

Seattle School Ends Halloween to Please Students from Other Cultures

First the foreigners and domestic diversity cultists came for Santa Claus and Christmas. Then they went after Easter, where a Seattle school renamed Easter eggs to be “Spring Spheres”. Celebrations of America’s birthday also have come in for criticism from open-borders elites.

The multi-cultis don’t object to Thanksgiving as much, since it can be rejiggered into […]

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