Public Notices Obama's Islam Appeasement Strategy Is Not Working

Back before Obama was elected, he had rather expansive ideas of what his special charm could accomplish in the world. Specifically, he thought his Muslim childhood brought unique insight to the 1400-year clash between the West and dar al-Islam, a problem he could solve. (No shortage of self-esteem here!)

During a November 21, 2007, radio interview, […]

Aspiring Somali Jihadist Nuradin Abdi to Be Deported

There’s nothing like a good deportation story to lift one’s spirits, particularly when the perp is a stone cold jihadist whose goal is to kill lots of Americans for Allah.

Nuradin Abdi was one of a small group of hostile Muslims who planned to bomb an Ohio shopping center in 2002.

Below, Islamist unfriendlies Nuradin Abdi, Christopher […]